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The two rivals are equal concerning the national polls.

Their attention is twisted towards

the key-states which can change/recline the balance.
Two weeks before the US presidentials, the republican Mitt o!ney got up/ran down
with/catched up with his de!ocratic rival "arack #ba!a in the national polls. Thereby,
the race for the $hite %ouse changed/ transfor!ed/trans!uted in a veritable sprint for
the two co!petitors& the debate which was supposed to take place last night has a great
influence in the electoral calculus of the two antagonistic sides.
Taken in consideration the poll reali'ed by the daily $all Street (ournal and the )"*
)ews channel, #ba!a, the current president, and o!ney are egality/congruency in
the electoral choices/preferences, each of the! being credited with +, percent of the
The study !ade after the second televised debate showed that the results were !ore
cogent/decisive, the de!ocratic candidate winning plainly/ plainly winning it. -revious
!ade polls arranged by the sa!e !edia institutions were giving to #ba!a a three-point
Tourna!ents- !arathons
The polls are relieving that people.s trust in o!ney is highly increasing, a situation
which could lean the balance concerning the independent electorate in his favor/ in his
favor, concerning the independent electorate. /s an answer to the new poll nu!bers, the
#ba!a tea! ca!paign organi'ed a tourna!ent-!arathon in several key-states where the
fate of the 0 )ove!ber election could be decided.
1n only +2 hours, the president #ba!a will participate at electoral !eetings/rallies in si3
key-states, but also in *hicago, his residential city. #n the other front/side, ten thousand
volunteers, reactivated by the last polls, filled in for the local headquarters of the
epublican -arty to help the ca!paign in the last !inute.
The -resident hoped that he will !ake a good !ove at the last of the debates too,
centered on the international/e3ternal US politic, a do!ain in which o!ney stu!bled
over it, a few ti!es. "ut the /!ericans want a fir!er position of the country towards 1ran
and *hina, in tone with the accusations brought by the republicans of the actual
ad!inistration/ by the actual ad!inistration.s republicans.
"ut on the other hand, #ba!a will re!ind /!ericans at any cost that he gave the
eli!ination order of the nu!ber one US. ene!y& #sa!a bin 4anden, the al-5aida leader,
and that he too brought back ho!e the troupes/!ilitary troops/troupes fro! 1rak.
egardless of the debate.s fate on the e3ternal politic6s7, the analysts assert that the
attention will fall back upon the econo!ic politics, the !ain focus of the two candidates.
electoral agendas.