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The imposition of the speed limit by reducing the maximum

allowable speed rate affects the traffic control. The speed limit when
properly implemented by the traffic enforcers and observed by the
people lead to a smooth traffic flow. Nevertheless, there are
advantages and disadvantages in the imposition of the speed limit.

As one of the advantages, it is easier for the traffic enforcers to
monitor the traffic flow as well as the traffic violations of both
motorists and/or pedestrians, if any.

Second, there can be lesser occurence of vehicular accidents.
With the lowered or reduced speed of the motor vehicles, the easier it
is for the motorist to maneuver the acceleration as well as the
deceleration of their speed. Further, the motorists would be more
cautious and vigilant with their driving as well as be more observant
with traffic signs.

Nonetheless, with the maximum allowable speed rate, it is
undeniable that other factors also affect the traffic flow since some
factors should also be onsidere. Considering the increasing number
of vehicles and the narrow roads in the City, there is a higher
possibility of the occurence of traffic jam.

Traffic jam as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary refers
to a situation in which a long line of vehicles on a road have stopped
moving or are moving at a very low speed. This is a great concern
whenever occurring in a Metropolis, like Davao City, since trade and
other economic aspects may greatly be negatively affected; fuel
efficiency, deliveries, etc.

As brought about by an officer in the Traffic Group Davao City
Police, traffic jams now are more frequent compared before when the
Executive Order 39 was not yet implemented. This may be brought
by the lower speed that has to be maintained by motorists despite the
wide highways available.

Instead of making use of the wide roads available, in order for
residents to be more efficient in their activities, these wide roads are
now of no help since speed this time is greatly controlled.
The purpose of these wide roads, as verbalized by the same
officer, instead of contributing to a good passage of motorists, has
now a become a frequent spot for traffic jams.

But at the end of the day, it is way better to suffer from traffic
jams rather than deal with numerous vehicular accidents.