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Who, what and where for Consortium, Relay Visits and Laboratory

Partners in Consortium

The Consortium on Training and Learning for Community Development

consists of 16 partners who are engaged in a European project (See list of
partners.) They met in The Hague in the Netherlands in November 2007 and
again in Palermo, Italy in November 2008 to plan actions and networking.
These partners exchange and share guidelines on training and learning
systems that use the core principles of Community Development to develop
good practice in training and learning. Opportunities to participate in training
are not limited to professionals or progress routes to professions but also
promote civic skills and community participation among citizens.
The Consortium is engaged in networking using good practice to
develop policy - specifically in relationship to the draft European guidelines for
training and learning for community development developed in Budapest in
2006 under the European Union Grundtvig Programme. Partners will spread
ideas and proposals through additional multipliers. The next stage is to
identify a core group of 45 multipliers who will participate in the Seminar on
Dissemination in Sofia, Bulgaria 18th –21stMay 2009.

Relay Visits on Training and Learning for Community Development

A series of relay visits were hosted by Samenlevingsopbouw

Vlaanderen in Belgium; by the Hungarian Association for Community
Development in Hungary, by Community Development Foundation in the UK;
by the Center for Community Organising in Slovakia and by Kommunales
Forum e.V. in Berlin. Hosts each took the shared learning from exchanges on
selected themes to the next relay point.
In addition to the host organizations, partners from Bulgaria, Romania,
Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Italy, France and Spain have also participated
in these “relays”. The relay host partner also involved other participants from
universities, adult education and non-governmental organisations and
included field visits. Full reports on the exchange of experience during each
relay are available on this website in TLCD Activities.

From Relay to Laboratory

The combined experience from the relay visits on Training and Learning
for Community Development was taken to a “Laboratory” in Malmo, Sweden
on 15th-18th October 2008, hosted by the City of Malmo and CESAM (Centrum
för Samhällsarbete och Mobilisering /Centre for Community Development and
Local Mobilization). Here partners analysed the most significant elements
from the exchanges so far in order to:

 To distil main lessons and results from all relay visits

 To identify creative methods for networking and dissemination of

A report on this Laboratory is available in TLCD Activities.

Margo Gorman, co-ordinator@cebsd.org

Tel: 00353749723129


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This summary reflects the views only of the Consortium, and the Commission
cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information
contained therein.

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