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Ian Escamilla Mrs. Tyree English III, Per. 1 28 January 2014

N.S.A Out of Control and Unstoppable Imagine life with someone watching your’ every move. The National Security Agency was secretly created by a presidential order in 1952 and approved by President Truman. (THE NSA FILES) The NSA was created to coordinate, direct, and perform highly specialized

activities to protect U.S. information systems and produce foreign intelligence information. The NSA with time grew to the biggest intelligence agency within the United States, bigger than all American Intelligence agencies combined. The NSA now has developed power beyond measure within the U.S. The NSA has been violating the Information Privacy Law by wrongly accessing

American citizen’s personal information and is using said information to create profiles of the

victims’; therefore to stop this, people must take action against the NSA with extreme protests. On the 9 th of June 2013, Edward Snowden was revealed as the NSA employee who exposed the NSA’s mass surveillance program. (THE NSA FILES) Mr. Snowden anonymously submitted the documents to the Guardian Newspaper to be published. Mr. Snowden revealed himself as the anonymous whistleblower days after the leak stating "I have no intention of hiding who I am because I know I have done nothing wrong". To be exact Mr. Snowden revealed some

of the most top secret classified programs the NSA was hiding. The agency’s mass surveillance operations consist’ of monitoring citizens or the intended target’s phone records, internet usage and history, personal information submitted into the internet, any content stored on a mobile device, a mobile device’s camera, microphone, GPS system, passwords to any accounts, and

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finally all financial transactions. (THE NSA FILES) All things listed can be monitored in real- time. The leaks reveal multiple programs created for the sole purpose of spying. “Treasure Map” is program that displays a “near real-time, interactive map of the global Internet”. The program collects Wi-Fi network and geolocation data, and between 30 million and 50 million unique Internet provider addresses (NSA able to target offline computers using radio-waves). The program can locate and map “any device, anywhere all the time”. NSA Intelligence officials claim that “Treasure Map” is only for the use of “understanding computer networks” (N.S.A.

Outlined Goals for More Power). “PRISM” is a secret program costing an estimated $20,000,000 a year that was created to access information of citizens from the servers of huge tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, and many more (THE NSA FILES). An estimated 200,000,000 million text messages per day, 13,000,000,000 emails in the past years, and trillions more phone calls have been and are being intercepted, all under the public’s nose until now. The project to build the Utah Data Cnter was anounced in Salt Lake City, 2009. The Center was reported to be a state-of-the-art facility designed to support the intelligence community in its mission to, in turn, enable and protect the nation’s cybersecurity” .The facility was set to be built and completed in Bluffdale, Utah by the September, 2013 and was to cost a hefty $2,000,000,000. (The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center) Once the facility was up and running all collected information from NSA operation centers would then be sent to the databases of the Utah facility for storage and review which would then be sent to the NSA Headquarters and from there to the Whitehouse/CIA. “This is more than just a data center,” says an ex senior intelligence official of the NSA. The official reveals that the center will be used to

“handle financial information, stock transactions, business deals, foreign military and diplomatic secrets, legal documents, confidential personal communications and will be heavily encrypted”.

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Escamilla 3 With over 1,000,000 square feet total to house computers, staff, and most importantly the
Escamilla 3 With over 1,000,000 square feet total to house computers, staff, and most importantly the

With over 1,000,000 square feet total to house computers, staff, and most importantly the millions of terabytes of data being stored. To ensure the protection of all the precious data and staff a $10,000,000 security system was installed which consist of closed-circuit cameras, a biometric identification system, a vehicle inspection facility, and a visitor-control center” along

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with a “fence designed to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour”. (The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center) The Utah Data Center will be able to hold up to a yottabyte of information. To put this into perspective a yottabyte would equal 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 (500 quintillion) pages of text. (The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center) With this much storage capacity in such a high level security facility the NSA could keep a near unlimited amount of data on anyone they need to, have it completely secured and have it nicely organized for viewing at any time. A massive amount of computing power would be required to process such a huge amount of data incoming at such an alarming rate, which is why the “High Productivity Computing Systems Program” was launched in 2004. The program began with the goal of increasing “computer speed a thousand fold, creating a machine that could execute a quadrillion (10 15 ) operations a second”. (G) The “Multiprogram Research facility” was a 5 story, $41,000,000 building with the purpose of housing the Computer program, was finished in 2006. Because The Oak Ridge National Laboratory was practically a neighbor, cooperation was initiated between the NSA. The Oak Ridge Laboratory created the Cray XT4 Supercomputer nicknamed Jaguar. The jaguar could reach speeds up to 1.75 petaflops which is more than one quadrillion operations per second. The Jaguar was named the world’s fastest computer as of 2009. (The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center) Next door the Multiprogram Research facility created an even faster supercomputer which remains classified. But what was revealed by a former senior intelligence official was that the supercomputer was faster than the Jaguar and would be able to crack “current public encryption”. This means that the NSA was now able to crack codes and accesses millions of Americans personal information. The production and upgrading of supercomputers continue in the facility and have reached speeds up to 20 petaflops.

(The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center)

Escamilla 5 With all this technology and super

advanced equipment public spying is extremely easy for the government. These operations are being undertaken without any opposition. with the

The NSA “SIGNET 2012- 2016” plan was revealed by Edward Snowden which consists of a four year plan to increase the NSA’s power. The NSA plans to push for the tweaking of certain laws to allow more “flexibility” for their operations. The NSA plans to “master the global network” in hopes of countering and preventing cyber attacks, terrorist attacks, and any threats to

national security. (N.S.A. Outlined Goals for More Power) There are those whose goals are to keep the NSA under control but have had little effect. A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers announced a legislation which would force the reveal of the budget of all U.S. intelligence agencies. An estimated $53,000,000,000 is the combined budget. Multiple critics and Congressional leaders refuse to agree with the idea of mass spying sating that the threat of terrorism has been “greatly exaggerated”. Some have suggested a complete shutdown of the NSA. (NSA able to target offline computers using radio-waves) The NSA continues its quest for power and crushes those who stand in their way by bribing and blackmailing big time companies and political leaders. Leaked by Edward Snowden information on how the NSA bribed the RSA (a company that creates equipment that specializes in Cryptology and other technology) (E) with $10,000,000 to create a backdoor in their encryption products to allow the NSA access to large amount of personal data. The NSA refused to comment on the situation when questioned (Secret Contract Tied NSA and Security Industry Pioneer). California Senator Dianne Feinstein has accepted over $698,000 in bribe money to vote

in favor of the NSA’s PRISM program and patriot act. She has also stated that she is in favor of

the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to be charged with treason and be punished as much as

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the law allows. The RSA and Mrs. Feinstein are not the only who have been bribed or support the NSA and its operations. Mike Rogers has accepted over $420,000 from NSA affiliates to vote pro NSA. Mike Rogers has lied about his awareness of the PRISM program and the monitoring of e-mails by the NSA. He has voted in favor of the patriot act ever since it’s introduction in 2001 and continues to support the NSA today. The list goes on and on when it comes to those who were offered money by NSA affiliates and remained “unaware” of the NSA’s constant violation of the fourth amendment The NSA uses the idea of terrorism and the threats of hackers to justify the spying on of citizens and world leaders around the entire globe. The agency claims that its actions are part of an “active defense” (NSA spying on computers around the world) against such huge imminent threats such as terrorism. Yet the NSA has fails to mention a single time in which the massive surveillance program has proven effective against terrorism. The real reason why the NSA surveys entire populations is to keep citizens “docile” and to blackmail political leaders in order to have complete control of the country. This prevents any type of rebellion towards the government. People would be too scared to confront their out of control, law breaking government. If political leaders, citizens along with big time companies are being monitored, blackmailed, and bribed who is there to oppose the power of the NSA and our government? No one.

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