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Revised Depository Service Charges for residents retail customers and corporate

Charge Standard
A/c Opening Nil
Annual Service Charges Rs. 500/- ( Rs 450/- for customer receiving
statements ! e-mail "
Agreement Stamp #aper Rs.$00/-
%u! - &ar'et an( Off-&ar'et () of transaction value of
each *S*N" + &a,. Rs. 500 for (et instruments
Nil for -ra(es (one on ....icici(irect.com
Sell - &ar'et an( Off-&ar'et () of transaction value of each
*S*N" + &a,. Rs. 500 for (et instruments
*nstruction sumitte( through *nternet ( /-inst / *0R"
*nstruction sumitte( through Call Centre
*nstruction sumitte( at %ranches
0.04)(&in.Rs.$0 an( &a, Rs.15000/-"
0.04)(&in.Rs.$5 an( &a, Rs.15000/-"
0.04)(&in.Rs. 20 an( &a, Rs.15000/-"
Nil for -ra(es (one on ....icici(irect.com
Re3ection/fails Rs. 20
/,tra charges for processing of -*45s sumitte( late () of
transaction value"
*nstruction sumitte( through *nternet ( /-inst / *0R"
*nstruction sumitte( through Call Centre
*nstruction sumitte( at %ranches
(accepte( at Client6s ris'"
Rs $0 per *S*N
( Nil for e-instructions "
4or each re7uest form Rs. 25
/,tra for each certificate Rs. 1
Rematerialisation Rs. 10
Closure of Account Nil
#le(ge Creation/Closure/Confirmation/ *nvocation () of
value for each *S*N in each re7uest"
*f8 *C*C* %an' is counter part!
*f8 *C*C* %an' is not counter part!
0.01) (&in. Rs. $5 an( &a, Rs.15000/-"
0.04) (&in. Rs. 20 an( &a, Rs.15000/-"
A((itional Account Statements Rs. 10
NS59 charges are chargeale e,tra at actuals. #resent NS59 Charges are :
Annual &aintenance 4ee for Corporate Account Rs.500/- p.a.(;.e.f 0$.Oct.10$2"
Sell - &ar'et an( Off-&ar'et Rs. 4.50/- per (eit instruction (nil for commercial paper an(
short-term (et instruments"
Remat A fee of Rs.$0/- for ever! hun(re( securities or part thereof
su3ect to ma,imum fee of Rs. 58008000< or a flat fee of
Rs.$0/- per certificate8 .hichever is higher.
#le(ge Creation Rs. 15 per instruction
-he value of shares an( charges is calculate( as per NS59 formula an( rates.
-here .ill e a charge of Rs. $00 for (ishonor of an! che7ue or unsuccessful attempt to recover pa!ment through (irect (eit or
/CS. -he (epositor! services are liale to (iscontinuation if *C*C* %an' is unale to recover charges from the customer for an!
reason .hatsoever. *n such cases there .ill e a charge of Rs. 150/- for resumption of services an( the services .ill e resume(
after a minimum of three .or'ing (a!s from the (ate of receipt of re7uest at Central #rocessing Office8 &umai.
An! service that is not in(icate( aove .ill e charge( separatel! as per the rates applicale from time to time.
Service -a, an( other =overnment ta,es8 levies8 etc. applicale as per the prevailing rates .ill e charge( in a((ition to these
As per regulator! gui(elines8 if !ou close/shift !our (emat account8 the portion of the a(vance Annual Service Charge applicale
to the alance 7uarter(s" .ill e refun(e(. -his is .ith effect from >ul! $8 10$0.
*C*C* %an' reserves the right to revise the tariff structure from time to time8 ? the same .ill e communicate( to the customers .ith a
notice of 20 (a!s.
-.o options for the recover! of 5emat Service Charges:

Option $: Onl! customers .ho have a 5epositor! relationship .ill e re7uire( to pa! an a(vance fee for each 5emat Account8 .hich .ill
e a(3uste( against service charges. -he customer .ill also un(erta'e to replenish the alance imme(iatel! .hen it falls elo. the
threshol( amount8 as specifie( elo.:
A(vance Amount Rs. 18 500/-
-hreshol( Amount Rs. $8000/-
Option 1: Customers .ho have a an'ing relationship .ith *C*C* %an' .ill provi(e a (eit authori@ation for the recover! of service