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BMW 4 Series Coupe
Designed for Driving Pleasure

Group 6:
Asmaa Asad (Group Leader)
M. Omer Leghari
M. Shazer Alim Khan
Zara Syed
Arham Wasim
Zubaria Asma
Salsabeel Sattar
Ayesha Manzoor



INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY ...................................................................................... 4
MARKETING OBJECTIVES ........................................................................................................ 5
SITUATION ANALYSIS .............................................................................................................. 6
SWOT ANALYSIS ........................................................................................................................ 8
PORTERS ANALYSIS ............................................................................................................... 12
PESTLE ANALYSIS.................................................................................................................... 15
TARGET MARKET ..................................................................................................................... 18
PRICING STRATEGY ................................................................................................................. 19
DISTRIBUTION AND LOCATION STRATEGY...................................................................... 20
PROMOTIONAL MIX ................................................................................................................. 21
BUDGETS .................................................................................................................................... 24
CONTROLS ................................................................................................................................. 28
CONCLUSION ............................................................................................................................. 30


BMW is one of the top luxury cars manufacturers in Europe. They recently launched their MINI
Cooper in Pakistan, which turned out to be a success for the company. This report proposes a
marketing plan to introduce and promote BMWs new 4 Series Coupe in Pakistan.
The report consists of the marketing objectives defined by BMW in their mission statement and
values, a detailed situation analysis. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are
evaluated in detail using the SWOT Matrix. Moreover, to determine whether the new series have
the potential to be profitable in the new market, the Porters Five Forces Model is applied.
Next we have defined the market and customers that are to be targeted in this marketing plan.
Discussed in detail is the pricing strategy and initial budget for the company. Distribution
strategy discusses the BMWs retailer in Pakistan that has been its reliable partner for many
years and can be trusted to distribute the new 4 series effectively
Lastly, we have the proposed advertising and promotional strategies under the topic of
Promotional Mix. Its essential to measure the effectiveness of any plan/strategy is executed;
keeping this in mind we have built controls in our plan to determine the effectiveness of the



BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or Bavarian Motor Works), a Germany based
automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company, founded in 1916 is now one of the
leading luxury car manufacturers in the world, with currently 23 production plants in over 13
countries, 12 Research and Development plants in 5 countries. It manufactures sports bikes, cars
and SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle). Their current models include Series 1 (that was launched
back in 2004), series 3 (2007) Series 5(2009), Series 6 (2010) , Series 7(2008) other than these
they have a sports car Z4 and a series of electric cars by the name of i-Series. BMW
Back in Dec, 2012 the first official press release about the launch of Series 4 was
released. Series 4 is to replace the current 3 Series coupe to differentiate the more sporty coupe.
Features like alloy wheels, wooden interior, red & blue seat stitching, dash accents, and sport
front bucket seats add a luxury yet sporty BMW-like details to the 4 Series. In this report we
propose the marketing plan for launching the 4 Series here in Pakistan.


BMW Mission Statement:
The BMW Group is the world's leading provider of premium products and premium
services for individual mobility.
BMW Brand - "The BMW brand stands for one thing: sheer driving pleasure. Sporting
and dynamic performance combined with superb design and exclusive quality."

BMW Vision:
Designed for Driving Pleasure.

BMW Values:
1. Technology
2. Quality
3. Performance
4. Exclusivity



Our Product:
The BMW 4 series coupe is a two door, 4 seat hardtop coupe, starting at a price of
31,575 (PKR5364395 approx).
Living in the era of higher efficiency dynamics, demands lower emissions with increased
fuel efficient engines. This era has lead manufacturers to now reinvent their old and nature
damaging technologies to nature friendly engines. BMW has already been active in introducing
more nature friendly power units, but with this new 4 series, BMW has not only refined its
engines but has also set a bench mark for other manufacturers. With a 2.0 liter twin turbocharged
and a multi award winning 3.0 liter twin turbo charged engine, the BMW not only gives the
option of extreme performance but also great efficiency. The 428i provides a combined average
of 25km/l (25 kilometers per liter). On the other hand the much more powerful 435i delivers 300
Bhp and has 5.1 seconds 0-100 km acceleration whilst providing an economy of 11km/l. The
equipment levels are second to none, leather, a DAB radio and Bluetooth are standard. Heads up
display is a unique feature that projects the cars speed, economy and other important numbers on
the cars wind shield allowing the driver to take note of important readings without having to take
their eyes of the road. Another unique feature is the new 4WD system which is an optional extra.
A six speed manual transmission is standard while an automatic trip-tonic along with paddle
shifters in optional.
Another feature that is unique to the BMW is the inbuilt IBM ThinkPad that contains
diagnostic software which helps in keeping the car problem free and helps in early solution to
unlikely technical problems. The BMW 4 series does not only out equip the 3 series but is also

sportier and is significantly lower than its predecessor. The seats are not only firm but are also
comfortable and more supportive making it the only premier brand to offer this feature in
automobile industry for coupes. This highlights the fact that BMW, unlike its rivals, has not only
made a car sportier but also more comfortable for daily use. The adaptive M suspension of the
BMW 4 Series offers optimum handling with even more agility while electronically controlled
dampers adjust to your driving style and the road conditions. The driving dynamics can be
adjusted using the Driving Experience Control which enables you to choose between Sports and
Sports+ giving you the proper stiffness and throttle response while driving the BMW 4 series
faster and harder. The I-Drive Touch Controller gives you convenience in controlling the iDrive
system with one hand. Thanks to the touchpad integrated in the Controller, you can easily enter
information such as, destinations for the navigation system using your own handwriting. The
BMW 4 series safety is another bench mark set by the German manufacturer. Active Protection
is the BMW Connected Drive preventive occupant protection system. If a critical situation arises
on the road, the front safety belts are reversibly pre-tensioned and the side windows are closed -
as is the sliding roof. The feature Driving Assistant combines the camera-based systems lane
departure warning and collision warning. Safety being a priority is shown by the intelligent
emergency call system. The intelligent emergency call permits fast, targeted assistance round the
clock as well as support by trained staff - in your language even if you are abroad. If a serious
accident takes place, an intelligent emergency call is automatically issued. At the touch of a
button you are put through to our BMW Call Centre agents who are available to you as "personal
assistants" while you are on the road. Whether you are looking for a particular restaurant, the
nearest cash dispenser or an emergency pharmacy - the BMW Call Centre agent is there to help
and can send address details directly to your navigation system if you wish.

The agent can even place a reservation at a restaurant or book a hotel room for you. The
Concierge Service operates independently of your mobile phone and is available to you at home
and abroad round the clock, seven days a week at no extra cost.



1) Brand reputation: According to Global Rep Trak the best corporate
reputations, in 2013 BMW topped the ranking and was among the top and most valuable car
2) High Quality Products: BMW does not compromise on the quality. From the
raw materials upto the final product, the keep a strong check on the quality. Moreover, BMW
hires the most skilled and efficient workforce to design and produce the automobiles.
3) Eco-friendly Cars: Thinking of eco-friendly cars, we focus on what does or
doesnot come out of the car i.e how they treat the environment aound them. But that is not it ,
companies like BMW are taking this concept to a whole new level.. According to ABC, the new
plug-in electric i3 of BMW is the greenest car in the world. Keeping in view the impact their
cars could have on the environment, from the start to the end of production, almost every process
in producing the Electric 13 is eco-friendly. With a minimal processing done to the wood used
for the interior, instead of using harmful chemicals to tan the leather BMW i3 uses olive leaves.
4) Highly Efficient and Skilled Employees: BMW has set up its assembly plants in
countries like Germany and USA where its easy to find the most skilled vehicle assemblers.
And its considered to be the global employer of skilled workforce.
5) Strongest Product: The 3 series is the strongest product launched by BMW. It
has been the best-selling car since its inception.


1) High cost Structure: BMWs cost structure is higher as compared to its competitors such
as Ford, Toyota. The reason behind this high cost structure is buying best quality material and hiring a
highly skilled and trained skill force to produce quality vehicles and automobiles.
2) WEAK BRAND PORTFOLIO: Currently BMW produces three brands only, namely
BMW, MINI & Rolls-Royce. Although they are performing well in their segments but still they are not able
to serve the diverse customer needs in the larger market. In order to do that BMW needs to introduce more

3) HIGH PRICES: Due to BMWs high cost structure resulting from the high costs
of the raw materials and efficient workforce the prices of their automobiles are relatively high

4) FEW ACQUISITIONS: Acquisitions and strategic partnerships contribute a
total of 10 percent of BMWs growth, without which it is hard for the company to grow even
with the exclusive innovation and engineering capabilities.


1) Increasing Fuel Prices: Due to the increasing fuel prices, customers are shifting
to cheaper fuels, opening up larger markets for BMWs hydrogen and hybrid cars.


2) Increasing Trend of Eco-friendly Products: Today the consumers are more
aware and informed of the negative impacts of fuels like petrol diesel and emission of carbon
dioxide on Earths atmosphere. And they prefer to buy eco-friendly products. Resulting in an
increased demand of BMWs electric and hydrogen-fueled cars.

3) Brand Portfolio Expansion: In order increase their growth rate, BMW could
introduce new models to its range to satisfy and address the diverse needs of a larger customer-
base. Resulting in expansion of their brand and business portfolio.
4) New regulations on vehicle emissions: Introduction of fuels like hydrogen and
vehicles like their electric i3 series that emit zero carbon dioxide. New regulations on vehicle
emissions promoting ecological vehicles would mean no additional investment for BMW while a
high investment for its competitors, giving BMW an edge over them.


1) Intense competition: The fact that markets for the luxury cars are mostly
saturated in developed economies results in an intense competition for BMW. Moreover, the
direct competitors now tend to compete over prices rather than innovation, thus intensifying the
2) Expensive raw material due to increasing prices: The increasing prices of high
quality raw materials results in higher costs and lower profits for companies like BMW.

3) Decrease in fuel prices: Extraction of shale gas could lead to a decrease in the
fuel prices, which would cause a decrease in the demand for BMWs electric, hybrid and
hydrogen-fueled cars. This would lead to BMW groups having to face tremendous losses.
4) Exchange rate Fluctuations: Since most of BMWs profits are earned outside of
Europe, thus appreciation of Euro against other currencies especially those outside Europe,
causing huge losses for the company.

Threats of new entrants:

Threats of a new entrant are very low in automobile industry as it requires a lot of capital
and has to face entry barriers, risks and challenges as the cost incurred to set up manufacturing
plant is very high and it needs a lot of knowledge for its design.
Threats of substitutes:
The brand image of BMW is of being powerful and luxurious. It is positioned in the
exclusive car range where there exist many substitutes for BMW like Mercedes, GM and Audi.
Thus the threat of substitutes for BMW is high.
Bargaining power of buyers:
BMW and its competitors are positioned as in exclusive product range. As the buyers can
decide to choose the product according to the price range that shows that the bargaining power of
buyers is high Also with environmental issues hovering over the industry the buyers have the last
say with sample substitutes available.
Bargaining power of suppliers:
BMW has good supply chain management system and had long relationship with
suppliers. The bargaining power of suppliers is high in this industry as the suppliers can dedicate
the price tag for the raw materials. Though long time associations with suppliers can prove
fruitful, the final word lies more or less with the suppliers.
Competitive rivalry
This product has a lot of competition having their rivals products targeting the same
segment and position. US and European market is facing high rivalry competition where as there

is a stiff competition in Asian market. Furthermore, there is intense competition on all fronts in
the car market in general, not to mention the luxury car market. Major manufacturers such as
Audi and Honda are pinching BMW with their luxury segments (Lexus & Acura) in terms of
quality product and reliability. The main competitors of BMW 4 are shown in the figure.



As we are introducing BMW 2014 series in Pakistan, we should be well aware of the PEST
factors affecting our launch.
Political Factors
BMW is meant for high income level groups, as in Pakistan there is a narrow high
income level group Therefore the Tax liability would be high, on the manufacturing of
our vehicle as imposed by the government for the balance of economy The buyers of
our vehicle would have to have to pay a heavy tax to own it, keeping the circumstances of
Pakistan economy in mind.
Moreover since Pakistan is not a very politically stable country there might be issues
regarding trade with international dealers of the vehicle parts, as they might not want to
invest heavily in a country like Pakistan.
Keeping the above political factors in mind, we have priced the car as such that covers
the tax liability as well- the image of the car is kept leisurely portraying it
environmentally friendly. The image of the company itself is kept cooperative to avoid
issues like delays in dealers due to political instability.
Economic Factors
Introducing the BMW 2014 series in Pakistan, we have to ensure economic growth. As
economy of our country is uneven Our targeted income group is in minority therefore
we have to maintain a fine balance to boost Pak economy as well as ensure our survival.

This includes the careful analysis of inflation rates. In a highly inflated economy like
ours, we have budgeted our manufacturing and priced our vehicle such that it matches the
inflation rates.
The exchange rates would have to be monitored efficiently As for export and import of
vehicles it is necessary to preempt the deal in international trade. BMW would want a
major inflow of foreign cash in Pakistan to boost Pakistani economy.
Interest rates also are important to consider- Personal Bank loans for buying the car (if
taken any) would have higher interest rates, since its an inflated economy. Also, interest
rates affect to a firms cost of capital and to what extent a business grows.

Social factors
Socially BMW, in Pakistan, is taken as a status symbol- Its a symbol of luxury and
Our Target Market is those rich class diplomats, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and ministers
ranging from age 34-50. They require style, sporty look, leisure and safety These
factors are present in the BMW vehicle. Therefore socially we are confident for our car to
be very successful.
It is expected to be more popular in rather posh cities like Lahore, Karachi and
For car lovers it would be a good change to have BMW introduced in Pakistan.


Technological factors
How the technology of our model would be upgraded and maintained should be our
major concern.
In Pakistan, the major competitors are Mercedes and Audi; therefore we have to keep up
with the technology they introduce in their vehicles
We also to have to watch out for the new entrants, but here we have a slight edge as there
are high Barriers to entry in this league of the market, especially in Pakistan.
The rate of change of technology could also affect the minimum efficient level of
production and influence outsourcing decisions. Furthermore technological shifts can also
affect cost, quality and lead to innovation.
Legal Factors
According to the environmental law, we have to make sure our vehicle is not hazardous
for the environment- That is the materials used in manufacturing have to be approved by
the ministry of environment. Other laws we have to be careful about are the consumer
laws, safety standards and labor laws, etc.
Environmental Factors
Because more and more people are becoming conscious of the effect of Global warming,
they are hesitant to buy cars that are not Green. We will need to make sure our product
is eco friendly.
Shift in consumer preferences towards more eco friendly cars, hybrid cars, etc our
product needs to fulfill these consumer requirements.

The cars have to be fuel efficient. More people prefer better mileage.


BMW looks at the geographic, demographic, behavioral, socioeconomic and beneficial
characteristics of society which helps them to target the market more effectively. It is targeting
the upper levels of the middle class and those in the upper class as well. This is who their
advertising is aimed at. The company feels these are the people most likely to buy their product.
This product has not been initially introduced in Pakistan so we are introducing it. The high
price of this product differentiates it from the use of common man. As Pakistan is not a well off
country so everyone in Pakistan cannot afford this product. The potential market for BMW 2014
series are the males who earn at least a monthly income of PRK. 1,000,000. . That could be
successful industrialists, business men, high officials, diplomats, ministers etc.
We believe our product is appropriate for target market because we are introducing this
product with new features. As we know this is the age of innovation and society is changing
rapidly, we want new and improved products with the passage of time. Our product has new and
modern features and is also equipped with the features of 3 series. BMW was already introducing
friendly power engines in previous series but now in this series we have refined its power engine
which is also a benchmark for other manufacturers. BMW 4 series model is not only comfortable
and supportive but also is premier brand to offer these new features in automobile industry for
coupes. The '4' in its title headlines this new product line for the coupe and emphasizes not only
its stand-out design, but that any way you look at it, the new 4 Series Coupe represents

something more than its BMW 3 Series. Group of highly income people would prefer quality
over quantity.
Having a comparative advantage over Mercedes for being sporty and luxurious, we
also find those customers potential who find BMWs youthful high performance attractive. As
Mr. Yang a New York online marketing director once said My parents always preferred
Mercedes but to me, BMW represents sporty and luxurious, while Mercedes is just luxurious
Keeping this quote in mind we could implement the same strategy on the Pakistani rich class,
having similar opinions as Mr. Yang.
The ideal market for BMW would be males ranging from age 25-45, here in Pakistan
As it is said that the average age of a Mercedes driver is 52 that is 3-4 years older than a
customer who steers towards BMW due to its youthful and luxurious combo.


With this new and upcoming model pricing strategy has been revised but not drastically
changed. BMW is still priced above it competitor such as Audi A5 Cabriolet starting at RS
4900000 while the new BMW 4 series has a starting price of RS 5300000. This strategy has been
fruitful for BMW and with this new model it also promises great success. BMW has always
provided a better quality end product and has always charged more. Better performance, better
overall quality, innovation and a luxurious feel is what makes this higher price justified. BMW is
still a unique car in Pakistan; a lower price will make it affordable to the general public which
would take away its USP (Unique selling Point). BMW buyers still prefer to have a unique car

rather than save money. it is a high end sports car for a higher income group therefore a higher
price has to be charged. Pricing strategy is Pakistan has always been a troubling issue. Duty rates
are high and by the time the product reaches the final customer it has increased almost 3 times.
Current duty rates in Pakistan vary from 150% to 200%. BMW has to keep this extraordinary tax
rate in mind. Duty rates increase with the increase in the size of the engine so BMW has also
introduced a smaller 2.0 liter engine which falls in the lower duty slab.


Pakistan has an authorized BMW dealership and the same medium will be used for the
new BMW 4 Series. This retailer has been a reliable partner for BMW for many years and can be
trusted to distribute the new 4 series effectively. With showrooms located ideally in large cities
such as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Faisalabad and more Dewaan motors provides a firm
base for distribution. Not only does Dewaan have remarkable showrooms but also it provides
great services as well. Highly trained staff and well organized sales teams assure a service
matching the standards of any BMW dealership abroad. Cars will be transported via an existing
shipping agreement and stored in the BMW workshop until delivery. A full optional 4 series will
be given to each major showroom as a road test vehicle. Cars will be ordered by the customer
according to their specifications and will be delivered to Dewan motors by the BMW group in
Germany. Customers will receive their cars from these showrooms with proper guidance about
maintenance given by the professionals at Dewaan motors. A rate will be previously decided and
Dewaan motors will receive payment for every car sold. Dewaan motors is the only retailer that

BMW uses in Pakistan which reduces the mediums of the supply chain assuring a relatively
lower price and guaranteed delivery.

There are five main aspects of the promotional mix:
1. Advertising
2. Personal Selling
3. Sales Promotion
4. Public Relations
5. Direct Marketing
Additional aspects include Corporate Image (Brand Image) and Sponsorship.
For the BMW 4 Series the two main aspects that will be employed are Advertising and
Corporate/Brand image.
Since 1979 BWM has used the company WCRS for advertising their cars. Therefore, to
launch the new 4 series the same company will be used.
The dominant part of BMW's prosperity is credited to the advancement of a reliable
advertising approach, the 'niche marketing' technique. The organization has based its brand on
four center values. These values are what help sell the products. These are:
1. Technology
2. Quality
3. Performance

4. Exclusivity
These four values are portrayed in all BMW advertisements. Along with the standard
adverts made and run by the company, BWM encourages individual dealers to run their own
campaigns. Local press, radio and buss advertisements are all standard ways of advertising. The
main focus always has to be the car itself.
Apart from print, TV and radio ads, BWM has also revamped its website to make it
easier for customers to view the product. As Carol Burrows, product communications manager
for BMW, explains,
"The BMW website is an integrated part of the overall marketing strategy for BMW. The
full range of products can be seen and interacted with online. We offer pricing options online.
Customers can go to their local dealership via the website to further discuss costs for purchase of
a car. And it is a distribution channel for information that allows people access to the information
24 hours a day at their convenience."
It is a known fact that when BMW releases a new model they make a new TV ad, a short
film and they get a celebrity to endorse it. The 4 series is a luxury convertible. In order to
promote it extensive marketing strategies are adopted. Print ads in high class, sophisticated
lifestyle magazines are published, ads featuring celebrities and NASCAR and Formula1 drivers
are run, and launch parties are thrown to show off the car. BMW has partnered with the James
Bond franchise as well as the F1 driver Michael Schumacher in the past to promote their cars. In
order to release the 4 series in Pakistan and appeal to the local clientele, they will opt to use local
celebrities in their advertisements. Since performance is a key aspect, BMW sponsors
professional race cars, is promoted at racing events and in other driving publications. Local

racing events in Pakistan include the Shell Helix Formula One racing events. We propose that
BWM should partner with this and showcase the new 4 series model at the event so that it can
garner a lot more interest from racing fans.
Additionally, there are multiple car shows held in all the major cities of Pakistan. By
promoting the car at those forums, the company can target hardcore car enthusiasts.
In a nutshell, we propose that BMW should adopt the aforementioned above-the-line
advertising techniques. The new slogan for 2013-14 is Designed for Driving Pleasure. This
will be the focus of every ad published and run. Potential customers will also get the privilege of
taking the car out for a test drive before making the final decision to purchase it.
Although a local ad featuring a Pakistani celebrity will be broadcasted, it is a custom at
BMW to release multiple TV ads. Keeping this in mind the two already existing ads for this 4
series will also be shown all over Pakistan on selected channels.
It is our opinion that BMW should take into account Pakistans cultural values and then
mold their promotional strategies accordingly.
BMW is known for its new film series focusing on all their new models. These short
films, made by the most cutting-edge, high profile directors are widely available for view on the
companys website BMWFilms.com. This new model should also be featured on there. These
films are being advertised as movie trailers on TV, with the catchphrase telling the audience see
it only on BMWFilms.com. This website is one of the fastest growing websites on the internet.
And with rate at which Pakistans presence is growing on line this is a good promotion strategy
as a wider audience can be reached, excluding the target market.

The following is a summary of some of the marketing channels BMW will be using to
promote the new model:


The number of units sold is just a hypothetical figure but looking at the situation in Pakistan, this
is the amount of units we would be able to sell. Revenue is calculated by multiplying selling
price with the number of units sold. Cost of sales is just an estimate of how much money we
have to pay to the car manufacturers. The expenses are all hypothetical figures.
Operating income is calculated by subtracting expenses and the cost of sales from the revenue
we are generating. The tax percentage currently prevailing in Pakistan is 17% so we calculated
the tax by taking 17% out from the operating income and the basic tax of 420,000 which every
business has to pay to operate in the copy. This is how we calculated the profit for the year.

BMW Films
468x60 banners sold on a Run on site (ROS) basis, will
flash on websites
Online ads - to build recognition and a force in the
industry. When the customer decides to buy the
product comes to mind.

Multile local and global ads shown on tv
Local radio stations sponsoring shows and playing
promotional messages on air.
celebrity endorsements
TV and Radio
Car magazines, other major publications, e.g. Times
Magazine, etc.

428i 435i
Price in Dollars 41425 46925
Price in Pak Rupees 4401406.25 4985781.25

Today's exchange Rate 1 106.25

Horsepower 240 300
CC 1800 2200

Import Duty 1.5 1.75

Price in Pakistan for base
model 5300000 8725117.188

Expected Sales for year 1 40 30 70
Revenue in Pak Rupees 212000000 261753515.6 473753515.6
Revenue from Maintainance 1752500 1522500 3275000
Total Revenue 213752500 263276015.6 477028515.6


Cost of Goods Sold

Car Cost 176056250 149573437.5 325629687.5
Transportation Cost 581120 653760 1234880
Total Cost of Goods Sold 176637370 150227197.5 326864567.5

Gross Profit 37115130 113048818.1 150163948.1



Premises Rent

Office Expenses 2000000 2000000 4000000
Salaries 13000000 13000000 26000000
Maintaince of Cars 3000000 3000000 6000000



Fuel Expenses

Total Expenses 18000000 18000000 73930000

Operating Profit 19115130 95048818.13 76233948.13

Income Tax



Profit after Tax 62854176.94

Expected Sales for year 2 43 33 76
Revenue in Pak Rupees 227900000 287928867 515828867.2
Revenue from
Maintainance 2745600 4533500 7279100
Total Revenue 230645600 292462367 523107967.2

Cost of Goods Sold

Car Cost 189260468.8 164530781 353791250
Transportation Cost 624704 719136 1343840
Total Cost of Goods Sold 189885172.8 165249917 355135090

Gross Profit 40760427.25 127212450 167972877.2



Premises Rent

Office Expenses 2500000 2500000 5000000
Salaries 16000000 16000000 32000000
Maintaince of Cars 3000000 3000000 6000000




Fuel Expenses

Total Expenses 21500000 21500000 115430000

Operating Profit 19260427.25 105712450 52542877.19

Income Tax


Profit after Tax 42034301.75

The BMW 4 series is designed to drive pleasure Hence to handle the control measures
for progress is necessary for us, because definition of pleasure is different among different
target markets therefore are control measures should be strict and effective in attaining goals.
There are following control measures for success:
BMW Efficiency Dynamics
Its an intelligent light weight construction of the car body using materials like aluminum
that saves fuel and improves performance It is an excellent example of how efficient driving
combines with dynamic driving. BMW models with this technology its 4 series model that
ensures progress in sales and standard of performance.

BMW security vehicles
To increase the credibility of sales, BMW ensures its customers with the safety of
vehicles Like in the 4 series, It combine the positive characteristics of a series model with a
special reinforcement thats undetectable even to the experienced eye. You wont find a more
elegant and discrete way to combine driving pleasure and safety.
BMW Diplomatic Sales
With BMW Diplomatic Sales, Customers can select from all BMW models and
equipment variants wherever they are in the world. Fancy an English right-hand drive in
Pakistan? No problem. BMW experts will be happy to help their customers put together their
ideal vehicle in accordance with their individual needs.
As a diplomat, BMW customers constantly face new challenges so its important that
their BMW doesnt become one of them. Wherever their duties take them, a worldwide network
of more than 4,000 dealers and personal service from our BMW specialists, they wont have to
worry when it comes to their BMW.
Hence by assuring that a customer gets what wanted BMW ensures customer interest,
hence high progress in sales.
BMW Corporate sales
Top-quality vehicles with fuel-efficient, money-saving engines, Employees motivated by
the prospect of dynamic driving and greater fuel efficiency in a company BMW or MINI.
Cutting-edge technologies like BMW Efficient Dynamics and BMW Connected Drive as well as
MINIMALISM and MINI Connected that help customers drive more safely and economically. A

team of International Key Account Managers is on hand to provide expert, cross-border support
in over 150 countries around the world. These are just some of the benefits customers can look
forward to when they join forces with BMW Corporate Sales.
At BMW Corporate Sales, we always offer our customers individualized solutions that
reflect the situation in their specific country.
Above are some of the control measures that BMW takes to determine progress with their
successful implementation
Hence the return on investment also is successfully controlled due to the financial
services BMW executes. Financial services are a key factor for success in today's mobile world.
The ideal partner for private and corporate customers, BMW Financial Services offer an
extensive product portfolio which supplies expert information regarding financing and leasing,
insurance, asset management, dealer financing and company car pools.

This report is a complete marketing plan detailing how to launch the new 2014 BMW 4
series Coupe in Pakistan. The figures and the statistics used in this are taken from the BMW
annual reports and or are assumed estimates (stated where used). The marketing mix: product,
price, place and promotion have all been analyzed in detail to come up with a plan that will
hopefully lead to the successful launch of the car in Pakistan at the same time as when it is
released in foreign markets.

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