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Resolving Issues with Publishing after Installing

Product(s): Tableau Desktop
Version(s): All
Last Modified Date: 27 Nov 20!After installing a ""# certificate$ %ou &a% be unable to log in
to Tableau "erver fro& Tableau Desktop to publish a workbook because of 'Internet
co&&unication error( The certificate authorit% is invali) or incorrect* error &essage+ In a))ition$
%ou &a% see an invali) certificate error when connecting to the short na&e ,i+e+$ the DN" or
&achine na&e- of Tableau "erver+
These error &essages &a% )ispla% because of the following issues(
.ou are tr%ing to connect to Tableau "erver using a short na&e or a /R# that is not the
Co&&on na&e on the certificate+ 0erif% the co&&on na&e on the certificate+ 1hen
accessing Tableau "erver$ use the na&e liste) in the 'Issue) to* section of the certificate
rather than the short na&e %ou use) previousl%+
The ""# certificate is not signe) b% a truste) authorit% or is not installe) in %our browser+
0erif% that the certificate has been installe) in %our browser+ In the case of Internet
23plorer ,I2-$ this shoul) be installe) in the 4Truste) Root Certification Authorities4
In so&e cases$ installing the certificate through a browser will not install the certificate at the 5"
level an) Tableau Desktop will re&ain unable to publish to Tableau "erver+ 1hen this scenario
occurs$ it will be necessar% to &anuall% install the certificate at the 5" level using the steps
#og in to 1in)ows %our a)&inistrator cre)entials+
"tep 2
Click the "tart button$ an) select All Programs 6 Accessories 6 Run+
"tep !
In the Run )ialog bo3$ t%pe mmc an) click OK+
"tep 7
In the console win)ow$ select File 6 Add/Remove na!"in+
"tep 8
In the Add or Remove na!"ins )ialog bo3$ un)er 4Available snap9ins4$ select #ertificates an)
click the Add button+
"tep :
"elect the ra)io button ne3t to #om!uter account$ an) click $e%t+
"tep 7
#eave on Local com!uter$ an) click ;inish+
"tep <
=ack in the A)) or Re&ove "nap9ins )ialog bo3$ click OK+
"tep >
In the left pane of the console win)ow$ e3pan) #ertificates (Local #om!uter) 6 &rusted Root
#ertification Aut'orities+
"tep 0
Right9click #ertificates an) select All &as(s 6 )m!ort+
In the Certificate I&port 1i?ar)$ click $e%t$ an) then click the *ro+se button to navigate to the
certificate ,+crt- file use) b% Tableau "erver+ Then click O!en+
"tep 2
Click $e%t+
"tep !
0erif% that Certificate "tore @ Truste) Root Certification Authorities$ an) click $e%t+
"tep 7
Click Finis'+ If one or two &essages )ispla%$ click OK to )is&iss+
Alternate "earch Ter&s( ssl$ certificate$ publishing proble&$ publish$ install
Di) this article resolve the issueA