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Tiny Halloween Witch

By Mrs Weasel

Tiny Halloween Witch is knitted in the round from
feet to hat. I switched from icord to knitting in the
round when it felt comfortable, but feel free to knit
on two or on three needles as you prefer.

The dress and hat brim are both made by
widening the tube, casting off and folding it over,
then picking up the stitches for the next part at the
top. The arms are made separately and sewn on.

There's no seaming at the end, just fasten off and
thread the ends of the yarn inside the witch.
Tiny Halloween Witch is about 16cm tall.

You'll need:
1 set of 3.5 mm dpns
Small amount of DK yarn in Black, flesh, and three other colours ( I used orange, pink and
A safety pin or stitch holder

Legs (make 2)
With black, cast on 4 stitches and work 4 rounds of icord.
Join green and work alternate rows of green and black icord until leg measures 6cm. Put the 4
stitches on a safety pin and cut both yarns leaving a small tail to sew in later.

Make a second leg to match, leaving
the black yarn attached.

Body & Dress
Put all 8 leg stitches on the same
Using black and working in the
round across all 8 stitches, knit until
body measures 3.5cm.
Purl the next 3cm

Next row (increase row): purl then
knit in each stitch (16stitches)

Purl in the round until purled section measures 5cm. Cast off loosely.

Head & Hat Brim
Fold purled section over to make dress.
Pick up and knit 8 stitches from the bumps
around the top using flesh. Knit 3 more rows in
the round. Change to black and knit 1 round.

Next row (increase row): purl then knit in each
stitch (16stitches)

Purl in the round until purled section measures
1cm. Cast off loosely.

Pointy bit of Hat
Fold purled section down to make hat brim. Pick
up 8 stitches from the bumps round the top using

orange. Knit 1 more row in the round.

Switch to black and knit 4 rows in the round.

Next row: [K2tog, K2] twice (6 stitches).
Work 2 rounds
Next row: [K2tog, k1] twice (4 stitches)
Work 2 round
Next row: K2tog twice, cut yarn and feed end through the 2 remaining stitches to cast off and
pull tight.

Arms (make 2)
Cast on 4 stitches in flesh.
Working in icord, work 2 rounds of flesh, then switch to alternate rows of black and pink.
Work till icord measures 5cm, ending with a purple row.
Next row in black: K2tog twice (2 stitches)
Cut yarn and pull black end through the two stitches to fasten off.
Sew arms to the side of the body.

Please feel free to use this pattern to make Tiny Halloween Witches for gifts and charity.