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Case Study: Just Another Job Transfer

When Adite Technologies Ltd (ATL) moved one of their divisions to Bangalore, the
branch manager in Mumbai decided to transfer those employees who did not wish to go to
Bangalore to other local divisions Ten of the thirty chose to stay and be transferred to another
division Madhuri was one of those !he was assigned to the computer moving"head division
When Madhuri reported to the new #ob, $arendar %umar, her new supervisor told her
he did not &now whether or not he would have a permanent position for her 'or three days
Madhuri sat and watched other employees do their wor& (n 'riday, $arendar announced
that their division had received another big contract and he would brief Madhuri on her new
assignment on Monday
Madhuri arrived at )*++ am Monday morning and waited an,iously to learn about her
new #ob $arendar did not arrive until -+*.+ /e was being briefed on the new contract, he
said, and would not be able to meet Madhuri before launch At -*.+ pm $arendar returned to
show Madhuri the operation, 0we are rewor&ing model -+"1 and it only re2uires changing two
spot welds With this #ig, you can turn one out in about three to five minutes3 $arendar
added, 0By the way, you will be the 2uality control supervisor on this #ob 4ust double chec&
these si, spots on the blueprint3 /e did not write on the blue prints or mar& the areas in any
way Madhuri was given no idea how important the chec&s might be
05lease watch me,3 said $arendar to Madhuri, ta&ing up the welding torch 0Anyone
can do it easily3 /e repeated the operation five or si, times Madhuri tried it and e,perienced
no difficulty $either of them chec&ed their rewor&ed pieces with the blue print to see if they
would pass the 2uality control chec& and as a result, Madhuri never chec&ed any pieces after
that demonstration $arendar did not see Madhuri again until 'riday
1uring the wee& several things happened More than half the motors did not wor&
correctly by the time they reached the final assemby 6t could not be determined whether the
faulty motors were the result of Madhuri7s wor& or the result of a lac& of 2uality chec&s A bo,
of 8+ parts had been approved by Madhuri since her initials were on the inspection card, but
she had not made the necessary alterations That was when $arendar found time ro tal& to
Madhuri again
- What incidents showed that $arendar was not performing a good #ob as a
8 /ow do you thin& Madhuri feels about $arendar and about her new #ob<
. 6f you were $arendar, what would you have done to improve Madhuri7s
= Would a mento have helped the situation< /ow< Why<
@!5 >ao, /uman >esources Management* Te,t and ?ases, !econd ;dition, ;,cel
Boo&s, 8++A, page -BC