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Healthcare Awareness in India: World Asthma

Day 2014
World Asthma Day celebrating every year May 6th to mae Asthma awareness among !eo!le
internationally by "IA #"lobal Initiative $or Asthma%& World Day Asthma $irstly celebrated on
1''( by "IA with overall )* co+ntries at ,arcelona- .!ain&
According to World Health /rgani0ation nearly- between 10011*0 million !eo!le worldwide are
ill with asthma o$ which 1*120 million belong to India&
World Asthma Day started to celebrate in India May 6ty 2+esday 3 2014
Asthma cannot be c+red b+t it can be restricted& 4eo!le s+$$ering $rom asthma can st+dy to
identi$y and avoid the $ollowing things and ed+cate themselves abo+t medicines&
There is no medicine existing to stop asthma and only the attacks can be prohibited.
Celebrities Living with Asthma
Image 5o+rtesy: Healthsite&com
Amitabh ,achchan- 6erome ,ettis- 4a+l .choles- David ,echam- Amy 7an Dyen- 4in 8
6essica Alba
Avoid and Follow Some Useful Activities to Prevent Asthma
Avoid Flowers and Pollen: 5ertain trees and !lants germinate at !artic+lar times in the year&
5hoose 9at+ral :oom ;resheners: /$ten at home or in o+r wor!lace we tend to +se room
$resheners to hel! ee! the area $resh
Quit Smoking: .moing is inhalation o$ $+mes- and any asthmatic will now that this is a bad
idea when it comes to avoiding a severe attac&
Avoid aving Pets: 4ets are very common so+rces o$ allergens&
!et Some "#ercise: 5ontrary to !o!+lar belie$- asthmatics sho+ld e<ercise& In $act it=s the best
strategy to manage asthma as it increases yo+r l+ng ca!acity&
$ee% &reathing: Dee! breathing has a n+mber o$ health bene$its and it can wor wonders $or
!et 'our (utritional Su%%lements: 7itamin >- 5- seleni+m- 0inc- ,6- ,)-,12 magnesi+m and
omega ) $atty acids hel! red+ce the in$lammation and im!rove imm+ne res!onse in asthmatics&
$rink "nough )ater: Water has been shown to hel! asthmatics immensely&
Avoid Stress: A st+dy !+blished in the 6o+rnal o$ ,rain- ,ehavior- and Imm+nity?)@ $o+nd that
stress is a very !otent and o$ten ignored trigger o$ asthma&
*nhaler $os and $on+ts: Always carry yo+r inhaler in yo+r bag& Always ee! a s!are inhaler
and most im!ortantly as yo+r doctor to teach yo+ how to +se the inhaler !ro!erly&
Consult 'our $octor ,egularl-: It doesn=t matter i$ yo+r asthma is +nder control or not-
meeting yo+r doctor reg+larly is essential in the management o$ asthma& .hare yo+r doctor=s
n+mber with close $riends and relatives in case o$ emergency&
5ontact +s $or more details abo+t AS./A 3 Home Health 5are .ervices in India: 04414)*'
44*6 #5hennai% 8 0(0141A1 4100 #,angalore%