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N e t w o r k D e v i c e H a r d e n i n g R e v i e w

Assessment & Compliance Services Division

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Solution Overview
Solution The network infrastructure supports every connected host, application, database, and client
At-a-Glance: throughout the organization. Securing the network, both at the perimeter as well as internally, is a
critical component of information security.
 Evaluate access control and
ensure principles of least
Using a combination of analysis tools and manual reviews, Halock will analyze the configurations
privilege are utilized
of network devices such as core routers, network switches and firewalls to identify security risks
 Ensure device configuration and to evaluate adherence to security best practices.
does not introduce vulner-
abilities into the environ- Further review of the relevant portions of the infrastructure is conducted using the network dia-
grams as well as through interview where deemed appropriate.
 Test the operational effec-
tiveness of security policies,
procedures, and standards

Professional Services Included : Pricing:

 Review placement and role of each device as  Check physical interface configurations  Pricing varies based on the
documented in The organization’s topology  Review IP addressing and routing size, complexity, and depth of
diagrams testing as well as the type of
 Evaluate security of SNMP, RMON and system reviewed
 Conduct interviews with technical staff to other management protocols
determine role and function of each device  Each system reviewed typi-
 Review access control lists / traffic filtering cally ranges from $1,600 to
 Assess configuration of the device and rules $7,500
adherence to hardening standards
 Review logging configurations
 Review authentication, authorization and
 Evaluate configuration of security
accounting controls
protocols, such as IPSEC, SSH, tunneling
 Review remote access protocols and protocols, etc.
 Review VPN configurations (site-to-site
 Examine network services configurations and client-to-site).

1834 Walden Office Square, Suite 150 * Schaumburg, IL 60173 * 847.221.0200 * www.halock.com
847.221.0200 halock.com

Network Device Hardening Review: Scope Worksheet

The depth of the effort is performed as follows:


Halock will review available security documentation, typically consisting of the following items. Please indicate
additional documents that will incorporated into the review in the empty boxes:
Network Configuration Standards Network Topology Diagrams Access Control Procedures

Halock will interview key resources, typically including the following roles. Please indicate additional re-
sources that will interviewed as part of this process:

Network Administrator Systems Administrator

The following devices are included in the scope of the review:


1834 Walden Office Square Suite 150 * Schaumburg, IL 60173 * 847.221.0200 * www.halock.com