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April 28,2013 Marcus Lyon
Student writer
Department of Communication
(619) 861-7141

PRSSA: Get Involved
There are many clubs and organizations on campus to help students get a well-
rounded college experience and expand their horizons. The Department of
Communication has a relatively new club focusing on public relations. The Public
Relations Student Society of America, or PRSSA, was established in 1968 spun off from
PRSA, the professional chapter. At East Tennessee State University, PRSSA has never
been one of the go-to clubs, with Advertising Club being the most popular in the
Department of Communication.
This all started to change in Fall 2012. Under the reign of a new board and great
advisors to act as ambassadors of the club it began to flourish. Regular weekly meetings
were established to bring in more participation than previous years; it felt like a real club.
After fundraising and assistance from the Student Government Association,
PRSSA was even able to send eight members to San Francisco in October 2012 to the
PRSSA National Conference. There, students were able to network with respected PRSA
members and fellow PRSSA members from across the United States. Students were also
able to attend sessions to learn and grow within the public relations field.
PRSSA is a great networking opportunity for students. As active members
students get the opportunity to meet professionals in their field, as well as other students,
said Ashley Bush, current ETSU PRSSA president, when asked why students should join
After a successful Fall 2012 semester, Spring 2013 was more uneventful.
Elections were held on April 24
to elect a new executive board. With a new perspective,
the new board hopes to take the club and make it grow.
When asked about immediate goals, newly elected president Logan Wagenseller,
said: I want to make a name for ourselves.. we are PR, so we first have to promote
ourselves. I have a couple of big ideas... social media, a wellness campaign (hopefully)
and many more things.
The new board hopes to be more proactive on campus than in the past. PRSSA
hopes to gain a stronger connection with the local PRSA chapter and help its students
network more within the area.
For more information about the PRSSA at ETSU please look them up on
Facebook at facebook.com/prssaatetsu.