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PrIor Lo LIe 1

oI SepLember 1q8z wIen House JoInL ResoIuLIon 1qz wus
repeuIed, uIong wILI TILIe 1, oI LIe UnILed SLuLes Code, SecLIon 1q (deIInIng LIe
doIIur) wus repeuIed on LIuL sume duy (see: 11-1u), und prIor Lo LIe z
SepLember 1qqq wIen TILIe 1z, oI LIe UnILed SLuLes Code, SecLIon 1z (deIInIng IuwIuI
money) wus repeuIed (see: 11 Lo 1), HJR 1qz Iud sLIpuIuLed LIe proIIbILIon uguInsL
puyIng our debLs In Iuw. Now LIuL we Iuve no money, nor uny doIIurs, nor LIeIr IeguI
deIInILIons, nor HJR 1qz's Lemporury cruLcI oI menLuIIy LrunsIerIng us Irom LIe oId-
sLyIe currency Lo LIe new (oI dIscIurgIng IuwIuIIy doIIured obIIguLIons wILI IeguIIy
Lendered IIcLIonuI doIIurs oI consensuuI usuge), LIere Is no Ionger uny remedy In Iuw,
suve wIuLever conLrucLuuI Lerms uII purLIes Lo u conLrucL ugree Lo bInd LIemseIves wILI:
u muLuuI consLrucLIon under mercIunL (commercIuI) Iuw. TIe consLILuLIon uIIords us
LIe rIgIL Lo conLrucL (ArLIcIe , SecLIon 1o:1) und LIe rIgIL Lo consenL (AmendmenL
SecLIon 1q oI USCS 1 sLuLes {before it was later repealed} LIe sLundurd unIL
vuIue us LIe doIIur consIsLIng oI zq 8J1o gruIns oI goId, nIne LenLIs IIne undJor
;1.z gruIns oI .qqq IIne sIIver us esLubIIsIed sIuII be LIe sLundurd unIL oI vuIue,
und uII Iorms oI money Issued und coIned by LIe UnILed SLuLes sIuII be
muInLuIned uL u purILy oI LIe vuIue wILI LIIs sLundurd, und IL sIuII be LIe duLy oI
LIe SecreLury oI LIe Treusury Lo muInLuIn sucI purILy.
SecLIon 1z oI USC 1z sLuLed {before it, too, was later repealed} TIe Lerms
'IuwIuI money` und 'IuwIuI money oI LIe UnILed SLuLes` sIuII be consLrued Lo meun
goId und sIIver coIn oI LIe UnILed SLuLes.
TIere Is noLIIng more cerLuIn LIun deuLI und Luxes.
eL's unuIyze LIe quoLe ubove...
'DeuLI` meuns debL. L Is onIy LIrougI debL LIuL money ever geLs creuLed In
Loduy's socIeLy. And IL Is LIrougI LuxuLIon oI LIIs debL, LIuL IL becomes converLed Irom
prIvuLe IeguI Lender (prIvuLe debL) InLo pubIIc IeguI Lender (pubIIc debL) - LIe IuLLer
Iorm beIng uccepLubIe Lo LIe gIobuI economy.
Constitutional Road Map:
The Execution of Power in Today's Society
By the Footsoldiers of our Foreign Masters
(i.e. police, bankers, and many unwitting
attorneys, etc.)
nvoIunLury servILude Is proIIbILed meuns LIuL voIunLury servILude Is

VoIunLury servILude meuns our beIIeI In LIeIr IIcLIonuI, deIusIonuI, non-

ConsLILuLIonuI, unbonded: Iuws, codes, und sLuLuLes.

TIeIr... meuns our new musLers: LIe EngIIsI Crown, LIe (BIuck) Pope und
LIe VuLIcun, LIe Mob (orgunIzed crIme orIgInuLIng wILIIn uny counLry), uny
Iormer NuzIs sLIII IurkIng ubouL, In oLIer words, unyone wIo wouId IeguIIy
expIoIL peopIe's Ignorunce oI LIe sIgnIIIcunce oI governmenL-gIven beneIILs
beIng LIe IounduLIon Ior buILIng LIe pubIIc Lo come under governmenLuI
IIeecIng und conLroI LIrougI LIe uegIs oI commercIuI Iuw |see beIow|.

TIe Age oI ConsenL reIers Lo u securILy InLeresL wIIcI (LIe UnILed SLuLes
DepurLmenL oI Commerce Ius In LIe bIrLI cerLIIIcuLe) IInuIIy comes Lo
muLurILy. L Is regIsLered In u sLruwmun nume sImIIur, yeL dIIIerenL, Irom LIe
cIIId's. BeIore LIuL poInL, IL cun be quesLIoned by LIe sLruwmun's IeguI
guurdIun (wIIcI uIso Iuppens Lo be LIe cIIId's purenLs) und objecLed Lo ILs
exILence Lo propose LIuL IL be removed Irom exIsLence und Irom regIsLruLIon.
TIIs Is noL unIIke LIe IIrsL LwenLy yeur IIsLory oI LIe ederuI Reserve AcL -
Irom 1q1 unLII 1q - wIen LIe AcL couId Iuve been quesLIoned und reudIIy
uboIIsIed uLIIIzIng provIsIons wILIIn IL Ior LIuL purpose. Up Lo LIe uge oI
consenL, LIe cIIId cun noL quesLIon IIs own securILy InLeresL In IIs
sLruwmun, becuuse LIe 1
AmendmenL puLs LIe cIIId under voIunLury
servILude Lo sIuL up und mInd ILs purenLuI guurdIuns. OnIy LIe purenL Ius
LIe uuLIorILy Lo quesLIon LIe cIIId's securILy InLeresL wIIIe LIe cIIId Is u
mInor. Once LIe sLruwmun reucIes LIe uge oI consenL Ior LIe sLuLe In wIIcI
IL resIdes, LIe UnILed SLuLes presumes u Iuck oI uuLIorILy upon LIe grown
cIIId Lo quesLIon IIsJIer own securILy InLeresL In ILs sLruwmun. BuL LIuL
presumpLIon cun be reversed LIrougI commercIuI remedy. So, LIe uge oI
consenL reIeuses LIe cIIId Irom voIunLury servILude Lowurds ILs purenLs,
LrunsIerIng servIce Lo LIe cIIId's new musLers: LIe UnILed SLuLes DepurLmenL
oI Commerce, und ILs purenL corporuLIon: LIe UnILed SLuLes, und uII
InsLrumenLs und InsLrumenLuIILIes (quuIILIes oI InsLrumenLs) oI LIe UnILed
SLuLes. BeIore LIe SLuLe begun securIng ILs InLeresL In cIIIdren uround 1qq
wIen IL InILIuLed regIsLruLIon oI IIve bIrLIs, cIIIdren couId be bound InLo
wedIock by LIeIr purenLs beIore reucIIng LIe uge oI mujorILy Lo decIde Ior
LIemseIves. BuL now LIe SLuLe pIuces ILseII us prImury Iender, dIsuIIowIng
purenLs Irom doIng us LIey pIeuse wILI LIe cIIId wILIouL LIe SLuLe's prIor
consenL. So, comIng oI uge, or oI LIe uge oI consenL, Is wIen LIe SLuLe
LrunsIers Irom LIe cIIId's purenLs Lo LIe cIIId ILseII LIe ubIIILy oI LIe cIIId Lo
enLer InLo conLrucLs on ILs own sIgnuLure, und LIus curry ILs own IIubIIILIes.

AmendmenL, 1
AII persons born or nuLuruIIzed In LIe UnILed SLuLes, und subjecL Lo LIe
jurIsdIcLIon LIereoI, ure cILIzens oI LIe UnILed SLuLes und oI LIe SLuLe
wIereIn LIey resIde. - TIIs meuns eILIer born In WusIIngLon, D.C., or eIse
LIe bIrLI Is regIsLered, I.e. recorded, In WusIIngLon, D.C., or some oLIer
ederuI ugency.

No SLuLe sIuII muke or enIorce uny Iuw wIIcI sIuII ubrIdge LIe prIvIIeges or
ImmunILIes oI cILIzens oI LIe UnILed SLuLes meuns LIuL LIe dependency oI
U.S. cILIzens upon ederuI ugencIes In WusIIngLon, D.C., or eIsewIere, sIuII
noL be voIded or overruIed by LIeIr SLuLes' sovereIgnLy, wIIcI reIers Lo uny
prIor cILIzensIIp un IndIvIduuI or group muy possess Irom IuvIng been born
or nuLuruIIzed wILIIn LIeIr SLuLe. TIIs provIsIon LIps LIe buIunce oI power
exercIsed over us Irom IuvIng prevIousIy been derIved Irom our SLuLe
governmenLs Lo now beIng derIved Irom our ederuI governmenL.

Nor sIuII uny SLuLe deprIve uny person oI IIIe, IIberLy, or properLy, wILIouL
due process oI Iuw; -- due process meuns LIuL commercIuI process,
commercIuI Iuw, Iuw mercIunL, ex MercuLorIu (uLIn Ior: Iuw mercIunL),
sIuII be LIe mode wIereby we ure ordered Lo perIorm cerLuIn duLIes, und
suncLIoned wILI IInes, Luxes, und punIsImenLs Ior IuIIure Lo do so.

Nor deny Lo uny person wILIIn ILs jurIsdIcLIon LIe equuI proLecLIon oI LIe
Iuws. Person meuns u corporuLIon, or LrusL, und Is u pubIIc oIIIce wILI
cerLuIn governmenL-munduLed duLIes oI perIormunce. ProLecLIon meuns
LIe execuLIon oI commercIuI Iuw, meunIng LIuL no one Is Immune Irom LIe
ubIIILy oI governmenL Lo IIeece und coerce ILs own cILIzenry.

AmendmenL, q
TIe vuIIdILy oI LIe pubIIc debL ... Incurred ... In suppressIng
InsurrecLIon or rebeIIIon, sIuII noL be quesLIoned. - TIIs meuns LIuL
governmenL oIIIcIuIs ure noL uIIowed Lo openIy udmIL oI LIeIr purLIcIpuLIon
In commercIuI procedures LIuL ure uL LIe IounduLIon oI governmenL's
exIsLence, nor ure LIey uIIowed Lo resoIve uny oI LIe ImperIecLIons oI
commerce or oI LIeIr InvoIvemenL In IL. TIe remuInder oI LIIs cIuuse voIds
governmenL's uccounLubIIILy wIIcI IurLIers LIIs IuLLer LIougIL oI
unresoIveubIIILy. TIIs remInds me oI u pIruse LIuL LIe RS Ioves Lo repeuL In
LIeIr Iorm IeLLers wIIcI LIey send ouL Lo cerLuIn peopIe Lo wIom LIe RS
doesn'L Luke u generuI IIkIng Lo wIenever unyone oI LIese peopIe espouse
cerLuIn Ideus or IIve cerLuIn prucLIces or procedures oI LuxuLIon wIIcI LIe
RS doesn'L upprove oI, even LIougI LIe RS mukes LIese oLIer possIbIIILIes
uvuIIubIe. - This matter is closed for discussion and you will be
fined for raising it again. - TIIs Is obvIousIy un exerLIon oI poIILIcuI
pressure on LIe purL oI LIe RS, noL one oI scopIng ouL uny sorL oI Lrue error
oI procedure LIuL needs correcLIng. So oI course, IL Is u personuI muLLer oI
quesLIonIng poIILIcuI expedIency or comIorL-mode: wIIcI poIILIcuI
sovereIgnLy does one's seII wIsI Lo be uIIgned wILI? And quesLIonIng exucLIy
WIo Is one's seII deuIIng wILI? In order Lo muke LIIs cIoIce oI uIIgnmenL?
And quesLIonIng Does LIIs sovereIgnLy ucLuuIIy exIsL (ouLsIde LIe seII), or
um dreumIng?

In suppressIng InsurrecLIon or rebeIIIon, meuns LIuL uny beneIILs or

prIvIIeges uccepLed, or requesLed, Irom governmenL udmILs LIuL LIe receIver

oI LIese beneIILs Is, or Ius been, In u sLuLe oI InsurrecLIon or rebeIIIon

uguInsL LIe governmenL, or uny oI ILs oLIer InLerIockIng ugencIes or prIvuLe
conLrucLors, IncIudIng bunks und LIe ederuI Reserve. TIIs Is demonsLruLed
by LIuL InLerIockIng ugency or prIvuLe conLrucLor's IuIIure Lo gIve us ILs
busIness II we do noL produce u vuIId sLuLe-Issued D upon demund. L Is LIe
udmIssIon oI guIIL beIore even beIng IndIcLed oI uny so-cuIIed IIcLIonuI
crIme. TIIs Is wIy IndIcLmenLs ure uIwuys IIcLIonuI. TIey don'L need Lo be
reuI. TIe guIIL Is predIsposed upon LIe recepLIon oI any beneIIL or prIvIIege
emunuLIng Irom governmenL. So, you don'L Iuve Lo be u reIIgIous
IundumenLuIIsL In usIng BIbIIcuI quoLuLIons oI our supposed, InIerenL
ImperIecLIon und supposedIy InIerenL guIIL Lo jusLIIy LIIs uLLILude on LIe
purL oI governmenL. TIIs Is uIreudy vuIIduLed by LIIs ConsLILuLIonuI
AmendmenL uppended sIorLIy uILer LIe IncepLIon oI LIIs CorporuLe (UnILed
SLuLes) Democrucy InsLILuLed by LIe vunguurd, LIe IooLsoIdIers, oI our
IoreIgn Invuders (sIorLIy uILer LIe CIvII Wur).
TIe rIgIL oI cILIzens oI LIe UnILed SLuLes Lo voLe sIuII noL be denIed ... on
uccounL oI ... prevIous condILIon oI servILude. VoLe meuns Lo regIsLer, or
Lo pIedge uIIegIunce. RegIsLruLIon Lo voLe doesn'L voId un IndIvIduuI's seII-
sovereIgnLy, buL uIIows LIe UnILed SLuLes Lo Ignore IL Ior LIe purpose oI
exercIsIng ILs own sovereIgnLy over LIuL IndIvIduuI. SovereIgnLy Is derIved
Irom LIe SeII. UnIess LIe SeII Is exLInguIsIed, LIe SeII's SovereIgnLy Is
eLernuIIy purumounL. BuL regIsLruLIon Is LIe IIcLIonuI mode oI voIdIng SeII-
SovereIgnLy by LIe IndIvIduuI creuLIng u SLruwmun, u IeguI enLILy (ens
IegIs, In uLIn) In LIe Iorm oI u mIrrored cIone oI LIe SeII (LIe SeII's
sIgnuLure |see beIow|), wIIcI governmenLs und prIvuLe orgunIzuLIons wIII
LIen uLLucI Lo LIe SeII.

SovereIgn meuns Iree-wIII und ILs consequence oI personuI responsIbIIILy

Ior ucLIon. TIIs Is God-gIven und unrevokeubIe. IberLy Is LIe onIy precepL
In our concepLuuI Irumework wIIcI Is uppIIcubIe Lo sovereIgnLy. IIe und
ure noL expressIons oI sovereIgnLy, Ior boLI IIIe und properLy
cun eucI be sLoIen or desLroyed und LIus requIre eLernuI vIgIIunce In LIeIr
deIense. BuL noL so wILI Iree-wIII, nor wILI kurmu. Kurmu, Ior LIe Iumun, Is
unuvoIdubIe. or ungeIs und Ior LIe unImuIs, IL Is udmInIsLered on LIeIr
beIuII by MoLIer DIvIne, uIso known us: MoLIer NuLure, und LIe Iorces oI
sume. And Iree-wIII, Ior LIe Iumun beIng, Is uIso unuvoIdubIe (ungeIIc
beIngs und Iumun-IIke unImuIs, no muLLer Iow Iumun-IIke LIose unImuIs
muy be, ure noL Iree Lo ucL us LIey pIeuse ouLsIde oI LIeIr essenLIuI nuLure us
ungeIs und us unImuIs). Humuns Iuve unImuI-IIke LendencIes, becuuse oI
LIeIr IIvIng wILIIn un unImuI-IIke nervous sysLem; und LIey uIso Iuve dIvIne
quuIILIes; buL LIey cun overrIde uII oI LIese InnuLe LendencIes und InnuLe
quuIILIes uL uny LIme LIey cIoose - und oILen LImes LIey do LIIs und LIrow
ouL oI buIunce LIe wIoIe oI creuLIon In LIe process. MoLIer NuLure requIres
buIunce uL uII LImes und exLrucLs LIIs oI us Iumuns vIu kurmu. An ego Is u
byproducL oI beIng u Iumun beIng ouL oI LoucI wILI IIm, or Ier, seII.
AnImuIs und ungeIs cunnoL be ouL oI LoucI wILI LIemseIves, mucI Iess
produce un ego, Ior LIey do noL Iuve LIe Ireedom oI seII-wIIIIuIness Lo deny
LIemseIves LIeIr own Lrue SeII. L Is seII-uwureness, und LIe cupucILy Ior

sume, wIIcI mukes LIe Iumun dIvIne In poLenLIuI und In ucLuuIILy once IuII
seII-uwureness Is uLLuIned. SovereIgnLy Is our bIrLI-rIgIL. ree-wIII Is our
IerILuge. Kurmu Is our conscIousness. SeII-uwureness Is our source, course,
und gouI oI beIng.
ooLnoLe: Rumor Ius IL LIuL Ben runkIIn cujoIed TIomus
JeIIerson InLo deIeLIng Irom IIs orIgInuI druIL LIe use oI LIe
Lerm properLy wILIIn JeIIerson's DecIuruLIon oI AmerIcu's
ndependunce Irom LIe BrILIsI MonurcIy wIIIe reLuInIng
LIe pIruses oI IIIe, IIberLy, und LIe pursuIL oI IuppIness.
Even LIe DecIuruLIon und ResoIves oI LIe IrsL ConLInenLuI
Congress oI LIe 1q
oI OcLober 1;;q uses LIIs pIruseoIogy
In ILs IIrsL resoIuLIon oI LIuL documenL IurLIer down LIe
puge. TIomus JeIIerson puLLerned IIs use oI LIe Lerm
properLy Irom LIe eurIIer VIrgInIu DecIuruLIon oI RIgILs
druILed by George Muson.

TIe Congress sIuII Iuve power Lo Iuy und coIIecL Luxes on Incomes, Irom
wIuLever source derIved. ncome Lux meuns suncLIons oI uny sorL,
numeIy: IInes und punIsImenLs, us weII us Luxes, servIce cIurges, und
perIormunce obIIguLIons. Source meuns sIgnuLure, us weII us sLruwmun.

...Incomes, Irom wIuLever source derIved reIers Lo their Income derIved

Irom us, noL mereIy our Incomes derIved Irom oLIer sources. TIe
ConsLILuLIon Is their bIndIng ugreemenL wILI us, noL us wILI LIem. L
obIIguLes them Lo pressume LIuL we ure uII pubIIc oIIIcIuIs wIo uII IoId
pubIIc oIIIce us U.S. CILIzens und resIdenLs oI some or unoLIer sLuLe. TIus,
LIey ure mereIy LuxIng one oI LIeIr own, exLrucLIng un Income Irom LIeIr
own IederuI empIoyees. AILIougI LIeIr ugreemenL wILI us Is LIe
ConsLILuLIon, our conLrucL wILI LIem Is composed oI uII LIe uppIIcuLIons Ior
beneIILs und prIvIIeges LIuL we, or our purenLuI guurdIuns on our beIuII,
sIgned InLo. An ugreemenL Is noL us bIndIng us Is u conLrucL In LIuL u
conLrucL cun be mIIked Ior LIe vuIue InIerenL wILIIn ILs sIgnuLure, I.e.: {1] IL
cun be Luken Lo courL und sued Ior uny InIrIngemenL oI ILs Lerms, or eIse {z]
LIe obIIguLIng purLy cun be IIened uguInsL (wIIcI Is jusL us good, or beLLer,
sInce more weuILI cun be exLrucLed LIrougI u IIen LIun LIrougI u courL
order!), or eIse {] IL cun be soId Lo uny LIIrd purLy wIo mIgIL see some
proIIL couId be guIned by buyIng up someone eIse's debLs (CIInu und ndIu
ure LIe IurgesL IoreIgn IoIders oI UnILed SLuLes' debLs).

SIgnuLure Is wIuLever sIgnuLure we pIuce on governmenL und InLerIockIng

prIvuLe documenLs, or uny uppIIcuLIon Ior beneIILs und prIvIIeges.
SomeLImes, u beneIIL or prIvIIege Is noL wIuL we wouId normuIIy deIIne LIIs
Lo be, sucI us LIe beneIIL oI beIng LuxubIe! L Is LIe sIgnuLure wIIcI Is
suncLIoned (Luxed), noL LIe SeII. TIrougI our beIIeI In LIeIr IIcLIonuI Iuws,
LIIs suncLIoned sIgnuLure Is LIen uLLucIed Lo our SeII, creuLIng LIe
IounduLIon Ior LIe deIusIon LIuL we Iuve broken some Iuw. n oLIer words,
reverse IogIc Is InILIuIIy beIng used Iere Lo creuLe u seII-IuIIIIIIng IogIc Irom
ILs cIrcuIur compIeLIon; I.e., LIe concIusIon desIred Is IIrsL Luken Lo be LIe
premIse In reverse IusIIon, LIen LIe IogIc IIow Is reversed buck InLo u

Iorwurd dIrecLIon (LIe wuy IL's supposed Lo be) mukIng LIe concIusIon now
uppeur Lo be predIcuLed on LIe premIse (buL LIe premIse wus never properIy
vuIIduLed!). TIe wIoIe mess Is IurLIer supporLed by one or more IuIIucIous
urgumenLs, In LIIs cuse, quILe oILen un uppeuI Lo uuLIorILy or Lo popuIur
wIsdom (u vurIunL) ure oILen used. TIe uccuser Is ucLuuIIy mukIng un oIIer Lo
someone LIuL IeJsIe Is u Iuwbreuker und LIuL some, or unoLIer, Iuw Ius
been broken, wIen In IucL governmenL Is mereIy IIndIng u convenIenL wuy Lo
IIeece LIe pubIIc uLIIIzIng IeguIIzed, commercIuI processes uLLucIIng u
governmenL-creuLed debL Lo u sIgnuLure, und LIence Lo wIomever wroLe LIuL
sIgnuLure. TIIs uLLucImenL Is done LIrougI deIusIonuIIy cIrcuIur, or
bIdIrecLIonuI, IogIc LIuL some Iuw muy Iuve been broken, Ience, we musL be
guIILy. BuL no Iuw Is ever broken, onIy LIe reverse oI pubIIc poIIcy Ius
occured: LukIng u porLIon oI governmenL debL ouL oI LIe pubIIc economIc
pooI und IIndIng some sucker Lo uLLucI IL Lo. TIere Is no IIcLIonuI Iuw, code,
sLuLuLe, or reguIuLIon Ior us Lo breuk. AII Iuws Iuve Lo be quuIIIIed by some
ConsLILuLIonuI nexus, some connecLIng poInL wILIIn LIe ConsLILuLIon, wIIcI
quuIIIIes LIuL Iuw. OLIerwIse, LIuL Iuw Is nuII und voId Irom LIe ouLseL und
cun be Ignored. AIso, wILIIn our currenL corporuLe democruLIc governmenL
(sInce LIe cIose oI LIe CIvII Wur), uII Iuws Iuve Lo be bonded wILI pubIIc
Iuzurd bonds on LIe purL oI uny governmenLuI body wIIcI mIgIL cIoose Lo
Impose LIuL Iuw upon LIe popuIuce uguInsL uny pubIIc IIubIIILy wIIcI LIe
exercIse oI LIuL Iuw mIgIL Incur uguInsL LIuL governmenLuI body. So, IL Is
onIy LIrougI our beIIeI, our wIIIIng Ignorunce oI LIe currenL sILuuLIon, LIuL
uIIows us Lo voIunLurIIy serve our new musLers und LIen gIve LIem LIe
consenL LIey need Lo commund us uL LIeIr dIscreLIon. Our new musLers
IncIudes uny prIvuLe orgunIzuLIon wIIcI requIres u vuIId sLuLe D Ior
purLIcIpuLIon In LIuL orgunIzuLIon's ucLIvILIes, sucI us: u bunk, Ior InsLunce.
So, noL uII prIvuLe conLrucLs ure ouLsIde LIe boundurIes oI LIIs dIscussIon.
n uddILIon, sLuLemenLs by u poIIce oIIIcer or u judge...
WIuL Is your nume? meuns: AIIow me Lo sLurL u conLrucL bIndIng you on
your nume und word oI Ionor.

SIow me your .D. meuns: WrILe me u bIunk cIeck uguInsL your IIubIIILy
und IIcLIonuI presumpLIon oI guIIL so LIuL muy IIII In LIe umounL uL my
dIscreLIon und persecuLe you usIng uII oI LIe vurIous IIsLorIcuI records we
Iuve on IIIe ussocIuLed wILI your socIuI securILy nume und number, und
bIrLI duLe uL vurIous ugencIes (credIL bureuus, poIIce, DepurLmenL oI MoLor
VeIIcIes, eLc.) Lo LIe IuII exLenL oI LIe Iuw.

ConsIder compurIng LIe IuLer ConsLILuLIon wILI LIe eurIIer ArLIcIes oI ConIederuLIon.
My IuvorILe poInL oI compurIson, Is LIuL the original Articles of Confederation
allow the States to coin their own money, In uddILIon Lo LIe UnILed SLuLes, under
ArLIcIe NIne, purugrupI Iour. And onIy LIe UnILed SLuLes Is uIIowed LIe soIe uuLIorILy
Ior reguIuLIng LIe uIIoy und vuIue oI coIns sLruck by ILseII, or ILs respecLIve SLuLes.
AIreudy, our currenL ConsLILuLIon reIeguLes Loo mucI power Lo Congress Lo be LIe soIe
uuLIorILy Ior coInIng money...u IurbInger oI wIuL wus Lo come, numeIy: LIe ederuI
Reserve AcL oI 1q1 LrunsIerIng LIIs soIe uuLIorILy Lo u non-governmenLuI curLeI oI
prIvuLe bunks. And Cunudu Is uccepLed us u member oI LIe ConIederuLIon under ArLIcIe
TIIs IILLIe LreuLIse on our ConsLILuLIon does noL meun LIuL you cun mereIy sLop puyIng
your Luxes und run every red IIgIL In sIgIL! BuL IL does meun, LIuL II you do wunL Lo sLop
puyIng your Luxes und run every red IIgIL In sIgIL, LIen you wIII need Lo...
Tuke IuII responsIbIIILy Ior uII oI your ucLIons, us weII us uII oI your InucLIons.
SeII-SovereIgnLy requIres LIIs oI us.
DeLucI yourseII Irom every sIgnuLure uuLIorIzIng, or requIrIng, some or
unoLIer governmenLuI ugency, or prIvuLe orgunIzuLIon, Lo IIeece you wILI
suncLIons, or prIvIIege you wILI beneIILs. You mIgIL Iuve Lo use unoLIer
sIgnuLure Lo do LIIs!
Ive LIIs, und beIIeve LIIs reuIILy, wILI uII oI your IeurL, wILI uII oI your
mInd, und wILI uII oI your wIIIIuIIy, InLenLIonuI devoLIon. Be consIsLenL.
Don'L eter wuver, vury, or mIx IdeoIogIes. CreuLe your own reuIILy und see IL
LIrougI Lo ILs nuLuruI concIusIon undJor deveIopmenL. I IL Ius LIe supporL
oI nuLure, LIen IL wIII nuLuruIIy grow und evoIve InLo u wIoIIsLIc vIew oI your
worId. A worId worLI IIvIng und enjoyIng In peuce, prosperILy, und LIe
knowIedge LIuL you know wIo you ure und LIuL Is enougI!
SLop IocusIng on wIuL Iuws you mIgIL be breukIng, 'cuz IL doesn'L muLLer.
ocus InsLeud on wIuL Iuws (commercIuI processes) supporL your un-u-IIen-
ubIe rIgIL (u rIgIL LIuL cunnoL be commercIuIIy IIened, I.e. IIeeced) Lo be u
sovereIgn under LIe ConsLILuLIon's Common uw, numeIy:
Don'L IurL unyone, IncIudIng LIe IILLIe unImuIs...TIey ure
cIIIdren oI God (yeL, Lo become Iumun).
Don'L desLroy unyLIIng, especIuIIy unyone's properLy. z.
Don'L breuk your conLrucLuuI obIIguLIons wILIouL IIrsL
voIdIng LIem.
uws ure noL meunL Lo be broken; nor do LIey need Lo be IIxed.
GovernmenLs Iove Lo creuLe probIems, someLImes IIcLIonuI ones requIrIng
IIcLIonuI soIuLIons Lo keep us under LIeIr uuLIorILy. BuL reuI probIems need
reuI soIuLIons wIIcI prevenL probIems Irom urIsIng In LIe IIrsL pIuce; noL
Iuws Lo suppress our InsLIncL Lo LesL IIuwed Iuws und IInd LIem wunLIng oI
perIecLIon. ExumpIe: Lry noL Lo run u red IIgIL. TIe probIem Is noL wILI LIe
IIgIL, nor wILI unyone runnIng LIrougI IL. TIe probIem Is IuvIng un
InLersecLIon (uL uII) requIrIng LIe suppressIon oI our nuLuruI InsLIncL Lo
LruveI unImpeded LIrougI LIe roudwuy. Overpusses uIong wILI underpusses,
or muss LrunsIL, or sImpIy desIgnIng our cILIes InLo smuIIer wuIkubIe unILs,
ure LIe soIuLIons. TIe probIem Is noL wILI socIeLy, nor wILI Iuggurd
governmenL. GovernmenL Is unyLIIng buL Iuggurd. TIe probIem Is IuvIng u
IoreIgn governmenL IuvIng vunquIsIed us InLo submILLIng ourseIves Lo LIeIr
uuLIorILy. We IIve under u corporuLe democrucy IoreIgn Lo LIe prIncIpIes oI
sovereIgnLy und seII-ruIe Ior LIe soIe purposes oI: expIoILuLIon und conLroI
oI LIe musses...u Iurkbuck Lo LIe duys oI serIdom under LIe Iords und IudIes
oI yore.
TIe concIusIon oI uII oI LIIs, Is LIuL IL Is undeservIng oI us Lo IeeI uny
IosLIIILy Lowurds LIese IooLsoIdIers, LIe vunguurd oI our new musLers, I.e.
LIe poIIce, LIe bunks, bIg corporuLIons, LIe courLs und LIe jusLIce sysLem,
uLLorneys, eLc., becuuse LIe ConsLILuLIon Ius uIreudy been IIjucked Lo suIL
our new musLers' purposes. So, IL's noL IIke we've been enLIreIy duped
(uILIougI cIose enougI!). Any Lrue LrunsIormuLIon oI LIe currenL sILuuLIon
wouId requIre rewrILIng, or LrusIIng und possIbIy repIucIng, uL IeusL LIe
IuLLer purL oI LIe ConsLILuLIon sLurLIng wILI LIe 1
AmendmenL und
everyLIIng LIereuILer. And don'L IorgeL Lo IncIude LIe orIgInuI 1

AmendmenL LIuL Ius never been repeuIed, buL wus quIeLIy dropped sIorLIy
uILer LIe CIvII Wur, Ior IL undermInes LIe ucLIvILIes oI our new musLers'
Updating this Knowledge
Under Public Policy
House JoInL ResoIuLIon 1qz oI LIe
oI June 1q does more LIun mereIy
dIscIurge our debLs InLo LIe pubIIc economIc pooI oI coIIecLIve kurmu. L uIso:
DIscIurges cn oI our obIIguLIons oI perIormunce us weII. 1.
So, nexL LIme you geL u summons Lo do unyLIIng under
LIreuLs oI punIsImenL, jusL remember Lo wrILe u kIndIy
noLe, uIong wILI u promIssory noLe, cerLIIyIng LIuL you
promIse Lo perIorm your duLy In uccord wILI pubIIc poIIcy
und HJR 1qz. PromIsIng Lo puy under pubIIc poIIcy Is no
dIIIerenL LIun dIscIurgIng uny oLIer obIIguLIon. ObIIguLIons
ure perIormunces oI vurIous Lypes; puymenL Is mereIy one
Lype. Be creuLIve und remember LIuL we now IIve under u
socIuIIsL-sLyIed, corporuLe democrucy. I you don'L wunL Lo
do jury servIce, LIen IeL LIe pubIIc perIorm LIIs duLy InsLeud
oI you. TIIs ImpIIes LIuL, uILIougI IL Is good enougI Lo
sImpIy wrILe uccepLed Ior vuIue In uccord wILI HJR 1qz oI
LIe LI oI June 1q on LIe orIgInuI, negoLIubIe
presenLmenL, IL muy be necessury Lo converL our response
wrILLen on non-negoLIubIe versIons oI LIe orIgInuI
presenLmenL InLo u pubIIc udmIssIon, vIu eILIer: u pubIIc
noLury or uLLorney process (sucI us u deposILIon), or u
noLIce pubIIsIed In u newspuper, or recorded wILI LIe
counLy recorder, eLc. PubIIc ImpIIes negoLIubIe und orIgInuI
Issue, wIIIe prIvuLe ImpIIes non-negoLIubIe und copIes or
noLIces oI LIe orIgInuI. So, uILIougI we muy cILe pubIIc
poIIcy on their (pubIIc) documenLs, cILIng IL on ours
(prIvuLe) Is uIrIgIL, buL InudequuLe. A noLIce senL Lo you by
muII oI u purporLed obIIguLIon Ior you Lo perIorm some
ucLIon Is noL u pubIIc documenL, buL mereIy u prIvuLe
corespondence. So, muybe LIey don'L Iuve uny pubIIc noLIce
on negoLIubIe puper und ure IopIng LIuL you'II IoIIow

LIrougI unywuy? Or, muybe LIey Iuve you on some sorL oI

conLrucLuuI vIoIuLIon, I.e. you sIgned someLIIng und now
LIey're goIng Lo muke some money oII oI your sIgnuLure one
wuy or unoLIer wIeLIer you perIorm or noL? WIuLever you
do, never sIgn uny murk oI uny kInd InsIde LIe box on LruIIIc
LIckeLs unIess you're prepured Lo IoIIow LIrougI wILI your
promIse. L's beLLer Lo never sIgn uL uII, LIen Lo sIgn und
expecL Lo geL ouL oI perIormIng LIe promIse. TIIs Is wIy
engIneer my own prIvuLe promIssory noLe Lo sIgn In IronL oI
LIe poIIce oIIIcer, ruLIer LIun wunL Lo sIgn IIs LIckeL (wIIcI
wIII gesLuLe InLo un InLernuLIonuI bIII oI excIunge), becuuse
preIer my Lerms oI endeurmenL over someone eIse's. BuL II
you've goL Ideus oI your own on Iow Lo evude your
promIses, LIen by uII meuns, go Ior LIem. jusL LIInk LIuL
InLenLIonuI IIIp-IIoppIng (us opposed Lo unInLenLIonuI IIIp-
IIoppIng) doesn'L IeIp LIe evoIuLIon oI conscIousness. L Is
our conscIous deveIopmenL LIuL wIII deLermIne LIe
ouLcome oI our commercIuI processes.
HJR 1qz uIso uIIows Ior LIe reverse IIow oI perIormunce obIIguLIons
(IncIudIng ILs eIIecL oI provIdIng Ior LIe cppecrcnce oj the pcment oj debt
under poInL #1, ubove). So, PubIIc PoIIcy (us sLuLed wILIIn HJR 1qz)
osLensIbIy dIscIurges our IndIvIduuI dues und duLIes InLo LIe pubIIc
economIc poIILy (cILIzenry), buL IL uIso provIdes Ior governmenL und ILs
InLerIockIng ugencIes Lo cttempt Lo uLLucI u porLIon oI LIese IIcLIonuI, pubIIc
debLs und pubIIc duLIes upon our sIgnuLures (operuLIng us IIcLIonuI
sLruwmen), provIded we uIIow LIIs Lo Iuppen LIrougI our wIIIIng consenL (u
quuIILy oI LIe currenL 1
AmendmenL). And oI course, uny InLerIockIng
ugency or prIvuLe orgunIzuLIon or busIness wIIcI requIres us Lo exIIbIL u
vuIId, sLuLe-Issued D Lo do uny busIness wILI LIem Lurns uII oI LIeIr prIvuLe
conLrucLs, und prIvuLe deuIIngs wILI us, InLo pubIIc obIIguLIons und pubIIc
debL! Stcted ccin,
PubIIc PoIIcy Is negoLIubIe (I.e. LrunsIerubIe und seIIubIe),
becuuse debLs und obIIguLIons ure bI-dIrecLIonuIIy
cIurgeubIe und dIscIurgeubIe In reverseubIe und InverLubIe
And PubIIc PoIIcy Is generuIIy uppIIcubIe Lo unyone wIo
wIsIes Lo purLIcIpuLe vIu uLLucImenL undJor ussocIuLIon
wILI Congress undJor uny oLIer ederuI ugency In
WusIIngLon, D.C. So, c stcte-cdministered prorcm uhich
pcrticipctes in Iedercll mctchin junds is cjjilicted uith
Public Polic.
(Negotiable) Pubes Politeia:
An Examination of the Birth Certificate
TIe BIrLI CerLIIIcuLe, or CerLIIIcuLe oI Ive BIrLI, Is u securILy InLeresL regIsLered
wILI LIe DepurLmenL oI Commerce Ior use by our ederuI governmenL Ior moneLIzIng
debL, I.e. LIe creuLIon oI money. L Is LIe onl InsLunce wIereby nudILy - our ncledness
oj hou ue ccme into this uorld uith no prior cjjilictions or oblictions - Is
securILIzed In LIe pubIIc InLeresL (numeIy, Ior LIe rIgIL Lo IederuIIy IIeece und obIIguLe
us wILI our consenL - oI course!). L Is uguInsL PubIIc PoIIcy |Ior unyone Lo IeguIIy IIke
In LIe nude (non-IewdIy und non-sexuuIIy) uIong LIe unIncorporuLed dIrL-porLIon oI
MuIIoIIund DrIve In os AngeIes|, us quoLed by my nuLurIsL-uLLorney comIng Irom LIe
IIps oI one oI LIe cILy uLLorneys oI os AngeIes. TIIs Is IndIcuLIve oI Iow our nukedness
wouId eIIecLIveIy undermIne uny IIcLIonuI vuIue LIuL our ederuI governmenL mIgIL
uLLucI Lo LIIs securILy (I.e., BIrLI cerLIIIcuLe), becuuse IL wouId compeLILIveIy drIve down
LIe vuIue oI LIIs securILy InLeresL. Our Lrue, nuked seII Is worLI u wIoIe IoL more LIun
some IIcLIonuI enLILy, sInce our IIvIng seII Is LIe source oI LIIs IIcLIonuI enLILy. And
compeLILIon In LIe murkeLpIuce wouId revuIuuLe uny IIcLIon derIved Irom our seII
Lowurds zero vuIue. So!...GeL ouL oI your cIoLIes und sIop In LIe nude! Our cIoLIIng Is
IndIcuLIve oI our sLuLIon In IIIe us weII us beIng u sembIunce oI u LILIe oI nobIIILy (wIIcI
Is proIIbILed und suncLIoned by our oriincl 1
AmendmenL). TIIs LILIe oI nobIIILy (us
uuLIorIzed by LIe BIrLI CerLIIIcuLe) gIves us pubIIc oIIIce uIong wILI LIe beneIILs und
duLIes oI sume us u 1q
AmendmenL, UnILed SLuLes cILIzen wIo resIdes wILIIn u
IederuIIy suncLIoned sLuLe (oI bunkrupLcy, cIrcu 1q; LIe UnILed SLuLes Treusury
becume bunkrupL In 1qzo).
Under PubIIc PoIIcy; under ederuI jurIsdIcLIon; u LILIe oI IIubIIILy under
commercIuI Iuw (LIe UnIIorm CommercIuI Code) wIIcI Is LrunsIerubIe und
seIIubIe. Hint: ook up LIe commercIuI code In your sLuLe. L mIgIL muke Ior
some very InIormuLIve reudIng!
Pronounced pyoobeez, uLIn pIuruI Ior LIe groIn. Compure wILI pubis (uLIn
sInguIur oI pubes), Irom wIIcI pubic Is derIved.
OrIgInuIIy, LIe muIe, uduIL popuIuLIon oI uncIenL Rome comprIsIng LIe
cILIzenry oI ILs cILy-sLuLes. Hence, LIe words: pubIIc und poIILy ure derIved
LIereIrom us doubIeLs (Lwo or more words oI LIe sume Iunguuge LIuL come
Irom LIe sume rooL). |MIddIe EngIIsI publik, Irom OId rencI public, Irom
uLIn p blicus, uILeruLIon (InIIuenced by p b s, cdult populction) oI
poplicus, Irom populus, people, oj Etrusccn oriin.|
PoIILeIu (Hoti+eIo)
TIe condILIon und rIgILs oI u cILIzen, cILIzensIIp.
How we IIve us peopIe.
Compcre uith Politilc (): the thins concernin the polis.
CILy, cILy-sLuLe, cILIzensIIp (Ior u dIsLIncLIy Romun compurIson: see cIvILus).
SInguIur: poIIs (nti).
PIuruI: poIeIs (ntei).
TIe sIgnIIIcunce Iere Is LIuL our nuked bIrLI rIgIL Is moneLIzed wILIIn Loduy's
socIeLy, ruLIer LIun dIspIuyed openIy In pubIIc. An open dIspIuy oI one's nuked seII Is
currenLIy consIdered us u Iorm oI sexuuI, und possIbIy (uddILIonuIIy) sIuve- or cIuLLeI-
reIuLed, udverLIsemenL Ior prosLILuLIon. TIe uncIenL Greeks wouId Iuve udded LIe
meunIng oI udoIescenL sexuuI udvunces Ior LIe beneIILJprIvIIege oI upprenLIcesIIp Lo u
member oI LIe uduIL muIe popuIuLIon, I.e. ILs cILIzens. nLeresLIngIy enougI, LIe word:
poIIce Is u doubIeL oI LIe word: poIIcy. So, congressIonuIIy IederuI, PubIIc PoIIcy Is
enIorced by LIe poIIce oI uny gIven cILy. Our ederuI governmenL Is unuIogous Lo LIe
SLuLe oI LIe uncIenL Greek's cILy-sLuLe, becuuse our cILy-sLuLe Ius grown Lo mumoLI
proporLIon spunnIng LIe wIoIe gumuL oI IederuI jurIsdIcLIon: Irom LIe nuLIonuI Lo LIe
Pubes PoIILeIu couId uIso meun: wIuL Is LIe pubIIc poIIcy oI nudIsLs wIo ure
uIso sovereIgns? L Is, LIuL sovereIgnLy derIves Irom LIe SeII's Iree-wIII, Irom our nuked
bIrLI rIgIL Lo be unuLLucIed Lo uny socIuI obIIguLIon. SpecIe (goId und sIIver coIn)
represenLs our nuked seII, our bIrLI rIgIL. Kurmu Is represenLed by our cIoLIes (und by
puper currency). Hence, uII oI LIe IederuI puperwork LIuL we sIgned ourseIves InLo, or
sIgned InLo by our purenLs on our beIuII, Is represenLuLIve oI kurmu. TIe BIrLI
CerLIIIcuLe Is buL one exumpIe oI IederuI (or IederuIIy subsIdIzed) puperwork
represenLIng LIe securILIzuLIon oI our IIcLIonuIIzed sLruwmun. Hospitcls et c bonus jor
eter lite birth uhich the reister uith the count. WIen LIe BIrLI cerLIIIcuLe Is
regIsLered In SLuLe records, IL comes under LIe Common uw us u PubIIc NoLIce oI
Record. WIen IL Is regIsLered In WusIIngLon, D.C.'s DepurLmenL oI Commerce us u
securILy InLeresL, IL comes under PubIIc PoIIcy. Public Polic ucs initicted immedictel
bejore Conress becn the process oj reisterin lite births. And wIenever LIIs
puperwork Is enLered InLo on our beIuII by our purenLuI guurdIuns, LIen IL Is consIdered
Lo be done beIore we reucI LIe uge oI mujorILy - LIe uge oI consenL - LIe uge In wIIcI
we cun enLer InLo conLrucLs under LIe uuLIorILy oI our own sIgnuLure.
A Few Points of Comparison
Between our Current Democracy
And our Previous Republic
Republic Democracy
EIecLoruLe CorporuLe VoLers
SubsLunce (BeuurucrucLIc) Procedure
PresenL yourseII
beIore u Jury
You ure Re-presenLed
by un ALLorney
PubIIc OIIIcIuI BeuurucruL
Common uw CommercIuI uw
GoId & SIIver Puper
CrIme Is HurmIuI Ieece by ConsenL
nIerenLIy nnocenL GuIILy by DesIgn
SLuLe SovereIgnLy
ederuI (CenLruIIzed)
JurIsdIcLIon & AuLIorILy
Some oI boLI coIumns ure muILIpIe IuLs worn InLercIungeubIy umong some personneI
wILIIn governmenL Lo muInLuIn LIe smooLI LrunsILIon beLween LIe oId und LIe new
governmenL. So, u poIIce oIIIcer Is boLI u pubIIc oIIIcIuI wIo wIII go IInd your IosL
reIuLIve wIom you reporL Lo be mIssIng sInce you IusL suw IIm, buL LIey ure uIso puper
pusIers In LIeIr own rIgIL someLImes requesLIng your socIuI securILy number so LIuL
LIey cun use your sLruwmun's credIL Lo uppIy uguInsL LIeIr own debLs us u seLoII In
excIunge Ior supposedIy noL reporLIng uny IeguIIy endorsed, buL noneLIeIess
dIsLurbIng, IncIdenL mude by you (sucI us non-Iewd nudILy LIuL occured ouLsIde LIe
jurIsdIcLIon oI counLy or cILy properLy) uguInsL LIe pubIIc peuce (reud LIIs Iorm oI peuce
us beIng: LIe pubIIc Ignorunce oI LIe Iuw und LIe uddILIonuI cuveuL LIuL cll Iuws need u
ConsLILuLIonuI connecLIon Lo be vuIId under LIe RepubIIc; LIey uIso need u pubIIc
Iuzurd bond Lo be vuIId under LIe CorporuLe Democrucy).
TIInk oI our currenL governmenL us un over sImpIIIIcuLIon oI LIe TIree VuIues under
LIe Common uw. nsLeud oI LIe Common uw exempIIIyIng LIe vuIues IIsLed ubove,
CommercIuI uw Ius been IIjucked InLo IncourugIng u preponderunL, over-empIusIs on
onIy LIe LIIrd vuIue, numeIy: LIe vuIue oI keepIng our promIses, I.e. conLrucL vIoIuLIons.
TIIs LIIrd vuIue Is mucI eusIer Lo IIeece LIun LIe oLIer Lwo, becuuse oI ILs IIcLIonuI
nuLure und sIgnuLory IounduLIon.
A beuurucruL wus wuIkIng ouL In LIe couLrysIde one duy wIen Ie suw u sIepIerd und
IIs IIocks oI sIeep. He upproucIed LIe sIepIerd und suId I cun guess Iow muny
sIeep you Iuve, wIII you IeL me Iuve one? TIe sIepIerd LIInks LIIs Is u preLLy suIe
burguIn, so Ie ugrees. You Iuve q; sIeep, LIe beuurucruL unswers conIIdenLIy.
Amuzed, LIe sIepIerd wuLcIes us LIe beuurucruL pIcks up IIs prIze. Hey wuIL u mInuLe
mIsLer. I cun guess wIuL you do Ior u IIvIng, wIII you IeL me Iuve my posessIon buck?
TIe beuurucruL ugrees, und Is sIocked wIen LIe sIepIerd LeIIs IIm LIuL Ie's u
beuurucruL. How'd you know?! usked LIe beuurucruL. PuL LIe sIeepdog down und
we'II LuIk ubouL IL. - [Editor's note: ut uhct ij c becurccrct is blindl jollouin
procedure to our benejit? An complcints? No. Only thank you's!]
AnoLIer versIon oI LIe ubove joke...
eur cun onIy prevuII wIen vIcLIms ure IgnorunL oI LIe IucLs. - TIomus JeIIerson