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Describe a city you have visited which has impressed you
You should say:
- where it is situated
- why you visited it
- what you like about it and explain why this city impressed you

In the summer of 2010, I had a good time in Nha Trang City. I and my friend went to Nha
Trang by plane. We stayed in a hotel near the beach for 4 days. This city is small but very
clean and romantic. It lies along the coast. The largest street of Nha Trang- Tran Phu
Street- is along the beach. Nha Trang is said to be one of the most beautiful and romantic
cities in Vietnam. During the time in Nha Trang, we visited some famous places such as;
Vinpearl Island, Pogana pagoda, enjoyed some local food and took mud bath. It was a
relaxing and impressive trip in my life. The sand beaches with blue water ang small island
around are very impressive to me. I will come back to this city when I can.

Describe an environmental problem in your country
You should say:
- what the problem is
- how you have learned about this problem
- who or what is affected by this problem
and explain what you think could be done about it

More and more people are rushing to big cities. That burderns these cities. I think that it is
difficult and unpleasant to live in a big city. First, the streets are always overcrowded,
traffic is so heavy. Traffic jam and traffic accidents happen very often. The air is polluted.
All the people living in big cities suffer from the bad effects of bad enviroment, easily get
sick and stressed. Second, the city is much more expensive than in the countryside so
people spend more and save less. Last, city life is very dangerous, the city people,
especially the young, always have to face many social vices.



Talk about something youve bought that you were very happy with
You should say:
- what it was. Describe it
- why you bought it
where you kept it and explain why you were so happy with it

I have just bought an Ipad. It is an Apple. I need to buy it because Ipad is one of the most
useful devices in my daily life. First, it is a means of getting materials and information for
my work and study. Second, it is very useful and convenient because it helps me work
more quickly and effectively such as; typing and printing the documents or storing data,
checking emails, downloading necessary materials. Besides, my Ipad is a good means of
entertainments, for example listening to music, watching films, reading E-books
whenever I like because I often take it with me.

Describe a travel experience you have had
You should say:
- where you went and how you got there
- why you went to this place
- how you heard about this place
and describe what you liked or didnt like about this place

Last weekend, I and my family went on vacation in Hoa Binh province for 2 days;
Saturday and Sunday. We left home very early in the morning, drove all the way and
arrived in Hoa Binh at 9 a.m. We visited Ban Lac in Mai Chau- a famous area for tourists,
took many photos of Ban Lac and its residentsdaily work. We walked aroud Ban Lac to
enjoy its beauty and bought local craft. In the evening, we had dinner with residents
around a big fire. We both ate the local food - lam rice and drank local drink - can
alcohol. In the late evening, we joined in sap dance with young men and women. We
sang, danced and laughed a lot. We all liked this trip so much because we had a great time
there. We might come back there in a short time


Describe the role of the women in your family
You should say:
- what tasks the women in your family do at home
- whether the women in your family have jobs
- which family members are responsible for taking care of children
and discuss whether or not the life styles of the women in your family are typical in
Vietnamese families

Nowadays, the role of women in Vietnam has changed positively. They play an important
role both in their family and in society. In family, they are loving mothers and wives, good
cooks. They do the housework, take care of their children and husbands very well, educate
their children and sort out family problems if any. Whenever their children or husbands
are in trouble, they are good advisors for their husbands, good teacher for their children. In
society, they go to work, earn money as their husbands do. Many women are now in high
social positions. If they are very successful anf powerful, they still know how to keep their
home warm and happy.

Describe an event or activity that has made you happy
You should say:
- what this event or activity is
- how often you have participated in this event or activity
- whether you would do it more often if you could
and explain how your life has been enriched by this event or activity

I am very active. I dont like a quiet life so I like all festivals, office acitivies, family
events. Of them, I am most interested in family activities, especially attending birthday
parties of my family members. When I am invited to a birthday party, I feel very happy
and excited. I help prepare the party if required. I prepare food and drink, arrange flowers
and party table. To attend the party, I always dress well, arrive a bit early. I join all the
accivities if anyat the party such as; singing, dancing, telling jokes and funny stories. After
attending such a joyful party, I feel happier, sleep better, behave people better, too.


Describe a person who has influenced your life
You should say:
- who this person is
- how and when you met them
- how you feel about this person
and explain how this person has influenced your life

My mother is the person that influences me most in my life. She is now 70 years old, fat
but still active and clever. She is my loving mother, of course. She is also like my best
friend and my good teacher. When I was a little girl/boy, she looked after me, my sleep,
my meals, my playing. When I grew older, she taught me, took me to the shops, movie
theatres. When I was a grown-up, she told how to make friends, helped me how to deal
with my problems. Whenever I am in need, she is the first person I ask for advices. It is
very lengthy if I tell you all about her. I feel happy and lucky to be her daughter/son.

Describe a place that has special meaning to you
You should say:
- What kind of place it is and where it is
- What it look like
- What things you associate with it
and explain why you particularly like the place

The place that has a special meaning to me is my bedroom. It is the place where I sleep
every night. In addition to that, my bedroom is like my small library where I can do some
reading; books, newspapers, magazines or I can listen to music without bothering the other
family members. My bedroom can be the place where I can text my close friends when I
like that. I love this place because of another reason. My beedroom is the only place where
I can sit and lie freely as I want. Besides, I can decorate my beedrrom in a way I like most.
I love my bedroom so much. When I am away from home, I always miss my bed room and
want to come back home as soon as possible.



Describe a movie that made a strong impression on you
You should say:
- which movie it was
- what movie was about
- who the main stars were
and what it was about this movie that made such impact on you

My favourite kinds of movies are romance and comedy. Romance brings about good
feelings, comforts my soul, helps me relax and destress. I think everybody is moved by a
beautiful love story and I am not an exception. My favorite movie is Gone with the
wind. This film is about a pretty and strong girl who tries her best to overcome difficulty
in her life and find her happiniess. She is very gentle and cheerful in her daily life but
strong and thorny in hard situations. I can lean something from her behaviour and her
personality.Watching this film, I also know more about the US Civil War and the US
society during that time. It is the most interesting film I have ever seen.

Describe a show or performance (with dancers or a singer or actors) which you enjoy watching.
You should say:
- What kind of performance it was
- where and when the performance took place
- who the performance was
and explain why you enjoyed watching this performance

I like watching reality shows and programs on TV very much. Of them, I am very
interested in the program named We seem never to be seperated. This program is made
by Thu Uyen and her partners. This program is live broadcast on last Saturday every
month. This is a humane and useful program. It helps many missing people find their
family. TV viewers are deeply moved by many reunions after a long time. People highly
value and support this program. I like this program because it makes me feel lucky and
happy, live better, try to do something to help our community.

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