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David was a husband, a father and a grandfather.

He was 61
years old and he had written various picture story books for
children in the past. He just wanted to make children happy
with his stories and make them interesting enough for
parents and grandparents to want to read them to their
Da v i d Po ul t e r
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Harry the Hippo Junior lives in a wildlife park
with all the other animals and gets up to all
sorts of tricks and has lots of fun along the way.
Harry woke up one morning and decided he
would go and visit the giraffes. Off he went, La,
la, la, la, la, la, de, la, and la, la.
As he got closer to the giraffes he noticed a
all that had een left in the picnic area. Hum,
he thought, what do ! do with this"# Ah, he
thought again. ! saw some oys kicking it
around and using two trees to kick it through.
He kicked the all etween the two trees.
Hurrah$ he shouted. %his is fun$
He set off again towards the giraffes,
driling the all as he went. &hen he got
there, 'erry the giraffe was munching on some
tall ushes.
Hey$ 'erry$ Look what !(ve got$ said Harry.
Ah, yes, it(s a footall, said 'erry. !
watched the children playing with that on the
footall field. %hey kick it etween two trees and
shout goal and then they shout and cheer.
Oh, so that(s what it(s called, footall, said
Harry. !t(s fun" should we have a game#
&ell, ! think !(m too tall and lanky to play
footall, said 'erry, ut they do have a
referee who needs to see everything.
&hat does a referee do# asked Harry.(
He makes sure that there is no dirty play,
like kicking and fouling.
&ell, said Harry, if you can(t see from up
there, no one can$ Ha, ha$ Let(s see if anyone
else wants a game.
)uddenly, 'eoffrey 'iraffe stuck his head
over a tall tree.
&hat aout me# he said.
&ell, we can only have one referee, said
&hat can ! do then# said 'eoffrey, who
was the tallest of the giraffes.
! know, you can e the goalposts and we
can kick the all etween your legs.
Oh, thank you, said 'eoffrey. )o, ! *ust
have to stand there and do nothing.
+es, said Harry.
%hat(ll do me, said 'eoffrey.
%ypical, said 'erry. La,y ones$
-ight, said Harry, let(s see who else we
can get to play.
And off they went with Harry driling the
all. %hey came across -oger the -hino.
Hi, -oger.
Hi, Harry. &hat have you got there# asked
!t(s a footall, and we can have a game with
it, said Harry.
Oh, wow, can ! have a game# asked -oger.
.rom what !(ve seen, you(d make a good
fullack, said 'erry.
Oh yes, ut no heading the all with that
great ig horn of yours, said Harry and they all
%hey all went on their way to see who else they
could find to help them play a game of footall.
-ound the corner they came across two
chimpan,ees. %he first chimp, who was called
/heeky /harlie, swung down from a tree and
tried to get the all away from Harry.
Oh no you don(t$ said Harry. &e won(t let
you play our game if you are naughty$
&hat game is that# said /harlie.
.ootall, said Harry.
Oh, how do you play that and can ! play,
please# asked /harlie.
Only if you don(t run off with the all, said
Harry sternly.
! won(t, honestly ! won(t$ 0lease let me play,
egged /harlie.
Oh, alright, said Harry.
'erry said, !t is called footall so there is no
picking up the all and running with it in those
long arms.
As they were talking, %rigger the %iger
walked up. &hat is all this aout, then# he
asked in a very deep voice.
&e are going to have a game of footall,
said Harry.
%rigger urst out laughing. Ho, Ho, Ho. +ou
lot having a game of footall$ +ou are all too
slow, not a it like me" fast and furious that(s
me$ he roared.
Oh, right. +ou(ll make a good winger if you
are fast and furious, said 'erry. 1ut you had
etter keep those huge teeth away from the
2m, well, okay, said %rigger.
%hey still needed more players and so off
they went again to find more animals.
%hey went towards the water hole where the
elephants were usy spraying themselves and
each other and rolling in the mud.
3on(t let any of that water get to me, said
%rigger. !(m a cat and ! don(t like water$
Hah$ +ou(re not so fast and furious now$
said Harry and the animals urst out laughing.
&hat are you doing with that all# asked
4llie the 4lephant.
&e(re going to have a game of footall, said
/an ! *oin in, please# asked 4llie.
5o$ +ou(re far too ig$ replied Harry.
)he(d make a very good goalie, said 'erry.
5ot etween my legs$ !(m the goalposts$
said 'eoffrey.
&e will take your son, 4ddie. He(s aout the
right si,e, said Harry.
Oh, alright then. Off you go son" !(ll come
and watch you, said 4llie.
&e(ll let you play as long as you don(t
drile the all with your long trunk, laughed
Just then Lionel the Lion was passing and he
gave a very loud roar. -OOAAAAA-----$$$
Oh don(t you start$ said Harry. &e(ve had
enough already with %rigger$
Oh alright then, said Lionel, as long as you
let me play the game with you.
As long as you rememer not to roar as you
run down the pitch and don(t stick your claws
into the all" or any of the other animals$ said
Oh, alright. ! suppose so, said Lionel.
How many more do we need# said Harry.
!(m not really sure, said 'erry, ut as long
as it(s e6ual on oth sides.
)ides$ said Harry. 5oody told me there
were sides$
+es silly, that(s how they play the game$
%hey get the all and put it through the
goalposts, replied 'erry.
Oh, so we need two goalposts, said Harry.
&ell, ! hope you don(t e7pect me to run from
one goalpost to the other$ said 'eoffrey. ! was
told ! *ust had to stand there and do nothing$
! told you, said 'erry. A la,y ones$ !
know, 'erry added. &e(ll go and get Jenny
'iraffe as she is the ne7t tallest.
'reat idea$ said 'eoffrey.
On their way to find Jenny, they came across
two hyenas, known as laughing hyenas.
Hum, !(ve not seen you two efore, said
'erry. &hat are your names#
&ell, !(m Jack and she(s 3ee, replied the
first hyena.
How do you fancy a game of footall#
asked Harry.
! suppose so, said Jack reluctantly and 3ee
%hat(s okay, as long as you don(t keep
laughing up and down the pitch, said 'erry.
Huh, laughing$ %hey look so miserale they
could make you cry, said %rigger.
)oon they met up with Jenny the 'iraffe. Hi
Jenny, we(re going to play footall and 'eoffrey
is going to e one of the goalposts, said 'erry,
ut we need another goalpost for the other
! know what you(re going to ask$ said
Jenny, and the answer is 5O. ! am far too
ladylike to do such a thing. ! might reak my
&hatever you like$ said 'eoffrey.
&hat are we going to do now for the other
goalpost# asked Harry.
Hmmmm. %hey all had a think.
)uddenly a voice came out from ehind the
amoo shoots.
&hat si,e of goalpost do you need#
&ho is that# shouted 'erry. A lack and
white panda came out from ehind the amoo.
!t was Amanda the 0anda.
%he goalposts need to e aout the length of
'eoffrey(s legs, answered Harry.
Oh, that(s no prolem. !(ll ite off some
amoo to that length, make them into
goalposts with a crossar and push them into
the ground. As long as ! can play too, said
+ou can e the goalie at the amoo end,
as long as you don(t eat the goalposts$ laughed
Harry. ! know how you pandas love to eat
&hat do ! have to do as a goalie# asked
Just stop the all going through the
goalposts, said Harry.
Oh, that(s good, said Amanda, as long as
it(s not too energetic$ ! don(t do energetic$
-ight, come on, said Harry, let(s go to the
flat field and set up our goalposts.
&hen they got to the field there were several
,eras gra,ing.
/ome on, said Harry, off you go. &e(re
going to have a game of footall here.
3era the 8era said, &hat is footall#
!t(s a game where you kick the all from one
end of the field to another, said Harry, you
have to try and get a goal efore your
opponents stop you.