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Karanvir Singh

11 Lapwing Way
Plumpton NSW 2761
M: 0429691537
Tony Rofail
Director, Principal
WINDTECH Consultants Pty. Ltd.
19 Willis Street, Wolli Creek
NSW 2205 Australia

Re: Engineering Assistant
Reference Number: 32654
Dear Mr Rofail,
I am a profoundly energetic Undergraduate Mechanical engineer currently in my 2
year pursuing
the degree of Bachelor of Engineering Diploma Engineering Practice (Mechanical Major). I am
exceptionally intrigued in joining WINDTECH Consultants to develop my skills in engineering and
engineering operation functions through practical experience, given your notoriety for world-leading
innovative analysis techniques,as a company specilisaing in the analysis of wind effects providing
high level of wind engineering and technological services that assist stakeholders effectively manage
plan development as well building design.
To further elaborate my interest in the position as an undergraduate , I believe that as a result of
undetaking a strict course load as well as a number of extracuricullar actvities it has allowed me to
hone and enhance the skills that are relavent to this role. Through undertaking scholastic projects I
have been able to develop intelligence in 3-D computed aided design and modelling, and extensive
understanding of materials, as well as practice in a variety of manufacturing technologies. For
example, while undertaking Introduction to Mechanical and Electrical, I developed mechanical
drawings and designs through Solidworks. Then modeling, problem solving, manufacturing and
assembling a car wheel, meeting and exceeding all expectations before the deadline.
I have also developed excellent interpersonal and communcation skills that will assist in improving
analysis of wind effect and solutions to WINDTECH customers. In addition to my scholastic projects
which require presentation skills, exceptional writing skills and strong teamwork collaboration.
During my employment at Mcdonalds I was presented with situations that required me to to be
adaptable and be able address them in a calm and professional manner. These actions have assisted
me in establishing active problem solving skills and allowing effective communication with
customers and employees hence allowing me to manage and prioritize competing demands to a
positive end, I am excited to apply these skills in the WINDTECH workplace environment.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, I am profoundly interested in interviewing
and looking forward to learning more about your requirements. I would also like to refer my resume
for your consideration which is attached, Please feel free to contact me at 0429691537 or by email Thank you for your conideration.
Yours Sincerely,