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Zaheer Glass

Prof. Lago
College Writing 1100
Jan 20, 2014
Amy Chua: Why Chinese others Are !u"erior# $%efle&tion'
Amy Chua believes chinese mothers are superior because of their very strict way of
parenting, that is able to produce hard working children who are to be nothing less than perfect in
everything they do. These chinese mothers also claim to know what is best for their children, so
when the child acclomplishes something, it is the mother that has put the child on that particular
path to achieve that particular goal. Amy Chua does not believe that chinese mothers are the
only mothers have this type of parenting; She knows that there are others out there, such as
Korean, ndian, !amaican, and irsh parents, but she specifically talks about chinese mothers, and
also about western parents in comparison to chinese mothers. Amy also does not consider all
western parents to be the same, but she considers their parenting methods to be less effective
when compared to the parenting methods of chinese mothers.
n Amy Chua"s story, She e#plains in various different ways and gives various different
e#amples of how the method of parenting that chinese mothers use produce better reults when it
comes to academics, playing musical instruments, e#tra curricular ctivities like dancing, and
other such things. At one point in the article, Amy provides us with a statistic about chinese
mothers vs. western parents. The study surveyed $% western american mothers and &' chinese
immagrant mothers. The study reveals (% percent of the western american mothers making
staments like )stressing academic success is not good for children.) and )parents need to foster
the idea that learning is fun.). % percent of the chinese mothers felt this way. instead, ma*ority of
the chinese mothers made statements like ) their children can be the best students, that academic
achievement reflects successful parenting, and that if children did not e#cel at school then there
was a problem and parents were not doing their *ob.). n my opinion, Amy Chua is partly right.
do believe that the parenting methods of chinese mothers can sometimes produce better results,
when it comes to thing like academics and musical instruments, but i also feel that Amy is
stressing her opinion of good parenting, when, in my opion, successful parenting is not only
about academic success of the child, but also about morality, ethics, and things like compassion,
and kindness. i believe the child has to come out a better person all together, and not *ust in