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by Dean Shomshak
No investigation into the unknown and
the unspeakable would be complete with-
out a few new and bizarre magical spells
many harmful, some helpful, and all of
them carrying the risk of madness. These
spells may be dropped into any CALL OF
CTHULHU game campaign IAJJEC
appearing E arcane books or forgotten
papers. Many of them can have adven-
tures designed around them with ease.
Haunted houses will never be the same
again. . . .
ActIvute IdoIon: An eidoIon is an
enchanled slalue lhal a Creal Id ne or
(Iess oflen) an uler Cod nay aninale for
shorl periods. These slalues can le snaII
enough lo fil on a looksheIf, or lhey can
le as lig as a Creal Id ne ilseIf (lhough
il is nol reconnended lhal an eidoIon le
nore lhan 15 high, corresponding lo a
SIZ of aloul 35). A good CN for an eido-
Ion is haIf lhal of lhe Creal Id ne repre-
senled, INT is (of course) lhe leings ovn,
STR and DLX are vhalever lhe Keeper
lhinks appropriale, and, IW depends on
hov nany sacrifices lhe eidoIon has had,
up lo lhe IW of lhe leing lhe eidoIon
represenls. A Creal Id ne or uler Cod
can casl speIIs lhrough an aclive eidoIon of
ilseIf if il vishes. When an eidoIon is acli-
valed, il can onIy le harned ly nagicaI
veapons ~ neaning lhe
52 OCTOBER 1987
slalue nighl le indeslruclilIe. An eidoIon
encounler nakes a good cIinax lo an
inlroduclory advenlure, since il Iels lhe
invesligalors face lhe avesone pover and
hideous visage of a Creal Id ne vilhoul
lhe sIaughler lhal such conlacl usuaIIy
produces ~ lhal is, if lhe ICs are Iucky
and fasl.
This speII aclivales lhe Ialenl nagic of an
inaclive eidoIon, lhus giving lhe deily
represenled lhe aliIily lo sense and acl
lhrough lhe slalue. Al lhe nonenl lhe
eidoIon is aninaled, lhe deily is avare of
lhe slalues exislence. Aclivalion cosls 1
pernanenl poinl of IW and 2d4 SAN ~
assuning lhal lhe casler (vho is prolalIy
sone denenled priesl or eviI sorcerer) has
any SAN Iefl. In addilion lo lhe usuaI
chanling and visuaIizalion of lizarre geo-
nelric forns, lhe casler veaves a Ioop of
siIver vire and lies il inlo a conpIicaled
knol. The sacrifice of a senlienl leing is
lhen perforned in a fashion appropriale
lo lhe deily, and a lovI of lurning lIood
is prepared ly nixing lhe lIood of a
hunan vilh sone fIannalIe Iiquid. The
lIood-fire nusl le very hol. IinaIIy, lhe
knolled vire is lhrovn inlo lhe lurning
lIood. When lhe lIood is conpIeleIy
lurned and lhe chanl finished, lhe eidoIon
is fuIIy aclivaled. Al lhis poinl, il has as
nany poinls of IW as lhe lolaI nunler
of viclins sacrificed lo il, up lo lhe Iinil of
lhe represenled leings IW.
Whal nallers for invesligalors is lhal a
varialion on lhe speII can le used lo deac-
livale an eidoIon. The nain difference is
lhal inslead of lhe sacrifice, an enchanled
knife is driven lhrough lhe cenler of lhe
vire knol on lhe finaI vord of lhe chanl,
lhus severing lhe deilys Iink lo lhe eidoIon
(lhal is, unIess soneone Ialer reaclivales
il). A deaclivaled eidoIon is vuIneralIe lo
nornaI danage and can lhus le deslroyed
in lhis nanner. Anolher nolalIe difference
is lhal lhe reversed speII acluaIIy raiscs
lhe caslers SAN ly 1O of lhe anounl
lhal vouId le gained ly defealing lhe
deily ilseIf. This percenlage is nosl defin-
ileIy veII-earned, since lhe deily aninaling
lhe eidoIon is avare of vhal lhe casler is
lrying lo do, and il nay use lhe eidoIon lo
allack lhe casler in nunerous vays.
BIuv Iovm: This speII creales a Iighl-
dislorling fieId around lhe casler, lIurring
his appearance. Anyone vho hopes lo
idenlify soneone vho is using lhis speII
nusl nake speciaI Spol Hidden or Idea
roIIs. (This speciaI roII is lhe skiII equiva-
Ienl of lhe inpaIe allack.) The speII cosls
lhree nagic poinls and Iasls one lurn. The
casler nusl nake a SAN roII or Iose 1-2
SAN poinls. The casler nusl vear a spe-
ciaI ring carved of rock cryslaI, lhe land is
lrianguIar in cross-seclion al every poinl,
Iike a Iong prisn lenl around inlo a lorus,
lul given a 36O lvisl so each face of lhe
prisn has lecone a nolius slrip. (UnIike
naleriaI conponenls in lhe AD&D gane,
lhe ring nay le used over and over again.)
Bvew AnugutLIc: There is nore lhan
one forn of lhis nagicaI drug, il can le an
oinlnenl, a drinkalIe Iiquid, an injeclion,
or vhalever. Sone of lhe ingredienls viII
aIvays le exolic, lul in nosl versions aII
are naluraI. TypicaI exanpIes of aclive
ingredienls are ginseng rools (lhe Iegend-
ary Iongevily drug of lhe rienl) and
gIands fron Iarge, oId carp (supposedIy,
carp can Iive forever, see lhe slories
HononcuIus or The Digging Levialhan
ly }anes I` BIayIock for furlher delaiIs). In
lhe course of conpounding lhe anagalhic
(any drug vhich sIovs or slops lhe aging
process), lhe casler infuses il vilh lvo
nagic poinls, vhich cosls no SAN. When
used, lhe drug lolaIIy arresls aging vilhin
lhe user for one veek.
The calch is lhal if one slops using lhe
anagalhic, lhe deferred aging relurns, lhe
Ionger aging has leen prevenled, lhe
fasler il cones lack. The nunler of days
il lakes for aging effecls lo fuIIy relurn
equaIs seven divided ly lhe nunler of
veeks lhe anagalhic has leen used (exlra
hours and ninules can easiIy le caIcu-
Ialed). AIlhough lhe exolic ingredienls are
lypicaIIy polenl enough (snaII anounls
suffice in naking suilalIe doses-of ana-
galhic), one can see lhal lhe anagalhic is
reaIIy nolhing nore lhan a lrap ~ in line,
nainlaining ones suppIy sIovIy lecones a
naller of Iife and dealh, ralher lhan a
naller of vanily. CIearIy, aging relurn can
le falaI, lhe chance of survivaI is CN x
5 x (70/c)
, vhere c represenls lhe
recipienls chronoIogicaI age, and 7O repre-
senls lhe cIassic lhree-score and len Iinil
of hunan Iife expeclancy. When c is Iess
lhan 5O, survivaI is aInosl cerlain, even
for nodesl conslilulions. When c passes
7O, lhe chance of survivaI drops rapidIy.
Afler c reaches 12O or so, having lhe
inevilalIe dealh cIinax vilh lhe lody
vilhering lo dusl nakes a nice louch.
When aging fron anagalhic vilhdravaI
is olvious (foIIoving 1O years or nore of
conlinuous use), lhe anagalhic shouId
cause SAN Ioss ~ lolh in lhe person aging,
and aloul haIf as nuch in acquainlances
vho see hov lhe years have suddenIy
relurned. The exacl anounl of SAN Ioss is
Iefl lo lhe Keepers judgnenl. Seeing sone-
one die of anagalhic vilhdravaI shouId le
a najor shock: 1d1O SAN Iosl for experi-
encing lhis grisIy, lizarre occurrence is
aloul righl.
uvtLquuke: This speII enalIes lhe
casler(s) lo creale a IocaI earlh lrenor
siniIar lo lhose crealed ly chlhonians. As
vilh chlhonian earlhquakes, lhe Richler-
scaIe force depends on lhe nunler of
nagic poinls expended, hovever, lhe
speIIs force equaIs lhe nagic poinls
divided ly 1O (inslead of ly 2O, lhe chlho-
nian ralio). The lase dianeler of lhe
earlhquake is sliII 1OO yards. As vilh
chlhonian earlhquakes, lhe dianeler of
lhe effecl can le expanded ly anolher 1OO
yards for every poinl laken off lhe lren-
ors Richler-scaIe force. A conslrainl on
lhe speII is lhal for every desired poinl of
force pasl five, lhe earlhquake area nusl
le expanded al Ieasl 1OO yards. Thus, lhe
snaIIesl area in vhich a Richler-scaIe
force 8 earlhquake couId le nade is 4OO
yards in dianeler, cosling 11O nagic
f course, very fev sorcerers have lhe
nagic-poinl reserves lo use lhis speII lo
greal effecl. More oflen, a group of sor-
cerers viII galher lo casl il, pooIing lheir
nagic poinls. They can le lacked up ly
cuIlisls vho donl acluaIIy knov lhe speII
lul chanl aIong anyvay, lhus donaling
one addilionaI nagic poinl each. Up lo 15
cuIlisls per sorcerer can augnenl lhe
speIIs pover in lhis nanner.
The Larlhquake speII is lhus nore pov-
erfuI in sone vays lhan lhe chlhonian
earlhquake pover, al Ieasl, ils nore effi-
cienl in ils use of nagic poinls. This speII,
hovever, aIso carries sone reslriclions
alsenl fron lhe chlhonian pover. The
area reslriclion has aIready leen
descriled. The speII aIso requires aloul an
hour lo casl. WhiIe chlhonians nay veII
require as nuch line lo creale lheir lren-
ors, lhey donl have lo vorry aloul leing
inlerrupled. Whals nore, lhe speII
requires sone ralher avkvard riluaI
paraphernaIia. Lach sorcerer casling lhe
speII nusl carry a speciaI enchanled rod
vhiIe lhey chanl, geslure, and carry on as
lhey pronenade around a negaIilh al Ieasl
nine culic yards in voIune. The negaIilh
nusl le previousIy consecraled ly lhe
sacrifice of a nannaI of SIZ 1O or grealer,
lhen sneared vilh a dal of each caslers
ovn lIood. The lones of lhe sacrifice are
lurned in a fire alop lhe negaIilh vhiIe
lhe speII is leing casl.
The peopIe vho casl an Larlhquake are
unaffecled ly lhe speII. The lrenor roIIs
oul fron a circIe 1O in radius, cenlered
on lhe negaIilh. Wilhin lhal circIe, lhe
ground renains unshaken.
Hovvov StencL: This speII creales one
of lhose hideous, nind-lIasling slenches
Lovecrafl enjoyed descriling. The naleriaI
conponenl is a cone of speciaI incense.
Lach lalch of incense lakes a Chenislry
roII lo successfuIIy conpound. TypicaIIy,
no nore lhan 1O cones of incense are
nade in a lalch. Sone of lhe ingredienls
are quile expensive, and lhe process
requires preciseIy conlroIIed lenperalures
and quick, uniforn nixing ~ conlroIs
vhich are difficuIl lo achieve in Iarge
The snoke fron lhe incense sneIIs quile
fouI ly ilseIf, lul vhen lhe speII proper is
casl on lhe incense, lhe odor lecones
even nore offensive. The speII lakes onIy
one conlal round lo casl, and cosls 1d3
SAN poinls and up lo 1O nagic poinls. Ior
each nagic poinl pul inlo lhe speII, lhe
incenses slench has lvo poinls of poison
IT. Wilhin lhe firsl round of lurning,
lhe slench expands lo fiII an area 1O yards
in radius. Anyone caughl vilhin lhis area
nusl pil his CN againsl lhe snokes IT
in lhe usuaI nanner. If lhe person faiIs lhe
resislance roII, he has a (IT -CN) x
5 chance of passing oul, and his STR,
DLX, and aII skiIIs are cul in haIf. Lven if
he nakes lhe resislance roII, nausea
reduces aII his skiIIs and DLX lo lhree-
fourlhs lheir nornaI vaIue. n lop of aII
lhis, anyone vho sneIIs lhe fuII odor of a
Horror Slench nusl nake a successfuI
SAN roII or Iose 1d4 SAN poinls.
Losl skiII, STR, DLX, or consciousness
are regained 1O-(CN/3) ninules afler
lhe speII ends or afler lhe viclin Ieaves
lhe area of effecl. A cone of incense lurns
for five ninules. Casling lhe speII nore
lhan once or lurning nore lhan one cone
of incense exlends lhe area of duralion of
lhe slench, lul does nol nake lhe effecl
nore severe. A noislened handkerchief
heId over lhe nose and noulh reduces lhe
odors effecl lo lhe reduclion of skiIIs and
DLX lo one-quarler nornaI IeveIs if lhe
resislance roII is faiIed, and no Ioss al aII if
lhe roII is nade (lul SAN Ioss renains).
nIy speciaI air fiIlers, such as lhose in gas
nasks, can fuIIy lIock lhe hideous odor.
Susend AnImutIon: This speII nagi-
caIIy reduces nelaloIic processes so lhe
casler or a designaled largel is alIe lo
exisl vilhoul food, valer, or even air for
greal Ienglhs of line. A dravlack lo lhis
speII, hovever, is lhal a person using
Suspend Aninalion is unalIe lo nove
vhiIe under lhe speIIs pover. The casler
SAN Ioss TubIe:
Susend AnImutIon
uys duvutIon oI
susended unImutIon
SAN Ioss

1d4 + 1d6
1d6 + 1d8
or largel relains a nininaI IeveI of con-
sciousness lhrough suspended aninalion,
vhich is roughIy equaI lo lhal of deep
sIeep ~ in olher vords, al a shaIIov
enough IeveI lo aIIov lhe person lo le
roused lo a grealer consciousness if lhere
is sone change in lheir surroundings and
lhe person nakes a Luck roII. Thus, lhis
slale of aIerlness is siniIar lo a nedilalive
lrance. Iron lhis slale of nind, lhe person
nay avaken fuIIy vilhin 1O-3O ninules,
lhus ending lhe speII.
Suspending aninalion for a day or Iess
cosls onIy lvo nagic poinls and no SAN al
aII. Lach addilionaI nagic poinl expended
doulIes lhe naxinun Ienglh of line lhe
person can slay in suspended aninalion:
in olher vords, 2 days for 3 nagic poinls,
4 days for 4 nagic poinls, 8 days for 5
nagic poinls, and so on. A casler vho has
15 nagic poinls lo use couId slay in sus-
pended aninalion for over 22 years vilh-
oul any innediale Ioss lo SAN. ver greal
Ienglhs of line, hovever, Ioss of SAN
lecones nore of a possiliIily. Suggesled
SAN Iosses for various line spans are
Iisled on lhe SAN Loss TalIe in lhis arlicIe.
Il is unIikeIy lhal invesligalors viII ever
have reason lo use Suspended Aninalion
for decades al a line, aIlhough lhe possi-
liIily neverlheIess exisls.
Tevvov WuII: AII vho hear lhis fear-
sone, nagicaIIy enhanced uIuIalion nusl
nake a SAN roII or Iose 1d3 SAN and fIee
in lIind panic for 2-5 rounds. Lven lhose
vho nake lhe SAN roII feeI lvinges of
fear and if lhey donl knov or suspecl lhe
source of lhe vaiI, lhey nighl decide
lheyd ralher nol find oul. The speII
requires a fuII round of concenlralion
lefore ullering lhe vaiI, and cosls lhree
nagic poinls and one SAN.
YeIIow SIgn: This nolorious laIisnan of
Haslur and lhe enignalic King in YeIIov
nusl aIvays le dravn in sonelhing yeI-
Iov, vhelher il le yeIIov chaIk on lhe
ground or yeIIov goId covered vilh lIack
enaneI oulside lhe Signs oulIine. nce lhe
Sign is dravn, lhe casler invesls il vilh
one pernanenl poinl of IW and Ioses
1d6 SAN. Anyone vho sees such an
enchanled copy of lhe Sign for lhe firsl
line even if he has seen olher copies of
lhe Sign lefore ~ nusl nake a SAN roII or
Iose 1d2 SAN poinls. If he nakes a ClhuIhu
Mylhos roII al doulIe nornaI chance of
success, he recognizes lhe YeIIov Sign for
vhal il slands for, and viII lherefore Iose
1d6 SAN inslead, or one poinl of SAN even
if he nakes his SAN roII.
More inporlanlIy, anyone vho knovs
lhis speII can casl five nagic poinls inlo an
energized YeIIov Sign, Iosing 1d6 SAN in
lhe process. Anyone vho sees lhe resuI-
lanl Sign on lhal round nusl nake a SAN
roII or Iose 3d4 SAN (and 1d6 SAN even if
lhe roII succeeds). ClhuIhu Mylhos knovI-
edge does nol affecl lhis in any vay.
A YeIIov Sign renains energized for as
Iong as il renains unnarred: a fev
scralches vonl dispeI ils pover. To dispeI
lhis ilens pover, lhe YeIIov Sign nusl le
defaced unliI ils shape is no Ionger recog-
nizalIe. Defacing an aclive YeIIov Sign
nels lhe defacer one SAN poinl if he faiIs
an Idea roII. If lhe person nakes lhe Idea
roII, he reaIizes hov fuliIe his aclion is,
and so does nol receive lhe SAN poinl.
(conlinued fron page 3)
IriJo,. Bad Iuck conlinues vhen
}eff Crull faIIs and disIocales his
Iefl shouIder on anolher escaIalor.
n lhe good side, I find a copy of
lhe IIie Norlh CoIoring Book and
sone 15nn space narines. Six
peopIe cone ly lhe nagazines loolh
Iooking for Bruce Heard. Rolin
}enkins lrolher agrees lo send ne a
piclure he look shoving Rolin
riding a gianl pig slalue in a IocaI
reslauranl. IASA and Tvenlielh
Cenlury Inporls dueI il oul in a
BATTLLTLCH gane in vhich lhe
allacking pIayers gel lo hil lhe nin-
ialure figures of lheir largels vilh a
hanner, lils and pieces of Iead are
scallered everyvhere, and lhe
crovd Ioves il.
Thal evening, Barlara and I lake
DUNCLN Advenlures aulhors
Cranl and David Boucher oul for
dinner al a nearly reslauranl. Dur-
ing lhe neaI, I nanage lo spiII ny
gIass of niIk aII over lhe lalIe as
veII as over David Boucher. Lvery-
one lakes il veII, lhough I consider
enlering a nonaslery lo hide ny
shane. Laler on, a friend leIIs ne
lhal a friend of his overheard a guy
leII soneone eIse lhal I nusl have
reaIIy lied one on lhe nighl lefore.
Whal` I ask. Why did he say
lhal` I dunno, says lhe friend.
}usl lhoughl youd Iike lo knov.
SoIurJo,. LscaIalors nov scare
ne, lul I ride lhen anyvay. The
superheroes seninar goes veII,
lhough }eff Crull couId nol allend.
Warren Speclor accidenlaIIy
descriles lhe MarveI Universe as lhe
reaI vorId, and Iols of exciling
ideas are exchanged, none of vhich
I can renenler righl nov. Nine
peopIe cone ly lhe nagazines loolh
Iooking for Bruce Heard. WhiIe
challing vilh lhe peopIe fron
STARDATL Magazine, I discover lhal
lheir arl direclor is jusl as lizarre as
our ovn, and I offer lo send Roger
Raupp over as parl of a cuIluraI
exchange on edilor aluse. A Iol of
lalies suddenIy appear al lhe con-
venlion, anong lhen ny son }ohn
and Lorraine WiIIians daughler
AIexis, vho lries lo puII lhe lullons
off }ohns suil. We slarl seIIing oId
DRACN Magazines for onIy $1
each al lhe loolh, and lhe saIe lurns
inlo a feeding frenzy. When I gel
lack lo ny holeI roon, I Iay oul aII
lhe arlicIes I have lo read for lhe
coning nagazine deadIine, lhen faII
asIeep for 11 hours slraighl.
SunJo,. In order lo spur saIes,
Roger Raupp dravs a gIovering
caricalure of ny face on a heIiun
laIIoon vilh lhe Iegend: BUY R
DIL!!! and fIies il over lhe naga-
zines loolh. Lilher lecause of lhal
or lhe conlinualion of our doIIar-a-
DRACN Magazine saIe, ve seII a Iol
and even give avay aII lhe copies ve
have of AMAZINC Slories. I Iose
counl of hov nany peopIe are Iook-
ing for Bruce Heard, lul ils aII
irreIevanl since hes aIready gone
hone. We have our DRACN Maga-
zine seninar and ils aII over.
The convenlion ends al 4 2 and
ve lear dovn lhe nagazines loolh
in one hour. Lveryone Ieaves lul
ne, since I have lo hauI sone loxes
oul lo ny car, vhich I canl gel inlo
lhe Ioading dock unliI lhe currenl
lraffic jan dies dovn. When lhe jan
ends, I run lack lo lhe parking
garage lo gel ny car ~ and discover
lhal In $3 shorl lo gel lhe car oul. I
run lack lo MLCCA, lorrov sone
noney fron }udy Cifford (TSR,
conpuler deparlnenl), and run
lack lo lhe garage.
Hey, nan, lhe allendanl says.
We nade a nislake. Are you vilh
lhe convenlion` I say yes, and lhe
allendanl lurns and yeIIs, I loId you
so! al anolher allendanl. Yeah, he
says vhen he lurns lack. We
charged you lhe vrong rale 'cause
ve lhoughl you vere leing heId in
lhe drunk lank and your car vas
inpounded. I reaIize lhal lhe cily
poIice slalion is direclIy alove lhe
(underground) parking garage, and
sigh. I pay a nuch reduced parking
fee and drive lo MLCCA, vhere I gel
ny possessions, and I drive hone.
The grass in lhe fronl yard needs
lo le noved, In lehind on dead-
Iine, and ny allenlion span is aloul
6O seconds Iong. WeII, I leII nyseIf,
al Ieasl lhals over vilh. The nexl
norning, I vake up vilh a head coId
and discover lhe car is Ieaking lrake
See you nexl year. . . .
by CvuIg ScLueIev
The BIack Book
the Hunters
Neu ltens for Chaosluns CALL O| CTHULHU

Before hio untimely Jeuth in 1034, the
renouneJ profeooor unJ occultiot, HouurJ
Brimley, huJ conoulteJ neurly etery tome
reletunt to the Cthulhu Mythoo in hio
oeurch for u uuy to Jeotroy the ElJer CoJo
once unJ for ull. Although he neter founJ
the oolution to hio queot, he compileJ
muny noteo Jeuling uith neurly etery
fucet of the mythoo. PreoenteJ here io u
portion of hio recently reJiocotereJ munu-
ocripto u frugment Jeuling uith one of
the leooer-knoun uorko of the mythoo,
The Bluck Book of Shub-igguruth. 1t io
hopeJ thut thio informution uill be of uoe
to inteotigutoro eteryuhere.
MS: #O2O25 look calaIog
DT: 1O/29/1925
RL: The Bluck Book of Shub-igguruth
I acquired The Bluck Book lvo years
ago, pureIy ly chance. Since lhen, I feeI I
have sufficienlIy anaIyzed il lo give a
proper descriplion of ils conlenls.
As every serious sludenl of lhe occuIl
knovs, lhe deily Shul-Nigguralh is a god-
dess concerned vilh ferliIily. The Bluck
Book cIarifies lhis, as il seens lo le sone
kind of prayer look for her earlhIy
priesls. Nol onIy is il fuII of prayers lo lhis
nonslrous goddess, il aIso conlains naleri-
aI reIevanl lo NyarIalholep. Il is yel
unknovn vhal kind of conneclion lhe lvo
gods have, or if lhere is any lrue connec-
lion lelveen lhen al aII.
TIe Blocl 3cc| is a hardlound lone
vilh a fIal lIack cover, ils dinensions are
8 x 11 x 1. The copy I found is
vrillen in archaic Lalin, conprising 368
pages and no iIIuslralions of any sorl.
NeverlheIess, lhis version of TIe Blocl
Bool has evidence of a coIor draving on
lhe very firsl page. When I received lhe
voIune, hovever, lhe page had leen lorn
16 OCTOBLR 1988
oul, Ieaving onIy lhe very edge of lhe
piclure. Il renains lo le seen vhal lhe
piclure vas and vhal inporlance il had.
The firsl page pasl lhe lorn sheel hoIds a
popuIar prayer lo Shul-Nigguralh. Il reads
(vhen lransIaled):
O friend and conpanion of nighl,
lhou vho rejoices in lhe laying of dogs
and spiIl lIood, vho vanderesl in lhe
nidsl of shades anong lhe lonls, vho
Iongesl for lIood and lringesl lerror
lo norlaIs, Corgo, Morno, lhousand-
faced noon, Iook favoralIy on our
TIe Blocl Bool is fiIIed vilh doggereI
such as lhis, as veII as severaI sels of
inslruclion for cerenonies lo Shul-
Nigguralh. WhiIe lhe speII CaII Shul-
Nigguralh is veII knovn lo nany
nagicians and praclicers of lhe dark arls,
lhe adaplion in The Bluck Book is unusuaI
in lhal il sunnons Shul-Nigguralh, pIaces
her in a forn of slasis, and forces her lo
ansver any queslions lhe casler of lhe
speII asks. The speII is apparenlIy used lo
force lhe goddess lo appear al inporlanl
cuIl cerenonies.
The look hoIds severaI olher speIIs as
veII, onIy lvo of vhich are unusuaI. One
of lhe nagicaI fornuIas is for lhe crealion
of a Knife of Iover, a polenl veapon used
nosl oflen ly cuIl priesls lo sIay sacri-
fices. According lo The Bluck Book, lhe
Knife (nole lhal I an judging ly exlrapoIa-
lion, I have nol laken lhe line lo creale
one of ny ovn) slores lhe pover of lhose
sIain vilh il. On connand, a loIl of
energy povered ly lhe souIs vilhin lhe
lIade spring forlh fron lhe daggers lip.
The loIl ilseIf is a very poverfuI veapon
vilh apparenlIy enough energy lo lIasl a
hoIe lhrough a sheel of nelaI.
The olher unusuaI speII is used lo sun-
non a crealure nol previousIy descriled
in lhe olher looks of occuIl Iore I have
perused. CaIIed lhe Hunler of Shul-
Nigguralh, lhis enlily appears lo leIong lo
a poverfuI servilor race, nol unIike lhe
Dark Young of Shul-Nigguralh. RecenlIy, I
sel aloul lo conjure and sludy one of
lhose servilors, and I vas alIe lo Iearn
sonelhing aloul il.
The Hunlers of Shul-Nigguralh are
forlunaleIy seIdon encounlered. UnIike
lheir lrolhers, lhe Dark Young, lhe
Hunlers are never caIIed lo preside over
cuIl cerenonies or lo perforn siniIar
funclions. They are caIIed inlo service and
conlroIIed onIy ly high priesls or ly Shul-
Nigguralh herseIf.
The Hunlers are caIIed fron lheir hone
vorId for one purpose onIy ~ lo hunl.
When sunnoned and given lhe descrip-
lion of a viclin, a Hunler lracks dovn lhe
largel and viII nol slop unliI eilher il or
lhe largel is dead. The Hunler has a spe-
ciaI sense vhich aIIovs il lo hone in on a
person vhen provided vilh sonelhing lhe
person has recenlIy louched (such as a naiI
cIipping or a Iock of hair).
The Hunler lhal I conjured vas aloul 8
laII, il slood on lvo Iegs and vaIked erecl.
The Hunler vas nassive and vagueIy
hunanoid in appearance, leing covered in
fiIlhy lrovnish-gray fur. Ils head vas
nerged vilh ils lorso so lhal il had no
neck vhalsoever and no lrue face, excepl
for ils yeIIov, pupiIIess eyes and a nass of
lenlacIes lelveen and leIov lhen. Ils
hands vere hunanIike, excepl for lhe
nerging of lvo fingers and lhe presence
of velling lelveen lhe olher digils.
Shorl, ironIike laIons projecled fron each
finger. Despile ils lIoaled appearance, lhe
Hunler seened quile agiIe and reslIess,
and paced lack and forlh on ils roolIike
feel, ils faciaI lenlacIes vrilhing and curI-
ing Iike serpenls. In cerlain vays, il resen-
The Hunler did nol speak excepl in
grunls and Iov squeaIs (perhaps ils nalive
lIed one of lhe Slar-Spavn of ClhuIhu,
Ianguage), lhough il is capalIe of a crude
connunicalion lhrough a rough forn of
lhough il Iacked vings.
enpalhy, vhich lransnils lhe Hunlers
inlenlions and enolions lo nearly leings.
ApparenlIy, Hunlers are unalIe lo conlroI
lhis aliIily, lhus, lhey projecl lheir nenlaI
condilions (such as lhey are) conslanlIy.
Iron lhe one Hunler I sunnoned, I
received very poverfuI feeIings of inpa-
lience and anlicipalion, il doullIess
desired lo go on a hunl.
The Hunlers poinl of origin is as yel
unknovn. They couId le fron an enlireIy
differenl dinension, or lhey couId le lhe
spavn fron a nearly pIanel in our ovn
soIar syslen.
AII in aII, T|c 3|ac| 3cc| cf S|uo-
Niggura|| is quile vaIualIe, especiaIIy lo
devolees of lhal deily. Olhervise, ils vaIue
depends on lhe individuaI invesligalor.
IrolalIy lhe lesl use of lhis lone is lo
sludy lhe speII knovIedge il conlains,
lhough I have failhfuI copied lhe sunnon-
ing riyaI for Shul-Nigguralh, if indeed
lhis crealure is sunnoned in a heIpIess
condilion, nore lhe leller lo deslroy il in
a reIaliveIy safe fashion. One can onIy
hope for lhe lesl. . . .
Gume notes
Ior Keepers vho vish lo use T|c 3|ac|
3cc|, lhe Hunlers of Shul-Nigguralh, and
any of lhe nev speIIs in lhis arlicIe, lhe
foIIoving slalislics are incIuded.
T|c 3|ac| 3cc| cf S|uo-Niggura|| gives
5 ClhuIhu Mylhos knovIedge, vilh a
speII nuIlipIier of 2. T|c 3|ac| 3cc| nay
le found in severaI differenl Ianguages,
nosl connonIy LngIish or Spanish. The
SAN Ioss for reading T|c 3|ac| 3cc| is
1d6. Since lhis look is fairIy Iov-povered
(in lerns of knovIedge gained), il nay le
one of lhe firsl Mylhos vorks lhe adven-
18 OCTOBLR 1988
SpeIIs are gained fron T|c 3|ac| 3cc| in
lurers find. ConsequenlIy, nearIy every
lhe foIIoving order:
1. Sunnon Dark Young of Shul-
poverfuI priesl of Shul-Nigguralh pos-
2. Bind Dark Young of Shul-Nigguralh
sesses a copy.
3. CaII Shul-Nigguralh
4. Bind Shul-Nigguralh (nev speII)
5. Conlacl NyarIalholep
6. Lnchanl Iover Knife (nev speII)
7. Sunnon Hunler of Shul-Nigguralh
(nev speII)
8. Voorish Sign
The najorily of lhese speIIs are
descriled in lhe CALL OI CTHULHU gane
ruIe look. The lhree nev speIIs foIIov:
3in S|uo-Niggura||. This poverfuI
speII sunnons Shul-Nigguralh, vho
appears al lhe caslers Iocalion in a forn
of slasis fron vhich she cannol escape
unliI lhe casler frees her, she nakes a roII
of 1O or Iess on 1dIOO (nade every nin-
ule), or she is allacked. In lhe case of
leing aIIoved lo Ieave, lhere is a 2O
chance Shul-Nigguralh viII kiII lhe casler
lefore she goes. In any olher case, Shul-
Nigguralh aulonalicaIIy allacks anyone in
sighl lefore disappearing. This speII is
connonIy used ly cuIlisls lo lring Shul-
Nigguralh lo preside over cerlain speciaI
cerenonies. Her dispIeasure is hopefuIIy
eased ly pIacing nany sacrificiaI viclins
around her sunnoning poinl.
This speII has anolher use, hovever ~
one lhal is of polenliaI inleresl lo vizards.
When Shul-Nigguralh is heId in slasis, lhe
casler nay ask any queslions of lhe deily.
Under lhe infIuence of lhe speII, Shul-
Nigguralh is conpeIIed lo ansver lhen
(unforlunaleIy for lhe casler, she is under
no olIigalion lo ansver lrulhfuIIy). AIso,
every queslion asked adds 5 lo Shul-
Nigguralhs chance of escape (caIcuIaled
every ninule). Of course, vhen freed, lhe
deily viII nol hesilale in sIaying lhe nage,
even lo lhe exlenl of sending a Dark
Young or a Hunler if her prey escapes.
OnIy lhe nosl poverfuI or fooIish vizards
use lhis speII for lhis purpose.
This speII cosls lhree pernanenl IOW
poinls lo casl, vilh anolher IOW Iosl
upon lhe vord lo reIease Shul-Nigguralh
fron her prison. The speII requires speciaI
candIes, a penlagran, and severaI olher
cerenoniaI ilens lhal cosl al Ieasl $2OO lo
|nc|an| Pcucr Knifc. This is one of lhe
Lnchanl Ilen speIIs descriled in lhe CALL
OI CTHULHU gane ruIe look, pages 76-
77. To creale a Iover Knife requires a
siIver knife vorlh no Iess lhan $35O, a
sacrifice lo Shul-Nigguralh of al Ieasl 1O
SIZ vorlh of viclins, lhe pernanenl Ioss
of 3 IOW, and a sanily Ioss of 1d1O. Il
lakes lvo days lo casl lhis speII, and lhe
resuIl is a very fornidalIe veapon.
When lhe Iover Knife is conpIeled and
is used lo kiII a leing vhiIe a prayer lo
Shul-Nigguralh is spoken, lhe dagger
IileraIIy alsorls lhe IOW lhal lhe viclin
had al lhe line of ils dealh. Thal, hov-
ever, is jusl haIf of lhe speciaI pover of lhe
knife. Upon connand, a lean of energy is
enilled fron lhe lip of lhe knife, aulonal-
icaIIy hilling lhe chosen largel. Before
firing, lhough, lhe user nusl specify hov
nany IOW poinls he is expending. The
IOW used in lhe allack is gone fron lhe
knife forever, having changed inlo energy
lo fueI lhe lean. The effeclive Ienglh of
lhe energy lean is 1O nelers per poinl of
IOW used.
Nexl, lhe viclin nalches his IOW
againsl lhe IOW used in lhe leans allack.
If lhe lean is overcone ly lhe viclins
IOW, lhe allack has no effecl and lhe
IOW used ly lhe knife is vasled. On lhe
olher hand, if lhe viclin is overcone, he
nusl roII lhe resuIl of his CON x 3 or
Iover on 1d1OO. If lhe viclin succeeds, he
lakes 1dIO danage fron lhe lean. If he
faiIs lhe roII, he is inslanlIy lIasled lo
ashes. Because of lhis veapons eviI
nalure, il is seIdon used ly invesligalors
lul can oflen le found in lhe hands of a
high priesl of Shul-Nigguralh. The knife is
onIy usalIe ly ils crealor.
Sunncn Hun|cr cf S|uo-Niggura||. This
speII is idenlicaI lo lhe olher Sunnon
speIIs, and il requires an idoI of eilher
Shul-Nigguralh or a Hunler lo vork. As
descriled in lhe lexl given earIier, lhis
speII sunnons a singIe Hunler.
Huntev oI SLub-NIgguvutL
(Gveutev SevvItov Ruce)
escvIptIon: A fuII descriplion of lhis
crealure is provided in lhe nanuscripl
suppIied ly Hovard BrinIey, given earIier
in lhis arlicIe.
Notes: A Hunler, as slaled earIier, is onIy
sunnoned lo hunl dovn leings vho have
sonehov offended Shul-Nigguralh or her
represenlalives. Il has a sense lhal aIIovs
il lo hone in on ils largel. Once ils nission
is conpIele, il disinlegrales aulonalicaIIy.
HIt poInts
5D6 + 2O
5D6 + 1O
3 7 - 3 8
2 7 - 2 8
1 7 - 1 8
3 - 5
3 O
Weupon Attk" umuge
CIav (2) 6O 2d6
IaciaI lenlacIes 9O 5d6
Avmov: A Hunler has lhick hide vorlh 4
SpeIIs: A Hunler has no speIIs, lul il has
lhe honing aliIily descriled previousIy.
SkIIIs: Sneak 95, Hide 55, CIinl 8O,
Svin 5O.
SAN: Seeing a Hunler of Shul-Nigguralh
cosls 1d1O poinls of SAN. A successfuI
SAN roII sliII cosls 1d6 poinls of SAN.
19SS by WIIIIam A. Barton
The foIIoving arlicIe aIIovs Invesligalors in
Chaosiuns CALL I CTHULHU roIe-pIaying gane lo
engage in lhe nore nundane occuIl praclices aIIov-
ing expIoralion of lhe unknovn (and perniling lhe
Invesligalors lo share in ils dangers as veII). This
arlicIe vas originaIIy a parl of lhe SpiriluaIisl seclion
of lhe C|nu|nu oq Gas|ign| loxed suppIenenl, unforlu-
naleIy, il had lo le cul lecause of space Iinilalions.
AIlhough Keepers running 189Os canpaigns viII find
lhese guideIines of lhe nosl use in lheir ganes, pri-
nariIy lecause of lhe grovlh of spiriluaIislic and
nediunislic praclices during lhal line period, lhose
running CALL I CTHULHU gane canpaigns sel in
lhe 192Os or Ialer shouId have fev prolIens incorpo-
raling lhese ruIes inlo lheir ovn ganes.
Seances, possessions, and exorcisms in CALL OF CTHULHU games
36 NVLMBLR 1988
Ior reasons of lheir ovn during lhe
course of an occuIl invesligalion, Invesliga-
lors nighl lhink il desiralIe lo allenpl a
seance, eilher ly lhenseIves or using lhe
services of a spiril nediun. A successfuI
ccuIl or KnovIedge roII indicales lhal an
Invesligalor al Ieasl knovs of such a nedi-
un. Whelher lhe nediun in queslion is a
cIever fraud or an acluaI nediun vilh
lrue psychic povers is up lo lhe Keeper,
vho aIso delernines an acluaI nediuns
chance of success in sunnoning spirils for
lhe Invesligalors purposes.
ShouId lhe Invesligalors lhenseIves
allenpl a seance vilhoul an NIC nediun,
lheir chance of a successfuI sunnoning is
a percenlage equaI lo lhe IW of lhe
characler Ieading lhe seance and acling as
nediun, or lhe average IW of aII lhe
characlers logelher (vhichever is grealer).
Iarlicipanls, incIuding lhe inpronplu
nediun, nay increase lheir chance of
success in lhe seance ly conlriluling
lenporary Magic Ioinls. Avard a 1
increase lo lheir chance of success for
each Magic Ioinl expended. Hovever,
such a conlrilulion of Magic Ioinls Ieaves
characlers nore vuIneralIe lo one of lhe
dangers of a seance ~ possession ly a
naIevoIenl spiril enlily, shouId lhey aclu-
aIIy nanage lo conlacl one. (A successfuI
ccuIl roII ly any Invesligalor reveaIs lo
hin lhe effecls of Magic-Ioinl expendilure
in a seance ~ lolh posilive and negalive.)
The chance for success in a seance is
reduced ly haIf (afler Magic-Ioinl addi-
lion) if lhe Invesligalors faiI lo sel up lhe
seance vilh lhe proper lrappings ~ a
dinIy Iil roon, parlicipanls silling around
a lalIe in a circIe hoIding hands, a nini-
nun of conversalion, elc. Afler aII lhese
faclors are laken inlo consideralion, lhe
1d1OO roII nusl le nade in secrel ly lhe
Keeper. If lhe roII is successfuI, lhe Invesli-
galors nanage lo conlacl a disenlodied
spiril. To delernine lhe exacl nalure of
lhe spiril conlacled, lhe Keeper nusl
nake a second secrel roII, lased on lhe
Luck score of lhe Invesligalor acling as
nediun or Ieading lhe seance.
If lhis second roII is one-fiflh or Iess of
lhe Invesligalor-nediuns Luck, lhe Inves-
ligalors have conlacled eilher lhe specific
spiril lhey vere seeking or a lenevoIenl
spiril guide vho can direcl lhen lo
vhon lhey desire, if no parlicuIar spiril
vas specified al lhe leginning. A reguIar
success, lelveen one-fiflh and lhe Invesli-
galors fuII Luck score, caIIs up a neulraI
spiril guide, vho acls as lhe Invesligalor
vishes if he succeeds in a IW vs. IW
roII againsl lhe spiril lo lind and conlroI
il. IaiIure in lhe IW slruggIe indicales
lhal lhe spiril does nol acl as a guide for
lhe Invesligalors and eilher Ieaves or puIIs
lricks on lhen ~ aninaling lalIes, knock-
ing lhings off lhe vaII, denaleriaIizing
snaII oljecls ~ depending on hov ladIy
lhis roII vas nissed.
If lhe Keepers roII againsl lhe Invesliga-
lors Luck faiIs, lhe characlers have con-
lacled a naIevoIenl spiril (a dainon) vho
allenpls lo possess lhe Invesligalor acling
as lhe nediun (or lhe Invesligalor vilh
lhe Iovesl IW, if none of lhen vere
acluaIIy Ieading lhe seance). The dainon
does lhis ly nalching ils Magic Ioinls vs.
lhose of lhe Invesligalor il allenpls lo
possess. If il faiIs in ils possession allenpl,
lhe eviI spiril nay sinpIy lry lo deceive
lhe Invesligalors, Ieading lhen aslray vilh
nisinfornalion vhiIe prelending lo le lhe
enlily lhey seek. AIlernaleIy, lhe dainon
nay pIay lricks on lhen. These lricks viII
le siniIar lo lhose of lhe neulraI spiril ~
lhough of a naslier, nore harnfuI nalure.
Before il Ieaves, lhe naIevoIenl spiril
nakes a finaI allenpl lo possess lhe Inves-
ligalor vilh lhe Iovesl Magic Ioinls. If il
faiIs in lhis, lhe spiril Ieaves, ils passing
narked ly a lIasl of vind and an eerie
If lhe Luck roII in sunnoning a spiril is
a roII of 96-OO, lhe Invesligalor/nediun
eilher finds hinseIf pIaced in leIepalhic
conlacl vilh a ClhuIhoid enlily ~ perhaps
even Creal ClhuIhu hinseIf ~ or inadver-
lenlIy sunnons a ClhuIhoid nonsler.
Lilher of lhese evenluaIilies has dire
resuIls. (The choice of deily conlacled or
nonsler sunnoned is up lo lhe Keeper,
lhe deily shouId, hovever,. le appropriale
lo lhe silualion or selling of lhe advenlure
in vhich lhe seance is allenpled.)
If an Invesligalor lecones possessed ly
a naIevoIenl spiril, he renains so unliI lhe
spiril decides lo Ieave on ils ovn or is
exorcised. A neulraI or lenevoIenl spiril
nay possess a characler in order lo give
infornalion ly speaking lo or lhrough lhe
characler, lul does so onIy if inviled lo do
so. The lenevoIenl spiril Ieaves as soon as
ils lask is finished or lhe Invesligalor asks
il lo Ieave. The neulraI spiril acls in Iike
nanner unIess lhe Invesligalor faiIs a
IW x 5 roII. If lhis happens, lhe Invesli-
galor nusl drive il oul vilh a IW vs.
IW roII. IaiIing lhis, lhe spiril viII have
lo le exorcised, lhe Invesligalor lhen has
onIy one chance lo drive il oul hinseIf.
A naIevoIenl spiril, once in possession
of an Invesligalor, allenpls lo conceaI ils
presence as Iong as possilIe, naking ils
hosls conpanions leIieve lhe Invesligalor
is quile nornaI. Lven in cases vhen lhe
spiril aIIovs lhe Invesligalor sone free-
don, hovever, il is lolaIIy in conlroI of
hin. The Invesligalor nay nol even reaIize
il, lul he soon finds hinseIf conpeIIed lo
say and do lhings he doesnl vish lo do.
He nay allrilule lhis lo sone olher super-
naluraI agency ~ a curse or nind-conlroI
speII of sone sorl ~ or nay acluaIIy reaI-
ize lhal he is possessed (eilher if lhe pIay-
er figures il oul or lhe Invesligalor
succeeds in an ccuIl roII). nce lhe Inves-
ligalor delernines he is acluaIIy pos-
sessed, lhe spiril vilhin hin eilher lakes
lolaI conlroI of hin innedialeIy ~ effec-
liveIy naking lhe Invesligalor a Keeper
characler unliI lhe spiril Ieaves ~ or il
loys vilh hin, laking lolaI conlroI onIy
vhen lhe Invesligalor lries lo seek heIp or
leII soneone of his pIighl. f course, once
lhe spiril vilhin hin slarls lo nanifesl
ilseIf, lhe Invesligalors conpanions nay
quickIy figure oul lhal hes possessed,
especiaIIy if lhe spiril is naIevoIenl or
slrikingIy differenl in personaIily fron lhe
Being possessed ly a naIevoIenl spiril
requires a SAN roII lo avoid lhe Ioss of 1d8
poinls of SAN, nonelheIess, 1 poinl of SAN
is Iosl even if lhe roII is successfuI. An
Invesligalor need nol roII unliI eilher he
reaIizes he is possessed or unliI lhe spiril
finaIIy reIeases hin if he has leen under
ils lolaI conlroI aII aIong.
When a spiril of any persuasion is in
possession of a characler (inviled or olher-
vise), il can cause physicaI nanifeslalions
lhrough lhe characlers lody. Il can
change lhe sound of his voice (so lhal a
fenaIe Invesligalor speaks vilh a naIe
voice, or vice versa), lenporariIy change
his faciaI fealures or lody shape vilhin
cerlain Iinils (a characler cannol lecone
so dislorled lhal he no Ionger resenlIes a
generaIIy hunan shape), and cause eclo-
pIasn lo exude fron his lody lo forn
ghoslIy shapes or inages. LclopIasn
appears as a vhile, niIky sulslance lhal
gIovs in lhe dark. If louched, il feeIs coId,
perhaps even sIiny, lhen suddenIy snaps
lack inlo lhe characlers lody, causing
hin 1d6 poinls of danage.
The eviI spiril vilhin can aIso cause a
possessed characler lo fIoal in lhe air, spin
around, perforn physicaIIy inpossilIe
conlorlions of his lody, and resisl sIeep,
hunger, pain, or injury vilhoul iII effecl as
Iong as il is vilhin hin. Il can aIso cause
vounds lo open on his lody and lIeed,
lhen nake lhen heaI over as il viIIs. Nor-
naIIy, onIy a naIevoIenl spiril perforns
acls harnfuI lo lhe lody il possesses or lo
anyone eIse. Sonelines, hovever, a neu-
lraI spiril possessing a person. induIges in
lhe Iess-harnfuI acrolalics descriled
Il is possilIe for nore lhan one spiril lo
possess a singIe individuaI, lhough addi-
lionaI spirils nusl eilher le inviled in ly
lhe spiril aIready inhaliling lhe lody (or
lhe doninanl one, if nore lhan one are
aIready lhere), or vin a IW vs. IW
allack againsl lhe currenl possessor of lhe
person. MuIlipIe spirils cause lhe Invesli-
galor so possessed lo appear lo have nuIli-
pIe personaIilies, lhough onIy lhe nosl
poverfuI spiril is in acluaI conlroI (excepl
vhen il aIIovs lhe olhers lo exerl lheirs,
fron line lo line).
Lxorcising a spiril fron a possessed
individuaI can le considered a speII, and
lhe riluaI nay le Iearned fron any of a
nunler of ClhuIhu Mylhos and ordinary
occuIl looks. Il can aIso le perforned ly
any cIergynan vilh a TheoIogy/
IhiIosophy skiII of al Ieasl 6O, olhers
nusl have a TheoIogy skiII of al Ieasl 8O
lo le alIe lo allenpl an exorcisn, unIess
lheyve Iearned lhe riluaI as a speII. A
quaIified cIergynan can aIso leach exor-
cisn lo a Iaynan, lul lhe Iaynan nusl
spend a lolaI of 2O hours over a period of
no nore lhan a veek Iearning lhis riluaI
fron lhe cIergynan. If fever lhan 2O
hours are spenl vilhin a veek, lhe Iearn-
ing period nusl slarl again. Al lhe end of
lhe period, lhe cIergynan nusl nake a
successfuI roII on his TheoIogy/IhiIosophy
skiII, and lhe Iaynan nusl nake a success-
fuI Idea roII. If lolh succeed, lhe Iaynan
knovs enough lo perforn a singIe exor-
cisn, and gains a + 15 lonus lo his
TheoIogy/IhiIosophy skiII.
To perforn an exorcisn requires al Ieasl
an hours preparalion on lhe parl of lhe
exorcisl~ Iighling candIes, nedilaling,
praying, sprinkIing hoIy valer, or per-
forning sone siniIar riluaI. The exacl
procedure depends on lhe exorcisls par-
licuIar reIigion, as lhe riluaI prinariIy
serves lo luiId his ovn leIief lo lhe poinl
vhere he has fuII confidence in his aliIily
lo casl oul lhe eviI spiril. A cIergynan or a
characler laughl ly one nus| induIge in
lhese lheoIogicaI lrappings in order lo
carry oul his exorcisn. A characler vho
has Iearned lhe process as a speII fron a
look has nore freedon (depending on lhe
lexl), lul he sliII nusl spend an hour
preparing (psyching hinseIf up).
nce lhe line of preparalion is over, lhe
exorcisl nusl lhen pil his IW againsl
lhal of lhe spiril or spirils, if lhere are
nore lhan one, he nusl casl each oul
individuaIIy. If he is successfuI, lhe spiril
nusl Ieave as he connands. If nol, lhe
spiril renains and prolalIy nanifesls
ilseIf in sone nanner lo nock or harn lhe
exorcisl. If lhe firsl allenpl al exorcisn is
a faiIure, lhe exorcisl nay lry again, he
nusl lhen spend an addilionaI hour in
preparalion alove lhe firsl for each exlra
allenpl al exorcising lhe sane spiril (e.g.,
lhe lhird allenpl requires lhree hours
There are various nelhods of increasing
lhe chance of casling oul possessing spirils
38 NVLMBLR 1988
lhal are avaiIalIe lolh lo cIergynen and
Iaynen. A characler vho is an acluaI
cIergynan nay add one-fiflh of his
TheoIogy/IhiIosophy lo lhe percenlage
chance on lhe Resislance TalIe (as deler-
nined ly nalching his IW againsl lhal
of lhe possessing spiril) lefore roIIing his
finaI chance for success. Thus, if lhe nor-
naI chance for success is onIy 3O, lul
lhe cIergynan has a TheoIogy/IhiIosophy
skiII of 8O, lhe chance is increased ly
16 lo 46.
AddilionaIIy, any exorcisl, cIergynan or
Iaynan, can increase his chance of casling
oul a spiril ly invoking lhe nane of lhe
deily he vorships ~ even if il is a
ClhuIhoid deily such as Azalholh,
ClhuIhu, NyarIalholep, Haslur, or Nodens
(lhough lhe greal danger of lhis vouId le
in lhe possiliIily of acluaIIy sunncning
one of lhese leings or ils ninions, vhich
vouId le vorse lhan lhe spiril ilseIf). This
invocalion adds 1-2O addilionaI percenlage
poinls lo lhe roII for success, depending
on lhe slrenglh of lhe invokers ovn leIief
in lhal deily and (in lhe ClhuIhu Mylhos
onIy) on lhe reIalive slrenglh of lhe deily
caIIed. Thus, a cIergynan vho invokes lhe
nane of his god in casling oul a spiril (and
fu||q leIieves in lhe pover of his deily)
couId gel up lo an addilionaI 2O added lo
his chance of casling oul lhe spiril.
Using lhe sane exanpIe ciled herelo-
fore, lhe chance of success in lhe exorcisn
is lhen raised lo 66. Il is up lo lhe Keep-
er lo delernine lhe exacl nunler of exlra
poinls lovard success lhal lhe invocalion
of a deily adds. He shouId nake his deci-
sion lased on lhe Invesligalors pasl
aclions and slalenenls aloul his reIigious
leIiefs, and lhus delernine lhe exorcisls
conviclion in lhe pover of lhe deily vhose
nane he has invoked. If lhere is any seri-
ous queslion as lo lhe Invesligalors sincer-
ily in invoking lhe nane of a deily, lhe
Keeper nay sinpIy delernine lhe addi-
lionaI chance of success randonIy ly
roIIing 1d2O.
In lhe case of exlreneIy poverfuI dei-
lies, lhe nere invocalions of lheir nanes
and lhe connand lo Ieave lhe possessed
lody nay aIone le enough lo force lhe
possessing spiril lo do so, even if lhe exor-
cisl is ignoranl of lhe exorcisn speII or
riluaI. In such cases, no IW vs. IW roII
is necessary, lul lhe chance of exorcising
lhe spiril is equaI lo onIy haIf lhe nornaI
percenlage poinls lhal lhe deilys nane
usuaIIy adds lo lhe chance of success.
Thus, if lhe Keeper delernines lhal invok-
ing lhe nane of Nodens nornaIIy adds
18 lo lhe exorcisls chance of casling oul
a possessing spiril, lhe lolaI chance of a
characler ignoranl of lhe exorcisn riluaI
is onIy 9 vilh lhe invocalion of lhe nane
aIone. Whelher lhe exorcisn succeeds or
nol, lhere is lhe sane chance on a second
roII lhal Nodens hinseIf shovs up (or
sends severaI nighlgaunls) lo shov his
dispIeasure al lhe unaulhorized use of his
Il nighl aIso le possilIe lo casl oul a
possessing spiril ly convincing a nore
poverfuI spiril lo disIodge il in lhe sane
nanner as lhal of nuIlipIe spirils allenpl-
ing lo possess a characler. The danger in
lhis is lhal lhe nev, slronger spiril, once il
has disIodged lhe olher ly defealing il in a
IW vs. IW roII, nighl decide lo slay
and possess lhe individuaI ilseIf. Because
of lhis, Invesligalors allenpling such feals
shouId le as cerlain as possilIe lhal lhe
spiril lheyve caIIed up lo heIp lhen is a
lenevoIenl (or, al vorsl, a neulraI) spiril
and nol a deceiving eviI one.
DaImon and daImonIon
In lhe CALL I CTHULHU gane, naIev-
oIenl spirils ~ as veII as nosl neulraI and
sone seeningIy lenevoIenl ones ~ are
acluaIIy nenlers of an exlradinensionaI
race of leings, vagueIy siniIar in nalure lo
lhe IIoigor (see lhe CALL I CTHULHU
gane ruIe look). These enlilies are far
nore uliquilous, in facl, lecause lhey are
nol lied lo cerlain areas as are lhe IIoigor.
They do lend lo congregale ly lheir ovn
choice in cerlain Iocalions ~ oId houses,
svanps, graveyards, elc.
These spirils are nornaIIy inlangilIe and
invisilIe lul are capalIe of nanifesling
lhenseIves on occasion as ugIy, denonIike
leings. They are, in facl, nore properIy
knovn as aincn (pronounced DIL-noan)
or aincnicn (die-MAN-ee-on) ~ Creek
for deviIs or deviI spirils. These are lhe
sane vords lhal vere lransIileraled inlo
Lalin as daenon and inlo LngIish as
denon! In Helrev, lhey are caIIed qo-
ou|a ~ disenlodied spirils. They are lhe
possessing deviIs and denons of lheoIogy
and nylhoIogy. They have leen knovn
lhroughoul hislory, lul lhey have leen
loo quickIy expIained avay ly nodern,
ralionaI science. Like lhe denizens of lhe
ClhuIhu Mylhos, lhe dainon exisl jusl
leyond lhe hunan pIane of reaIily. n lhe
olher hand, unIike nany ClhuIhoid leings,
lhey are alIe lo enler lhis dinension al
viII, naking lhen in sone vays even
nore dangerous lhan ClhuIhus cohorls.
Because lhey are invisilIe and inlangilIe
in our vorId (and lecause no norlaI has
ever visiled lheir vorId and relurned lo
leII of il), dainon have no physicaI charac-
lerislics, per se, excepl DLX. They have
varying anounls of INT and IW, depend-
ing on lheir nalure. The snaIIer dainoni-
on are ralher slupid, easiIy oulsnarled,
and of Iiniled IW (hunan average). The
Iarger dainon, on lhe olher hand, can le
vickedIy inleIIigenl, possessing greal
anounls of IW ~ as nuch or nore lhan
IIoigor, lhough lhey are unalIe lo drain
Magic Ioinls fron surrounding hunans as
lhe IIoigor can. When dainon or dainoni-
on are in possession of a hunan (or an
aninaI, vhich is aIso possilIe), lhey nay
add lhal individuaIs Magic-Ioinl lolaI lo
lheir ovn lo use as lhey vish, as Iong as
lhey conlinue lo possess hin.
Dainon and dainonion can cause leIeki-
nelic effecls siniIar lo lhose of IIoigor, as
expIained in Tnc C|nu|nu Ccnpanicn.
There is, hovever, no varialion in lhe
anounl of Magic Ioinls required lo creale
a poinl of leIekinelic STR, lased on Ioca-
lion, as is lrue vilh lhe IIoigor. Dainon
and dainonion aIvays creale one leIekine-
lic STR poinl for every Magic Ioinl pul
inlo lhe effecl. They can aIso cause physi-
caI danage lo a characler ly liling hin
psychicaIIy. They do lhis ly firsl overcon-
ing an Invesligalor in a Magic Ioinl dueI
(lhe poinls devoled lo lhe dueI are lenpo-
rariIy expended). Then every addilionaI
Magic Ioinl pul inlo an allack does 1d6
physicaI lile danage lo lhe largel on a hil.
The chance of a successfuI hil equaIs lhe
dainons DLX x 3.
nce a dainon or dainonion is in pos-
session of an individuaI, il can change lhe
characlers SIZ, AII or voice ly expending
Magic Ioinls (ils ovn or lhe possessed
individuaIs) on a ralio of 1 Magic Ioinl lo
1 poinl of SIZ or AII changed. ne Magic
Ioinl is aII lhals necessary lo change lhe
characlers voice. The iniliaI change of
fealures or voice Iasls for one hour unIess
lhe dainon aIIovs lhen lo relurn lo nor-
naI sooner. Thereafler, il cosls onIy a
singIe Magic Ioinl per hour lo relain lhe
enlire change. If lhe dainon decides lo
change lhe characlers fealures again
vilhoul aIIoving lhen firsl lo reverl lo
lheir originaI appearance, il cosls onIy haIf
lhe nornaI Magic Ioinls lo effecl anolher
such change.
Dainon can aIso creale eclopIasn fron
a possessed characlers lody (one Magic
Ioinl expended crealing one SIZ poinl of
eclopIasn). To do lhis, lhe possessing spiril
nusl use lhe hosls Magic Ioinls ralher
lhan ils ovn. When eclopIasn has leen
forned, lhe dainon nay shape il al viII.
LclopIasn Iasls for 1O ninules unIess
reneved vilh nore Magic Ioinls ~ lhis
line eilher lhe hosls or lhe dainons ovn.
nce vilhin a characlers lody, lhe dai-
non can cause il lo Ievilale or nove
around in any vay il pIeases, il onIy cosls
1 Magic Ioinl per 5 SIZ poinls of pos-
sessed characler for lhe dainon lo do so.
When a dainon or dainonion has pos-
sessed a characler, il can lake lolaI conlroI
of lhal characlers lhoughls, nind, aclions,
and feeIings al viII. nce lhe iniliaI posses-
sion has occurred (descriled in lhe seclion
alove), nolhing eIse is required lo hoId
and conlroI lhe person, eilher inlernil-
lenlIy or fuII-line. The invading spiril has
fuII access lo lhal individuaIs knovIedge,
skiIIs, and aliIilies, and il can casl any
speII lhal lhal person knovs, vhelher lhe
dainon knev il prior lo possessing hin or
nol. If nore lhan one dainonion is in
possession of an individuaI, lhe one vilh
lhe grealesl IW is lhe doninanl one, and
lhe olhers are alIe lo nanifesl lhenseIves
onIy vhen il so aIIovs lhen. UsuaIIy no
nore lhan one dainon viII le in posses-
sion of a singIe person, lul il nay share
lhe individuaI vilh any nunler of daino-
nion over vhich il has connand.
In spile of lheir seeningIy innense
pover, dainon and dainonion are Iiniled
in lheir aliIilies lo affecl hunans. Lxcepl
in cases of possession, dainon and daino-
nion cannol overlIy affecl norlaIs unIess
one of lhe foIIoving condilions is nel:
1. The spirils have leen caIIed up in a
2. The areas in vhich lhe spirils congre-
gale are invaded or dislurled.
3. A person has inviled lhe spirils inlo
his Iife. This invilalion can le nade, con-
sciousIy or nol, ly engaging in noraI
depravily, overinduIging in drink or drugs,
Iiving a crueI and eviI Iife, or even ly
deIving loo deepIy inlo occuIl nallers ~
e.g., sludying oId grinoires or nagicaI
lexls, pIaying vilh ouija loards or siniIar
divining aids such as larol cards, or aIIov-
ing oneseIf lo le hypnolized or nesner-
ized repealedIy (especiaIIy for such
purposes as discerning pasl Iives, con-
nuning vilh higher povers, and so on).
n lhe surface, il appears lhal nosl
CALL I CTHULHU gane Invesligalors
faII inlo lhe calegory of having sludied
nagicaI lexls (if lheyve read or seriousIy
exanined any look of lhe Mylhos). ddIy
enough, lhal is nol lhe case. The exacl
reason for lhis is nol knovn, perhaps il is
lecause lhe nore poverfuI leings of lhe
Mylhos keep lhe dainon avay fron Inves-
ligalors pursuing such sludies ly lhe
leings ovn insidious infIuence. Whalever
lhe reason, lhe nere reading of Mylhos
looks rareIy opens one up for dainon
infeslalion or possession unIess olher
faclors are invoIved.
Cerlain lhings lhal affecl a person physi-
caIIy aIso affecl a spiril possessing lhal
person. Ior exanpIe, if a possessed indi-
viduaI is knocked unconscious, lhe dainon
is aIso unconscious and unalIe lo acl
unIess il Ieaves lhe hosls lody. If il does
Ieave, il can repossess lhe lody al viII
unliI lhe characler avakens. If il has faiIed
lo repossess lhe individuaI lefore he has
avakened, lhe spiril nusl nake anolher
Magic-Ioinl slruggIe lo regain possession.
AddilionaIIy, cerlain drugs lhal deaden
parls of lhe possessed characlers lrain
(vhere lhe spiril nornaIIy resides) inca-
pacilale lhe spiril as veII. In such a slale,
lhe spiril nay defend ilseIf againsl leing
exorcised lul do nolhing eIse. NaluraIIy,
kiIIing lhe individuaI hosling a dainon or
dainonion gels rid of lhe spiril once and
for aII ~ lul lhe deceased viII hardIy le
alIe lo appreciale il.
Sone dainon and dainonion aIso seen
lo have aversions lo cerlain hoIy ilens.
HoIy valer, crucifixes, and olher reIigious
synloIs occasionaIIy seen lo le proof
againsl possession ly a dainon and nay
even drive one avay. UnforlunaleIy, jusl
as nany of lhese spirils seen lo le
innune lo such proleclions. Il is up lo lhe
Keeper vhelher or nol such neasures are
effeclive againsl any parlicuIar dainon.
Nole lhal cerlain proleclions, such as
LIder Signs or Slarslones of Mnar, lhal are
vards againsl ClhuIhoid enlilies are jusl as
effeclive againsl dainon. As a resuIl, lheir
enpIoynenl is lolaI proof
againsl possession ly dainon or dainoni-
on. Cerlain nagicaI speIIs vilh nonphysi-
caI effecls prove effeclive againsl lhese
spiriluaI enlilies as veII, lhough physicaI
allacks affecl onIy lhe hosls lhey possess.
In lhe characlerislics for dainon and
dainonion lhal foIIov, no scores have
leen given for STR, CN, or SIZ lecause
of lhe nonnaleriaI nalure of dainon and
dainonion. ShouId lhese characlerislics
lecone necessary, as nay occur in lhe
case of a physicaI nanifeslalion of a deviI
spiril," lhe Keeper is advised lo use lhe
sane vaIue as Iisled for IW or handIe
lhe spirils as descriled leIov.
(Greater Independent Race)
INT 4d6+6
POW 5d6+6
DEX 3d6
HIt poInts
Attk% Damage
DLX x 3 VarialIe*
Isychic lile DLX x 3 1d6/MI**
Iossession MI vs. MI Iossession
DenaleriaIize SpeciaI SpeciaI
* Depends on SIZ of oljecl used.
* * AIso MI vs. MI danage.
(Lesser Independent Race)
Characteristics Average
INT 1 - 3d6 3-11
POW 2d6 + 6 13
DEX 3d6 1O-11
Hil poinls, Move, Weapon, Allk, and
Danage are aII as per lhe dainon.
Armor: In lheir naluraI, nonnaleriaI
slales, dainon and dainonion cannol le
affecled ly any physicaI veapon. When
one or nore inhalil a hosl lody, lhe hosl
can le affecled nornaIIy, lul onIy lhe
dealh of lhe hosl affecls lhe spiril and
lhen onIy lo drive il avay. Lnchanled
veapons danage lhese spirils nornaIIy
lul aIso danage lheir hosls.
SpeIIs: A dainon or dainonion nay
knov a nunler of speIIs equaI lo ils INT.
SAN: In lheir nornaI slales, dainon and
dainonion are invisilIe, lhus, no SAN Ioss
for Invesligalors is possilIe. Seeing lhe
various physicaI nanifeslalions of one
(siniIar lo lhose of a poIlergeisl) cosls 1d4
SAN poinls if a SAN roII is nissed, or none
if lhe roII is successfuI. Being possessed ly
one of lhese spirils cosls 1d8 SAN poinls
upon lhis reaIizalion if a SAN roII is
nissed, or 1 poinl even if lhe roII is nade.
A dainon or dainonion can lenporariIy
lake on a physicaI forn if il desires (such
an appearance is nornaIIy lhal of an
exlreneIy hideous, denonic leing, occa-
sionaIIy vrealhed in fire and lrinslone) if
il expends eighl Magic Ioinls, pIus lvo
nore for sounds and one for odor. Seeing
a dainons physicaI nanifeslalion cosls up
lo 1d2O SAN poinls if a SAN roII is nissed,
or 1d6 poinls even if il is nade, as lhe,
forns lhese spirils lake are usuaIIy
exlreneIy frighlening (lhough lhe Keeper
nay decide lhe enlily lakes on a Iess SAN-
lIasling appearance for reasons of ils
ovn). ShouId an Invesligalor nanage lo
see a dainon in ils ovn, originaI dinen-
sion, lhe naxinun SAN Ioss shouId le
appIied regardIess of lhe SAN roII.
HIt poInts: If any nagicaI speIIs lhal
cause hil-poinl Ioss are used againsl one of
lhese spirils, or if any allacks are nade
againsl il vilh enchanled veapons, use
lhe dainons or dainonions IW for ils
hil poinls. If lhe spiril Ioses aII ils IW lo
danage, il has leen deslroyed. If a spirils
Magic-Ioinl lolaI faIIs lo zero, il aIso dis-
perses (al Ieasl lenporariIy), Iosing ils
possession of a hosl. If lhe hosls Magic
Ioinl or IW lolaIs faII lo zero, lhe hosl
dies, and lhe spiril is innedialeIy casl
Ioose. There is a 5O chance lhal anq such
nagicaI anli-IW allacks againsl a pos-
sessing dainon affecls lhe possessed hosl
inslead of lhe spiril. Lnchanled veapons
harn lolh possessors and hosls.
Move: Dainon and dainonion are nol
lound ly our Iavs of physics, lherefore,
lhey can leIeporl anyvhere lhey vish
around our pIanel (lul nc| leyond lhe
Larlh, for reasons lhal are nol lolaIIy
cIear, unIess lhey are in possession of a
characler vho hinseIf Ieaves Larlh). They
can aIso nove lhrough physicaI larriers as
lhough lhe larriers vere nol lhere.
Slrong nagnelic fieIds or force fieIds seen
lo sIov lhen dovn, perhaps due lo lhe
nalure of lhe dinension fron vhich lhey
originale (vhich nay in facl le vhy lhey
cannol Ieave lhis pIanel, vilh ils slrong
nagnelic fieIds). LffecliveIy, hovever,
lhese spirils are as svifl as lhoughls and
are nearIy inpossilIe lo conlain.
DematerIaIIze: Dainon and dainonion
appear lo have lhe aliIily lo denaleriaIize
oljecls of various sizes. In acluaIily, lhese
spirils do lhis ly leIekinelicaIIy seizing lhe
oljecls lhey vish lo denaleriaIize, lhen
leIeporling lhenseIves and lhe oljecls lo
olher Iocalions, vhere lhey can Ieave lhe
oljecls and relurn inslanlIy. SeveraI of lhe
enlilies can vork logelher lo leIeporl any
oljecl loo lig for onIy one of lhen. To
lhus denaleriaIize a Iiving leing in lhis
nanner, a dainon nusl vin a Magic-Ioinl
slruggIe vilh ils viclin (unIess lhe viclin
is an individuaI lhe spiril possesses, in
vhich case no such slruggIe is required).
DetectIon: UnIess a characler possesses
psychic povers hinseIf, lhe onIy vay lo
delecl lhe presence of a dainon or daino-
nion, eilher vilhin an area or vhiIe pos-
sessing anolher characler, is lo succeed in
a roII of IW x 1 upon firsl enlering
lhe area or encounlering lhe possessed
individuaI. If lhe roII is successfuI, lhe
Invesligalor delecls lhe presence of lhe
spiril as a fouI odor (il slinks spiriluaIIy).
UnIess lhe Invesligalor has delecled such
spirils lefore and knovs vhal lhe odor
indicales, he nay lhen have lo nake an
ccuIl roII lo reaIize vhal il is hes acluaIIy
Il shouId le kepl in nind lhal, in lhe
course of a CALL I CTHULHU gane
canpaign, il is quile possilIe lhal nany of
lhe so-caIIed higher spiriluaI povers vor-
shiped ly various occuIl and spiriluaIisl
socielies are acluaIIy very ancienl,
exlreneIy vise, and crueIIy cunning dai-
non, deceiving lheir foIIovers for lheir
ovn naIevoIenl purposes. Whal purposes
Iie lehind such deceplions, if lhey cone
up in pIay, are Iefl lo lhe Keepers discre-
lion and for lhe Invesligalors aliIily of
discovery as lhey navigale lhe dark valers
of lhe occuIl.
Made Easy
BuiIding your unspeakalIe Iilrary in
Chaosiuns CALL OI CTHULHU gane
19B9 by eun SLomsLuk
Soneline in lhe course of a canpaign, ruIes, and ny ovn canpaign.
CALL OI CTHULHU gane Keepers viII The firsl and nosl inporlanl ruIe is lo
find a need for nev, exciling Mylhos not nake a randon-nunler syslen for
lones. This arlicIe has sone lhoughls on generaling Mylhos lones. One of lhe
hov lo creale nev lones lo surprise In- CALL OI CTHULHU ganes slrenglhs is ils
vesligalors, vilh exanpIes dravn fron enphasis on sloryleIIing over conpIicaled
Mylhos slories, lhe CALL OI CTHULHU ruIes and nunlers. No fornuIas or lalIes
viII appear here, excepl for a sunnary of
sone sanpIe lones. No lalIe or fornuIa
can do vhal lhe inaginalive Keeper can
vhen crealing lones lhal are nenoralIe
and inlegraled inlo lhe canpaign.
Avoiding dupIicalion is essenliaI, in facl,
il is al lhe hearl of nosl of lhe suggeslions
lhal foIIov. These lexls are supposed lo le
rare and exolic. Too nuch siniIarily
anong lhen larnishes lheir nyslique. Ior
inslance, lhere are aIready severaI nassive
conpiIalions of dark and laIefuI nylhos,
of Iilurgies, riluaIs, and incanlalions lolh
eviI and esoleric Iike lhe Book of Eibon. A
descriplion of lhis look suppIies lhe pre-
ceding quole, and lhe Retelutiono of Cluuki
and lhe ecronomicon aIso faII inlo lhis
calegory. There are aIso lilIes lhal are
essenliaIIy coIIecled descriplions of sinis-
ler cuIls, Unuuoprechlichen Kulten and
Culteo Jeo Couleo spring lo nind. One nev
look of each lype couId le ralionaIized on
lhe grounds of noveIly, lul nore vouId le
excessive. Afler aII, if a lone is going lo le
jusl Iike Kulten or Eibon, vhy nol jusl use
lhe originaI`
The nore perceplive Mylhos vrilers
seen lo have kepl lhis in nind. In lhe
CALL OI CTHULHU ruIes, Eibon and De
Vermiio Myoteriio seen nuch lhe sane.
Their knovIedge ralings, speII nuIlipIiers,
and sanily Iosses are nearIy equaI. Vermiio
is in Lalin, so is one version of Eibon. If
you read lhe slories in vhich lhey appear,
92 OCTOBER 1989
Illustration by Valerie Valusek
you find lhal lolh lones vere vrillen ly
poverfuI sorcerers. One vizard, hovever,
Iived and vrole in nedievaI Lurope, vhiIe
lhe olher Iived niIIennia lefore in Hyper-
lorea. Mayle lhese looks arenl aIike
afler aII.
This iIIuslrales one characlerislic of a
good Mylhos lone: a sinisler origin and
hislory. Lovecrafl venl so far as lo vrile
an essay on lhe Hislory and ChronoIogy
of lhe ecronomicon," lul you need nol go
lo such Ienglhs. In slories, Lovecrafl and
his conpalriols sellIed for a paragraph or
lvo on each look, vhich is enough. If lhe
pIayers vanl lo knov nore aloul a looks
hislory, ils easy lo nake up furlher delaiIs
as needed. Of course, a good lone origin
can aIso le used as a hook lo drav Invesli-
galors inlo nev advenlures.
Your ovn Mylhos looks arenl lhe onIy
ones lhal can lenefil fron added hislory
and delaiI. Many of lhe vorks Iisled in lhe
CALL OI CTHULHU ruIelook have never,
lo lhe lesl of ny knovIedge, leen given
any hislory or descriplion ly Mylhos
aulhors. The Book of Dxyun, EltJoun
ShurJo, and olhers arenl nuch nore lhan
nanes. You can add as nany delaiIs lo
lhen as you vanl.
One vay lhal nev lones can differ fron
exisling ones is in lheir origin. Approxi-
naleIy haIf lhe looks Iisled in lhe CALL
OI CTHULHU ruIes are of Weslern origin.
The MiddIe Lasl, India, and China have
exlensive vrillen occuIl lradilions, il
seens IogicaI lhal lhey vouId have
ClhuIhu Mylhos vrilings. The Mylhos
aclivilies of olher regions couId see prinl
lhrough visilors fron Iilerale areas. Drop
a hinl lo your pIayers lhal Sanskril nay le
as usefuI lo lhen as Lalin.
Books are jusl one vay of sloring infor-
nalion. AIlhough looks doninale posl-
CIassicaI Weslern cuIlures, lhere are aIso
scroIIs, lalIels, vaII inscriplions, and non-
unenls. SnaIIer anounls of infornalion~
singIe speIIs or nonsler descriplions~
nighl le reveaIed in lapeslries, painlings,
inscriled anuIels, or even Iess IikeIy ol-
jecls. Modern-selling canpaigns can add
various kinds of audio and visuaI record-
ings, nicrofornals, and conpuler fiIes.
Lven if a lexl isnl encounlered in ils
originaI look fornal, lhis can spice up ils
hislory and origin.
Ils a good idea lo check vhelher a for-
nal is appropriale for lhe lones originaI
cuIlure. The Mesopolanian cuIlures, for
inslance, vrole on laked cIay lalIels,
vhereas lhe Lgyplians used scroIIs in
addilion lo covering lheir nonunenls,
lenpIes, and lonls vilh carved or painled
inscriplions. This research viII prolalIy
give you Iols of ideas for advenlures, loo.
Anolher usefuI lrick is lo lie a lones
origin lo sone preexisling lil of hislory or
Iegend, vhelher reaI or Mylhos. Lvery lil
of verisiniIilude heIps in luiIding alnos-
phere, and lhe surprise of recognilion
gives pIayers lhe feeIing of invesligaling a
reaI nyslery. On lhe olher hand, such
references nay le in-jokes, as vhen Love-
crafl inlerjecled a slraighl-faced reference
lo lhe Connorion nylh-cycIe preserved
ly lhe AlIanlean high priesl KIarkash-Ton.
(Connorion vas an ancienl cily proni-
nenlIy fealured in slories ly Lovecrafls
friend CIark Ashlon Snilh.) In-jokes can le
fun even if lhey donl conlrilule lo your
carefuIIy crafled alnosphere of paranoia
and horror.
The nexl slep is deciding if lhe lone
focuses on any parlicuIar parl of lhe My-
lhos. Nol onIy does a focused suljecl nake
a lone feeI nore Iike a reaI look inslead
of an ad-hoc pIol device, il gives you a
guide lo seIecling speIIs for lhe vork. A
lone couId focus on lhe Creal OId Ones or
Ouler Cods, enlilies of air and space dveII-
ers underground, gods lhal appeaI lo Ione
sorcerers, gods served ly frenzied cuIlisls,
or vhalever olher corner of lhe Mylhos
seens appropriale for lhe lones origin
and lhe advenlure in vhich il viII le
encounlered. The R'lyeh Tert, for inslance,
olviousIy focuses on ClhuIhu and reIaled
leings. Il or any siniIar guide lo oceanic
povers prolalIy viII nol enanale fron
cuIlisls in lhe arid hearl of Asia.
ConverseIy, if lhe purpose of a lone is lo
inlroduce a parlicuIar speII lo lhe Invesli-
galors, lhe lones origin and suljecl focus
shouId le shaped vilh lhis in nind.
Anolher aspecl of lone conlenl is lhe
reIalive proporlion of Iore lo speIIs. Sone
vorks cIearIy enphasize Iore. As a guide
lo Mylhos cuIls, lhere is no reason vhy
Unuuoprechlichen Kulten shouId have
nany speIIs. In ny canpaign, lhe Kulten
can leach speIIs lecause of nunerous
IuridIy delaiIed descriplions of cuIl riluaIs
ralher lhan ly any inlenl of ils aulhor.
Olher lexls, in conlrasl, are neanl lo le
speIIlooks. Rolerl BIochs slory, The
ShanlIer fron lhe Slar, nakes il quile
cIear lhal De Vermiio Myoteriio is a gri-
noire Ioaded vilh sunnonings and olher
dire nagic fornuIae. True Mugick sounds
Iike a Iess inposing grinoire. Sone lones
nighl provide Iore and nagic nore or Iess
equaIIy, The Book of Eibon, as nenlioned
alove, conlains lolh riluaIs and incanla-
lions and dark and laIefuI nylhs.
The Iasl slage of lone invenlion, and in
nany vays lhe Ieasl inporlanl, is assign-
ing lhe lones knovIedge raling, speII
nuIlipIier, and sanily Ioss. The Iisl of
lones in lhe CALL OI CTHULHU ruIelook
shovs lhal onIy lhe nosl inporlanl My-
lhos looks Iike Kulten and Vermiio gel a
knovIedge raling of 12-15, vhiIe very
ninor Iorelooks and grinoires Iike IeopIe
of the Monolith and lhe Zunthu Tubleto gel
ralings of 5 or Iess. Anylhing in lelveen
is a naller of lhe Keepers lasle. The naxi-
nun possilIe sanily Ioss is usuaIIy cIoseIy
lied lo lhe knovIedge raling. Ior exanpIe,
lhe Celueno Frugmento gels a knovIedge
raling of 9, and can cause up lo 8 poinls
SAN Ioss. The najor conneclion lelveen
knovIedge raling and sanily Ioss is lhe
IeveI of danger posed ly lhe lones infor-
nalion. Monotreo unJ Their KynJe and
The ColJen Bough lolh have a knovIedge
raling of 5, for exanpIe, lul Monotreo
causes 1d6 SAN Ioss, vhiIe Bough onIy
does 1d2. Bough, hovever, deaIs vilh lhe
ClhuIhu Mylhos onIy indireclIy and acci-
denlaIIy lhrough ils anaIysis of ancienl
Luropean nylhs and cuslons. Besides,
The CoIden Bough is a reaI look lhal has
prolalIy never driven a reader insane. In
generaI, unIess a lone is neanl lo le a
najor sanily-lusler Iike Vermiio or Kulten,
1d4 or 2d4 is a good raling for sanily
Iosses fron lone reading. Lilher roII has a
5O chance of forcing a check for lenpo-
rary insanily lul isnl IikeIy lo cause indef-
inile insanily.
SpeII nuIlipIiers shov hov conpara-
liveIy easy or hard il is lo Iearn speIIs fron
a Mylhos lexl. The nosl connon nuIli-
pIier is x 2, il gives Invesligalors a fair
chance lo Iearn a fev speIIs vilhoul nak-
ing il easy lo Iearn any speII in parlicuIar.
Second nosl connon are lhe nuIlipIiers
x 1 and x 3, x 4 and x 5 are appropri-
aleIy rare, reserved for lhe ecronomicon
and lhose fev lexls approaching il in
viruIence. Of course, ninor Iorelooks
conpIeleIy Iacking speIIs have no speII
nuIlipIier. Aside fron lhese lroad calego-
ries, lhere is no inlrinsic reIalion lelveen
a looks speII nuIlipIier and ils knovIedge
raling or SAN Ioss, or lelveen lhe looks
speII nuIlipIiers and vhelher lhal look is
a grinoire for Iearning speIIs or nol. As
nenlioned alove in reIalion lo Kulten, a
Iorelook aulhor nighl cIearIy descrile
hov lo casl a speII even if he didnl con-
sciousIy inlend lo, on lhe olher hand, a
sorcerer expIaining a speII nighl cIoak his
inslruclions in olscure synloIisn. Minor
lexls nighl presenl lheir fev speIIs in a
TLe GoIden GobIIn MytLos IIbvuvy
KnowIedge SpeII
TItIe Iunguuge vutIng muItIpIIev SAN Ioss
Book of ElJer Aeono LngIish * * + 1O x 1 2d4
El CoJigo Je Urmul Spanish * * +8 x 2 1d8
The Urmul CoJer* LngIish +6 x 2 1d8
Demon CoJo of Mu LngIish +6 x 1 1d6
Mugic unJ Myotery of Mu LngIish +5 x 3 1d6
Mu: Loot LunJ of the Pucific LngIish +3
* TransIalion of El CoJigo Je Urmul.
* * Work is chiefIy avaiIalIe in lhis Ianguage lul nol originaIIy in lhal longue.
reIaliveIy slraighlforvard nanner, vhiIe a
najor lone couId scaller speII inslruclions
lhroughoul pages of irreIevanl inforna-
lion or oulrighl nonsense. Il depends on
lhe Keepers concepl of lhe lone and lhe
conlexl of lhe advenlure. If lhe advenlure
hinges on lhe Invesligalors Iearning CaII
Ilhaqua, lhe lexl providing il shouId have
a high speII nuIlipIier. (This assunes you
disapprove of fudging dice roIIs lo advance
lhe pIol.)
Mylhos lone crealion is nol a syslenalic
process. You prolalIy viII slarl al any of
lhe alove poinls and lake lhe resl in any
order as inspiralion Ieads you. The onIy
ruIe in lone crealion lhal shouId le con-
sidered ironcIad is lhal no lone has slalis-
lics surpassing or even equaIIing lhe
Since an exanpIe is vorlh a dozen ruIes,
here is a seIeclion of Mylhos looks fron
CoIden ColIin Iress, occuIl pulIishers
exlraordinaire in lhe CALL OI CTHULHU
gane vorId.
When lhe reaI vorIds }anes Church-
vard legan vriling looks of dulious
schoIarship aloul lhe Iosl conlinenl of Mu,
he didnl knov lhal CoIden ColIins slar
researcher, IauI Dixon,. had aIready vril-
len lhree looks on lhe suljecl. The firsl
vas Mu: Loot LunJ of the Pucific (1896), in
vhich Dixon narshaIIed a vide range of
evidence for lhal ancienl Iands exislence,
fron foIkIore lo zooIogy. WhiIe no repula-
lIe schoIar ever accepled Dixons cIains, a
fev nighl privaleIy adnil lhal Mu is lolh
nore pIausilIe and nore dislurling lhan
olher vorks of lhe Iosl conlinenl schooI.
Sone of Dixons reveIalions are quile
sinisler, especiaIIy lhose aloul Muvian
reIigion, giving Mu a 3 knovIedge raling
and 1d3 SAN Ioss. Il has no speIIs and is a
lypicaI, very ninor Iorelook.
In 19OO, Dixon vrole a sequeI: Demon
CoJo of Mu. Any hinl of respecl lhe aca-
denic connunily nay have feIl for Dixon
vanished vilh lhis vork, vhich vas
videIy denounced as Iurid, sensalionaIis-
lic, and lolaIIy Iacking in serious schoIar-
ship. In il, Dixon nol onIy cIained lhal lhe
gods of Mu vere reaI, lul he asserled lhal
lhey sliII exisled and vere vorshipped.
His reIiance on lizarre occuIl lexls Iike
94 OCTOBER 1989
The Ponupe Scripture and lhe ecronomi-
con offended schoIars as nuch as his viId
cIain lo have leen inspired ly ClhuIhu,
Shul-Nigguralh, and olher Muvian gods.
His descriplions of Muvian riluaIs vere as
grolesque as lhey vere delaiIed. Sone of
lhe riluaIs acluaIIy vorked, a poinl Dixons
delraclors nissed. Demon CoJo of Mu is a
sIighlIy nore inporlanl Iorelook, vilh
+ 6 knovIedge, speII nuIlipIier of x 1,
and 1d6 SAN Ioss. Il conlains four speIIs:
Conlacl ClhuIhu, Sunnon Dark Young of
Shul-Nigguralh, Conlacl NyarIalholep,
and Aclivale LidoIon (see The ChaslIy
Crinoire, DRACON Magazine issue #126,
for delaiIs of lhis speII). If you vanl lo use
lhis or any olher of lhese lones in your
canpaign, you can give lhen any speIIs
you deen necessary.
Dixons finaI vork vas Mugic unJ Myo-
tery of Mu (19O2). This ninor grinoire
descriles Muvian sorcery, lhe preface
cIains lhal il reaIIy vorks. (This is nol
lrue: haIf lhe speIIs are defeclive and
vonl vork, as a ClhuIhu Mylhos roII viII
shov in each case.) Dixon adnilled lhal
Mugic onIy conlained ninor Muvian speIIs,
lul he pronised lo soneday produce a
nore conpIele guide lo Muvian vizardry.
He never did. He disappeared in 19O3
during an expedilion lo Nan MadoI and
vas never seen again. Mugic vas, ly lhe
vay, lhe vorsl seIIer of Dixons looks,
prolalIy lecause his Muvian sorcery
lore no resenlIance lo vhal he caIIed
lhe pueriIe fanlasies of popuIar occuIl-
isn. Il has a +5 knovIedge, speII nuIli-
pIier of x 3, and causes 1d6 SAN Ioss. Il
conlains LIder Sign, Lnchanl Brazier,
Conjure CIass of MorlIand, Lnchanl BIade,
Chanl of Tholh, Dread Curse of Azalholh,
and Conlacl LIoigor.
In addilion lo ils nassiveIy expurgaled
19O9 edilion of umeleoo Culto, CoIden
ColIin pulIished one olher najor Iore-
look: lhe Book of ElJer Aeono (19O6), a
lransIalion of a scroII found in lhe ruins of
a herelicaI Tilelan Ianasery. Il purporls lo
leII lhe hislory of lhe races lhal cane
lefore hunanily on Larlh. Il uses lhe
lerns and nylhoIogicaI pallerns of Bon,
lhe aninislic reIigion vhich preceded and
heaviIy infIuenced Tilelan Buddhisn.
ElJer Aeono' cycIes of race foIIoving race,
nysleriousIy Iinked in sone vay lo Larlhs
posilion anong lhe slars, forns a pallern
faniIiar lo Theosophisls. Indeed, lhe sini-
Iarilies lo Theosophy are deIileraleIy
enphasized ly lransIalor MurieI Rasnus-
sen. She argues in her inlroduclion lhal
ElJer Aeono confirns Theosophy, aI-
lhough lhe look ilseIf is parlIy in error.
MurieI Rasnussen is sliII aIive in can-
paigns sel in lhe 192Os, lul she viII nol
heIp Invesligalors in any vay. In 1911, she
renounced Theosophy, lurned her copy of
lhe Book of ElJer Aeono, and enlered a
convenl vhere she Iives under a vov of
siIence. The Book of ElJer Aeono has lhese
slalislics: + 1O knovIedge, speII nuIli-
pIier of x 1, and 2d4 SAN Ioss. Ils six speIIs
aII deaI vilh conlacling various LIder
Races. The originaI scroII is heId ly lhe
Brilish Museun.
CoIden ColIin lried hard lo produce
looks lhal venl leyond lhe usuaI occuIl
lripe. They lried loo hard, sone peopIe
said. A finaI exanpIe is ils Iasl pulIicalion,
a Mayan grinoire found in lhe ruins of lhe
cily of UxnaI. In 19O1, Dr. MigueI Arros-
cas of lhe Museo NacionaI de AnlropoIogia
in Mexico Cily produced a lransIalion
lased on noles in Spanish vrillen alove a
fev Iines of Mayan lexl. Mosl archeoIo-
gisls and Iinguisls lhink lhal lhe The Ur-
mul CoJer is a nagnificenlIy delaiIed hoax
lo vhich Dr. Arroscas succunled. If genu-
ine, lhis coIIeclion of riluaIs and incanla-
lions supposedIy conpiIed ly an ancienl
Mayan sorcerer-priesl vouId revoIulionize
lheories aloul Mayan nagic and reIigion.
(Ior hinls aloul lhe CoJer'o frighlening.
reveIalions, see The ClhuIhu Mylhos in
Mesoanerican ReIigion in Chaosiuns
Cthulhu Compunion.) SulsequenlIy, lhe
Spanish El CoJigo Je Urmul vas lransIaled
inlo LngIish ly Thad Chevaux, a Miska-
lonic Universily graduale, and pulIished
Illustrations by David Zenz
ly CoIden ColIin in 191O.
Nol surprisingIy, Chevauxs lransIalion is
nol as conpIele or accurale a source of
Mylhos infornalion as Arroscass lexl. The
concepls of Mylhos are especiaIIy difficuIl
lo lransIale, so errors lend lo nuIlipIy. In
praclice, lhis neans lhal lhe CoIden Col-
Iin edilion of lhe The Urmul CoJer gives
+ 6 knovIedge, vhiIe lhe Spanish ver-
sion gives +8. Bolh have a speII nuIli-
pIier of x 2 and cause 1d8 SAN Ioss. The
Spanish version conlains Conlacl Yig,
Sunnon ChiId of Yig, Conlacl Deep One,
Conlacl ClhuIhu, Conlacl NyarIalholep,
Sunnon Hunling Horror, Bind Hunling
Horror, Dread Curse of Azalholh, Hands
of Yig, Lnchanl Knife, and Sunnon Iire
Vanpire. The LngIish version deIeles Con-
lacl ClhuIhu, Conlacl NyarIalholep, and
Bind Hunling Horror.
IoIIoving Dr. Arroscass suicide in 19O8,
lhe originaI foIded lree-lark edilion of The
Urmul CoJer has leen kepl in a lenpera-
lure and hunidily conlroIIed vauIl ly lhe
Museo. Chevaux died shorlIy afler lhe
CoJer'o pulIicalion, in lhe fire lhal con-
suned CoIden ColIins office, edilor, and
suppIy of unsoId voIunes. No one knovs
vhy Chevaux and lhe edilor vere aIone al
lhe office in lhe niddIe of lhe nighl, or lhe
unidenlifialIe lones found in addilion lo
lheir charred renains.
I hope lhese exanpIes viII inspire you lo
lhink up your ovn nev Mylhos lones for
your canpaign or creale vays lo add spice
lo lhe lones Iisled in lhe CALL OI
CTHULHU ruIelook. Lovecrafl hinseIf
encouraged his friends lo nake lheir ovn
conlrilulions lo lhe Mylhos and ils grin
lilIiography, Mylhos vrilers Iike CIark
Ashlon Snilh, Augusl DerIelh, and Rolerl
BIoch have given Keepers anpIe prece-
denl. So gel oul lhere and knock 'en dead!
Lr, lhals jusl a figure of speech.
Continued from page 73
sagevays. Have pIenly of heaIing herls.
8. The Iirales Lair conlains a sapphire
coin and a jeveIed crovn..
9. You viII evenluaIIy have lo fighl in lhe
caslIe. When you have a Iol of fireloIls, go
lo a seclion of lhe caslIe, vipe oul lhe
guards, and open lhe chesls.
1O. The Tenplress viII offer you eilher
Charn or CoId.
11. You nusl have four nagic seeds lo
succeed on lhe second IeveI. More nagic
seeds are found in lhe sane pIace afler
you use lhe ones you have.
12. Afler you soIve each dungeon, your
slrenglh viII increase.
13. The lurquoise coin is found on lhe
second dungeon IeveI.
14. Use lhe guardian exhilil lo open lhe
door across fron lhe SpiraI roon.
15. The dislanl heaIer is in LagIes
HoIIov. He viII give you a ruly coin.
16. Afler you have lhe four guard
jeveIs, relurn lo LagIe HoIIov lo le heaIed
and lo luy herls. Magic does nol vork
veII in lhe forlress, so donl luy any!
17. Use heaIing herls lo free yourseIf
fron lhe speIIs grip.
18. Al lhe end of lhe gane, afler you
relurn lhe scroIIs, you gel your ovn dis-
pIay. This vas a nice revard for conpIel-
ing lhe gane.
Phuntuoie 1 (SSI)
Scoll Whillaker
Lighlhouse Ioinl IL
[Hinto courteoy of SS1'o proJuct neuolet-
ter, Inside SSI.j
As you knov, lhere are nine rings lhal
nusl le found. Here are lheir Iocalions:
find lvo in lhe TenpIe of lhe Dosnelian
CIerics, one in Ihanlasies Arnory, lhree
in }. R. TroIkins CaslIe, and lhree in
BIeels Dungeon. To vin lhis advenlure,
you nusl sIay lhe Dark Lord and ollain
lhe Divine SpeII.
Phuntuoie 11 (SSI)
[Hinto courteoy of SS1'S proJuct neuolet-
ter, Inside SSI.j
YouII have lo find lhe leasls in lhis
gane, leasls 1 and 2 are in lhe MaleriaI
IIane and can shov up anyvhere, so le
carefuI. WhiIe on lhe MaleriaI IIane,
check oul lhe deserl isIand: youII find
Beasls 3 and 4 lhere. Beasls 5 and 6 are on
lhe AslraI IIane and can le sunnoned
lhrough use of speII #57. IIulos CaslIe is
lhe hone of Beasl 7 and in IIulos Manage-
rie, yep, heeeeeeres Beasl 8.
Phuntuoie 111 (SSI)
[Hinto courteoy of SS1'o proJuct neuolet-
ter, Inside SSI.j
You evenluaIIy need lo gel lo lhe IIane
of Lighl. To acconpIish lhis, vhiIe in lhe
spiraIs of lhe CryslaI CaslIe of Chronos,
lype C2 + and puII lhe Iever, lhen gel oul
of lhe dungeon. You nusl possess lhe Key
of Lighl in order lo gel inlo lhe caslIe.
In order lo gel lo lhe Dark IIane, foIIov
lhe sane inslruclions as alove, excepl
lype in C2- lhen Ieave lhe dungeon.
Stur CommunJ (SSI)
[Hinto courteoy of SS1'o proJuct neuolet-
ter, Inside SSI.j
The Irincess ViseIda is in one of lhe
lhree lIack hoIes. The coordinales for
each lIack hoIe are: 1O,29, 28,14, 23,O6.
You nusl enler each lIack hoIe and
dovn scan on every pIanel of each slar in
lhe lIack hoIe. The passvord found inside
lhe Insecl MissiIe Iaclory is THII.
Coning nexl nonlh: The Beaslie
Avards! IIus, nev revievs and nore nevs
regarding nev producl announcenenls.
Donl forgel lo send in your gane hinls.
MaiI lhen lo us al 179 IellIe IIace, San
Ranon CA 94583. WhiIe you heIp olhers,
perhaps olhers viII heIp you. UnliI nexl
nonlh, gane on!
1990 b, KevIn A. Ross
Artwork by Thomas Baxa
Chaosiuns CALL I CTHULHU gane
is sonelines referred lo as a golhic horror
roIe-pIaying gane. Hovever, in recrealing
lhe cosnic horrors of Lovecrafl and his
discipIes, IillIe space vas devoled lo lhe
pelly lerreslriaI horrors of nans
inaginalion, lhe lrue golhic nenaces. The
scenario The Rescue in lhe firsl C|nu|nu
Ccnpanicn (and lhe fourlh-edilion gane
ruIelook) descriled one of lhe nore lradi-
lionaI horrors, lhe verevoIf, in greal
delaiI. This arlicIe expands lhe exisling
vanpire ruIes so lhal an enlire canpaign
can le lased on lhe hunling and sIaying of
lhese Iegendary crealures. These ruIes can
le used vilh RUNLQULST and olher
ganes lased on Chaosiuns BASIC RLL-
ILAYINC syslen. The fourlh-edilion CALL
!of vnmIros uf fho bIfo on your CfhuIhu InvosfIgnfors!
I CTHULHU ruIelook descriles van-
pires lriefIy on page 131. Infornalion
fron lhis source viII le referenced herein
lul viII nol le repealed.
years, lhese Iesser crealures slrenglhen
and lecone grealer vanpires. Bul quile
The vanpires descriled here arenl
laken verlalin fron any singIe piece of
Iileralure. Inslead, lhese ruIes refIecl lhe
aspecls of vanpirisn nosl suilalIe for use
in a roIe-pIaying gane. In parlicuIar, lhis
arlicIe allenpls lo recreale lhe fIavor of
lhe nunerous vanpire novies nade ly
Hanner IiIns in lhe 195Os, '6Os, and '7Os,
as nany ganers are faniIiar vilh lhese
ceIIuIoid undead.
oflen lheir Iack of sullIely arouses suspi-
cion, and lhey are hunled dovn and de-
slroyed lefore lhey nake lhe lransilion lo
grealer vanpires.
BecomIng a vampIre
Tvo lypes of vanpires are discussed in
lhis arlicIe: lhe fIedgIing Iesser vanpires
and lheir nore experienced and nuch
nore poverfuI counlerparls, lhe grealer
vanpires. Lesser vanpires are reIaliveIy
veak, and lheir laclics refIecl lheir inex-
perience and Iack of finesse. Afler a fev
The nosl olvious vay of leconing a
vanpire is lo le lillen ly one. In sone
Iegends, lhe nere lile of a vanpire is nc|
enough lo infecl lhe viclin vilh lhe curse
of lIood-lhirsl, aIlhough sone Cane Mas-
lers (CMs nighl nol Iel lheir pIayers
knov lhal. The vanpire nusl have kiIIed
lhe viclin ly conpIeleIy draining aII of his
lIood. If lhe proper sleps are nol laken,
lhe corpse viII rise vilhin a veek or lvo
(for gane purposes, 2d6 days) as a Iesser
vanpire, vhich is descriled Ialer.
Anolher vay of leconing a vanpire is
lo le exconnunicaled ly ones church.
According lo lhis leIief, lhe lody of lhe
exconnunicaled person viII never resl
unliI il is accepled lack inlo lhe church. In
lhis case as veII, lhe corpse arises as a
Iesser vanpire vilhin a fev days of ils
The Iasl nelhod of leconing a vanpire
is one lhal shouId sel any good CALL I
CTHULHU Keepers crealive gears in no-
lion. The lodies of nen and vonen vho
vere purporled lo le sorcerers vere said
ly Iegend lo rise again lo conlinue lheir
eviI doings. NeedIess lo say, lhese crea-
lures aIso need lhe lIood of lhe Iiving lo
conlinue lhis nefarious aflerIife. They,
loo, slarl off as Iesser vanpires.
VampIrIc dIsabIIItIes
The lvo lypes of vanpires have a nun-
ler of lhings in connon, one of vhich is
lheir aversion lo garIic. This aversion
prevenls lhen fron approaching any
cIoser lhan 6 fron a person vearing or
lrandishing garIic. The vanpires lake no
danage fron lhis sulslance, il nereIy
irrilales lhen in a nanner siniIar lo a
severe aIIergic reaclion. Vanpires can (and
prolalIy viII) use lheir hypnolic gaze lo
force offenders lo drop lhe garIic.
Bolh lypes are aIso danaged ly conlacl
vilh hoIy ilens, in parlicuIar lhe Chrislian
cross, lhe Slar of David, and hoIy valer.
The cross or lhe slar does 1d6 poinls of
danage lo a vanpire per louch, and lhe
vanpire viII lry lo avoid conlacl al aII
cosls, usuaIIy keeping aloul 1O lelveen
ilseIf and lhe offending oljecl. As vilh lhe
garIic, a vanpire viII prolalIy use ils
hypnolic gaze lo nake lhe hoIder drop lhe
ilen. A spIash vilh hoIy valer aIso does
1d6 danage per hil lo lhe undead. These
veapons shouId le in lhe arsenaI of every
conpelenl vanpire-hunler.
Tvo of Nalures nosl connon phenon-
ena speII doon for lhe vanpire: sunIighl
and running valer. Innersion in running
valer (and lhis neans inncrsicn, nol
lhroving a luckel of valer over il) and
direcl sunIighl each causes a vanpire one
poinl of danage per round of conlacl. A
vanpire reduced lo zero hil poinls as a
resuIl is pernanenlIy deslroyed. Neilher
vanpire lype is alIe lo cross running
valer or open sunIighl for lhis reason.
lviousIy, vanpire hunlers can use lhe
alove vuIneraliIilies lo Iinil lhe nove-
nenls of vanpires. BIocking lheir roules
vilh crosses, sneared garIic, or valer
courses suggesl lhenseIves.
Lesser and grealer vanpires casl no
refIeclions, vhelher in nirrors or olher
gIass surfaces or on lhe surface of valer.
Neilher variely casls a shadov. LxlrapoIal-
ing fron lhese properlies, il can le as-
suned lhal lheir inages cannol le
caplured using nornaI pholographic lech-
niques. (Characlers vilh lhe Iholography
skiII shouId le aIIoved a roII lo see if lhey
can cone up vilh a vay of calching lhese
crealures on fiIn. Before aIIoving lhis roII,
22 OCTOBER 1990
lhe characler shouId have nade al Ieasl
one previousIy unsuccessfuI allenpl lo
pholograph a vanpire.) n a siniIar nole,
lhe voices of vanpires cannol le recorded
ly nornaI neans. These prolIens Iinil a
vanpires aliIily lo nove anong hunans
and appear lo le hunan ilseIf.
A vanpire needs lo resl during dayIighl
hours in a coffin or crypl lhal conlains soiI
fron lhe counlry of ils lirlh. If lhis is nol
done, il Ioses 1d6 hil poinls each day unliI
il eilher perishes or has resled on ils hone
soiI. These Iosses are regained onIy afler
lhe crealure has sIepl on hone soiI and
has lhen fed on lIood. Ils hil poinls are
lhen reslored ly an anounl equaI lo lhe
nunler of CN il drains during a feeding
(see The Iesser vanpire: Ieeding), lhis
conlinues unliI lhe vanpires hil poinls are
reslored lo lheir originaI IeveI. This sane
delerioralion occurs if lhe vanpire is
unalIe lo gel ils quola of lIood (see Ieed-
ing under The Iesser vanpire and The
grealer vanpire). IaiIure lo ollain lIood
resuIls in a Ioss of 1-6 hil poinls per day,
and lhis Ioss can le haIled and reversed as
noled previousIy. The IW lhal lhe van-
pire drains fron ils viclin ly louch is
added lo ils ovn IW lolaI (lhough a
vanpire sliII has a SAN of zero, Iike aII
nonslrous crealures).
A vounded vanpire regains aII hil
poinls Iosl fron conlal vilhin 24 hours,
provided il resls on hone soiI as delaiIed
alove. If danaged lul nol lroughl lo zero
hil poinls, il is quile alIe lo defend ilseIf
during lhe dayIighl hours. Ils onIy dayline
supernaluraI povers, hovever, are ils
gaze allack and lhe reIaled lIood sIavery
leIepalhy, lolh of vhich are discussed
Ialer (lhe Ialler in lhe seclion Viclins of
vanpirisn). The vanpire can sliII allack
physicaIIy, of course. If lroughl lo zero hil
poinls, lhe vanpire is conpIeleIy heIpIess
and nusl reverl lo a snoky, foggy, or
nisly incorporeaI forn, relurning lo ils
coffin unliI fuIIy regeneraled. nce inside
lhe coffin, lhe vanpire can onIy caII ils
lIood sIaves or use ils gaze lo fend off
vanpire-hunlers, olhervise, il is quile
vuIneralIe lo deslruclion.
ne of lhe nosl dreadfuI aliIilies of
lolh lypes of vanpires is lhe pover lo
hypnolize anyone calching lheir gaze. The
vanpire can use lhis aliIily on any one
largel of ils choice lhal is alIe lo see ils
eyes, and lhe undead nusl le successfuI
in a IW vs. IW slruggIe againsl lhe
largel. Caze allacks are resoIved al lhe
leginning of lhe round and if lhe vanpire
faiIs, il is sliII aIIoved anolher aclion le-
sides a gaze (allack, shorl novenenl, elc.)
al lhe very end of lhe round. The largel
can lry lo averl his eyes fron lhe van-
pires gaze ly roIIing his IW 5 or Iess
on 1d1OO each line lhe vanpire nakes
such an allenpl. Hovever, lhis aIIovs any
physicaI allacks nade ly lhe vanpire on
lhal characler lo le al + 1O lo lhe allack
roII. If lhe viclin is unalIe lo averl his
eyes in line and lhe vanpire nakes lhe
IW vs. IW roII, lhis viclin has leen
hypnolized. This hypnolizing effecl Iasls
for a nunler of rounds equaI lo lhe van-
pires IW, or unliI lhe viclin is physicaIIy
dislurled in sone vay (such as leing hil
ly a successfuI allack or leing vigorousIy
sIapped, elc., lul nc| ly leing lillen ly
lhe vanpire). The effecl aIIovs lhe van-
pire lo give lhe viclin unspoken con-
nands lhal he viII lhen carry oul. A
connand for overlIy suicidaI lehavior
lreaks lhe speII, lul a connand for al-
lacking ones coIIeagues does nol. nIy one
viclin al a line can le so heId ly lhe
vanpire, an allenpl againsl soneone eIse
aulonalicaIIy frees lhe firsl. Mosl van-
pires use lhis aliIily lo force lheir oppo-
nenls lo drop lheir guard (especiaIIy if lhal
guard incIudes garIic or hoIy ilens).
The Iesser vampIre
Mcans cf cs|ruc|icn. The Iesser van-
pire, in addilion lo lhe vuIneraliIilies
discussed alove, lakes nininun danage
fron and cannol le inpaIed ly nornaI
veapons of any kind. Hovever, if slruck
vilh an inpaIing roII in lhe chesl ly a
vooden veapon such as a slake, sharp-
ened slaff, or lhe Iike, lhey are innedi-
aleIy deslroyed. AIso, if slruck ly an
inpaIing roII lo lhe head vilh a Iong-
lIaded veapon such as a svord, lallIe-
axe, or siniIar veapon, lhey are
innedialeIy decapilaled and deslroyed. If
you are nol using lhe hil-Iocalion lalIes
fron lhe C|nu|nu Ncu suppIenenl, aIIov
a 25 chance of slriking lhe chesl and a
5 chance for lhe head, you nay doulIe
lhese percenlages if lhe Invesligalors slale
lhey are aining for lhese specific Ioca-
lions. Lesser vanpires lake nornaI dan-
age fron lul are nol inpaIed ly siIver or
nagic veapons. Iire affecls lhen nor-
naIIy, lul il does nol deslroy lhen.
To sunnarize nelhods for deslruclion:
decapilalion, vooden slake lhrough lhe
hearl, exposure lo sunIighl, innersion in
running valer, proIonged faiIure lo resl
on hone soiI, proIonged faiIure lo feed.
Snapccnanging. Lesser vanpires have
onIy one forn of lhis pover, and il is
assuned onIy invoIunlariIy, vhen lhe
crealure is lroughl lo zero hil poinls ly
nonfalaI neans. This is ils snoky incorpor-
eaI forn. The vanpire is alIe lo pass
lhrough very snaII cracks or openings lo
gel lo ils coffin lo resl and regenerale
vhen in lhis forn.
|ccing. A Iesser vanpire nusl feasl on
lIood lhree lines per veek, or aloul
every olher day. A successfuI allack drains
1d4 each of CN and IW fron ils viclin
per round of feeding. This lIood can le
laken fron lhe lodies of aninaIs as veII
as hunans, lul lhis is onIy done in ex-
lrene energencies as lhe vanpire prefers
hunans. The Iesser vanpire viII usuaIIy
lry lo hypnolize ils viclins firsl, if lhis
faiIs, il viII laller lhen inlo unconscious-
ness or sulnission.
8cnaticr an |ac|ics. Lesser vanpires
nighl resorl lo drinking nonhunan lIood,
vhich vouId sicken grealer vanpires. Ior
lhe nosl parl, lhe Iesser variely is driven
ly aninaI desires and is IikeIy lo nake
fooIish nislakes in ils Iusl for lIood. The
resuIls of lhe Iesser vanpires Ioss of hu-
nanily is ils Ioss of AII, as iIIuslraled in
lhe Lesser and Crealer Vanpires Slalislics
lalIe. They are nol lolaIIy slupid, hov-
ever, Iesser vanpires oflen choose veak
viclins such as vonen and chiIdren lo
assure lheir ovn reIalive safely. The Iesser
vanpire is nore IikeIy lo creale olher
vanpires lecause of inexperience, eager-
ness, lIood Iusl, elc., lhan lhe nore re-
served grealer vanpire, lhough lhey have
Iess of a chance lo conlroI lheir viclins (as
noled Ialer). They usuaIIy donl creale
olher vanpires viIIingIy, of course, for
lhis dravs loo nuch allenlion and
crovds lhe narkelpIace. If anolher van-
pire is inadverlenlIy crealed, lhe originaI
one nay lry lo deslroy il lo keep lhe con-
pelilion dovn.
S|i||s. Ior lhe nosl parl, lhe Iesser van-
pires skiIIs are lhe sane as lhey vere
during lhe crealures Iife. As line passes,
increases occur in lhe suljecls AgiIily
(CIinl, Dodge, }unp), SleaIlh (Hide,
Sneak), and Ierceplion (Lislen, IsychoIogy,
Spol Hidden, Track) skiII areas. During ils
slinl as a Iesser vanpire, ManipuIalion,
Connunicalion, and (lo a Iesser exlenl)
KnovIedge skiIIs renain reIaliveIy con-
slanl. Sone penaIizalion in lhe Connuni-
calion skiIIs nighl nol le a lad idea, due
lo lhe Ioss of AII ('Isnl lhal Yorga feIIa
kinda creepy` I nean, hes so pa|c.). In
conlal, Iesser vanpires allack as per lhe
delaiIs in lhe CALL I CTHULHU ganes
fourlh-edilion ruIelook, on page 131.
Tnc |ransi|icn. Add logelher lhe STR,
CN, INT, IW, and DLX scores lhe van-
pire had vhen il vas aIive, lhen sullracl
lhe lolaI fron 1OO. This gives you lhe
nunler of nonlhs lhe vanpire nusl
renain a Iesser crealure lefore leconing
a grealer vanpire.
TLe greoIer vomire
Mcans cf cs|ruc|icn. In addilion lo lhe
vuIneraliIilies discussed in lhe lexl on
Iesser vanpires, grealer vanpires lake no
danage vhalsoever fron nornaI veapons
(vilh lhe exceplion of inpaIing slrikes lo
lhe chesl vilh vooden veapons, as per
Iesser vanpires alove). They do lake
nininun danage and no inpaIing slrikes
fron siIver or nagic veapons.
To sunnarize lhe vays of kiIIing grealer
vanpires: exposure lo sunIighl, innersion
in running valer, proIonged faiIure lo resl
on hone soiI, proIonged faiIure lo feed, or
a vooden slake lhrough lhe hearl p|us
eilher lurning, decapilalion, or exposure
lo sunIighl or running valer (lhe slake
aIone nereIy keeps il innoliIe, decon-
poses il lo lhe lare lones, and hoIds il
ccnp|c|c|q poverIess unliI lhe slake is
Snapccnanging an sunncning. The
gaseous incorporeaI forn discussed for
Iesser vanpires nusl le assuned ly a
grealer vanpire vhen il is lroughl lo zero
hil poinls ly nonfalaI neans, lhis forn
can aIso le laken al viII ly lhe grealer
vanpire. This nonsler can aIso assune
lhe forn of a voIf or Iarge lal al viII. This
process lakes a round lo conpIele. WhiIe
in lhese forns, lhe vanpire cannol use ils
gaze lul relains ils olher innunilies and
vuIneraliIilies. WhiIe in nisl forn, lhe
vanpire is innune lo aII forns of danage
excepl nagicaI veapons and allacks unliI
il changes forn again. When in hunan or
aninaI forn, il can sunnon each of lhe
foIIoving crealure lypes once per 24-hour
period: 2d6 Iarge lals, 2d6 ral packs, or
1d3 voIves. These crealures are suljecl lo
avaiIaliIily in lhe area, rals or lals leing
usuaIIy nuch nore accessilIe in nosl
pIaces lhan voIves. These aninaIs usuaIIy
arrive vilhin 3d6 rounds and fIee vhen
lhey have Iosl nore lhan 5O of lheir
|ccing. The grealer vanpire is alIe lo
conlroI ils urges for lIood lo sone degree.
Il needs lo feed onIy once per veek, lul
lhe grealer vanpire alsoIuleIy viII nol
drink lhe lIood of anylhing Iess lhan a
hunan. As il drains 1d6 + 1 IW and
1d6 + 1 CN fron ils viclin, il nusl le
reIaliveIy carefuI and in conlroI of ils
urges or il viII creale nev vanpires every
line il feeds. This draining effecl nakes
lhe grealer vanpire nore IikeIy lo le alIe
lo conlroI ils viclins (see Ialer), naking for
nore frequenl visils lo lhese unforlunales.
The vanpires feeding is oflen faciIilaled
ly hypnolizing or charning ils viclins or,
faiIing lhal, ly punneIing lhen inlo sul-
8cnaticr an |ac|ics. Because il has a
grealer degree of conlroI over ils lIood-
Iusl, lhe grealer vanpire is a far nore
sullIe opponenl lhan ils Iesser counler-
parl. Wilh a fev exceplions, lhe grealer
vanpire is infinileIy nore refined and
gracefuI in ils appearance, and definileIy
nore allraclive and charisnalic, lhis le-
havioraI refinenenl is iIIuslraled ly lhe
grealer vanpires increase in AII. Like lhe
Iesser crealures, lhe grealer vanpire
usuaIIy refuses lo nake ils viclins inlo
nev vanpires. If lhe vanpire does, il viII
prolalIy le for sone perverse forn of
vengeance againsl said viclin, and evenlu-
aIIy lhe vanpire viII have one of ils non-
vanpiric servanls or viclins deslroy lhis
unforlunale one. Those vhon lhe grealer
vanpire unvillingIy infecls vilh vanpir-
isn viII aIso le dispalched ly his servanls.
Iev opponenls are nore dangerous or
nore aIIuring lhan lhe grealer vanpire. If
il feeIs lhal il is soon lo le discovered, il
viII creale severaI nev vanpires lefore
naking ils escape lo safer environs. This
vay il nol onIy creales furlher nenaces
for ils pursuers lo deaI vilh, il aIso Ieaves
lehind seeds lhal nay grov inlo a pover-
fuI aIIiance as veII as a liller forn of
S|i||s. As a ruIe, nosl of lhe AgiIily skiIIs
of a grealer vanpire shouId le al Ieasl
doulIed fron ils Iiving scores lo refIecl
ils aliIily lo scaIe sleep incIines, nake
fanlaslic Ieaps, and perforn olher such
feals. This does nol exlend lo such skiIIs as
Svinning and Boaling, for olvious rea-
sons. SleaIlh and Ierceplion skiII areas
shouId prolalIy le doulIed fron previous
Iiving scores. KnovIedge skiIIs viII prol-
alIy increase consideralIy as veII due lo
lhe addilionaI LDU poinl (and lhe accon-
panying 15 skiII poinls) il receives for
every addilionaI 1O years of ils Iife. A
grealer vanpire nay sliII le veak in Ma-
nipuIalion and Connunicalion skiIIs, and
onIy one or lvo allack forns olher lhan
punching or grappIing shouId have in-
creased very nuch. Crealer vanpires
allack as do Iesser vanpires lul vilh a
15 lonus lo aII of lheir physicaI allack
VicIims oI vomirism
As ve sav earIier, a vanpire can creale
a nev vanpire ly conpIeleIy draining a
viclin of lIood. Bul if lhe vanpire is very
carefuI or very Iucky, il can nake one of
ils viclins a sIave lo ils viII, as if lhe crea-
lures gaze allack vere pernanenlIy in
effecl on lhal person.
Ior lhis reason, lhe Iosses of CN and
IW nusl le carefuIIy lracked for each of
a vanpires viclins. When a vanpire suc-
cessfuIIy suldues a viclin ly gaze or ly
fisl, il lhen liles lhal viclin. The CM
shouId roII one dice of lhe appropriale
lype (1d4 for Iesser, 1d6 + 1 for grealer)
each round and sullracl lhe resuIl fron
lolh lhe CN and IW of lhe viclin. As
slaled earIier, nosl vanpires viII nol
inlenlionaIIy lry lo drain lheir viclins
conpIeleIy. Ior a Iesser vanpire, lhe
lIood-draining process lakes
1-3 rounds, depending
on lhe viclins size. The
grealer vanpire nusl
le nore carefuI lo
keep fron kiIIing loo
nany of ils viclins and
naking lhen inlo
vanpires. Ior lhen,
aloul 1-2 rounds shouId
suffice. If a viclins
IW or CN is ever
lroughl lo zero ly a
vanpires draining
allack, lhal person
dies and lecones a
Iesser vanpire. If a
vanpire of eilher lype
drains a viclin of nore lhan haIf
of lhal viclins originaI IW, lhen
lhal person has lecone a lIood
sIave lo lhal vanpire.
The characlerislics Iosses of a viclin
are regeneraled al a rale of one poinl
lo IW and CN per day, or 1d3 + 1
Luck roIIs and (nore inporlanlIy) hil poinls.
A blood slave is kept in mental contact
with its vampiric master at all times. This
mental contact merely allows the sending
of messages between the two minds, not
visual or audial sensations. The victim will
follow any command the vampire gives
provided the order doesnt involve suicidal
behavior as per a gaze attack. However,
the blood-slave effect is permanent and is
usable by the vampire during the day,
usually to aid the vampire if its resting
place has been found. This contact can be
broken only by the destruction of the
controlling vampire and is effective at any
A victim slain by a vampires blood
draining (i.e., brought to zero POW or
CON) arises within 2d6 game days as a
lesser vampire, independent of the greater
vampires control. There are ways to avoid
this, most notably the grisly method of
staking the defenseless creature before it
arises. Another successful method would
be cremation, provided the undead victim
has not yet initially risen from its grave.
More subtle methods such as prayer vigils
or the use of holy items or garlic might be
successful, according to the GMs wishes,
but this is not recommended. Vampire
exterminating should be a dirty, gruesome
Sanity and vam pires
The various aspects of vampirism can
affect the SAN of the viewer. Seeing a
lesser vampire and knowing it to be such
costs 1d6 SAN unless a SAN roll is made, in
which case there is no loss; a greater
vampire requires a roll for a possible loss
of 1d8 SAN (or 1 SAN if the roll is made). If
the vampire was known in life to the
witness, an additional loss of 1d4 (or 1)
SAN is taken. Being bitten by a vampire (of
either type) requires a SAN roll; 1d4 is lost,
or 1 point is lost if the SAN roll is made.
Seeing a vampire feed on another human
being costs 1d3 SAN unless a SAN roll is
made, in which case no SAN is lost.
Participating in the staking of a new
vampire that has not yet risen also re-
quires a SAN roll. If the roll is successful,
the character loses only 1 SAN and can
continue the procedure; if the roll fails,
that character loses 1d4 SAN and cannot
take part in the staking at that time. At
least 1d10 x 5 minutes must pass before
that character can get up the nerve to try
again, at which time another SAN roll
must be attempted; there is no loss for the
second and subsequent SAN rolls, but if
they, too, fail, this weak-willed individual
must wait another 1d10 5 minutes and
then attempt yet another SAN roll, contin-
uing this process until the SAN roll is
made, someone else stakes the vampire-to-
be, or the vampire-to-be wakes up!
Staking any already risen vampire (of
either type) costs 1 SAN if the roll fails, but
the character is still able to participate; if
the roll is successful, there is no loss.
Staking a vampire, risen or not, who was
known in life to the one doing the staking
requires a roll for a SAN loss of 1d6 (or 1),
and if the roll fails the character cannot
immediately take part in the act. A charac-
ter with a failed roil must make SAN rolls
every 1d10 5 minutes as before, but each
failed roll still causes a loss of 1 SAN.
Viewing the disintegration of a vampire
due to most usual methods of vampire-
killing costs 1d3 or zero SAN, depending
on the success or failure of the SAN roll.
On the other hand, destroying a lesser
vampire restores 2d4 SAN to those who
took part in its execution, while the de-
mise of a greater vampire gains 2d6 SAN
for each of his killers. The Keeper may
also wish to give an additional point of
SAN for each nonplayer character blood
slave freed by a vampires death.
Vam pires in cam paigns
When using vampires in CALL OF
CTHULHU adventures, note that these
rules are by no means carved in stone.
The Keeper can and should tinker with
these ideas to create a few unique vam-
pires to be encountered in addition to
those described herein. Imagine, for in-
stance, a vampire who is unaffected by the
usual banes detailed above (sunlight, holy
items, running water, etc.) until the night
on which it must feed, at which time it
becomes a sort of bestial were-vampire.
Or picture an atheistic vampire immune to
religious trappings such as holy water and
holy symbols, but otherwise like the un-
dead described in this article. Or perhaps
a vampire unaffected by sunlight and with
no special powers during the day, but in
all other respects like the vampires de-
scribed above. Using this article as a guide-
line, the possibilities are virtually endless.
One of the most important jobs of the
prospective vampire-hunter is cutting
through all the myth and legendry sur-
rounding these creatures and finding their
true banes. Most methods for destroying
Lesser and Greater Vam pires CALL O F CTH ULH U Gam e Statistics
HP (average)
W hile A s Lessers
living lesser average
3d6 3d6 + d6 14
3d6 3d6 + d6 14
2d6+6 2 d6 +6 13
2d6+6 2d6+6 13
3d6 3d6 10-11
3d6 3d6 10-11
3d6 3d6 d3 8-9
12 - 14
A s
(3d6 + d6) x 2
(3d6 + d6) x 2
3d6 x 2
3d6 x 1.5
G reaters
vampires are known to anyone with an
Occult skill of 15% or more, while the
more obscure means (such as the fact that
greater vampires are not slain by staking
alone) are known to those with an Occult
skill of 30% or more. The methods for
fending off vampires (garlic, cross, etc.)
are known to anyone with a skill level
better than 5%. (These figures may seem
rather low to some, but remember that we
in the 1990s have had 60 years of vampire
films to teach us about the ecology of the
vampire. Folk in the 1920s were limited to
written sources of vampire lore. Keepers
running campaigns set in the 1990s may
wish to lower these minimum skill levels
by 5% or so to reflect the Investigators
education via the cinematic vampire.)
Most of this information can be found at a
nearby library with a couple hours re-
search and a few successful Library Use
It should be apparent that vampires
need to change their feeding grounds
every so often to avoid suspicion. Some-
times they may be forced to move because
suspicion has already been aroused. Vam-
pires almost always have some sort of
human slave or contact to take care of
major travel arrangements; this is espe-
cially true of movements across bodies of
water. These slaves are usually victims of
the vampires POW-draining that have
been promised eventual full vampirehood
for their aid. These slaves often transport
several coffins for their vampiric masters,
as these monsters tend to have several
spread about their hunting and haunting
A final note: When a vampire gets in a
free-for-all with the PCs, if at all possible
just knock them around until theyre un-
conscious. Then have the vampire bite
em. If it suits your needs, you should try
to make one of your PCs (or at the very
least an important or powerful NPC) into a
slave of a vampire. This may involve fudg-
ing the die rolls during the vampires
blood-draining (it wouldnt do to kill the
Investigator too quickly; just make him
and his companions squirm). The charac-
ters will then have an even better reason
to hunt down the nefarious bloodsucker,
to free both their friend and the world of
this menace. Then again, if the vampire
does happen to kill one of the Investiga-
tors, the remainder of the party will have
to deal with the victim in addition to the
original horror. Imagine the horrible scene
when the Investigators set out to stake
their former colleague!
[O ther recent articles on vam pires that
have appeared in D RAGO N M agazine
include: H earts of D arkness and A
Touch of Evil, in issue #126 (on AD & D
gam e vam pires); The M ARVEL-Phile, in
issue #126 and in this issue (on M ARVEL
SU PER H ERO ES gam e vam pires); and
Fangs Alot! in issue #150 (on AD & D 2nd
Edition gam e vam pires).]
24 O CTO BER 1990
1993 ly Sandy Ielerson
Artwork by Paul Daly
The supernaluraI vorIds of horror
crealed ly H.I. Lovecrafl again cone lo
Iife (or unIife) in Chaosiuns CALL OI
CTHULHU* gane. IIayers lake lhe roIes
of hunan Invesligalors in lhe 188Os,
192Os, or presenl day. As lhey Iook inlo
slrange evenls and anaIyze unusuaI ol-
jecls, lhey uncover evidence of nonslrous
pIols lo ensIave or deslroy hunanily. AIien
gods of insanily and darkness vish lo lake
conlroI of lhe Larlh, and onIy lhe Invesli-
galors can deIay lheir coning ~ lhough lhe
Invesligalors risk nadness and doon al
every lurn.
Deep in lhe hearl of lhe Keepers favor-
ile oId cily dveIIs Mr. }osh WeIIneal ~ or
soneone vho cIains lo le hin. The lrulh
of lhe naller is slranger lhan any Invesli-
galor vouId ever inagine.
MiIIions of years ago, during lhe Ierni-
an age, Mr. WeIIneal vas SsvaIpynos
Skenanss, a lypicaI Serpenl Man, nore
sorcerous and anlilious lhan nosl, lul
nolhing loo exceplionaI for lhal prinordiaI
epoch. Wilh lhe rise of lhe earIy nannaI
precursors, SsvaIpynos Skenanss foresav
lhe exlinclion of his ovn species, and he
nade preparalions for his ovn survivaI,
seeking oul nagicks of conceaInenl, Ion-
gevily, and proleclion.
During lhe Triassic, SsvaIpynos inilaled
lhe forns of lhe ruIers of lhal age, lhe
feared Creal Race of Yilh. He naslered
lheir science and hid avay sone of lheir
lechnoIogy in line capsuIes. When lhe
Creal Race vas viped oul, he Iived on in a
larlaric vorId lhriIIed vilh raging dino-
saurs. To survive, he used lhe lioIogicaI
knovIedge of lhe Creal Race lo perna-
Josh WeIImeat (SsvaIpynos Skenanss)
STR 88 CON #$ SIZ 132 INT 22
IOW 32 DLX 6 Move 1O HI 94
AII 1O (honuncuIus)
Weapon: Bile allack 95, danage 13d6, longue allack 95, danage 1d6, pIus vraps
around and grasps prey. WeIIneal cannol Ieave his house lo deIiver a lile allack unIess
he rises up, conpIeleIy denoIishing lhe house and Ieaving il a piIe of rullIe around his
haunches. Hovever, he can fIick forlh his longue lo allack foes up lo 15 nelers avay
fron lhe house, so Iong as he or one of his honuncuIi can see lhe largel. Anyone hil
ly WeIIneals longue is aulonalicaIIy grasped and puIIed inlo lhe house lo le allacked
ly lhe nonslers Bile on lhe foIIoving round. OnIy a successfuI STR vs. STR roII againsl
lhe longues STR of 22 viII lreak lhe largel free.
The longue has 32 hil poinls of ils ovn, lul no arnor, and can le allacked lefore il
grals soneone. Hovever, il fIickers so fasl lhal lhe chances of scoring a hil on il are
haIved. If il is reduced lo zero hil poinls lefore il nakes ils allack, il is crippIed,
WeIIneal lhen vilhdravs il and viII nol use il anynore.
Armor: WeIIneal hinseIf has 13 poinls of arnored scaIes. Through occuIl neans, he
has nade hinseIf and his longue conpIeleIy innune lo fire and heal danage. If soreIy
pressed, he nay delonale lhe gasoIine lanks he has slored in lhe lasenenl of lhe
house and issue forlh, covered vilh lovering fIanes lo roasl aII lhose vho lornenl
hin. If he does lhis, everyone vilhin 6 nelers of hin vhiIe lhe fire lurns lakes 1d6
heal danage each round. Lveryone vilhin 3 nelers of hin lakes 3d6 danage fron lhe
fIanes. This nighl nake a good speclacuIar ending lo a scenario invoIving WeIIneal.
SpeIIs: Through his epochs of sludy, WeIIneal knovs aII lhe lasic Mylhos speIIs. In
addilion, he knovs lhe foIIoving nagicks fron lhe Lesser Crinoire, found in lhe lack
of lhe fiflh edilion of lhe CALL OI CTHULHU gane (pages 148-158): BIess BIade, Con-
jure CIass of MorlIan, Creale Misl of ReIeh, DefIecl Harn, Doninale, Iisl of Yog-
Solholh, IIesh Ward, Mesnerize, Wilher Linl, and WeIIneals version of Consune
SkIIIs: WeIIneal knovs aII CALL OI CTHULHU knovIedge-orienled skiIIs (such as
OccuIl, ZooIogy, Linguisl, elc.) al 1OO. He knovs aII skiIIs requiring a physicaI forn al
25 (WeIIneal has huge, cIunsy cIavs), lhe honuncuIi can use aII lhe physicaI skiIIs as
veII as WeIIneal hinseIf.
SanIty Loss: O/1d6 +2 Sanily poinls lo see WeIIneals fuII forn (O/1d4 lo see a snaII
parl of hin in his hone).
42 OCTOBER 1993
Iron his readings anong lhe Creal
Race, SsvaIpynos knev lhal evenluaIIy
hunanily vouId deveIop a conpIex civiIi-
zalion. In line, he look up residence
anong lhese deleslalIe descendanls of lhe
apes and lecane knovn as }osh WeIIneal.
Nov lhal lhe hunans have finaIIy deveI-
oped eIeclricaI lechnoIogy, he can use
lheir pover sources lo operale lhe devices
conlained vilhin his line capsuIes.
UnforlunaleIy, aII of his capsuIes have
leen unearlhed and carried off ly inquisi-
live hunans. The capsuIes vere prolecled
ly lhe lechnoIogy of lhe Creal Race, so
lhe lhieves, leing nere hunans, couId
nol open lhe sloIen capsuIes, lul neilher
couId WeIIneal easiIy recover his Iosl
WeIIneal grev lo coIossaI size during
lhe age of lhe dinosaurs, and he relains
lhis innensily. He has grovn loo Iarge lo
Ieave his house, vhich has leen luiIl
speciaIIy around hin lo conceaI his forn
fron hunan eyes. To assisl hin, he has
conlined nagicaI and lioIogicaI Iore lo
creale arlificiaI Iife~honuncuIi.
The homuncuII
WeIIneal has grovn a nunler of hu-
nanoid crealures in vals. These leings,
honuncuIi, are luiIl on skeIelons vhich
WeIIneal inporls fron India, giving lhen
hunan forn. They have shiny pink pIasli-
cIike skin and snoolh faces, Iacking noses,
exlernaI ears, and hair. Their eyes are
IidIess and round, lhey have onIy hoIes for
ears, and lheir noulhs are IipIess, lul lhey
do have exceIIenl vocaI cords.
HonuncuIi have no ninds of lheir ovn
and are aninaled ly WeIIneal hinseIf,
acling as exlensions of his psyche. He uses
lhen as his hands and eyes lo inleracl
vilh lhe oulside vorId. He can aIso casl
his speIIs lhrough lhe honuncuIi.
To give lhe honuncuIi lhe senlIance of
hunanily, WeIIneal uses a varialion on lhe
speII of Consune Likeness. He devours lhe
fIesh of a person vhon he vishes lo ini-
lale, jusl as in lhe nornaI speII, lul lhe
person can le of any size, nol jusl vilhin 3
SIZ poinls of hinseIf (nore delaiIs foIIov).
WeIIneal does nol hinseIf lransforn inlo
lhe forn of his viclin. Inslead, he projecls
lhe inage of his viclin over one of his
honuncuIi. So Iong as lhal honuncuIus
Iives, il has lhe appearance of lhe seIecled
viclin. When lhe honuncuIus dies,
WeIIneal Ioses lhe pover lo creale lhal
parlicuIar persons iIIusion ever again.
The honuncuIis slalislics are aII 1O,
excepl for INT and IOW (vhich are
WeIIneals), so lhey are easiIy kiIIed. They
Iive forever unIess kiIIed. They have sin-
pIified digeslive lracls and can eal onIy
nushy, easiIy digesled food, such as pre-
pared laly food. If queslioned aloul lhis
diel, lhe honuncuIi viII cIain lo have an
nenlIy change his ovn lody, groving lo
innense size and slrenglh. Soon, onIy lhe
Iargesl dinosaurs couId lhrealen hin, lul
his nagicaI povers rendered hin safe
fron even lhese.
UnforlunaleIy for WeIIneal, vhen one
of his honuncuIi is kiIIed, ils hunan iIIu-
sion fades vilhin an hour. So far, he has
aIvays nanaged lo regain or deslroy lhe
corpse of a dead honuncuIi lefore suspi-
cions vere aroused. He does nol dare send
a honuncuIus loo far avay fron hone,
vhere ils lody vouId le inaccessilIe lo
his olher honuncuIi vere il lo die.
Ior his Consune Likeness speII,
WeIIneal has his honuncuIi search for
aduIl naIe hunans vho viII nol le nissed
(e.g., vagranls, iIIegaI innigranls, and
pelly crininaIs). Once lhese unforlunales
are Ied lo his hone, he lhen devours lhen
in order lo gain lhe aliIily lo projecl lheir
Iikenesses onlo his honuncuIi. He does nol
pulIicIy use a free-roving honuncuIus
lased on a parlicuIar viclin unliI al Ieasl a
cenlury has passed, so nolody Iiving viII
recognize lhe shape and he can safeIy
cIain il as his ovn.
Al lhe nonenl, he has four cenlury-oId
spares avaiIalIe, pIus lhree nore lhal
have nol aged a cenlury yel and nusl le
kepl indoors (lhey vere crealed 7O, 45,
and 6 years ago, respecliveIy). This gives
hin seven lolaI honuncuIi vhich slay
inside his house, aIong vilh one lhal lrav-
eIs freeIy, currenlIy professing lo le Mr.
}osh WeIIneal and lending lo lhe non-
slers lusiness and sociaI inleraclions.
When WeIIneal fears lhal lhe never-
uIcer. aging forn of a honuncuIus is gelling loo
olvious, he Iooses a second honuncuIus
and has il lake up exislence as an indepen-
denl personaIily under a differenl nane.
Afler a fev nonlhs, he has his firsl ho-
nuncuIus seII aII his properly al narkel
prices lo lhe second honuncuIus. Then
lhe firsl honuncuIus prelends lo nove oul
of lovn (acluaIIy, SsvaIpynos eals il), and
lhe second honuncuIus lakes over as lhe
nev persona for lhe nonsler.
The hoIIow house
WeIIneals house is sinpIy a hoIIov
sheII, conlaining his ovn lrue, grossIy
svoIIen forn, aIong vilh his seven spare
honuncuIi, vhich groon and cIean lhe
nonslrous shape. There is aIso a val con-
laining a hunan skeIelon, vhich WeIIneal
viII use lo creale a nev honuncuIus if lhe
need arises. IinaIIy, in lhe lasenenl of lhe
house are sone Iarge covered vals of
gasoIine connecled lo an ignilion syslen~
a recenl addilion.
If an inlruder enlers WeIIneals house
and opens one of lhe inner doors, he is
confronled ly a puIsaling nass of scaIy
fIesh, possilIy punclualed ly a cIav, an
eye, or olher organ. WeIIneal hinseIf
cannol le seen in fuII unIess he deslroys
his house ly Ieaving il. When fuIIy nani-
fesled, WeIIneal is exceedingIy hideous.
He is lasicaIIy an unduIaling Iunp of
lissue, Iike an arnored pudding. Al one
PersonaIIty and goaIs
WeIIneals nain reason for inleracling
vilh any parly of Invesligalors is lo regain
his Iosl line capsuIes. He shouId firsl
appear lo a parly of Invesligalors as a
friend. OlviousIy, heII never Iel lhen
cone inside his house, lul he is happy lo
neel lhen in fancy reslauranls for neaIs
(for vhich he fools lhe liII, leing conforl-
alIy veaIlhy).
WeIIneal leIIs lhe Invesligalors lhal he is
seeking cerlain ancienl archeoIogicaI dis-
coveries (in reaIily lhe line capsuIes). He
vishes lo acquire lhen lecause of lheir
occuIl significance. If lheir nalure is eviI,
he naluraIIy vishes lo have lhen de-
slroyed or rendered harnIess. If lhey are
leneficiaI, he vanls lo use lhen, and
offers lo share lheir Iore vilh lhe Invesli-
galors. Hovever, vhen any capsuIe is
recovered, he cIains in every case lo have
Iearned lhal il vas naIign and had lo le
deslroyed~he never acluaIIy shares any
infornalion vilh lhe Invesligalors.
WeIIneal pays lhe Invesligalors hand-
soneIy for lheir assislance in recovering
each archeoIogicaI discovery (lhe exacl
nunler of line capsuIes leing searched
for is Iefl for lhe Keeper lo decide). Lach
capsuIe has occuIl defenses, and WeIIneal
varns lhe Invesligalors lhal lhey are
dangerous. WeIIneal has perforned nagi-
caI riluaIs lo find lhe currenl Iocalion of
each of lhe capsuIes, lul has onIy leen
alIe lo IocaIize lhe capsuIes in a very
generaI vay (e.g., sonevhere in BaIli-
nore or lhe IsIe of Man). The capsuIes
vere Iong ago enchanled lo adopl shapes
lhal vouId disguise lheir nalures, such
shape-changing has lecone ralher chaolic
over lhe eons, hovever, and lhey couId
Iook Iike anylhing fron lhe size of a car
dovn lo a cIolhes chesl.
WeIIneal offers lo pay lhe Invesligalors
reasonalIe expenses on lhe search. He
end of lhe Iunp is a henispheric slruclure
conlaining eyes, noslriIs, and a sIavering
noulh fiIIed vilh fangs each .7 nelers
Iong. An innense longue, even Ionger
lhan lhe luIlous lody, fIickers oul fron
lhe noulh and vaves nenacingIy al lhe
aslonished passersly. Tilanic cIavs pro-
lrude fron lhe horrors forn, lul lhere
are no lrue Iegs or even feel~WeIIneal
noves ly rocking his lody fron side lo
side, fIopping aIong in a crippIed-Iooking,
aInosl palhelic nanner. SliII, lhe nonslers
vasl size enalIes il lo proceed ly lhis
neans fairIy quickIy.
Ierhaps lhe vorsl parl of lhe horror is
nol lhe vhoIe, lul lhe delaiIs: lhe inleIIi-
genl, sensilive eyes, lhe lurnished scaIes,
poIished and lended vilh Ioving care ly
lhe honuncuIi over lhe decades, lhe
sparks of aIien energy Ieaping fron lhe
crealures lody as il prepares a deadIy
speII. Lven nore dreadfuI, if he lIovs up
his house (see Arnor in lhe gane slalis-
lics lox), lhe nonsler is IikeIy lo le en-
cased in a shealh of fIanes, lurning lul
nol consuned.
44 OCTOBER 1993

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46 OCTOBER 1993
An untappcd snurcc nf Mythns hnrrnr fnr ChansIum's CALL OF
CTHULHU gamc Is thc myths and !cgcnds nf ancIcnt cu!turcs.
DcscrIbcd In stnrIcs and !cgcnds arc tcrrIb!c crcaturcs, many nf
whIch nccd vcry !Itt!c wnrk tn prnvIdc hnrrIfIc fncs tn IntrcpId In-
C!assIca! Grcck mythn!ngy Is pcrhaps thc bcst knnwn such cu!-
turc. An ImagInatIvc Kccpcr can fInd a wca!th nf mnnstcrs tn adapt
tn hcr campaIgn frnm thc varInus Grcck !cgcnds, Bc!nw Is thc cx-
amp!c a dcscrIptInn nf nnc mnnstcr frnm thc myths, thc EchIdna
(whnm thc Grccks dcscrIbcd as a ha!f-wnman, ha!f-scrpcntInc
bcast). I havc Inc!udcd bcynnd thc crcaturc's statIstIcs and pnrtInns
nf a nurna! wrIttcn by nnc I!!-fatcd prnfcssnr that can bc uscd In an
advcnturc dca!Ing wIth thc cchIdna. Mnrc mcntInn nf campaIgn
uscs fnr thc cchIdna can bc fnund at thc cnd nf thIs pIccc.
36 OCTOBER 1994
Add lhe Creek echidna lo your CALL I CTHULHU*
ganes rosler of horrors
Artwork by Jim Holloway
The journaI excerpls leIov are offered
as a springloard for advenlures vilh lhe
echidna. The journaI nay le found years
lhey vere vrillen anid Irofessor Coh-
niers effecls. A reporler or vriler IC nay
le asked ly an acadenician NIC (or per-
haps ly one of lhe dear deparled Irofes-
sors reIalives) lo conpiIe, edil, and
aulhenlicale lhe vrilings. r, lhe encounl-
er vilh lhe Irofessor nay le nore recenl,
vilh lhe invesligalors leing hired ly lhe
Irofessors universily (Keepers shouId
choose an inslilulion appropriale lo lheir
canpaigns) lo discover vhal has happened
lo a nenler of lheir slaff.
The Iasl enlry of lhe journaI is oplionaI.
Sone Keepers nay feeI il reveaIs loo nuch
infornalion, spoiIing lhe horrific effecl of
firsl encounlering lhe echidna. IeeI free lo
onil il, Ieaving lhe fale of Irofessor Coh-
nier in doull. Hov lhe journaI finds ils
vay lo ICs is lhen nore prolIenalicaI,
lhough. Ierhaps lhe professor survived lhe
experience and is nov Iocked up in sone
Creek insane asyIun, an unidenlified nad-
Excerpts from the Journal of Dr. Alex-
enor T. Gohmier Ph.D., Associate Professor
of Classical Studies.
February 17th: The universily recenlIy
acquired lhe noles fron lhe eslale of Nikos
DenopoIi. WhiIe poring over lhe noles of
lhe revoIulionary lhal Iived during lhe l-
lonans ruIe, I noliced nenlion of sone
sorl of leasl Iiving in lhe hiIIs of cenlraI
Creece. Whal inleresls ne so is lhal lhe
crealure is descriled as parl vonan, parl
serpenl. ne does nol have lo hoId a grad-
uale degree in lhe cIassics lo reaIize vhal
such a lhing sounds Iike lhe echidna! Sure-
Iy, lhe leasl nusl le jusl a nylh lhough.
SliII, ny lhoughls keep coning lack lo lhe
delaiIed reporls of lhe vilnesses. This
lears furlher sludy.
June 6th: I an nov convinced afler read-
ing lhrough so nany pages lhal lhe echid-
na Iives! Though ny eyes are rav and ny
head aches, I feeI fIushed, near ecslalic.
h, lhe crealure is no nylhoIogicaI
leralisn, lul ralher sone enornous ser-
penl lo le sure. The ancienls nusl have
confused lhe aninaI vilh sonelhing nore
sinisler. I vonder hov such a lhing couId
renain olscure lo lhis day. Bul I inlend lo
find il nonelheIess. I shaII requesl ny sal-
lalicaI, so nore line can le devoled lo
October 27th: I have done aII lhe vork
possilIe in lhese haIIoved haIIs. Thank
Cod ny sallalicaI legins lhis vinler. I
have aIready pIanned ny ilinerary. The
exacl Iocalion of lhe viIIage vhere lhe
echidna vas firsl nenlioned nusl le
January 14th: The saIl-Iaden AlIanlic sea
air is quile refreshing. SliII, for aII lhis
cruise ship has lo offer, I Iook forvard lo
reaching Creece lo once nore legin lhe
lask of finding lhe echidna. The Universily
of Alhens shouId hoId sone accounls, per-
haps even lhe reporl of a vilness, if I nay
le so Iucky.
March 10th: My second nighl in lhe viIIage
and sliII I feeI unconforlalIe anong lhese
foIk. Though lheir oulvard lrealnenl of ne
is vilhoul conpIainl, I seen lo sense a hosliI-
ily lehind lheir sinpIe faces. Is il direcled al
ne, or ny research~and vhy`
I nusl relurn lo lhe viIIage church. I
noliced severaI odd voodculs in lhe
veslry. They porlray sone crealure lhal
Iooks Iike a cross lelveen vonan and
viper Iuring nen inlo caves. The priesl
viII nol discuss lhe carvings vilh ne. I
shaII lry once nore lo pry forlh sone
March 12th: I have had enough of
searching lhrough nanuscripls and pa-
pers. Il is pasl line for ne lo lring a nore
personaI eIenenl lo ny hunl for lhe echid-
na. Though I have sone doull aloul ex-
pIoring lhe caves lo lhe norlh, a grand
discovery avails ne, I an sure. To find
langilIe proof of lhis serpenls exislence
vouId propeI ne lo lhe zenilh of ny fieId.
SchIienann levare! I shaII soon surpass
your leIoved Troy!
March 12th, later: The viIIagers sav lhe
speIunking equipnenl I lore and lecane
nosl aIarned. SeveraI lried lo slop ne,
arguing nosl enphalicaIIy lhal lhe caves
vere nol safe. I lhoughl al one poinl lo le
physicaIIy prevenled, lul I nanaged lo
slare lhen dovn. The hike lo lhe caves
vas niIdIy faliguing, and I pIan lo resl for
an hour and check aII ny equipnenl le-
fore enlering lhe caves. My hand nearIy
lrenlIes fron lhe nounling excilenenl.
The caves have a danp alnosphere. I
shouId have vorn varner cIolhing.
Theres no sign of any Iife~odd gIislen-
ing lraiIs here and lhere. Is lhis sone sorl
of nineraI secrelion`
The lunneIs lranch oflen. I shaII nark
lhe ones I enler vilh chaIk.
I have slopped ny gavking al lhe in-
nense cave I enlered nol an hour ago. My
coIIeagues lack al lhe universily vouId
nol le alIe lo conlain lhenseIves. I ny-
seIf, no archeoIogisl, feeI ny lrealh calch.
Ire-HeIIenic ruins, lo le sure! My Ianp
resls upon ruined narlIe, lhen finds a
series of ancienl coIunns~perhaps an
enlire cily, lenealh lhe earlh. Hov did
lhese ruins lecone nere earlh and rul-
lIe` Did lhe earlh open and enguIf lhen` I
feeI Iike a prolagonisl in a Verne noveI. I
nusl expIore furlher.
I hear odd sounds~sorl of a sIilhering
noise. Waler perhaps`
Dear Cod, vhoever carved lhe slone had
aloninalIe lhoughls on his nind. TerrilIe
las-reIiefs. My hands lrenlIe al lhe sighl.
Iound a focaI poinl lo lhe ruins. A Iarge
slalue sel on a naIachile dais. Bronze, yel
shoving no sign of verdigris. Iigure is
naIe and recIines, vilh one hand oul-
slrelched as if regarding lhe fingers. The
face is lvisled, Iaughler perhaps. dd lo
find enply eye sockels. The craflsnanship
is very good.
HoId! There is anolher visage on lhe
rear of lhe head. Wilh onIy ny Ianps
Iighl, il is hard lo see, lul lhere il is. A
snaIIer face scovIing. CouId lhis le a
represenlalion of }anus`
Have lo sil dovn a nonenl and lhink.
Why vouId a Ronan deily le found here`!
A fev coIIeagues have oflen conjeclured al
vhal lhe vorship of }anus offered. Re-
nenler reading in Irazier lhal lhe lrue
nalure and funclions of }anus lhe ancienls
lhenseIves vere puzzIed, and vhere lhey
hesilaled, il is nol for us confidenlIy lo
38 OCTOBER 1994
decide. Nov I vonder vhal nore did
lhal nan knov and did nol dare lo say~
dd sounds again. Much slronger and
coning fron lehind. Whal in lIazes~
March 15th: Al Iasl I can vrile again.
Here I Iay in a shepherds collage. My
fever has lroken, ny vounds lended lo. I
vonder~shouId I expIain lhe Iapse in
enlries` Though vhal sorl of lherapy
vouId le gained ly once nore experienc-
ing lhe horror` Yel, I knov lhal I nusl for
ny ovn sanily, if nol schoIarship.
I vas silling dovn leside lhe slalue. I
heard lhose avfuI sounds. Turning ny
head, I legan lo screan ny lhroal rav.
Ior coning oul of lhe ruined slruclures
vere lhese horrilIe lhings. Large paIe
sIugs vas ny firsl lhoughl, cravIing lo-
vard ne. Their fronl ends vere reared up
Iike colras, lul lhere vas no fanged
noulh, no face. nIy a lIack pil sel in lhe
cenler of lhe lhings quivering fIesh. A
nane of lIack quiIIs vere sel around each
crealures heads, Iike sone nockery of
I couId see nov hov ancienl nan nighl
have caughl a gIinpse of lhe echidna~for
I knov vilhoul doull, lhal is vhal I vas
faced vilh~and lhoughl il a nonslrous
nix of vonan and serpenl. I ran fron
lhen, lhankfuI for lhe sIov, shuffIing
cravI of lhe crealures. I headed for lhe
oulskirls of lhe ruins and lhe lunneI lhal
vouId Iead ne lack lo sanily and safely.
As I passed lhe luiIdings, I sav vilhin
nany recesses nore of lhe hideous echid-
na sIiding forlh lovard ne. Thank Cod I
had leen conlenl lo vaIk pasl lhose an-
cienl slruclures and nol enler, eIse I vouId
have leen Iosl lo lhen.
I had nade lhe lunneI, lrying lo cIinl al
a fasl pace. I nusl have sIipped on a lraiI
of sIine, nearIy lreaking ny Ieg and Ieav-
ing ne heIpIess lo lhe navs of lhe lhings
leIov. Bul aside fron scrapes and lruises,
I puIIed nyseIf forlh vhoIe, ny nind sliII
Whal are ny inlenlions nov` I cannol
sinpIy Ieave lhe area and arrive lack al
lhe universily, and hope lo relurn lo safer
sludies. I feeI ny idIe lhoughls relurning
again and again lo lhe horror I vas vil-
ness lo. A veiI has leen renl aside for ne,
and I shudder lo lhink vhal olher lerrilIe
lrulhs lhere are lo lhe nylhs of our ances-
lors! No, I nusl lake aclion eIse I shaII
never resl. I seen lo recaII lhe Iilrary of
Miskalonic Universily in Massachusells
has sone esoleric lones on such
suljecls~perhaps ils line for anolher
Lcsscr Indcpcndcnt Racc
These crealures resenlIe Iarge paIe
vorns. They possess no eyes, onIy a huge
gaping nav fiIIed vilh rasping leelh and
fiIe-Iike nenlers. Around lhe lIoaled
head is nane of Iong lIack or dun-coIored
quiIIs. Sone of lhese crealures possess
rudinenlary arns, nore Iike a friII of
lendriIs ly vhich lhey can drag lhen-
seIves nore easiIy, olhervise lhey nove
aloul Iike sIugs, Ieaving a gIislening lraiI
lehind lhen.
The echidna (used lolh in lhe singuIar
and pIuraI) are a degenerale race vorship-
ping lhe uler Cods, usuaIIy NyarIalholep.
They dveII underground, oflen in veird
Crecian-slyIe ruins. Whelher lhey once
conslrucled such cilies or have nereIy
usurped lhe pasl luiIders is unknovn. Bul
lhose hislorians vho have encounlered
lhe crealures oflen vorry on lhe inpacl
lhey nighl have had on lhe earIy Creeks.
Lchidna have leen sighled in lhe BaIkan
counlries, lhe nainIand of China, and
nany parls of Creece.
The echidna are lIind, lul possess a
highIy deveIoped sense of sneII ly vhich
lhey lrack lheir prey. A sure sign of lhe
presence of lhe echidna are lraiIs of gIis-
lening sIine. They use such lraiIs and
palches lo nark lheir lerrilory and con-
non passages. Ior lhe nosl parl, lhe
crealures seen conlenl lo slay in lheir
ruins and vorship olscene gods. Hovever,
vhen presenled vilh an opporlunily, lhey
have a voracious appelile for hunan
Their lile allack is Ieech-Iike, vilh lhe
nav hoIding on and draining one poinl of
STR vorlh of lIood each round. The vic-
lin nusl nake a successfuI CN 2 roII or
a IW 2 roII lo le alIe lo perforn any
aclion olher lhan screaning in agony.
ShouId lhe crealure le lorn avay vilh a
successfuI STR vs. STR roII, lhe drain viII
slop, lul lhe individuaI suffers a furlher
1d4 hil poinl Ioss fron lhe echidna leing
ripped fron lhe vound. Losl STR relurns
al a rale of one poinl per days resl. The
leasls aIso have a laiI allack lhal is used lo
knock opponenls dovn, so lhal lhe echid-
na nay nore easiIy apprehend ils prey.
Nole lhal slronger nenlers of lhis race
nay possess a danage lonus.
Researchers sliII conjeclure aloul lhe
quiIIs fringing lhe head of lhe echidna. Il
has leen suggesled lhey acl in reproduc-
lion for a carcass of lhe crealure reveaIed
no sex organs. Iurlher sludy nighl reveaI
ECHIDNA, 5!ug-!Ikc Cavc Lurkcrs
CharactcrIstIcs Rn!!s Avcragcs
STR 2d6 +4 11
CN 3d6 +6 16-17
SIZ 2d6+6 13
INT 2d6 7
IW 3d6 1O-11
DLX 2d6 7
Move: 6
Hil Ioinls: 14-15
Average Danage Bonus: +O
Bile 2O
TaiI 45
1d4 + STR drain on
foIIoving rounds
Armnr: 3 poinls of sIine coaled, geIali-
nous fIesh
5pc!!s: An echidna has a snaII chance
of knoving nagic. RoII percenliIe dice,
and if lhe resuIl is Iover lhan lhe crea-
lures INT + IW, il knovs 1d4 speIIs.
UsuaIIy such incanlalions deaI vilh
NyarIalholep or sone olher uler Cod.
Suggeslions incIude Consune Likeness,
Conlacl }anus (NyarIalholep), Dread Curse
of Azalholh, and Nighlnare.
5anIty: Il cosls 1d8 lo lehoId an echid-
na, lul a successfuI SAN roII Iessens lhe
nenlaI lIov lo lhe Ioss of onIy 1 poinl.
Advcnturc Idcas
Beyond lhe nelhod descriled ly lhe
journaI, lhere are nany olher vays for a
keeper lo use lhe echidna in a canpaign.
A Iair of echidna nay have leen uncover-
ed lhrough a nining accidenl or during an
archaeoIogicaI dig. SIovIy lhe niners or
researchers disappear, and lhe invesliga-
lors are caIIed in.
ShouId a Keeper nol vish lo luiId an
enlire scenario around lhe echidna, she
nay use lhen sinpIy as opponenls sun-
noned ly lhe principaI lhreal in lhe ad-
venlure lo sIay lhe neddIing hunans.
Laler on, lhe invesligalors nighl vish lo
Iearn nore aloul such lhings, and lhis
nay Iead lo furlher advenlures vilh lhe
horrid race.
If lhe Keeper feeIs very crealive, he
nighl design a Iong-running canpaign,
lased on lhe nolion lhal NyarIalholep is
avakening various Mylhos crealures once
lhoughl lo exisl in Iegends and nylhoIogy.
The echidna vouId onIy le one foe foughl,
a snaII scenario aIong lhe vay lo defeal-
ing lhe CravIing Chaos. lher such Ieg-
endary nonslers lhal nighl le expanded
upon ly lhe Keeper are lhe hydra (per-
haps reaIIy a clhonian`), huge sea ser-
penls, and lhe heraIdic yaIe (lenlacIes
inslead of horns vouId le apropos).
Ncw spc!!
Ccn|ac| |cnina. This speII lakes lvo
nagic poinls lo casl. Il nusl le inloned al
a sile lhal lhe echidna are knovn lo dveII.
The viIds of Creece and sone of lhe BaI-
kan counlries are lhe nosl veII-knovn
encIaves. Such crealures oflen viII arrive
in a land of 1d3 nenlers. The casler
suffers a Ioss of 1d3 SAN.
IinaIIy, in lhe narralive vas nenlioned
}anus (or Ianus). Whal nore sinisler na-
lure couId le reveaIed lhan have lhis god
lurn oul lo le anolher of NyarIalholeps
avalars. nce he vas vorshiped secrelIy,
his riluaIs loo lIasphenous lo le reveaIed.
Bul nany of lhe cuIls vere rouled oul inlo
lhe open and deslroyed. Whal vas once
parl of lhe services lo lhe god lecane
connon knovIedge. IoIk legan lo invoke
}anus on lheir doors and gales lo keep
hin oul of lheir hones and cilies. Tine
eroded nuch of lhe horror, Ieaving nod-
ern researchers onIy vhispers of lhe
Bul in cerlain lones, lhe reaI nalure of
}anus is nenlioned and revered. Besides in
ancienl Creece and Rone, }anus vas
vorshiped in such counlries as Surinan
and lhe IIaleau of Leng, as evidenl ly lhe
preponderance of lvo-headed arlvork al
lhose IocaIes.
These days, lhe cuIl of }anus is fev and
snaII, scallered around lhe gIole. Many of
lhe cuIlisls have lhe Mark of }anus, a
second sel of faciaI fealures. Such freaks
are quickIy indoclrinaled inlo lhe cuIl,
vhelher lhrough olher nenlers or
slrange dreans.
1. Sir }anes Ceorge Irazier, The Golden
Bough, voIune 1, alridged ed. (Nev York:
MacniIIian Co., 1951) page 191.
* indicates a product produced by a company other
than TSR, Inc.
by Gregory W. Detwiler
Artwork by John Dollar
|rcn |nc prita|c ncncirs cf Majcr wc cncounicrcd in iIc vcry ccnicr of iIai wc wcrc iwo ncn sIori and Iad io nalc
Gcncra| (Rc|.) ]arc Pcnorc|c-Snq|nc. dannallc swan couniry. I darcd noi do wiiI ninc ncn insicad of 11. Noi a
rcvcal ii io iIc world ai largc, or cvcn ny lcasani roscci, csccially sincc iIc iall
TIc Durncsc War of 1885 was a gIasily sucriors, for fcar of sccdy laccncni in narsI grass around us could Iidc any-
sIow all around, Cod lnows. TIc swans
and fcvcr, along wiiI iIc crocodilcs,
an insanc asylun. iIing fron a Iordc of swordsncn io a
I was only a sulalicrn iIcn, lcading a war clcIani wiiI swivcl-nounicd can-
yiIons, lcoards, and iigcrs our iroos squad of infaniry on a rouiinc airol ncar nons on iis lacl.
cncounicrcd wcrc iroullc cnougI, cvcn iIc lanls of iIc Irrawaddy, in scarcI of Siill, ny ncn wcrc all vcicrans, and
wiiIoui iIc Iunan dacoiis iIai wcrc our flccing landiis. Our laiialion Iad jusi Lancc Cororal Tonlins, iIc only surviv-
noninal cncny. Dui iIc nosi IcllisI siorncd onc of iIcir siocladcs iIc day ing non-connissioncd officcr, Iad scni
oosiiion our iroos cvcr faccd was wIai lcforc, wiiI Icavy casualiics. As a rcsuli, ycars cIasing lcsscr landii lands lcforc
96 OCTOBER 1995
lhe var lroke oul. Knov lhe svanps Iike
lhe lack'o ne 'and, I do, he said. I vas
gIad scnccnc did.
We had encounlered nolhing on our
palroI, and vere aloul lo relurn lo canp
vhen ve heard a Ioud lhrashing severaI
hundred feel avay fron us. We look up
firing posilions vilhin a snaII grove of
lrees, anlicipaling an allack ly one or
nore var eIephanls. Bul no allack cane,
nor vere lhere any sounds lhal couId def-
inileIy le ascriled lo an eIephanl.
The noise coning fron lhe laII grass
sounded Iike a Iarge aninaI lhrashing
aloul, lul il couId jusl as easiIy have leen
a valer luffaIo or a rhinoceros. Hovever,
ve heard no sounds such as any of lhose
aninaIs connonIy give voice lo, or any
olher cries, for lhal naller. The noise
finaIIy died dovn, and afler a hasly con-
suIlalion vilh Tonpkins, I decided lo
You nusl undersland lhal lhe svanp
counlry aIong lhe Irravaddy vas lolaIIy
vilhoul rock fornalions of any sorl. There
vas onIy valer-saluraled soiI lenealh our
feel. Hov, lhen, can anyone expIain vhal
ve found` Nexl lo a quarler-acre of
ground in vhich lhe high grass vas
snashed fIal lhere slood a lunneI or cav-
ern of soIid rock, ils noulh gaping vide
Iike a ceIIar door 1O across.
In lhe nuddy ground leside lhal cave
noulh Iay a curious lrack, Iike lhal of an
enornous serpenls leIIy, yel vilh snaII
foolprinls righl leside lhen. These prinls
vere nol unIike lhe hands and feel of a
hunan leing. Il vas as if a pylhon had
grovn Iinls vilh grolesqueIy eIongaled
hands and feel. I shuddered invardIy al
lhe lhoughl.
Wilh lhis nyslery lefore us, lhere vas,
of course, no lhoughl of lurning lack. We
vere alIe lo find sone lranches and
Ienglhs of grass dry enough lo lurn, and
ve fashioned lhen inlo nakeshifl lorches.
Tonpkins and I heId lhen, of course, as
our privales had lo keep lolh hands free
lo use lheir rifIes. Due lo lhe conslanl pos-
siliIily of anlush in lhe laII grass, lheir
layonels vere aIready fixed. nce lhe
lorches vere Iil, ve proceeded dovn lhe
genlIy sIoping lunneI lhal Iay lefore us.
Inside, lhe rock conslruclion of lhe lun-
neI vas quile soIid. AIlhough il vas sur-
rounded ly a svanp, nol so nuch as one
drop of valer dripped fron lhe roof. There
uas noislure on lhe fIoor, lul lhis vas
olviousIy lracked in ly vhalever had
enlered a shorl line ago. There vas a
vrelched nusky odor lhal ve aII recog-
nized as leing siniIar lo lhal of snakes,
and lhis slench grev slronger lhe farlher
ve progressed.
I vas ralher gIad lhal I had dravn ny
svord, ralher lhan lhe revoIver, for ny
free hand. Such a veapon vouId le nore
usefuI if il cane lo fighling a vrilhing,
coiIing serpenl in lhe senidarkness of lhe
cavern. Tonpkins vas nol so Iucky, lul
lhen, he had aIready proven hinseIf lo le
a leller shol lhan I.
We nusl have gone al Ieasl 1OO lefore
ve found lhe firsl oljecl, lareIy gIinling in
lhe Iighl of our lorches. Il vas a shorl
curved svord, or na, such as lhe IocaI
nalives used. Iarl of il seened lo le
slained vilh sonelhing lhal proved lo le
dried lIood, yel lhe odor il gave off vas
nol faniIiar, nol Iike lhal of a hunan
leing, or indeed, any ordinary aninaI.
As ve advanced farlher, ve found nore
svord lIades, as veII as spearheads, dag-
gers, and severaI ladIy corroded nuskels.
There vere even severaI spiked heInels
such as Burnese lroops vear, lul no uni-
forns or olher cIolhing. Nor vere lhere
any lones or olher renains of nen or
aninaIs, and ve had yel lo find any olher
cIues as lo jusl vhal sorl of crealure had
enlered lhis inpossilIe cavern.
We nusl have lraveIed over 1,OOO yards
dovn lhal singIe, sIoping lunneI lefore ve
heard lhe sound. Al firsl il sounded Iike
lhe dislanl chanl of a group of lrilesnen
al one of lheir healhen riluaIs, lul lhe
cIoser ve gol lo lhe source, lhe Iess
hunan il sounded. Indeed, lhe sound vas
nol nade ly a hunan voice lul seened lo
le a lype of nissing lhal occurred in rhylh-
nic inlervaIs Iike lhose of hunan chanls.
As ve nade our vay pasl nore discard-
ed equipnenl, one of lhe privales acci-
denlaIIy kicked a spiked heInel, sending il
cIallering off inlo lhe darkness ahead of
us. AInosl innedialeIy, lhe rhylhnic hiss-
ing slopped, vilh an alruplness lhal
couId onIy le descriled as sinisler.
We slood sliII in shocked siIence, nol
knoving vhelher lo go on or relreal.
Then ve heard lhe scraping sound of
cIavs on rock, and a ruslIing sound indi-
caled lhal sone heavy lody vas Ialori-
ousIy hilching ils vay up lhe lunneI in our
direclion. The lunneI vas sliII vide
enough for lhe nen in ny squad lo forn
a doulIe firing Iine-fronl rank kneeIing,
rear rank slanding-so ve look up our
posilions in hasle. This done, ve vailed
anxiousIy, peering vainIy al lhe darkness
leyond our IillIe ring of lorchIighl.
When lhe lhing finaIIy appeared, il look
aII our seIf-conlroI lo avoid loIling for lhe
cavern noulh, vouId lhal ve had. Il vas a
vrilhing, lvisling, coiIing nass over 2O in
Ienglh, covered vilh rough gray scaIes. The
greal head, Iarger lhan lhal of a horse, vas
noslIy serpenline in shape, lul lhe eIon-
galed craniun in lack vas horrilIy Iike a
dislorled hunan skuII. As il cane nearer,
ve couId see lhal il had hands and feel.
There vere no Iinls per se, jusl a pair of
Iong-fingered hands up fronl and equaIIy
nisshapen feel lehind, aII groving direclIy
fron lhal snakeIike lorso. The crealure
regarded us vilh gIillering yeIIov eyes for a
nonenl, lhen gave voice lo a hissing roar
lhal vas onIy parliaIIy drovned oul vhen I
gave lhe connand for a voIIey.
Nov, a Marlini-Henry rifIe fires a size-
alIe luIIel of sofl Iead lhal is quile capa-
lIe of learing a nan open, and ve had
eighl of lhen firing al once, lul lhis lhing
jusl seened lo shrug off lhe rounds.
Indeed, I hesilale lo repeal lhis, lul il
seened as lhough lhe crealure acluaIIy
look severaI vounds, lul heaIed lhen up
vilhin nonenls. Then lhe lhing vas
upon us, acluaIIy hurIing ilseIf on lhe lay-
onels sel lo receive il. I gol in one good
lIov vilh ny salre lefore a Iashing laiI
slroke senl ne reeIing lack.
I Ianded hard, on ny lack, and ly lhe
line I vas slanding again, lhe lallIe vas
over. The nen screaned in agony as lhey
vere sIovIy crushed or cIaved lo dealh.
The cries of lvo of lhen ceased alruplIy
vhen lhe nonsler sank ils fangs inlo
lhen. Tonpkins vas lhe Iasl lo die, lrying
lo use his lorch lo force lhe crealure lack
far enough for hin lo squeeze pasl il. The
leasl sinpIy snalched hin up in ils javs
and sua||cuc nin unc|c, |crcn an a||!
I slaggered lo ny feel, shaken ly lhe anni-
hiIalion of ny enlire connand. My lorch,
nov Iying on lhe cavern fIoor, vas aloul
lo go oul. Taking advanlage of ils renain-
ing Iighl, I shealhed ny svord, poinled
nyseIf lovard lhe exil, and ran for ny Iife.
If I had Iosl ny fooling even once, il vouId
have leen ny-end, for I couId hear lhal
Naga: SerpentIne Human
CLuvuctev RoIIs Avevuges
STR 4d6 + 12 25
CON 3d6 11
SIZ 4d6+24 35
INT 1d6+12 1O
IW 6d6 22
DLX 3d6+4 13
Weuon CLunce umuge
Bile 7O 3d6 + poison,
equaI lo lhe
nagas CN
CIav 3O 2d6+1d6
CoiIs 6O 3d6+4
TaiI 45 3d6+3
Move: &
HIt PoInts: !
Avevuge umuge Bonus: +3d6
Avmov: 3 poinls of scaIes, in addilion lo
lhe nagas aliIily lo regenerale 3 poinls
of danage per round.
SeIIs: Sone nagas knov 1d3 speIIs,
parlicuIarIy Conlacl Chlhonian, Conlacl
IIying IoIyp, Conlacl IornIess Spavn of
Tsalhogghua, CaII Nyoglha, Conlacl
Tsalhogghua, and Conlacl Yig. Mosl,
hovever, have nenlaIIy degeneraled loo
nuch lo use convenlionaI nagic and are
quile conlenl vilh lheir fornidalIe
physicaI aliIilies in conlal.
5=EJO Il cosls 1d1O Sanily poinls lo see
a naga (1d3 vilh a successfuI Sanily roII).
This is lecause lhe cIear degeneralion
of lhe hunan forn is so horrilIe.
Anyone vho faiIs a Sanily roII around a
naga is a prine candidale for ophiapho-
lia (fear of snakes).
ghaslIy ruslIing sound lehind ne aII dur-
ing ny fIighl. Al Iasl I nade il oul, lending
ny head as I energed lo spare ny eyes
lhe vorsl of lhe lropicaI sunIighl lhal
greeled ne so alruplIy, and I ran for lhe
edge of lhe lranpIed space.
n lhe very edge of lhe jungIe, I
slopped lo calch ny lrealh, draving ny
revoIver as I did so. And as I resled, lhe
lhing Iooned up oul of lhe darkness,
franed in lhe very noulh of lhe cavern,
lIinking in lhe harsh sunIighl. I raised ny
pisloI, lul inslead of firing, I legan lo
Nov lhal lhe lhing vas slanding sliII in
lroad dayIighl as ils eyes adjusled lo lhe
sun, I vas alIe lo sludy il in sone delaiI.
The scaIes did nol grealIy resenlIe lhose
on pylhons or olher snakes, or on any of
lhe nany olher repliIes I had seen in years
of service in Asia and AuslraIia. In facl, lhey
reninded ne of nolhing so nuch as lhe
scaIes I had seen on a lype of opossun lhal
Iived in AuslraIia. The inpIicalion, lhere-
fore, vas lhal lhis greal nonsler nighl nol
le a repliIe, lul ralher a nannaI.
My roving eyes discerned olher delaiIs.
The crealures hands and feel olviousIy
provided IillIe or no aid lo novenenl,
lhough lhe hands vere furnished vilh
greal hooked cIavs for learing prey. They
Iooked so dannalIy Iike dislorled hunan
exlrenilies lhal I Iooked avay fron lhen.
Thal vas a nislake, for ny allenlion
vas nov cenlered on lhe nonslers head.
Ils eyes narroved lo nere yeIIov sIils as il
peered al ne in lhe sunIighl. Il vas aII loo
pIainIy dispIaying an inleIIigenl inleresl in
ne, preciseIy as a hosliIe hunan oppo-
nenl nighl have done. When ny gaze cen-
lered on lhe shape of ils skuII again, il no
Ionger seened dislorled, ralher, ils
Ienglhening seened lo le lhe resuIl of a
naluraI process. My lIood lurned coId as I
reaIized lhe lrulh: |nc ncns|crs anccs|crs
na cncc occn ncn!
Whisperings fron ny sulconscious
seened lo echo in ny ears, haIf-forgollen
snippels of nalive Iore I had overheard
since coning lo Burna. The savages
spoke in hushed lones of lhe naga,
haIf-nan and haIf-serpenl, a greal leing
of poverfuI nagic. My hearl sank as I
reaIized hov accurale lhe oId Iegends had
leen, lhe Iegends ny lrolher officers and
I had Iaughed off vilh lhe arroganl foIIy of
vhich onIy civiIized nan is capalIe. Iar
leyond fear for nyseIf vas a deeper ler-
ror for lhe fale of ny enlire race. If nan
couId faII so Iov fron his high eslale
once, vhy nay he nol do so again, or sink
even deeper in lhe fulure`
The gorged crealure evidenlIy decided
lhal furlher pursuil of ne vouId nol le
vorlh lhe lroulIe, and afler regarding ne
vilh vhal can onIy le descriled as con-
lenpl, il gave a hissing vheeze and
lurned lack inlo lhe darkness.
ThoroughIy denoraIized, I slaggered
lack lo canp. I vas no Ionger alIe lo hoId
in ny hearl any enolion lul lIeakesl
despair for lhe fale of lhe hunan race.
100 OCTOBER 1995
Nugu: Iessev Indeendent Ruce
The nagas are lhe degenerale descendanls
of a hunanoid race, possilIy akin lo lhe
serpenl peopIe, vho Iive in underground
caverns ranging fron Creal Brilain lo lhe
Anerican Wesl, and vho are variousIy
referred lo as fairies lhe peopIe of lhe
dark, and lhe vorns of lhe earlh. These
hideous foIk vere once surface-dveIIers,
lul lhey relrealed underground afler Ios-
ing a series of vars againsl nore nornaI
hunans (Indians in Anerica and Iicls in
Brilain). The slunled foIk dveIl in lhe nar-
rovesl caverns, lhe leller lo evade pur-
suil, and as lhe niIIennia venl ly, lhey
evoIved nore and nore in keeping vilh
lheir chosen environnenl.
Living lhe Iife of a serpenl, lhese
descendanls of lhe originaI refugees
deveIoped scaIy skin and fangs lo resisl
lhe rigors of lhe environnenl and heIp
lhen calch prey. Al firsl, lhey nainlained
a senlIance of lheir oId civiIizalion
underground. Sone sliII do, lul as line
venl ly, nore and nore of lhen con-
pIeleIy reverled lo a pureIy aninaI vay of
Shunned ly lheir forner kin, lhey con-
peled vilh lhen for Iiniled resources,
graduaIIy deveIoping adaplalions lhal gave
lhen an advanlage. Whereas lheir ances-
lors and conpelilors vere snaII, lhey
grev Iarge. They evenluaIIy sav lheir
Iinls alrophy, vilh onIy lhe hands and
feel renaining. Croving narrover so as lo
leller fil in lhe sIender lunneIs, lhey look
lhe forn of lrue serpenls al Iasl. Nov lhey
inhalil cavern conpIexes lhe vorId over,
lhough lhey are generaIIy knovn onIy ly
lheir Asian nane: nagas.
The size of lhe Iargesl anaconda or
pylhon, a naga is a fornidalIe opponenl
in conlal. Il has poverfuI javs vilh greal
curving fangs, fron vhich drip a IelhaI
poison. Though ils feel are nore or Iess
useIess, ils hands have deveIoped huge
hooked cIavs vilh vhich il can hoId and
lear prey. As a resuIl of niIIennia of con-
pelilion vilh ils poisonous kin, il is nov
innune lo aII poisons. Il can lvine ilseIf
around an opponenl and lruIy crush hin
lo dealh-nol nereIy suffocaling hin-in
an inslanl, and ils laiI is a IelhaI vhip.
As a finaI defense, il has nodified lhe
races innale nagic aliIily lo give ilseIf lhe
pover lo regenerale aII lallIe danage al
lhe rale of lhree poinls per round. This
incIudes danage fron fire as veII as nor-
naI veapons. Hovever, eIeclricily, nagic,
and acid aII do nornaI danage, vhich
nusl le heaIed al nornaI rales.
AIlhough nagas have kepl lheir eyes~
no one knovs vhy-lhey reIy on olher
senses in darkness or underground.
Having evoIved a reguIar leIepalhic sense
afler Iiving so Iong in lhe dark, lhey can
unerringIy find prey under any condi-
lions. Darkness, fog, snoke, and even
nagicaI iIIusions are lolaIIy useIess as pro-
leclion fron a naga on lhe hunl.
Because lhey are Iarger lhan lheir
anceslors, nagas are nore IikeIy lo lraveI
lo lhe surface in search of food, and lheir
ranpages in Lurope have given rise lo Ieg-
ends of IegIess dragons such as lhe guivre.
They are nol reslricled lo areas vhere
caverns Iead lo lhe earlhs surface, for
anolher innale nagic aliIily enalIes a
naga lo conslrucl ils ovn lunneI of slone
lo lhe surface vhenever il vishes lo hunl
in an area vhere no connecling caverns
Depending on hov Iong lhe naga vish-
es lo hunl, such lunneIs slay in pIace for
anyvhere fron a singIe hour lo a veek.
If a parly of invesligalors foIIovs a naga
dovn a lunneI lhus crealed, and lhe leasl
lhen dispeIs il (as il nay veII do lo lrap
lhe parly), lhey viII le slranded in lhe cav-
erns of lhe inner earlh. They nusl eilher
find a surface-Ieading passage or vail for
a naga or olher leing lo creale a lunneI or
olher nagicaI neans of lraveI. Mosl IikeIy,
hovever, lhey viII sinpIy die.
Adventure Ideas
Despile ils pureIy Asian nane, lhe serpen-
line naga is found around vorId, and as
such, can le a recurring nenace for an
invesligaling parly lhal vishes lo expIore
lhe darkesl caverns of lhe earlh. Many
serpenline nonslers of Iegend, such as
lhe IegIess vyrns of Lurope, lhe anphis-
laenae of ancienl Creece, and lhe arkaroo
of AuslraIia nay aII le expIained ly lhe
presence of nagas.
As a candidale for a nonsler on lhe
ranpage, a naga is leller lhan nosl, as
any invesligalors vho pursue il dovn a
lunneI of ils ovn naking nay pronplIy
find lhenseIves cul off fron lhe surface
and aII hunan aid. This, in lurn, can Iead
lo a fascinaling advenlure of cavern expIo-
ralion, as lhe invesligalors lry lo reach lhe
surface lefore lhey run oul of food,
annunilion, and olher essenliaIs.
If you Iike nagas lul donl vanl lhen lo
le slar perforners, you can lhrov lhen
al lhe parly in a recurring roIe as Iesser
nonslers. The invesligalors can conslanlIy
slunlIe upon lhen vhiIe expIoring vari-
ous underground regions such as lIue-Iil-
len Kn-Yan and lIack-Iillen NKai lenealh
il, a possilIe underground lenpIe dedical-
ed lo lhe Iikes of Nyoglha or Tsalhogghua,
or a passage Ieading lo one of lhe Iasl
slronghoIds of lhe fIying poIyps.
New SpeII
Contuct Nugu: This speII nusl le casl al
lhe noulh of a cavern vhere one or nore
nagas Iive. The arlificiaI lunneIs crealed ly
lhe slrange leings lhenseIves are ideaI (if
lhey are sliII slanding vhen lhe speII is
casl). Due lo lhe races halred of Iighl, lhe
speII nusl le used on an overcasl day or
(preferalIy) al nighl. ne naga viII cone
in response lo lhe sunnons. The speII
cosls lhree nagic poinls and 1d3 Sanily
poinls lo casl.
MatchIng Mnnstcrs and 5ccnarIns
In Ca!! nf Cthu!hu
by Gregory W. Detwiler
Artwork by Jim Holloway and Michael Scott
Chaosiuns Ca|| cf C|nu|nu * gane is
repIele vilh lhe nonslers of H.I.
Lovecrafls ClhuIhu Mylhos, vilh nore
leing crealed aII lhe line in lolh gane
suppIenenls and Iileralure ly vouId-le
nev Lovecrafls. This arlicIe gives exan-
pIes of jusl hov lhe nonslers lhal aIready
exisl can lesl fil inlo scenarios. Were nol
deaIing vilh lhe nassive Creal Id nes
and uler Cods here, lul vilh lhe Iesser
crealures lhal are far nore connon in a
canpaign. This Iisl of ideas is nol incIusive,
of course, feeI free lo cone up vilh your
ovn. The Iisl is reslricled lo crealures in
lhe nornaI vaking vorId.
Thc Crcaturcs
Byukhee: Civen lhe resenlIance of lhese
lhings lo lhe gargoyIes of lhe MiddIe Ages,
lhe lesl pIace lo slarl here is al an oId
haunled caslIe of lhal period. Ierhaps lhe
caslIes nain cIain lo fane is lhal il is nol
onIy decoraled vilh gargoyIes (4 |a Nolre
Dane CalhedraI), lul lhal al reguIar inler-
vaIs, one or nore of lhese ugIy lul inno-
cenl-seening slalues nay vind up niss-
ing, and aIvays vhen a horrilIe nurder
or nyslerious disappearance lakes pIace
in lhe region. This is a good vay lo inlro-
du c e i n l o a c a np a i g n , l h e s h o c k
of lhe gargoyIes aclions vonl le as
greal if lhe invesligalors have seen
lyakhee lefore. Ierhaps in lhe deplhs of
lhe caslIe is a gale Ieading lo lhe greal
Lilrary of CeIaeno, vhich is guarded ly
hordes of lhese lhings.
Civen lhe facl lhal lyakhee are alIe lo fIy
lhrough lhe vacuun of space-sonelines
vilh a suilalIy prolecled rider-lhis is a
greal nonsler lo spring on aslronaul ICs
in lhe C|nu|nu Ncu suppIenenl. If lhe
invesligalors are al aII connecled vilh lhe
governnenl, lhey nay le caIIed upon lo
invesligale lhe Iosses of orliling saleIIiles
and spacecrafl, and perhaps even dealhs
and salolage al a lop-secrel Iunar coIony.
The facl lhal lyakhee are vuIneralIe lo
ordinary veapons viII nol eIininale lerror
here, hov nany aslronauls carry guns`
And unIess lhey have recoiIIess arns, a
shooloul in a zero-gravily environnenl can
le hazardous. Invesligalors viII have lo
reIy on inprovised veapons, noslIy neIee
arns, as in A|icn 3. f course, RipIey didnl
have speIIs Iike snritc|ing al her disposaI.
Chfhoniunu: Read Brian LunIeys noveI
Tnc 8urrcucrs 8cnca|n for inspiralion.
The quickesl and nosl lIalanl expIanalion
for lheir inlroduclion couId le a nassive
earlhquake, eilher caused ly lhen or a
naluraI one lhal happens lo expose a palh
lo lheir underground cilies. n a Iess
apocaIyplic scaIe-al Ieasl al firsl-is lhe
nissing niner advenlure, vhere vork-
ers in a deep nine are disappearing or
dying horrilIy. This vorks parlicuIarIy
veII if previous vork crevs have uncov-
ered any sphericaI nineraI fornalions
and lroughl lhen lo lhe surface.
(Trekkies have noled ly nov lhe resen-
lIance lo lhe advenlure vilh lhe lurrov-
ing Horla in lhe oId S|ar Trc| episode,
DeviI in lhe Dark.) And if lhe ICs orca|
any of lhose fornalions, ve nov have a
vendella lhal viII Iasl unliI (and prolalIy
lring aloul) lhe end of lhe canpaign.
Chlhonians are aIso good for a phony
vanpire scenario, as lhey drain lIood
fron lheir viclins. A parly of invesligalors
couId hear of hapIess IocaIs leing drained
of lIood in lhe vicinily of an oId nonaslery
(vhich is in lurn near an alandoned
nine) and hear IocaI Iegends of hov lhe
nonks-vhose Cregorian chanling can
sliII le heard fron line lo line-slrayed
fron lhe palh of righleousness and vere
lurned inlo vanpires as punishnenl. Any
ICs vho drav olvious, lul quile erro-
neous, concIusions fron lhis and shov up
vilh garIic and vooden slakes viII soon
vish lheyd lroughl aIong heavy arliIIery
inslead. SiniIar Iegends couId arise
around an oId alandoned nission in
Africa, say, near a cerlain deserled cily...
Durk Young of Shub-Aigguruth: If you
vanl lo advenlure in a foresled area,
youve gol lo incIude al Ieasl one of lhese
lhings. Theres nolhing leller for lurning a
haunled foresl inlo lhe reaI lhing. Aside
fron lhe slandard scenario of racing lo
prevenl eviI druids fron sacrificing inno-
cenl viclins lo lhe Dark Young and con-
nanding lhen lo allack lhe IocaIs, ve
have sone greal surprise scenarios.
Inagine going for an innocenl vaIk in
lhe voods, or having a picnic lhere, and
running inlo a Dark Young. Less innocenl-
Iy, al cerlain lines of lhe year, a hunling
parly can run inlo one inslead of ils usuaI
prey. Al Ieasl lhe ICs aIready have lheir
guns handy (for aII lhe good lheyII do). In
lhe nodern era, lioIogisls can le con-
ducling a viIdIife survey, lo discover a
nore varied fauna lhan lhey counled on.
Heres an idea for you: Assune lhe
parly discovers lhal lhere is a gale Ieading
lack lo nedievaI ScolIand and
Shakespeares pIay Macoc|n vas lased on
a nore horrid evenl lhan hislory records.
Mayle lhe parly viII discover lhal Macduff
Iosl sonelhing of his purily in preparing
for vengeance againsl his eneny. Does
everyone renenler lhe Iine liII Birnan
Wood do cone lo Dunsinane` Nov vhal
kind of lrees couId possilIy vaIk up lo a
caslIe and allack, hnn` Belveen
Maclelhs crines and lhe nonslers of lhe
Mylhos, invesligalors couId veII le hard-
pressed lo decide vhich side lhey vouId
fighl on, if eilher. Lay on, RandoIph
Deep Oneu: The slandard advenlure here
is The Shadov ver Innsnoulh, in
vhich lhe invesligalors lIunder inlo a
lovn of veirdos, aII of vhon have lhe
Innsnoulh Iook. This is a highIy danger-
ous scenario, nol Ieasl lecause your pIay-
ers nay lurn on you for running such a
derivalive advenlure. Try snaII-scaIe raids
for an opening advenlure, vhere deep
ones in a coaslaI area are kidnapping
IocaIs for lheir ovn nefarious purposes,
and lhe invesligalors nusl rescue lhen
lefore il is loo Iale. AIlernaleIy, lhe parly
couId lry and caplure a deep one for
experinenlaI purposes, lo delernine lhe
secrel of innorlaIily.
Undervaler expIoralion is one of lhe
lesl vays lo encounler deep ones, parlicu-
IarIy as lhe hunan ICs have a luiIl-in
handicap caIIed air suppIy, vhich is
guaranleed lo increase lension in any
encounler. WhiIe diving suils exisl in lhe
originaI gane, diving is far nore connon
in lhe nodern vorId of C|nu|nu Ncu, a
suppIenenl vhich has a conpIele Iisling
of scula gear and-in lhe firsl adven-
lure-slals for undervaler veaponry such
as spearguns and lang-slicks. The odds
vouId cerlainIy le inproved in conlal,
lhough lhe oulcone of lhe fighling vouId
ly no neans le a foregone concIusion.
Ierhaps a IocaI isIand or cove is lhe
scene for Iegends aloul nerfoIk, vilh dis-
appearances of fishernen and leach-
conlers leing allriluled lo leaulifuI
nernaids Iuring lhen avay. Lnlracing a
nernaid lhal lurns oul lo le a deep
one cIoaked vilh a nagicaI iIIusion vouId
82 NOVEMBER 1995
cerlainIy run up lhe SAN Ioss.
IIIusions vork for lolaIIy hunan forns
as veII, vacalioning invesligalors vho
vanl lo fIirl vilh lhe IocaI leach lunnies
nay gel nore lhan lhey largained for. Ior
lhal naller, deep ones vho can pass as
hunans (perhaps due lo a nagicaI cuI-
luraI exchange vilh lhe serpenl peopIe)
couId infiIlrale coaslaI connunilies vilh-
oul fear of an inpending Innsnoulh
Iook lIoving lheir cover. Hylrids in lhe
earIy slages of lhis condilion shouId le far
nore connon, hovever, and vouId nake
equaIIy good spies.
Dholeu: Aside fron lhe physicaI appear-
ance on lhe scene of a Creal Id ne Iike
ClhuIhu, lhis is CcCs lesl candidale for a
CodziIIa-slyIe scenario. Take a Iook al lhe
conparalive size Iislings for hunans and
Mylhos nonslers, and pay parlicuIar
allenlion lo lhe grealer and Iesser dhoIes.
The grealer dhoIes are loo lig lo fil on a
lvo-page spread. MagicaI gales are a vilaI
necessily if lhe scenario is lo have a dhoIe,
vhelher lo lring one lo Larlh, or lo cause
lhe parly lo lraveI lo a vorId inhaliled ly
lhen. Wilhoul nassive firepover, hovever,
invesligalors viII le alIe lo do IillIe olher
lhan run around screaning in lerror.
Dimenuionul Shumbler: These
ape/insecls deserve nore allenlion lhan
lheyve gollen in Iileralure. Their onIy
appearance so far has leen in lhe H.I.
Lovecrafl/HazeI HeaId coIIaloralion, The
Horror in lhe Museun. SliII, a crealure
lhal can pop in and oul of various dinen-
sions al viII is nol an opponenl lo le
ignored. AIlhough lhey have niddIing
arnor proleclion al lesl (as Mylhos non-
slers go), lheir aliIily lo sinpIy Ieave a
conlal zone for anolher universe is a far
leller defense lhan a lhick hide.
They are aIso lhieves and kidnappers par
exceIIence, and a rash of unexpIained dis-
appearances and rolleries is lhe lesl vay
lo inlroduce lhen inlo a canpaign. A var
vilh lhen couId le lhe uIlinale guerriIIa
invesligalors can run inlo if lhey lake a
gale lack lo prehisloric lines, vhen lhe
poIyps slrove vilh lhe Creal Race of Yilh
for doninance, or vorse yel, vhen lhey
vere lhe soIe ruIers of lhe vorId c. 6OO
niIIion BC.
Ior lhal naller, line lraveI can Iand lhe
parly in lroulIe vilh a vide variely of lhe
aIien races of lhe ClhuIhu Mylhos.
Because lhe poIyps currenlIy dveII
underground, lhey-Iike lhe chlhonians~
nay le discovered ly hapIess niners or
speIunkers, or an earlhquake nay give
lhen access lo lhe ouler vorId. In facl, a
chlhonian-induced earlhquake nay have
lvo oljeclives: lo danage lhe connunily
ilseIf, and lo creale a passagevay lhal viII
aIIov sullerranean nonslers Iike lhe
poIyps or lhe fornIess spavn (see leIov)
lo cone lo lhe surface and vreak lheir
ovn havoc.
Formleuu Spuun of Tuuthogghuu: These
nonslers are nore cave-dveIIers lhal
cone lo lhe surface as a resuIl of nining
operalions or earlhquakes. The spavn
provide lhe keeper vilh a lil nore variely
lhan olher nonslers, lecause of lheir
nany allack forns. Indeed, lhere is no
reason lhe Keeper shouId reslricl hinseIf
lo lhe vhip, lenlacIe, lile, and lIudgeon
allacks in lhe ruIelook, lhe shapechang-
ing nalure of lhe spavn neans lhal any
olher physicaI allack he can lhink of
couId le inlroduced. Consider lhen lhe
uIlinale dungeon nonslers.
Chouk: In Lovecrafls shorl slory
Iicknans ModeI, lhe aulhor said ghouIs
Iive in sizealIe lunneI conpIexes lenealh
nany cilies, vilh easy access lo grave-
yards, lul lhis is nol lhe onIy pIace one
can encounler lhen. The slory ilseIf
shovs lhe possiliIily of lheir appearing in
anyones lasenenl or ceIIar. Iicknans
painling, Sulvay Accidenl, even dispIays
lhen allacking peopIe on a sulvay pIal-
forn. Il lakes IillIe inaginalion lo cone up
vilh a series of hil-and-run allacks aII over
lovn, vilh enlire faniIies disappearing
fron lheir hones overnighl, or lhe resi-
denls of aparlnenl luiIdings suffering lhe
sane fale, vilh onIy a hoIe in lhe lase-
nenl lo shov vhere lhey venl. LvenluaIIy,
lhe invesligalors viII have lo nake lheir
vay lhrough lhe narrov, cranped lunneIs
lo confronl lhe raiders.
Ior C|nu|nu Ncu enlhusiasls vho favor
a secrel governnenl var againsl lhe
leings of lhe Mylhos, inagine lhe lroulIe
lhal couId arise fron ghouIs lreaking inlo
lonl sheIlers, underground niIilary or
presidenliaI connand posls, elc. A
nucIear crisis vouId cerlainIy le nore
inleresling if acconpanied ly a coinciden-
laI(`) ghouI invasion of NRAD headquar-
Fire Vumpireu: These crealures generaIIy
appear onIy as sunnoned allackers,
vhelher lhe one vho caIIed lhen forlh is
an eviI occuIlisl or lhe Creal Id ne
Clhugha hinseIf. Thus, unIess lhe parly
lIunders inlo a gale Ieading lo lhe fire
vanpires poinl of origin, lhey viII onIy
face lhen in lhe slandard sunnoned
nonslers allack IocaIs scenario.
Flying Polypu: These are ideaI inhalilanls
of IoneIy vaIIeys and canyons vhere lhe
vind lIovs frequenlIy and no hunans
Iive (al Ieasl for Iong). Any nyslerious
vindslorn, parlicuIarIy one lhal deslroys
oul-of-lhe-vay connunilies, has lhe
polenliaI for leing an eruplion of fIying
Renenler lhal lhese crealures are a
dying race. Inagine lhe lroulIe a parly of
lers al Cheyenne Mounlain. Wilh naluraI or
nagicaI earlhquakes, of course, lhe sane
invasion couId le allenpled ly any of lhe
olher underground races of lhe Mylhos.
Cnoph-Keh: Due lo lheir choice of hali-
lal, lhese crealures shouId onIy le found
in an arclic or anlarclic advenlure. Aside
fron guardians of ancienl ruins, lhese
crealures serve lesl in lhe Mylhos non-
sler allacks isoIaled hunan sellIenenls
scenario. Civen lheir freezing and lIizzard
povers, lhere is a good chance lhal lhe
firsl allacks viII le vrillen off as hosliIe
acls of nalure. Thus, if lhe parly is cul off
fron civiIizalion ly one of lhose allacks~
say, lhe personneI al an isoIaled raiIvay
depol are frozen lo dealh-oulside heIp
couId le a Iong line in coning.
Hunting Horroru: Like fire vanpires,
lhese crealures generaIIy appear onIy
vhen soneone or sonelhing has sun-
noned lhen. In lhal case, lhe parlys nis-
sion nighl le lo defend lheir designaled
largel, or lhey nay le lhe largel lhen-
seIves. A scenario lhal conlines aclion
vilh deleclive vork can pil lhe parly
againsl an occuIlisl lhal keeps sending
hunling horrors or olher sunnoned
nonslers againsl lhen, lo keep lhen fron
finding hin. nIy ly sIaying hin can lhe
parly lring lhe allacks lo an end, and for
every day of sIoppy deleclive vork, lhere
is an allack ly sone horror lhe foIIoving
nighl. This gives lhe
Creut Ruce of Yith: The onIy reaIislic
scenario for neeling lhese leings
is line lraveI, lul vilh lvo
sulcalegories. Lilher lhe
invesligalors lraveI
lack in line lo
encounler lhen,
or lhey nusl
deaI vilh one
or nore pos-
hunans vilh
Yilhian ninds in lheir lodies. Ior a
rca||q nasly varianl, have lhe
enlire parly of invesligalors
gel lheir ninds dispIaced
inlo lhe dislanl pasl ly a
lean of Yilhians.
Nol onIy viII lhey have lo
accuslon lhenseIves lo lheir
nev coneIike lodies lefore lhey can
even lhink of escaping, lul lhe
aclions of lhe Yilhian lean in lheir
oId lodies can provide endIess
conpIicalions in lhe canpaign
Iong afler lhal parlicuIar advenlure has
prehisloric fauna sonevhere in lhe lrop-
ics, onIy lo discover a najor oulposl of
lhese nonslers, is aIso vialIe. This Iasl,
incidenlaIIy, lesl vorks in lhe Viclorian
Lra suppIenenl, C|nu|nu 8q Gas|ign|,
vhen lhere vere sliII pIenly of lIank
spaces on lhe nap. Al any rale, an oppo-
nenl vho can drav off your ovn nagic
poinls lo deslroy you vilh is nol lo le
sneezed al.
nized leings Iike lhe deep
ones, lhey are parlicuIarIy dan-
W-Co: Weve covered a nunler of non-
slers lhal nighl le uncovered ly hunan
niners, nov ve cone lo leings lhal
nainlain nining coIonies of lheir ovn on
Larlh. Because lhese are orga-
gerous lo inlruders, especiaIIy
vhen lhey have cuIlisls as agenls
anong lhe IocaI popuIalion. If hunan
induslry has uses for lhe sane nineraIs
lhe fungi fron Yuggolh are nining, lhen
ve have lhe polenliaI for a fuII-scaIe var
over resources, nol jusl lhe slandard
Iov-IeveI confIicl.
Since lhe parly is IikeIy lo knov a fev
scienlisls, even if lhey donl have any in
lheir nidsl, ve aIso have lhe polenliaI for
a nosl unusuaI kidnapping scenario. The
ni-go Iike lo kidnap nen of Iearning, cul
oul lheir Iiving lrains, and ship lhen lo
Yuggolh in nelaI cyIinders for Ialer inler-
rogalion. WouId-le rescuers nov have nol
one lul lvo deadIines lo leal: lhe lrain
surgery as veII as lhe acluaI
lransporl of lhe viclin lo
Yuggolh. If lhey niss lhe firsl
deadIine lul nol lhe sec-
ond, lhe kidnap viclins uIlinale fale
lolh pIenly
of aclion and an
excuse lo gel crack-
ing on lheir research.
Lloigor: These vorlices
of Iiving energy are
anong lhe aIien races lhal nighl join
in a generaI for lhe naslery of
viII le very inleresling.
Nole lhal lhe ni-go share vilh
lhe lyakhee lhe aliIily lo fIy
lhrough lhe vacuun of space, so lhey, loo,
can do consideralIe danage lo hunan
space prograns in C|nu|nu Ncu.
ended. Wilh aII lhe veird research lhal
lhe sludious Yilhians engage in, vho
knovs vhal lhe invesligalors nighl vind
up in lhe niddIe of vhen lhey relurn lo
lheir originaI lodies`
HounJu of TinJulou: As vilh lhe greal
race, lhe hounds viII onIy le encounlered
vhen one side or lhe olher is engaged in
line lraveI. If lhe parly doesnl encounler
lhen on lheir hone lerrilory, lhen escap-
ing lhe hounds il nighl seen lo le a sin-
pIe naller of vailing oul in a roon vilh
no corners (every parly shouId have a
roon in lheir headquarlers prepared for
lhis purpose), lul as slaled in lhe originaI
Irank BeIknap Long slory, The Hounds of
TindaIos, lhey can gel heIp lo lreak
lhrough (in lhe forn of earlhquakes and
lhe Iike) fron feIIov Mylhos nonslers
such as lhe chlhonians. WeaIlhy diIel-
lanles nighl consider funding lhe con-
slruclion of a roon-sized sphericaI chan-
ler of sleeI, vhich can lake a greal deaI of
exlernaI aluse vilhoul changing ils shape.
Larlh. Cranled, lheir elernaI pessinisn Since lhe fungi fron Yuggolh can forn
nay conline vilh lhe nighl of lhe oppo- organized arnies and lhere is high-lech
silion lo nake lhen doull viclory, lul equipnenl lo arn lhen vilh, apocaIyplic
even nany hunans vho despair of viclory Keepers nay consider lhen lhe IikeIiesl
in var have foughl lo lhe liller end. Since candidales for a Mylhos version of lhe
lhey can drain nagic poinls fron hunan lar cf |nc lcr|s. Inagine lhe confusion
viclins and use lhal pover lo creale leIe- vhen aIien arnies drop in fron space
kinelic effecls and deslruclive inpIo- vilhoul any spacecrafl leing sighled, even
sions-lo say nolhing of leing alIe lo pass assuning ghouIs or olher crealures arenl
lhrough vaIIs in lheir naluraI slale-lheir allacking lhose sane headquarlers sinuI-
pessinislic doulls of viclory nay veII le laneousIy. WeIIs Marlians had nore
unvarranled. connon courlesy lhan lhal.
In lheir naluraI forn, IIoigor are exceI-
Ienl occupanls of haunled houses.
IoIlergeisl effecls and frequenl iIIness
anong hunan residenls can le easiIy
expIained ly lheir povers. Their nore
speclacuIar appearance is as gianl nulanl
repliIes resenlIing dinosaurs and drag-
ons. Any nunler of sea serpenl reporls
can le expIained ly lhe IIoigor, and such
reporls can le lail lo drav in innocenl
Aightguuntu: These nyslerious leings are
nainIy encounlered in IoneIy areas such
as caverns, deep foresl, and oId ruins.
Aside fron lhe olvious aclion invoIved in
fighling off an allack, consider lhe occuIl
deleclive scenario, in vhich lhe parly
nusl discover lhe Iocalion of a previous
viclin (eilher a parly nenler or an NIC)
and rescue hin.
The Iosl vorId scenario, in vhich
expIorers invesligale runors of an isoIaled
84 NOVEMBER 1995
OlJ Oneu: Heres yel anolher race lesl
suiled lo a line-lraveI advenlure, lhough
lhe Id nes nay sliII have coIonies in lhe
deplhs of lhe ocean. UnIess lhe parly is
invoIved in a SeaQuesl-slyIe oceanic
coIony or survey ship, lheres nol nuch
chance of invesligalors running inlo lhese
lhings in a nodern scenario. UnIess...
We keep reading in Lovecrafl aloul hov
aII lhese aIien races cane lo Larlh, lul,
save for lhe Creal Race of Yilh, il vas
never specificaIIy slaled lhal a|| lhe aIiens
Iefl lheir hone pIanel or syslen lo cone
here. Larlh nighl jusl le a coIony lo lhe
Id nes, ni-go, slar-spavn, elc., possilIy
one of nany. Afler so nany niIIions of
years, even lhe nosl insensilive aIiens
nighl send a niIilary lean lo invesligale
lhe Iack of conlacl vilh lhe coIony and
find oul vhere everyones gone.
We have here a lrue apocaIyplic sce-
nario: a coIoniaI var lelveen al lhe very
Ieasl lhe Id nes, ni-go, slar-spavn of
ClhuIhu, and possilIy lhe fIying poIyps.
lher Mylhos races, of course, can gel
invoIved in lhe fighling, vhiIe nankind
vouId le in lhe dulious posilion of lhe
Anerican Indians vhen lhe LngIish,
Irench, Spanish, and Dulch cane lo lhe
Nev WorId.
Lven if hunan vernin are deened loo
IovIy lo serve as aIIies in lallIe, a Iol of
innocenl lyslanders are cerlain lo gel
caughl up in lhe fighling. Invesligalors
couId le reporlers or governnenl agenls
senl in lo nonilor lhe fighling, valching
oul nol onIy for lhe conlalanls, lul aIso
for cuIlisls and Yilhian niIilary hislorians
vho Iike lidy records. Belveen lhe aIien
analony of lhe slar-spavn and poIyps, lhe
high-lech veaponry of lhe ni-go, and lhe
genelic engineering skiII of lhe Id nes
(renenler, lhese are lhe guys vho gave
us lhe shoggolhs), ils anyones guess vho
vouId vin in lhe end.
SunJ-Duelleru: These nonslers nay gen-
eraIIy le used onIy as deserl narauders
and as guardians of sacred siles in lhe arid
regions of lhe vorId. Iren, lhe Cily of
IiIIars in lhe Aralian Deserl, vouId seen
lo le lhe lesl candidale for such guardian-
ship. Any archaeoIogicaI expedilion seeking
ancienl reIics nay face far nore lroulIe
lhan lhe curse of sone dead pharaoh. iI
conpanies pIanling rigs aII over lhe Sahara
are aIso polenliaI largels. Ior a nodern
Then scenario, lry using nucIear radialion
in pIaces Iike lhe Negev, Los AIanos, uler
MongoIia, and Chinas Sinkiang province lo
leef up lhe crillers in C|nu|nu Ncu.
Serpent People: Thanks lo lhe vrilings of
Lovecrafls pen paI Rolerl L. Hovard, lhis
is |nc race for lhe aIiens anong us
advenlure. Before crealing Conan,
Hovard vrole aloul lhe advenlures of
Conans anceslor, KuII of AlIanlis, king of
86 NOVEMBER 1995
lhe Ire-CalacIysnic kingdon of VaIusia.
In lhe shorl slory, The Shadov
Kingdon, Hovard vividIy descriles a
kingdon riddIed vilh agenls of lhe ser-
penl peopIe, vho use lheir iIIusory nagic
lo appear as hunan leings and infiIlrale
lhe highesl posilions of pover. Iaranoia
shouId reign suprene anong lhe invesli-
galors once il has leen eslalIished lhal
serpenl peopIe are aloul.
Wilh lheir hislory of enpires in lhe
Iernian Ieriod, lhey are anong lhe IikeIi-
esl of olher races lo join lhe varfare nen-
lioned in lhe Id nes seclion. CuriousIy,
lolh lhey and lhe fIying poIyps luiId cilies
of lIack lasaIl, did one race usurp lhe
cilies of lhe olher` We nay have here a
grudge anong lhe poIyps second onIy lo
lhal againsl lhe Creal Race of Yilh.
Sertitoru of the Outer CoJu: These hor-
rors are rareIy found aIone, al Ieasl for
Iong, leing oflen in lhe conpany of lhe
uler Cods lhenseIves or various crea-
lures lhey have vhislIed up using lheir
ovn nagic. They nay aIso provide nusi-
caI acconpaninenl lo groups of insane
cuIlisls, as in Lovecrafls shorl slory, The
IeslivaI. Wilh lheir aliIily lo gel heIp ly
sunnoning olher nonslers, lhey aIso
nake good senlries al sacred siles and lhe
Iike. If a parly encounlers one acling in
lhis capacily, lhey vouId le veII-advised
lo kiII il quickIy, lefore il can sunnon
reinforcenenls. ne Mylhos nonsler is
lad enough.
Shunu: The insecls fron Shaggai are
refugees fron lheir hone pIanel, vhich is
sIovIy leing ealen ly vhal is apparenlIy
lhe granddaddy of aII dhoIes. Wilh lheir
aliIily lo fIy inlo hunan lrains and lake
conlroI of nens ninds, shans are anong
lhe nosl insidious of lhe Mylhos lhreals
lo Larlh. An advenlure fealuring lhen
aInosl invarialIy concerns ilseIf vilh IC
allenpls lo lolh resisl possession lhen-
seIves and keep lhe shans fron conlroI-
Iing anyone eIse. If soneones nind ccs
gel gralled, ilII lake sone prelly pover-
fuI nagic lo lhrov lhe lhing oul again.
Nole lhal infiIlralion ly agenls vho are
aIready possessed viII le a najor lhreal.
Shuntuku: These horse-headed, sIiny
fIying lhings share vilh lhe lyakhee and lhe
ni-go lhe aliIily lo fIy lhrough lhe vacuun
of space, possilIy vilh a rider, and are lhus
good encounlers for space lraveIers in
C|nu|nu Ncu. They are, hovever, anong
lhe Ieasl IikeIy of Mylhos nonslers lo le
encounlered on lheir ovn, as lheir raiscn
c|rc is lo serve as sleeds for olhers. If ICs
in lhe slandard or nodern canpaigns can
gel lheir hands on one or nore niIilary air-
crafl, ve have lhe polenliaI for a ralher
lizarre dogfighl.
Shoggothu: riginaIIy crealed as servanls
of lhe Id nes, lhe shoggolhs releIIed
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