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Radio Drama Script

Hello and welcome to another week of Lend Me Your Ears, Im James Fuggle and Im Alex Pollard.
This week we are discussing Lincolns best radio dramas.

Coming up on the show today we have voice actor peggy reading, senior lecturer in digital media
Graham Cooper and senior lecturer in script and screenwriting Marcella Forster, who have both
been involved in the Lincoln School of Medias project relay.

Also we have some radio dramas produced by the University of Lincolns radio students that we will
be playing throughout the show.
First up, just to get an idea of what a radio drama is, we have a short radio drama called --------.


Welcome back to Lend Me Your Ears on Siren 107.3 FM, that was a short radio drama called --------
(make comments on radio drama if possible)

Joining us in the studio now is voice actor and coach, peggy reading:


Thanks for coming in peggy, we will be catching up with you later on in the show. Dont forget that
you can tweet us @Lendmeyourears_ where you can tweet your questions in for peggy reading. But
first we have ------ by --------.


And that was ---- by ------- here on Siren 107.3 FM, if you have just tuned in we are talking about
Lincolns best radio dramas and we have another one here, from the LSMs relay project called -----.

(comment on drama if possible)

And that was a short radio drama called ---------. Back in the studio with us now is voice actor and
coach Peggy Reading.


Thanks for coming in Peggy, its been a pleasure to talk to you today. Here is ----- by -------.


That was ----- by ---------- here on Siren 107.3 FM. Now weve played radio dramas earlier about -
------ and ------ but the LSMs relay project students have created a short radio drama based around --
-------- which we are going to play for you now, hope you enjoy it, its called ---------.

Welcome back to lend me your ears on Siren 107.3 FM, that was a short radio drama called ------
but now we will be talking to digital media senior lecturer Graham Cooper and Script and
Screenwriting senior lecturer Marcella Forster. Hello to you both, how are you?


Well thank you both for coming in and we cant wait to see how the finished projects turn out. We
actually have a radio drama recorded by LSMs radio students but written by one of your students,
Marcella, its called --------- by -----------.


Hello and welcome back to lend me your ears on Siren 107.3 FM. Youve been listening to some
short radio dramas of LSMs relay project. Moving on and getting festive now, last week we went out
into the famous Lincoln Christmas market and had a look at the Christmas spirit of Lincoln.


Well by the sounds of it Lincoln has definitely got into the Christmas spirit! Unfortunately thats all
we have time for this week on Lend me your ears, and for the year as well! Yes thats right, this is the
last show of Lend me your ears for 2013 but we will be back on Siren 107.3 FM after the Christmas
break on the 22
January when we will be discussing how to write for radio drama. Hope to see you
all then. With any luck, you have enjoyed todays show. Im James Fuggle and Im Alex Pollard. Just
to say goodbye we will leave you with -------- by ----------.