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Super shop

Executive summary

Unique super shop is going to be launched as a partnership super shop business.
The company owns and operates an industrial plant and is engaged on the business
of making food products and is marketed through its own show room and agents
all over Bangladesh.. Here we all will work as a group & contribute capital and
management expertise to the business enterprise and perform joint responsibility
for the operation of the business and for its debts.
Unique Super Shops principal activities are to collect cow milk from dairy firm,
manufacture it by value change through proper process and modern technology so
that it can meet the existing demand of milk among consumers. We are going to
launched our business in urban area where people cannot get fresh food
particularly milk. Day by day they are losing their health stratus by taking
unhealthy food. Our aim is to provide fresh food (Milk) to them which will be
collected from various rural firms. To serve its customer with highest level of
satisfaction the company always give emphasis on meeting latent demand of the
customers by introducing new and innovative products in the market. This is first
time in Bangladesh we are introducing a super shop where all types of milk
product or food is available in a single platform.

Business description
General description of the venture: for making a profit, we are some friend
launching Unique Super Shop so this is the general partnership business. Our
business can be based on written contact and legal oral agreement. Where included
name of the partner, Purpose of the partner duration of the business, how profit and
loss will be distributed, salaries, absence contribution of each partner to the
business etc.

The Reasons of Choosing Partnership: -
1. Ease of formation: A partnership is fairly easy to start. It is nearly as free from
government regulation as a sole proprietorship. The cost of starting a partnership is
low. It usually involves only a modest legal fee for drawing up a written
agreement. Which in a highly desirable. An oral agreement is sufficient but not
recommended. And that will be easy for us to establish our business. So we have
chosen partnership business.
2. More funds available: - In a sole proprietorship, the amount of capital is
limited to the personal wealth. & credit if the owner. In a partnership the amount of
capital may increase significantly. A person with a good idea but little capital can
look for a partner with the capital and /or credit standing to develop and market the
idea. And we all have brilliant ideas with a little capital. So we have chosen
partnership business
3. Combined managerial Skills: - In a partnership, people with different talents
and skills may join together. One partner may be good at marketing; the other may
be expert at accounting & financial matters. Combining these skills could provide a
greater chance of success. So we have chosen partnership business.
4. Tax Advantage: - It has some potential tax advantages over a corporation. Ina
partnership as in a sole proprietorship, the owners pay taxes on their business
earnings. But the partnership as a business does not pay income tax. So we have
chosen partnership business.

Industry Background: We are launching a super shop where all types of food
which is made by milk will be available. We will collect cow milk from rural area
and make it various foods through value change. Basically our initial product will
be liquid milk, Cheese, rosmalai, Doi, chocolate milk, Ghee, Butter. There are
some company are doing their business with these product. For liquid milk, Brac,
Aarong, Milk Vita etc are providing liquid milk in all over Bangladesh. The project
of Brac milk is located at Lakshmipura village of Gazipur district, which is about
40 km North of Dhaka city. Initially it is proposed to produce (I) Pasteurized liquid
milk in playful sachets, (ii) Flavored milk, (iii) Butter, (iv) Ghee, and (v) UHT
yoghurt drink in aseptic packing. In future, production range could be expanded to
UHT milk in aseptic packing, ice-cream, cheese, powder milk etc.
There are many local traditional producers of Rosmalai and Doi. Many of them
have been engaging with this business for longtime. There are some districts of
Bangladesh famous for these foods. In our city there are many wholesalers and
retailers are doing business. Even there are some well-known brand are doing this

Earn maximum profit
Build up our Unique Super Shop brand image.
every division we launching new outlet in 2018
In 2025 we set up industry with unrelated diversification.

Uniqueness of the service: We are collecting raw milk from rural firm and
producing various foods through value change by using modern technology. We
are ensuring our consumer that we are offering food (milk) which is more health
friendly. This is the first time in Bangladesh we are making a plat form where all
types of milk made healthy food are available.

Marketing Segment
Target market: Our main target is to provide verities product of milk to the
people who are willing to get milk product all in one shop. The target market of
Unique super shop is not limited to age, area or gender, it is present globally and is
serving people at offices, homes, parties, restaurants, bars and every place where
one can be present. It usually represents itself as a market for all people but
products are also being offered specifically for older people.
The areas in which we will launch new outlet
D= Dhaka, R- Rajshahi, K- Khulan, B- Barisal, C- Chittagong, S- Sylhet, (v) =
corporate areas (o) residential area .
Target customer analysis based on each product
Class: Party center, community center, restaurant &others people of society.
Age: the people of all age like doi but particularly those people who are in 15-40
age like it most. So they are our target customer
Income: we have offering our product with different size & amount. The price of
these products will be different so that all class of people can buy our products.
Liquid milk:
Income level: Those people whose income level is upper class and middle class
are used to drink milk before sleep. So our target is to sell liquid milk to them. We
want to make them our regular customer of liquid milk
Age: The people of all age take milk but particularly kids and old people take milk
regularly. So we want to make them our regular customer.
Sex: Generally women take decision about cook in a family. They are more
conscious about the health of family member. So they try to make used to of their
family member to drink milk regularly. In many case women make decision which
milk will have to buy.

Income: Those people whose income level is upper class and middle class are used
to take cheese. So they will be our target customer.
Age: The people of all age take cheese but particularly young and middle age
people take cheese regularly. So we want to make them our regular customer.
Chocolate milk
Age: The people generally teenage and young people like to take chocolate milk.
Occupation: Those who are busy with their professional life, it could be student or
corporate person particularly lead in bachelor life like chocolate milk.
Class: Party center, community center, restaurant &others people of society.
Income level: Those people whose income level is upper class and middle class
particularly they buy Ghee to make their food.
Age: Those who are conscious about their health dont like to take Ghee. But 15-
40 people are like to take Ghee.
Those people whose income level is upper class and middle class are used to take
butter regularly. So they will be our target customer.
Age: The people of all age take cheese but particularly young and middle age
people take butter regularly. So we want to make them our regular customer.

Financial Management Segment

Cost of setup venture
Fixed Cost
Item Quantity Amount Amount
Pickup truck 1 (10,00,000/- * 1) 10,00,000/-
Refrigerator 10 (50000/- * 10) 500000/-
Furniture (800000) 800000/-
Machinery 2000000 2000000
Rent (100000) 100000/-
licensing - - 7,000/-
Computer 5- (30000*5) 150,000/-



Fixed Cost >>>>

Sector Monthly Amount
- /-
Workers of Bakery

(35000/- *1)
(2,500/- * 10)

Drivers Salary (7,000/- * 2) 14,000/-
Fuel Charge (6,500 * 2) 13,000/-
Other Utility Charge - 7,000/-
Grand Total 94000

Periodical Income Statement (1
Particles Amount (Taka)
Total Sales 12000000/-
(Less) Variable Cost or direct cost 2189000/-
Prime cost 9811000/-
(Less) Fixed Cost 1162750/-
(Less) Loan Installment 4508287/-
Gross Profit 4139963/-

Periodical Financial Statement (continue)
Item (
Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4
4139963 5200000 6853000 7800000
1000000 1500000 2000000 2500000
Net Income
Before Tax
3139963 3700000 4853000 5300000
627993 740000 970600 1060000
Income After
2511970 2960000 3882400 4240000
Cash Inflow (
3139963 3700000 4853000 5300000

Direct Cost or Variable Cost (1st Period):
Sector Monthly Amount
Packaging & Labeling (52000*3) 156000
Electricity bill (30000*3) 90000
Transportation cost (15000*3) 45000
Milk (520000*3) 1560000
Sugar ( 8666*3) 26000
Flavor (52000*3) 156000
Chock let powder (26000*3) 78000
Color (26000*3) 78000
TOTAL 2189000
Overall cost scenario:
Item Amount
Total cost (all period) 31362000
Bank loan 15681000
Interest rate 15%
Total interest 2352150
Installment (per period) 4508287.5
Milestone schedule segment
Timing an objective:
When we establish new outlet (50%revenuecollect of total investment)
When we provide home delivery ()
Online service (when our outlet is available in Dhaka city)
Membership card (when 25%customer are permanent)
Master limited partnership (when all division have one outlet)
Offer franchising (when our marketing share is high)
Relationship event: when our target customer is involved in any event that time we
go for sponsorship as a event partner such as children competition.