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Centroid CNC Alarms Errors Messages

Complete Centroid CNC Alarms Errors Messages for CNC machinists who work on cnc
mill/lathe machines with Centroid cnc control (T-series/M-series).

Centroid Alarms Errors Messages
Centroid CNC Alarms Errors Messages
o CNC software startup errors and messages
o Messages issued upon exit from CNC software
o Messages and Prompts in the Operator Status Window Status messages
o Abnormal stops (faults)
o CNC syntax errors
o Cutter compensation errors
o Parameter setting errors
o Canned cycle errors
o Miscellaneous errors
o Scaling/Mirroring errors
Centroid CNC Alarms Errors Messages
CNC software startup errors and messages
102 Error initializing CPUcannot continue.
103 Error sending setup
104 Error sending PID setup
105 mpu.plc file read error..cannot continue
106 The PC clock appears to be wrong.
199 CNC started
Messages issued upon exit from CNC software
201 Exiting CNC due to a known error
202 Exiting CNC due to a math error
204 Exiting CNCNormal Exit
222 Autotune run
Messages and Prompts in the Operator Status Window Status messages
301 Stopped
302 Moving
303 Paused
304 MDI
305 Processing
306 Job finished
307 Operator abort: job canceled
308 Waiting for input #NN
309 Waiting for CYCLE START button
310 Waiting for output #NN
311 Waiting for memory #NN
312 Waiting for PLC operation (Mnn)
313 Waiting for dwell time
314 Waiting for system #NN
315 Searching
317 Waiting for automatic tool change
318 Operator Abort probing cancelled
319 Probing cycle cancelled
320 Probe stuck
322 Stall: probing cancelled
323 Stall: job cancelled
324 Limit: probing cancelled
325 Limit: job cancelled
326 Fault: probing cancelled
327 Fault: job cancelled
328 Cutter comp error: job cancelled
329 Invalid parameter: job cancelled
330 Canned cycle error: job cancelled
331 Threading error: job cancelled
332 Search Failed
334 Locating position to resume job
335 Emergency Stop Released
336 Digitize cancelled
337 Digitize complete
338 Job Cancelled
339 Jogging
340 Limit (#__) cleared
341 Probing Cycle Finished
342 Waiting for motion to stop
343 Waiting for stop reason reset
344 Feedrate modified due to spindle
345 Waiting for spindle to get up to speed
346 Waiting for spindle direction
Abnormal stops (faults)
Abnormal stops are detected in the following order: PLC, servo drive, spindle drive, lube,
ESTOP. This means that if both the servo drive and the spindle drive have faulted, the servo
drive fault message would appear.
401 PLC failure detected
404 Spindle drive fault detected
405 Lubricant level low
406 Emergency Stop detected
407 limit (#1) tripped
408 Programmed action time expired
409 _ axis lag
410 _ axis position error
411 _ axis full power without motion
412 _ axis encoder differential error
417 Abnormal end of job
418 Search Line or Block not found
419 Search line in embedded subprogram
420 _ axis motor overheating
421 Motor(s) too hot: job canceled
422 Check Jog Panel cable
428 Check MPG cable
434 _ idling too high: Releasing power
435 _ axis runaway: Check motor wiring
436 Servo drive shutdown
437 Servo power removed
438 Spindle slave position error
439 _ axis servo drive data output error
441 _ axis overvoltage
442 _ axis undervoltage
443 _ axis commutation encoder bad
444 _ axis overtemperature detected
445 _ axis overcurrent detected
446 _ axis servo drive data input failure
447 _ axis (#) bad index pulse detected
449 Manual movement detected in restricted area
450 Voltage brake applied
451 Current brake applied
452 PC Receive Data Error
453 CPU Receive Data Error
453 Jogging while probe detected
454 axis scale encoder differential error
455 axis encoder quadrature error
456 axis scale encoder quadrature error
457 Unable to find home
461 Spindle axis is not set
462 Triangular Rotary Axis Out of Range
487 Invalid tilt table parameters
CNC syntax errors
501 Invalid character on line NNNNN
502 Invalid G code on line NNNNN
503 Invalid M function on line NNNNN
504 Invalid parameter on line NNNNN
505 Invalid value on line NNNNN
506 Only 1 M code per line
507 No closing quote
508 Macro nesting too deep
509 Option not available
510 Too many macro args
511 Missing parameter
513 Expected =
514 Empty expression
515 Syntax error in expression
516 Unmatched bracket (parenthesis)
517 Evaluation stack overflow
518 Undefined variable
519 Too many variables
520 Invalid variable name
521 Divide by zero
522 Domain error
523 Invalid value in assignment
524 Variable is read-only
526 M22x Missing initial variable
527 M22x initial variable parse error
528 M225 String variable not allowed
529 M225 invalid variable
530 M224 invalid variable
531 M22x missing initial quote
532 M22x missing end quote
533 M22x embedded quote not allowed
534 M22x character limit exceeded
535 M22x invalid format string
536 M22x missing format specifier
537 M22x Missing Argument
538 M22x argument parse error
539 M22x variable type mismatch
540 M22x variable cannot be read
542 M22x character limit exceeded
543 Missing L parameter
544 Too many axes
545 Value out of range
547 Move by counts not allowed
548 String too long
549 Line too long
Cutter compensation errors
601 Error: no compensation in MDI
603 Arc as first uncomp. move on line NNNNN
605 Canned cycle not allowed on line NNNNN
606 G53 not allowed on line NNNNN
607 Set home not allowed on line NNNNN
608 Ref. point move not allowed on line NNNNN
Parameter setting errors
701 G10 error: no R-value on line NNNNN
702 G10 error: invalid D on line NNNNN
703 G10 error: invalid H on line NNNNN
704 G10 error: invalid P on line NNNNN
705 G10 error: No D, H, or P on line NNNNN
Canned cycle errors
801 Error: No R point on line NNNNN
802 Error: Q = 0 on line NNNNN
803 Error: No Z point on line NNNNN
804 Error: Ggg invalid on line NNNNN (gg = 76, 86, 87, 88)
805 Error: No Q value on line NNNNN
806 Error: No P value on line NNNNN
807 Error: Cannot execute G__ when axis B is rotated
Miscellaneous errors
901 Ref. point invalid on line NNNNN
902 No prior G28 or G30 on line NNNNN
903 Warning: No coordinates for G50 on line NNNNN
905 Warning: 0 radius arc on line NNNNN
906 Warning: unknown arc on line NNNNN
907 _ axis travel exceeded on line NNNNN
909 Program too long: job canceled
910 No subroutines in MDI
911 Illegal recursion
913 Could not open file filename.ext
915 DSP window retry sN fN rN
916 Unexpected probe contact
917 Invalid tilt lookup table
918 Probe unable to detect surface
919 DSP window failed maximum retries
920 Unable to clear obstacle
922 Out of memory
924 File read error
925 Error reading job file
926 Failed to locate job continuation position
927 Too many subprogram calls
928 Error Loading Log Configuration file Using defaults
929 Log Level set to __
930 Log Level Configuration file not found Creating new configuration
932 Error during Tool Check
933 Log file initialized
934 Warning: Excess precision truncated
935 _ axis (#) scale disabled
936 _ axis (#) scale enabled
944 MPU requested resend
945 PC requested resend
946 PC resending
947 PC received data out of order
948 PC packet error
949 Drive map does not match hardware
Scaling/Mirroring errors
1001 Invalid scaling parameter on line NNNNN
1002 Invalid scaling center on line NNNNN
1003 G-code not allowed when scaling on line NNNNN
1004 Turn scaling off before rescaling
1005 Cannot scale arcs with different scale factors