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Annotated Bibliography

Angle, Sara. "Team and Partner Workouts Are So Trendy Right Now: Self.com." Self Content. Self
Magazine, 16 Dec. 2014. Web. 25 Feb. 2014

This article is from the SELF Magazine website, a well-known womans fitness magazine. This article is
about how having a partner can up your workout by making it more enjoyable and by adding some
camaraderie. She includes a quote from Brian Gallagher, co-founder of Throwback Fitness in New York
City, Group fitness is still really individualized, so we wanted to create our own category called team
fitness. In his team fitness workouts he borrows elements of playground games to create fun, circuit-
style routines. Angle goes on to explain that working with a team or a partner is great motivation. She
says the team-driven fitness is sweeping the scene because there are obvious and proven results. At
the end of the article she gives examples of exercises you can do with another person or a group.

Cheskin, Larry, MD. "How Can Group Exercise Classes Benefit Me?" - Fitness Psychology. N.p., n.d. Web.
24 Feb. 2014.

This article is actually and answer to a question on the website of How can group exercise classes
benefit me? Cheskin evaluates the benefits and says, A group approach to weight loss typically
benefits everyone involved. This is because of people sharing the same goals and experiences gathering
together to support one another. He includes that working out with friends provides a level of
accountability, which helps you carry through on your commitment to enhance your fitness and health.
Working out with friends can also preoccupy you and make the time go by faster thus making the
exercising less painful and boring.

Dolan, Shawn, Ph.D., R.D., CSSD. "Benefits of Group Exercise." ACSM | Articles. N.p., 20 Jan. 2012. Web.
24 Feb. 2014.

This article is from the American College of Sports Medicine website and from the 2008 issue of ACSM fit
society magazine. Shawn describes and explains the benefits of exercising in groups in this article. She
explains that a lot of people struggle staying with their exercise because of time constraints. But this can
be eliminated with group fitness classes because most of them are only about 30-45 minutes long. She
talks about how group exercise appeals to a diverse crowd of people and you can choose the class that
best lines up with your fitness level and future goals. Also exercise classes are good for people with
limited knowledge about fitness and working with equipment. There are certified teachers in place to
help come up with a fitness routine and help teach people how to use equipment safely. Finally she
describes the accountability factor for working out in groups. People are more likely to show up to
work out if people are counting on you to meet them, and you are more likely to stick through the
workout in a class setting.

Frost, Shelley. "What Are the Benefits and Importance of Exercising in Groups?" LIVESTRONG.COM.
LIVESTRONG.COM, 20 July 2011. Web. 25 Feb. 2014.

This is an article from the Livestrong website and it is about the importance of exercising in groups.
Shelley Frost the author of this article says to, choose a group exercise class that matches your workout
personality for the greatest benefits. If you like fast paced workout and loud music for motivation you
should choose Zumba or Step Aerobics. If you like quiet and relaxing exercise you would want Yoga or
Pilates. She says socialization is a benefit to group fitness classes because it is more interesting and you
are with people you have things in common with. She brings up a good point that classes, May serve as
the foundation for long-lasting friendships or a stronger bond with people you already know that are
going into the same group exercise situation. As for commitment Frost says its easier to stay
committed to exercise when the class is at a certain time every day or week. Even if you are working out
informally with a friend or group of friends, you are more likely to stay committed because they are
counting on you. Finally Frost explains how motivation is increased when working out with other people
or in group fitness classes. She says there is the aspect of friendly competition that comes into play.
That can encourage you to keep going so you can beat your friends or the other people in the exercise
class. Frost writes, When you feel the urge to quit, your exercise partners provide the motivation to
continue. This is a good source that pointed out some different aspects of group exercise that I hadnt
thought about exploring yet.

Wagner, Gina DeMillo. "Group Effort." Experience Life. N.p., May 2011. Web. 23 Feb. 2014.

In this article Wagner discusses the benefits of group fitness briefly. It is a website from a fitness
magazine like SELF or Fitness. Wagner says, Jean Fain, LICSW, MSW, a Harvard Medical School
affiliated psychotherapist and author of The Self-Compassion Diet: A Step-by-Step Program to Lose
Weight with Loving-Kindness (Sounds True, 2010), has studied the physical and emotional benefits of
social support and exercise. She explains that what group fitness offers that solo training doesnt is
something she calls common humanity. She goes on to write about how social interaction in general is
good for your emotional health, so when you add it to exercise there is a win-win outcome. At the end
of the article she lists ways to Find the right class including finding an inspiring instructor, a feel-good
vibe, a tight community and a super workout.

Wolfe, Lisa M. "The Advantages of Group Exercise Classes." LIVESTRONG.COM. LIVESTRONG.COM, 07
Feb. 2012. Web. 26 Feb. 2014.

In this article Lisa Wolfe discusses the advantages of group exercise classes in detail. She says
that group exercise offer social inclusion opportunity, physical benefits and psychological support. The
article is organized with subtitles to make it easier to navigate. Each sub title is one of the advantages of
group fitness according to Wolfe. She explains that you will be surrounded by people with similar life
styles and fitness goals when you attend these classes. You are also likely to have more fun exercising
in a group than working out on your own. This is because humans are social beings and we usually
thrive in social settings. Next Wolfe wrote about how group exercise classes can aid in keeping your
motivation high. The instructor is similar to a personal trainer, because they are pushing you. When you
work out alone you only have personal motivation. Everyone in the room working towards the same
goal helps increase motivation also. As for the physical benefits, Wolfe says you can choose the classes
based on what your fitness goals are. For example, if your goal is cardiovascular improvement and
weight loss then dance aerobics, indoor cycling, kickboxing or step class are great choices for you. And
if you want relaxation techniques and stretching you would choose a yoga class. Finally accountability is
taken into account because you are more likely to go to the gym and exercise if people are expecting
you to be there. If you are just going by yourself, no one will know if you go or not so sitting on the sofa
instead would be easier. You are more likely to get off the sofa and go to class so you dont have to
explain to the instructor or your friends where you were. Wolfe says that if you have to pay for each
individual class you are even more likely to attend them because you dont want to waste your money.
This is a good source from a credible website of Livestrong and I liked how the article was broken into

Schlosberg, Suzanne, and Liz Neporent. Fitness for Dummies. 4th ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2011. Print.

I found a plethora of information in this book and I navigated through it using the table of contents. The
two authors have written other editions of the book and this is the newest edition available in the
library. This source focuses on all the aspects of fitness so I am focusing on the parts of the book that
pertain to my subject of group fitness. In the first chapter I found a heading titled, Getting inspiration
from others (18). Under this heading Schlosberg and Neporent explain that, sometimes the strongest
motivation to stick with your workouts comes from other people (18). They explain that time goes
faster when you are talking with a friend as you exercise. Also if you make plans to work out with a
friend you are more likely to follow through with the plan than if you only work out alone. They include
its even better for some people to work out with even more people because there are even more
people to socialize with (18). With more people coming to work out if one person decides not to show
up you will not be completely alone. This resource explains how easy it is to get involved in group fitness
especially if you enjoyed team sports as a child. To burn fat, build muscles, and have fun, all you need
to do is copy everything the instructor does (335). There are tips for how to choose a class that is right
for you, such as you should read the descriptions to see which one is right for you. Some of the classes
will be more aerobic, others may be meditation and yoga, and others will be more about strength
training with weights. It is all up to your personal preference what class you are most interested in based
on the outcomes you want to achieve. The rest of chapter 21 includes information about each class with
a description, what it does for you, the difficulty factor, and what you should wear to the class.
Schlosberg and Neporent touch on the social advantages by stating, you meet interesting people of all
ages and from all walks of life whom you may not have had the pleasure of knowing otherwise (385).
Becoming a part of a new fitness activity is a great way to widen your social circle and you will find you
have things in common with people you may not have known. This is a helpful source for my paper and
has even more information than I can include about all kinds of fitness.

Reflection: This is my annotated bibliography for assignment two. I got my sources together for the
research paper and summarized each source in the bibliography. This ended up helping me
tremendously with my literacy review because Id already read all of the sources and I had extended
knowledge of my subject too. It organized my sources in a way that I could relate them to each other
and fit them into the literacy review. This was time consuming but worth it and I didnt have to do a
works cited page later on because this was already done.