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Hunt 1

Joe Hunt
Mr. McKeever
Online Honors English
Beau Brummel, a dandy well known for his over the top dress styles serves as an allusion
to overdressing. Beau is the most famous figure in mens clothing and was famous for his
friendship with George the IV. He is the father of dandyism. Dandyism is the importance
of practicing proper physical appearance, the use of refined language, participating in
leisurely hobbies, and attempting to have the appearance of nonchalance. One who
studies dandyism is from the middle class but desires to live the lifestyle of an aristocrat.
Beau claimed to have taken up to five hours in a day to dress himself. For example in the
article Scotland on Sunday (2003), Heres some tips for aspiring buskers: look the part,
dont dress like Beau Brummel, make eye-contact, and be seen to be having a rare time
(qtd. in Delahunty, and Dignen). The allusion to Beau Brummel suggests that one should
not spend too much time dressing the part, and not to overdo it like Beau Brummel.
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Hunt 2

Adonis the Greek God of beauty and desire serves as an allusion to ultimate beauty. He is
the center of multiple mysterious religions, most including worshipping women only,
almost cults. He wooed everyone with his beauty and was ultimately killed by a boar sent
vicariously by Artemis. Artemis grew jealous of Adoniss ability to win the love and
adoration of Aphrodite. In the book The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde in 1891,
he alludes "I really can't see any resemblance between you, with your rugged strong face
and your coal-hair, and this young Adonis, who looks as if he was made out of ivory and
rose leaves" (qtd. Manser and Pickering). Oscar is alluding to how one isnt able to
compare one who is rugged and rough to someone who is the epitome of beauty and just
looks handsome as ever, a young Adonis. The usage of Adonis suggests that they are
comparing roughness to perfect lines and beauty.

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Hunt 3

Achilles was immortal but his heel was not, he can be alluded to having a weak spot for
something. When Achilles was born his mother Thetis desired to have him become
immortal. She grabbed him by his one heel and dipped him in the Waters of the Styx, the
waters were said to offer powers of invulnerability. The one spot where she held him by
did not touched by the waters and it was left vulnerable. Achilles became the hero of
many battles during the Trojan War. Paris, Prince of the Trojans shot Achilles in his heel
and he died from it. Achilles' weak spot was his heel. When someone uses the phrase
"Kryptonite is Superman's Achilles heel", they are alluding to Kryptonite being
Supermans weakness or vulnerability, another term for Achilles Heel. Another example
being "Jessica is Aaron's Achilles Heel; he does anything she asks him to". Jessica is
Aaron's weakness he doesnt always think logically when around his weakness. Just as
Achilles was his heel.

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Hunt 4

Hercules, the mortal son of Zeus was the strongest man of his time. He is a very muscular
man. He can be alluded to perseverance. Hercules was the strongest man of his time.
Hercules is most famous for the undertakings known as the Twelve Labors. These tasks
were a punishment for him killing his wife and children in a fit of rage and insanity. He
was given the opportunity to atone for not only the murders but he would receive
immortality at the end of his final tasks. At the end of his final task he was granted
immortality. He was not able to handle the responsibilities of his immense strength.
Shakespeare alludes to Hercules in his writing Hamlet, written in 1603. "My uncle, my
father's brother, but no more like my father than I to Hercules". Shakespeare alludes his
uncle to his father or his uncle's brother, as he compares himself to Hercules. Hamlet is
similar to Hercules in that he went momentarily mad and killed his child causing the
suicide of his wife. Hercules killed both his wife and his children in a momentary fit of

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Hunt 5

The battle between the little boy, David, and the giant Philistine, Goliath, was one could
say one sided. The battle can be alluded to overcoming the odds. David was a Sheppard
in Israel who was very brave and faithful. A war began between the Israelites and
Philistines, Davids brother was sent off to fight in the war. After multiple days of no
communication, David heads off to look for his brother. At an Israeli camp, David
notices a giant Philippine man or even giant walking around. No one in Israelite
challenges this man in shining armor. The giant man starts taunting David, this angered
David to the point of challenging the giant to combat. When the combat begins, David
hurls a river rock at the giants forehead, killing him. The Philippines, filled with fear and
horror run off but are killed anyways. In the movie, The Matrix, Neo is told that no one
has ever killed an agent before. Neo takes this as a challenge and proceeds to kill Agent
Smith in hand to hand combat. Neo is alluded to how David defeated Goliath. What was
supposed to be an impossible task, Neo overcame the odds and prevailed.

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Hunt 6

Solomon, the son of David had great wisdom, wealth, and power, but he ultimately failed
due to his sin. He can be alluded to wealth being the true power. Solomon was the new
King of Jerusalem because his father David had died. One night Solomon had a visit from
God in his dreams. God offered Ask for whatever you want me to give you. Solomon
selflessly chooses wisdom over power or wealth. God is pleased with his choice and
grants him power and wealth anyways as a reward. One day two women came before
King Solomon begging for help. They both claimed a baby to be theirs. Solomon ordered
the baby to be cut in half and for each woman to receive half of the baby. One woman
said to the King Please, my lord, give her the living baby! Dont kill him! The other
said that she didnt care. Solomon decided that the real mother would rather the child live
than have it killed. Ultimately Solomon sins and his kingdom is divided in two. In the
movie Inherit the Wind, Brady warns Reverend Brown that He that troubleth his own
house shall inherit the wind (qtd. Solomon). Brady is alluding that if Reverend Brown
continues with his actions he will fall. Solomon foreshadows his own demise as well.

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Hunt 7

Bacchus, the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, ecstasy, and ritual madness
can be alluded to partying and ecstatic frenzies. He has a dual nature, one hand bringing
joy and divine ecstasy. On the other brutal, unthinking, rage. Dionysus or Bacchus was
the son of Zeus and Semele. His divine mission was to mingle the music of the aulos and
to bring an end to care and worry. Bacchus cult celebrates him with Bacchanalia. It can
be described as decadent and uninhibited. The story being that Bacchus and his
followers went to Thebes. The ruler of Thebes, Penthus grew weary of the noise and
commotion. He jailed Bacchus and refused to believe that he was a deity. Bacchus shows
his true nature and turns his followers mad. They rush to kill Penthus, thinking he is a
mountain beast. Once Penthus is destroyed, the followers return to their senses. An
example of an allusion to Bacchus being Jerry turns into a real Bacchus when he drinks
too much Jerry is being alluded to Bacchus when he is drinking because the alcohol
causes Jerry to lose his inhibitions and go temporarily mad.

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Hunt 8

Prometheus was a titan, who had befriended the gods. He stole fire from the gods
and gave it to humanity. He can be alluded to the power of knowledge. Prometheus
created mortals and loved the unconditionally. Prometheus one day went against Zeuss
wishes and stole fire from the gods and introduced it to mankind. He intended the fire to
aid in humanity, but it proved to be a destructive force and aided towards chaos in
humanity. He greatly angered Zeus with his actions and Zeus had him chained to a
boulder as punishment. Each day a crow would pick at his liver as punishment as well. In
the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Victor the scientist creates Frankenstein. While
Victor had good intentions for reanimating dead loved ones, he ended up creating a
problem for society. Victor can be alluded to as the Prometheus of Science. Prometheus
gave man fire with good intentions only to have it backfire, just as Victor with

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Hunt 9

Pandoras Box, a powerful box never to be opened can be alluded to curiosity killed the
cat. The king of all gods, Zeus created the first women in order to seek revenge against
Prometheus. Pandora was a beautiful woman that Zeus had created to be given to
Prometheuss brother Epimetheus. Along with Pandora, Zeus gave Epimetheus Pandoras
Box and instructed him never to open it. Living in a perfect world where no one grew
sick or old. Epimetheus was eternally happy. Pandora was a perfect woman but was
curious. One day when Epimetheus wasnt looking she went to go open the box. Once
she broke into the lock and opened it, she heard an awful scream and hate, jealousy,
cruelty, anger, hunger, poverty, pain, sickness, old age, and death all poured out of the
box. It also let out hope allowing humans to maintain a sliver of hope. An allusion to
Pandoras Box could be Adam and Eve. No one was to eat a forbidden fruit. But eves
curiosity got the better of her and she ate one. She imparted the knowledge of good and
evil, creating a world of sickness and death but a world with hope, just as Pandora had

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Hunt 10

Job, a loyal servant of God has his loyalty put to the test by Satan; he can be alluded to
patience. Job was a man who was very loyal to god and prospered well from it. Satan
believed he was only righteous because he is benefitting. Satan felt that if he was God
took away all of his possessions, he would then curse God. Satan tells God this and God
decides to test Job. God destroyed all of Jobs possessions and also kills his ten children,
but Job does not curse God. Instead Job tears off his clothes and shouts Naked I came
from my mothers womb and naked I will depart. The lord gave and the lord has taken
away; may the name of the lord be praised. (Job 1:21). Job expresses his grief and God
questions him. He ends up returning Job his health with twice the property, his kids back
and a long life. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, two characters are hiding
with their bible for it not to be burned. One character mentions that he read the book of
Job. This allusion points to how this character had become the epitome of human
suffering much like Job. But the character has a good attitude, much like Job did.

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