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The company that I have chosen is Grupo Televisa, the only reason why I have selected

is becouse this company is based in Mexico and I love that country. I know that maybe it
is not the most convincent reason but is what made me discriminate the other options.
Grupo Televisa is a Mexican private media company. The world's largest Spanish-
language based on market capitalization, and is one of the major players in the
entertainment business worldwide. The company is involved in the production and
transmission of television programs, television signals free to air and pay-cable and
satellite-, international distribution of television programs, publication and distribution
of magazines, production and transmission of radio programs, sporting events and live
entertainment, film production and distribution, operation of an internet portal and
participate in our gaming industry. Televisa is a very important company in Mexico, so
there they reach influence and impact and because of that they have a high social
responsibility to fulfill in Mexico. As it says on their website, (www.televisa.com).
This social responsibility has a dual approach distinguishes:
Its core activity (be a leader in the production and distribution of entertainment and
information, generating value for staff, customers and investors).
Its not essential activity (supporting social causes and cultural issues).
Moreover, the foundation also takes into account several aspects that are reflected in
the mission it has within the social development, which is: To satisfy our audiences
needs for entertainment and information, complying at the same time with our need for
profitability by means of the highest world-class standards of quality, creativity and
social responsibility (Televisa). Only on the last word of the vision they expose their
compromise with the social responsibility of the company and this maybe is not the
perfect option but show that are aware about this area.
The first problem that I find when I wanted to analyze the CSR of the company is that in
reality they dont have CSR, they have a Code of Ethics which cover some points of a
standard CSR. In addition I have analyzed the activities of the Fundacion Televisa with
the purpose of deducing what social responsibility points are important for the
company. I have divided the analysis in 4 points:
Treatment of the employees
Televisa Group's code of ethics promotes equality and prohibits discrimination of any
employee by reason of gender, social class, nationality, politics, disability, or religion.
Derived from this we can say that provide a good treatment their employees. The code
says nothing about the remuneration or promotion of the employees but I supposedthat
it is adequate because I have not found any complaints from the information I have been
able to obtain.
Related to employees, the Group encourages them to participate in the causes that the
Foundation have. Since some of them are famous, the event of the Fundacion Televisa
acquires more visibility.
There is not a point of the code of ethics talking about this area; however, analyzing
what they are doing in the Fundation Televisa we can assume that they are conscious
about the environment. The majority of the projects of the foundation are related with
recycling and to educate the young generation about how important is to preserve the
Again there is not a clear point on the code of ethics covering the community point. I
have to analyze it according to the actions the Foundation. They have been doing a lot of
different projects but the guidelines of all of them are:

Promote awareness of national culture and history;
Promote intellectual and artistic creation in the country;
Encourage knowledge of the Spanish language;
To disseminate the arts, humanities and sciences in Mexico, and
Promote cultural dialogue.
Corporate governance
This point is the one that is covered on the Code of Ethics. In one of the first points they
say that one of the purposes of the Code is to promote compliance with the laws, in its
form and spirit. This is the foundation upon which the ethical principles of the Company
are built. We seek to outperform the competition in a fair and honest manner. We
attempt to obtain competitive benefits by means of superior performance, never
through unethical or illegal commercial practices. The board members, officers and
employees of the Group must respect and comply with applicable laws in the
jurisdictions in which we operate (Televisa). This Code of Ethics rejects any illegal
practice or action notwithstanding its kind or relevance.
However in May 2012, it was announced that Televisa owed the Mexican Tax
Administration Service (SAT) 3300 million pesos, for a tax deduction made in 2005,
which was declared illegal. Televisa bought a company claimed losses and losses
transcribe their accounts, to save 3.3 billion pesos.

These are the main four points that I think are essential to understand how the
company acts in a CSR point of view. However, and due to the nature of the industry, I
would like to comment another; if the company wants to achieve viability and the
success depends, to a great extent, on the credibility that they achieve with their clients,
with investors and with the public at large. The credibility is based on their
commitment to the four following principles, which guide their conduct: Discipline,
integrity, respect and discretion.
According to that we can presume impartiality and integrity but there are some cases
where the company didnt follow his values. An example of that is on June 7, 2012, three
weeks before the federal election where the country's president be elected, the London
newspaper The Guardian published a front-plot in which Televisa is linked with the
presidential candidate Enrique Republic Pea Nieto The London newspaper claimed
that payments have been linked to administrative bodies candidate, Televisa, in
exchange for favorable coverage. Besides the files examined by the newspaper detailing
a strategy to prevent Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won federal elections in Mexico in
2006, also involving TV Azteca and former President of Mexico Vicente Fox.

To conclude, Grupo Televisa has been doing a lot of different initiatives showing that
they care about what involves the company and its activity. However if they create a
CSR document including all the activities that they are doing actually through the
Fundacin Televisa will be more visible their actions and also it would be a way to have
better structured and clear the goals to achieve by the company or the foundation and
the activities or fields that they are not doing actually.

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