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1. What is measurement?
2. Define metrology.
3. What is least count?
4. What is one Main Scale Division?
5. What is one Vernier Scale Division?
6. How will you find the least count of Floating Carriage micrometer?
7. What is calibration?
8. What are the standards used in calibration of micrometer & Load cell?
9. What is linear measurement?
10. Explain the principle of Load cell.
11. What is strain gauge?
12. Explain the principle of Wheatstone bridge.
13. What is pressure transducer?
14. What is the difference between slip gauge and pitch gauge?
15. What is the difference between Vernier caliper & Gear tooth vernier caliper?
16. What is module?
17. How will you find the module to measure the thickness of the gear tooth?
18. What is the difference between gear and screw thread?
19. Explain how you measure minor and effective diameter.
20. What is the difference between three wire method & two wire methods?
21. What is pitch in micrometer?
22. Write the formulae used to find major, minor & effective dia. in floating carriage
23. How you find the wire size to find effective diameter?
24. Explain the principle of optical flat?
25. Optical flat is made up of which material?
26. Which is instrument used to find the effective diameter very accurately?
27. Name the instrument used to find the screw thread parameters.
28. What is error?
29. Mention the two important requirements of measurements.
30. Define primary sensing elements.
31. What are the categories of S.I units?
32. Define the term standard.
33. Define precision and accuracy.
34. Define systematic error.
35. What are the sources of errors?
36. Define the term repeatability.
37. Describe the different types of errors in measurement and their causes.
38. Differentiate between systematic error and random error
39. Differentiate between Progressive error and Periodic error
40. Define briefly about interchangeability and its types.
41. Write short notes on: (i) Instrumental error (ii) Environmental error (iii) Calibration
(iv) Full interchangeability.
42. List the various linear measurements.
43. What are the various types of linear measuring instruments used in metrology?
44. Define backlash in micrometer.
45. Define cumulative error and total error.
46. What are slip gauges?
47. What are the slip gauge accessories?
48. What is Protector Gauge?
49. Write down the applications of limit gauges.
50. Name the instrument use to find Pitch of Screw thread.
51. What is Comparator?
52. What are the advantages of electrical and electronic comparator?
53. Name the instrument which is used to find angles?
54. Why we use Sine bars to find angles?
55. What are the sources of errors in sine bars?
56. Write down the applications of bevel protractor.
57. What is the major difference between Sine bar, Bevel protractor & Clinometers?
58. What is use of autocollimator?
59. How vernier height gauge is specified?
60. Discuss briefly about the dial type and reed type of mechanical comparator
61. What is Transducer?
62. What are gauges? How they are classified?
63. Explain the working principle of L.V.D.T
64. What is meant by Best Size Wire?
65. What is Thermocouple?
66. Explain the use of Sine Center?
67. Explain three types of fits.
68. What is the differences between unilateral tolerances and bilateral tolerance
69. Explain Taylors principle of design of gauges?
70. Define: i) Major Dia ii) Effective Dia iii) Pitch iv) Angle of Thread.
71. Explain the following: i) Line Standard ii) End Standard iii) Airy Points.
72. Sketch and explain Taylors principle for design of GO & NO-GO gauges?
73. Distinguish between primary and secondary transducers?
74. What is Dynamometer?
75. Types of dynamometer?
76. Define youngs modulus?
77. What is the use of dial indicator?
78. Explain the three uses of sine bars.
79. Define GO and NO GO gauges.
80. Name the types of gauges.
81. How will you measure the major diameter & minor diameter of internal thread?
82. What are the major errors in screw thread?
83. What are the major errors in gear tooth?
84. Define threshold.
85. What is Piezo electric effect?
86. What is interferometry & how you get interference bands?
87. Types of screw thread?
88. What is the role of standards?
89. What is addendum & dedendum in gear tooth?
90. What is repeatability?
91. What are the types of pitch errors found in screws?
92. What are the applications of toolmaker's microscope?