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COUNTY OF ORANGE To commence the statutory time

period of appeals as of right (CPLR
PRESENT: 5513[a]), you are advised to serve a
HON, JOSEPH G. OWEN, copy of this order with notice of
SUPREME COURT JUSTICE entry upon all parties.
In the Matter of the Complaint of SHORT FORM ORDER

DAIS YOEL OHEL FEIGE, a religious corporation Index No. 4075/04

and Zalman Waldman, Bernard Tyranuer and Motion Date: 11/09/09
Meyer Deutsche, individually and as Officers and Directors Cal. No, 1 & 2





for a judgment enjoining interference with the

use of real property and other relief.

The following papers have been read, in this action, inter alia, to compel the determination of

claims to real property, on (A) plaintiffs' post-judgment and post-appeal motion, without any stated

basis, for an order "preliminarily" requiring defendants to re-connect water and electric services; and (B)

defendants' cross motion for certain "declarations" and new directives:

Order to Show Cause-Affumation of Zalman Waldman, dated

October 7, 2009-Exhibits

Notice of cross Motion-Affirmation of Richard M. Mahon., II,

Esq., dated October 29, 2009-Affirmation of David Ekstein,
dated October 29, 2009-Affirmation of Yida Weinstock, dated
October 29, 2009

Reply Affirmation of Michael H. Sussman, Esq., dated

November 5, 2009-Affirmation of Zalman Waldman

Upon the forgoing papers, it is hereby ORDERED that both the motion and the cross motion are


90/Z0 39Vd N3M0 P NOH 9POETEZ968 90:TT 600Z/OT/TT

Bais l'ael Ohel Feige v Congregation Yete p Lev, Index No. 4075/04 Page 2

This action was tried in June 2007. On January 22, 2008, the Court rendered a lengthy written

decision, after which a final judgment was entered on February 14, 2008. Pursuanf to that judgment

several clear and unequivocal directives were made, including without limitation the imposition of a

permanent injunction restraining plaintiffs from using the subject premises, located in the Village of

Kiryas Joel, as a non-conforming unlawful house of worship, "pending any appropriate municipal

application and determination" (Ju4nnent, entered Pebruary 14, 2008, p. 3).

Plaintiffs appealed this judgment to the Appellate Division, Second Department. On September

22, 2009 the Appellate Division rendered a determination which, although modifying the Court to some

degree, substantively affirmed the above-referenced injunction. Plaintiffs have now been directed, both

within a final judgment from this Court and by the Appellate Division, Second Department, to stop using

the subject premises as a non-conforming house of worship pending an appropriate municipal application

and determination. This directive would seem to be clear.

Apparently not to plaintiffs. They now bring a post-judgment, post-appeal motion, using the

same 2004 index number as this disposed action and without any attempt to state the "grounds therefor"

(CPLR 2214 [a]), seeking a positive "preliminary" injunction directing defendants to re-connect their

water and electric service to allow for continued use of the premises as a house of worship. Defendants

exacerbate the situation by "cross moving", pursuant to CP1,17_3001', for certain declarations. Not once

in this flurry of purportedly exigent motions do any of the parties question the procedural propriety of the

relief requested. They appear to be under the erroneous belief that this long-disposed proceeding will

continue as indefinitely as their eternal feud with one another.

While alleging that plaintiffs are disobeying the injunction, defendants neither move for contempt nor
bring any other judicially recognized post judgment application. Rather, they effectively seek a declaratory
judgment, as well as entirely new directives never granted by the original decision and judgment. CPL' R 3001
authorizes the Court, in a declamatory judgment action, to "render a declaratory judgment having the effect of a final
judgment ... " [emphasis supplied]). The Court is at a loss to understand how the February 14, 2008 judgment,
after being substantively affirmed by the Appellate Division, could be any more final,

99:TT 60H/OWIT
90/E0 39Vd N310 r NOH 58CT635178
Bais Yoel Ohel Feige v Congregation Yetev Lev, index No. 4075/04 Page 3

The Village of Kiryas Joel is a community in which religion and state are so intertwined as to be

virtually indistinguishable. This Court, however, is without authority to intervene in ecclesiastical

matters (see, Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satrnar, Inc. v Kahana, 9 NY3d 282, 287). Unfortunately, as the

parties are ostensibly unable to differentiate between the two, it is seemingly impossible to ever resolve

their "legal" issues. Rather, they engage in an endless cycle of seeking judicial intervention and then

ignoring court mandates, invoicing whichever authority is viewed as paramount at the time.

Notwithstanding this observation, the legal directives made in this disposed action are

unequivocal. Plaintiffs have been using the subject premises as a "non-conforming, unlawful house of

worship" (February 14, 2008 judgment, p. 2). Plaintiffs are to stop doing so until appropriate municipal

applications and determinations are made (February 14, 2008 judgment, p. 3). That judgment, as

modified by the Appellate Division, Second Department; stands.

If plaintiffs want to "preliminarily require" defendants to do something different, they must

effectuate the predicate for a preliminary injunction, i.e. to commence an appropriate action or

proceeding by filing and procuring a new index number (see, CPLR 304; 306-a; 6301 & 6311). If
defendants desire "declarations", they must likewise effectuate the predicate for a declaratory judgment,

i.e. to commence an appropriate action by filing and procuring a new index number (see, CPLR 304; 306-.
a; 3001). This matter remains disposed.



Dated: November 9, 2009

Goshen, New York

SO/PO 39 d N3110 f NOH 9V8ETH5V8 9g:TT 600Z/OT/TT
Bois Yoe' Ohel beige v Congregation Yetev Lev, Index No. 4075/04



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