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2 Fill in the blanks using much ,many or a lot of..

1. How .. water do you drink a day? _one litre.

2. There isnt .. wine in the bottle.
3. There arent .. oranges left.
4. How .. people were waiting at the office?
5. There were .. car accidents at the weekend.
6. Were there .. children at the funfair?
7. There wasnt .. cheese left and I had to buy some at
the supermarket.
. How many meals do you hae a day?
!. There isnt .. bread. We need to buy a loaf at the
1". How .. furniture was there in the room? !ot .."
only a desk and a couple of chairs.
11. #y neighbours complained because the children were making
too .. noise.
12. The teacher was ery pleased because .. of his
students passed the e$am.
13. If you eat too .. food" youll get fat.

1 #ook at the $ictures abo%e an& fill in the blanks using a'an, some or
1. I haent eaten .. hamburgers since I was a child.
2. Would you like .. soup for dinner?
3. Is there .. meat left? %&es" there are two steaks in the fridge.
4. I haent used .. onions to make the omelette.
5. &ou can hae .. pudding for the dessert.
6. I didnt eat .. biscuits for breakfast" only milk and coffee.
7. There is half .. do'en of eggs in the kitchen.
. Id like .. ham and cheese" please.
!. Would you like .. milk with your coffee?
1". Is there .. honey in the (ar?) &es" the (ar is almost full.
11. I had .. piece of pi''a for dinner.
12. Is there .. fruit left? %&es" there is a lot"
13. Would you like .. salad with your chicken? % &es" please.
14. *an I hae .. milk with the biscuits?
15. I often hae .. big slice of watermelon when it is ery hot.
16. There are only two sausages left. We hae to buy .. more.
17. I always hae .. nuts for dinner. They are ery healthy.
1. .. apple a day keeps the doctor away.
(ountable nouns )*+ ,-./+ 0-1(- ()2
3+ (.42,+5 )25 ,-+6 -)7+ ) 8#4*)#
Ex: book-books
4ncountable nouns can+t be counted and
are always used in the singular,
-$, bread" cheese.
.ncountable nouns can be made countable
using certain e$pressions,
Ex: A packet of rice
A can of beer
2o; ;rite ( if the noun is countable an&
4 if it<s uncountable.
3 Fill in the blanks using much, many, little or fe;. ,hen match
the sentences ;ith the $ictures.
1. How .. furniture is there in the room?
There is .. furniture" only a table and a chair.
2. Is there .. (am in the (ar?
!o" there isnt .." only a .. .
3. How .. students are there in the classroom?
There are a I can only see three.
4. Has /inda finished all the e$ercises?
!o" she still has to do a more.
5. 0id /isa win the race?
&es" she did. 1he has lost only a times.
6. How people were there at the political meeting?
There were a lot but only a waited till it finished.
7. How money has she got?
2uite a lot. I think she can lend you a to buy the ticket.
. 1hall I buy some cheese?
&es" please. There isnt left" only a .
!. would you like a wine with your meal?
&es" thanks. I don+t drink wine but Ill hae some today.
1". How presents did you get on your birthday?
3nly a " but I liked them ery much.
11. There isnt chocolate left" only a . We should buy some.
Wed better not. Im on a diet and I can+t eat chocolate.
12. Why don+t you eat a piece of bread?
I don+t usually eat bread. It is fattening so I eat only a eery
Countable and uncountable
nouns. in positive sentences.
Uncountable nouns in
negatives and questions.
Countable nouns in negatives
and questions
Countable and uncountable
nouns in positive sentences and
requests or offers.
Countable and uncountable
nouns in negatives and
Countable nouns in all types
of sentences.