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2.1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning in organisations?

Planning is not as easy as one might think because it requires a concerted effort to come out
with a programme that would easy your work. Planning is a process that have to be
commenced form somewhere and completed for a purpose. It involves gathering information
that would enable managers and supervisors make sound decisions. The information obtained
is also utilized to make better actions for achieving the objectives of the Organization. There
are many factors that you have to look into when deciding for an ! Planning programme.
! Planning involves gathering of information" making objectives" and making decisions to
enable the organization achieve its objectives. #urprisingly" this aspect of ! is one of the
most neglected in the ! field. $hen ! Planning is applied properly in the field of !
%anagement" it would assist to address the following questions&
'. ow many staff does the Organization have(
). $hat type of employees as far as skills and abilities does the *ompany have(
+. ow should the Organization best utilize the available resources(
,. ow can the *ompany keep its employees(
! planning makes the organization move and succeed in the )'
*entury that we are in.
uman !esources Practitioners who prepare the ! Planning programme would assist the
Organization to manage its staff strategically. The programme assist to direct the actions of
! department.
The main goal of human resource planning is to ensure that a company always has candidates
lined up to take on new positions" so that time and productivity are not lost. -ong lag times
between one employee.s departure and a new hire can weigh on a company.s ability to
/orecasting is an important component of this because it lets a company know how long
hiring will likely take and what it can do to speed up the process. If an ! department
decides that a company needs a large number of workers to staff a new division" but the job
market is tight for workers with the skills needed" it will have to secure these workers.
0ecause rivals are also seeking people with these skills" the company will have to step up
recruiting efforts and increase compensation packages to lure talent. If a company did not
engage in human resource planning" it would not know how difficult it would be to hire the
necessary workers until too late. Potential employees would be lost to rivals" and the business
would be unable to build the team it needs.
2.2 Outline the stages involved in planning human resource
uman resources performs a number of functions that keep companies running smoothly" but
its overall goals are to recruit new talent and increase current employee satisfaction and
production. In this sense" human resource planning is one of the department.s key functions"
as it assess specific candidates and the job market as a whole" and allows a company to be
proactive in managing its workforce and flow of new hires. The stages involved in planning
human resource requirements are given below:
! !esource Plan
1ctioning of Plan
%onitoring and *ontrol
2.3 Compare the recruitment and selection process in two organisations?
Recruitment Process of Tesco
Tesco announces jobs in different ways. Process depends on available jobs.
!ecruitment process of Tesco include two stages"
Internal !ecruitment
23ternal !ecruitment
nternal Recruitment!"
/or internal recruitment Tesco always take first look at its internal Talent Plan to fill
thevacancy. It4s a process which lists the current employees waiting for a move it can be on
same level or promotion. If there is no suitable person on the internal management
development programs Tesco advertise the post internally on intranet within the organization
for ) weeks.
#$ternal Recruitment!"
/or e3ternal recruitment" Tesco advertise the vis its website 5www.tesco6careers.com7 or
through the vacancies boards in stores. 1pplication are made online for managerial positions.
#uccessful applicants have an interview followed by participation in an assessment center for
the final phase of the selection process. Those interested in store based jobs with Tesco can
approach the store with their *8 or register if 9ob center Plus. The shop is preparing a
waiting list of applicants in this way and calls for more jobs are available. /or harder to fill
jobs or more specialized" such as bakers and pharmacists" Tesco announced e3ternally"
Through its website and offline media
Through television and radio
0y placing ads on google or in magazines
#election involves suitable candidate from those that applied for job vacancy" at the same
time keeping it to employment laws and regulations. #creening is very important part of
selection phase. It ensures that the person chosen is fulfilling the criteria of job requirements.
In the first stage of screening Tesco4s selectors carefully go through each candidate4s *8"
well written and positive *8 helps to access whether a candidate is matching the
specifications for the job.
The process Tesco uses to select e3ternal management candidates has several stages. 1
candidate who passes the screening attends the assessment centre. 1ssessment centre take
place in store and run by managers. They help to provide consistency in the selection process.
*andidates are given the various e3ercises" including team working activities and problem
solving e3ercise. %ostly it involves the problems they might deal" with at work. *andidate
approved by the internal assessment centres then has an interview. -ine manager for the job
take part in interview to make sure that the candidate they are approving fits the job
Recruitment and %election Process of Asda!
1sda says that we will like to keep everything simple and straightforward. 1sda has divided
its recruitment and selection process in + simple and easy stages.
%tage 1! Online Application
The first stage of the selection process is to fill a number of tests and submit your applicati on
online. It takes up to an hour to complete.
%tage 2!" Asda Reality
If applicant is successful at the stage of application" he will be asked to come to 1sda.s
assessment centre called which is called 1sda reality. The reality is a great opportunity for a
candidate to e3perience what it.s really like working at 1sda and gives him an overview of
the role he have applied. 1t the same time it gives a glimpse to %anagers of what a candidate
is well at and also give the opportunity to identify areas for his development. 1 candidate has
to participate in range of different activities. They can be individual or group:team task.
%tage 3!" ntervie&
The interview is the final stage of the whole process. *andidates have the opportunity to
show a senior manager and leader in his chosen field that he wanted to be work on.
2.' #valuate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in
two organizations?
Tesco will seek the most effective way in terms of cost to attract good candidates. 0ecause it
is e3pensive to advertise in television and radio" and some magazines" but sometimes it is
necessary to ensure that the right kind of people has learned about job vacancies. It is easy to
for candidates to learn more about employment opportunities and simple application process.
0efore reaching Tesco site" the candidate can find out local jobs" management positions and
head office positions . The site contains the online application form for people to provide