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Special Terrorism Threat Report

Part 4

Written For

All Australia State Police Forces
Police Commissioners and Senior Staff


Counter Terrorism Terrorism Units



Toby Robinson


Australians Most Senior Experienced Person


Government Corruption and False Flag

Dear Police Commissioners

And Senior Staff, who have not been compromised,
corrupted and turned to the dark evil side of helping to
carry out False Flag Terrorism against your fellow citizens.

Australian State Police Forces are our last line of defence
to stopping a possible Terrorist Attack from happening in
Australia, also if one occurs to rounding up the real
perpetrators of the Attacks if they carry one out.

That means The Real Perpetrators NOT
SETTING UP some Patsy Stooge.

Its about time Australian State Police Forces educate
themselves on.

1) Who really is going about carrying out Terrorism
Acts about the World and Why, they are doing it

2) State Police Forces should WAKE UP and educate
themselves the Mainstream Media, TV News and
Current Affairs, Newspapers DO NOT investigate
stories, they repeat stories, invent stories, and
repeat scripted stories feed to them by Police,
Military, Intelligence Agencies and corrupt
politicians like we have in Australia, and the rest of
the World.

3) State Police Forces should WAKE UP and educate
themselves that the following Australian
Government Agencies have been totally infiltrated,
corrupted, by Foreign Entities Governments and
their Intelligence Agencies.

Office Of National Assessments
Federal Police
Australian Military
Federal Attorney General Office

Chemical & Biological Terrorism

In this Special Terrorism Threat Report Part 4 we are
going to talk about Chemical & Biological Terrorism.

Since 11
Sept 2001 when the Bush / Cheney
administration carried out a False Flag Terrorist Attack
upon American citizens, Corrupt sell out politicians in some
Western Countries and the corrupt lying Zionist Western
Mainstream Media have Falsely been claiming and trying
to connect Islamic Terrorism with the above.

Wake Up To All The Brain Dead

There has even been some Frauds Police, Military and
Intelligence Agents running about mouthing off Al
Qa`eda and like Terrorist Groups Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

Wake up and think about it people, what is missing out of
the equation?

Come on use your brains or are you people so brain dead,
been subjected to mind control you cant think any more?

What is wrong with that story these people try and sell
you, and the Mainstream Media repeats their lies?

I better tell you then.

For Al Qa`eda or any other such Terrorist Group to
carry out a Chemical or Biological Terrorist Attack
they need the following.

A) Money
B) A Lab to produce the specimen in
C) Recruit Chemist, Scientist and Microbiologist to
make the specimen
D) A specimen to reproduce and make the virus or
chemical from

Now if people want to think about it for a while since 11

Sept 2001 and a bit before the American Government has
closed all loopholes that any Terrorist like Group can set
up and do these things.

So in other words, they have you all running about like
chokes with no heads on, after being decapitated
mouthing off Al Qa`eda Blah, Blah, Blah are going to do
these things let off Chemical & Biological Weapons in the

And every corrupt Police Officer, Intelligence Agent and
Military person this side of the Black Stump who isnt brain
dead (And automatically believe the lies) have been
repeating these lies, and the Mainstream Media have been
repeating these peoples lies as if true.

Who Has The Capability To Carry Out These Attacks

1) The US Government using their CIA and US
Military, America has some 4,000 viruses and
chemical agents stored in Labs ready to be sold off
to the highest bidder (Drug Companies) or use
against citizens in countries they plan to invade and
have invaded over the last 100 years.

E. G Evidence and proof in a minute.

2) England has an active Chemical & Biological
Weapons Program

3) Israel has an active Chemical & Biological Program

Talking about Israel, Isnt the following Biological

Come on people isnt this Biological Terrorist happening?

Mossad plotted to harm Egyptian fertility

"According to the public prosecutor's office's investigation,
'Mossad agent Ofir Harrari' instructed Jordanian Ibrahim
abu-Zaid to set up a company in Egypt which would
exclusively import an Israeli hair product, for both men
and women, which causes infertility. This in order to
completely destroy Egyptian reproduction abilities," Al-
Ahram states.

***** You can hear the cries now after exposing Israel
actively carrying out Biological Terrorism, the usual mouth
full will follow, Nazi, Hitler, Your Anti Semitic, You hate
Jews Blah, Blah, Blah and the favourite one they have
Holocaust 6 Million, Gas Chambers Blah, Blah.

With the above story I dont see any Al Qa `eda doing this
making Hair Shampoo with Chemical Agents in them to
make people fertile I see the country of Israel doing it, No
Al Qa` eda Muslim in sight.

But not picking solely on these Zionist crooks, cheats,
liars, murders, lets go back and have a look at American

1) Lets have a look at the last 60 years of American
history of over throwing other Governments,
invading other countries, setting up dictators in
countries, lets look at some of the Weapons used
upon the citizen population.

Remind Me Again Who Are The Terrorist?

Basic Statistics for United States Imperialism

Chronological list of US Air Warfare Campaigns

Japan (1943-45)
Conventional, Incendiary, Nuclear

China (1945-49)
Conventional, Biological

Korea (1950-53)
Conventional, Biological, Chemical, Incendiary

China (1951-52)
Conventional, Biological, Chemical

Guatemala (1954)

Indonesia (1958)

Cuba (1959-61)
Conventional, (Biochemical attacks in other years)

Guatemala (1960)

Vietnam (1961-73)
Conventional, Chemical, Biological, Cluster

Congo (1964)

Peru (1965)

Laos (1964-73)
Conventional, Chemical, Biological, Cluster

Guatemala (1967-69)

Cambodia (1969-70)
Conventional, Chemical, Biological

Cambodia (1975)

El Salvador (1980-89)

Nicaragua (1980-89)

Grenada (1983)

Lebanon (1983-4)

Syria (1984)

Libya (1986)

Iran (1987)

Panama (1989)
Conventional, Chemical, Biological

Iraq (1991-2011)
Conventional, Chemical, Biological, Cluster, DU

Kuwait (1991)
Conventional, Chemical, Biological, Cluster, DU

Somalia (1993)

Bosnia (1993-95)
Conventional, Cluster, DU

Sudan (1998)
Conventional, Biological

Afghanistan (1998)

Yugoslavia (1999)
Conventional, Chemical, Biological, Cluster, DU

Afghanistan (2001-2011)
Conventional, Chemical, Biological, Cluster, DU

Remind Me Again Who Are The

What did Ex US President George Bush say again? The
Terrorist hate Americans because of the Freedoms
Americans enjoy (Yeah Right!)

This is why the Worlds people hate the Americans
because 60 years of murder, rape, pilferage, torture,
assassinations against our political leaders if they dont do
what the Americans say.

Your Just Anti American, You Just Hate Americans

There are going to be some Americans & their friends
reading this who will say Oh Your just Anti American
really friend?

I would be looking in your own backyard if you say that, if
anybody is Anti American its you friend for not speaking
up, sitting on your Fat Ass watching TV rubbish from
Hollywood while your Government does the above to
people of the World for 60 years.

But not to rub salt into saw wounds friends, seen you may
think I am Anti American I will ask a Question back at

What Have You Done To Stop Your Government Doing
The Following To Your Own People?

The 13 Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments on

People can Google the stories for themselves.

Mind Control, Child Abuse - Project MKULTRA,
Subproject 68

Mustard Gas Tested on Soldiers via Involuntary Gas

U.S. Grants Immunity to Involuntary-Surgery

Deadly Chemical Sprays on American Cities

US Infects Guatemalans With STDs

Injected Prisoners with Agent Orange

Operation Paperclip

Infecting Puerto Rico With Cancer

Pentagon Treats Black Cancer Patients with Extreme

Operation Midnight Climax

Fallout Radiation on Unsuspecting Pacific Territories


Project For The New American Century

There is 60 countries on the list for America to invade and
take control of all the resources (Gas, Oil, Opium,
Minerals) and place the control under Multi National
Corporations and Zionist Wall Street / London Bankers
control for their sheer greed.

Australia is down the list, but yes Australia is on the list to
invade and hand over control sign over mining rights to
these people at cents on the Dollar.

The Labour Federal Government and State Governments
think they have trouble balancing their books now, WAKE
UP dopes! They wont have a chance in hell to balance
books budgets after Taxes and Royalties are reduced to
cents in the Dollar because thats all these Companies and
Zionist Banks will be willing to pay.


What Do You Think Cuba Was All About?

It was all about American Companies wanting to move in
and set up, buy resources at cents on the Dollar and Fidel
Castro said No Way

If you want to come here and buy up resources and
assets you pay a Fair Price Market Value for these

So the American Government on behalf of the said
Corporations got the Shits and taking their orders from
the Zionist Wall Street / London Banks and Corporations
slapped Sanctions on Cuba stopping them from Trading
with the rest of the World.

Project For The New American Century

There is 60 countries on the list for America to invade and
take control of all the resources (Gas, Oil, Opium,
Minerals) and place the control under Multi National
Corporations and Zionist Wall Street / London Bankers
control for their sheer greed.

It is clear now to all researchers and investigators and
knowledgeable people, the plan written by the Brookings
Institution has studied American 100 years of Wars and
Invading other countries and have written 165 Page
manual on How To Invade And Over Throw Countries

The US Pentagon, American CIA, US President Barrack
Obama, US Senate & Congress are working on this
manual Rules, Guidelines, Methods recommended.

Project For The New American Century

Pre-planned scripts will be feed to the Zionist lying,
corrupt, controlled Mainstream Media, and every country
they America and partners want to invade next will be
accused of the following.

Developing Nuclear Weapons

Developing Chemical Weapons

Developing Biological Weapons

Harbouring Al Qa`eda Terrorist and alike Groups

Blamed for carrying out Terrorist Attacks

Blamed for carrying out Terrorist Events

Blamed for carrying out Attempt Assassinations &
True Assassinations

The lying Mainstream Media would repeat these scripted
lines and stories feed to them, and stir the Worlds
countries and American allies into attacking the next said

This is exactly just what went down with the Iran Terrorist
Assassination Plot.

Read on site here the next two stories: -

Iranian Terror Plot: Fake, Fake, Fake

U.S. Says Iran-Tied Terror Plot in Washington, D.C.

So all the ramping up about Al Qa`eda Terrorist and like
groups carrying out Chemical & Biological Terrorist Attacks
in the community is all.

Booga! Booga! Booga!

Dang A Scary Muslim Terrorist in your face tactics!

The plan is well in motion - action and US President
Barrack Obama has the goals, ambitions, objectives, plans
for Project For The New American Century back on track
again and has made up for lost years America being
delayed by fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan & Iraq
Insurgents (Ordinary Iraq People Protesting and Fighting
About their Country being taken over)

So anybody who mouths off about Al Qa`eda Terrorist
Blah, Blah, Blah hit the person on the head with a fry pan
or punch them in the head for being either down right a
dumb ass or corrupt pushing the plan above.

Now For REAL Chemical & Biological Terrorism
Happening In Our Countries!

Turn off now Constable Pretty Boy or Sargent Barge Ass
sitting at your desk stuffing your face with cakes and

You and your mates are disgraceful, little weazles, what
type of men would allow their wives, daughters, sons,
fathers, mothers, aunties, uncles the following to happen
to them?

What type of person would sit down and shut up while the
below what I am going to disclose happen to their loved

So while you may or may not have been involved with
setting up Muslims in Fake Terrorist Plots, and running
about mouthing off about Al Qa`eda Muslims Blah, Blah,

Lets have a look at another lot of people who have the
means to carry off a Biological Terrorist Attack in our
community and you have all shut up and said nothing.

You disgust me, the more I think about it.

Sorry if I offend anybody with my short few minutes of
rage, you will understand why in a moment I am so upset,
be prepared to get outraged because I assure you, you
will be after reading the next.


These Drug Companies are so twisted and inner twined
within political parties, Governments, Health Depts,
Doctors Groups and the like it turns my stomach.

The whole system needs to be dismantled and started
again, with New Research, Investigations by Governments
and this time make sure the people sitting on these
Boards and Committees who pass Laws allowing the
taking of vaccines are truly Independent and if Drug
Companies try to buy people off to get their poisons listed
on the Market for Sale.

Then Board Members, CEO, Sales Managers, and Scientist
pushing these evil poisons and toxins should be
prosecuted and jailed.

It would seem on prima face evidence people in Western
Countries have grounds to march on all our Parliaments,
pull these treacherous, treasonous sell out politicians
outside, throw ropes up over a few trees and hang the lot
of them.

These traitorous politicians, political parties and
Governments have been in bed with Drug Companies
infecting our love ones, Wives, daughters, sons, mothers,
fathers, aunties, uncles and friends all while the Drug
Companies have been reaping profits.

***** And before any Police Officer, Intelligence Officer
or Military person starts jumping up and down and say
that sounds like a threat?

Crawl back under your rock little man, and all your mates
I will now prove what a gutless little weasel of a man you
are and your buddies.

Evidence 1)

Question Isnt this Biological Terrorism feeding
people useless vaccines, drugs full of poisons and
toxins, which will make people sick and kill them?

HPV - The bad-girl of STDs


4/11/2011 - Spinnaker Magazine, the official newspaper of the
University of Northern Florida published an article on March 24,
2011 titled: Oral Sex now major concern in causes of throat
cancer (http://www.unfspinnaker.com/).

Although the title is not disturbing, except for the fact that it
perpetuates the marketing

SANE Vax, Inc. presents global concerns about HPV
vaccines at the British Society for Ecological
Medicine Conference


4/4/2011 - On March 11, Freda Birrell, Scotland, and Leslie Carol
Botha, U.S., participated in the British Society for Ecological
Medicine Spring Scientific Meeting in London, titled: 'A tablet a
day keeps the patient at bay: The Health Hazards of Prevention -
Vaccinations and Pharmacoprophylaxis.' Attendees included

Gardasil and Cervarix: do the vaccines replaced by
other HPV viruses target strains?


3/31/2011 - Immunologist Charlotte Haug, MD PhD, MSc and
Editor-in-Chief, Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening (The
Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association) raises an
interesting question that has yet to be considered by the FDA,
CDC or the medical community. What happens if other strains of
HPV replace.

One More Girl documentary about dangers of HPV
vaccine needs YOUR support


3/9/2011 - When brothers Ryan and David Richardson witnessed
the horrific pain and suffering their sister Donielle endured after
receiving the Merck & Co., Inc. Gardasil vaccine for human
papillomavirus (HPV), they decided to dig a little deeper into the
safety of the vaccine. After learning that thousands

The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous
Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up...


The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And
Has Covered It Up... (Part One) I've been working on this story
for months. There are so many parts and paths to it, and the
information I have gathered is so shocking, it is simply difficult to
write. Maybe it is taking so long because I don't want to be the
messenger. And, I am going to have to break this story up into
several parts.

Turning cervical cancer into an infectious disease


2/22/2011 - In February of 2010, an article appeared in J
Epidemiol Community Health titled: "Assessing the effectiveness
of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination to prevent cervical
cancer: perspectives from Germany" blatantly refers to converting
cervical cancer from a ontological disease into an infectious

Medical 'experts' pushing HPV vaccines told what not
to say about them, including their death toll


2/19/2011 - Two British doctors recently wrote a piece in the BBC
urging the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) to switch from
Merck's Cervarix human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to
GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) Gardasil HPV vaccine, in its mass
vaccination program for young girls. And the two "experts" admit
that they.

Abortion stillbirth events from Gardasil far exceed all
other vaccines

2/12/2011 - According to a National Vaccine Information Center
(http://nvic.org) MedAlerts blog entry written in November 2010,
the incidents of abortion and stillbirth events from the HPV4
vaccine Gardasil supersedes the same event from all other

India halts HPV vaccine trial after six girls die, US
does nothing in response to 67 deaths and counting


9/1/2010 - The horrors caused by Merck & Co.'s Gardasil vaccine
and GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) Cervarix vaccine continue as six
young girls recently died from the shots during an experimental
Indian trial. The two human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines have
been implicated in at least 67 deaths in the U.S., prompting.

Evidence 2)

Question Isnt this Biological Terrorism feeding
people useless vaccines, drugs full of poisons and
toxins, which will make people sick and kill them?

CDC vaccine scientist who downplayed links to
autism indicted by DOJ in alleged fraud scheme

4/28/2011 - CDC researcher Poul Thorsen, who famously headed
up the "Denmark Study" that many claim disproved any link
between autism and vaccines, has been indicted in Atlanta by a
federal grand jury on charges of wire fraud, money laundering
and defrauding research institutions of grant money.
The hepatitis B vaccine is linked to infant death,
multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disorders

6/2/2011 - The hepatitis B vaccine has been approved for all U.S.
infants at birth, but is it really safe? For a "preventative"
vaccination, the amount of complications associated with the
hepatitis B vaccination is quite shocking. In fact, a number of
peer-reviewed studies have found a relationship between the...

CDC admits flu vaccines don't work (which is why
you need a new one every year)

5/29/2011 - the purchasing process of electronics or appliances at
big box stores always amuses me.

On one hand, as their sales associate calmly explains to you,
whatever product you're buying is such high quality that you'll be
extremely satisfied with your purchase.

But on the other hand, it's also such a.

Vaccines lower immunity

5/23/2011 - Vaccinations are even worse than what most have
thought. Vaccine injuries that can happen to anyone randomly
amongst the vaccinated are not the only issues.

Some experts claim vaccines lower immunity for everyone who
receives them.

The increased disease count for any given populace matches its

Florida legislature refuses to regulate mercury in

5/18/2011 - An amendment to regulate the use of mercury in
vaccines was voted down in Tallahassee, Florida, May 6.

The amendment would have made it illegal to buy, sell,
manufacture, deliver, import, administer or distribute any vaccine
that contained more than 0.3 micrograms of organic or inorganic
mercury per...

Government vaccine compensation payouts prove
autism link

5/12/2011 6:38:04 PM - The federal government has been
publicly denying any link between autism and vaccines for over
two decades, while it has quietly been paying out damages for
vaccine injury to children with autism, a study released May 10th

The study underscores the need for Congressional hearings and

New study: Nations requiring the most vaccines tend
to have the worst infant mortality rates

5/4/2011 9:59:03 PM - A new study, published in Human and
Experimental Toxicology

07644), a peer-reviewed journal indexed by the National Library
of Medicine, found that nations with higher (worse) infant
mortality rates tend to give their infants more vaccine doses....
Hypocritical pediatricians push for stricter chemical
laws at the same time they inject babies with toxic

4/30/2011 - The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently
issued a policy paper condemning the current Toxic Substances
Control Act (TSC Act) for failing to properly regulate the tens of
thousands of toxic chemicals used in various consumer products,
many of which are especially dangerous to pregnant women...

Sixth study in recent months links mercury in flu
shots to brain damage, autism

3/28/2011 - The toxic effects of the mercury, also known in
vaccines as Thimerosal, have once again been confirmed, this
time by researchers from the University of Brazil.

Marking the sixth major study in recent months to condemn the
use of mercury in medicine, the new study reveals that mercury
causes serious...

More than 2,000 vaccinated babies died: The cost of
doing business

3/24/2011 - Earlier this month (March 2011), Japanese
authorities ordered doctors to stop using pneumococcal and Hib
vaccines because four children died after receiving the shots.

However, the real news was never reported: more than 2,000
babies died in the United States after receiving vaccines for these

Multiple studies link autism to mercury, which is still
present in most flu vaccines

3/12/2011 - Despite recommendations made by the US Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1999 that
Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, be removed from
vaccines, the toxic chemical is still added to the majority of flu
vaccines administered to women, children, and the elderly,
according to the...

Japan halts vaccines from Pfizer, Sanofi after deaths
of four children

3/7/2011 - The deaths just keep mounting all across the world:
Children are collapsing into comas and then dying, just minutes
after receiving combination vaccines that have been deceptively
marketed as "completely safe."

Last year, Australia temporarily banned flu vaccines in children
after they were found to...

Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of polio vaccine, exposed as
criminal-minded scientist who conducted illicit
medical experiments on mental patients

3/2/2011 - Dr. Jonas Salk, one of the "gods" in the cult of
pharmacology -- a man who is credited with inventing the polio
vaccine -- has now been exposed as a medical criminal who
conducted illegal medical experiments on mental patients.

This fact has come to light courtesy of the Associated Press,
believe it...

Varicella vaccine and related nerve damage

3/2/2011 - The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
(VAERS), the federal organization established by Congress in
1986 to document adverse reactions to vaccines, received nearly
10,000 reports involving the chickenpox vaccine between the
months of March 1995 and December 1999, a period of less than
five years...

Supreme Court Immunizes Vaccine Makers Against

2/24/2011 - In a 6-2 decision, the Supreme Court voted to
protect pharmaceutical companies from liability when their
vaccines cause debilitating injuries and death.

The high court majority considers vaccines "unavoidably unsafe"
and was worried about drug makers being sued and obligated to
compensate their vaccine...

History: Vaccine related nerve damage

2/24/2011 - No vaccine is perfectly safe. As with any medication,
serious side effects are possible.

As long as there have been vaccines, the potential risk of nerve
damage as a result of vaccination has existed.

The history of vaccination actually begins with inoculation, which
was the practice of scraping infected...

U.S. Supreme Court denies parents of vaccine
damaged children their right to seek justice

2/22/2011 - In 6-2 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has handed
down a decision that bars parents of vaccine-damaged children
from seeking justice against vaccine manufacturers.
The parents, Robalee and Russell Bruesewitz of Pittsburgh, saw
their healthy child damaged by a diphtheria, tetanus and
pertussis vaccine...

Supreme Court and Pharmaceutical Terrorism

2/22/2011 - The Supreme Court showed the world today that
there is nothing supreme or noble about it and that it is as
corrupt and cruel as most other governmental institutions.

In a 6-3 vote, the high court ruled for Wyeth, saying they could
not be sued for vaccine damages. Wyeth is now owned by Pfizer
Inc. The...

Flu vaccines and neurological problems

2/14/2011 - Neurological problems due to nerve damage after
vaccination are a fairly common adverse event with flu vaccines.

In 1976, there were more cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome
reported after vaccination than there were confirmed cases of
Swine flu.

Every vaccine on the market is associated with certain...

Swine flu vaccine linked to 900 percent increased
risk of developing narcolepsy

2/13/2011 - The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently
investigating reports from 12 different countries claiming that the
H1N1 (swine flu) vaccination is responsible for causing
narcolepsy, a disorder involving extreme chronic fatigue and the
tendency to fall asleep suddenly and without warning.

Science journal admits that vaccinating adults
against whooping cough may be a total waste of

2/9/2011 - Widespread vaccination of adults against whooping
cough (pertussis) would do almost nothing to reduce infection
rates among unvaccinated children, according to a study
conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan and
published in the journal Science. In October, a U.S. government

Flu scare fails as public opposes new mega h1n1-
loaded vaccine

1/20/2011 - Flu shots have become a product similar to soft
drinks or candy bars in the United States.

With your local pharmacy advertising flu shots on television and
boasting bargain prices, flu shots have become embedded into
the mind of the consumer as just another purchase.

A purchase that at one time they...

Latest research links autism to vaccines

1/20/2011 - Lately there has been a mainstream media (MSM)
barrage reporting the vaccinations to autism link is now proven to
be false.

Even a not so MSM media site recently featured the article "Who
Started the Vaccine Autism Hoax?"

Disinformation is created out of intentional lies.

That`s Big Pharma`s shtick....
Grandmother dies from swine flu soon after
receiving swine flu vaccine

1/14/2011 - A 68-year-old UK grandmother named Eleanor
Carruthers has died from the swine flu.

Importantly, she was given the swine flu vaccine shot several
months ago and was told the shot would offer her absolute
protection from the flu.

Evidence 3)

Question Isnt this Biological Terrorism feeding
people useless vaccines, drugs full of poisons and
toxins, which will make people sick and kill them?

If the above doesnt make you sick, the following will I assure you
these traitorous, treasonous politicians and Governments and
political parties have been letting Big Pharma / The Drug
Companies use us all as Guinea Pigs for years while collecting
their profits.

Biological Terrorist Attack Against Australian Kids, 1
Killed,300 Left Sick.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010. Recently some State Health Depts on
the advise of their State Chief Medical Officers have suspended
Flu shot vaccines for children under 5 years old.

As of to date 1 child has died and 300 have fallen sick within
hours of being given the vaccines.

Global Plague Preparations?

Microbiologists after 9/11 are dying off world wide in large

What's the first thing Hitlers would do before deliberately
releasing a global plague, swine / bird / chicken flu virus etc?

Kill off all the folks that could make the antidotes?

40 Microbiologists Killed: Something Fishy Going On?


Author Theorizes 40 Microbiologists Killed Before
Unleashing 'The Ultimate Epidemic'


Has Baxter International Released a New Biological
Weapon in the Ukraine?


Popular flue vaccine linked to convulsions, delirium,
and bizarre deaths

"Tamiflu Vaccine Linked With Convulsions, Delirium and Bizarre


Killer bird flu recreated in the lab

Influenza virus type A Some experts believe a flu pandemic is
overdue Scientists have shown that tiny changes to modern flu
viruses could render them as deadly as the 1918 strain, which
killed millions.


Millions of Aussie's given infected polio vaccine

Federal government agency knowingly released polio vaccine
contaminated with a monkey virus since been linked to a range of
cancers, including mesothelioma.


BAYER, that unloving German company

Deliberately sold HIV tainted drugs onto the global market killing
"thousands" and is now "clearly linked" to honey bee die off's.

We need honey bees to pollinate food plants we humans eat.


Swine Flue Source Revealed!


In 1997, freelance investigative reporter Robert S. Finnegan, then
living and based in Alaska was present when Dr. John Hultin
managed to con the Natives of Brevig Mission Alaska.
Into allowing him to exhume the bodies of several Native
Alaskans against the almost violent protests of the Natives.

Plying the Natives with lies and money, Hultin managed to find
two corpses that appeared still viable for extraction of the H5N1
DNA buried in the permafrost.

One corpse retained the viral DNA in its desiccated lungs.

Swine Flu - Profits From Pandemics



The Terrorist You Dumb Ass Is Your Government in Bed
with Drug Companies pushing worthless, useless Drugs
that make you sick and can kill you and your love ones.

The Terrorist You Dumb Ass Is Your Government signing
on to Project For The New American Century invading
other countries bombing them, murdering innocent people
with Biological, Chemical, DU, Conventional Weapons

And you have the hide to mouth off Al Qa`eda Terrorist
Blah, Blah, Blah?
You absolute Dumb Ass Police

Wake Up And Learn Who The Real Terrorist Are Who
Intend To Hurt You And Your Family