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2009-2010 Experts of

Color Directory
Economic Security and Asset Building

A Publication of the Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative


Helping People and Communitie s Bec ome, and Remain, Ec onomically Secure
The Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative

Unleashing the potential of all Americans to generate economic growth and lay
the foundation for American competitiveness in the global marketplace requires
closing the gap in economic security and mobility that exists between people
of color and whites. Today, while the median income for a family of color is
about 70 percent of the income of a white family, the average family of color
owns only 16 cents of wealth compared to the average white family’s
dollar. Wealth, what you own minus what you owe, allows people to start a
business, buy a home, send children to college, and ensure an economically
secure retirement. Wealth is what allows families to weather the inevitable
economic ups and downs of life, provides them opportunities for innovation
and entrepreneurship, and enables them to move up the social and economic

The Insight Center’s Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative is educating policy
makers about the magnitude of the racial wealth gap and why it is important for
the economy as a whole to close it, providing the media with experts who can
speak on the important economic issues of the day, and developing solutions to
close America’s racial wealth gap for the next generation.

For more information visit www.racialwealthgap.org.

The Experts of Color Network (ECON)

The Experts of Color Network contains over 140 of the nation’s leading Native
American, Asian-American, African-American, Latino, and Native Hawaiian
scholars, advocates, community practitioners, policy analysts, researchers,
private sector leaders, philanthropists and government officials in the asset-
building field.

Since 2004, the Insight Center for Community Economic Development and
the Ford Foundation have brought together the leading asset-building scholars
and practitioners of color to ensure that economic development and policy
decisions create opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race or ethnicity.
Through research, convenings, and network building, the Insight Center and
the Ford Foundation have fostered a community of experts in the field who have
developed strategies for closing the racial wealth gap that persists in our society.

For more information and for the full list of members visit

The Insight Center for Community Economic Development

Founded in 1969, the Insight Center for Community Economic Development

is a national nonprofit research, consulting and legal organization dedicated to
building economic health and opportunity in vulnerable communities. We are a
leader in promoting policies and programs that foster economic security, and
this principle is the driving force behind all our work.

For more information about the Insight Center visit


2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

About the Experts of Color Directory

This directory contains 74 experts of color on asset-building and economic

security to serve the needs of journalists, policymakers, researchers, and others
who want to spotlight America’s racial wealth gap and craft solutions to close it.
They can offer their expertise and share their knowledge on issues that are most
relevant to today’s economy – from housing, jobs, savings and investment to
debt, credit, social insurance and business development.

The experts in this directory were selected because they are established leaders
in their fields who can lend their voice and expertise to shape national and local
economic debates. If you find an expert with the help of this directory, please let
the expert know you found them through the directory.

Please note that this directory is only a small selection of the members in the
Experts of Color Network. The complete and most up-to-date list of experts in
our database can be found at www.expertsofcolor.org

Organization of the Directory

In order to facilitate finding the right expert for your needs, we’ve organized
our experts alphabetically and have provided their contact information, a
brief biography, a description of their work and expertise, the population they
specialize in, and their fluency in a language other than English.

In the appendices, you will find the experts categorized by their last name,
expertise, state of residence and language fluency. You will also find a list of the
Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative’s publications.

Contact an Expert

If you would like us to put you in contact with an expert, please email Victor
Corral, Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative Program Associate at vcorral@
insightcced.org or call us at 510.251.2600.

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 1

Bob Agres works to encourage Type of Work
increased investments in Research, Policy, Advocacy
sustainable and community-
based approaches to economic Expertise
development by assisting Community economic
community-based economic development, sustainable
institutions that provide direct development, small business,
economic benefits to individuals, financial services
families, and communities with
education, research and technical Population Focus
Bob Agres, Jr. assistance. Mr. Agres has helped Native Hawaiians
Executive Director to establish the Hawai`i CBED
Hawai’i Alliance for Program in the State Department
Community Based Economic of Business, Economic
Development Development and Tourism, as
well as the Hawai’i Community
677 Ala Moana Blvd. Suite 702 Loan Fund, a nationally certified
Honolulu, HI 96813 community development financial
808.550.2661 institution.

Rudy Arredondo represents the Type of Work

interests of small Latino farmers Policy, Advocacy
and ranchers in Washington, DC
dealing with policy, legislation and Expertise
regulatory issues. He edits and Land, minority agriculture,
publishes the National Hispanic economic development, small
Political Reporter, and is a past business, entrepreneurship
member of the Hispanic Lobbyist
Association. He has worked Population Focus
for the DNC, the UFW, and the Latinos
Rudy Arredondo National Association of Hispanic
President, CEO Publishers. Mr. Arredondo is a Language Fluency
Latino Farmers and Ranchers recipient of the United Nations Spanish
National Trade Association Association (DC Chapter) Human
Rights Award, the Founders
717 D Street, NW, Suite 400 Leadership Award of the Hispanic
Washington, DC 20004 Democratic Club of Montgomery
202.628.8833 County, the Maryland Governor’s
hola_5@hotmail.com Citation for Health, the Maryland
House of Delegates Citation for
Health Issues Leadership and
the Maryland Senate Citation for
Health Leadership.

2 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Rep. Augare (Enrolled Blackfeet Type of Work
Member) is the Majority Whip of Policy maker, Financial Services
the MT House of Representatives. Expert
While directing a multi-state and
19 tribal nation regional planning Expertise
project, he helped create landmark Green jobs, asset-building,
public policy measures to economic development, small
support community infrastructure business, workforce development
development, and is credited
with creating a model of building Population Focus
Shannon J. Augare sustainable partnerships and Native Americans, residents from
Representative and Majority family asset building programs. He the State of Montana
Whip works with Gov. Schweitzer and
Montana House of US Senators Baucus and Tester on
Representatives economic development projects,
and serves on the US/ Thailand
Trade Negotiations taskforce to
PO Box 2031 ensure trade opportunities are
Browning, MT 59417 promoted for Indian Country.
406.450.5686 Rep. Augare serves on the MT
shannonjaugare@gmail.com Board of Crime Control, the Family
Economic Security Council and is
Chairman of the Law and Justice
Interim Committee. He is the vice-
chairman of the National Caucus of
Native American State Legislators
and serves on several committees
of the National Conference of State

Dr. Austin is an expert in the field of Type of Work

racial relations with a concentration Research
on Black Americans. His current
work focuses on workforce Expertise
development and income as Labor market conditions,
preconditions to building wealth. economic mobility and racial
Previously, he was Assistant discrimination, workforce
Director of Research at the development
Foundation Center and a Senior
Fellow at Demos. Dr. Austin has Population Focus
Algernon Austin, Ph.D. published numerous books and African-Americans
Director articles, including Getting It Wrong:
Race, Ethnicity, and How Black Public Intellectuals
the Economy Program Are Failing Black America
Economic Policy Institute (iUniverse, Inc., 2006), and
Achieving Blackness: Race, Black
1333 H Street, NW Suite 300 Nationalism, and Afrocentrism in
East Tower the Twentieth Century (NYU Press,
Washington, DC 20005 2006).

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 3

Don Baylor currently works on Type of Work
improving public policies and Research, Policy
private practices to advance the
economic and social conditions of Expertise
low- and moderate-income Texans. Workforce and economic
Previously, Mr. Baylor served as development, tax policy, debt &
a Legislative Director at New York credit, financial services
ACORN where he specialized in
such issues as the Earned Income Population Focus
Tax Credit (EITC), the minimum African-Americans, Latinos
Don E. Baylor, Jr. wage, affordable housing, and
Senior Policy Analyst welfare reform.
Center for Public Policy Priorities

900 Lydia Street

Austin, TX 78702

Janis Bowdler oversees policy Type of Work

analysis, research, and advocacy Civil Rights, Advocacy
on issues related to housing,
homeownership, wealth-building Expertise
and financial services in the Homeownership, predatory lending
Latino community. Previously, she and other financial abuses, asset-
was the Project Manager for a building, debt & credit, financial
residential redevelopment project services
at the Famicos Foundation.
Population Focus
Janis Bowdler Latinos
Deputy Director
Wealth Building Policy Project
National Council of La Raza

Raul Yzaguirre Building

1126 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

4 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Melissa is a Senior Strategist Type of Work
for Green For All, a national Philanthropy, Researcher, Policy
organization dedicated to building Advocate Financial Sector Expert
an inclusive green economy that
will lift people out of poverty, Expertise
where she leads the Capital Green jobs, business /
Access Program that provides microenterprise, debt & credit,
human, social and financial financial education, products &
capital to entrepreneurs and services, savings & investment,
businesses to create, scale and post-secondary education training,
Melissa L. Bradley sustain green jobs. Melissa is the wealth disparities, workforce
Senior Strategist, Founder and former Managing development
Capital Access Program Director of New Capitalist™, which
Green For All creates economically profitable Population Focus
and sustainable individuals, People of Color, Asian Americans,
4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW businesses and communities, and Latinos, Native Americans, youth,
Suite #106-123 Positive Impact™ - an initiative rural populations and ex-offenders
Washington, DC 20016 that promotes diverse voices and
917.549.6092 visions within independent media.
melissa@greenforall.org She is the Founder and President
of Reentry Strategies Institute,
the only national criminal justice
intermediary explicitly focused on
reentry, and serves as an Advisor
to the Renewal 2 Investment Fund,
and holds board positions with
Georgetown University Board of
Governors, Social Venture Network
(ex-officio), Green America (Chair),
the Creative Capital Foundation,
and the Tides Network &
Foundation. Previously, Melissa
was a VP at UBS, and a Financial
Regulatory Affairs Fellow with the
US Department of Treasury.

Joe Brooks works to foster civic Type of Work

engagement by individuals and Research, Policy, Advocacy
community organizations and
has worked to solve problems Expertise
through mobilizing people and Homeownership, land, savings &
organizations across the small investment, wealth disparities
towns of the Mississippi Delta
and in big metropolitan centers. Population Focus
He currently heads an innovative Communities of color
PolicyLink initiative to address the
Joe Brooks growing crisis facing boys and men
Vice President for Civic of color, bringing together a diverse
Engagement cross-section of constituencies
PolicyLink to address the challenges of
social and economic justice. Mr.
1438 Webster Street, Suite 303 Brooks also has had extensive
Oakland, CA 94612 experience addressing rural black
510.663.2333 landownership issues and was a
jb@policylink.org senior manager in the Berkeley,
California government focusing
on neighborhood community
development. He has served
as president of the Emergency
Land Fund, editor of the Review
of Black Political Economy,
and as a program executive for
Neighborhood and Community
Development at the San Francisco

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 5

Francis is the Founder and Type of Work
Executive Director of TIGRA, a Community Practitioner, Policy
movement center for transnational Advocate
organizing that promotes global
justice through the economic Expertise
power of immigrants—those who Immigration, remittances, financial
send billions of dollars through education, products & services,
the wires to support the families organizing strategies
they’ve left behind. Francis has
spent twenty-five years as a Population Focus
Francis Calpotura community organizer, trainer and People of color, immigrants, global
Founder & Executive Director writer, and has been Co-Director migrants
Transnational Institute for at the Center for Third World
Grassroots Research and Organizing where he founded Language Fluency
Action (TIGRA) innovative training and organizing Tagalog, Spanish
projects like the Minority Activist
900 Alice St. #320 Apprenticeship Program. He is a
Oakland, CA 94612 founding member of the National
510.338.4915 Organizers Alliance, Californians for
fcalpotura@transnationalaction.org Justice, the Alliance for Philippine
Concerns, and the Asian Pacific
Environmental Network, and has
received awards, fellowships,
and recognitions for his work.
In 2006, the InterCommunity
Peace & Justice Center in Seattle
characterized him as an “Effective
Social Changer,” and in 2007,
ColorLines Magazine named him
a “Social Change Innovator to

Dennis Campa has more than Type of Work

36 years of experience in human Policy expert, Community
development services at the city, Practitioner, Consultant
county and state levels. Through
a network of private and public Expertise
sector partnerships, he leads Debt & credit, home ownership,
the Department of Community tax policy, financial products,
Initiatives to use its investments services and education, post-
and strategies to address issues secondary education & training,
confronting families, the elderly savings & investment, workforce
Dennis Campa and the workforce of San Antonio. development
Director Dennis leads projects that include
City of San Antonio Department of financial economic success Population Focus
Community Initiatives programs for working families, Residents of San Antonio,
subsidized child care, services communities of color, immigrants
115 Plaza De Armas, Ste 210 for the elderly and disabled;
San Antonio, TX 78205 workforce development, youth
210.207.7209 development, and homeless
dennis.campa@sanantonio.gov assistance among others. In 2009,
Dennis was selected by CFED as
an “Innovator-in-Residence” and
will be launching comprehensive
savings programs that will be
linked to loan products, education,
car ownership and housing
stabilization in innovative ways
to help individuals and families
achieve economic security.

6 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

James Carr is a nationally Type of Work
recognized expert on housing and Policy, Research
urban policy, and the development
of innovative financial instruments Expertise
and strategies to promote Homeownership, business/
affordable lending, inner-city microenterprise, debt & credit, tax
development, and wealth creation policy, financial education, financial
for lower-income households. Mr. products & services, land, savings
Carr is also a visiting professor at & investment, wealth disparities,
Columbia University and George workforce development
James Carr Washington University. He has
Chief Operating Officer been a Senior VP for the Fannie Population Focus
National Community Mae Foundation and Assistant African-Americans, Latinos,
Reinvestment Coalition Director for Tax Policy with the Immigrants
U.S. Senate Budget Committee.
727 15th Street, Suite 900 He is an Aspen Institute Scholar
Washington, DC 20005 and recipient of the Community
202.628.8866 Impact Award from the National
jcarr@ncrc.org Organization of Black County
Officials, and has served as Vice
Chair of the Washington Urban
League, Trustee of the National
Cathedral Association, and
Member of the Board of Directors
for The Washington Ballet. Mr.
Carr is currently an Advisory
Committee member of the Federal
Reserve Bank of San Francisco
and the Center for Community
Development Investments.

Mariko is the author of a Type of Work

forthcoming book on the gender Research, Consulting
wealth gap titled Shortchanged:
Why Women Have Less Wealth Expertise
and What Can be Done About it Gender wealth gap, debt &
(Oxford University Press, 2009). credit, home ownership, savings
Previously, she was an Associate & investment, social insurance,
Professor of Sociology at Harvard wealth disparities
University where she published
on the use of social networks for Population Focus
Mariko Chang, Ph.D. gathering financial information and Women, people of color, youth,
Author and Independent began her work on the gender rural populations, and ex-offenders
Consultant wealth gap. In addition to her
book on the gender wealth gap,
10 Overlook Dr. she is creating a website devoted
Acton, MA 01720 to providing easily-accessible
978.844.3529 data and fact sheets on wealth
mchang19@gmail.com inequality, including detailed
information on assets and debts by
gender, race, and other important

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 7

Roger Clay currently leads Type of Work
the Insight Center, a national Research, Policy, Community
research, consulting and legal Practice
organization dedicated to building
economic health and opportunity Expertise
in vulnerable communities. He Homeownership, business
has extensive experience in development, workforce
community development and development
public interest law. He has been
General Counsel for the California Population Focus
Roger Clay Housing Finance Agency, and African-Americans, communities
President Vice President of the Corporation of color
Insight Center for Community for Supportive Housing. He has
Economic Development been a board member of the
Center for Community Change,
2201 Broadway, Suite 815 Vice-Chair of the Stanford Board
Oakland, CA 94612 of Trustees, the chair of both the
510.251.2600 American Bar Association (ABA)
rclay@insightcced.org Forum on Affordable Housing
and Community Development
Law and the ABA Commission on
Homelessness and Poverty. He is
currently on the National Advisory
Board for the Stanford Institute on
Research in the Social Sciences.
Mr. Clay recently received the
2009 Michael S. Scher Award
for outstanding service and
commitment to affordable housing
and community development law
from the ABA.

Teresa Cordova is an Associate Type of Work

Professor of Community and Researcher, Policy advocate
Regional Planning at the University
of New Mexico, where she Expertise
teaches community and urban Business/microenterprise, post-
development, and community secondary education & training,
economics. She is the Director community economic development
of the Resource Center for Raza
Planning which does research and Population Focus
policy analysis on issues affecting Latinos
Teresa Cordova, Ph.D. traditional communities in New
Associate Professor Mexico. She works on issues
School of Architecture related to environmental justice
and Planning global/local relations, grassroots
University of New Mexico activism, and community
development. She is the President
2401 Central Ave NE of the Rio Grande Community
Albuquerque, NM 87121 Development Corporation and
505.277.5050 sits on numerous boards and
tcordova@unm.edu steering committees of community
development corporations,
planning organizations, and
campus committees.

8 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Robin Danner has over 20 years Type of Work
of public and private sector Research, Policy, Consulting
experience working with native
communities around issues of Expertise
housing and community economic Business/microenterprise,
development. Ms. Danner currently homeownership, financial
leads an organization dedicated education, financial products &
to capacity building and providing services, savings & investment,
support services to agencies and workforce development
organizations focused primarily on
Robin Danner Native communities in Hawaii and Population Focus
President & CEO the Pacific. Native Hawaiians
Council for Native Hawaiian

1050 Queen Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, HI 96814
800.709.CNHA (2642)

Dr. Darity’s research includes Type of Work

a focus on inequality by race, Researcher, Consultant
class and ethnicity, stratification
economics, the racial achievement Expertise
gap, skin shade and labor Post-secondary education &
market outcomes, and the training, wealth disparities,
social psychological effects of labor market issues, workforce
unemployment exposure. He development
previously served as director of
the Institute of African American Population Focus
William A. Darity, Ph.D. Research at UNC Chapel Hill, People of Color, African
Arts and Sciences Professor of was a fellow at the National Americans, Latinos
Public Policy Studies, Economics, Humanities Center, and a visiting
and African and African American scholar at the Federal Reserve’s
Studies Board of Governors. He is a past
Sanford School of Public Policy president of the National Economic
Association and the Southern
Duke University Economic Association, and Editor
Sanford Building in Chief of a new edition of the
Durham, NC 27708 International Encyclopedia of the
919.612.1171 Social Sciences. He has published
william.darity@duke.edu or edited 10 books and more
than 200 articles in professional
journals, his most recent books
include Boundaries of Clan and
Color: Transnational Comparisons
of Inter-Group Disparity (co-editor
2003) published by Routledge.

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 9

Melany Dela Cruz runs the Asian Type of Work
Pacific American Community Policy advocate, Community
Development Data Center, a Practitioner, Researcher
partnership of the UCLA Asian
American Studies Center, the Expertise
National Coalition for Asian Demographics, business/
Pacific American Community microenterprise, home ownership,
Development (CAPACD), and post-secondary education &
U.S. Census Bureau Census training, community economic
Information Center Program— development
Melany Dela Cruz which serves the census data
Assistant Director, needs of CAPACD members and Population Focus
Asian American Studies Center other Asian and Pacific Islander Asian Americans
University of California Los Angeles organizations who work on
housing and community economic
3230 Campbell Hall development. Melany provides
Los Angeles, CA 90095 training and technical support on
310.206.7738 gathering and using census data;
melanyd@ucla.edu develops reports on Asian and
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
subpopulation group census data;
as well as specialized reports,
data, or mapping services to meet
the specific needs of community-
based organizations.

Zhu Xiao Di’s work focuses on Type of Work

wealth and income distribution Research
and growth, debt and inheritance,
housing demand and housing Expertise
policy, and international Debt & credit, homeownership,
development and public housing wealth disparities
policy. Mr. Di is a contributor
to The Oxford Handbook of Population Focus
Pensions and Retirement Income Communities of color
(Oxford University Press, 2006),
Zhu Xiao Di and Land Policies and Their Language Fluency
Senior Research Analyst Outcomes (Lincoln Institute of Chinese (Mandarin)
Joint Center for Housing Studies Land Policy, 2007). In addition
Harvard University to helping produce “The State of
the Nation’s Housing” report that
1033 Massachusetts Avenue is annually released by the Joint
5th Floor Center, he has authored or co-
Cambridge, MA 02138 authored numerous Joint Center
617.495.7908 publications on various issues
zhu_xiao_di@harvard.edu relating to asset-building.

10 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Rebecca Dixon specializes in state Type of Work
budget and tax analysis and policy Policy, Research, Advocacy
supports for low-income working
families. Ms. Dixon has experience Expertise
in community economic Business and microenterprise,
development law, nonprofit law, homeownership, tax policy,
and low-income health care policy. financial products & services, post-
secondary education & training

Population Focus
Rebecca Dixon African-Americans
Policy Analyst
Enterprise Corporation
of the Delta

4 Old River Place
Jackson, MS 39202

Karen Edwards, a member of Type of Work

the Choctaw tribe, was the co- Research
founder of the Center for Social
Development (CSD), and currently Expertise
consults with CSD and the Kathryn Tax policy, financial education,
M. Buder Center for American land, savings & investment, wealth
Indian Studies at Washington disparities
University in St. Louis, First Nations
Development Institute, and the First Population Focus
Nations OWEESTA Corporation. Native Hawaiians, Native
Karen Edwards Ms. Edwards has served as a Americans
President resource for IDA programs and
KME Consulting state IDA policymakers and
advocates, and has conducted
15872 294th Circle studies on EITC, IDAs, and other
Arkansas City, KS 67005 asset initiatives serving Native
314.225.9335 communities.

Dr. Fenelon is a social justice Type of Work

advocate who has published Research
extensively in the areas of
American Indian sociopolitical Expertise
issues, race/ethnic conflicts, Urban community conflicts,
and social policies. In his book, indigenous community struggles,
Culturicide, Resistance, and land, post-secondary education &
Survival of the Lakota (Sioux training
Nation, 1998), he developed
theories and methods of analyzing Population Focus
James Fenelon, Ph.D. the United States’ domination of Native Americans
Professor Native Americans through a study
California State University of the Lakota society.
San Bernardino

5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 11

Tanya Fiddler, a member of the Type of Work
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, heads Community Development Financial
a nationally recognized Native Institutions (CDFI)
CDFI that is the lead organization
on the Cheyenne River Indian Expertise
Reservation in the areas of small Small business/microenterprise
business training and lending, development, financial education,
entrepreneurship, education and products and services, savings &
financial literacy. Previously, Tanya investments, housing and home
worked as a housing specialist lending
Tanya Fiddler for a reservation-based, Native
Executive Director nonprofit housing development Population Focus
Four Bands Community Fund organization. Tanya is the Native Americans, rural, and
recipient of the Small Business underserved populations
Four Bands Community Fund Administration’s 2007 Minority
Box 932 Business Champion award for
Eagle Butte, SD 57625 South Dakota and SBA Region
605.964.3687 VIII, and the 2007 Visionary
tfiddler@fourbands.org Leader Award for Outstanding
Achievement from First Nations
Oweesta Corporation for her
contributions to the Native CDFI
industry and local asset building
efforts. In 2008, she was selected
as the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Entrepreneur Advocate of the Year
and received an Aspen Institute
Fellowship. Tanya serves on
several non-profit boards and is
the Co-Chair of the Native CDFI
Network and South Dakota Indian
Business Alliance.

Jose Garcia provides statistical Type of Work

and policy analysis on issues such Policy, Research, Advocacy
as household debt and assets.
Mr. Garcia is co-author of Up to Expertise
Our Eyeballs: How Shady Lenders Debt & credit, homeownership,
and Failed Economic Policies financial products & services
are Drowning Americans in Debt
(Demos and The New Press, Population Focus
2008). He was the past Vice African-Americans, Latinos
President for Policy at the National
Jose Garcia Institute for Latino Policy (NILP), Language Fluency
Associate Director for Research and his writings and opinions have Spanish
and Policy appeared in the Boston Globe,
Economic Opportunity Program BusinessWeek, USA Today, Los
Demos Angeles Times, Daily News,
Univision and El Diario.
220 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001

12 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

A national leader for social justice Type of Work
and equity, Ms. Blackwell seeks Policy, Research, Advocacy
to strengthen America by creating
stronger low-income communities Expertise
and communities of color. A Poverty, race and democracy,
former senior VP at the Rockefeller healthy and affordable
Foundation, she has appeared on communities, equitable
Nightline, PBS’s NOW, and is a development
frequent commentator on public
radio’s Marketplace and The Population Focus
Angela Glover Blackwell Tavis Smiley Show, and has been Communities of color
Founder & CEO featured on the opinion pages of
PolicyLink numerous national newspapers.
She is the founder of the Oakland
1438 Webster Street, Suite 303 Urban Strategies Council, where
Oakland, CA 94612 she pioneered new approaches to
510.663.2333 neighborhood revitalization, and
Ashley@policylink.org was a partner at Public Advocates,
a nationally known public interest
law firm. She is the co-author of
Searching for the Uncommon
Common Ground: New
Dimensions on Race in America
(W.W. Norton & Co., 2002), and
contributed to Ending Poverty
in America: How to Restore the
American Dream (The New Press,
2007), an anthology edited by John
Edwards. She serves on numerous
boards and co-chairs a task force
on poverty for the Center for
American Progress.

Moises Gonzales works to Type of Work

empower communities to drive Consulting, Design
and command the development
process at the community and Expertise
neighborhood level. Mr. Gonzales Urban/landscape design,
was the former Executive Director community organizing and
and founder of the Mexicano Land development, land
Education and Conservation Trust,
and is a recipient of the Loeb Population Focus
Fellowship for Sustainable Urban Latinos
Moises Gonzales Design at the Harvard Graduate
Owner, Landscape Urbanist, School of Design. Language Fluency
Urban Planner Spanish
Chimal Designs

116 Derramadera NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 13

Luis Granados works on issues Type of Work
of asset-building as they relate Community Economic
to low- and moderate-income Development
individuals, particularly Spanish-
speaking Latinos. He has led Expertise
the development of a business, Homeownership, asset-building,
homeownership, and asset small business development
development program, and
currently leads the development of Population Focus
Plaza Adelante, a one-stop asset Latinos
Luis Granados development and family support
Executive Director center for low-income individuals. Language Fluency
Mission Economic He was a founding member of Spanish
Development Agency the Mission Anti-Displacement
Coalition and the San Francisco
3505 Mission St. Homeownership Center. He serves
San Francisco, CA 94110 on the Board of Directors for the
415.282.3334 National Association of Latino
lgranados@medasf.org Community Asset Builders, the
California Reinvestment Coalition,
the California Association of
Micro-Enterprise Organizations,
the Mission Asset Fund and the
Galeria de la Raza.

Gena Gunn works directly with Type of Work

state assets policymakers and Research, Consulting
advocates providing technical
assistance on the development Expertise
of asset policies and inclusive Debt & credit, asset policy,
and diverse statewide asset- wealth disparities, economic and
building coalitions. Ms. Gunn workforce development
also directs a placed-based
community economic development Population Focus
research project and serves as Communities of color
Gena Gunn the community liaison for asset-
Project Director building initiatives.
Center for Social Development
Washington University
George Warren Brown School
of Social Work

Campus Box 1196

One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130

14 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Dr. Hamilton works on issues Type of Work
of racial and ethnic inequality in Research
economic and health outcomes,
wealth disparities, homeownership, Expertise
and labor market outcomes. He Wealth disparities,
is an affiliate scholar at the Center homeownership, workforce
for American Progress, and a co- development, health
Associate Director of the American
Economic Association Summer Population Focus
Research and Minority Scholarship African-Americans
Darrick Hamilton, Ph.D. Program. Dr. Hamilton’s work
Assistant Professor has been funded by the Ford
Milano The New School for Foundation, the National Institutes
Management and Urban Policy of Health, the National Science
Foundation and the Robert Wood
72 Fifth Avenue Johnson Foundation. He has
New York, NY 10011 been published in the American
212.229.5400 x1514 Economics Review, the Review of
hamiltod@newschool.edu Black Political Economy, among

Dr. Hao’s research areas include Type of Work

immigration, social inequality, Research, Policy
family and public policy, social
demography, quantitative methods, Expertise
and advanced statistics. She is Wealth disparities, immigration,
currently studying the impact of health, education
immigration on inter-generational
mobility and health, and the impact Population Focus
of public schools on educational Communities of Color, Immigrants
and economic achievement of
Lingxin Hao, Ph.D. students from disadvantaged Language Fluency
Professor of Sociology backgrounds. Previously, Dr. Hao Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese)
Department of Sociology was a post-doctoral fellow and
Johns Hopkins University a consultant in the Labor and
Population Program at the RAND
3400 N. Charles St. Corporation. She has published
Baltimore, MD 21218 USA numerous journal articles, book
410.516.4022 chapters and has written three
hao@jhu.edu books, including Color Lines,
Country Lines: Race, Immigration,
and Wealth Stratification in
America (Russell Sage Foundation,

Lisa Hasegawa is a powerful Type of Work

voice for the unique community Policy, Advocacy
development needs of Asian
American and Pacific Islander Expertise
(AAPI) communities. Ms. Debt & credit, homeownership,
Hasegawa has served as the financial education, financial
Community Liaison for the products & services, wealth
White House Initiative on Asian disparities, workforce development
Americans Pacific Islanders, the
Chair for the National Council Population Focus
Lisa Hasegawa for Asian Pacific Americans, and Asians, Native Hawaiians, Pacific
Executive Director currently serves on the Board of Islanders, Immigrants
National Coalition for Asian the National Low Income Housing
Pacific American Community Coalition.
Development (CAPACD)

1628 16th Street, NW - 4th Floor

Washington, DC 20009

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 15

Sarah Hicks is an enrolled member Type of Work
of the Native Village of Ouzinkie. Research, Policy, Advocacy
Ms. Hicks previously worked for
the Bureau of Indian Affairs. She Expertise
is a welfare reform expert and the Social insurance, savings &
founding director of NCAI’s Policy investments
Research Center which operates
with a tribally-driven, capacity- Population Focus
building research agenda for the Native Americans
benefit of tribal communities. With
Sarah Hicks, Ph.D. guidance from tribal leadership
Director and NCAI, Sarah sets the strategic
National Congress of American direction for the Policy Research
Indians (NCAI) Center and oversees the Center’s
Policy Research Center work. She also serves as principal
investigator on a number of the
1516 P Street NW, Center’s projects.
Washington DC 20005

Savi Horne leads a public interest Type of Work

law firm created by the North Policy, Law, Consulting
Carolina Association of Black
Lawyers in response to the decline Expertise
in family farmers and low-income Land, agricultural policy, minority
and minority landowners. In this farmers, business/microenterprise,
capacity, she develops agriculture debt & credit, homeownership
policy initiatives at regional and
federal levels that encourage Population Focus
minority and limited-resource African-Americans
Savi Horne farmers to continue to work on the
Executive Director land. She specializes in minority
Land Loss Prevention Project agricultural issues, sustainable
agriculture, food systems policy, and
411 West Chapel Hill St. environmental justice policy. Ms.
Suite 1104 Horne has received awards from
Durham, NC 27701 the Southern Region Sustainable
800.672.5839 Research & Education Program,
savi@landloss.org and the Environmental Protection

Paul Hudson is an expert on Type of Work

community based financial Financial Services, Community
services. He heads Broadway Development
Federal Bank, the 4th largest
Black-owned bank in the Expertise
country, with a 60+ year history Business/microenterprise,
of service to underserved urban homeownership, financial
communities. Mr. Hudson is education, financial products &
active on many boards including services, savings & investment
the Los Angeles Community
Paul Hudson Redevelopment Agency, the Population Focus
Chairman and CEO Orthopedic Hospital Foundation, Communities of color
Broadway Federal Bank the Red Cross, the Southern
California Counseling Center, and
4800 Wilshire Boulevard chairs the Board of Community
Los Angeles, CA 90010 Build, Inc.

16 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Hyepin Im helps faith-based and Type of Work
community based organizations Community Practice, Research,
build capacity in economic Consulting
development. She has partnered
with the FDIC and Freddie Expertise
Mac to develop a Korean Homeownership, financial
curriculum in financial literacy and education, savings & investment,
homeownership, and implemented workforce and economic
a $5 million U.S. Dept. of Labor development
workforce development program.
Hyepin Im Ms. Im has organized a faith- Population Focus
President & CEO based conference in conjunction Asian Americans, Immigrants
Korean Churches for Community with the White House, and the
Development U.S. Department of Housing and Language Fluency
Urban Development, and has also Korean
3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 922 developed a national database and
Los Angeles, CA 90010 research study on Asian American
213.985.1500 churches. Her work and opinions
hyepin@gmail.com have appeared in numerous
national media outlets.

Terry Janis, an Oglala Lakota, Type of Work

works extensively on Native Community Practitioner
American and international
indigenous education, human Expertise
rights, and native land ownership. Tribal land ownership, education,
At the Northwest Area Foundation, law, indigenous rights, rural
he helped to design and implement development
a rural leadership program,
Horizons. Currently, Mr. Janis sits Population Focus
on the board of the Two Feathers Native Americans
Terry Janis Endowment of The Saint Paul
Program Officer Foundation and is a member of
Indian Land Tenure Foundation Native Americans in Philanthropy,
the National Indian Education
151 East County Road B2 Association, the National Congress
Little Canada, MN 55117 of American Indians, and the State
651.766.8999 Bar of Arizona.

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 17

After 9/11, together with workers Type of Work
from Windows on the World, Policy, Advocacy, Research
the restaurant at the top of
the World Trade Center, Saru Expertise
Jayaraman founded and ran an Business/microenterprise,
immigrant workers’ organizing workforce and economic
center for restaurant workers. At development, wealth disparities,
ROC-U, Ms. Jayaraman conducts domestic and international labor
research and policy work related
to the restaurant industry, Population Focus
Saru Jayaraman works to win workplace justice Communities of color, Immigrants
Co-Director campaigns, and has launched a
Restaurant Opportunities Center, cooperatively-owned restaurant. Language Fluency
United (ROC-U) She is an Assistant Professor of Spanish
Public Interest Law at Brooklyn
275 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2300 College, and previously created
New York, NY 10001 and developed The Alliance For
917.226.3713 Justice, a new Law and Organizing
saru@rocunited.org Program at the Workplace Project,
a Latino immigrant workers’
rights center. Ms. Jayaraman has
appeared on many national media
outlets and has been recognized
for her work by President Bill
Clinton, Crain’s Business Weekly,
the Rockefeller Foundation, Mayor
Michael Bloomberg and the
Harvard Foundation.

Dr. Jones-DeWeever is an expert Type of Work

on poverty in urban communities, Research, Policy, Advocacy
inequality of educational
opportunity and the impact of Expertise
welfare reform on women and Health, education, economic
communities of color. She is the empowerment, post-secondary
author of numerous publications education & training, wealth
on policy issues affecting women disparities
of color, including Women in the
Wake of the Storm: Examining Population Focus
Avis Jones-DeWeever, Ph.D. the Post-Katrina Realities of the Women, African-Americans,
Director Women of New Orleans and the communities of color
Research, Public Policy and Gulf Coast; Saving Ourselves:
Information Center for African African American Women and
American Women, the HIV/AIDS Crisis; Resilient and
National Council of Negro Women Reaching for More: Challenges
and Benefits of Higher Education
633 Pennsylvania Ave. NW for Welfare Recipients; and the
Washington, DC 20004 forthcoming, Black Girls in the City
202.737.0120 of New York: Quiet Strength, Bold
jones-deweever@ncnw.org Resilience. She is a highly sought-
after political commentator whose
policy perspectives have been
featured on CNN, NPR, the New
York Times, and the Washington

18 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Dr. Kijakazi works in the Type of Work
Ford Foundation’s Economic Policy, Research
Development Unit in the Asset-
building and Community Expertise
Development Program. She is Social insurance & Social Security,
responsible for taking to scale savings & investments, pensions
the work on facilitating savings
and investments for low-income Population Focus
families and individuals, and Communities of color
ensuring that these asset-building
Kilolo Kijakazi, Ph.D. strategies are culturally relevant
Program Officer to the communities they impact.
Ford Foundation Previously, Dr. Kijakazi worked at
the Center on Budget and Policy
320 East 43rd Street, 6th Floor Priorities where she specialized in
New York, NY 10017 Social Security, provided testimony
212.573.5000 before Congress, and served as
k.kijakazi@fordfound.org a panelist at the White House
Conference on Social Security
under the Clinton Administration.
Prior to that, she worked at the
US Department of Agriculture,
Food and Nutrition Service where
she designed and monitored
evaluations of the Food Stamp
Program, and at the National
Urban League. She is the author of
many scholarly articles published
by the National Academy of Social
Insurance, the Gerontological
Society and others. In 1997 she
published a book titled, African-
American Economic Development
and Small Business Ownership
(Garland Publishing, 1997).

Dr. Kutty is a policy consultant who Type of Work

specializes in elderly household Research, Policy
finances and Social Security. She
is particularly interested in wealth/ Expertise
asset accumulation strategies Homeownership, business/
through housing and financial microenterprise, tax policy,
investments. Dr. Kutty’s research financial education, financial
has been published in peer- products & services, savings &
reviewed journals of economics investment, social insurance
and public policy. She is the
Nandinee K. Kutty, Ph.D. co-editor and contributor for Population Focus
Independent Consultant Segregation: The Rising Costs Communities of color, Immigrants
for America (Routledge, 2008),
1040 N. Quincy St. Apt. 411 and previously taught at Cornell Language Fluency
Arlington, VA 22201 University. Hindi

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 19

Dr. Leigh works in the areas of Type of Work
health policy, housing policy, Research
income security/asset building, and
labor market issues. Previously, Expertise
she was a principal analyst at Homeownership, Social Security &
the U.S. Congressional Budget social insurance, wealth disparities
Office, and has held positions at
the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Population Focus
U.S. Department of Labor, the Communities of color
U.S. Department of Housing and
Wilhelmina Leigh, Ph.D. Urban Development, the Urban
Senior Research Associate Institute, and the National Urban
Joint Center for Political and League. Dr. Leigh has taught at
Economic Studies Georgetown, Harvard, and Howard
universities, and the University of
1090 Vermont Ave., NW, Virginia. She is an elected member
Suite 1100 of the National Academy of Social
Washington, DC 20005 Insurance.

For over 30 years, Meizhu Lui has Type of Work

dedicated herself to economic Research, Policy, Advocacy
justice, working as an educator,
organizer, and academic scholar. Expertise
She currently heads an initiative Community, economic, and
to close the racial wealth gap. workforce development, wealth
Previously Ms. Lui headed United disparities, tax policy
for a Fair Economy, and was the
first Asian American to become Population Focus
the elected President of a local Communities of color
Meizhu Lui union in Massachusetts. Her work
Director for racial and gender equality has
Closing the Racial Wealth Gap been recognized by the Boston
Initiative Women’s Fund, the Union of
Insight Center for Community Minority Neighborhoods, and
Economic Development the Labor Studies Program at
the University of Massachusetts
2201 Broadway, Suite 815 in Boston. She is a Trustee of
Oakland, CA 94612 the Hyams Foundation and was
510.251.2600 selected for the 2007 Barr Fellows
mlui@insightcced.org Program. Ms. Lui also served on
the Center for American Progress
National Initiative to End Poverty,
and co-authored The Color of
Wealth: The Story Behind the
US Racial Wealth Divide (The
New Press, 2006). Meizhu has
appeared on CNN, C-SPAN, and
her op-eds have been published
by the Washington Post and the
San Francisco Chronicle. She is a
member of Politico’s Arena and a
“Braintruster”of the New Deal 2.0

20 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Christine McPherson is a member Type of Work
of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe Research, Policy
of Chippewa Indians who has
advocated for services for children Expertise
on tribal, state, and national levels Debt & credit, homeownership,
for many years. She previously land, post-secondary education &
served as the Division Director training
of Anishnabek Community and
Family Services, a comprehensive Population Focus
social services agency for the Native Americans
Christine McPherson tribe. She has also served on the
Managing Director Michigan Governor’s Task Force on
Indian Child Welfare Program Children’s Justice.
Casey Family Programs

1300 Dexter Ave. North, Floor 3

Seattle, WA 98109

Elsie Meeks has over 20 years Type of Work

of experience working for Research, Advocacy, Community
Native community economic Development Financial Institutions
development. In February 2009, (CDFIs)
Elsie Meeks was nominated to
serve as the Director of the USDA Expertise
Rural Development Office in Savings & investments, financial
South Dakota, her confirmation services, land
is pending. Ms. Meeks serves
as chairperson of the Lakota Population Focus
Elsie Meeks Funds and is a board member Native Americans, rural
Director of the South Dakota of the Corporation for Enterprise populations
USDA Rural Development Office Development, Northwest
Area Foundation, Council on
USDA Rural Development Foundations and the Oglala Sioux
State Office Tribe Partnership for Housing. She
200 4th Street SW is an International Advisory Council
Federal Building, Room 210 member of Native Nations Institute
Huron, SD 57350 and is on the Board of Governors
605.352.1100 for the Honoring Nations program
of the Harvard Project on American
Indian Economic Development.
She completed a six-year term
on the U.S. Commission on
Civil Rights and was the first
Native American to serve on the
Commission. Ms. Meeks is the
current chairperson for the Native
Financial Education Coalition.

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 21

Lisa Mensah is an expert in using Type of Work
financial tools to improve the Policy, Research
economic security of the working
poor, and works to encourage Expertise
personal savings for low- and Homeownership, financial
middle-income Americans. education, pension, savings &
She leads an advisory board investment
to explore financial products
that build wealth from birth to Population Focus
retirement for working families. Communities of color
Lisa Mensah Ms. Mensah has served as a
Executive Director Deputy Director for the Economic
Initiative on Financial Security Development Unit, and the Rural
The Aspen Institute Poverty and Resources program
at the Ford Foundation, working
271 Madison Avenue, Suite 804 on microfinance and women’s
New York, NY 10016 economic development, and was
212.895.8070 the leading national funder of
lisa.mensah@aspeninstitute.org individual development accounts
to community organizations. Prior
to her work at Ford, she worked
in the Corporate Finance Analysis
Division of Citibank.

Thomas Mitchell is a national Type of Work

expert on the issue of African- Research, Policy
American landownership, and
is working with the National Expertise
Conference of Commissioners and Rural community development
the Ford Foundation on Uniform and legal issues governing the
State Laws on drafting the Uniform ownership and retention of
Tenancy in Common Partition property in poor and minority
Act. He serves on the American communities in rural America
Bar Association’s Property
Thomas Mitchell Preservation Task Force and is Population Focus
Associate Professor the Vice-President of the board of African-Americans
University of Wisconsin Law School Farmers’ Legal Action Group.

975 Bascom Mall

Madison, WI 53706

Kirsten Moy heads the Aspen Type of Work

Institute’s Economic Opportunities Research, Policy
Program, which promotes learning
about highly promising poverty Expertise
alleviation, self-employment, Asset building for low-income
and employment strategies. Ms. consumers, community
Moy previously led a national development finance, socially
research project at the Community responsible investing, scale-up of
Development Innovation and community-based organizations
Infrastructure Initiative (CDIII). and initiatives
Kirsten Moy She was a distinguished visitor
Director with the Human and Community Population Focus
Economic Opportunities Program Development program of the John Underserved and under-banked
The Aspen Institute D. and Catherine T. MacArthur communities, communities of color
Foundation, and served as
One Dupont Circle, NW the Director of the Community
Suite 700 Development Financial Institutions
Washington, DC 20036 Fund (CDFI) at the US Department
202.736.5800 of Treasury under President
kirsten.moy@aspeninstitute.org Clinton.

22 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Jessica Gordon Nembhard is a Type of Work
political economist, policy analyst, Research, Teaching, Consulting
and an educator. Her research
focuses on community and asset Expertise
based economic development Community economic
and policy; democratic community development and asset building,
economics, cooperative cooperative businesses,
economics and worker ownership; microenterprise, post-secondary
and wealth building in communities education & training, workforce
of color. She is a specialist development
Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Ph.D. in developing and analyzing
Associate Professor indicators of asset building Population Focus
African American through cooperative ownership. African-Americans, low-income
Studies Department She co-edited the volume Wealth and urban communities
John Jay College, CUNY Accumulation and Communities
of Color in the U.S.: Current
445 West 59th St., Rm. 3217N Issues with Ngina Chiteji (Univ.
New York, NY 10009 of Michigan Press, 2006); and is
jgordonnembhard@gmail.com completing a book on the history
of African- American cooperatives.
Dr. Gordon Nembhard is a Master
Teacher for Howard University’s
Summer Institute on Race and
Wealth, and a visiting scholar
with the Howard Economics
Department’s Center on Race and
Wealth. She is a board member of
the National Economic Association,
The Ecological Democracy Institute
of North American and Grassroots
Economic Organizing Newsletter,
the Black Enterprise Magazine
Board of Economists and the
editorial board of the journal
Feminist Economics.

Dr. Oliver is a nationally recognized Type of Work

expert on racial/urban inequality Research, Policy
and poverty who has published
extensively on racial wealth Expertise
disparities. Previously, he was Vice Racial/urban inequality
President of the Asset-building and and poverty, debt & credit,
Community Development Program homeownership, land, pension,
at the Ford Foundation, and a savings & investment, wealth
UCLA faculty member. Dr. Oliver disparities
has been a contributor to many
Melvin Oliver, Ph.D. books and scholarly journals, and Population Focus
Dean of Social Sciences is the co-author of Black Wealth/ African-Americans, communities
and Professor White Wealth: A New Perspective of color
University of California at Santa on Racial Inequality (Routledge,
Barbara 1997), an award-winning and now
classic exploration of wealth, race,
College of Letters and Science and inequality. He has received
Cheadle Hall, Room 2217 many prestigious awards for his
Santa Barbara, CA 93106 work, and currently serves on
805.893.8354 the board of the Urban Institute,
crobbins@ltsc.ucsb.edu DBASSE, University of Michigan’s
National Poverty Center, PolicyLink
and the McCune Foundation.
He is a Sociological Research
Association member and has
served on the Council of the
American Sociological Association.

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 23

Dr. Ong has done research on the Type of Work
labor market status of minorities Researcher
and immigrants, displaced high-
tech workers, work and welfare, Expertise
and transportation access. He Business/microenterprise, home
is currently studying the effects ownership, post-secondary
of neighborhood economies on education & training, wealth
welfare and work, community disparities, workforce development
economic development in minority
communities, and the labor market Population Focus
Paul Ong, Ph.D. for healthcare workers. Previously, Asian Americans, Immigrants,
Professor of Urban Planning, Dr. Ong studied the impact of Native Hawaiians
Social Welfare and Asian American immigration on the employment
Studies status of young African-
University of California at Los Americans, and the influence of car
Angeles ownership and subsidized housing
on welfare usage. He co-authored
3250 School of Public Affairs a widely reported 1994 study on
Building Asian Pacific Americans, which
Los Angeles, CA 90095 challenged the popular stereotype
310.614.2458 of Asians as the country’s “model
pmong@ucla.edu minority” by showing they are just
as likely as other groups to be
impoverished. Dr. Ong has served
as an advisor to the U.S. Bureau
of the Census, the California
Department of Social Services, the
state Department of Employment
Development and the Wellness
Foundation and the South Coast
Air Quality Management District.

Aracely Panameño is in charge Type of Work

of engaging with the Latino Policy, Financial Sector
community at the Center
for Responsible Lending, an Expertise
organization dedicated to Debt & credit, homeownership,
protecting homeownership financial products & services,
and family wealth by working wealth disparities, immigration
to eliminate abusive financial
practices. Aracely is a Latina Population Focus
leader, activist, and spokesperson Latinos, immigrants, people of
Aracely Panameño at the domestic and international color
Director, Latino Affairs level. For more than 20 years,
Center for Responsible Lending Aracely has worked on Latina Language Fluency
women’s health issues, Spanish
910 17th St., NW Suite 500 migrant workers, education,
Washington, DC 20006 immigration, and economic
202.349.1875 justice. She is a published author,
aracely.panameno@ accomplished public speaker,
responsiblelending.org media commentator, reporter and
columnist, strategic grassroots
organizer and coalition builder.

24 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Dr. Pastor is a nationally Type of Work
recognized expert on issues of Policy, Research
demographic change, economic
inequality, and community Expertise
empowerment whose opinion Urban poverty, regional
pieces have been published in the development, labor markets and
LA Times, the San Jose Mercury low-wage workers
News, the Los Angeles Business
Journal, and the Christian Science Population Focus
Monitor. He served as a member Latinos
Manuel Pastor, Ph.D. of the Commission on Regions
Professor of Geography and appointed by California’s Speaker
American Studies and Ethnicity of the State Assembly, and was
University of Southern California awarded a Civic Entrepreneur of
College of Letters, Arts the Year award from the California
and Sciences Center for Regional Leadership.
Department of Geography He currently sits on the board
of the Economic Policy Institute,
Kaprielian Hall (KAP) the Los Angeles Alliance for a
3620 South Vermont Avenue New Economy and the Center for
Los Angeles, CA 90089 Community Change.

Luis Pastor oversees one of the Type of Work

fastest growing community-based Financial Services
and member-owned nonprofit
financial institutions in the U.S. that Expertise
provides protection of financial Community and economic
assets, access to loans, financial development, financial products
independence and financial & services, financial education,
education. His innovative and savings & investments
community-based financial services
are nationally recognized and have Population Focus
Luis Pastor been awarded the Herb Wegner Latinos
CEO Award for outstanding organization,
Latino Community Credit Union the Dora Maxwell Award for social Language Fluency
responsibility, the Louis Herring Spanish
201 W. Main Street, Suite B01 Award for Philosophy in Action, the
Durham, NC 27701 Wachovia NEXT Award, and the
919.688.9270 Credit Union Excellence in Lending
luis@cooperativalatina.org Award.

Kimberly Pate specializes in Type of Work

representing the interests of Financial Services, Policy
low-income women, families and
disadvantaged communities. Expertise
Previously, Ms. Pate was the Deputy Business development, savings
Director of National Projects for & investments, microenterprise,
Wider Opportunities for Women entrepreneurship, tax policy
(WOW), a women’s employment
organization that is recognized Population Focus
nationally for its skills training Native Americans, women
Kimberly Pate models, technical assistance and
Vice President for Strategic advocacy for women workers.

1200 G Street NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20005

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 25

Jaqueline Johnson Pata currently Type of Work
heads the oldest and largest Policy, Tribal Government,
tribal government organization in Advocacy
the United States. Prior to joining
NCAI, Ms. Johnson served as Expertise
deputy assistant secretary for Homeownership, housing policy,
Native American programs of the land
U.S. Department of Housing and
Urban Development. She is the Population Focus
previous Executive Director of the Native Americans
Jaqueline Johnson Pata Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing
Executive Director Authority in Juneau, Alaska, and
National Congress of American a former vice chair of the Alaska
Indians (NCAI) Housing Finance Corporation. Ms.
Johnson Pata is a member of the
1516 P Street NW, Raven/Sockeye clan of the Tlingit
Washington DC 20005 tribe.

Edward Pennick works to provide Type of Work

self-help economic opportunities Cooperatives, Community
and hope for many low-income Development
communities across the South,
through the only organization Expertise
in the Southeast that has as its Land, agriculture, and minority
primary objectives the retention farmer issues in the American
of Black owned land and the use South
of cooperatives for land-based
economic development. He is an Population Focus
Edward Pennick expert with extensive experience African-Americans
Director on various land, business,
Land Assistance Fund rural, and agricultural issues as
Federation of Southern they relate to minority farmers,
Cooperatives specifically Black farmers, and has
testified before Congress on behalf
2769 Church Street of a coalition of minority farmers on
East Point, GA 30344 the 2008 Farm Bill.

john powell is an internationally Type of Work

recognized authority in the areas of Research, Policy
civil rights, civil liberties, and issues
relating to race, ethnicity, poverty Expertise
and the law. He has published Homeownership, civil rights,
extensively on the issues of civil liberties, wealth disparities,
structural racism, racial justice and business development
regionalism, concentrated poverty
and urban sprawl, opportunity Population Focus
based housing, voting rights, and African-Americans, communities
john a. powell affirmative action. Previously, Mr. of color
Executive Director powell founded and directed the
The Kirwan Institute for the Study Institute on Race and Poverty at
of Race and Ethnicity the University of Minnesota. He has
The Ohio State University also served as Director of Legal
Services in Miami, Florida and was
433 Mendenhall Laboratories the National Legal Director of the
125 S. Oval Mall ACLU.
Columbus, OH 43210

26 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Jose Quiñonez currently heads Type of Work
an organization which seeks Policy, Community Practitioner
to expand access to financial
services, savings and investment Expertise
opportunities for residents of Financial products & services,
San Francisco’s Mission District, savings & investment, wealth
a primarily working class, Latino disparities
community. Mr. Quiñonez
previously worked in the Office of Population Focus
Congressman Ruben Hinojosa, Latinos, Immigrants
Jose Quiñonez and as a lobbyist for various
Executive Director nonprofit organizations advocating Language Fluency
Mission Asset Fund on an array of issues including Spanish
immigration, hunger, and welfare.
1500 South Van Ness Ave, He has also worked at the Center
Suite 200 for Responsible Lending, as well
San Francisco, CA 94110 as for the Asset Policy Initiative in
415.738.2559 California.

Michael E. Roberts is an enrolled Type of Work

member of the Central Council of Native Assets
Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of
Alaska. He is currently working to Expertise
restore Native control and culturally- Business/microenterprise, debt &
compatible stewardship of the credit, homeownership, tax policy,
assets of Native people including land, savings & investment
land, human potential, cultural
heritage, and natural resources, Population Focus
and to establish new assets for Native Americans
Michael E. Roberts ensuring the long-term vitality of
President Native communities. Previously, Mr.
First Nations Development Roberts worked in venture capital
Institute and private equity. He currently
serves on the Advisory Council
703 3rd Avenue, Suite B of the Center for Native American
Longmont, CO 80501 Public Radio, on the National
303.774.7836 Advisory Committee for the National
mroberts@firstnations.org Center for Family Philanthropy, as
well as the Advisory Committee for
the Lakota Fund, Indian Country’s
first community development
financial institution. Mr. Roberts is a
past board member and treasurer
of the Association for Enterprise

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 27

Dr. Robles is a nationally recognized Type of Work
expert on Latino small and micro Research
business, Latino family and
community financial needs and Expertise
behaviors, and asset-building Business/microenterprise, debt
policies. She has published & credit, homeownership, tax
extensively and co-authored The policy, financial education, financial
Color Wealth: The Story Behind products & services, post-
the Racial Wealth Divide (The secondary education & training,
New Press, 2006). Her work wealth disparities
Barbara Robles, Ph.D. has been funded by the Annie E.
Associate Professor Casey Foundation, State Farm Population Focus
School of Social Work and the Foundations, the Kauffman Latinos, Immigrants
National Center for Community Foundation, and the Filene
Development and Civil Rights, Research Institute. Language Fluency
College of Public Programs, Spanish
Arizona State University

411 N. Central Ave., Suite 800

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Dr. Rockeymoore is a respected Type of Work

policy analyst, researcher, and Policy
advocate who works with non-
profit organizations, foundations, Expertise
governmental entities, and socially- Business/microenterprise,
responsible corporations to pension, Social Security & social
develop creative and measurable insurance, health
change strategies to help solve
pressing social, economic, and Population Focus
environmental challenges. She was Communities of color
Maya Rockeymoore, Ph.D. previously a VP for Research and
Founder and President Programs at the Congressional
Global Policy Solutions, LLC Black Caucus Foundation where
she founded the Center for Policy
1830 11th Street, NW Suite 1 Analysis and Research (CPAR).
Washington, DC 20001 Dr. Rockeymoore has been a
202.265.5111 Senior Resident Scholar at the
maya@globalpolicysolutions.com National Urban League, Chief Of
Staff to Congressman Charles
Rangel (D-NY), and has served as
Professional Staff on the House
Ways and Means Committee. She
serves on the board of the National
Committee to Preserve Social
Security and Medicare, and has
appeared on numerous national
media outlets. She is the author
of The Political Action Handbook:
A How to Guide for the Hip Hop
Generation (R&A Press, 2004),
and co-editor of Strengthening
Community: Social Insurance in
a Diverse America (Brookings
Institution Press, 2004), and a
2004 Aspen Institute Henry Crown

28 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Eric Rodriguez is responsible Type of Work
for providing strategic guidance Policy, Research, Advocacy
for public policy, legislative, and
advocacy activities related to Expertise
economic mobility and financial Tax policy, social insurance,
security policy issues. This work homeownership, financial services,
involves coverage of a wide range and Social Security
of issues including federal budget,
tax, banking, homeownership, Population Focus
and Social Security reform. He Latinos
Eric Rodriguez has written or contributed to
Deputy Vice President publications on economic issues
Office of Research, Advocacy and their impact on low-income
and Legislation Latinos, and has been cited in both
National Council of La Raza the English and Spanish media. He
has testified before Congress on
Raul Yzaguirre Building Social Security reform, mortgage
1126 16th Street, NW lending, welfare reform, and other
Washington, DC 20036 major issues, and is a current
202.785.1670 member of the National Academy
erodriguez@nclr.org of Social Insurance Security and
a past board member of the
Coalition on Human Needs.

Dr. Shanks is an expert on the Type of Work

relationship between assets, Research
poverty and children’s well-being;
public policy for families; social and Expertise
economic development, particularly Savings & investment, wealth
in urban communities. Dr. Shanks disparities
is the Co-Principal Investigator for
SEED Impact Assessment (Saving Population Focus
for Education, Entrepreneurship, African-Americans
and Downpayment) to assess
Trina Shanks, Ph.D. the impact of matched savings Language Fluency
Assistant Professor accounts targeted toward saving Spanish
University of Michigan for children’s education. Prior to
School of Social Work joining academia, Dr. Shanks was
an Executive Director for Christian
1080 S. University Community Services, Inc., where
Ann Arbor, MI 48109 she initiated its family mentoring
734.764.7411 program and introduced Individual
trwilli@umich.edu Development Accounts to its work
with public housing residents. She’s
also been a consultant for Stand for
Children, a Children’s Defense Fund

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 29

Javier Silva has conducted research Type of Work
on rising debt levels of working Research, Policy
families and completed numerous
studies on credit card debt, Expertise
including a paper on debt and race Debt & credit, financial products &
for both Demos and CFED. Mr. services, savings & investment
Silva currently conducts community
outreach, primarily in Puerto Rico, Population Focus
where he is engaged in a wide Latinos, communities of color
range of asset-building initiatives for
Javier Silva the Federal Reserve Bank.
Community Affairs Analyst
Federal Reserve Bank of
New York

33 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10045

Dr. Simms is a nationally Type of Work

recognized expert on the Research, Policy
economic well-being of African-
Americans. She currently leads Expertise
a research initiative exploring Social insurance
challenges faced by 9 million
low-income families and their 19 Population Focus
million children. She has worked African-Americans, communities
at the Joint Center for Political of color
and Economic Studies, has been
Margaret Simms, Ph.D. a board chair of the Institute
Institute Fellow for Women’s Policy Research,
Urban Institute and is the incoming president of
the National Academy of Social
2100 M Street, NW Insurance. Dr. Simms was elected
Washington, DC 20037 to the American Academy of Arts
202.833.7200 and Sciences in 2005.

Miguel Soto-Class has had a Type of Work

wide range of experience in both Research, Policy
the private and public sectors,
and founded Puerto Rico’s first Expertise
think-tank to promote innovative Tax policy, savings & investment
economic development strategies.
He serves on the Board of Population Focus
Directors for the University of Latinos, Puerto Ricans
Puerto Rico Press, the Baldwin
School of Puerto Rico, and Language Fluency
Miguel Soto-Class the Advisory Council for the Spanish
Executive Director Conservation Trust of Puerto
Center for the New Economy Rico. Mr. Soto-Class has been a
columnist for El Nuevo Día, Puerto
273 Ponce De Leon, Ste. 1403 Rico’s largest circulation daily,
San Juan, PR and his first book, The Economy
787.622.1120 of Puerto Rico: Restoring Growth,
mike@grupocne.org was published by the Brookings
Institution in 2006.

30 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Dr. Spriggs is a nationally Type of Work
recognized expert who has Research
appeared on many national
media outlets, and has given Expertise
congressional testimony on Social Security & social insurance
various national social policy
issues. Prior to his nomination Population Focus
to the Department of Labor in African-Americans
2009, Dr. Spriggs was the Chair
of the Economics Department at
William Spriggs, Ph.D. Howard University, and has been
Assistant Secretary for Policy a senior fellow at the Economic
US Department of Labor Policy Institute and the Executive
Director of the National Urban
200 Constitution Ave., NW League’s (NUL) Institute for
Washington, DC 20210 Opportunity and Equality where he
202.693.5959 edited the State of Black America
1999. He previously worked for
the National Commission for
Employment Policy, the Small
Business Administration, and
the Department of Commerce
during the Clinton Administration.
Dr. Spriggs was awarded the
Congressional Black Caucus
Chairman’s Award, and has
been a past-board member and
President of the National Economic
Association. He currently serves
on the boards of the National
Academy of Social Insurance,
the Association for Public Policy
Analysis and Management, the
National Employment Law Project
and the National Advisory Council
of Corporate Voices for Working

Cris Stainbrook has been actively Type of Work

involved in ensuring that Indian Financial Services, Community
lands are owned and managed by Development
Indian people for over fifteen years.
He currently serves as a board Expertise
member of the Minnesota, Grotto, Homeownership, land, savings &
and Saint Paul Foundations, and investment
the Minnesota affiliate of the Civil
Liberties Union. He was a founding Population Focus
member of Native Americans in Native Americans
Cris Stainbrook Philanthropy, and the Two Feathers
President Endowment of The Saint Paul
Indian Land Tenure Foundation Foundation. He previously worked
at the Northwest Area Foundation.
151 East County Road B2
Little Canada, MN 55117

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 31

Tse Ming Tam manages the Type of Work
Financial Stability Partnership Financial Sector Expert,
portfolio at the United Way of Philanthropy
the Bay Area which focuses on
helping households reduce debts, Expertise
build income, and build and Workforce development, asset-
protect assets. Previously, Tse building, sector initiatives
Ming helped transform the Insight
Center’s sector demonstration Population Focus
project into a field of practice and Communities of color
Tse Ming Tam created the National Network
Vice President, Community of Sector Partners (NNSP), a
Investment national organization that provides
United Way of the Bay Area assistance to the sector field,
which is a regional, industry-
1970 Broadway, Ste 340 focused approach to workforce
Oakland, CA 94612 and economic development.
510.238.2421 Mr. Tam has also served as the
ttam@uwba.org Acting Director for Chinese for
Affirmative Action, a nonprofit
civil rights advocacy organization
promoting equal access to
housing, education, employment,
contracting and public services
that under his tenure received
President Clinton’s Community
Excellence Award.

Doua Thor works to advance the Type of Work

interests of Cambodian, Laotian, Policy, Advocacy
and Vietnamese Americans
through leadership development, Expertise
capacity building, and community Post-secondary education &
empowerment, and advocates training, Social Security & social
on the federal level on education insurance, wealth disparities,
and immigration issues. Ms. workforce development
Thor has worked with national
and grassroots Southeast Asian Population Focus
Doua Thor American organizations as well as Asian Americans, Immigrants
Executive Director other diverse refugee organizations
Southeast Asia Resource for many years, and was a New Language Fluency
Action Center Voices Fellow with Hmong National Hmong
Development, Inc. (HND). She
1628 16th St. NW, 3rd Floor serves on the boards of the Asian &
Washington, DC 20009 Pacific Islander American Vote, and
202.667.4690 the Asian Pacific Islander American
doua@searac.org Scholarship Fund, and is a member
of the Nielsen Media Research
Asian Pacific American Advisory

32 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Dr. Torres-Gil is a nationally Type of Work
recognized expert and widely Research, Policy
published scholar in the fields of
health and long-term care, the Expertise
politics of aging, social policy, Social Security & social insurance,
ethnicity and disability. He was wealth disparities
the first Assistant Secretary for
Aging in the U.S. Department Population Focus
of Health and Human Services Latinos, Immigrants
under President Clinton. In 1978,
Fernando Torres-Gil, Ph.D. President Carter appointed him
Associate Dean of Academic to the Federal Council on Aging.
Affairs, Professor of Social Dr. Torres-Gil is a Fellow of the
Welfare and Public Policy, and Gerontological Society of America,
Director of the Center for Policy and the National Academy of
Research on Aging Public Administration, a past
University of California at Los President of the American Society
Angeles on Aging, and a member of the
National Academy of Social
3250 Public Affairs Building Insurance.
Box 951656
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Mahealani Wendt’s expertise Type of Work

includes Native Hawaiian land, and Policy, Law, Advocacy
natural and traditional rights. She
has been a member of the State Expertise
of Hawaii Judiciary’s Alternative Land, Native Hawaiian rights law,
Dispute Resolution Board, and dispute resolution and community
was the first Native Hawaiian board development
member of the Native American
Rights Fund. Population Focus
Native Hawaiians
Mahealani Wendt
Executive Director
Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation

1164 Bishop Street, Suite 1205
Honolulu, HI 96813

Dr. Woo works on issues relating to Type of Work

the economic success of families. Research
Previously, she was a Senior
Economist at CFED where she Expertise
managed the annual assessment Tax policy, asset-building,
of state economic development community economic development
for each of the fifty states and
the biennial assessment of state Population Focus
asset development. Under the Communities of color
auspices of the Luce Scholars
Lillian “Beadsie” Woo, Ph.D. program, Dr. Woo worked on
Senior Fellow, Family Economic policies and projects designed
Success Program to create opportunities for rural
Annie E. Casey Foundation communities. She has also worked
at the International Food Policy
701 St. Paul Street Research Institute, the World
Baltimore, MD 21202 Bank, and as a primary analyst of
410.547.6600 Malaysia’s New Economic Policy.

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 33

Robert Wynn is a financial expert, Type of Work
educator, and owner of Akamai Financial Education
LLC, a business and community
development consulting firm. He is Expertise
also the director of Better Investing, Savings & investments, financial
a national trade association for services
investment clubs, and a former
member of the Federal Reserve’s Population Focus
Consumer Advisory Council. Communities of color
Mr. Wynn currently leads project
Robert Wynn “CLIMB,” whose goal is to establish
Director one hundred investment clubs in
Asset Builders of America, Inc. Milwaukee, as well as an alternative
credit data project funded in part
P.O. Box 46202 by the Brookings Institution. Mr.
Madison, WI 53744 Wynn recently launched “Land
608.332.4423 Rich,” an ambitious effort to help
Wynn_r@sbcglobal.net cash poor property owners to
derive greater value from their real
estate holdings.

34 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Appendix A

A Hamilton, Darrick 15 Panameño, Aracely 24

Agres, Jr., Bob 2 Hao, Lingxin 15 Pastor, Manuel 25
Arredondo, Rudy 2 Hasegawa, Lisa 15 Pastor, Luis 25
Augare, Shannon 3 Hicks, Sarah 16 Pate, Kimberly 25
Austin, Algernon 3 Horne, Savi 16 Pata, Jaqueline Johnson 26
Hudson, Paul 16 Pennick, Edward 26
B powell, john 26
Baylor, Don 4 I
Bowdler, Janis 4 Im, Hyepin 17 Q
Bradley, Melissa 5 Quiñonez, Jose 27
Brooks, Joe 5 J
Janis, Terry 17 R
C Jayaraman, Saru 18 Roberts, Michael 27
Calpotura , Francis 6 Jones-DeWeever, Avis 18 Robles, Barbara 28
Carr, James 6 Rockeymoore, Maya 28
Chang, Mariko 7 K Rodriguez, Eric 29
Clay, Roger 7 Kijakazi, Kilolo 19
Cordova , Teresa 8 Kutty, Nandinee 19 S
Shanks, Trina 29
D L Silva, Javier 29
Danner, Robin 8 Leigh, Wilhelmina 20 Simms, Margaret 30
Darity, William 9 Lui, Meizhu 20 Soto-Class, Miguel 30
Dela Cruz, Melany 9 Spriggs, William 31
Di, Zhu Xiao 10 M Stainbrook, Cris 31
Dixon, Rebecca 10 McPherson, Christine 21
Meeks, Elsie 21 T
E Mensah, Lisa 22 Tam, Tse Ming 32
Edwards, Karen 10 Mitchell, Thomas 22 Thor, Doua 32
Moy, Kirsten 22 Torres-Gil, Fernando 33
Fenelon, James 11 N W
Fiddler, Tanya 12 Nembhard, Jessica Gordon 23 Wendt, Mahealani 33
Woo, Lillian 33
G O Wynn, Robert 34
Garcia, Jose 12 Oliver, Melvin 23
Glover Blackwell, Angela 13 Ong, Paul 24
Gonzales, Moises 13
Granados, Luis 14
Gunn, Gena 14


2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 35

Appendix B

Debt, Credit and Financial Services

Agres, Jr. Bob Fiddler, Tanya Moy, Kirsten

Augare, Shannon Fischer, Tracy Oliver, Melvin
Baylor, Don Garcia, Jose Panameño, Aracely
Bowdler, Janis Gunn, Gena Pastor, Luis
Bradley, Melissa Hamilton, Darrick Pate, Kimberly
Calpotura, Francis Hasegawa, Lisa Quiñonez, Jose
Campa, Dennis Horne, Savi Roberts, Michael
Carr, James Hudson, Paul Robles, Barbara
Chang, Mariko Im, Hyepin Rodriguez, Eric
Danner, Robin Kutty, Nandinee Silva, Javier
Di, Zhu Xiao McPherson, Christine Stainbrook, Cris
Dixon, Rebecca Meeks, Elsie Wynn, Robert
Edwards, Karen Mensah, Lisa

Housing and Home Lending

Bowdler, Janis Garcia, Jose Mensah, Lisa

Brooks, Joe Granados, Luis Oliver, Melvin
Campa, Dennis Hamilton, Darrick Panameño, Aracely
Carr, James Hasegawa, Lisa Pata, Jaqueline Johnson
Chang, Mariko Horne, Savi powell, john
Clay, Roger Hudson, Paul Roberts, Michael
Danner, Robin Kutty, Nandinee Robles, Barbara
Di, Zhu Xiao Leigh, Wilhelmina Rodriguez, Eric
Fiddler, Tanya McPherson, Christine

Land Acquisition, Retention and Development

Arredondo, Rudy Gonzales, Moises Oliver, Melvin

Brooks, Joe Horne, Savi Pennick, Edward
Carr, James Janis, Terry Roberts, Michael
Edwards, Karen McPherson, Christine Stainbrook, Cris
Fenelon, James Mitchell, Thomas Wendt, Mahealani

Small and Micro Business Development

Agres, Jr. Bob Fiddler, Tanya Ong, Paul

Arredondo, Rudy Fischer, Tracey Pate, Kimberly
Bradley, Melissa Granados, Luis Pennick, Edward
Carr, James Horne, Savi Roberts, Michael
Cordova, Teresa Hudson, Paul Robles, Barbara
Danner, Robin Jayaraman, Saru Rockeymoore, Maya
Dela Cruz, Melany Kutty, Nandinee
Dixon, Rebecca Nembhard, Jessica Gordon

Savings and Investments

Brooks, Joe Im, Hyepin Quiñonez, Jose

Campa, Dennis Kijakazi, Kilolo Roberts, Michael
Carr, James Kutty, Nandinee Shanks, Trina
Chang, Mariko Meeks, Elsie Silva, Javier
Danner, Robin Mensah, Lisa Soto-Class, Mike
Edwards, Karen Oliver, Melvin Wynn, Robert
Hicks, Sarah Pastor, Luis
Hudson, Paul Pate, Kimberly

36 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

Appendix B

Social Insurance: Medicaid, Social Security and Unemployment Insurance

Bradley, Melissa Kutty, Nandinee Simms, Margaret

Carr, James Leigh, Wilhelmina Spriggs, William
Chang, Mariko Oliver, Melvin Thor, Doua
Hicks, Sarah Rockeymoore, Maya Torres-Gil, Fernando
Kijakazi, Kilolo Rodriguez, Eric

Income, Jobs and Workforce Development

Austin, Algernon Darity, William Nembhard, Jessica Gordon

Baylor, Don Gunn, Gena Ong, Paul
Blackwell, Angela Glover Hasegawa, Lisa Pastor, Manuel
Bradley, Melissa Im, Hyepin powell, john
Campa, Dennis Janis, Terry Tam, Tse Ming
Carr, James Jayaraman, Saru Thor, Doua
Clay, Roger Lui, Meizhu Woo, Lillian
Danner, Robin Moy, Kirsten

Tax Policy

Augare, Shannon Edwards, Karen Rodriguez, Eric

Baylor, Don Kutty, Nandinee Soto-Class, Mike
Campa, Dennis Lui, Meizhu Woo, Lillian
Carr, James Pate, Kimberly
Dixon, Rebecca Roberts, Michael

Wealth Disparities

Bradley, Melissa Hao, Lingxin Pastor, Manuel

Brooks, Joe Hasegawa, Lisa powell, john
Carr, James Jayaraman, Saru Quiñonez, Jose
Chang, Marik Jones-DeWeever, Avis Robles, Barbara
Darity, Wiliam Leigh, Wilhelmina Shanks, Trina
Di, Zhu Xiao Lui, Meizhu Thor, Doua
Edwards, Karen Oliver, Melvin Torres-Gil, Fernando
Gunn, Gena Ong, Paul
Hamilton, Darrick Panameno, Aracely


Arredondo, Rudy Hao, Lingxin Quiñonez, Jose

Calpotura, Francis Im, Hypein Thor, Doua
Campa, Dennis Ong, Paul


Chang, Mariko Lui, Meizhu Simms, Margaret

Jones-DeWeever, Avis Pate, Kimberly

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 37

Appendix C: Experts by State

Arizona Georgia New York

Robles, Barbara Pennick, Edward Garcia, Jose
Hamilton, Darrick
California Hawaii Jayaraman, Saru
Brooks, Joe Agres, Bob Kijakazi, Kilolo
Calpotura, Francis Danner, Robin Mensah, Lisa
Clay, Roger Lui, Meizhu Silva, Javier
Dela Cruz, Melany Wendt, Mahealani Gordon Nembhard, Jessica
Fenelon, James
Glover Blackwell, Angela Kansas North Carolina
Granados, Luis Edwards, Karen Darity, William
Hudson, Paul Horne, Savi
Im, Hyepin Maryland Pastor, Luis
Oliver, Melvin Woo, Lillian
Ong, Paul Hao, Lingxin Ohio
Pastor, Manuel powell, john
Quiñonez, Jose Massachusetts
Tam, Tse Ming Chang, Mariko Puerto Rico
Thor, Doua Di, Zhu Xiao Soto-Class, Miguel
Torres-Gil, Fernando
Michigan South Dakota
Colorado Shanks, Trina Fiddler, Tanya
McPherson, Christine Fischer, Tracey
Roberts, Michael Minnesota Meeks, Elsie
Janis, Terry
District of Columbia Stainbrook, Cris Texas
Arredondo, Rudy Baylor, Don
Austin, Algernon Mississippi Campa, Dennis
Bowdler, Janis Dixon, Rebecca
Bradley, Melissa Virginia
Carr, James Missouri Kutty, Nandinee
Hasegawa, Lisa Gunn, Gena
Hicks, Sarah Wisconsin
Jones-DeWeever, Avis Montana Mitchell, Thomas
Leigh, Wilhelmina Augare, Shannon Wynn, Robert
Moy, Kirsten
Panameño, Aracely New Mexico
Pate, Kimberly Cordova, Teresa
Johnson Pata, Jaqueline Gonzales, Moises
Rockeymoore, Maya
Rodriguez, Eric
Simms, Margaret
Spriggs, William

Appendix D: Experts by Fluency in a Language Other Than English

Spanish Hmong Korean

Arredondo, Rudy Thor, Doua Im, Hyepin
Calpotura, Francis
Garcia, Jose Chinese Tagalog
Gonzales, Moises Hao, Lingxin (Mandarin & Calpotura, Francis
Granados, Luis Cantonese)
Jayaraman, Saru Di, Zhu Xiao (Mandarin)
Pañameno, Aracely
Pastor, Luis Hindi
Quiñonez, Jose Kutty, Nandinee
Robles, Barbara
Shanks, Trina
Soto-Class, Miguel

38 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

The Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative Publications

To learn more about America’s racial wealth gap and policy recommenda-
tions to close it, you can visit our website www.racialwealthgap.org and
download the following publications:

“Laying the Foundation for National Prosperity: The Imperative of Closing

the Racial Wealth Gap,” by Meizhu Lui, March 2009. This foundational
paper examines how public policies have created and exacerbated the
pernicious and persistent racial wealth gap throughout U.S. history, and
illuminates public policies that can help close the gap and ensure economic
security and opportunity for all.

“Principles for an Inclusive Economy,” March 2009. The Initiative developed

these principles for policymakers, educators, business and civic leaders to
follow in order to begin to reverse the effect of inequitable public policies
and create a more inclusive economy.

The Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative brought together members of
the Experts of Color Network to determine barriers to asset building in com-
munities of color and to provide policy solutions to close the racial wealth
gap. The group developed the following issue-specific factsheets and policy

The Racial Gap in Debt, Credit and Financial Services

The Racial Gap in Homeownership and Home Lending
The Racial Gap in Savings and Investments
The Racial Gap in Tax Policy
The Racial Gap in Wages and Employment
The Racial Gap in Business Development
The Racial Gap in Land Acquisition, Development and Retention
Social Insurance and Communities of Color

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org 39


The Insight Center would like to thank all of those who made the work of the Initiative and
this publication possible, as well as the members of the Experts of Color Network.

Our leadership committee

Rebecca Adamson, Puanani Burgess, Linda Chavez-Thompson, Bill Lan Lee, Julianne
Malveaux and Melvin Oliver.

We also thank our eight asset-building policy working groups, particularly their leaders:

Land Development, Retention and Acquisition

Rudy Arredondo and Thomas Mitchell

Savings and Investments

Karen Edwards

Debt, Credit and Financial Institutions

Jose Garcia

Housing and Homeownership

john powell

Micro and Small Business Ownership

Barbara Robles and Paul Hudson

Employment and Income

Tse-Ming Tam

Social Insurance
Maya Rockeymoore

Tax Policy
Don Baylor

40 2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org


We would also like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the hard work, patience,
and support of the Insight Center staff particularly, Meizhu Lui, Lori Warren, Esther Polk
and Marsha Caldwell, and to Victor Corral for managing the development and production
of this directory.

Finally, we thank the Ford Foundation and Kilolo Kijakazi whose support and vision led to
the development and expansion of the asset building field, and to the production of this

More Information

For the complete list of all of the members of the Insight Center’s Experts of Color
Network (ECON) and to download a PDF version of this publication, please visit www.

If you would like us to put you in contact with an expert, please email Victor Corral,
Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative Program Associate at vcorral@insightcced.org or

Published in the Fall 2009.

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org

2201 Broadway, Suite 815, Oakland, CA 94612-3024 Tel: 510.251.2 600 Fax: 510.251.0600

Published in the Fall 2009

2009-2010 Experts of Color Directory | www.expertsofcolor.org