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Global Filipinos: Bannering Pride and Honor amidst the Challenges of Catastrophe

Awakened and left breathless by the sudden jolt, it took me several years to fully comprehend what was
happening. But as my mind cleared and the pain subsided, I realized that so abruptly, something had changed, and
the bizarre tightness in my upper chest told me it wasnt good.
I looked around the place I was in, strained, my eyes against the dark, warm walls. But I saw nothing that
could have served as eplanations.
And then I started hearing different kinds of voices ! voices of agony, cries, wretchedness and even voices
of proud, happy and victory"
#or several years, I became conscious enough to use my senses. After the destructive typhoon $olanda, this
was the first time when I was almost deafened by such a loud shout. %ries here, cries there, cries everywhere" &hen I
found out, it was my poor children who cry for help. Begging for food and clothing in able for them to live. I felt
pity to my dear ones who tried to strive in order to survive. 'uch shout made my forehead frown and ask the
Almighty one, (why is this happening to us)*
'cared by the noise, I tried to curl up and close my eyes, pretending to be oblivious to what was happening
to the outside world hoping that its just but a mere hallucinations. But it was in vain, because the screams grew
louder coming from different directions, vibrating into the walls, shattering my peace and deafening my ears. &he
shouting voice murmured something about (blood* and (fall* and (help us"*, and then I heard rushed steps, gasps of
surprise and more shouts. +ealizing that catastrophes are becoming more terrible as compared to the past ones.
&yphoons become stronger. ,eavy rains that causes drowning floods ! these are just some of the effects of %limate
I became tired of hearing such shouts thats why I decided to run as fast as I can. But then I realized that on
the other half of me, proud voices were starting to tremble. &hugdug" &hugdug" &hugdug" I can hear shrill of
applause, tickling laughs and shouts of victory. Alas" %rowned princesses do really eist not just in fairytales but
also in my country. &hey were crowned as the most beautiful women in the world. &hey were crowned to show to
the world that aside from the physical beauty and intellectual aristocracy that my beloved children possess, they can
always face life with grace and delight no matter what. %an you believe that) &hey were all indeed beautiful like me
when I was fair and young- and I hope it would continue. not until businessmen cultivate greediness in their heart.
not when every surrounding pales its green shade. and not when people no longer know the difference between
value/money0 and values/morals0.
'o, I can not only see typhoon $olanda as rhetorical, but my analysis of it can emphasize the rhetorical
meaning of my children living in me. &hrough language, I want to eplore how the catastrophe becomes a work of
art that describes reality.