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Global Market for Jak And Pi3k Therapy/Inhibitors To Reach $2.2 illion In 2!

"#$ Tofacitinib
Mo%in& At '!.() *AGR
Wellesley, Mass., May 8, 2014 BCC Research (www.bccresearch.com) reveals in is new re!or,
"#$ #%& '()$ *(+%#,(%+ '#-.W#/ M#R$0-*, he 1lobal mar2e 3or si1nal rans45cion
hera!ies6inhibiors ("#$ an4 '()$) is e7!ece4 o 1row o 82.2 billion by 2018, wih a 3ive9year
com!o5n4 ann5al 1rowh rae (C#+R) o3 ):.8;. -o3aciinib, he 3ases 1rowin1 se1men, is e7!ece4 o
re1iser a !henomenal C#+R o3 <0.=;
-he commerciali>aion o3 wo "#$ hera!ies6inhibiors?r57oliinib ("a2a3i) 3rom (ncye Cor!. 3or
myelo3ibrosis an4 o3aciinib (@elAan>) 3rom '3i>er 3or rhe5maoi4 arhriis?has !rovi4e4 a m5ch9nee4e4
4irecion o 4evelo! ar1e hera!ies 3or 3aal 4iseases li2e cancer an4 in3lammaory 4iseases.
-o3aciinib, 3ar an4 away he 4ominan !ro45c in his mar2e, was val5e4 a 8=0.< million in 201) an4 is
!roAece4 o reach 81.) billion by 2018.
Meanwhile, r57oliinib, which is movin1 a a si1ni3ican 1=.); C#+R, is e7!ece4 o reach 8=04.8
million in 2018.
B-he 1rowin1 mar2e o3 hera!ies relae4 o "#$ an4 '()$ si1nal !ahways have remen4o5s o!!or5niy
o 1row since hese hera!ies have he !oenial o ar1e 4iseases li2e cancer an4 in3lammaory 4iseases
wih no a!!ro!riae me4icaions so 3ar,C says BCC Research !harmace5ical analys *halini *hahani
&ewan. +-he c5rren hera!ies are ca!able o3 re45cin1 he 4isease b5r4en b5 canno c5re. D5rhermore,
here is a 1rowin1 !aien base worl4wi4e 3or cancers an4 in3lammaory 4iseases.C
Jak and Pi3k ,i&nalin& Path-ay Markets !rovi4es an overview o3 he 1lobal mar2e 3or si1nal
rans45cion hera!ies an4 inhibiors, incl54in1 analyses o3 1lobal mar2e ren4s, wih 4aa 3rom 2012 an4
201), an4 !roAecions o3 C#+Rs hro51h 2018. ( also !resens in3ormaion on a!!rove4 !ro45cs s5ch as
R57olinib, as well as ohers in 4evelo!men. (n a44iion, he s54y 4ic5sses he re15laory environmen
which is im!acin1 4evelo!men, relevan !aen analyses, an4 !rovi4es !ro3iles o3 lea4in1 com!anies in
he in45sry.
-his re!or is inen4e4 3or !ro45c 4evelo!ers6man53ac5rers6!ro45cers, m5linaionals, scieniss,
researchers, research 5niversiies, 1overnmen an4 non91overnmen or1ani>aions, an4 ohers inerese4 in
where his mar2e is hea4e4 over he ne7 3ive years.

04iors an4 re!orers who wish o s!ea2 wih he analys, sho5l4 conac *even C5mmin1 a
Abo.t ** Research
BCC Research !5blishes mar2e research re!ors ha ma2e or1ani>aions worl4wi4e more !ro3iable wih
inelli1ence ha 4rives smar b5siness 4ecisions. -hese re!ors cover o4ayFs maAor in45srial an4
echnolo1y secors, incl54in1 emer1in1 mar2es. Dor more han 40 years weFve hel!e4 c5somers i4eni3y
new mar2e o!!or5niies wih acc5rae an4 reliable 4aa an4 insi1h, incl54in1 mar2e si>in1, 3orecasin1,
in45sry overviews, an4 i4eni3icaion o3 si1ni3ican ren4s an4 2ey com!eiors. We !arner wih analyss
who are e7!ers in s!eci3ic areas o3 in45sry an4 echnolo1y, !rovi4in1 5nbiase4 meas5remens an4
assessmens o3 1lobal mar2es. G5r cliens incl54e he o! com!anies in in45sries aro5n4 he worl4 as
well as 5niversiies, b5siness schools, sar95!s, cons5lin1 3irms an4 invesmen com!anies. BCC
Research is a 5ni o3 0li Research ,,C. Hisi o5r websie a www.bccresearch.com. Conac 5sI (J1) <819
48=9<)01 (K.*. 0asern ime), or email in3ormaionEbccresearch.com.
&aa an4 analysis e7race4 3rom his !ress release m5s be accom!anie4 by a saemen i4eni3yin1 BCC
Research ,,C, 4=92 Waln5 'ar2, Wellesley, M# 02481, -ele!honeI (J1) <81948=9<)01L 0mailI
e4iorEbccresearch.com as he so5rce an4 !5blisher. -han2 yo5.