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Iloilo City today has metamorphosed into one of the most important business and
investment centers not only in Western Visayas but the entre Philippine archipelago.
In fact, despite the dreary economic outlook for most parts of the country, Iloilo City
remains a great magnet for investments because of its strategic geographical locaton,
the surfeit of highly-skilled labor, modern conveniences and facilites, and ideal peace
and order climate. Furthermore, the Iloilo City Government provides adequate incentves
to assist businesses during the various phases of their ventures.
The publicaton of this guide will present a defnitve perspectve of all the business and
trade opportunites available in Iloilo City. It includes essental informaton on startng a
business, and inducements to inspire prospectve investors to set up shop here.

This will not only serve as an indispensable guide for investors, but also as an indicator of
our peoples accomplishments in pushing Iloilo City forward to socio-economic stability
despite the current uncertaintes of a world in constant fux.
It is likewise important to menton that this publicaton is the result of a consequental
partnership between the Iloilo City Government and the private sector. We lef no stone
unturned in translatng the energy and industry of our metropolis into a language any
investor will easily understand.
This guide also gives an assessment of the citys capacity to provide a nurturing and
dynamic environment for its local enterprises and industries; as well as its ability to
efciently use its resources in the context of sustainable development and in raising the
standard of living of our residents.
I am confdent this publicaton will prove an accurate index valuable to those who wish to
make Iloilo City their home or their base for business operatons or both.

City Mayor
Welcome to Iloilo City
Photo from: Mark Vic Rejaba
Message from the Mayor
City Profle (Fast Facts)
Infrastructures and
Transportaton and
Communicaton Facilites
Priority Investment Areas
Investment Opportunites
Business Environment
Business Permit Processing
and Incentves
Cost of Doing Business
Photos from iloiloguide.com
Photos from Mark Vic Rejaba
The word Iloilo City came from the shape
of the city, cut by the river which looks like
the shape of a nose, Irong-Irong, nose-
like, later became Iloilo. Other accounts
point the origin of the name to a fsh.
Monicker: Most Loyal and Noble City or
La Muy Leal Y Noble Ciudad de Iloilo in
Spanish. This is an inscripton in the Coat
of Arms from the Royal Decree of 1896 in
recogniton of the peoples loyalty to the
Spanish crown.
A replica of the Spanish Crown of the
Queen Regent of Spain is a symbol and
testmony of a long historic relatonship
between Iloilo City and Spain, can be found
at Arevalo District
From Manila:
- 55 minutes by plane
- 18 hours by ship
From Cebu:
- 25 minutes by plane
- 12 hours by ship
From Bacolod:
50 minutes by fast ferry
at least 10 ferry schedules ply the route
of Iloilo City and Bacolod City everyday
To Boracay from Iloilo City:
Shutle Van Service - average of 3hrs travel
Bus - Average of 4-5hrs travel
Availability of Transport Services:
Daily from 3AM - 3PM
Zip code/Postal code: 5000
Area Code: 33
Land Area: 78.32 square kilometers (as of
2008 survey)
Populaton: 418,710 (latest NSO published
census results in 2007); 442,511 - 2010
NSO census projecton
Populaton Density: 5,911 persons per
square kilometer
Populaton Growth: 2.0%
Coastline Area:
21.3 kilometers
Riverfront: 113 kilometers
Number of Barangays: 180
Literacy Rate: 92.8 %
Lingua franca: Filipino, Hiligaynon,
Kinaray-a, English
Economic actvity:
Service sector : 82%
Industry : 14%
Agriculture : 4%
F A S T F A C T S :
Photos from iloiloguide.com
Replica of the Spanish Crown of
Queen Regent Ysabel II
Panoramic view of Plaza Libertad
The Citys natural harbor is protected by
neighboring Guimaras Island just three
kilometers across a deep sea channel.
Iloilo City is a tourist hotspot and a gateway
to major tourist destnatons in the Central
It is your door to the world famous white-
sand island resort of Boracay in northern
Aklan province just a fve-hour bus ride
An alternatve is a 15-minute boat ride to
emerging tourist haven Guimaras Island
which boasts of white-sand beaches and
sweetest mangoes in the world.
Land features is fat and low level
90% of land mass has an elevaton of
2.637 meters above the main level
10% of land mass has an elevaton of
5.19 meters.
Politcal Subdivision:
The City of Iloilo is composed of six (6)
Districts comprising a total of one hundred
eighty (180) barangays, with the following
data distributon:
Number of
Arevalo 13
City Proper 45
Jaro 42
La Paz 37
Mandurriao 18
Molo 25
Total 180
Iloilo Citys climate is moonsonal and has
two (2) pronounced seasons namely: the
dry and wet seasons.
Peace and Security:
Law enforcement and police functons are
constantly enhanced by way of logistcal
support from the local government unit
and incorporaton of relevant training
that addresses efciency and efectvity of
the entre police force in disposing their
Crime Volume signifcantly decreased as
shown below in the comparatve data:
2010 2011
Jan Feb Mar Jan Feb Mar
596 674 565 88 164 94
Crime Volume Drop:
January 2011 = 85%
February 2011 = 75%
March 2011 = 83%
Signifcant drop in the crime volume is a
highly notable development in the peace
and order situaton.
Samba de Regatta
Photo from James Diamansil
Jaro Church
Molo Church
Jaro Bellfry
Fireworks Display during the New Years Countdown
Photo from: Tara Yap
Paraw Regatta Festival
Sunset View at Treas Boulevard
Photo from Mark Vic Rejaba
Notable Festvals:
Dinagyang 3rd or 4th week of
Paraw Regata 3rd week of
Chinese New Year Late January
to early
Candelaria de Jaro - Feb. 2
Arevalo Fiesta - 3rd Sunday of January
Baroto Race
Food Festvals
Charter Day Celebraton - Aug. 25
Festval of Lights - December
New Years Eve Countdown
Museo Iloilo
- Antque Collecton
Calle Real now named JM Basa
Bamboo Crafs and Arts

Ancient Churches:
- Jaro Cathedral
- Molo Church
Natve Delicacies:
- Pinasugbo
- Barquillos
- Biscocho
- La Paz Batchoy
- Pancit Molo
Panoramic Views
- Fort San Pedro
- Efrain Treas Boulevard
Iloilo City within your reach
Iloilo City is a bustling economy strategically situated at the center of the Philiipines
accessible to other regions and outside the country by air, land and sea transport.
10 daily fights to and from Manila
5 daily fights to and from Cebu
3 daily fights to and from Davao
11 tmes weekly boat trip to and from Manila
11 tmes weekly boat trio to and from Cebu daily
Once weekly boat trip to and from Zamboanga
3 tmes weekly boat trip to and from Cagayan de Oro
Once weekly boat trip to and from Palawan
147 weekly fast-craf ride to and from Bacolod City
17-hour travel to and from Manila and 8 hours to and from Cebu via roll-on-
roll-of (RoRo) facility for bus-vessel using the countrys nautcal highway service
connectng various islands.
02 An architectural design depicting the facade of
the new Iloilo City Hall building
PECO is one of the oldest private electricity
distributon utlites in the Philippines. It
has been operatng since 1923. It currently
consumes about 52% of the whole power
demanded in the whole Panay Island grid.
Today, it remains to be the only private
electricity distributor in the whole island
of Panay, with its operaton mainly focused
in Iloilo City.
Supplementng the power supply is the
164MW coal-fred power plant in Ingore,
La Paz, Iloilo City. This provides investors
with steady dependable and cheaper
electricity for business.
Rate / Charge Commercial Industrial
Average Rate per KwHr P8.7871 P8.5255
Distributon Charge
(A) Generaton Charge 6.6584 6.6584
(B) Transmission Charge 0.2132 0.2132
(C) Distributon Charge 0.7388 0.2485
(C) Demand Charge 98.5750
(C) Supply Charge per
34.8016 34.8016
(D) Metering Charge per
385.6537 915.3810
(D) Inter-class cross-subsidy 0.1020 0.193
(D) Local Franchise Tax
(D) System Loss Charge 0.8060 0.8060
(D) Lifeline Rate Subsidy 0.1086 0.1086
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Generaton 10.47% of (A) 10.47% of (A)
Transmission 0.19% of (B) 0.19% of (B)
Other Charges 12% of (C+D) 12% of (C+D)
Missionary 0.0373 0.0373
Environmental 0.0025 0.0025
I n F R A S T R U C T U R E S
a n d F A C I L I T I E S
Current demand of
Power Supply in
Iloilo City - 75 MW
Current growth/demand
increase annually - 4.5%-5.0%
Operatonal Plant as
contracted by PECO
2 Diesel - PPC1 - 55 MW
- PPC2 - 10 MW
Clean Coal - PEDC1 -72 MW
Power Plant - PEDC2 -72 MW
Coal-fred Power Plant
Photos from Tara Yap
Diesel Power Plant
Power Barge
Latest Data Source: January 2011
Iloilo Federaton of Informaton Technology (IFIT)
Flood Control Measures Established
Metro Iloilo Water District is one waterworks that has undergone several evolut ons since its birth in 1926 unt l the 1970s. The
system was managed and controlled by dif erent administrat on, namely the Iloilo Metropolitan Waterworks (IMWW), the Nat onal
Waterworks and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), and the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) unt l it was placed
under the control of Metro Iloilo Water District.
Twenty eight years af er it achieved a Full Time Equivalent, MIWD is challenged by the people of Iloilo City to meet the cont nuously
increasing demand for ef cient and sustainable water supply. The City Government right now is strongly pushing the MIWD leadership
to come up with an immediate mechanism that would ensure the addit onal 30,000 cubic meters daily water supply augmentat on on
top of its current daily supply capacity of 40,000 cubic meters. Amidst the odds, MIWD must strive to cont nue improving the system
so that it may be able to respond to the fast urban development of Iloilo City and the improvement of the ent re Iloilo province as
Photos from Mark Vic Rejaba
The Iloilo Flood Control Project mitgates
food damage and inundaton such that it
creates a more sustainable urban community
by providing a safer and a more pleasant
living conditon for people in the urban area
of Iloilo City and its vicinity. This created a
more dynamic regional economy by providing
a food-free urban center.
The 4.75 kilometer Jaro Floodway, one of
the projects major components, is already
operatonal and is expected to provide relief
from fooding. Other components include the
improvement of the Aganan River in Pavia
town and Tigum River in Cabatuan.
The food control project channels foodwaters
from the Aganan and Tigum Rivers to the Iloilo
Strait to address the fooding problem in Iloilo
City and nearby towns.
The food control project likewise includes the improvement of the Jaro River
mouth, Iloilo river, Upper Ingore Creek and the constructon of the Carpenter,
Pagsanga-an, Anilao, Balabago, Buhang, and Bito-on Bridges.
It also includes the improvement of the Jaro River, constructon of La Paz foodway,
improvement of Dungon, Barangay Obrero-Mansaya and Rizal creeks.
The project is funded by a loan agreement between the Government of
the Philippines and Government of Japan thru Japan Bank for Internatonal
Cooperaton. (DPWH)
A fastcraft servicing Iloilo-Bacolod
Roll-on roll-o servicing Iloilo-Guimaras route
Central bound jeepneys in Ungka Terminal
a n d C O M M U N I C A T I O N
Annual Internatonal Port Cargo Capacity
as of January 2011 Report
Incoming - 64,845.78 metric tons
Outbound - 7,161.5 metric tons
Container Boxes
Domestc - 4,288 incoming
- 2,391 outbound
Foreign Cargo
Import - 41,891 container vans
Transport Data
1,700 - Registered Taxi Units
80% of taxi units are on a 24-hour service
8,200 Public Utlity Jeepneys (City Loops)
Several hundreds of motorbike services within
villages around the City Districts
Iloilo City as an economic growth center contnually
develops its transportaton and communicaton
infrastructures as vital foundaton for sustaining growth
and development. Currently, mass public transport
system includes more than 8,000 public utlity jeepneys
(PUJ) which serve the entre six districts of the city
including the main business district area. The PUJs ply
the city startng at 4:00 in the morning up to an average
of 11:00 in the evening. Meanwhile, the more than 1,700
duly registered taxi units have at least 80% of their entre
feet rendering 24-hour transport services.
Available communicaton services:
telephone services (domestc and
internatonal direct dial), facsimile, mobile
communicatons, internet, telegraph
and telex statons, post ofces and other
courier services.

Globe Telecom
JM Basa St., Iloilo City
Telephone No. 5099250
Telefax No. 5094000
SMART Communicaton
LGF-SM City Iloilo
Diversion Road, Mandurriao Iloilo City
Telephone No.: 3206945; 3207136

Sun Cellular
Robinson Place Iloilo
Ledesma St., Iloilo City
Telephone No.: 3371213
Landline and Internet Providers
Bayan Telecommunicatons
Robinsons Place Iloilo
Ledesma St., Iloilo City
Telephone No.: 3000001

Globe Telecom
JM Basa St., Iloilo City
Telephone No. 5099250
Telefax No. 5094000

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.
Luna St., Lapaz, Iloilo City
Telephone No.: 3205855; 3201212
Telecommunicaton Companies
There are fve major telecommunicatons companies (Telcos.)namely: PLDT, Smart,
Globe, Bayantel and Sun. These Telcos provide landline as well as mobile and cellular-
type communicaton facilites to all government ofces, hotels, apartelles and business
establishments. The entre city area has been included within the cyber loop of
internet accessibility with open interconnectability depending on the telcos available
Iznart Street in downtown Iloilo
Trade and Industry
Last year from January 2010, there were 8,851 duly approved business establishments issued with
corresponding business permits by the City Government, while in the frst quarter alone of 2011 there
were already 7,074 approved business establishments with due issuance of business permits.
The City has 54 universal, 12 commercial, 10 thrif, 2 rural, 11 savings and 2 development banks or a total
of 91 banks which includes branches/extension ofces in the diferent districts.
Private building constructons totaled 798 in 2009 with a total constructon cost of Php
Business registered at dept. of trade & Industry (DTI) totaled 2,729 with the total investment of Php
745,238,728.16 for the year 2009.
Labor Force Partcipaton Rate (LFPR) is 65.3% (Reg. 6, July, 2009).
79.5% of the Labor Force are employed where 20.5% consttute unemployment rate; while visible
underemployed rate is 11.9%. of the employed person by type of industry from primary occupaton 82%
belongs to service sector, 14% belongs to industry sector and only 4% are in agriculture (Iloilo City: April,
2003 FIES, NSO).
Average Annual Family Income (at current prices) is P283,604 or a percentage increase of 32.3 between
1994 to 1997 while Average Annual Family Expenditures is P226,877 or a 25.6% increase (Iloilo City:FIES
2000, NSO).
Average per Capita Income is P65,036 and Average Per Capita Expenditures is P 51,557 (Iloilo City: FIES
2000, NSO).
Average Infaton Rate is 3.7, the Average Purchasing Power of the Peso is 0.57 and the Average Consumer
Price Index (CPI) is 174.1 in 2009. (Source: Iloilo City Price Indicators secton, NSO).
Volume of Fish Unloaded and Auctoned at Iloilo Fishing Port Complex is 24,427,340 kgs.
Atractve Investment Propositons
An internatonal-standard airport in Iloilo with excellent connectvity to Manila, Cebu and Davao
Reliable and quality power supply (standby capacity 164 MW), Flood Control Project to be completed also in
2010; Bulk water supply of additonal 30,000 Cu. Meters everyday to be accomplihsed later half of 2011.
Highly educated and young populaton, Iloilo City being the educatonal center for Western Visayas;
A good mix of cultural and natural atractons, excellent cuisine, hospitable and friendly people;
Alliance amongst 5 LGUs in Iloilo Province, Iloilo City and the province of Guimaras to address common
problems and concerns, insttutonalized in EO556 signed by President Arroyo in August 2006; establishing
the Metro-Iloilo Guimaras Economic Development Council as policy and coordinatng council for economic
ang other investment ventures.
Presence of many large internatonal and domestc corporatons (Teletech, SM, Ayala, PLDT, etc.)
Signifcant OFWs (Top 5 in the country) regularly remitng dollars to their relatves in Iloilo
An actve and concerned private sector that has formed a partnership with the City and Provincial Governments
of Iloilo to ensure good governance, delivery of service and infrastructure, and investments;
Development-oriented, business-friendly local governments which
understand the strategic role of business in improving the quality of life
of the community.
Iloilo City is already home to 10 IT companies and hosts 5,000 call
center seats;
Compettve cost of doing business and investment incentves
The old Iloilo airport will be redeveloped by Megaworld into a
mixed-use development;
Ayala Land will develop a BPO Center In Iloilo City adding to the 6
Companies already in place.
Iloilo Citys Redevelopment Plans covering Calle Real, Central Market
and Ferry Terminals, among others
Rest and recreaton facilites (beach resorts, tennis and other sports
facilites abound)
Golf Course which is located in Sta. Barbara Town, a 20-minute
distance from the city is reputed as the oldest golf course in the
country with full facility accreditaton.
Good track record in peace and order performance
Proposed Iloilo Special Ecozone and Freeport.
Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation
Activity Center of Marymart Mall
Iznart Street in downtown Iloilo
Iloilo Sports Complex
Manufacturing and Processing 1.
Export-Oriented Industries 2.
Tourism-Oriented Industries 3.
Utlity companies engaged 4.
in power generaton and
distributon of water,
transportaton support facilites
and those of similar in nature.
Informaton and 5.
Communicaton Technology
Agro-fshery 6.
Social Services 7.
> Health care Services
> Educaton Insttuton
> Low-cost Housing
> Sports and Recreaton
Commercial and Industrial 8.
Solid Waste Disposal System 9.
Maintains the general cleanliness and
sanitaton of the city public parks,
plazas, cemeteries, markets and
slaughter house and prepares plans and
implements actvites and projects to
ensure the maintenance and upkeep of
these facilites/areas.
Prepares plans for the rehabilitaton,
protecton and development of the
land, air and water environments and
responds to polluton and nuisance
Implements ant-smoke belching
program and other devolved
environmental management functons
embodied in DAO No. 30 S-1991.
Reviews inital environment examinaton
(IEE) documents for an environmental
clearance to a proposed project.
Coordinates with DENR in monitoring
compliance of industries of the
conditon set forth on their environment
compliance certfcate (ECC) through a
mult-partte monitoring team under
DAO No. 96-37.
Conducts hand washing campaign in 23
day care center in 15 coastal barangays,
partcipated by 874 parents and 1,321
kids and 3 elementary schools with 528
students and 140 parents.
Conducts orientaton and workshop to
evaluate and redesign the IEC materials
for programs on Next Generaton
Sanitaton Awareness and Public
Theme parks
Domestc tourism facilites / amenites
Souvenir ships/arts and crafs
Engaged in power generaton and
distributon of water, transportaton
support facilites and those similar in
IT and IT enabled services; internet
Agri-based food processing, e.g. virgin
coconut oil, fruits and vegetable
Marine and aqua food processing
Health Care Services
Educatonal Insttuton
Low-cost Housing
Sports and Recreaton
Conventon Center
IT Parks and buildings
Housing subdivision projects
applied to Secton 8 (leters a-g) only
as embodied in Secton 8 of Regulaton
Ordinance No. 2006-114
Internatonal logistcs and forwarding
Retail and wholesale trading
Restaurants and eateries
Hotel and Constructon
Cargo handling
Source: DTI, Regional Ofce, IC
Gifs, Toys and Housewares
Urban property developer Megaworld Corporaton has acquired the
54-hectare old airport lot in Mandurriao for P1.2B. Megaworld has
also announced plans to invest P1.5B to develop it into a Business
Process Outsourcing (BPO) hub, the frst ever in Western Visayas.
The proposed 54.5 hectare Iloilo Business Park by Megaword will
adopt a concept of live-work-play-learn community. It will have
BPO ofces, residental condominiums, a hotel, conventon center,
commercial and retail center, skills training center and recreatonal
facilites. The investment by Megaworld in Iloilo is the frst investment
made by the corporaton outside Manila.
MEGAWORLD Iloilo shows some ongoing wide clearing and landscaping actvites along the area where BPO ofces, residental
condominiums, a hotel, conventon center, commercial and retail center, skills training center and recreatonal facilites that will
emerge one by one as soon as the coal-fred power plant becomes fully operatonal by this year, 2011, since Megaworld needs at least
20MW of power for inital development of Iloilo Business Park.
The asphalt runway of the old Iloilo Airport will be turned into an 8-lane highway and will be the main artery of the Iloilo Business
Park. Along this road will be mostly low-rise to mid-rise buildings (up to 12 foors) for commercial spaces including BPO ofces. At the
center of the property is a large space for a 5,000-seater conventon center and a hotel. At the southern end is reserved for a hyper
mart and a theme park, both of which will be developed afer the other components.
Plazuela de Iloilo

Local business tycoons in Iloilo are really competng a lot with the natonal players in the
infrastructure developments of the city. The establishment is a Spanish-Italian styled
building called Plazuela de Iloilo designed by the most notable Palafox and Associates
who are also tasked to do the Iloilo City urban planning. This will host retail stores,
cofee shops and restaurants in the ground foor and BPO locators in the second foor.
The project is located along Diversion Road at the old Nes n Tats Restaurant beside SM
City Iloilo that will really compliment and boost the shopping and dining potental of the
area. The constructon project details and features are as follows:

Lot area: 12,533 sq. m.
Elevated at 2.05M from the hi-way as it was envisioned to be food free
36 leasable spaces
8,600 sq. m. gross leasable area (commercial)
The complex is composed of 3 buildings, administraton ofce and concert stage
Parking space for over 100 cars
The new mall has now started to opeerate and lease of its area are stll on-going.
Photos from Mark Vic Rejaba
Main Entrance of Plazuela de Iloilo
Alfresco area of Plazuela de Iloilo
Aerial View of Megaworlds future Iloilo
Business Park
Source: Iloilo Federaton of Informaton Technology
TTW Corporate Center
The building known as Cine Eagle in the past is currently
undergoing renovaton and will be transformed into a modern
building with the proposed name TTW Corporate Center. The
renovaton will involve covering the building in aluminum cladding
and applying glass panel windows. The frst foor will be occupied by
food shops and the upper foors by commercial ofces.
Other buildings:
Payless Plaza Building, Quezon St., Iloilo City
(approximately. 2,000 sq.m.)
Robinsons Mall, Ledesma St., Iloilo City
Far Eastern Hardware-Molo, Iloilo City (1,080 sq.m.)
Far Eastern Hardware, Quezon St., Iloilo City (2,500
ATM Building, Ledesma St., Iloilo City (at least 500 sq. m)
Gaisano City, Luna St., Lapaz, Iloilo City
Rizal St., Lapaz, Iloilo city (2,000 sq.m.)
Ayala Iloilo Techno hub
The Ayala Iloilo Techno hub is a two-hectare property along Diversion Road,
Mandurriao, Iloilo City. This techno hub will be highly secured, highly accessible to public
transportaton and registered with PEZA. It is located near existng retail establishments
and nearby hotels. It planned for three sets of three-storey BPO buildings with at least 7,
500 sq.m. with an approximately 2,500 sq.m. foor plate/building.
The Ayala Techno hub will have the following Utlites &
Floor plate of approx 2,500 sqms
Minimum foor to ceiling height of 2.7 meters of typical ofce foors
Able to accommodate a density of 6.5 sqms per person
All utlites and building services designed for 24 hour operaton
200% back up genset power
Structured cabling backbone for multple data and telecom service providers
Toilet provisions designed for a rato of 60% female and 40% male
Centralized chilled-water air conditoning system with maximum operatonal
fexibility AHU to be provided by the Tenant
24 hour potable water supply
Integrated fre alarm and sprinkler system
Surface Parking
Glass: Concrete rato = 20:80
Surface Parking 107 slots
Photos from Mark Vic Rejaba
Photos from Mark Vic Rejaba
Entrance of Robinsons Place Iloilo
Panoramic view of Ayala Techno Hub along Iloilo River
5-storey building
Ground foor area - 1,246.72sq.m.
Supermarket space (fast foods/restaurants)
2nd to 4th foor area: approx. 3,839sq.m.
BPO Locators/Commercial space
5th foor Proposed Recreaton area/Dormitory
Parking Lot area - 121.99sq.m.
Target Date of Completon November 2010
Present Parola Ferry Terminal
T h e P A R O L A F E R R Y S T A T I O N P R O J E C T
The Development Optons
Two design optons for the site were prepared for the project
considering the cited project objectves and limitatons. Both optons
contain the frst class amenites for tcketng, lounging, dining,
shopping and toilets. Outdoors also possess the parking, fea market
facility, the Eco-park and the provided relocaton and reserved areas
for the Coast Guard and DENR. What distnguishes the two optons
is essentally the treatment and confguraton of their docks. The
optons are described on the succeeding pages.
Site Capacity
This staton which is expected to service all commuters between Iloilo City and Guimaras will contain the most number of ferry trafc
among the statons in Iloilo City. The staton is collectvely more than a hectare in size and can readily accommodate the amenites
required for a frst class terminal. Among the amenites would be the Eco-park (to replace the Rotary Park) that would green the area
and provide an area for expansion of the Staton if it should ever need to expand. Although the Parola Port compound is sizeable, its
pier for docking is, however, not that long. It is efectvely good only for docking roughly seven boats at the same tme.
By: Consultants for Comprehensive Environmental Planning, Inc./ Guimaras-Iloilo Ferry Terminal Systems Project
Recommended Opton:
Considering the already complex technical decisions that will stll have to be made for
the project as well as the all important development budget consideraton, this report
thus recommends Opton 1. Opton 1 approaches the Staton design in a straightorward
manner where each project feature tries to make use of whats there on site to minimize
cost. Hence, except from the mentoned extended pier with fendering for the large
tourist boat, most other works on the site will be traditonal constructon works. To avoid
the flling work for the depressed waterlogged area in the site, it shall be converted
instead into a lagoon that will add to the uniqueness of the Eco-park. In this opton,
the outriggers will contnue to use the river side docking facility with its improvements.
The Pre-Feasibility Study recommends the implementaton of Opton 1 for the Parola
terminal for the following reasons:
A downside of Opton 2 is that the land site will be substantally smaller due to the a.
creaton of the dock.
Erosion, turbulence, wave acton and other factors have not been studied in detail to b.
warrant the use of the second opton.
For future fexibility, the buildings system for the frst opton can be designed to allow c.
land cut-away in the future if the environmental factors are positve and the trafc
volume requires it. The design should allow this without impeding the operatons of
the river docking system.
Having constructed the fendering system on the river to handle the larger boats, the d.
creaton of an additonal pier will be a separate expense on top of the original budget
for the frst opton.
Less adverse social impact and resistance in implementng the recommended e.
Since the diference in projected cost for the two optons is very minimal, it may be f.
reasonable to look deeper into the implicatons of each.
Opton 1:
Enhancement of the Existng Pier
The design maximizes the use of the site
and will require the immediate relocaton
of the Coast Guard headquarters as well
as the informal setlers and vendors. Since
the docking system under this opton
essentally retains the old way, however,
further technical studies will be necessary
to determine the viability of introducing
larger boats in the future for the comfort of
tourists. The depressed water-logged area
inside the old Rotary Park, will be converted
into a recreatonal pond within the park
proper. This is deemed more suitable to
do for this naturally low area instead of
flling it to acquire more land area which
is not needed at this tme. A given in this
opton is the agreement for the project to
relocate the Coast Guard building and to
provide a lot for the use of the Department
of Environment and Natural Resources
(DENR) as well. Guimaras Province has
ofered to underwrite one-half of this
relocaton cost with the City shouldering
the other half.
While the outrigger boats are expected to
stay and service the commuter needs, it is
envisioned that at some point in the future
larger outriggers or even non-outrigger
boats will come into use. This will be
targeted for the tourist trade. The boats
will necessarily evolve into wider decks
with enclosed sides and higher roofs. At
present the toe of the pile extends roughly
7-meters from the top into the river.
Deeper draf boats would be prevented
from mooring close by the rock pile. To
allow these larger boats to moor closer
to the dock, the present rock-pile will
have to be considered in the dock design.
The docking facility under this opton is
enhanced but generally retained. A major
improvement would be the provision
of an extended pier with fendering for
roughly a 50-meter stretch startng at the
sea end of the river. This dock span that
extends further up the river is intended
to accommodate boarding and discharge
for the future larger tourist boats that can
now efectvely sidle alongside this dock.
Opton 2:
Creaton of a New Pier
This opton addresses the objectve of
the Metro Iloilo-Guimaras Economic
Development Council (MIGEDC) to
provide for a world class tourist dock
facility although it is a more expensive
undertaking. An environmental study will
be needed to validate this opton which
calls for cutng existng land to provide
for a special berthing facility for tourist
Essentally, a new dock pond would be
created between the Parola site and the
new PPA wharf that fronts the Parola site.
Aldeguer St. in Central Business District
T h e A l d e g u e r S t r e e t M a r k e t a n d C a l l e R e a l
P e d e s t r i a n i z a t i o n P r o j e c t
A. The Setng
Iloilos Central Business District (CBD) is typical of old business districts in the country. It is plagued by outmoded infrastructure,
congeston, polluton and fooding. In additon, most of its buildings and neighborhood amenites are in decay. Because of
this, the more modern developments gravitate to the suburbs. To atract the market, these developments are usually built
out of a scale that allows them to operate in self-contained fashion.
The City of Iloilo realizes, however, that its CBD is an important resource in itself. The CBD has the locatonal advantage of
being close to the pier and public ofces. It possesses the unique heritage commercial buildings of the city that refect its
history and is sought by tourists. Despite its inconveniences, it is home to a signifcant populaton that is a desirable market
of commercial projects.
For these reasons, a bold project to make the CBD a vibrant and compettve area is being pursued by the City. To this end, a
revitalizaton strategy and plan for the area has been prepared. This study deals with the inital phase: the pedestrianizaton
of Aldeguer Street and Calle Real. At the end of the exercise, it is
expected that not only will business fourish once more in the CBD,
but there will be an image of the City that will refect its character and
history and which its citzens will be proud of.
B. The Plan for Aldeguer Street Market
This project is essentally an event -- an open bazaar that is temporarily
set up on Aldeguer Street between Iznart Street and Calle Real for a
certain tme-period on certain days of the week, for example, from
6:00pm to midnight on Fridays, or from 9:00am to 2:00pm on Sundays.
The street, about 200 meters long, is proposed to be closed to trafc and
portable stalls be put up and rented out to a wide range of enterprises.
The objectve is to draw atenton to the CBD, demonstrate the potental
economic benefts of pedestrianizaton,
and catalyze partcipaton of property
and business owners in the downtown
revitalizaton program.
Given the nature of this project, it does
not require any major capital investment
or infrastructure improvement. It will,
however, require the provision of portable
toilets and trafc barriers, as well as
security and maintenance services. Its
organizaton and management is proposed
to be contracted out by the City to a private
events management frm.
By: Consultants for Comprehensive Environmental Planning, Inc./ Iloilo Downtown CBD Revitalizaton Project
C. The Plan for the Calle Real Pedestrianizaton Project
The main area for pedestrianizaton development is the stretch of Calle Real Street startng
from Ledesma St./Arroyo Streets (one end of Calle Real) up to Aldeguer Street. This stretch
is roughly 212 meters long with a street carriageway width of about 16 meters. In the
middle of the street is a narrow fenced island strip with standard street lamps distributed
along it. The middle of the stretch is bisected by Arsenal Street and an alley that connects
to Iznart Street. At present, public transport (jeepneys) together with private vehicles ply
the stretch.
The Calle Real project will be the main
pedestrian boulevard while Aldeguer Street
will play out its dual role as a pedestrian
route only at given tmes. The basic objectve
of the pedestrianizaton efort is to bring
the pace of passers-by on the street to a
level where it is conducive for commerce
especially retail sales. Hence, the process
calls for a comfortable and safe setng for
pedestrians. For Calle Real (and possibly
Aldeguer Street in the future) this will entail
the provision of appropriate paving work,
upgrade of utlity features, provision of street
furniture, and landscaping. In additon, the
enactment and applicaton of specialized
urban design zoning policies as well as the
implementaton of supportve programs and
projects on environmental care, security
measures, trafc reroute and efectve
incentves (to encourage concerned private
sector interests to partcipate in the project)
will be necessary.
C e n t r a l M a r k e t R e d e v e l o p m e n t P r o j e c t
A. Existng Situaton
The site is a market complex owned by Iloilo City. The site is less than 1.4 hectares in total
size and which 5-sided shape is bounded by four city streets (Iznart, Aldeguer, Rizal and
Guanco Streets). Within the site is a heritage building (facing Iznart and Rizal Streets) and
a public market complex. In the past, much of the market burned down and so it was
rebuilt by the city with new buildings (one to two foors). The surviving heritage building
is presently commercial while the other new structures are independent buildings that
consist of interconnected shops and stalls. While the complex contnues to functon
as a market today, the structures therein are not optmally operated and in a state of
B. Strategic Objectves and Proposed Land
In line with the Central Business District
(CBD) redevelopment thrust of the
City, the renovaton of this City asset is
expected to promote business in the CBD.
Considering the high value of the site
which is located in the center of the City,
a higher density arrangement is proposed
for its development. Accordingly, the
strategic land use proposed for the project
is essentally commercial in nature.
Considering the needs of the envisioned
market, the purpose of the project and the
capability of the site, a mix of commercial
boutques and shops; wet and dry market;
ofce space and even residental products
are proposed as best uses for the project.
C. Proposed Architectural Design
While tall buildings are possible to be built
on the site, the design for the project is
limited to the provision of only medium
rise buildings for two reasons:
a) to maintain the city skyline as much as
possible; and
b) in consideraton of the weak economy
today that impact on the market. Thus,
the envisioned building components are:
an adaptve reuse commercial arcade 1.
for the existng heritage building;
modern ofce towers and a parking 2.
building linked by a podium for the main
area (behind the heritage building);
a low maintenance wet market and dry 3.
goods area (under the podium);
an open public promenade (adjacent to 4.
interior side of the heritage building);
miscellaneous commercial stall strips 5.
(along Aldeguer and Guanco Street).
On the whole, the project shall be modern
with a heritage theme. The existng
heritage building shall be restored while
being equipped with the modern facilites.
Efectvely, the face of the development
from the exterior shall be the restored
heritage building. The other buildings
shall be basic modern as much as possible
so that it will possess form and surfaces
that do not confict with the theme of the
heritage faade at the front. The proposed
new building towers and the parking
building in the site shall be medium rise
(maximum 6-storey) structures, subject to
market validaton by the future developer.
By: Consultants for Comprehensive Environmental Planning, Inc./ Iloilo Downtown CBD Revitalizaton Project
D. Designing for the Market
The Market
It was initally proposed that the central
market be packaged as a stand-alone
project. To fast track implementaton,
the conceptual framework and pre-
feasibility study would serve as basis for
the preparaton of Terms of Reference
for bidding out the project. Toward this
objectve, it was assumed that the target
market for the project would be developers
and investors in real estate both local and
natonal or even internatonal since no sale
of land would be involved. This would stll
hold true should the City decide to pursue
the project independently of the other
components of the Central Business
District Redevelopment Program.
A second opton is proposed involving
the formaton of a joint venture company
between the City of Iloilo and the private
sector. This will need to explore the second
level of the market, the product end-users.
The product is mixed use commercial,
residental and ofce space. The feasibility
study shall have to determine the extent
of the market for the following sectors/
1. Informaton Technology Industry
with the potental solutons to the power
shortages for the region at hand, there
will be increased demand for space for
this industry group. It may be practcal to
consider securing Philippine Export Zone
Authority incentves for the project as a
strong come-on to the IT locators. Several
buildings in Metro Manila (Eastwood
Center, RCBC Plaza, among others) have
secured such status. The increase in BPO
demand has created labor supply defcits
in Metro Manila and thus there is a strong
push toward the centers of labor pools
natonwide. Iloilo City should push for its
share of this growing market.
2. Residental Space Requirements of IT
locators While the IT sector grows, there
will be increasing demand for close-to-
work residental space. The higher income
level of workers in the industry provides
afordability in purchasing middle priced
housing units. The proximity of apartments
to the next door workplace is a strong
compettve edge.
3. 24-hour services catering to the IT workers and residental users - The conduct of
business of IT centers is in real tme. The tme diferentals between local versus USA and
Europe dictates that majority of the workforce are on board during nights. A 24-hour
venue caters to this market. In turn, other users are drawn to the all night areas.
4. Boutque Hotel one or more of the proposed buildings can be parleyed into a
boutque hotel catering to the higher end of the traveller market.
5. Residental Space for Iloilo and immediate environs In the case of residental units,
a spillover market may be targeted for Iloilo and immediate environs. Such residental
space can cater to those desiring to live downtown, close to schools, government ofces,
and retail shops.
6. Ofce/commercial space requirements An analysis of the commercial ofce space
market needs to be conducted.
7. Wet market vendors An ocular inspecton of the wet market operatons indicate
that less than 20% of the stalls are actve. Most of the spaces are used as storage or even
residences. Of the 850 or so stalls, less than 100 are actve. The 2,200 square meter area
(net 1,300 sqm) will accommodate 150-220 stalls.
8. Specialty retailers With the operaton of the site as a quasi-mall a shop mix needs
to be drawn up and potental locators identfed for each retail actvity type. These may
be existng local retailers, associatons like Negros Producers Associaton, and natonal
retail companies.
The mixed-use operatons in the market complex seek to provide the atracton that will
make the project into a destnaton place. For the built-up areas of the complex, the
varied businesses there will be places for those who would do business with them. For
the ground level, the bulk of the site is alloted for the public market operaton which
is a draw in itself for the consumer public. The complex will have its share of festve
open spaces such as the public promenade between the heritage building and the wet
market. This festve court is expected to be the arena for street commerce, performers
and events that will sustain the publics interest in the complex long afer ofce hours.
On the Podium level will be an open deck and the second foor of the towers which will
be strategically commercial in nature. This would be the second level counterpart of the
ground level promenade and could ofer more or less the same actvites.
Iloilo has a very young populaton. Six out
of ten (6 out of 10) belong to the under-30
age group. Iloilos educatonal insttutons
regularly produce 20,000 to 40,000 graduates
every year for the labor pool.
They are English-profcient, highly trainable
and exposed to in Western-oriented
culture, making it ideal for service-oriented
businesses, business process outsourcing
work, and jobs overseas.
Colleges and universites in Iloilo have more than 100,000 enrolees annually, with
58% of these going to private schools and 41% in public schools. More or less there
are 20,000-40000 graduates every year with degrees in business (20%), teaching
(13%), arts and sciences (6%), health (24%), agri-fsheries (3%), engineering (15%),
informaton technology (10%) and criminology (7%).
Iloilo has a literacy rate of 92.8%
Table 1. Enrolment Profle AY 2009-2010,
Source: CHED Region VI
Cluster of
Business 14, 898 31, 352 46, 250
20, 569 8, 052 28, 621
Arts and
8, 016 6, 244 14, 260
3,160 27, 330 30, 490
Agri and
5, 020 206 5, 226
Engineering 13, 275 24, 672 37, 947
Info. Tech. 10, 122 12, 958 23, 080
Criminology 6, 753 5, 397 12, 150
81, 813
198, 024
Ateneo de Iloilo along the Do nato Pison Avenue
Major Academic Insttutons:
Colegio de San Jose
John B. Lacson Foundaton Maritme
St. Therese College
Western Insttute of Technology
Western Visayas College of Science
and Technology
Central Philippine University
John B. Lacson Foundaton Maritme
St. Paul University
University of Iloilo
University of the Philippines
University of San Agustn
West Visayas State University
TESDA Accredited IT-Related Training
ACSI Business and Computer School
AMA Computer Learning Center, Inc.
De Paul College
Dominican College of Iloilo
Forways Computer School
Informatcs Computer Insttute
Interactve Insttute of Technology
Interface Computer College
John B. Lacson Colleges Foundaton,
Inc. Informaton Technology Training
Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundaton,
Panpacifc Call Center and Training
St. Zita Training and Development
Center, Inc.
System Technology Insttute, Inc.
West Visayas College of Science and
Iloilo City has a high populaton of youth who are English-profcient and highly-
trainable making it ideal for service-oriented business specially business process
outsourcing jobs, and overseas employment.
A strong number of 20,000 graduates annually and quality of talent pool is
manifested in the presence of 28 private tertary insttutons three state colleges/
state universites, the city being the educatonal center in the whole Western Visayas
Several universites already included call center fundamentals in their curriculum to
cater to the growing demands of the business processing and outsourcing industry.
Some educatonal insttutons ofer short and fnishing courses for call center,
medical transcripton, and sofware development; training in Professional (2D)
animaton, English language profciency, Korean Language and Culture, web page
and graphic design.
The government, private sector and academe are working together to increase the
number of graduates produced by prominent universites specializing in various
felds of business, medicine, educaton, maritme, industrial technology, informaton
technology and engineering.
And this afrms the fact that the city is emerging to be globally-compettve
as confrmed by a very young, energetc and skilled manpower pool ready for
employment opportunites.
Illonggos are known for their talent to perform mult-task, skilled and talented in
almost all felds and have a very good English profciency and literacy which make
them develop a very strong work morale such that they would grab any opportunity
that comes along the way.
Mult-natonal companies atract more applicants because of their larger scope of
service and provide good compensaton package to employees but domestc BPOs
are trying to compete with the standards of mult-natonal companies.
Investors Incentves
The City Government provides business incentves such as Tax
Exemptons, Reducton of Business Tax and Non-Fiscal Incentves.
Non-Fiscal incentves are readily available startng from the
registraton process which include but not limited to:
assistance in securing additonal busness permits and other
related data;
facilitate access to fnancial and technical assistance programs of
the government; and
facilitate service connectons with local utlites and other
services as may be recommended by the Investment Incentves
A. Tax Exemptons
Investment (in PhP)
Tax Holidays
(in years)
5 Million but less than 20 Million One (1)
20 Million but less than 40 Million Two (2)
40 Million but less than 60 Million Three (3)
60 Million and above Four (4)
B. Reducton of Business Tax
New and Expanded Enterprise
Year of Operaton % of Reducton
First Year 100
Second Year 75
Third Year 50
Fourth Year 25
C. Full Exemptons from:
Mayors Permit Fees 1.
Building Permit Fees 2.
Other kinds of Local Licenses Fees and Dues (EXCEPT Regular 3.
Fees) such as:
Business Managers Fees * Health Certfcate Fee *
Sanitary Permit Fee * Oath Fee *
Garbage Fee * Fire Inspecton Fee *
Tax on Billboards * Tax on Delivery Van *
Tax on Weights and Measure *
B U S I N E S S P E R M I T P R O C E S S I N G / I N C E N T I V E S
Process Flow for Business
Permit Applicaton
Business Permits and Licensing Ofce
Secure/fll-out applicaton form. 1.
Secure checklist of requirements. 2.
Proceed to Examinaton Division, 3.
City Treasurers Ofce
City Treasurers Ofce
Submit form to Examinaton Division 1.
for assessment of taxes and fees and
issuance of Tax Order of Payment.
Clearance from the Real Property 2.
Tax Division.
Approval for payment by the Asst. 3.
City Treasurer.
Pay taxes and fees. Secure Fire 4.
Safety Inspecton Certfcate/Zoning
Clearance from the concerned
Business Permits and Licensing Ofce
Submit Ofcial Receipt and 1.
applicaton together with all
documentary requirements for
inspecton (new applicatons only)
and printng of permit.
Approval and issuance of permit. 2.
Minimum Daily Wage Rates
Industry/ Sector
New Minimum Wage Rates
under WO# RBVI - 11
Non-Agriculture, Industrial/ Commercial
More than 3 workers P265.00
10 or less workers P223.00
Data Source: Regional Tripartte Wages and Productvity Board, Wage Order No. RBVI-14
Business Classifcaton and Rates of Taxes
A. Manufacturer, repackers, processor, brewers, distllers, rectfers,
and compounders of liquors, distlled spirits and wines or
manufacturers of any artcle of commerce of whatever kind or
Gross Sales/ Receipts for the preceding Calendar
Amount of Tax
Per Annum
Less than P10,000.00 P 272.25
P 10,000.00 or more but less than 15,000.00 363.00
15,000.00 or more but less than 20,000.00 498.30
20,000.00 or more but less than 30,000.00 726.00
30,000.00 or more but less than 40,000.00 1,089.00
40,000.00 or more but less than 50,000.00 1,361.25
50,000.00 or more but less than 75,000.00 2,178.00
75,000.00 or more but less than 100,000.00 2,722.50
100,000.00 or more but less than 150,000.00 3,630.00
150,000.00 or more but less than 200,000.00 4,537.50
200,000.00 or more but less than 300,000.00 6,352.50
150,000.00 or more but less than 500,000.00 9,075.00
500,000.00 or more but less than 750,000.00 13,200.00
750,000.00 or more but less than 1,000,000.00 16,500.00
1,000,000.00 or more but less than 2,000,000.00 22,687.50
2,000,000.00 or more but less than 3,000,000.00 27,227.00
3,000,000.00 or more but less than 4,000,000.00 32,670.00
4,000,000.00 or more but less than 5,000,000.00 32,115.00
5,000,000.00 or more but less than 6,500,000.00 40,218.75
In excess of 6,500,000.00 but less than
41.25% of 1%
In excess of 100,000,000.00 22% of 1%
B. Wholesalers, distributors, or dealers in any artcle of commerce
of whatever kind or nature including liquor, cigar,
cigaretes, tobacco, leaf tobacco
Gross Sales/ Receipts for the preceding
Calendar Year
Amount of Tax
Per Annum
Less than P1,000.00 P 29.70
P 1,000.00 or more but less than 2,000.00 54.40
2,000.00 or more but less than 3,000.00 82.50
3,000.00 or more but less than 4,000.00 118.80
4,000.00 or more but less than 5,000.00 165.00
5,000.00 or more but less than 6,000.00 199.65
6,000.00 or more but less than 7,000.00 235.95
8,000.00 or more but less than 10,000.00 308.55
10,000.00 or more but less than 15,000.00 363.00
15,000.00 or more but less than 20,000.00 453.75
20,000.00 or more but less than 30,000.00 544.50
30,000.00 or more but less than 40,000.00 726.00
40,000.00 or more but less than 50,000.00 1,089.00
50,000.00 or more but less than 75,000.00 1,633.50
75,000.00 or more but less than 100,000.00 2,178.00
100,000.00 or more but less than 150,000.00 3,085.00
150,000.00 or more but less than 200,000.00 3,993.00
200,000.00 or more but less than 300,000.00 5,445.00
300,000.00 or more but less than 500,000.00 7,260.00
500,000.00 or more but less than 750,000.00 10,890.00
750,000.00 or more but less than 1,000,000.00 14,520.00
1,000,000.00 or more but less than
In excess of P 2,000,000.00 44% of 1%
Data Source: 2010 Cost of Doing Business Booklet
City Planning and Development Ofce
City Treasurers Ofce
Iloilo City
C. Retailers
Gross Sales/ Receipts for the preceding Calendar
of Tax Per
P 400,000.00 or less 2%
In excess of P 400,000 but not over P1,000,000.00 1%
In excess of P1,000,000.00 44% of 1%
Provided, however, that barangays shall have the exclusive power to
levy taxes on retailers with gross sales or receipts for the preceding
calendar year of P 50,000.00 or less.
D. Exporters, manufacturers, millers, producers, wholesalers,
distributors and dealers or retailers of essental
commodites are charge one-half of the rates as prescribed above
E. Contractors and other independent contractors and services
Gross Sales/ Receipts for the preceding
Calendar Year
Amount of Tax
Per Annum
Less than P 5,000.00 P 45.38
P 5,000.00 or more but less than P10,000.00 101.64
10,000.00 or more but less than 15,000.00 172.43
15,000.00 or more but less than 20,000.00 274.45
20,000.00 or more but less than 30,000.00 453.75
30,000.00 or more but less than 40,000.00 635.25
40,000.00 or more but less than 50,000.00 907.50
50,000.00 or more but less than 75,000.00 1,452.00
75,000.00 or more but less than 100,000.00 2,178.00
100,000.00 or more but less than 150,000.00 3,267.00
150,000.00 or more but less than 200,000.00 4,356.00
200,000.00 or more but less than 250,000.00 5,989.50
250,000.00 or more but less than 300,000.00 7,623.00
300,000.00 or more but less than 400,000.00 11,858.00
400,000.00 or more but less than 500,000.00 13,612.50
500,000.00 or more but less than 750,000.00 15,262.50
750,000.00 or more but less than 1,000,000.00 6,912.50
1,000,000.00 or more but less than 2,000,000.0 0 18,975.00
In excess of P 2,000,000.00 82% of 1%
In the case of Private Hospital in excess of 2,000,000.00 at the rate of
11% of 1%.
In the case of Hotels, Motels, Lodging, Boarding and Pension Houses
in excess of 2,000,000.00 at the rate of 16.50% of 1%
In the case of Private Detectve and Watchman in excess of P
2,000,000.00 at the rate of 55% of 1%
F. Cafs, cafeterias, ice cream and other refreshment parlors,
restaurants, soda fountains, carenderias or food
caterers, snack bars, including the sales of liquor and cigaretes
Gross Sales/ Receipts for the preceding Calendar
Amount of Tax
Per Annum
Less than P 2,000.00 P 66.00
P 2,000.00 or more but less than P3,000.00 99.00
3,000.00 or more but less than 4,000.00 132.00
4,000.00 or more but less than 5,000.00 165.00
5,000.00 or more but less than 7,500.00 247.50
7,500.00 or more but less than 10,000.00 330.00
10,000.00 or more but less than 15,000.00 495.00
15,000.00 or more but less than 20,000.00 660.00
20,000.00 or more but less than 30,000.00 990.00
30,000.00 or more but less than 40,000.00 1,320.00
40,000.00 or more but less than 50,000.00 1,650.00
50,000.00 or more but less than 75,000.00 2,062.50
75,000.00 or more but less than 100,000.00 2,887.50
100,000.00 or more but less than 200,000.00 3,712.50
200,000.00 or more but less than 300,000.00 4,950.00
400,000.00 or more but less than 500,000.00 7,920.00
500,000.00 or more but less than 750,000.00 9,625.00
750,000.00 or more but less than 1,000,000.00 12,447.50
In excess of P 2,000,000.00 1.10%
G. Producers-Tax on agricultural and aquatc products when sold by
farmers, fshermen, partnership or
corporaton on commercial scale ..........................2.20%
H. Banks, and other fnancial insttutons................75% of 1%
I. Peddlers ...................Php 82.50
J. Franchise Tax.............82.50% of 1%
K. Real Estate Lessors
Gross Sales/ Receipts for the preceding
Calendar Year
Amount of Tax Per
50,000.00 or less P 550.00
In excess of P50,000.00 0.275%
transportaton and freight
L. Amusement Tax on Equipment or Devices and other Amusement
Gross Sales/ Receipts for the preceding
Calendar Year
Amount of Tax
Per Annum
L1. In the case of night clubs, day clubs,
cocktail lounges or bars, cabarets or dance
P 400,000.00 or less
In excess of P400,000.00 but not over
In excess of P1,000,000.00 1.1%
L2. In case of video computer machine and
video tapes P 100,000.00 or less
In excess of P100,000.00 2.2%
L3. On theaters and cinema houses
1. Orchestra with 500 or less seatng capacity P 1,100.00
2. Orchestra with more than 500 but not to
exceed 600 seatng capacity
3. With balcony and orchestra with seatng
capacity of less than 500
4. With balcony and orchestra with seatng
capacity from 500 to 999
5. With balcony and orchestra with seatng
capacity of 1,000 and above
6. With lodge, balcony and orchestra 3,300.00
M. Water Extracton Tax..3.30%
N. Tax on Private Markets..3.30%
O. Unspecifed Tax...3.30%
Data Source: Iloilo City Treasurers Ofce minimum daily
Highest Market Value Of Land In Iloilo City
District C1 C2 I1 I2
Iloilo City
P22,000.00 P21,000.00 P12,000.00 P 8,000.00
Lapaz 11,000.00 9,000.00 3,000.00
Jaro 10,000.00 9,000.00
Molo 9,000.00 7,000.00
Mandurriao 8,000.00 7,000.00
Arevalo 3,000.00 2,500.00
As per schedule of values under Tax Ordinance No. 2005-002 dated
September 7, 2005
Source: City Assessors Ofce, Iloilo City
Minimum Cost Estmate Of Land In Iloilo City (PHP Per Sq. Meter)
District Commercial and Industrial (Averaging)
City Proper P 12,200.00
Lapaz 7,600.00
Jaro 6,600.00
Molo 6,000.00
Mandurriao 6,000.00
Arevalo 4,800.00
Source: City Assessors Ofce, Iloilo City
Philippine Airlines
Origin Destnaton Weight Breaks General Cargo
Iloilo City Manila
0-9 kg P 150.00
10-44 kg P 16.23
45-249 kg P 14.42
250-999 kg P 12.73
10000 kg up P 10.87
Air Philippines
Origin Destnaton Weight Breaks General Cargo
Iloilo City
0-5 kg P 150.00
6-49 kg 16.23
50-249 kg 14.42
250-999 kg 12.73
1000 kg up 10.87
0-5 kg 150.00
6-45 kg 8.90
45 kg up 7.55
Origin Destnaton Weight Breaks General Cargo
Iloilo City
0-5 kg P 125.00
6-49 kg 15.83
50-249 kg 13.98
250-999 kg 12.43
1000 kg up 10.57
0-5 kg 125.00
6-45 kg 8.67
45 kg up 7.28
250-999 kg 6.06
1000 kg up 4.74
0-5 kg 125.00
6-49 kg 12.71
50-249 kg 11.44
250-999 kg 10.29
1000 kg up 9.05
City Mayor, Iloilo City
3/F Robinsons Place, Iloilo City
Tel No. (+6333) 337.00.85
Fax No. (+6333) 335.06.89
email: jedmabilog@iloilocity.gov.ph
Execut ve Assistant for Economic Promot ons
3/F Robinsons Place, Iloilo City
Tel No. (+6333) 336.38.53
email: f cruz2003@yahoo.com
Economic and Investment Promot ons Board
6/F Eon Centennial Plaza Hotel
Jalandoni St., Iloilo City
Tel No. (+6333) 337.22.77
Vice Mayor
2/F, Iloilo Terminal Market Bldg.
Mabini-De Leon Sts., Iloilo City
Tel No. (+6333) 337.47.30
(+6333) 335.12.02
email: jojo_castro_45@yahoo.com
Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod
Hon. Nielex C. Tupas
Hon. Perla S. Zulueta
Hon. Jef rey Ganzon
Hon. David Raymund C. Jamora
Hon. Edward C. Yee
Hon. Jason R. Gonzales
Hon. Joshua C. Alim
Hon. Lyndon V. Acap
Hon. Rodel F. Agado
Hon. Ely A. Estante Jr.
Hon. R. Leone N. Gerochi
Hon. Plaridel C. Nava II
Hon. Roberto Divinagracia
(Liga ng mga Barangay President)
Hon. Sheen Marie Mabilog
(SK President)
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