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Published by the Ukrainian National Association Inc., a fraternal non-profit association

No.45 THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2009 $1/$2 in Ukraine

Committee of Voters of Ukraine faces Flu epidemic, and fears,

its own challenges ahead of election spread through Ukraine
by Zenon Zawada Kyiv’s residential Obolon district and you’ll
Kyiv Press Bureau find where the CVU moved its headquarters
last autumn to prepare for the 2010 presi-
KYIV – Ukraine’s Western-financed non- dential elections.
governmental organizations have seen better “It’s obvious why – the office space is
days, and the Committee of Voters of cheaper,” said CVU Chair Oleksander
Ukraine (CVU) is no exception. Chernenko, who took over in April and now
Snake through the Soviet apartment has the task of re-establishing his organiza-
blocks, past the elderly ladies (babusi) sell- tion as the most authoritative and indepen-
ing potatoes and around the corner of a non- dent monitor of election campaigns after
descript nine-story building nestled in events this year cast doubt on its objectivity
and reliability.
Reputation isn’t the only challenge. The
CVU has seen better days with financing,
Mr. Chernenko admitted in a September 15
interview with The Weekly. He recalled
wistfully the elections of 2004 that drew
global attention.
“Of course, the budget that we had in
2004 we haven’t had in the entire 15-year UNIAN
history of our organization,” he said. The Passers-by in Ternopil on November 1 wear surgical masks in the wake of an out-
world isn’t as interested in Ukraine this time break of flu and acute respiratory disease.
around and funds have dried up as a result,
he said. by Zenon Zawada hospitalized as of November 5, according to
Mr. Chernenko declined to reveal his Kyiv Press Bureau Ukraine’s Ministry of Health. Of 96 con-
budget figures and would say only that firmed deaths, all were attributed to pneu-
many past Western donors, particularly KYIV – An unidentified viral epidemic monia, which could have been caused by
those financed by George Soros, haven’t causing pneumonia swept throughout the H1N1 virus, seasonal flu or an unspeci-
donated this year. As a result, the CVU is Ukraine in the last week, which President fied ARD.
relying heavily on the Charles Stewart Mott Viktor Yushchenko said was a direct result Authorities confirmed 15 direct H1N1
Zenon Zawada
Foundation based in Flint, Mich. (Mott was of government health authorities failing to casualties, which is also known as the
Western institutions are far less inter- among the original shareholders of the heed early warnings about the H1N1 epi- “swine flu” and in Ukraine is being called
ested in the 2010 presidential elections General Motors Company.). demic that is spreading across the globe. the “California flu.”
than in 2004, said Oleksander More than 633,000 Ukrainians were
Founded in 1994, the CVU had been Health Minister Vasyl Kniazevych
Chernenko, chair of the Committee of infected with influenza or acute respiratory
Voters of Ukraine. (Continued on page 3) disease (ARD), and more than 28,000 were (Continued on page 11)

UCCLA unveils 21st plaque in memory of internment operations

VERNON, British Columbia – The
Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties
Association (UCCLA) conducted its 10th
annual conclave in Vernon, British
Columbia, over the weekend of October
24-25 and installed the 21st of 24 memo-
rial plaques to be placed at sites of World
War I internment camps across Canada.
The national lobby group discussed
priorities and set goals for the upcoming
year, as well as installed a plaque on
Saturday, October 24, at the Edgewood
internment camp site in the West
Kootenays region of British Columbia.
“The community of Edgewood
embraced this event as its own, and will
forever claim ownership of this memori-
al,” said conclave organizer Andrea
Malysh of Vernon. “We were pleasantly
surprised at how many residents not relat-
ed to internment events also came with
their children to see the plaque installed,
taking an interest in this little-known his-
torical event.”
The UCCLA laid plans to organize a
global Holodomor awareness and educa- Sandra Semchuk
tion campaign. Outside Canada and
Participants of the unveiling by the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association of a memorial plaque at the site of the
(Continued on page 18) internment camp in West Kootenays, British Columbia.

Poroshenko starts to mend Ukraine confirms H1N1 flu cases Health Ministry to fight the flu epidemic.

fences with Russia

KYIV – As of November 3 Ukrainian
laboratories confirmed 14 H1N1 influen- WHO begins work in Ukraine
by Pavel Korduban Moscow refused to organize a meeting za cases, First Vice Minister of Health
Vasyl Lazoryshynets said. The total num- KYIV – A group of nine experts from
Eurasia Daily Monitor between Presidents Medvedev and the World Health Organization (WHO)
Yushchenko at the CIS summit in ber of flu and acute respiratory disease
(ARD) patients nationwide is 255,516; of have begun work in Ukraine, it was
Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Moldova earlier this month and Mr.
that number 71 have died, including three reported on November 3. They include
Petro Poroshenko visited Moscow on Medvedev even tried to avoid shaking
children and two pregnant women. epidemiologists, virologists and experts
October 23. Appointed earlier that month, hands with Mr. Yushchenko at the summit
Meanwhile, the Extraordinary State Anti- in lab studies from Denmark, Sweden,
Mr. Poroshenko views rapprochement (UNIAN, October 9).
Epidemiological Commission in the Britain, Germany and Russia. The head
with Russia as one of his main goals, and Mutual recriminations continued ahead
Ternopil region said postmortem exami- of the WHO mission, Jukka Pukkila, said
he made a point of saying what Moscow of Mr. Poroshenko’s visit. Russian
nations have confirmed seven H1N1 flu that the mission is planning to investigate
wanted to hear during his meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin
deaths in the region. (Ukrinform) why such a large center of infection
Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei accused Mr. Yushchenko of violating the appeared in Ukraine and why it is spread-
Lavrov and in his comments afterwards. basic agreements on the Black Sea Fleet Kyiv hits epidemic threshold ing so fast in the regions. The experts will
He could not offer anything specific (BSF) base in Sevastopol by making bor- also study the situation with regard to the
though, as it is unclear how Ukraine’s der crossing rules more complicated for KYIV – The epidemic threshold has H1N1 flu virus. (Ukrinform)
foreign policy will be transformed when Russian ships and sailors (Izvestiya, been slightly exceeded in Kyiv due to a
President Viktor Yushchenko steps down October 22). considerable number of patients with NATO countries to deliver aid
next year. Although Mr. Poroshenko’s Mr. Yushchenko, addressing the intelli- acute respiratory diseases (ARD), said
peacemaking intentions were appreciated Oleksander Hrynevych, director of the KYIV – In response to an appeal by
gentsia in Kharkiv, said that problems Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Petro
in Moscow, he was not told anything spe- with Russia were unavoidable as “any Flu and ARD Center. “The clinical pic-
cific. It is still not clear when a new Poroshenko, the Euro-Atlantic Disaster
country developing as a democracy will ture seen in western regions has not yet
Russian ambassador will arrive in Kyiv Response Coordination Center
have problems in relations with a great been observed in Kyiv. The epidemic
or whether President Dmitry Medvedev (EADRCC) of NATO’s International Staff
empire.” The Ukrainian president noted threshold has been hit, but mostly due to
will meet President Yushchenko. (IS) has released a special letter among
that Russia has difficult relations with acute respiratory diseases,” he said on
Relations with Russia reached their alliance member and partner-countries
nearly all its neighbors (Interfax-Ukraine, November 4. At the same time, he noted,
nadir after the Georgian war last year. containing detailed information on the
October 22). it is not worth declaring an epidemic
While Mr. Yushchenko voiced his uncon- situation in Ukraine related to the flu epi-
Against such a background, mending across the country “because there are
ditional support for Georgia, Moscow demic and the urgent needs of the coun-
fences was not an easy task for Mr. regions where the disease is on the
accused Kyiv of selling arms to Tbilisi try. As of November 2, Poland and
Poroshenko. He attempted to circumvent decline compared to the previous week.”
and alleged that Ukrainians were spotted Slovakia had delivered the first humani-
problems as best as he could, by playing The Health Ministry said that in Kyiv a
fighting on the Georgian side. The rela- tarian assistance to Ukraine, including
down the differences. Mr. Poroshenko total of 6,357 people contracted influenza
tions were further exacerbated by the 200,000 respirators and safety masks, and
t o l d M r. L a v r o v t h a t P r e s i d e n t and ARDs; 166 patients were taken to
harsh statements which Mr. Medvedev the drug Tamiflu. A number of other
Yushchenko, Parliament, the Cabinet and hospitals; no deaths have been reported.
made this past August. He accused Mr. NATO member-states are expected to
the opposition were all interested in stra- (Ukrinform)
Yushchenko of intentionally spoiling provide assistance to Ukraine shortly.
tegic partnership with Russia, so there (Ukrinform)
bilateral relations and made it clear that a PM speaks about flu situation
was no need to “reset” bilateral relations.
new Russian ambassador would not be Mr. Poroshenko also declared that there H1N1 vaccine expected in a month
KYIV – The situation with the spread
sent to Kyiv until after the January 17,
of flu in Ukraine’s eight western regions
2010, presidential election in Ukraine. (Continued on page 17) KYIV – Ukraine will start vaccinating
has stabilized, Prime Minister Yulia
its citizens against the H1N1 influenza in
Tymoshenko said at a Parliament meeting
a month or two, when the vaccines are
on November 3. She also said that the
registered in the country, Oleksander
Candidate Viktor Yanukovych:
Volyn region was an exception. Ms. Hrynevych, the director of the Ukrainian
Tymoshenko said the government is prop- Flu and ARD Center, said on November
erly responding to the situation by distrib-
foreign policy priorities
3. Two anti-H1N1 flu vaccines are now
uting the necessary medicines. On undergoing tests, he explained; until
October 30 the government passed a reso- everything is determined to be OK, doc-
by Taras Kuzio 2006, then Prime Minister Yanukovych lution increasing the state budget’s tors will not vaccinate Ukrainians against
Eurasia Daily Monitor told NATO that Ukraine was not interest- reserve fund by 500 million hrv to fight the swine flu. He added that the vaccine
ed in receiving a Membership Action the flu. On November 3 the Parliament that will arrive as humanitarian assistance
Viktor Yanukovych was put forward as Plan. Mr. Kuchma made Ukraine into one amended the state budget for 2009 and
a presidential candidate at the congress of of the most active members of NATO’s allocated an additional 1 billion hrv to the (Continued on page 14)
the Party of Regions of Ukraine (PRU) Partnership for Peace program and no
on October 23 ( protests ever took place that halted annual
ua, October 23). Mr. Yanukovych’s for-
eign policy can be gauged from several
policies that he and his party have previ-
joint military exercises in Ukraine. Since
2005, however, the Party of Regions and
its Crimean Russian nationalist-separatist
ously supported and the content of his allies have held protests that have on An English-language newspaper published by the Ukrainian National Association Inc.,
January 17, 2010, election program occasion halted joint exercises with a non-profit association, at 2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, NJ 07054.
“Ukraine For the People!” (www.yanuk- Yearly subscription rate: $55; for UNA members — $45.
NATO (EDM, September 18, 2006)., October 28). In fact, formally the PRU has never Periodicals postage paid at Parsippany, NJ 07054 and additional mailing offices.
During the October 23 congress, Mr. opposed Ukraine’s membership in the (ISSN — 0273-9348)
Yanukovych promised to provide Ukraine European Union (unlike NATO); but, at The Weekly: UNA:
with a “new foreign policy” as a non-bloc the same time they have not taken any Tel: (973) 292-9800; Fax: (973) 644-9510 Tel: (973) 292-9800; Fax: (973) 292-0900
state pursuing its “national interests” steps to move Ukraine towards EU mem-
(Ukrayinska Pravda, October 23). bership. Mr. Yanukovych repeatedly Postmaster, send address changes to:
Mr. Yanukovych’s foreign policy attacks the “Euro-romanticism” of his The Ukrainian Weekly Editor-in-chief: Roma Hadzewycz
would be more pro-Russian than the pro- Orange Revolution opponents, whether 2200 Route 10 Editors: Matthew Dubas
Western multi-vector pursued by Viktor Yushchenko or Yulia Tymoshenko, P.O. Box 280 Zenon Zawada (Kyiv)
President Leonid Kuchma in 1994 to stressing that Ukraine’s relations with the Parsippany, NJ 07054
2004. In Mr. Kuchma’s first term, Ukraine E U s h o u l d b e “ p r a g m a t i c . ” M r.
actively sought cooperation with the U.S. Yanukovych told the October 23 congress The Ukrainian Weekly Archive:; e-mail:
and NATO, and he announced in 2002 of the PRU that he would support a “new
Ukraine’s intention to seek NATO mem- common market” with the EU and the The Ukrainian Weekly, November 8, 2009, No. 45, Vol. LXXVII
bership, while one year later he sent CIS. Ukraine and the EU are likely to sign Copyright © 2009 The Ukrainian Weekly
Ukrainian troops to Iraq. a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) next year – a step
Moreover, Mr. Yanukovych is more anti- that became possible only after Ukraine
NATO than Mr. Kuchma, who was more joined the WTO in 2008 (www.partyofre-
cognizant of the Russian threat, whether in ADMINISTRATION OF THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY AND SVOBODA, October 23). One reason why
the 1990s when Moscow refused to recog- the process of joining the WTO took three Walter Honcharyk, administrator (973) 292-9800, ext. 3041
nize Ukraine’s borders until 1997-1999, or years after Ukraine was recognized by the e-mail:
when it made territorial claims on the island U.S. and EU as a market economy was Maria Oscislawski, advertising manager (973) 292-9800, ext. 3040
of Tuzla in 2003. President Kuchma cut that the Party of Regions did not vote in fax: (973) 644-9510
short a visit to Brazil to visit Tuzla as com- 2005-2006 for the legislation that was e-mail:
mander-in-chief ready to rebuff a potential required to join the WTO. Mariyka Pendzola, subscriptions (973) 292-9800, ext. 3042
Russian invasion. e-mail:
In a visit to Brussels on September 14, (Continued on page 22)

UCC participates in Verkhovna Rada hearing on Ukrainians abroad

Ukrainian Canadian Congress is the first step on the way to providing a opment of research in
legislative guarantee of relations between Ukrainian studies at
KYIV – A parliamentary hearing on Ukraine and the diaspora,” he said. universities and other
the topic “Ukrainians Abroad: Current “Today we, in the diaspora as well as in institutions of higher
Situation and Perspectives Of Ukraine, begin to understand one another learning abroad;
Development” took place on October 14 considerably better; we begin to use • development of
in the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada. opportunities to unite our efforts, to programs popularizing
The purpose of this hearing was to com- rethink our relations... Cooperation world wide Ukrainian
prehensively discuss the current situation becomes a key word in our relationships cultural, historical and
of Ukrainians abroad, their problems and – equal cooperation, which is beneficial spiritual heritage, con-
the ways to solve them, as well as ways for both sides.” temporary achieve-
to get Ukrainians abroad involved in the Mr. Kasyanchuk stressed that “... ments in sports, sci-
social life of Ukraine. today the time has come for all the ence, arts and culture
Leaders of foreign communities and thoughts, all the experience to be put with the purpose of
world organizations of Ukrainians, down on paper, to discuss and develop a improving the image of
together with national deputies of systemic and logical approach to the Ukraine in the world;
Ukraine, members of government, leaders development of our relationships, in order • establishment of a
of different committees and diplomatic to maximize coherence in our opportuni- system of cooperation
establishments, and representatives of ties and strivings, so as to put to work this and partnership with the
clergy were invited to take part in this powerful force of Ukrainians around the leaders of the Ukrainian
hearing. world united with their country.” diaspora headed by the
Rada Vice-Chairman Mykola Tomenko The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has U k r a i n i a n Wo r l d
remarked, “This is the first time in the submitted its written proposals to the Congress and its region-
history of the Ukrainian Parliament that Verkhovna Rada. The proposals included al offices, necessity for
this topic has been brought up to be dis- the following points: the UWC to have its
cussed in Parliament, to be precise, in the • adoption of effective legislation con- representative in
parliamentary hall.” He called upon all cerning Ukrainians abroad and broaden- Ve r k h o v n a R a d a ,
present to discuss the issues as Ukrainians ing of their economic, social and political Government of Ukraine
and not as representatives of political par- rights in Ukraine; and other appropriate
ties, in order not to forget the national • adoption of necessary laws about the state institutions.
interests of Ukraine and of the 20 million legal status of migrant workers and mem- Representatives of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Detailed informa-
Ukrainians outside of the country. bers of their families, and ways to protect Myron Spolsky (left) and Serhiy Kasyanchuk at the tion about the UCC
Representatives of the Ukrainian their rights and freedoms; Verkhovna Rada. proposals presented to
Canadian Congress, Serhiy Kasyanchuk • support of ongoing exchanges the parliamentary hear-
and Myron Spolsky, took an active part in between youth and student organizations cooperation network with the diaspora; ing may be found at and
the hearing. of the diaspora and Ukraine, comprehen- • introduction of state-sponsored pro- complete information on the parliamenta-
Mr. Kasyanchuk presented the position sive support of Plast Ukrainian Scouting grams for the development and support of ry hearing itself is available on the offi-
of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress in Organization and the Ukrainian Youth Ukrainian studies, schools in the diaspo- cial website of the Verkhovna Rada of
his speech. “We think that today’s hearing Association, which have an international ra, scientific and research centers, devel- Ukraine at

Committee of Voters... CVU, didn’t return The Weekly’s numerous

calls for comment. He is currently the cam-
The number of voters who could have par-
ticipated in the voting was half a million, at
Moskal said. Numerous political observers
concurred that Mr. Popov’s Presidential
(Continued from page 1) paign manager for Jennifer Brunner, a can- maximum. So 200,000 is almost half the Secretariat appointment was granted suspi-
Ukraine’s most consistent and reliable year- didate for the U.S. Senate in Ohio. voters.” ciously soon after the Ternopil vote.
round monitor of local and national elec- Meanwhile, Mr. Chernenko said it was Voter turnout jumped from 35 percent at The CVU did report violations such as
tions in Ukraine, operating a national net- the CVU that decided to stop working with 3 p.m. to 51 percent by 9 p.m., reported biased judicial rulings, local authorities
work of observers in each oblast and consis- NDI out of principle – issues that remain to Viktor Nebozhenko, president of the removing police from guarding voting bal-
tently performing analyses and publishing this day. All he would say is that the NDI’s Ukrainian Barometer sociology service. He lots and parties recalling election commis-
conduct “wasn’t nice.” alleged that the parties conspiring against sion members to ruin quotas, “however, the
“I want to close this subject because I the Tymoshenko Bloc split the vote between cooperation between local election commis-
For 13 years it was directed by Ihor
believe that they behaved very improperly at each other, particularly in the absence of sion members, political forces and the citi-
Popov, a tall, handsome, smooth-talker who zenry didn’t allow a subversion of the elec-
the time,” said an irritated Mr. Chernenko, Tymoshenko observers.
successfully steered the CVU through the tions.”
who was the CVU press secretary then. The final results gave 35 percent of the
chaotic Orange Revolution. Yet observers questioned the CVU’s abil-
He took the reins of the CVU following vote to the nationalist Svoboda All-
In the following months, however, Mr. ity to offer a competent evaluation.
the March 15 oblast council elections in Ukrainian Union, an unexpected 14 percent
Popov encountered trouble when the The organization reported it had only five
Ternopil, the organization’s most scandalous to the Single Center party founded by Mr.
National Democratic Institute (NDI), funded episode since the Orange Revolution. Those Baloha and 10 percent to the pro-Russian mobile election observer groups on the day
largely by the U.S. government, cut its ties elections tarnished the CVU’s credible repu- Party of Regions, never thought to be a con- of the elections, which would have enabled
with the CVU. The Weekly learned from tation. tender in the otherwise nationalist-oriented it to report on a maximum of 60 polling sta-
sources who requested anonymity that the It was a pre-term election, called because oblast. tions out of 1,170 in the oblast, said Ihor
cooperation apparently ended because of the the oblast council wasn’t functioning, that Despite the allegations of fraud, the CVU Zhdanov, president of the Open Politics
CVU’s alleged misdeeds. drew accusations of corruption from most of issued a statement on March 16 that “the Analytical Center in Kyiv.
Former NDI Resident Director for those involved. elections occurred without significant viola- At that pace, the groups could only spend
Ukraine David Dettman, who made the From its end, the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc tions which could have influenced the an hour at each polling station.
decision to terminate relations with the called an oblast-wide boycott and attempted results.” “For detailed observation, it’s necessary
to sabotage the vote with violent blockades “We don’t see any basis to appeal the to be at polling stations from their opening
of trucks carrying ballots and tactics such as election results or their cancellation,” Mr. to the end of voting,” he said. “Afterwards
hiding rubber stamps and losing voter lists, Chernenko told TV’s Channel 5 the same it’s necessary to spend almost the entire
newspapers reported. The CVU did not day. “I haven’t seen in a long time such night establishing voting results, to receive
report this. calm, nicely organized elections, disregard- protocols at the polling station and prefera-
Ternopil State Oblast Administration ing all these attempts… that the Tymoshenko bly to escort the commission chair to the
Chair Yurii Chyzhmar, a longtime associate Bloc recalled its commission members.” local election commission. It’s impossible to
to then-Presidential Secretariat Chair Viktor As the most serious dent to the CVU’s discern violations at a polling station in one
Baloha, was accused of creating the condi- credibility, perhaps in its 13-year history, hour.”
tions for vote fraud by denying police Mr. Popov took a job as a Presidential Mr. Chernenko dismissed such criticisms.
escorts for the ballots as they were trans- Secretariat deputy chair eight days after The sudden increase in voter turnout, he
said, is not concrete evidence of vote falsifi-
ported from local polling stations to district approving the Ternopil Oblast election
cation, of which no party, including the
election commissions. results that benefited Mr. Baloha and the
Tymoshenko Bloc, offered evidence. Courts
The oblast police chief and his assistant Presidential Secretariat.
dismissed the Tymoshenko Bloc’s appeals
were suspiciously given sick leave at the Hennadii Moskal, a People’s Self-
immediately, he said (though the CVU itself
time of elections. Defense national deputy aligned with Ms.
acknowledged biased judges).
“The biggest of falsifications involved Tymoshenko, demanded the resignation of
Neither did the CVU observers in
Zenon Zawada 200,000 ballots which were transported not only Mr. Popov but all the CVU’s direc-
Ternopil receive any information on ballot-
Former Committee of Voters of from the Zbruch printing house without tors, accusing them of participating in the
stuffing or destroyed ballots, he said. As to
Ukraine Board Chairman Ihor Popov police oversight,” said Taras Berezovets, vote falsifications “with their silent approval claims the CVU had too few observers to
became a Presidential Secretariat dep- director of the Polittech political consulting of the pre-term elections.” report objectively, Mr. Chernenko said five
uty chair within eight days of approv- and public relations firm in Kyiv. “Where “It turns out that a position in the roving groups is standard practice, even for
ing the controversial March 2009 were these ballots, and where did they end Presidential Secretariat can cost a mere 14 the Organization for Security and
Ternopil vote, whose results favored up finally? The oblast’s population consists percent of ballots on behalf of Single Center
then-Secretariat Chair Viktor Baloha. of little more than half a million people… in the smaller oblasts of Ukraine,” Mr. (Continued on page 11)

Patriarch Filaret visits Washington OBITUARY

by Yaro Bihun While visiting the capital, he met with Obama admin-
Special to The Ukrainian Weekly

WASHINGTON – Patriarch Filaret, the head of the

istration officials and members of Congress, and dis-
cussed contemporary religious trends at a leading Archbishop Myroslav Marusyn
Washington think-tank, the Kennan Institute at the
Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate, made a
brief stopover in Washington during his recent trip to the
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on
October 27.
passes away in Rome at 85
United States. One of Patriarch Filaret’s meetings was with the Rev.
Joshua DuBois, who heads the White House Office of
Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, created by
President Barack Obama two weeks after taking office
to “work on behalf of Americans committed to improv-
ing their communities, no matter their religious or politi-
cal beliefs.”
He also met with the director of European affairs at
the National Security Council, Elizabeth Sherwood-
Randall, and at the State Department with Karen Stuart,
principal deputy assistant secretary for democracy,
human rights and labor.
On Capitol Hill, the Ukrainian religious leader had
meetings with three Republican lawmakers: Sen. Sam
Brownback of Kansas, and Reps. Gus Bilirakis of
Florida and Peter Roskam of Illinois.
Patriarch Filaret’s presentation at the Woodrow
Wilson Center focused on religious developments in
today’s world and its effects on society. Ukraine has seen
a revival of moral values and religion, he said, pointing
out that since independence, 3,000 new Orthodox
churches have been built in the country, and they are
being filled with young people and entire families, and Ukranian Catholic Archbishop Myroslav Marusyn
not just older people as in years past. wth Pope John Paul II.
Most of the patriarch’s 12-day schedule in the United
States, which began October 23, was devoted to visiting ROME – Archbishop Myroslaw Stefan Marusyn died on
the Kyiv Patriarchate’s parishes in Illinois, Michigan, December 21 at the Ukrainian Pontifical Major Seminary of
Ohio and Florida. He did not meet with the hierarchy or St. Josaphat in Rome. He was 85 years old.
representatives of other Orthodox denominations here He was born June 26, 1924, in the village of Kniazh near
because, as he noted in response to a question at the the city of Zolochiv in the Lviv oblast of Ukraine. He stud-
Woodrow Wilson Center, “they do not want to.” ied Theology in the Lviv region from 1943-1944 and during
Yaro Bihun He did, however, accept the invitation to meet in the war, studied in Germany. In 1949-1951 he studied at the
Patriarch Filaret discusses religious developments in Philadelphia with the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Ukrainian Pontifical Major Seminary in Rome, where he
Ukraine on October 27 at the Woodrow Wilson Church in the United States, Metropolitan-Archbishop completed his doctoral work. He was ordained to the priest-
Center in Washington. Stefan Soroka. hood by Archbishop Ivan Buchko in 1948, in Germany.
Father Marusyn worked closely with Archbishop Buchko,
the apostolic visitator for Greek-Catholic Ukrainians in
The Ukrainian Weekly Press Fund: October Western Europe, assisting in all aspects of this work and
traveling with him on all his visitations of Ukrainian com-
Amount Name City Stefan Zwarycz Kenosha, WI munities throughout the world, until his own appointment as
$150.00 Thomas Olijnyk Rosedale, NY $15.00 Bohdan Bejger Buffalo, NY apostolic visitator for Ukrainians in Western Europe.
$100.00 Pauline and Warren Schenectady, NY Maria Dorozynsky North Port, FL Archbishop Buchko ordained Father Marusyn to the epis-
Bruggeman Roman Drozd Broadview Heights, OH copate in Rome in 1974, with concelebrating Bishops Platon
George Hrycelak Elmwood Park, IL Boris Hlynsky Vienna, VA Kornyliak, Volodymyr Malanchuk, Augustine Horniak and
$60.00 Wolodymyr Petryshyn Cranford, NJ Robert Keybida Califon, NJ Joachim Segedi.
$55.00 M. Domaradsky Waldwick, NJ Irene Saikevych Talent, NY From 1977 to 1982 Bishop Marusyn was vice-president
Orest Stecyk Uniontown, OH Virlana Tkacz New York, NY of the papal commission assigned to the revision of the
Christina Trojan-Masnyk Wheaton, IL M. Warshona Mayfield, NY Eastern Code of Canon Law. Under Pope John Paul II,
$50.00 Daria Kurylko New Providence, NJ Adrian Zobniw Reading, MA Bishop Marusyn was elevated to the office of archbishop.
Michael McGrath Franklin Square, NY Joseph Zucofski Port Carbon, PA From 1982 to 2001 Archbishop Marusyn served as secretary
John Riszko Orchard Park, NY $10.00 M. Borkowsky Yonkers, NY of the Congregation of Eastern Churches.
Oksana Zakydalsky Toronto, ON Christine Deremer Arnold, MD As archbishop he dedicated himself to the Church and to
$45.00 Ostap Kashuba Kildeer, IL Basil Fedorowicz West Warwick, RI his people, while serving under four popes: Pope Paul VI,
Robert Kent Riverhead, NY Walter Gerent North Port, FL Pope John Paul I, Pope John Paul II and the current holy
A. and J. Maceluch Stamford, CT Nadia Haftkowycz Wethersfield, CT father, Benedict XVI.
Stephen Matkowsky Rochester, N.Y. Slavko Nowytski Silver Spring, MD Archbishop Myroslav authored numerous works in theol-
Brian McMurray Brentwood, TN Larissa Raphael Brooklyn, NY ogy, history, liturgy and holy scripture. He received honors
Andrew and Renata Armonk, NY Olena Saciuk San German, PR from the Pontifical Marian Academy, Knights of the Holy
Nychka Myron Senchyshak Aliquippa, PA Sepulcher, Shevchenko Scientific Society and other organi-
$35.00 Natalie Olds Fenton, MI Ann Swanson Palo Alto, CA zations. Both the University of Austria and the Ukrainian
$30.00 Halyna Koval Easthampton, MA Helen Szish Whiting, NJ Free University in Germany conferred honorary doctorates
Michael and Kathryn Johnson City, NY Peter Woloschuk Dorchester, MA upon the archbishop.
Kowalczik Mr. and Mrs. Zerebinski Burlingame, CA Thanks to the divine liturgies he celebrated and the homi-
Mark Mycio Old Bethpage, NY $5.00 Max Barelka Chandler, AZ lies preached for Vatican Radio, several generations of
John Smarsh Reston, VA Wolodymyr Dyhdalo Troy, MI Greek-Catholics in Ukraine and throughout the Soviet
$25.00 Myron Buryk Woodside, NY Roman Golash Palatine, IL Union were educated in the faith. On the feast of the
William Chirash New Providence, RI Lusia Halunko Richmond, VA Dormition of the Mother of God, on August 28 of this year,
Rostyslaw and Adriana Chicago, IL Michael Humnicky Cupertino, CA Archbishop Marusyn preached his last homily for Vatican
Dekajlo Merle and Bonnie Toledo, OH Radio.
Wsewolod Hirka Katy, TX Jurkiewicz – The Sower
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The UNA’s 2009-2010 Christmas card project continues a tradition
by Oksana Trytjak
UNA National Organizer

Sending greeting cards dates back to when the

Chinese and Egyptian cultures gave slips of papy-
rus as messages of goodwill and good fortune to
friends and family. Later, in Europe, sending
handwritten cards to friends and family became
the fashion. As printing became more developed
and postage stamps came into use, printed greet-
ing cards were available to the masses. This new
social expression caught on and has been a tradi-
tion ever since – perhaps most prominently in the
practice of sending Christmas cards.
Today, other than bearing a personal greeting
to friends and family, cards are also used to pro-
mote awareness for various educational and char-
itable causes. Thus, the sender can express his/
her personal commitment to a cause by sending
cards. Funds have been raised in this fashion,
since 1965, to benefit the Ukrainian National
The UNA has been very fortunate in having so
many talented artists – over 65 in all – contribute
their vision of Christmas by donating their works
for reproduction on our Christmas cards.
This year’s Christmas cards feature works by
the following Ukrainian artists: John Jaciw, Vasyl
V. Krychevsky, Pavlo Lopata, Lyudmyla
Mosijczuk, Oleksandra Pryveda, Marta A.
Shramenko-Randazzo, Christina Welyhorsky
Senkiw, Ilona Shytyk, Myroslava Stojko, Vera
Trycieckyj, and Victoria Varvariv.
This year’s package consists of 12 beautiful
Christmas greeting cards, all reflecting the
Ukrainian heritage, and a religious theme and
expressed in various media (oil, watercolor, tem-
pera, computer graphics, gouache, woodcut,
ceramics, mixed media, ink, and pen and pencil).
This Christmas card project has specific value
in terms of promoting the artists, reflecting
Ukrainian traditions and culture, and fundraising
to support projects at the Soyuzivka Heritage
Center. By supporting this project through the
Ukrainian National Foundation (UNF) – the char-
itable arm of the Ukrainian National Association
UNA Christmas cards for 2009-2010: (top row, l to r) “Mother of God” by Vera Trycieckyj, “Mother of God” by – donors are supporting an organization that has
Victoria Varvariv, “Nativity” by Vasyl V. Krychevsky, “Virgin the Affectionate” by Myroslava Stojk, (middle row, l been working in and for the Ukrainian communi-
to r) “Borshchiv Madonna” by Christina Welyhorsky Senkiw, “Risdvo” by Oleksandra Pryveda, “Christmas” by ty since 1894. The UNF has a 501 (c) (3) status,
John Jaciw, “Madonna” by John Laciw, (bottom row, l to r) “Nativity” by Pavlo Lopata, “Yalynka” by Marta Anna which makes all donations tax exempt as permit-
Shramemko-Randazzo, “Angel of the Soul” by Ilona Shytyk and “Ukrainian Folk Art” by Lyudmyla Mosijczuk. ted by law.

Another reunion at Soyuzivka

Michajlo Martynenko
August 20, 1924 – October 22, 2009

The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian National Association regrets to

announce to the members of the General Assembly, to members of Branch 245
and to the UNA membership at large that Michajlo Martynenko died October 22,
2009. Mr. Martynenko held the position of branch secretary for 44 years.

The Executive Committee and the entire UNA membership wish to express their
deepest sympathy to daughter Alexandria and son Michajlo Jr., their families, cous-
in Eugenia Nalywajko and the entire Martynenko family. Mr. Martynenko will be
remembered for his dedication, loyalty and many years of service to the UNA.

Vichna Yomu Pamiat!

KERHONKSON, N.Y. – Ala Nowicky (left), now of New York City, and Tonia
Zahurska, now of Indiana, met during the Ukrainian Cultural Festival at Soyuzivka
in July after saying good-bye to each other 60 years ago at a displaced persons
camp in Salzburg, Austria.
– Oksana Trytjak




Epidemic in Ukraine
During his September 16 visit to Kyiv, U.S. Assistant Surgeon General/Rear
Admiral Dr. Boris Lushniak issued a warning to a conference on the H1N1 flu. “This
is the real show – this is what we’ve been waiting for,” said Dr. Lushniak. “The
responsibility on our shoulders, and everyone’s shoulders in this room who is dealing Presidential contenders speak up
with public health, is that we protect our citizens to the best potential that we have.”
While Ukraine’s politicians spent the Members of the Union of Political
It took just six weeks for the influenza epidemic to erupt following Dr. Lushniak’s
week raking each other over the coals for Prisoners and the Repressed gathered at
words, and it comes as no surprise the nation was unprepared.
their handling of the nation’s flu epidem- Ternopil’s central square on October 16
Top Ukrainian health officials complained of an utter dearth in government financ-
ic, one politician was busy putting her to protest Prime Minister Tymoshenko’s
ing at the conference. Medical personnel are ill-equipped, ill-staffed and poorly com-
foot in her mouth. presidential candidacy, exercising their
pensated for their hard work. Nevertheless the influenza outbreak could have been
Inna Bohoslovska’s opponents right to protest as guaranteed by the
prevented with an active vaccination program beginning in the spring. “If people in
couldn’t have discredited her presidential Ukrainian Constitution.
the western regions were vaccinated at the right time, I am sure the number of deaths
campaign better than she did on her own They held signs such as, “Ukraine isn’t
from complications would have been significantly lower,” Ukrainian Flu Center
on the “Shuster Live” show the evening her, she isn’t Ukraine” and “Yulia
Director Oleksander Hrynevych said at a November 2 press conference.
of October 30, when she declared hyster- Tymoshenko is leading Ukraine to become
A combination of an ineffective government health bureaucracy and a fearful pub-
ically that Ukraine was stricken by a the Russian Federation’s colony,” which
lic poorly informed about vaccines also contributed to the lack of preparation. It’s no
“lung plague.” apparently irritated Tymoshenko Bloc sup-
coincidence that the first thing Ukrainians ask about a vaccine is where it was manu-
“Stop paying lip service to the prob- porters gathered on the other end.
factured, after hearing numerous news reports in recent years of deaths related to vac-
lem,” she shouted on the political talk A group of youths ran up and grabbed
cines originating in India.
show. “In Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and the signs from their hands, tore them up,
The H1N1 virus, of which there are 15 confirmed cases out of 96 flu-related deaths,
Khmelnytskyi, doctors are saying it’s not cursed them and shoved the elderly dissi-
arrived at the worst possible time for Ukraine, with its medical system in shambles, an
a viral infection. It’s a mix of a viral dents, Ihor Oleschuk, chair of the
ongoing global financial crisis, political infighting and a collapsing budget unable to
infection and another bacterial [infec- Ternopil Oblast organization, told the
meet its spending obligations.
tion]. The issue is a lung plague which Ukrayina Moloda newspaper.
The consensus in Ukraine’s medical community is that the epidemic is a combina-
was in China this summer. And all “We were simply shocked,” he said.
tion of H1N1 and two common seasonal flu strains. But it’s suspected to be more com-
Ukrainian doctors knew it would come to “All of us are almost 80 years old. We
plicated than that. Ivano-Frankivsk doctors reported the complications victims suffer
Ukraine.” fought for independent Ukraine, and for
don’t resemble common influenza viruses. Medical personnel speculated about a
Ms. Bohoslovska has a long history of 18 years of independence no one beat or
mutated virus or some viral-bacterial combination. Such mutations could lead to a new,
making sensational statements, alleging persecuted us… No one except
more aggressive virus, warned President Viktor Yushchenko, citing virologists’ reports.
that the Orange forces would impose Tymoshenko Bloc supporters. The youths
The president set the right example in asking the international community, particu-
such restrictions on the Russian language, behaved very roughly, and the shoving
larly the European Union, for help.
Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko demonstrated leadership when taking to the air- that Ukrainians would be allowed to stopped only when police arrived.”
waves on November 1 to inform Ukrainians of the government’s measures and offer speak it only “under blankets at home.” The Ternopil Batkivschyna organiza-
instruction. She announced a three-week recess for schools and universities, cancella- Translating Pushkin into Ukrainian tion denied any involvement in the inci-
tion of all mass public gatherings, daily monitoring throughout Ukraine and the launch will destroy the Russian language and dent, stating that the police ought to
of vaccinations. “The government’s applied measures are very strict, but don’t be “will make Ukrainian children non-com- investigate.
frightened,” she said. “These measures are significantly stricter than the pandemic’s petitive in the contemporary world,” she ***
real threats, … it’s better to do more than not to take care of something.” said.
That’s the proper approach. Yet days later the president’s response was, essentially, Ms. Bohoslovska has also compared Innocent until proven guilty? That’s
“too little, too late.” The prime minister failed to take steps to prepare the nation imposing the Ukrainian language on not a concept that President Viktor
months earlier, when he was already warning the government, he argued. He com- Crimea residents to what the Bolsheviks Yushchenko has demonstrated much
pared her decision to hold her presidential campaign event on Independence Square in did in Halychyna following World War interest in during his presidential cam-
Kyiv on October 24 – when 16 flu-related deaths were already confirmed in II. paign.
Halychyna – to the Soviet government’s decision to hold the May 1 celebration on the Her current presidential campaign In his campaign rhetoric, President
Khreschatyk following the Chornobyl nuclear accident. platform includes “giving Sevastopol the Yushchenko has repeatedly referred to
Certainly the president’s criticisms are legitimate, considering the government had status of a Ukrainian-Russian territory.” pedophiles and murderers that have come
months to prepare the populace and did very little. Despite the prime minister’s “There’s a concept of a condominium to power, an indirect jab at the Yulia
claims that she ordered medication and gauze in the months before the outbreak, in international law which emerged in the Tymoshenko Bloc. His remarks on
Ukrainian pharmacies ran out of critical supplies within the epidemic’s first few days. 16th century,” she said. “From that time October 27, when registering his presi-
Yet the finger-pointing and blame-shifting we’ve grown numb to during the last until now, there are territories in Europe, dential candidacy, directed to Ukrainian
five years is wholly inappropriate during a crisis like this. Mr. Yushchenko won’t gain Asia and the Americas which are gov- voters were particularly condescending.
any votes in the election by continuing his attacks against Ms. Tymoshenko. erned simultaneously by several states. “May we not regret afterwards why
In the following weeks, the government needs to do a better job of keeping the pub- These are territories that are very similar pedophiles are in Parliament,” he said in
lic informed, refuting false information, and maintaining constant monitoring and to the Sevastopol status. Reaching an front of the Central Election Commission.
updates of the situation for Ukrainians and foreigners alike. Strict measures, such as agreement with Russia, we’ll untie our “Because you gave them mandates. Why
quarantines, recesses and cancellations of large public gatherings, must be maintained hands and be able to gain the status of a are murderers in Parliament? Because
until there is evidence the epidemic is past its peak. neutral state.” you gave them mandates. Why are
And let’s keep politics out of this. This is not a game – it’s life or death. With proposals like these, the Russians embezzlers in Parliament? All this Kyiv
are sure to use international condomini- land has been stolen by a group of nation-
um law to accommodate a permanent al deputies from the forces in government
Russian Black Sea Fleet. who can’t be prosecuted. Because you

gave them mandates.”
Turning the pages back... *** The murderer he’s alluding to is Viktor
Lozinskyi, the national deputy who alleg-

Soviet dissidents and Ukrainian
edly beat to death a Kirovohrad Oblast
Insurgent Army veterans have found a
villager for entering his private forest.
new persecutor suppressing their free-
Ten years ago, an editorial in The Weekly marked the 10th Mr. Lozinskyi has fled Ukraine and was
doms and rights in Ukraine: Yulia
anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. Tymoshenko Bloc supporters. (Continued on page 9)
The Berlin Wall, the editorial noted, became the symbolic Iron
Curtain that divided East from West since 1945, and its collapse
signaled the end of Soviet-style communism in Europe. EMERGENCY AID TO UKRAINE
The growth of popular movements such as Poland’s Solidarity, the opening of borders in
Hungary, Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution and the ouster of Romania’s communist lead- to combat the outbreak of
er Nikolai Ceauşescu solidified Eastern Europe’s transition away from communism and the H1N1 virus and acute respiratory disease
toward democracy.
The beginning of the end for Soviet-style communism, the editorial claimed, could be According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, 255,000 persons are ill, of which
traced to 1987 and Mikhail Gorbachev’s twin policies of perestroika (perebudova in 15,000 are hospitalized, with 170 in ICU. A large percentage of the ill comprises
Ukrainian) and glasnost, soon to be followed by “demokratizatsia,” which “emboldened the pre-school and school-age children.
captive peoples of the USSR and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.” There is a desperate need for surgical masks and hand sanitizers. The United
It was in following years that Ukraine saw the first attempts at independent political Ukrainian American Relief Committee Inc. (UUARC) has already made arrange-
activity and mass public meetings. One meeting in 1988, which marked the second anniver- ments for its first delivery of surgical masks.
sary of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, called for “openness and democracy to the end.” We appeal to the Ukrainian American community: help us prevent the spread of
Later that year, the Democratic Front to Promote Perestroika was launched. In 1989, Rukh, this virus.
known as the Popular Movement of Ukraine for Perebudova, was born. Tax-deductible donations (with the notation “swine flu”) may be forwarded to:
Clearly, communism was dying, but 10 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, concerns UUARC
lingered about the potential of political stagnation in Ukraine, or even worse – backtracking. 1206 Cottman Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19111
Source: “The Wall”(editorial), The Ukrainian Weekly, November 14, 1999.

The things we do ...

by Orysia Paszczak Tracz

Dear Abby Ukrainian-style Weimar Ukraine?

These topics are right out of “Dear I done?!) “He has a wife, and two dark- In September the respected Kyiv pub- in some European countries. Even certain
Abby” – only a few centuries and conti- haired little children. My heart is cut in lisher Krytyka announced the appearance forms of religious expression are restricted,
nents apart. In one folk song, “Oy zatsvila two. “ But all along, he fully knows that of “One Hundred Twenty Pages of Sodom,” such as Muslim headscarves in France. A
chervona kalyna nad krynytseyu” (The red he is married. He is far away from home, an anthology of lesbian and gay poetry and frequent rationale is that such speech could
kalyna bloomed over the well), there is a and finally admits that he has a wife and prose in Ukrainian translation, at the Lviv lead to violence, or that it could offend cer-
discussion between a married daughter and kids in Ukraine, far away. His heart also Book Forum, and held a public reading. tain groups. Yet liberal regimes generally
her mother. This song is performed by the is torn in two. “I will keep one half, and This was disrupted by members of the permit the most offensive anti-religious
Ridna Pisnia sextet of Kyiv, directed by give the other to my girl.” nationalist groups Svoboda and Tryzub expressions, even when they do lead to vio-
Vasyl Trylis. So why is the young woman blaming named in honor of Stepan Bandera, who lence. What kinds of expression they allow
The daughter sings, “Hore zhyty moya herself for falling in love with him, when he vandalized books and assaulted partici- may depend on current intellectual fashion,
ridna nene, zhyty za pianytseyu (it is terri- then goes on his merry way? Shades of pants. On September 24, the Ye bookstore or the influence of powerful lobbies. The
ble, dear mother, to live with a drunkard). Sanford, Edwards, Clinton, Spitzer and so in Kyiv hosted a public discussion about liberal state is not guided by concepts like
“He doesn’t work, but drinks day and night, many others. ... What about him and his the book, as part of the Last Barricade festi- “the moral health of society,” as it has no
and when he returns from the tavern, he responsibilities – he’s the one who know- val. Some of the same individuals who had moral philosophy. In much of the West, in
beats me. Walk quietly and slowly mother, ingly led her on, he’s the married one! Like appeared in Lviv tried to disrupt the pro- any case, homosexual conduct is no longer
he is sleeping in the storage room, watch the various doltish politicians, he should ceedings and later assaulted some attend- considered immoral or socially harmful.
that you do not awaken him.” Mother have thought of this earlier. In this case, ees. A few days later, Kyiv’s Ya gallery Thus, the state finds no reason to censor lit-
replies, with a bitter tone in her voice: “Let Dear Abby’s advice is usually to stay away organized a discussion about the anthology erature that promotes it. Liberals oppose
him sleep, let him sleep, it would be better from these guys as far as possible, if you and the banning of the Sasha Cohen film moral censorship as thwarting artistic cre-
if he did not wake up at all, because he has know they’re married. If you find out later, “Bruno.” Afterwards its windows were ativity – understood not as the pursuit of
caused your poor head to be so troubled for- throw the bum out! smashed, and some days later the exhibi- truth and beauty, but as self-expression. Yet
ever.” The young mother answers: “Oh, Then there is the politically, and socially, tion space was burned. most liberals would protect their children
mother, do not scold, do not curse my incorrect solution for the two-timer. While Tryzub issued a statement taking from pornography. In sum, the liberal
drunkard. If he dies, the children will remain this song is one of the best-known and loved responsibility for these “national-defense approach is somewhat inconsistent and
[without a father], and there will be so much Ukrainian songs, I doubt if Dear Abby actions,” and promising “to guard the arbitrary.
distress without him [living hand-to- would endorse this remedy. It is very clear- people’s Christian and national interests.” A third position on the limits of
mouth].” ly, precisely described in the classic song It called for the liquidation of “homosex- expression would be based on the con-
Replying very many times to her writers “Oy ne khody Hrytsiu ta i na vechornytsi” ual criminal groups,” the prohibition of cept of the common good; on the rights
who complain about an abusive husband, (Hryts, don’t go to the evening parties). All propaganda of sexual perversion, the of the family, community and society
“Dear Abby” asks: “Are you better off with the girls at these parties are enchantresses, criminalization of sodomy and the steril- (not just the individual and the state); on
him or without him?” Self-preservation may and the one with the black eyebrows knows ization of its practitioners. Foreign liber- responsibilities as well as rights; and on
be the best solution, but it seems that in all the magic potions and chants. On Sunday alism, it alleged, uses gender equality and Ukraine’s religious and ethical traditions.
quite a few situations – as shown in old folk morning she dug up the plant (the zillia – feminism to subvert traditional Christian It would limit the right to free expression
songs – the young wife and mother makes a the medicinal plant), on Monday rinsed it, values. In the struggle between the Devil not only with the rights of others, but
choice not for herself, but for the well-being and the truth of Christ, the media dissem- also, among other factors, with the just
on Tuesday cooked it, and on Wednesday
of her children. Not mentioned in the lyrics inate “post-modern pseudo-literature.” requirements of morality (see Universal
morning she poisoned Hryts with it. On
is whether her decision is for the better or In the ensuing online discussions, it Declaration of Human Rights art. 29 sec.
Thursday he died, on Friday he was buried,
not. In village situations, usually there was was pointed out that protecting minority 2; International Covenant of Civil and
and on Saturday her mother scolded her:
little choice. rights is essential to democracy, especial- Political Rights art. 19 sec. 3 (2)). While
“Daughter, why did you poison Hryts?”
Another song, “Letila Zozulia” (on the ly when Ukraine is threatened by authori- homosexuals, bisexual and transgendered
“Mother, my heart cannot stand this, he had
Haydamaky CD “Bohuslav”) and, in a tarianism at home and dictatorship from people would be tolerated, and unjust
no regrets, why did he love two of us at
different version, (Chyia to dolyna, chyi abroad (namely, Russia). This is also nec- discrimination forbidden, the state would
to pokosy, chyia to divchyna rozpustyla once? Now he will belong neither to her nor
to me, but will belong to the moist earth. essary, stressed one commentator, if not accord their lifestyles legal recogni-
kosy, or Whose valley is this – or whose Ukraine is to maintain its lifeline to tion or support, or permit their propaga-
grasses are these – whose harvested fields This is your reward, Hryts, an oaken house
out of four boards.” Europe. tion.
are these, whose is the girl who has Clearly, violent assaults and destruction Under this option, Ukraine would fulfill
unbraided hair flowing down her back) is Amazing – it seems all of life’s situations
of books are barbaric. Homophobia is its international legal obligation to protect
about a young woman getting involved – and some solutions, some practical, others
detestable. Tolerance is important. Freedom the family as the natural and fundamental
with a married man. In this case, she questionable – are found in our folk songs.
of expression is fundamental. Journalists unit of society (International Covenant on
doesn’t realize that he’s married until it is and academics will emit countless kilobytes Civil and Political Rights, art. 23, sec. 1;
too late. “Bozhe zh, miy Bozhe, scho zh Orysia Tracz may be contacted at ory- repeating these platitudes. But it will be see Ukraine, Constitution, art. 51, sec. 5).
ya narobyla?!” (God, my God, what have rather like standing on a street corner in With its declining population, Ukraine has
Weimar Germany in 1932 and shouting, a vital interest in promoting procreative
“Those Nazis are nasty fellows. They must marriage as the core of the family. Such
To The Weekly Contributors: be stopped at once!” an approach, however, would require
For there is a deeper and more difficult some minimal moral consensus. Whether
We greatly appreciate the materials – feature articles, news stories, press clippings, letters to question. Does “gay” literature actually Ukraine, where popular morality has been
the editor, etc. – we receive from our readers. In order to facilitate preparation of The Ukrainian threaten the foundations of society by subjected to the multiple distortions of
Weekly, we ask that the guidelines listed below be followed. depicting homosexuality as equivalent to Communism and consumerism, has such
heterosexuality? If it does, should it be a consensus, is doubtful.
• Persons who submit any materials must provide a complete mailing address and daytime suppressed? In a number of European Of these three options, the liberal
phone number where they may be reached if any additional information is required. and American jurisdictions, the zealous approach will most likely prevail. Western
• News stories should be sent in not later than 10 days after the occurrence of a given event. pursuit of equality for homosexuals has governments, financial institutions and
• All materials must be typed and double-spaced. led to a redefinition – some would say, a NGOs with their local acolytes all support
• Photographs (originals only, no photocopies or computer printouts) submitted for publica- subversion – of marriage, and thus of the liberalism. Ukraine’s oligarchs will find it
tion must be accompanied by captions. Photos will be returned only when so requested and family. This has already been attempted convenient, as it favors consumerism and
accompanied by a stamped, addressed envelope. in Ukraine, though it was opposed by corporate capitalism. Dazzled by the set-
• Full names (i.e., no initials) and their correct English spellings must be provided. Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups. ting sun of the West, Ukraine’s intelligen-
• Newspaper and magazine clippings must be accompanied by the name of the publication Does the state have the right, or even the tsia and educated youth have embraced it.
and the date of the edition. obligation, to protect society from such As in Poland, the advance of liberalism
• Information about upcoming events must be received one week before the date of The influences? Are there legitimate moral will mean the retreat of religion. Only the
Weekly edition in which the information is to be published. limits to freedom of expression? growing mass of dispossessed youth –
• Unsolicited materials submitted for publication will be returned only when so requested and Three principal positions can be delin- those lacking Internet access, Western
accompanied by a stamped, addressed envelope.
eated. The extreme libertarian position scholarships and foundation grants – will
holds that all speech should be allowed. fight it. Frustrated with a government
MAILING ADDRESS: The Ukrainian Weekly, 2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Thus, for example, the government unwilling or unable to protect society from
E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS: Materials may be sent to The Weekly also via e-mail to the address should not intervene to prevent the media the moral corrosion of liberal capitalism, from peddling pornography to children. they may increasingly counter the laptop
Please call or send query via e-mail before electronically sending anything other than Word The liberal position holds that one’s right and the lecture hall with the fist and the
documents. This applies especially to photos, as they must be scanned according to our speci- to free expression is limited only by the firebrand.
fications in order to be properly reproduced in our newspaper. rights of others. Liberals generally favor
Any questions? Call 973-292-9800. censoring racist, sexist, or homophobic Andrew Sorokowski can be reached at
speech. Holocaust denial is a criminal act

INTERVIEW: Tony Judt on “one of East Europe’s great mistakes”

Following is an excerpt of a lengthy warm water ports, and because it gives of Central/Eastern Europe to feel
secure about Russia and important to
and wide-ranging interview conducted by
RFE/RL correspondent Heather Maher
Russia a role in Europe, as well as in
“Dreaming about the United States with the need to keep
with renowned European historian Tony For Russia to have a role in Asia is Washington is one Russia as a partner on issues like Iran
and the war in Afghanistan?
Judt. Prof. Judt, who is director of the easy. It’s obvious that Russia will remain
Erich Maria Remarque Institute at New the dominant local great power in the of East Europe’s The first thing to remember – and this
York University, is the author of, whole region, stretching from southwest
“Postwar: A History of Europe Since China to the Turkish border. great mistakes. will not go down very well in [Radio Free
Europe’s] region but it’s terribly impor-
1945,” “Reappraisals: Reflections on the But for Russia to have a role in Europe,
Forgotten Twentieth Century,” and “A which historically mattered much more to And they would tant to understand it – is that there are
very well-informed and intelligent people
its rulers, it has to have some influence
Grand Illusion? An Essay on Europe,” to
name just a few. along its western frontiers, a region that
be advised not in Washington who regard the voices of
the Cassandras of Eastern Europe – as it
as a Russian historian once explained to
me, “Eto Nashe – this area is ours.” By
to indulge it. were, from Poland to Georgia – as, to put
As a historian you study the past it mildly, self interested, [and] who regard
and you see the mistakes that we’re
which he meant, the borderlands area: the Washington is them as the kind of people who were
Baltic, the Crimea, eastern Ukraine, taken too seriously sometimes by the
bound to repeat if we don’t learn cer-
tain lessons. From that perspective,
Belarus and those areas of what we think not about to run Bush administration, and indeed in earlier
of as core Europe, which are culturally, or
and given the mistakes you say Europe
religiously, or historically, under Russian to their rescue days by other administrations, all the way
back to Reagan.
is now making, what do you see hap-
influence, the far eastern reaches of
pening down the line in terms of
Poland, of Slovakia and northern against Russia.” [They feel] that, however much you
Russia’s expansionist ambitions – be cared for liberty, democracy, freedom,
Romania, and so on. So the question is etc., you need to remember that this is a
they territorial, economic or political?
not, “Will Russia seek influence in these world of realist political choices and you
I think in the very long perspective – regions?” but, “How?” account, of Soviet and Russian military
action, political action, in the 20th centu- can’t conduct your foreign policy toward
which is always the easiest to take but the Historically it was done either by Russia on the basis of Polish attitudes or,
least interesting because in the long run, absorbing [countries] into its empire – ry, which doesn’t whitewash Stalin so
much as it integrate him into a greater indeed, Georgian attitudes, particularly
of course, we could all say anything and and this was, after all, right up, I suppose when the recent Polish government – not
something will be true – but in the very you might say, till 1945 – or by extending Russian story.
A colleague of mine in England, a the present but the previous one – and the
long perspective, I would say that it’s its political influence beyond its borders present Georgian one, are not perhaps the
clear that Russia is going to seek some in ways that no one else could or wanted young colleague of mine, Catherine
Merridale, wrote a book about Russian squeakiest, cleanest governments, on all
sort of compensatory advance to over- to counter. That’s really what it did in the kinds of issues. So it’s not an easy case.
come the humiliation of its recent final six years that followed World War soldiers’ attitudes toward the Great
Patriotic War. She was struck by how I think the other thing to remember is
decline. II, by reproducing the Soviet model of that a lot of people feel that big mistakes
Don’t forget that as seen from a histo- government, not necessarily dominating much the older generation of Russians,
essentially meaning anyone over 55, were made by the Bush administration
rian’s perspective, a historian of contem- it militarily or economically, but just and while we all believe in human rights,
porary Europe, Stalin was in many ways reproducing the Soviet model of govern- despite and to some extent because of
Stalin’s crimes, regard the Stalin period, etc., Russia is a great power in areas that
the natural successor to Catherine the ment all across the Soviet zone of Europe. matter to us. Russia borders on Iran,
Great, and the tsars of the 19th century, It’s now lost that, and we in the West, I particularly the war, as the greatest era of
pride, achievement, glory, self-confidence Russia borders on Turkey – well, not lit-
expanding into the Russian near west, and think, are very bad at grasping the scale erally, but across the seas – Russia bor-
to the Russian southwest in particular – of that loss. in their lifetime.
What has been lost since is territory, ders, much more importantly, on all the
territories that Catherine began her expan- I think we’re beginning to see what it former Soviet states going right past
sion into, which have always been regard- means with [Vladimir] Putin and [Dmitry] status, a history that they could live with
– everything has been unraveled before Afghanistan and up to the Chinese border,
ed as crucial by Russian strategists, both Medvedev’s efforts to rewrite history, to which are most volatile, most likely to
because of access to resources, access to re-establish so to speak an official their eyes. If this had happened to
Americans, or Brits, it would have been matter to the United States on issues of
culturally catastrophic; to lose the equiva- terrorism, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, etc.,
lent of, say Texas and California, to be etc., so we can’t conduct foreign policy
told that all the founding fathers right towards Moscow based on Warsaw’s
down to FDR were a bunch of criminals, memories of empire.
to discover that you are regarded as on So I don’t think we should expect a
par with Hitler, in terms of the accepted big, sensitive response to Central and
description of 20th century evils that we East European intellectuals or policy
have since overcome. experts’ advice on these matters. We are,
This was bound to provoke a backlash. in some ways, making allowances for the
And our failure to understand the back- obvious changes. Going back to the 50s,
lash is simply regarded by Russians as however nice the United States is to East
further evidence that there is no reason, Europeans or small countries east of
there’s no possibility of expecting a sym- Crimea into the Caucasus – however nice
pathetic ear in the West. we are to them – we have no intention of
So we’re going to face a long period of sending an army to rescue them. You saw
backlash and imperial comeback in one that in Georgia, remember Hungary in
form or another, from Russia, and we 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968. Illusions
should not be surprised at this. We should that America is primarily interested in
not be surprised that everything that Putin protecting Moldova, as it were, are sim-
or Medvedev does that we find abhorrent ply illusions.
– whether it’s to do with censorship, the What, then, should people in Eastern
restrictions on the press, rewriting history, Europe know about the United States’
rehabilitating Stalin, re-describing the position toward them and their region?
Soviet empire in more positive terms,
rejecting Western, or Polish as it might This is not an area of great interest to
be, criticisms of the Molotov-Ribbentrop the United States, whereas Russia is a
Pact, and so on, all of those things which, great power, which could be useful to the
to the West, look self-evident – look to United States, or a great nuisance to the
Russians simply as a reminder of the United States. Either way, we will deal
ways in which no one understands them. with Moscow. And listening to Warsaw is
something we shall only do for the pur-
A group of leading thinkers and for- pose of politeness. I do feel that it’s
mer leaders from Eastern and Central important to say this, which is so obvious
Europe sent President [Barack] Obama to me when I go to Washington, and it’s a
a very public letter a couple of months reason why the East Europeans will do
ago urging him to renew the U.S. rela- much better to invest in a stronger EU,
tionship with the region. They spoke of because only a strong EU – because it’s
a “nervousness in their capitals” and, on Russia’s borders – will be forced to
in effect, said, “The Russian bear is think about what it means to deal with
growling and hungry and looking at Russia territorially.
us.” The White House has had no Remember, when Americans think
response of record, but what it has about Russia – just as when Americans
done is pronounce the “reset button on think about the Middle East – they think
Russian relations” pushed, and we see about “over there.” It’s a long way away;
that things between Moscow and it’s a foreign policy problem.
Washington are on a smoother track When Europeans think about Russia,
than before. Going forward, how do
you see Obama reconciling the desire (Continued on page 22)

Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky: prince of the Ukrainian Church

by the Very Rev. Bohdan Nalysnyk Halychyna, to build contacts between time, you have demon-
influential individuals in Ukraine and strated to the whole
PART II Russia, and to work together with them for world your nobility in
the greater good of the Ukrainian people. your relations with the
During his entire 40-year reign, Metropolitan Andrey had enemies – Orthodox Church in
Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky some called him a Russophile, and others, Poland. You have firm-
remained faithful to his word, excellently a Polonophile, some said that he leaned ly raised your voice in
fulfilling all the expectations and wishes toward Russia, and others that he was the defense of God’s
of his beloved Ukrainian nation. loyal to Poland and Austria. In fact, the justice and Christian
The metropolitan’s work was excep- metropolitan wanted Ukrainians to shed culture. And we
tionally diverse. He didn’t confine him- both Russophilism and Polonophilism believe that your
self to one arena – Church matters – but and not tie their fortune with Austria. He actions not only gave
embraced, without exception, all areas of wanted Ukrainians to be independent of us moral support, but
Ukrainian culture and life on Ukrainian any affiliations and worked toward what also had created a more
lands, including all the corners our immi- he called “A Native Home” that is, a sov- general Christian exam-
gration. ereign Ukraine with its own government. ple. And with your sen-
Before his enthronement, Sheptytsky And the metropolitan sought unity at sitive, fully loving
had already exhibited his multifaceted the highest level in his Church activities. heart, as the archshep-
nature, but as metropolitan, he developed His whole life and activities were directed herd who gives his soul
his activity to full strength. There was no to Church unity in Ukraine. He prayed for his people, [you]
area of life – religious, cultural or eco- fervently and worked tirelessly in this understood the total
nomic – to which Metropolitan Andrey direction, that the Ukrainian church was horror of the tortured in
would not devote all his attention and universal and that Ukrainians belonged to the Kholm region. You
nurture it for the good of the Ukrainian one universal church. The Metropolitan didn’t pass by human
people. saw church division as one of the reasons suffering, as a priest
Metropolitan Andrey was a great ecu- for the lack of unity in the political arena. and Levite, but deter-
menicist. When we look at his life we When in 1929-1939 the Polish govern- mined to be like the
understand that he understood ecumenism ment demanded the “return” or “revindi- merciful Samarian…”
as a sacrifice of individual life, personal fication” (rendition) of 724 Orthodox One of the chief
benefit and value for the fortune and good churches, which was an obvious theft, g o a l s t o w h i c h Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky in a photo reproduced
of the society. Metropolitan Andrey explained his posi- Metropolitan Andrey from the latest issue of Plast Ukrainian Scouting
This spirit of ecumenism dictated that tion on this matter to the correspondent of devoted all his strength Organization’s magazine Plastovyi Shliakh.
the metropolitan become a priest in the the Warsaw newspaper Polish Day. The was the issue of the
monastic order of the Basilians, because in metropolitan stood clearly in the defense union of Ukrainian Churches. The vari- myself for the faith and for the unity of
this state, the young Andrey saw more of the Orthodox. He was guided here not ous Christian Churches in Ukraine need- the Church. The Church, through my
possibilities to enhance the spiritual by Catholic brotherhood, but Christian ed to fulfill one goal: to give the sacrifice, will not lose anything, but will
growth of the Ukrainian people. In this justice and Christian judgement, because Ukrainian nation unity, to rid it of the only gain by my death.”
case, the spirit of personal comfort, glory, he believed that the forceful takeover of spirit of divisiveness and hatred, that pit- But God did not grant this privilege.
gain of material wealth or earthly happi- churches didn’t produce good results for ted one Ukrainian against another. Sheptytsky had to be satisfied with a nat-
ness was replaced by spiritual ecumenism, either side. In 1908 the Metropolitan issued a sep- ural death. But his pain and suffering
true sacrifice for higher ideals and the Another informative example is the arate pastoral letter to priests. In it, he were equal to martyrdom.
needs of the faithful and the Church. notable epistle of Metropolitan Andrey in wrote: “Our very position between East The Ukrainian Catholic Church justly
Later, when God’s providence called the matter of the destruction of Orthodox and West demands that we work on the counts him among its great members, but
him to the episcopal and metropolitan churches by the Poles in the Kholm union of the churches. United with the in reality he belongs to all humanity. His
thrones, all his actions and thoughts were region in 1938, the so-called “return” of West by faith, and with the East by rite, thoughts and his ideals are universal; they
dedicated to the spirit of sovereignty. Ukrainian Orthodox churches to we can more successfully than others cannot be defined by one place or one
For Metropolitan Andrey, political par- Catholicism. The epistle demonstrates work on the creation of church unity.” people. Pope Pius XII said this about
ties did not exist, because he stood above the brotherly love that burned in the heart Similar letters using approachable popu- him: “His name for the ages will be
them. He did not recognize the division of of the metropolitan, who stood in defense lar wording, were written by the blessed in Christ’s church, which will for-
Ukraine into Halychyna and Greater of the wronged and thus demonstrated his Metropolitan to the people in 1907 and ever retain the memory about his fervent
Ukraine. And because of this, he traveled pure and noble intentions in his dealings 1908. In 1937, a so-called Unification faith and saving of souls, and his constant
several times beyond the borders of with the Orthodox. Conference was held in Lviv dedicated to attention to defending his people.”
This is nicely seen in the words of the theme of unification. Metropolitan Metropolitan Andrey is a spiritual giant
The Very Rev. Bohdan Nalysnyk is rec- Orthodox Metropolitan Dionysius Andrey gave the opening remarks, deeply and man of God. We need to understand
tor of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Chicago. Valedynsky of Warsaw. “For the second discussing the subject of unification, pro- his true spiritual stature and his saving
claiming a unification week, a novena of influence on Christ’s Church. His spiritual
prayer and sermons on the subject of greatness needs to be valued in spiritual
Election... “Shuster Live” political talk show on
October 23. “Five small graves in the vil-
union. terms. The glorification by the Church of
When in 1941 the Germans pushed the any righteous person is a blessing of God.
(Continued from page 6) lage of Bohachivka [Cherkasy Oblast] are Bolsheviks out of Ukraine, the metropoli- This blessing needs to be won from God
reported to be hiding in Israel. those of my father’s brothers and sisters tan expected that a moment of true through appropriate means: prayer, sacri-
The alleged pedophiles are Viktor who died within three days, and the larger Church unity had arrived. Unfortunately fice, martyrdom, fasting, good works, suf-
Ukolov, Serhii Teriokhin and Ruslan grave is my grandfather’s, who was 32 his dreams were not realized. But the fering and other spiritual means. It is nec-
Bohdan, three national deputies of the years old then.” Metropolitan knew how to be patient. essary to pray privately and publicly for
Tymoshenko Bloc accused of raping two “I have the moral right to say that, And in keeping with his goal of Church his glory.
adopted children at a Kyiv apartment. despite all this, the list of countries that unity, he organized conferences, academ- We need to turn to God in many situa-
In his remarks, President Yushchenko recognized the Holodomor or established ic organizations, and monasteries of the tions for the intercession of the servant of
neglected one nuance that is necessary to Taras Shevchenko monuments is not sup- Studites and Eastern branches of the God Metropolitan Andrey. Because when
posed to be a priority of foreign policy. Redemptorists, and received the permis- the faithful pray thus, in time, miracles
make such statements in civilized societ-
That’s not supposed to be priority number sion of Pope Pius XI to create an eastern will happen, and they are essential for the
ies – the accused actually have to be con-
one.” branch of the Benedictines. success of the beatification process. A
victed in court.
Instead, the president’s foreign policy It is important to emphasize that miracle is evidence that the Lord not only
Perhaps President Yushchenko’s accu-
priorities should be foreign trips and Metropolitan Andrey not only prayed and allows, but also wishes that one of His
sations would have a legal foundation if international agreements reached, how worked for unity, but also suffered and servants be honored by the Church.
he spent his presidency reforming many jobs and foreign investments are sacrificed his life for it. In December of The final glorification of the servant of
Ukraine’s utterly corrupt courts instead of created by these agreements, what new 1939 the metropolitan wrote to the God Andrey Sheptytsky depends on the
waging a fruitless and pointless political technologies will be introduced, what for- Vatican: “I beg and pray that the holy will of God, but we have in our hands the
war with his prime minister, with whom eign markets will become open to father in his fatherly blessing, agree to critical means to hasten his glorification –
he formed a partnership back in 2004. Ukraine’s exporters and how to improve devote and empower me to sacrifice prayer. Let’s use it!
*** security.
“ T h e H o l o d o m o r a n d Ta r a s
The Holodomor shouldn’t be a central Shevchenko are holy to me and my fami-
element of Ukraine’s foreign policy, said
presidential candidate and former Defense
l y, ” h e s a i d l a t e r i n t h e s h o w. Wherever you are,
“Considering this, when we talk about
Minster Anatoliy Grytsenko, who implied
that President Yushchenko was placing
practical politics and the president’s
responsibilities, having these issues as
The Ukrainian Weekly can be there with you
more emphasis on Ukraine’s genocide in most important… he’s supposed to set
his foreign policy than appropriate.
“My family suffered from the
Mr. Grytsenko is a former ally of
Check out THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY online at
Holodomor much more – unfortunately,
since it’s a tragedy – than the president’s
President Yushchenko who supports
Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration
family,” Mr. Grytsenko said on the efforts.

Gudimov Art Project aims to publicize Ukraine’s artists

by Zenon Zawada “An atmosphere of presence is created
Kyiv Press Bureau and you get into [Mykola] Hohol and
become one of his personages,” Mr.
KYIV – Pavlo Gudimov becomes Gudimov said. “This is a re-creation and
entranced when talking about art. His wife actualization of traditional art and Hohol.
handed him an invoice to sign and he scrib- Yakutovych worked with the Hohol theme
bled on the wrong line. for a long time.”
“It’s immense happiness – it’s called The exhibit had already been shown in
inspiration – to return to someone a drop of Kyiv, Lviv and even the Cultural Center of
their childhood, to make their eyes flare at Ukraine in Moscow before it was scheduled
something and or to offer joy from viewing to arrive in New York.
a painting or watching a film,” Mr. Gudimov Mr. Gudimov has been promoting art
said in an October 16 interview with The since 2001, five years after launching his
Ukrainian Weekly at the Gudimov Art rock music career with Okean Elzy, which
Project office in Kyiv’s Podil district. he left in early 2005 to form his own band.
It’s been more than a month since Mr. He’s as confident in his role as art curator as
Gudimov’s Ya Gallery Art Center was set guitarist, which becomes evident when he
ablaze and he hasn’t missed a beat. speaks of his painters like a nurturing parent
“Yes it was burned, but believe me – or coach.
from the ashes of any fire something Among those under his current tutelage
grows,” he said. “I am an optimist. I want to are Andrii Sahaidakovskyi, Ihor Yankovych,
sooner forget about this and continue fur- Pavlo Makov, Oleksander Babak and Artem
ther. I don’t see any benefit in walking Volokitin.
around in pity.” “Yakutovych is a very interesting author
Zenon Zawada
If his gallery being in ashes wasn’t bad who has a luxurious schooling of drawing
enough, on October 29 Mr. Gudimov Pavlo Gudimov stands next to a painting by Volodymyr Kostyrko called “Portrait
and illustrating,” he said, boasting, “There’s
received an e-mail from the Ukrainian of a Man with a Skull.”
only a handful of such people with such tal-
Institute of America in New York informing ent in the world. Everyone knows them by tors to work with. It’s very interesting to me the institute’s board realized the Yakutovych
him that it canceled the exhibit of one of his name.” to create cultural institutions in Ukraine and exhibit was going to be too expensive and
artists, which was scheduled to open His passion for drawings, paintings and uniting the many directions so that all are on might not get through customs in time for
November 5. The UIA cited the prohibitive photography has taken Mr. Gudimov to cit- a quality level.” the November 4 opening, the e-mail stated.
costs of transporting the exhibit. ies throughout the world, including the The Ya Gallery arson, which occurred at The institute’s director, Laryssa Krupa,
As part of its Mykola Hohol Arts Fest Centre Pompidou in Paris, where he met 3 a.m. on October 1, came as a shock to Mr. offered no compensation for Mr. Gudimov’s
month, the Institute agreed initially to dis- with the international relations director to Gudimov. expenses, including a catalogue he prepared.
play Serhii Yakutovych’s “Hohol Was Born discuss financing and management tech- The arsonists woke him from his sleep to “It was my first experience with the
…,” a contemporary media installation that niques. immediately inform him of their act. He Institute, and not 100 percent positive,” he
involved illustrated drawings, cut-out fig- “I terribly love this museum matter,” Mr. darted five minutes down the street from his said. “We need to work more systematically
ures and silhouettes, and video, all of which Gudimov said. “It’s very interesting not just Podil apartment only to find the museum and respect Ukrainian artists. I was looking
was created with computers. as a curator. I bring around me many cura- smothered in smoke, as well as graffiti scrib- forward to offering the possibility not to
bled on the wall that read, “Ni sodomiyi! simulate Ukrainian culture, but to show real
OUN” (Sodomy no! Organization of Ukrainian culture overseas.”
Ukrainian Nationalists). The incident reflects among the biggest
Firefighters arrived soon after, but little of problems confronting Ukrainian art, Mr.
the artwork was spared. Gudimov said, which is the lack of a
Days earlier, Mr. Gudimov allowed at Ya Ukrainian cultural influence or public rela-
Gallery a discussion on tolerance towards tions effort abroad.
homosexuals after the Ukrainian govern- The Ukrainian diaspora could help
ment banned the racy comedy film “Bruno” Ukrainian artists enormously in promoting
and several books. A window was broken their art in the West but there’s no organized
days later, followed by the arson. structure to do it, he said.
Mr. Gudimov said it could be an attack Furthermore, diaspora institutions tend to
on homosexuality, but it’s also a provocation shun Ukrainian contemporary art and
against Ukrainian nationalists, who support embrace nostalgic themes such as embroi-
institutions that promote Ukrainian artists. dery and Kozaks, he said. Often their poli-
“Some are tying this to politics, yet our cies resemble those of Soviet institutions,
art center is an apolitical organization,” said selecting art that merely creates caricatures
Mr. Gudimov, who’s famous for his pop of Ukrainians.
tune, “No Politics.” “To change the conception of Ukraine
“Personally I try to keep a distance from from a pretext of nostalgia to an existing
Ukrainian politics because I believe it’s too country, and to make that link in time, cul-
far removed from culture.” He added that ture and spirituality, we need to organize ini-
although he’s had offers to perform on tiatives to link with the main actors in
behalf of presidential candidates, he’s Ukraine, choose one or two people who can
declined them all. systematically launch a machine,” he said,
With the trip to the Hohol Arts Fest in visibly frustrated.
New York, Mr. Gudimov said he was hop- “If the machine works, I guarantee there
ing to build upon his relations with the won’t ever be problems with exhibits or
Ukrainian diaspora in New York and bring concerts. There won’t ever be problems with
contemporary Ukrainian art to the U.S. Ukraine being considered as some kind of
A week before the event and two days nightmare. But a system is lacking, and
before Mr. Gudinov’s flight to New York,, there’s no structure at all.”


The now annual national observance to commemorate Ukraine’s

NOVEMBER 14, 2009 Genocide of 1932-1933 will take place at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in
New York City on Saturday, November 14, 2009, at 2 PM. This year
marks the 76th anniversary of one of the worst cases of man’s inhu-
manity towards man, and perhaps the most extreme example of the
use of food as a weapon, and we urge the Ukrainian American
To commemorate the community to attend the ecumenical service and honor the millions
of innocent victims who perished as a result of the Soviet policy of
76th Anniversary of Ukraine’s forced collectivization.

Genocide of 1932-1933 For more information, please contact the UCCA National Office
either by email at or by phone at 212-228-6840.

Flu epidemic... “This was well-known and ignored by

the parliamentary chair, the opposition lead-
(Continued from page 1) er and, above all, the prime minister,”
declared an H1N1 epidemic on October 30 President Yushchenko said in a November 4
and quarantined nine western oblasts, with statement. “The chief state medical doctor
the most casualties in the western oblasts of and his subordinates in the oblasts, including
Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk. Kyiv, didn’t fulfill their official responsibili-
Authorities officially confirmed 14 H1N1 ty. This directly resembles the May 1 dem-
cases the next day. onstration in Kyiv after the Chornobyl acci-
“The world paved the way for not one, dent.”
but two trials – the financial crisis and a hor- Ukraine’s leaders knew that a flu epidem-
rible flu pandemic,” Prime Minister Yulia ic was emerging in the early days of
Tymoshenko said in a national address tele- October, the president alleged. Nevertheless
the Party of Regions of Ukraine and the UNIAN
vised on November 1. “But when acting
Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc held their nominat- A militiaman and metro employee wear face masks on October 31 in Kyiv as rec-
conscientiously and together, calamities
ing conventions in late October, “bringing ommended by local authorities.
recede. I am personally organizing all the
work on the fight against the epidemic and I hundreds of thousands from various regions, Tymoshenko on its November 3 front page President Yushchenko and has the task to
take upon myself all the responsibility for from the epidemic hotbed and from oblasts for rerouting to Kyiv a Swiss donation of simply ruin our work,” she responded. “I
every step.” where there wasn’t any sign of this epidem- 300,000 Tamiflu doses bound for Lviv, in understand this and offer a complete report
The contagion affected all spheres of life ic,” President Yushchenko said. order to pose in front of television cameras on what’s happening. Stop ruining the coun-
as Prime Minister Tymoshenko declared a As early as four days before the with the cargo and earn publicity for her try, please.”
three-week recess for schools and universi- Tymoshenko campaign event on election campaign. Leading presidential candidate Viktor
ties, and canceled all mass public gatherings. Independence Square in Kyiv, an epidemic In her version of events, Prime Minister Yanukovych of the Party of Regions also
Millions of Ukrainians began hoarding of acute respiratory disease was confirmed Tymoshenko said her government also went on the attack, on October 30 demand-
masks, medication and citrus fruits, prices in Ternopil, the president said. By the day of began preparing for a possible pandemic ing the resignation of Health Minister
for which soared at markets before supplies the event on October 24, 10 deaths were in April, earmarking 50 million hrv ($6.25 Kniazevych.
quickly ran out. reported in Ternopil and six in Lviv, the million) to buy medicine, disinfectants, As Ukraine’s leaders bickered, its
The government was deluged with com- president stated, adding that a week later a and medical diagnostic and treatment Western neighbors offered humanitarian aid.
plaints about shortages of masks, gauze and viral epidemic was declared in Kyiv. equipment. Besides medicine, equipment, respirators
Swiss-made Tamiflu tablets, which are rec- Ms. Tymoshenko demonstrated “an ele- Since then, her government brought 37 and masks donated by Krakow hospitals, the
ognized as the most effective medicine mentary ignorance of measures with which special stationary analysis laboratories – Polish government dispatched a military
against the H1N1 virus. the prevention battle begins against this ill- one or two per oblast – which hadn’t been analytical epidemiological laboratory to
Meanwhile, an avalanche of conflicting ness in any country and society,” the presi- done in all 18 years of Ukraine’s indepen- examine medical samples. The Hungarian
statements from top officials confused the dent said. “But we need to hold a show, we dence, she said in her November 1 government approved a $500,000 donation
Ukrainian public as to what was happening need concerts because 130 million hrv ($16 address. and 20,000 doses of vaccines.
and what to do. million U.S.) was already spent. Respected She claimed her government also Vaccines can’t be administered to those
While Mr. Kniazevych declared an epi- Ukrainians, in this I see not only moral but secured the necessary medicine and 11 already infected with influenza, said Raisa
demic, he was contradicted the same week- criminal responsibility.” million meters of gauze to sew masks, Sorochynska-Kyrylenko, chair of the sub-
end by Chief State Medical Doctor President Yushchenko asked the procura- since disposable masks last only four committee on medical insurance and state
Oleksander Bilovol, who said there was no tor general to prosecute Chief State Medical hours. Her government recently earmarked medical programs. During an epidemic, a
H1N1 epidemic. Doctor Bilovol and Kyiv Chief State another 500 million hrv ($62.5 million) to vaccine can only be applied on an individual
Statements by politicians ranged from Medical Doctor Anatolii Ponomarenko for buy more medicine. case basis among closed groups of people
characterizing the epidemic as a common criminal negligence for failing to act on the Ms. Tymoshenko attacked the president not yet affected by the virus, said Liudmyla
flu virus accompanied by pandemic strains daily information they received on an only after she was criticized by Poltava Kukharska, the first deputy chief state medi-
(Prime Minister Tymoshenko on November unfolding epidemic. Oblast State Administration Chair Valerii cal doctor.
2) to a lung plague (presidential candidate As early as April, President Yushchenko Asadchev, an ally of President Yushchenko, Yet officials said they hope to accelerate
Inna Bohoslovska on October 30). said he asked the government to create a during a November 4 videoconference. vaccinations in the following weeks.
The epidemic emerged amidst a nasty special interdepartmental commission to “It seems to me it’s time that officials Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians
presidential election campaign and immedi- combat the spread of influenza, to finance stop treating people,” he said. “Me and you, refused even the most basic vaccines this
ately became politicized by the candidates the Ukrainian Flu Center and to have avail- Yulia Volodymyrivna, are not doctors. We’re year because of several unexpected deaths
and used as ammunition against rivals. As able the appropriate amount of medicine patients.” As their discussion grew more reported by the Ukrainian media to have
Prime Minister Tymoshenko flew around and masks. “The partial fulfillment of my heated, she demanded his video monitor be been caused by poorly stored vaccines that
Ukraine and visited hospitals – some alleged orders has its results,” the president said. turned off. required refrigeration, low-quality vaccines
for campaign photo-ops – the president Meanwhile, the pro-presidential “Respected friends, Mr. Asadchev heads from Third World countries such as India,
attacked her. Ukrayina Moloda newspaper accused Ms. a [local] campaign headquarters for and other alleged causes.

Committee of Voters... al, analytical.”

Besides the Ternopil elections, the CVU
Since the Ternopil affair, Mr. Chernenko
has been actively reinforcing and promoting
million hrv (then worth about $60 million
U.S.) in government funds for moderniza-
(Continued from page 3) has been accused of allowing other matters the CVU’s image, appearing several times a tion.
Cooperation in Europe. to slip past its rubber stamp. week at press conferences, on political talk “The OSCE gave them money to buy
At the same time, Mr. Chernenko In the 2007 parliamentary elections, the shows and on news programs on television. computers,” Mr. Chernenko said, referring
acknowledged in his September 15 inter- CVU acknowledged reports of vote-buying, Most significantly, the CVU took a firm, to a project to compile a national computer-
view with The Weekly that the CVU was but didn’t cite the main culprit: the critical stand against the election rules bills ized voter registry. “It’s a fact that the work
forced to switch to using mobile election Volodymyr Lytvyn Bloc, which pulled off a passed in Parliament by the Party of Regions on the register was ruined.”
observers after suffering cuts in funding, surprising result of 925,000 votes and quali- of Ukraine and the Tymoshenko Bloc, which Mr. Chernenko shrugged his shoulders
“primarily from the NDI.” fied for Parliament with a 4 percent result. critics said tilted the elections in their favor when asked what this money for used for
“As we once had $10,000 to $20,000 – “It’s not the CVU’s job to chase after by boosting the opportunity for falsification instead, “This is Ukraine,” he said. Such
that’s enormous money,” he said. “No donor those who gave money,” Mr. Chernenko and abuse of government resources (admin- claims have drawn sharp rebuke from CEC
has that anymore, which is why we are re- said. “That’s the job of the police, the sresurs). member Mykhailo Okhendovskyi, who
orienting our program to be less expensive Security Service of Ukraine and law Mr. Chernenko has been particularly crit- attended the October 23 Party of Regions
and more effective with these mobile enforcement organs. If they didn’t report ical of the law’s provision that allows voters nominating convention.
groups.” this, then we can only speak of statements to add their names to registers on election At a September 28 roundtable discussion
Therefore, the CVU’s conflict with NDI and tendencies. We reported on vote-buying day, saying this “is the main path to falsifi- in Kyiv about the election, he attacked the
in 2005 directly hurt its ability to finance in 2007, but we didn’t name particular polit- cation.” CVU for mirroring the Presidential
election monitoring today.] ical forces because we can’t prove it in The CVU’s criticism found support not Secretariat in its public criticisms and rec-
Mr. Chernenko rejected accusations that court.” only with Ukraine’s Constitutional Court, ommendations, implying cooperation
Mr. Popov approved the election results as a That position was supported by Ivan which overturned five illegal provisions, but between the two.
favor or arrangement with the Presidential Lozowy, the president of the Institute of also the Venice Commission (European “Unfortunately I am forced to state that
Secretariat. “Neither Ihor or I had contact Statehood and Democracy in Kyiv. The Commission for Democracy), which is the these evaluations on preparations for the
with the Secretariat before the elections,” he CVU can only do so much in its role of Council of Europe advisory board on consti- election, which the CVU is proposing to the
said. “Afterwards Ihor received a proposal observing, reporting and analyzing elec- tutional matters. public, strangely coincide with all the evalu-
to meet, and he went. He was told there was tions, whereas the government ought to be Among the CVU’s top priorities has been ations and conclusions of the Presidential
a vacant position and asked whether he’d enforcing the law. its campaign to return open-list voting, Secretariat,” Mr. Okhendovskyi told The
like to have it. Afterwards it was obvious “No self-respecting organization should instead of the current closed-list system in Weekly.
that it [the Ternopil election] was a jolt or say there are suspicions – they dealing with which voters are required to vote for entire He said he doesn’t believe there’s a single
impulse for Baloha to call Ihor, but only facts,” he said. “The CVU doesn’t take parties instead of individual candidates that reliable, independent election-monitoring
after the elections.” responsibility for free and fair elections in represent a particular geographically defined organization in Ukraine.
Mr. Chernenko said he maintains fre- Ukraine. Its job is to observe, analyze and district. “I can’t think any of you can name, even
quent contact with Mr. Popov at the comment, which it does very well. Even The CVU has also publicly criticized the one organization which can be trusted with
Presidential Secretariat, insisting their com- Amnesty International and Human Rights Central Election Commission (CEC) for its evaluation of election preparations,” he
munication is limited to personal matters, as Watch don’t write about rumors. It’s not preparing poor voter registers, which are lit- told the roundtable of politicians and observ-
well as management advice, but not matters their job to investigate necessarily. This is a tle improved from the 2007 parliamentary ers. “The instruments of civic society are
that are “political, ideological, information- small NGO.” elections although the CEC received 300 absolutely absent.”

COMMUNITY PROFILE: Ukrainians in North Carolina

The Ukrainian community of North Carolina at a picnic celebrating Ukrainian Independence Day.

by Oleh Wolowyna higher, as most of the illegal migrants

were probably afraid to answer census
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – In the last 16 questionnaires.)
years several Southern states experienced So far there is practically no organized
an extraordinary increase in their Ukrainian life in Charlotte, while
Ukrainian populations. For example, Ukrainians in the Raleigh-Durham area
according to official U.S. Bureau of the began to organize several years ago. The
Census statistics, between 1990 and 2006 first attempt was made in 1989, when an
the number of Ukrainians (persons who organization named Southern Ukrainians
declared “Ukrainian” as their first or sec- was formed under the leadership of Paul
ond ancestry) increased in South Carolina Wasylkevych. The main activity of the
by 337 percent, in North Carolina by 196 organization was participation with a cul-
percent, in Tennessee by 187 percent and tural booth in the yearly International
in Georgia by 176 percent. This extraor- Festival held in the state’s capital of
dinary increase is due to two factors: Raleigh. Unfortunately the organization
migration from northern and north-central was not able to gather momentum and
cities by U.S.-born Ukrainians and ceased to exist after about three years.
Ukrainian migrants arriving in the U.S. In August of 2005 the Ukrainian
before Ukraine’s independence, and the Association of North Carolina was
settlement of large numbers of so called focused. The initiative came from a group
“new wave” or Fourth Wave immigrants of Fourth Wave immigrants and almost
in these states. half of board members of the association
The number of Ukrainians in North are “new” immigrants. Currently the
Carolina increased from under 5,000 in association has about 300 members; the
1990 to 14,000 in 2006, and about 3,000 majority of them reside in the Raleigh- The Ukrainian booth at the International Festival held in Raleigh, N.C.
of them are new wave migrants of Durham-Chapel area, although there are
Ukrainian ancestry (arriving between members in other areas of the state, as tion have been the celebration of Ukrainian songs. This yearly event is a
1991 and 2006 and born in Ukraine). well as some in South Carolina. A large Ukraine’s independence and participation good opportunity to meet members from
Two large metropolitan areas in North percentage of the members are recent in the yearly International Festival in other areas of the state and greet new
Carolina, Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte, immigrants and some are American mem- Raleigh. The group has also participated members.
have acquired the necessary critical mass bers, such as former Peace Corps volun- in other international festivals in the state, The Ukrainian community’s participa-
to support an organized community. The teers in Ukraine and families who adopt- and last year organized a very successful tion at the International Festival was orig-
number of Ukrainians in the Charlotte ed orphans from Ukraine. A very effective academic conference on the Holodomor inally limited to a cultural booth but it has
Metropolitan Area increased from about mechanism for attracting new members is at the University of North Carolina at gradually expanded to include other
1,000 in 1990 to close to 5,000 in 2006, the group’s website: http://ncua.inform- Chapel Hill, as well as Holodomor exhib- activities. This year, besides the cultural
and about 1,600 of them are new wave its at several local public libraries. booth, organized by Maryna Kapustina,
immigrants. In Raleigh-Durham the num- In September of 2006 a Ukrainian This year, as in previous years, Ukrainian crafts donated by John and
ber of Ukrainians increased from about Greek-Catholic mission was started in Ukraine’s Independence Day was cele- Susan Washinsky, owners of the Internet
500 in 1990 to 3,300 in 2006; about 500 Garner, NC. A fairly large plot of land brated with a picnic. The official program store All Things Ukrainian, were sold.
of them are new wave immigrants. (It is with a house was acquired by Bishop started with singing of the Ukrainian Luka Korzeniowski was in charge of the
important to note that the actual numbers Robert Moskal, and religious services are anthem by all present, and official greet- food; stand selling traditional Ukrainian
of new wave immigrants is likely to be now performed in a temporary structure. ings from the deputy minister of foreign food, and Olena Zintchouk, an artist from
The parish is growing, and a Ukrainian affairs of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Ukraine specializing in Petrykivka-style
Oleh Wolowyna, Ph.D., is president of school for children is being organized by ambassador in the U.S. were read. folk painting, had a demonstration of this
the Ukrainian Association of North the church. Children from Ss. Volodymyr and Olha renowned art form.
Carolina. The two main activities of the associa- Church, under the direction of Halyna The main attraction of the festival was
Charron, gave a concert of poems and the Ukrainian dance group Lyman from
songs, and the church choir entertained Baltimore. They had participated in the
the audience with several folk and reli- festival in previous years, and the orga-
gious songs. nizers of the festival, as well as the audi-
Father Jason Charron, parson of the Ss. ence, were thrilled by their performance.
Volodomyr and Olha Church, blessed the The Festival Committee covered most of
food and all present enjoyed delicious the costs of their trip from Baltimore, and
“shashlyky” prepared under the supervi- they were invited to perform for 45 min-
Office Administrator Sought sion of Vasyl Shymoniak, as well as food utes, while all the other ethnic groups
brought by all participants. Mary Duke were allocated only 20 minutes for their
Plast USA is looking for an administrator to run its NYC office. Fluency donated several items for a raffle of performance. The Ukrainian dancers were
Ukrainian folk artifacts, and Eugene one of the highlights of the festival, and
in Ukrainian and knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel are required. Kobisky entertained all present on his they made a significant contribution to
Familiarity with Plast is preferred. Please direct your inquiries to accordion. After the meal some people the popularization of Ukrainian culture in
Zoriana Stawnychy between 9 am and 5 pm at 973-283-0024. organized an impromptu dance, and the an area where information about Ukraine
evening ended with singing of traditional is still relatively scarce.

CONCERT REVIEW: ‘StringTest’ brings music to Ukrainian Museum

by Ihor Slabicky traditionally would have been played on a
Special to The Ukrainian Weekly violin. Hopefully, this work will remain in
Mr. Andrec’s repertoire.
NEW YORK – The 2009-2010 musical This was followed by “Dance 5,” a piece
season at The Ukrainian Museum began on that Messrs. Kytasty and Lawrence took
Friday, October 23, with “StringTest,” the from its folk song roots through some very
first of a two part series titled “Fine Art/ jazzy spaces and ending in the traditional
Folk Arts: Two Counterpoints.” This pro- feel.
gram parallels the ongoing “Folk Arts/Fine Mr. Andrec’s percussion on his arrange-
Arts: A Dialog” exhibit at the museum. ment of “St. George and the Dragon” added
During her introduction, Maria Shust, an urgency that was countered by the sub-
director of The Ukrainian Museum, tlety of Julian Kytasty on bandura. As that
described that exhibit as one of “folk arts song ended, Mr. Kytasty transitioned into
and fine arts and how they interconnect and “The Captive’s Lament” on which Mr.
the influences that folk arts very often have Holman provided the spoken, emotion-
on the fine arts artist, sometimes conscious- filled narrative and Mr. Kytasty sang a light
ly and sometimes unconsciously.” counterpoint.
She could very well have been speaking Mr. Holman performed “Everything” –
about the music that followed. Most of the twice. The first time, he read through it
works performed that evening were new clearly and at a normal pace so we could
pieces, performed for the first time or in understand the words. Then, he raced to the
new arrangements by Julian Kytasty, poet finish, in 22 seconds, with Messrs. Kytasty,
Bob Holman, and musical compadres Mike Andrec and Lawrence providing the musi- Ihor Slabicky
Andrec and Ron Lawrence. cal afterburners. Bob Holman, Julian Kytasty, Mike Andrec and Ron Lawrence at The Ukrainian
The evening started on a solemn note “Dance 3,” a traditional dance tune, fol- Museum, October 23.
with “Na Sviatii Hori Spasytel Khodyv,” a lowed. This was arranged by Mr. Kytasty to
religious folk song arranged by Mr. Andrec. include an accompaniment by Mr. Andrec of musical traditions presented anew. by the New York Bandura Ensemble/
Traditionally, the singer of this work could on percussion and Mr. Lawrence on viola. It should be noted that portions of this Bandura Downtown with grants from the
have been accompanied by a lira. Mr. Performed by a trio, the piece gained an program had associated multimedia presen- New York State Council on the Arts.
Andrec’s arrangement featured himself on Indian-inspired raga feel to it. This was tations that were directed by Natalka The next program in the series,
bandura and Mr. Lawrence on viola, effec- especially evident during the interactions Honcharenko. “SongDance,” will be presented on Friday,
tively replacing the lira. Mr. Lawrence’s among the musicians, when one would call This “StringTest” program is part of the November 13, at the Ukrainian Museum.
playing brought a wonderful tone, color and out a musical phrase and the others would Ukrainian Wave, a Community Cultural Those who you enjoy traditional music and
emotional depth not only to this piece, but follow on their instruments. Initiative of the Center for Traditional dance presented in a contemporary setting
also throughout all the works performed The evening ended with a reading of the Music and Dance (CTMD). The series is are sure to be very pleased with this upcom-
that evening. classic “Duma pro Oleksiya Popovycha,” supported by The Ukrainian Museum and ing offering.
Mr. Holman proceeded to expand on presented here as “Storm on the Black
the folk tradition with his rendition of Sea.” Accompanied by Messrs. Kytasty,
“Kumbija Kantaba,” which comes from Andrec and Lawrence, Mr. Holman retold
the Mandinka of western Africa. The the story of the chaika riders crossing the
poem tells of a man who never has any Black Sea. He described the storm that
good fortune, who endured such misfor- overtook these men, piling emotion on
tunes that he finally pleads to God – a emotion, building up to the fury of the
theme that is often reflected in Ukrainian storm and the deed that would to be done
songs – and with God’s reply, states to rid the riders of their angst, and, to calm
“Now I understand everything!” He was the stormy seas. With the storm past, the
accompanied by Mr. Kytasty, who dem- music transitioned to an ethereal scene of
onstrated his ultimate mastery of his ban- azure sky, puffy white clouds on the hori-
dura by playing it so it sounded like the zon, and wavelets lapping against the side
kalimba – very much in keeping with the of the chaika (a Kozak vessel). The
Mandinka origins of the poem. entranced listener had to wonder if the
This writer enjoyed Mr. Andrec’s piece storm really did happen, or was it all just a
“24 Ukrainian Folks Songs in 5 Minutes” dream?
too much to count and see if it really did The enthralled audience responded with
have 24 songs in it. The transitions were so prolonged applause, requiring the perform-
smoothly arranged that, whether one noted ers to return to the stage to receive their
them all or not, the whole was one unique accolades. We had been favored with an
work, greater that the individual pieces. delightful evening of works that tapped into
Again, Mr. Lawrence added wonderful the deep folk traditions and incorporated
effects on the viola, replacing parts what elements of traditional culture – an evening Bob Holman and Julian Kytasty peform “Storm on the Black Sea.”

NEWSBRIEFS Tamiflu would be distributed for free.

Last week Health Minister Vasyl
ter. Polish experts are instructing their
Ukrainian colleagues on how to take
growth of unemployment.” (Ukrinform)

Kniazevych declared a swine-flu epidem- analyses with the use of the special devic- Yushchenko will not veto law
(Continued from page 2)
from the World Health Organization ic in Ukraine and a quarantine was es, and then transport them for further KYIV – The recently adopted law on
(WHO) or from other countries will be announced in nine western oblasts. All study to Poland. In addition, Polish epide- new social standards will not be vetoed,
also tested and registered. (Ukrinform) schools and universities have been closed miologists are expected to arrive in the President Viktor Yushchenko said on
in those regions since last week. (RFE/ Lviv region. Beside drugs, safety masks October 29, during a meeting with intelli-
Hospitals to distribute Tamiflu RL) and medical equipment, the Poles have gentsia of the Zakarpattia region. The law
also offered laboratory assistance for raising minimum living standards and the
KYIV – Ukrainian hospitals will start Diagnostic kits arrive from Poland identification of pathogenic organisms.
distributing Tamiflu among the popula- minimum wage was passed by the
(Ukrinform) Verkhovna Rada on October 20. The
tion this week in an effort to help people KYIV – A transport with the first 400
sets for tests on the H1N1 flu strains Tamiflu analog to be made in Ukraine Ukrainian government and an
who have the flu, RFE/RL’s Ukrainian
arrived on November 4 at the Hrebinne- International Monetary Fund mission had
Service reported on November 2. The
Rava Ruska checkpoint on the Ukraine- KYIV – The Pharmaceutical company called on the president to veto the law.
medicine – which is known to be effec-
Zdorovie, based in Kharkiv, is planning According to the IMF, the law “is at odds
tive against swine flu – was flown to Poland state border in the Lviv region,
to launch production of a Tamiflu analog with an IMF support program.”
Ukraine from Switzerland on November western Ukraine), an Ukrinform corre-
in November, Serhii Storozhenko, deputy (Ukrinform)
1. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko spondent reported from Warsaw, citing to
head of the Kharkiv regional state admin-
announced on November 2 that the Poland’s RCB government security cen- Finance Ministry reacts
istration, said on November 4. Zdorovie
received the relevant registration certifi- KYIV – The Ministry of Finance said

cate back in May, underwent all tender it would propose to the government that it
procedures and conducted talks with a not fulfill the law on a rise in social stan-
foreign company on the supply of raw dards if it is signed by President Viktor
material for the production of Tamiflu. Yushchenko. Acting Finance Minister
TO PLACE YOUR AD CALL MARIA OSCISLAWSKI (973) 292-9800 x 3040 The material is expected to arrive on Ihor Umansky said on October 29 that the
OR E-MAIL ADUKR@OPTONLINE.NET November 6, following which the pro- current law on the 2009 state budget does
duction of the preparation with start. not contain relevant provisions on a rise
Experts predict that its price will be half in social standards, so there are no
SERVICES PROFESSIONALS the price of imports. (Ukrinform) grounds for its fulfillment. According to
U.S.-Ukraine energy security group the ministry, the deficit of the pension
fund budget, if the law enters into force,
WASHINGTON – The governments of would be approximately 8 billion hrv. Mr.
the United States and Ukraine welcomed Umansky underlined that if the president
the creation of a Bilateral Energy Security signs the law, this would complicate
Working Group (BESWG) under the aus- negotiations with the International
pices of the Strategic Partnership Monetary Fund (IMF) on getting the
Commission. The BESWG is co-chaired fourth tranche of a stand-by loan.
by Ambassador Richard L. Morningstar, (Ukrinform)
special envoy for Eurasian energy, U.S.
Department of State; and Sergiy Pavlusha, A ban on radical Islamist groups?
Ukraine’s vice-minister of fuel and ener- KYIV – The Verkhovna Rada of
gy. On the U.S. side, participants included Ukraine must consider banning extremist
representatives from the departments of radical Islamic organizations in Ukraine,
Jaroslaw Lemega Energy, Commerce and Labor; the Crimean Parliament Chairman Anatolii
Architect & DesignBuild Contractor
Custom Residential & Commercial
National Security Council; and the Hrytsenko stated on October 29 in com-
Design & Construction Service Agency for International Development. menting on the arrest of activists of the
Tel.: 732-872-2512 On the Ukrainian side, participants includ- radical Islamic movement Al Takfir Wal
Serving all of New Jersey ed representatives from the Presidential Hijra that is suspected of preparing an
Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assassination attempt against the leader of
Energoatom and the Embassy of Ukraine the Crimean Tatars, Mejlis Mustafa
in Washington. At the inaugural session of Dzhemilev. Mr. Hrytsenko underlined
the BESWG on October 28, the two sides that the public must pay special attention
discussed the importance of working to the radicalization of some Muslim
together to strengthen energy security for movements and enhancement of their
Ukraine and Europe. They evaluated the influence. On October 23 the Crimean
results of the implementation of projects police and security agents arrested a lead-
in Ukraine aimed at enhancing Ukraine’s er of the radical Islamic movement Al
energy security. In particular, the meeting Takfir Wal Hijra, Ahmet Yemiraliev, and
focused on Ukraine’s energy sector reform an active member of the organization.
initiatives, ongoing U.S. technical assis- The police officers found explosives, sui-
MERCHANDISE tance to Ukraine in municipal heating cide bomber belts, propaganda and tech-
reform and other sectors, and the potential nical literature and various brochures of
for enhanced U.S.-Ukraine cooperation in extremist radical movements. Mr.
energy efficiency and other new areas. Dzhemilev spoke in favor of a law ban-
The two sides also discussed promoting ning any extremist organizations whose
the participation of the U.S. and Ukrainian members propagate violence and do not
private sectors in energy development and recognize the state where they live.
the importance of successfully implement- (Ukrinform)
ing cooperative projects in nuclear power.
(U.S. Department of State) Russian convoy detained near Sevastopol

Employers asking for veto KYIV – Sevastopol’s road police have

detained a convoy of three trucks – a
OPPORTUNITY KYIV – The joint representative body ZIL-131 with a semitrailer and two
of associations of employers approached BTR-60 (armored personnel carriers) –
President Viktor Yushchenko on October belonging to the military unit No. 81401
28 and requested that he veto the law on of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, according
EARN EXTRA INCOME! raising social standards. The acting presi- to the press service of the Internal Affairs
dent of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Ministry’s Central Directorate in
The Ukrainian Weekly is looking
Small, Medium-size and Privatized Sevastopol. The convoy of trucks, detained
for advertising sales agents. Enterprises of Ukraine, Viacheslav near the village of Kacha in the vicinity of
For additional information contact Bykovets, said employers had approached Sevastopol, was moving in violation of the
Maria Oscislawski, Advertising Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr agreement between Ukraine and Russia on
Manager, The Ukrainian Weekly, Lytvyn asking that the Parliament “not the stationing of the Russian Black Sea
973-292-9800, ext 3040. adopt populist legislative acts in the Fleet in Ukraine. In addition, the police
future that threaten the national econo- officers noted a direct road traffic offense,
my.” In addition, employers demand that it was reported on October 29.
the Rada chairman urgently submit for (Ukrinform)
the Rada’s consideration a package of
WANT IMPACT? bills aimed at a systemic improvement of
the economic, tax and regulatory policy.
Experts rule out coalition regrouping

Run your advertisement here, KYIV – There will be no reformatting

Mr. Bykovets noted that for enterprises of the parliamentary coalition before the
in The Ukrainian Weekly’s the idea of raising the minimum wage at presidential election, according to politi-
CLASSIFIEDS section. the time that production is falling “would
lead to bankruptcy of enterprises and (Continued on page 15)

NEWSBRIEFS Force will soon be held. A total of 179

paratroopers will replace the marines.
(Continued from page 14) Also planned is a rotation of Ukrainian
cal scientists. This is possible only after officers who serve in KFOR and the East
the election, said Volodymyr Fesenko, multinational tactical group. Among those
director of the Penta center of applied who will replace Ukrainian officers in
studies. Anatolii Lutsenko, director of K F O R i s M a j . Va l e r i y a P a r a d a .
GMT Group, and Volodymyr Kornilov,
director of the Ukrainian affiliate of the Ukraine releases UFO national archive
Institute of the Commonwealth of
Independent States, are of the same opin- KYIV – The Ukrainian Ufologic Club
ion. (Ukrinform) (UFODOS) has released and placed on a
website ( a national archive
Female officer to serve as peacekeeper of evidence of UFO activity, it was
reported on October 28. The files com-
KYIV – A female officer will represent prise about 500 testimonies of eyewit-
the Ukrainian army in the Kosovo Force nesses of UFOs in Ukraine starting from
(KFOR) for the first time, the Ukrainian the 17th century. According to UFODOS
Defense Ministry’s press service reported chief Yaroslav Sochka, the materials were
on October 30. The 13th troop rotation in collected from various sources, including
the Ukrainian part of the Ukrainian-Polish the Hydrometeorological Center of
peacekeeping battalion of the East multi- Ukraine’s air force and public organiza-
national tactical group of the Kosovo tions that monitor UFOs. (Ukrinform)

Luke Nazar Shmorhay

Born October 27, 1926, in Korchin, Ukraine.
Died October 19, 2009, in San Diego, CA USA.

He is survived by
wife Katherine
granddaughter Rachel
daughter Catherine
daughter Larysa
son Bohdan

With heavy hearts we share the news of our Mother-Babusia-

PraBabusia’s death:

Pani Dobrodiyka Olga Antochy

April 19, 1918 - October 26, 2009
Chernivtsi, Ukraine - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Preceded in death by husband, Protopresviter Nicholas Antochy

Survived by
daughter Daria (Dr Anatol) Lysyj
grandchildren Bohdan (Lesya) Lysyj
Natalia (Mark) Rieland
Sonia (Andriy) Smyk
great-grandchildren Lev and Nika Lysyj, Aleksandra, Kalyna and
Mykola Rieland, Tatiana and Emiliya Smyk
and other relatives in Ukraine and the USA.

Viewing and Panakhyda held Wednesday, October 28, at Kozlak

Radulovych Funeral Home, Minneapolis, MN.

Funeral Services held Thursday, October 29, at St. Michael’s and St.
George’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Minneapolis, MN.

Panakhyda and interment 10:00 AM Saturday, October 31, at St.

Andrew’s Cemetery, 135 Davidson Avenue, South Bound Brook, NJ.

Columbia University to hold conference on the Orange Revolution

NEW YORK – On Friday, November Alexander Cooley, Keith Darden, Hamilton Hall (1130 Amsterdam Ave.). programs/ukrainian_studies_events.html.
20 the Ukrainian Studies Program at the Timothy Frye, Adrian Karatnycky, Valery The conference is free and open to the For more information readers may con-
Harriman Institute, Columbia University Kuchynsky, Rajan Menon, Lincoln public. To view the conference program tact Dr. Mark Andryczyk at ukrainian-
will conduct a conference titled “The Mitchell, Alexander Motyl, Catharine visit or 212-854-4697.
Orange Revolution: Five Years Since.” Nepomnyashchy, Yuri Shevchuk, Jack
The all-day affair will focus on what Snyder and Frank Sysyn.
has changed in Ukraine since the momen- The conference will feature four panels.
tous events of November 2004, and what The first three panels – “Ukraine After the Need a back issue?
has not. The conference will also provide Orange Revolution,” “Colored Revolutions
a comparative aspect by offering updates within Russia’s ‘Near Abroad,’ ” and If you’d like to obtain a back issue of The Ukrainian Weekly,
and analyses of other “colored revolu- “Have the Colored Revolutions Come to send $2 per copy (first-class postage included) to:
tions” that have taken place in the region. an End” – will be held in Room 1512, Administration, The Ukrainian Weekly,
Over a dozen leading experts in the International Affairs Building (420 W.
2200 Route 10, P.O. Box 280
field will discuss what political changes 118th St.). The conference will conclude
can be expected in the near future. with its fourth panel – “The Orange Parsippany, NJ 07054.
Participating in the conference will be: Revolution in Film” – a screening of films,
Gordon Bardos, Mark Beissinger, which will take place in Room 702,

Poroshenko starts... little has changed in this respect. Mr.

Poroshenko himself had been blacklisted
(Continued from page 2) by the Russian authorities and denied
was no urgency to revise the BSF agree- entry to Russia in early 2007.
ments according to which the BSF is sta- Despite his efforts to please Moscow,
tioned in Sevastopol until 2017, and Mr. Ukraine’s new foreign affairs minister
Lavrov agreed with him (Ukrayinska was not told when a new Russian ambas-
Pravda, October 23). sador would be sent to Kyiv to replace
It is feared in Ukraine that the Russian Viktor Chernomyrdin, or whether Mr.
navy will not leave Sevastopol after 2017, Medvedev would agree to meet Mr.
and the head of the Russian movement to Yushchenko to discuss bilateral problems
support the navy, Mikhail Nenashev, con- face-to-face.
“We declared the need to organize this
firmed after Mr. Poroshenko’s visit that
meeting,” said Mr. Poroshenko. “Now the
Moscow will seek the prolongation of the
ball is in the Russian court.” Asked about
BSF agreements (UNIAN, October 25).
the ambassador, Mr. Lavrov only said that
However, this problem will be left to a
the ambassador-designate, Mikhail
Ukrainian president elected in 2015 to
Zurabov, was “getting prepared for his
solve, consequently Mr. Poroshenko departure to Kyiv.” He has kept saying
apparently decided not to vex Russia. this for months. Mr. Poroshenko admitted
Mr. Poroshenko also dismissed the afterwards that a lack of trust was the
possibility of stationing U.S. air defense main problem in bilateral relations
systems in Ukraine. He said the United (Kommersant-Ukraine, October 26).
States has not officially raised this issue Mr. Poroshenko can personally win
with Kyiv (Rossiyskaya Gazeta, October trust in Russia as he apparently plays
26). Earlier, he had rejected the sugges- according to rules accepted in Moscow.
tion made by the U.S. Assistant Secretary The official newspaper Rossiyskaya
of Defense Alexander Vershbow that U.S. Gazeta said on October 26 that Mr.
early warning systems could be stationed Poroshenko pleasantly surprised many in
in Ukraine (Segodnya, October 9). Mr. Russia. The Russian chargé d’affairs in
Poroshenko also said that the issue of Kyiv, Vsevolod Loskutov, noted that Mr.
joining NATO, a special concern for Poroshenko’s visit was successful and
Moscow, was not on the Ukrainian agen- constructive (Ukrainski Novyny, October
da (Kommersant-Ukraine, October 26). 26).
After meeting with Mr. Lavrov, Mr. More progress is expected at a meeting
Poroshenko downplayed both Ukraine’s between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir
role in the conflict with Georgia, saying Putin and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia
that Ukrainians did not participate, and Tymoshenko, which is scheduled for
Mr. Medvedev’s accusations against Mr. November 19 in Yalta, as the two have
Yushchenko of spoiling bilateral relations apparently managed to establish very
(Ekho Moskvy, October 23). He said that good relations.
Mr. Lavrov had agreed that the mutual
blacklists of unwanted visitors should be The article above is reprinted from
gradually scrapped (Interfax-Ukraine, Eurasia Daily Monitor with permission
October 23). This had been declared also from its publisher, the Jamestown
by Mr. Poroshenko’s predecessors, though Foundation,


Newark Municipal Council marks Metropolitan visits Wilmington parish

Ukraine’s Independence Day

NEWARK, N.J. – The Newark Municipal Council on September 16 commemo-

rated the 18th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence by issuing a resolution
and presenting it to representatives of the Ukrainian community gathered in WILMINGTON, Del. – Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka visited St. Nicholas
the council chambers. The event was coordinated by Americans for Human Ukrainian Catholic Church in Wilmington, Del., on Sunday, October 25. He was
Rights in Ukraine. Seen in the photo above (from left) are: Walter Bodnar, Daria the main celebrant at the 10 a.m. divine liturgy attended by over 200 parishio-
Bekesewycz, Councilman Carlos Gonzales; Bozhena Olshaniwsky (AHRU presi- ners and guests. Assisting Metropolitan Soroka was the church’s pastor, the
dent), Councilman Ronald Rice, Council President Mildred Crump and Council Rev. Volodymyr Klanichka. After liturgy, the parishioners enjoyed a catered lunch
Vice-President Louis Quintana. in the church hall and were able to speak and meet the metropolitan. Pictured
above, Metropolitan Soroka is seen
during the luncheon with (from left) the
Rev. Klanichka and members of Church
Council Mark Pryslak, Bill Bijansky and
Myron Korzeniewsky.
– Eugene Serba

UCCLA unveils...
(Continued from page 1)
Ukraine, awareness of the genocide of the
Ukrainian nation in the 1930s is low.
Often, it has been discovered, the issue is
clouded with disinformation by groups or
individuals opposed to the notion that
Ukrainians were starved to death by the
millions in an artificial famine. The
UCCLA has generated an action plan and
fund-raising ideas to begin remedying the
For the first time, the Canadian First
World War Internment Recognition Fund
endowment council was introduced to the
UCCLA. The group is tasked with dis-
bursing the $10 million endowment fund
established by the federal government in
2008 to memorialize Canada’s first
national internment operations of
UCCLA representatives met with
members of Canada’s Serbian, Croatian
and Hungarian communities, which are
taking an active role with Ukrainian
Canadians in recognizing the internment
of so-called enemy aliens between 1914
and 1920. The UCCLA continues to urge
members of all communities in Canada to
apply for grants from the committee to
help commemorate the internment opera-
tions that affected more than 8,500 men,
women and children – among them some
5,000 Ukrainians – who were unjustly
disenfranchised and interned in 24 camps
across Canada.
The UCCLA also discussed the pres-
ence of veterans of the KGB and alleged
Soviet war criminals in Canada, and made
plans for the further pursuit of justice
regarding Soviet war crimes.
In addition, the UCCLA also made
preliminary plans to install memorial
plaques at the three Canadian internment
sites that have not yet been commemorat-
ed: Montreal, Lethbridge, Alberta, and
Halifax, Nova Scotia.
The group plans to hold next year’s
UCCLA conclave in Montreal, to coin-
cide with the commemoration of the
World War I internment camp in that city.
For more information on UCCLA read-
ers may visit


Rochester area celebrates Ukraine’s independence Roselle Park

ROSELLE PARK, N.J. – The Borough
of Roselle Park, N.J., at a September 3
meeting of its mayor and Council, adopt-
ed a resolution (No. 169-09) solemnly
remembering the victims of the
Communist-engineered Famine-Genocide
of 1932-1933 on the occasion of the
Holodomor’s 76th anniversary. The reso-
lution was introduced by Councilmember
Michael Yakubov of the 5th Ward.
The resolution stated that the Famine-
Genocide resulted in the deaths of “at
least 6 million Ukrainians and was cov-
ered up and officially denied by Russian
Communist authorities” and cited the
finding of the U.S. Commission on the
Ukraine Famine that “Joseph Stalin and
the Russian Communist leadership com-
mitted genocide against Ukrainians in
It also noted that Ukrainian Americans
“form an integral part of the ethnographic
map of Roselle Park and contribute to its
rich cultural diversity.”

Volodymyr Pavliuk

IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. – The Ukrainian community of the Rochester, N.Y., area celebrated the 18th anniversary of Ukraine’s
independence at the Ukrainian memorial on the grounds of Irondequoit Town Hall at August 23. The event was sponsored
by the United Ukrainian American Organizations of Rochester and the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Rochester
branch. The ceremony, which included prayer, songs, recitations, readings and speeches, was conducted in both English
and Ukrainian. Irondequoit Town Supervisor Mary Ellen Heyman extended greetings and a welcome to the Ukrainian com-
munity and read the proclamation designating August 24 as a Day of celebration in Irondequoit of Ukraine’s independence.
New York State Sen. Joseph Robach illuminated the active cultural, social and religious role Ukrainians play in community
life. Above, community members are seen against the backdrop of the memorial.

The colorful, exciting

and internationally acclaimed

Ukrainian Dance Ensemble
Taras Lewyckyj, Artistic Director

Sunday, November 22, at 3:00 PM

Guest Artists
The Russian Carnival Ensemble
Balalaikas and Domras
The Sudarushka Ensemble
Village Folk Singers
The exciting Gypsies Internationale

Gen. Admit. $25 • Seniors $20 • Students $18 Kean University Wilkins Theatre
Mastercard and Visa credit cards only 1000 Morris Ave. Union, NJ 07083
Box office: 908-737-7469


Current through Photo exhibit, “Ukrainian Journey,” Harvard
November 14 University, 617-495-4053
Cambridge, MA

November 13 Concert, “Fine Arts/ Folk Arts: Two

New York Counterpoints – StringText,” The Ukrainian
Museum, 212-228-0110

November 13 Pub night, featuring music by Hrim, Ukrainian

Passaic, NJ Cultural Center, 973-779-4017

November 13 Film screening, “Okradena Zemlya” by Yurij

Washington Luhovy, Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church,

November 14 Ottawa Ukraina Soccer Club fund-raising banquet,

Ottawa Ukrainian Community Center,

November 14 Holodomor commemoration, Ukrainian Congress

New York Committee of America, St. Patrick Cathedral,

November 14 50th anniversary banquet and dance, featuring

Passaic, NJ music by Hrim, Ukrainian Center, 973-473-3379

November 14 Concert with pianist Sergei Morozov, The

Alexandria, VA Washington Group Cultural Fund, The Lyceum,

November 14-15 60th anniversary plenum and banquet, Ukrainian

Chicago American Youth Association – Chicago branch,
Ukrainian Cultural Center, 773-384-6400

November 15 New church consecration with hierarchical divine

Tucson, AZ liturgy led by Bishop Richard Seminack and banquet,
St. Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church, 480-736-3026

Entries in “Out and About” are listed free of charge. Priority is given to
events advertised in The Ukrainian Weekly. However, we also welcome
submissions from all our readers. Items will be published at the discretion
of the editors and as space allows. Please send e-mail to mdubas@

conference is free and open to the public. For Tony Judt... it. Washington is not about to run to their
rescue against Russia.
Preview of events... information, including a list of panel topics
and participants, visit http://www.harrimanin-
(Continued from page 8)
(Continued from page 24) or the Middle East, it’s right next door. Copyright 2009, RFE/RL Inc. (1201
p.m. Admission: $10 for CBPG members; $15 events.html or contact Dr. Mark Andryczyk at It’s not a foreign policy problem, it’s a Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington DC
for non-members and guests. or domestic problem. Islam, immigrants, 20036; To read the full text
212-854-4697. gas, memories of empire, it’s all right of RFE/RL’s interview with Tony Judt, log
NEW YORK: The Ukrainian National next door. on to
Saturday, November 21
Women’s League of America Branch 64 pres- This matters to Europe in a quite dif- Interview_With_Historian_Tony_Judt_
ents an exhibit of paintings titled “The NEW YORK: Branch 113 of the UNWLA, ferent way. Dreaming about Washington Dreaming_About_Washington_Is_One_Of_
Enchanted World of Halyna Cigash.” The in celebration of its 25th anniversary, invites is one of East Europe’s great mistakes. East_Europes_Great_Mistakes/1841206.
exhibit will open on at 2 p.m. during which you to a fall fund-raising gala to benefit The
Jaroslawa Gerulak will make introductory And they would be advised not to indulge html
Ukrainian Museum’s upcoming exhibition
remarks. An exhibit discussion will be held on Ukraine-Sweden: At the Crossroads of History
Friday, November 20, at 7 p.m. The exhibit (17th-18th centuries). Led by the inimitable
will take place at the UNWLA Art Gallery,
203 Second Ave., fourth floor, New York, NY
Ihor Chuma as master of ceremonies, the pro-
gram will include buffet dining and dancing to
Candidate... Presidential Secretariat. Energy corrup-
tion has proven a major factor in under-
10003. Gallery hours are: Friday 5-8 p.m.; the music of the very popular Slavko and Olya (Continued from page 2) mining Mr. Yushchenko’s presidency
Saturday and Sunday 1-5 p.m.. For more ensemble. The event will be held at the The Party of Regions has avoided join- (Ukrayinska Pravda, February 12).
information, call 212-260-4490, log on to Ukrainian Institute of America, 2 East 79th ing any political group in the European Crucially, Mr. Yanukovych is the lead- or http://www.vtkachen- Street, corner of 5th Avenue, New York, NY. er of a party whose main bases of support; or e-mail ukrartlitclub@ Parliament, unlike Ms. Tymoshenko’s
Tickets are $75 per person. RSVP required: are in Ukraine’s two most pro-Russian Fatherland and Mr. Yushchenko’s Our
Luba Firchuk, 212-460-8615 or regions: the Donbas and Crimea. Mr.
Ukraine (members of the center-right
Thursday, November 19 European People’s Party) or the Socialist Yanukovych has faithfully followed the
NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Film Club of Party (members of the Socialist Russian position of blaming Ukraine’s
ALEXANDRIA, Va.: Valentina Lisitsa, pia-
Columbia University will screen and discuss nist, will give a recital at 7 p.m. at the International). All three members sup- leaders for the deterioration of bilateral
the new feature narrative film “Birds of Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2701 ported the Orange Revolution and Mr. relations with Russia, for example, back-
Paradise” (2008) by Roman Balayan. Born in Cameron Mills Road, Alexandria, VA 22302. Yushchenko’s election in 2004. PRU ing complaints in President Medvedev’s
Nagorno-Karabakh and educated in Kyiv Admission is free, seating is unreserved. For leaders, such as Mykola Azarov, are August letter to Mr. Yushchenko. Mr.
Balayan considers himself a student of legend- information call 703-549-4766. Yanukovych has supported Russia’s lob-
ary Serhiy Paradzhanov. However, unlike his
strong supporters of Ukraine fully joining
the CIS single economic space. President bying effort to extend the Black Sea
teacher, Balayan has avoided references to NEW YORK: The Center for Traditional
Ukraine in his films and uses it at best as a Kuchma supported joining only the first Fleet’s lease of Sevastopol indefinitely
Music and Dance and Ukrainian Wave present beyond 2017 (Kyiv Post, October 24).
geographical location rather than a cultural stage: a free trade zone.
a Winter Vechornytsi (Village Dance Party), President Kuchma was a strong oppo-
destination of his stories. “Birds of Paradise” 7:30-11 p.m. at the Ukrainian East Village Mr. Yanukovych has also adopted
is about a Soviet writer in Kyiv in the early Moscow’s position on the Georgian leader- nent of separatism in Ukraine and abroad.
Restaurant, 140 Second Ave. (between Eight
1980s who challenges the regime in his quest and Ninth streets). Enjoy Carpathian mountain ship. The PRU initiated a parliamentary For example, he would never permit pro-
for personal freedom. The screening, which is music by the Cheres band, led by Andriy commission of inquiry into the supply of regime centrist parties to support separat-
free and open to the public, is at 7:30 p.m. at Milavsky, and learn traditional Ukrainian arms to Georgia that backed Russian claims ism. Belarusian President Alyaksandr
703 Hamilton Hall, Columbia University Lukashenka and other CIS leaders have
d a n c e s w i t h d a n c e m a s t e r Ta m a r a that Mr. Yushchenko militarily supported
Main Campus. Dr. Yuri Shevchuk will intro- not recognized the independence of
Chernyakhovska. Dance instruction: 7:30-8:15 the Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.
duce “Birds of Paradise” and mediate the
post-screening discussion. The film will be
p.m.; dance party, 8:30-11 p.m. Admission: However, it was President Kuchma who Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Party of
$10 for adults, $5 for children; all ages wel- had started a military relationship with the Regions and the Communist Party sup-
screened in its original Russian language ver-
come. For further information call former Georgian President Eduard ported their independence in votes in the
sion with English subtitles.
212-571-1555, ext. 35. Ukrainian and Crimean Parliaments.
Friday, November 20
Shevardnadze – not Mr. Yushchenko. Mr.
Sunday, November 22 Kuchma initiated the GUAM (Georgia, Indeed, 140 out of 172 PRU deputies sup-
WHIPPANY, N.J.: The Sports, Recreation Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova) region- ported the Ukrainian parliamentary vote,
PHILADELPHIA: This magnificent Virsky
and Fitness Committee of the Ukrainian al group on the basis of common threats but it failed to be adopted, unlike in
American Cultural Center of New Jersey cor- Ukrainian National Dance Company’s debut
performance in Philadelphia’s prestigious new from Russian-backed separatism and ener- Crimean Parliament, where the For Mr.
dially invites all to attend “Dinner and Jazz
Kimmel Center will take place at 3 p.m. A gy dependency on Russia. Three of the Yanukovych bloc has a majority. In the
Night.” The evening will begin with a buffet
dinner at 7:30 p.m., followed by a perfor- wide selection of tickets may be purchased at GUAM members had frozen conflicts and a Crimean parliament the Party of Regions
mance by Grupo Yuri at 8 p.m. The group fea- reduced prices (discounts of 15 percent and fourth, Ukraine, had a potential separatist is aligned with Russian nationalist-sepa-
tures acclaimed violinist Yuri Turchyn with more) only until November 16 at the conflict in Crimea. During the 2006-2007 ratists in the For Yanukovych bloc. In the
his quintet, and performs a fusion of diverse Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center, Mr. Yanukovych government it showed lit- Kuchma era, the ruling centrist party in
styles with World Beat, Latin and Jazz flavors. 700 Cedar Road, Jenkintown, PA 19046. Crimea (Mr. Kuchma’s party), the
tle interest in GUAM.
The group has performed at the New Jersey Buses to the performance will leave the center
Mr. Yanukovych is unlikely to pursue People’s Democratic Party, would not
Performing Arts Center, Red Bank Jazz and at 1:30 p.m., at a cost of $10 per person.
Readers may call 484-904-6759 or alternative sources of energy in order to have developed such close links with
Blues Festival, Trumpets Jazz Club, Shanghai reduce Ukraine’s dependency on Russia Russian nationalist-separatists.
Jazz Club, Tim McLoone’s Supper Club and 215-663-1166 to order tickets for the perfor-
mance and for the bus. The Kimmel Center is (a major factor behind GUAM’s cre- Mr. Yanukovych’s and Mr. Kuchma’s
other venues. Tickets are $35 per person; lim-
ited seating, advance reservations required. located at Broad and Spruce streets in ation), and would not support supplying multi-vector foreign policies are funda-
Attire is casual. For reservations and informa- Philadelphia. the Odesa-Brody pipeline with Azeri oil mentally different, with Mr. Yanukovych’s
tion call 973-884-3336. Net event proceeds Saturday, December 5 (using it in a south-north direction, rather being pro-Russian rather than pro-West-
will benefit the Ukrainian American Cultural than north-south with Russian oil). Mr. ern, which would take Ukraine backwards
Center of New Jersey. The UACCNJ is locat- PALATINE, IL: The Ukrainian American Yanukovych would invite Russia to join even in relation to the Kuchma era. Mr.
ed at 60 N. Jefferson Road, Whippany, NJ Veterans 1st Lt. Ivan Shandor Post 35 in the pipeline modernization agreement Yanukovych’s foreign policy is also dif-
07981. Palatine and the Palatine Chapter of ACT
signed by Ms. Tymoshenko and the EU in ferent from Ms. Tymoshenko’s pro-Euro-
invite you to a presentation “Why the U.S.
Wins Wars and Will Win the War on Terror” March. Mr. Yanukovych might also revive peanism and Arseniy Yatseniuk’s isola-
NEW YORK: The Ukrainian Studies
Program at the Harriman Institute, Columbia presented by Prof. Larry Schweikart of use of the corrupt RosUkrEnergo gas tionist nationalism. Ukrainian voters,
University will conduct a conference titled Dayton University. Prof. Schweikart is the intermediary that Prime Minister therefore, have a clear-cut choice between
“The Orange Revolution: Five Years Since.” author of “America’s Victories,” “48 Liberal Tymoshenko successfully fought against three distinct courses in foreign policy.
The first three panels of the conference will be Lies” and co-author of “A Patriot’s History of in 2006-2008 and finally removed in
held in Room 1512, International Affairs the United States.” He is also a commentator 2009 from Ukraine’s gas relationship The article above is reprinted from
Building (420 W. 118th St.): Panel 1 is at on Fox News. The presentation will take place with Russia. An influential gas lobby took Eurasia Daily Monitor with permission
10:15 a.m.-noon, Panel 2 at 1:15-3 p.m. and at 2-4 p.m. at the Palatine Public Library control of the PRU in 2007-2008 and cor- from its publisher, the Jamestown
Panel 3 at 3:15-5 p.m. The conference will located at 700 N. Court, Palatine, IL 60067. rupted party politics, Parliament and the Foundation,
conclude with a screening of films produced There is no charge for the event. For more
on the topic of the Orange Revolution, which information call Roman Golash,
will take place at 6:30-9 p.m. in Room 702, 847-910-3532, or e-mail romangolash@sbc-
Hamilton Hall (1130 Amsterdam Ave.). The Visit our archive online:


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Poster competition promotes radon threat awareness

by Marianna Oharenko
CHICAGO – On Thursday,
October 1, I was privileged to
receive a poster contest award in
Springfield, Ill., as part of the 2010
National Radon Poster Contest, Ill.
division. I was awarded third place
for the northeast region.
All the students in our seventh
grade at St. Nicholas Cathedral School
in Chicago had participated in the
competition during the previous
school year.
Student contestants age 9-14
throughout the state submitted origi-
nal posters to generate awareness,
interest and enthusiasm, and to
increase the number of homes tested
for radon.
The awards ceremony took place at
the American Lung Cancer
Association building in the State
Capitol, where each student winner
Marianna Oharenko (third from left) joins other Illinois poster competition winners at the awards ceremony in the
was presented a savings bond, a radon
state capitol.
test kit and an information booklet.
The poster campaign and the
Late last year, the school con-
awards ceremony itself were very edu-
cational. Prior to the contest, I didn’t
ducted radon monitoring to assess
the levels of radon in its building.
know radon could pose such a danger
Eleven monitors were placed in In celebration of U.S. Election Day, this week’s Mishanyna
to the average American family. My
several locations in the cafeteria, a hides the names of 12 states of the U.S. (Other states’ names
brother and I can proudly say that we
large room constructed eight to 10 will appear in Mishanyna in successive issues of UKELODEON.)
are “radon experts.”
feet below grade. They were set up Happy hunting!
To complete the Springfield experi-
in this area because the greatest
ence, we visited the new Lincoln
exposure to radon occurs in rooms
Museum. It was truly extraordinary, Alabama California Florida
located below grade, where radon
with very realistic replicas of Lincoln Alaska Colorado Georgia
gas naturally found in the earth can
throughout the stages of his life. One Arizona Connecticut Hawaii
permeate through cracks in the
of my favorite items on display was an
foundation into the air of a home or Arkansas Delaware Idaho
original Lincoln stovepipe hat.
school. The passive samplers ran
In conclusion, I can honestly say
for six days, and were then sent for
this was a truly worthwhile experi-
ence. I am honored to be given such
Radon is a cancer-causing natural
an opportunity and hope that many
radioactive gas that you can’t see,
more students will participate in the
smell or taste. Its presence in a home
Radon Poster Contest next year.
or school can pose a health danger.
*** According to Environmental
St. Nicholas Cathedral School, Protection Agency estimates, radon is
located in the heart of the Ukrainian the leading cause of lung cancer
Village section of Chicago, had one of among non-smokers and the second
the highest participation levels in the largest cause of lung cancer among
competition. Students were encour- smokers.
aged to submit entries as part of the Based on two separate evaluations,
new Green School program being the school received very good results.
implemented to raise student aware- The test results indicated that radon
ness about issues that impact their levels were equivalent to the radon
health and the environment. levels found in fresh air.


UKELODEON is published on the second Sunday of every month. To make it
into our next issue, dated December 13, please send in your materials by
December 4. Please drop us a line: UKELODEON, The Ukrainian Weekly, 2200
Route 10, P.O. Box 280, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Call us at 973-292-9800; or
send e-mail to

Soyuzivka’s Datebook Friday, November 13
NEW YORK: The Center for Traditional
Plast Detroit Branch has been offering
Ukrainian scouting activities for the Detroit
Ukrainian community since 1949 and wel-
Music and Dance, New York Bandura
comes new members. For more information
November 6-8 UNA General November 21-22 Private function Ensemble/Bandura Downtown, and The
about Plast, please visit
Assembly Ukrainian Museum present “SongDance,”
the second in the “Fine Art/Folk Art – Two
November 26 Thanksgiving Counterpoints” concert series, hosted by ban-
WHIPPANY, N.J.: The Orphans’ Aid
November 13-15 Plast Orlykiada durist Julian Kytasty, with violist Ron
Society will hold its 10th annual general
membership meeting at the Ukrainian
Lawrence and the Radio Banduristan Song
American Cultural Center, 60 N. Jefferson
and Dance Ensemble and featuring bandurist/
Road, Whippany, NJ 07981. The meeting
singer Lilia Pavlovska and dancer/choreogra-
pher Katja Kolcio. The concert begins at 7 begins at 4 p.m. Sponsors, donors and the
p.m. at The Ukrainian Museum, 222 E. Sixth general public are invited to attend the meet-
St., between Second and Third avenues. ing to hear how the society helps orphans in
Reception to follow. Admission: $15 for Ukraine and the plans being implemented to
adults; discounts available for seniors and expand its charitable work. The meeting will
members. For further information call end with a roundtable discussion and ques-
212-228-0110. tion-and-answer session. Light refreshments
will be served. For additional information
BUFFALO, N.Y.: The Buffalo Niagara visit
Sister City Coalition invites everyone to the Sunday, November 15
11th annual Sister Cities Dinner. Held this
To book a room or event call: (845) 626-5641, ext. 140 year at the Ukrainian Cultural Center Dnipro, CHICAGO: The Chicago Business and
216 Foordmore Road P.O. Box 529 562 Genesee St. in Buffalo. Cocktails are at Professional Group (CBPG) invites members
Kerhonkson, NY 12446 5:30 p.m., dinner at 6:30 p.m., program at and the community to a presentation by Dr.
E-mail: 7:45 p.m.. There will be live music by the Alexander Motyl titled “Is Ukraine Headed
Website: Jades, a cash bar and secured parking on site. for a Breakdown?” on the political instability,
Join Buffalo-Drohobych (Ukraine) and 17 and possible remedies, five years after the
other sister cities in this celebration. Tickets Orange Revolution. With a plummeting
are $25. For more information call economy, divided population and a weak and
716-847-1281 or visit the website www. unpopular government – the fourth in four years – Ukraine is embarking on yet another

Want to see Saturday, November 14

election in 2010 that risks awarding the presi-
dency to Viktor Yanukovych, the nemesis of

your name in print? WARREN, Mich.: Plast Detroit Branch is

inviting the Ukrainian community to cele-
the 2004 events. The author of numerous
books and articles on contemporary politics
in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and professor
brate its 60th anniversary with a banquet
Then why not become a correspondent of beginning at 6 p.m. at the Ukrainian Cultural of political science at Rutgers University-
Newark, Dr. Motyl is also a talented painter
Center, followed by a concert by Maria
The Ukrainian Weekly in your community? Burmaka, National Artist of Ukraine, at 8 and novelist. His two novels, “Who Killed
p.m. A “vechirka” (dance) will follow at 9 Andrei Warhol” and “Whiskey Priest” will be
We welcome submissions from all our Ukrainian communities, no matter available for purchase. The presentation will
where they are located. Let the rest of us know what you’re up to in your p.m. Advance ticket purchases are recom-
mended. For tickets and information contact be held at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern
corner of the Ukrainian diaspora! Marta Tatarsky at 586-558-8904. Tickets are Art, 2320 W. Chicago Ave., at 1:15 p.m., pre-
also available at the Ukrainian Self-Reliance ceded by a light brunch reception at 12:30
Any questions? Call The Weekly, 973-292-9800, ext. 3049. and Future credit unions in Warren, Mich. (Continued on page 22)