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For more information, contact Laura Batson at batson@iit.edu or Greg Pulliam at pulliam@iit.edu
Feasibility Study

Your assignment is to write a feasibility report with a recommendation of potential actions to
take. The report evaluates information, determines the feasibility of implementation, draws
conclusions and makes recommendations. If applicable, the report should provide analysis
using different sources (i.e. books, journals, websites, news articles, interviews and empirical

The assignment is in three parts:

1. Feasibility Report: Create a 5 to 7 page report (1,300 to 1,800 words) that includes
an introduction, background on the topic, method of your analysis, any alternative
views, a cost/benefit evaluation, conclusion and recommendations.

2. Executive Summary: Create a one-page executive summary of your report and place
it at the beginning of your report.

3. Oral Presentation: Create and present a PowerPoint presentation that contains 8 to 10
slides describing your feasibility report. (See Blackboard under Assignments >
Assignment #2 > Reference Materials for details.)

Feasibility Content Requirements
Front Matter
Include a title page that has a descriptive title, your name, your email, your ground mail
address, your institutional affiliation (a department at IIT), and the organization for whom you
are writing the report.
Include a table of contents that lists headings and subheadings exactly as they are
found in the report body
Include a list of tables and a list of figures/illustrations
Do not number the title page
Note: This is in addition to the 5 to 7 pages.

Report Body Format
Each page of the report body should have a header that contains an abbreviated title for the
report, your last name, and a page number flush right.
Indicate organizational structure within your report by using headings and subheadings. Make
sure that headings at the same level are written in parallel form. Also, make sure that
headings at the same level are consistently placed on the page (i.e., centered, flush left,
indented, etc.). If you use underlining, italics, or boldface to indicate heading level, make sure
you use it consistently.
The body of your report is double-spaced pages using a professional looking font, 10 to 12
point. If sources are consulted, you will need to cite all your sources using a citation style that
is appropriate for your field (e.g., APA, CBE, etc.).

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Communication Across the Curriculum www.iit.edu/cac
For more information, contact Laura Batson at batson@iit.edu or Greg Pulliam at pulliam@iit.edu
Report Content
The body of your report should include information from the following outline:
Introduction/Executive Summary
Describe the problem/opportunity you are fixing with your proposed plan
State your main point of the report
State the importance of your plan to your audience
Give an background information your audience may need about the subject

Describe your proposed plan in sufficient detail
State if it worked elsewhere and how it was implemented

Methodology method of analysis
Discuss your method of analysis for your feasibility study

Overview of Alternatives (if any)
State any alternative proposals and their important features

Cost & Benefit Evaluation
Demonstrate how this proposal is feasible
Discuss technological feasibility, economic practicality, social desirability, and
ecological soundness

Discuss the conclusions you have drawn from your feasibility analysis and if it will

Make recommendations based on your conclusions

Note: Name of headings can change, but content must be included
Throughout the body of your report, try to avoid jargon and technical terms. If you cant avoid
them, provide a glossary (see below). Be sure to describe all your criteria, variables, etc.
carefully. If appropriate, use graphics and tables to supplement your text.

Back Matter
You should have a page titled References, in which you will list the articles and books you
have cited in your report. These references should be in a style appropriate to your field.

You can provide an appendix containing detailed discussions of all criteria used in judging
feasibility and examples of each criterion.

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Communication Across the Curriculum www.iit.edu/cac
For more information, contact Laura Batson at batson@iit.edu or Greg Pulliam at pulliam@iit.edu
Oral Presentation
The presentation should be 8 to 10 minutes explaining your feasibility report. Presentations
should be done in PowerPoint (8 to 10 slides) and include:

Overview and purpose of the proposal
Methodology method of analysis
Overview of Alternatives (if any)
Cost & Benefit Evaluation

Due Dates: (Typically takes 4 to 6 weeks, may want to leave extra time for research)

Week 1 Outline due (includes feasibility report only)

Week 2 Outline returned with Instructor comments

Week 3 Drafts due (includes feasibility report, executive summary, & PowerPoint

Week 4 Drafts returned with instructor comments

Week 5 Final draft and presentation due