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CMA Update


Issue 3 October 2009

Office Bearers "You can Manage Healthy Lifestyle with Ayurveda"-

Dr. R. Vatsyan
Col. Karamjeet Singh (Retd.) "Health is Wealth” Age old dictum
Director is true
Continental Group of Institutes, Mohali Thousands of years ago, the learned ayurvedic
masters gave us a unique holistic dictum in
Vice President which the health was merely seen as the
Dr. Gulshan Sharma absence of disease with a state of complete
Director mental, physical, and social well being. The
Foundation of ITFT, Chandigarh discipline of Ayurveda lays stress on balanced
diet, regulated daily routine and the sexual
Secretary General discipline, said Dr. R.Vatsyan, while presenting Mr. Satish Chandra IAS
J.N. Vohra key note address on "Life Style Management Secretary-Health and Family Welfare,
through Ayurveda' on Dhanvantri Day. The Govt. of Punjab addressing the audience
Textile Consultant
cultural assault of the west has changed the
traditional Indian Kitchen and slowly we are
Joint Secretary
forgetting the goodness and native wisdom of
Dr. T.L. Kaushal our traditional diet. Now fast food and eatables
Dean laden with preservatives have invaded the
International Business School, Chandigarh routine diets of our children. Dr. Vatsyan said
that no doubt that this type of way of life is now
Treasurer increasingly becoming the cause of many
CA Vivek Goyal lifestyle diseases such as heart ailments,
diabetes, hypertension, neurological and
Past President circulatory disorders and obesity. Aurveda says Mr. R. Vatsyan
Anil Kohli that leaving everything else, one should keep speaking on Lifestyle Management through Ayurveda

himself healthy, said Dr. Vatsyan.

enhancing health. Dr. S.K.Duggal, past
Sh Satish Chandera, IAS, Secretary-Health and
president of CMA presented a souvenir to Sh
Editor Family Welfare, Govt. of Punjab in his address
Staish Chandra, IAS on behalf of Chandigarh
J.N. Vohra congratulated Chandigarh Management
Management Association. Dr. Ved Vrat was
cma.chd@gmail.com Association and ITFT Group for organising this
conferred life time achievement award by
http://cmaupdate.blogspot.com/ seminar on “Life Style Management through
ITFT Dr. Gulshan Sharma, Vice President
Mob. : 9814556072 Ayurveda”. He said India is rich in the tradition of
CMA and Director, ITFT Group conducted the
natural medicines and people all over the world
CMA are now adopting alternative medicines for
C/o Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan
Plot No. 5, Sector 27-B, Madhya Marg
Chandigarh-160019, INDIA
Tel .: 0172-2656031, Fax : 0172-2639548
Website : www.cma.net.in
email : cmachandigarh@yahoo.com

Affiliated to

Dr. Ved Vrat was conferred life time achievement Dr. SK Duggal, Past President CMA presenting
ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Award by ITFT memento to Mr. Satish Chandra
CMA Update

Seminar on “Investment Scenario Post-Economic Recession”

"Recession provided investors a reality check on Companies"

Mr. Amarjeet Singh, Regional Manager SEBI & Mr. Rakesh Bhanot, Deputy GM SEBI giving their presentation

Chandigarh Management Association (CMA) in association them. He said “investors need to switch their investments to
with Citizen Awareness Group organised a Seminar on the companies, which withstood the onslaught of recession
“Investment Scenario post-economic recession” on and has come out with stronger balance sheets, because
November 6, 2009 at Gian Jyoti Institute of Management these companies are most likely to survive under any
and Technology, Mohali. Mr. Amarjeet Singh, Regional circumstances in the future also”. Dr. Gulshan Shrama, Vice
Manager, and Mr. Rakesh Bhanot, Dy. General Manager of President of CMA, while speaking on the occasion said that
Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), were the main “as long as your portfolio is diversified, your investments are
s p e a ke rs . S p ea k i n g o n t h e
occasion, Mr. Amarjeet Singh, said Excellent work Pres Karamjit Singh ji and Secy J.N. Vohra. In an age of e-communication, the e-mag is the
that grading of all Initial Public right way to reach out to the members with the information and even reach out to the prospective
Offerings (IPOs) was made members too. This is being executed very professionally and my heartiest compliments to you.
mandatory and the job of grading With best personal regards
has been entrusted to SEBI Charanjit Singh, MD, Core Communications, CorePR
registered credit rating agencies.
He said that against the backdrop probably going to be in good shape no matter which ride we
of an increasing integration of global financial markets, SEBI take.” Dr. Sharma said that perhaps City of Chandigarh is not
channelised its efforts to bring out regulations to handle the the place from where large investments in the stock market
domestic and global developments. Steps were taken to could be expected as most of the citizens of the city are
issue new guidelines and regulations to promote orderly retired civil servants. However, he congratulated Mr.
growth of securities market. Mr. Rakesh Bhanot dealt at Amarjeet Singh, Regional Manager, for bringing awareness
length the do’s and don’ts while making investments in the regarding regulations of SEBI to the city. Mr. J.N.Vohra,
stock markets and in other securities. Secretary General, while initiating the programme said that
Earlier, Mr. J.S.Bedi, Chairman, Gian Jyoti Institute while from January to September 2008, when the recessionary
presiding over the seminar said that if anything good which vibes dawned and later engulfed the capital markets, the
has come out from recession, it’s the sobering effect that a Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock
down market can have on the tipsy expectations of Exchange (NSE) jointly lost Rs.56,47,685 crores in terms of
investors, and recession has provided a reality check for

Mr. JS Bedi, Chairman Gain Jyoti Institute of Management & Technology addressing the Audience
CMA Update

market capitalization. The Securities and Exchange

Board of India (SEBI) did not succeed as much to protect News Snippets
the stock markets. Mr. Vohra said that when there was
no regulatory authorities for the securities, companies During the event of Corporate Networking for Tourism Development
made tall claims projected rosy dividends while in the City Beautiful, Chandigarh Tourism Club Honoured CMA.
announcing the public issues and their issues got over Mr. JN Vohra, Secretary General receiving the Award from
subscribed. Regretfully, many of those companies later Mr. Ram Niwas, Home Secretary, Chandigarh
became sick or have vanished. Now, the regulations of
the SEBI are in place and companies are constrained to
be within their factual limits while making public
offerings of their shares. An ‘Investors’ Newsletter
published by Citizen Awareness Group was also
released on the day.

A Glimpse of Event Celebration during the Function

Dr. Gulshan Sharma , Vice President CMA

summing up the session on
"Investment Scenario Post-Economic Recession”

Students of ITFT Media & Entertainment

Studies re-enacting a song
from an old film "SHRI 420" during the function

EC members of CMA attended following events at CII

1 Book release of Gurcharan Dass “The difficulty of being Good”
The subtle art of Dharma
2 CEO Series with Mr Subodh Bhargava, Chairman of the board at
Tata Communications Limited and Wartsila India Ltd on
Wednesday, 4 November 2009
CMA Update


• M.P. Singh • Continental Institute for International Studies
CEO, Atlantic Pharma • Chandigarh Group of Colleges
• Dinesh K. Kapila • ITFT Education Group
Asst. General Manager • Arayan Business School (ABS)
National Bank of Agr. and Rural Development
• Vishal Arora
Director, Arora and Gujral Company Secretaries
• Deepak Jindal
Assistant Advocate General, Haryana
• R. Rajan
Director, White flame Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
• Navin Kumar Nanchahal
Principal, Dr. Ambedkar Instt. of Hotel Management
• Sunil Nagpal
Operation Manager, Ricoh Ind.
• Sumit Mittal
Director, NIMBUS Adventures Pvt. Ltd.
• Ishvinder Singh
Director, Heckberry Rayland Properties Pvt. Ltd.
• Dr. N.K Sharma
Prof. & Dean - Research & Publications ITFT Education Group
• Col. Bharat Indu Verma
Head Academics & Administration ITFT Education Group We are thankful to Baruch Distt. Management Association to give us permission
• Mr. J.P. Garg to publish the two cartoons contained in this newsletter, originally publish in e-
Former Principal Govt. College panorma of BDMA

It is great to see CMA using available technology support of the internet and
virtually moving into "Cloud Computing". It is essential to cut costs and remain
Recently joined Life Member of CMA relevant in this fast changing digital world space. Thanks for the newsletters.
• Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu
Col (Retd) KK Sharma
Assistant Solicitor General & President Bar Association Campus Head, Adam Smith Institute of management Chandigarh (ICFAI)
Punjab & Haryana High court, Chandigarh

President - ELECT of AIMA

Mr. Sanjeev Goenka addressing
the CEO's of LMA's during
The National Management
Convention (NMC) held on18-
19th September 2009 in Hotel
Taj at Chennai. Also sitting on
the head table is Ms. Rekha
Sethi, Director General of AIMA.
Mr. AK Gandhi, Chairman
(Membership Committee) of
CMA, seen sitting in the front
row, attended the NMC and
LMA-CEO's Workshop on 17th
September 2009