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The New Seers and the Struggle for theAbstract

March 6, 2014 by Don Vos

The old seers solved a serious problem of the ancient seers building societies that
slowly unraveled the mysteries of the universe. At the same time, they created
monolithic agriculture and social structures that began a road to global human dominion
and international conflict. Old tribal allegiances slowly evolved into nationalism and
ethnic prejudices. Meanwhile specialization split the seers into two generalized groups.
While these two terms can actually be applied to ancient times, reaching back into
pre-written history, they clarify the split what occurred during the process of empire
building into two broad camps. These two groups are creators and sustainers.
Sustainers maintain the historical and social framework of the current position of the
assemblage point. Many seers became priests and leaders, advocates of this stabilizing
process. In doing so, the seer became the dominators of the power structures that
developed around the world. A number of them capitulated to the overwhelming
energy that could be gained in these power structures that dominated the empire
building movement.
Creators constantly stretch into the unknown to facilitate greater knowledge and
awareness, expanding the positions available to the assemblage point. Often through
expansion, these shifts caused great revolutions in thought and awareness that was
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adopted by the sustainers. But essentially creator seers brought back to the human
band a deeper understanding of the universe. Their crazy (with respect to then norm)
way of operating often becomes incorporated into the norm by the power brokers of
the fixated position of the assemblage point.
Creators must at some level sustain for the new seers realized that they had to live within
the current mode of the human band. Sustainers must at some level connect to creative
shifts of the assemblage point to activate apparent change and to maintain their power
over others through convincing them they are doing good for the whole. So these two
categories are not absolute or exclusive categories separated into differing disconnected
lanes. Rather they interacted and infused each other with awareness in the face of the
constant movements of the predator.
New seers emerged in a time when the dominant social mode was attempting to control
every aspect of human life and to treat the general human band of awareness as slaves
to a monological unifying myth (the Salvationist myth see other posts). This meant
the new seers where born into a period where secrecy and hidden organizations or
bands, families etc. were necessary to pass techniques of expanding awareness and
knowledge down lineages. Expansion of our access to other bands of awareness
is/was often treated as a threat to the dominant norm. New seers became experts at
hiding behind the scenes while at the same time illuminating the dominant mode slowly
and steadily over time. We can point to innovators throughout history, who shifted
broad strokes of awareness, but the new seers were not aligned just with innovation,
they were aligning themselves with freedom.
Thus for hundreds of years the new seers maintained their creative teachings and
practices and passed them down through lines and lineages. Not always genetic familial
lines, in fact often not, these organizations did resemble tribes or families because their
links to each other were similar to the way families are linked in love and money but
for the new seer it was the knock of spirit and specified talents that was passed down
through lineages. Each cycle or generation continued and expanded the knowledge of
the lineage only to pass this along to the next generation chosen by omens.
Lest anyone think that this was the method for the Toltecs of Mexico only, let me
assure you, this occurred in every society throughout the world. Chinese martial arts,
Japanese Zen, Indian yoga, Tibetan Tulkus, Christian Mystics, Muslim Sufis,
Illuminati the list goes on. In fact there is an obsession today to account for all sorts
of conspiracies in all sorts of lineages like these and attribute the causes of todays evils
to these secret societies. Much of this energy is not unwarranted. Even the sustainers
caught on to this technique of preserving their power base using the techniques of
secrecy and passing along skills and talents among the few, though often this was
through specific genetic familial lines.
The new seers discovered and rediscovered a couple of things that make them unique in
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comparison to all the bad press about secret societies. First they aligned themselves
with freedom not with dominant power. This is a root knowing that the universe creates
and sustains itself in a myriad of ways, often randomly. The new seers realized that
only through freedom would the most enduring evolutions in awareness survive.
Freedom challenges the predator(s) to the core. Cooperation among warriors of
freedom sustains maneuvers of awareness. Yet it was freedom that the seers came to
know absolutely as the fundamental drive of awareness. It is the basic drive of the
bands of awareness (intent, eagles emanations, commands etc.).
Second they rediscovered the goals of the ancient seers in aligning emanations within
with those outside their luminescent structure. They practiced this through the art of
stalking themselves. This was something the ancients had no concept of, the self which
is the fixation of the assemblage point. They came to realize that the result of the old
seers dreaming was to create a constant obsession with the eternal self and our eternal
reflections concerning it. So they stalked away that obsession with first attention
self-reflection, which wanted to defeat death through myths of heaven and eternal
salvation of the self.
Third they understood the downfalls of dreaming, the morbid obsession of the old
seers which caused further slavery to the predator. By returning stalking to its primary
position as a necessary task of the seer on the road to freedom. They were able to
liberate vast resources of energy to expand and explore avenues of awareness in the
abstract. This was the real key because it redefined dreaming and thus redefined the
purpose of life in all its myriad of being.
Forth, they founded their practice on warriors techniques. As mentioned above,
recapitulation became paramount to freedom for this technique challenges the dominant
paradigms of beliefs and mores of culture. The new seers freed themselves from
themselves. Which allowed for the gathering of energy to do different maneuvers than
the old seers. They were not interested in control, but rather knowledge, freedom, and
awareness in the universe at large. Often they became the artists, scientists and
philosophers of their periods giving to their local cultures that which was necessary to
keep them hidden while interconnecting with a band of like-hearted warriors.
Last, they realized that the old seers had aligned themselves with an upward shift of the
assemblage point and to a position of ration. Everything, so the old seers taught,
should be understood, written and rationalized. Everything was to be justified by
ration. And in the extreme case, ration actually split off from the assemblage point to
dominate it. This was the dark side of the predator that evolved a way to control
humans through instilling its mind and mythologies into the human band through ration.
The new seers practiced silence, which through great effort realigned their assemblage
points to the ancient position and re-opened avenues of awareness that had lain dormant
in the human structure. This practice of silence became key to freedom and to
maintaining their ability to stay hidden within the framework of the dominant paradigm
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of culture.
In fact in realigning the seers path with silence and warrior techniques of the ancients,
they were able to lift themselves out of the morass of self-absorption and morbid
obsession with death and venture beyond the fixated position of the assemblage point.
And like the ancient seers, many warrior groups of seers were able to shift into the
infinite together without leaving a trace or evidence of their even having been.
The new seers, creators, were strongest in cultures of extreme sustainers. Cultures
where oppression and manipulation by the power centers demanded a higher level of
practice through stalking themselves and staying hidden. They became the repositories
of knowledge without books, the written word having become the construct of the
predator and the people obsessed with power. They illuminated other bands of
awareness not through ritual and repetition, but through silence, discipline and
dedication to freedom. But they too were subject to a critical crisis in the global
position of the human band of awareness, the earth had a response.
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