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Cloze Passage (4.


Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the most suitable word.

Sang Nila Utama
The first king of Singapore was Sang Nila Utama. He was _____in Sumatra. He came
to Singapore in 1299. He ____________ as kingfor forty-eight years.
Sang Nila Utama set ______________ from Sumatra in a ship toTemasek, the
__________ name of Singapore. On his ___________,the ship met a fierce storm. He and his
__________ had to throw theirpossessions __________ to make their ship lighter. All this
didn't help___________ Sang Nila Utama threw his royal ___________ into the sea.
Immediately the storm ____________.
When Sang Nila Utama and his men came ______________ onto the island of
Temasek, they saw a strange animal. The animal was strong and graceful, it was a lion. For
this ___________ he called the island Singapore which means "Lion City". He decided to
stay behind and became its king.

Many people love fur coats __________ they don't think of where the fur comes from.
Even when there are laws which ____________ the killing of wild animals, many animals are
still being __________ for their skins.
Today there are many people who feel upset at the ____________ of killing wild
animals to __________ coats and other goods. There are many ways to keep us warm, why
must we kill animals for just this __________? We can use plastic, canvas and other man-
made materials to __________ bags and shoes. We don't _________ real animal skins at all.
If we choose not to buy products _________ from animal skins than these animals need
not be killed for this purpose.
In 1908, the Queen of England ___________ that she didn't want any of her subjects to
____________ their hats with feathers. Soon women all over the world stopped wearing hats
with feathers. Since the __________ of feathers stopped so did the killing of birds.

Lim Bo Seng
Lim Bo Seng was a war ____________ of Singapore during the Second World War.
He was the _____________ of a group of Malay and Chinese guerrillas fighting the Japanese
who were __________ Singapore.
When Singapore was ____________ by the Japanese in 1942, Lim Bo Seng
____________ to the jungle. He ____________ many men to join forces to fight the
Japanese. He ____________ them in jungle warfare and also shooting with the rifles.
Lim Bo Seng and his men _____________ great trouble for the Japanese. They
_______________ patrols and outposts, killing the enemy. They also ___________ on the
movements of the Japanese army.
To aviod capture, Lim Bo Seng often ___________ himself so that he cannot be
recognised. One day, he was ___________ andcaptured in Ipoh on Malaysia. The Japanese
put him in prison and tortured him.

Clouds And Rain
The heat from the Sun warms the Earth's ______________. This causes the warm air
near the ground to ___________. As the air rises, it cools and the moisture ____________
into clouds of water droplets. The highest clouds are the cirrus and they may reach a
___________ of 12,000 metres.
The tiny water droplets in a cloud __________ to become larger droplets and these
_______________ back to the Earth as rain. Rain ____________ water for animals and
plants. When the water droplets are _____________ agitated electric current may be created
and this ____________ in lightning.
A rainbow is _________ when sunlight is refracted several times over by the tiny
raindrops. A rainbow is such a ______________ sight because the white light is
____________ into seven different colours.

Destruction Of The Earth
As Man seeks a more comfortable ___________, he destroys or uses the Earth's natural
resources. Fossil ____________ are burned to provide energy but this burning
______________ the environment. Burning of fossil fuels _____________ sulphur dioxide
which causes acid rain ____________ consequently the destruction of forests.
Forests are destroyed for the cultivation of _____________ and rearing of animals.
Deforestation leads to a ____________ of wildlife and habitats and will endanger the
____________ of many species.
Water pollution has killed many animals and plants __________ once the pollutants
__________ the water cycle they are transported
Waste that are dumped contains toxins. _________ these toxins do not disintegrate,
they ____________ poisonous and will gradually destroy the Earth. We need to protect our