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ESA Memorial School

Banepa-1, Kavre
First Terminal Examination 2070

Grade: Five F.M: 100
Subject: Science Time: 3hours P.M: 40
Q.No.1 Match the words in column A with column B.
Column A Column B
A. Blood circulation Internal transport
Excretion Autotrophs
Respiration Omnivorous animals
Green plants Waste materials
Humans Release of energy and co

B. nose taste
lungs hear
ears smell
tongue breathe
stomach digestion

Q.No.2 Fill in the blanks. [10]

a) Amphibians breathe through _____________ in water and
_____________ while on land.
b) Except snake every organism of group: _____________ has
four limbs.
c) _____________ stage of a butterfly is very inactive.
d) Leaves are green due to the presence of _____________.
e) _____________ is the female part of a flower.
f) The green holding part of the flower is _____________.
chlorophyll food chain 4 skin reptilia
gynoecium nails calyx pupa lungs

g) The whole process of who eats whom is called
h) There are _____________ stages in long jump.
i) We should nut bite our _____________.

Q.No.3 Tick () the true and cross () the false
statements. [10]
a) An animal cell is rectangular. [ ]
b) Butterfly is an arthropod. [ ]
c) The human body is a machine. [ ]
d) Plants give us oxygen during photosynthesis. [ ]
e) Maize has tap root system. [ ]

Q.No.4 Answer the following questions. [104=40]
a) What are parasitic animals? Give an example.
b) What are invertebrates? Give two examples.
c) What are the characteristic features of mammals?
d) What is maggot?
e) Why is nucleus called the most important part of the
f) Name the four whorls of the flower.
g) How do animals depend upon plants?
h) Why does the heart beats faster when we run or paly?
i) What is the function of the reproductive system?
j) Write any four things you do to keep yourself clean.

Q.No.5 Write the differences between: [10]
a) Monocot and dicot plants
b) Arthropoda and Annelida

Q.No.6 Give the terms for the following. [5]
a) Animals that feed milk to their young ones
b) Animals that use their fore limbs to fly and hind limbs
to walk
c) Animals with three pairs of jointed legs
d) Pollination between two flowers
e) Animals with backbone

Q.No.7 Draw, label and explain food chain. [10]

Q.No.8 Draw and label the life cycle of a butterfly. [ 5 ]