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Shaie this link on Facebook! Type it in to
post on youi page.
Talk to youi family
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Innovation anu
shaie }ackies stoiy!
Dear Parents,

Innovation Pre Elementary School holds a very special place in my
heart. A place where your children come to learn, explore and grow, it is
also a place important to my family. Innovation was the name given to
the center by my father Ernest when it was co-founded by my parents in
1990. My mother, Jackie operated, loved and nourished the center from
1990 to 2010. On November 4
, 2010, she lost a battle with cancer.

My mother built this center and she supported it; she turned her passion
for caring for young children into a successful non-profit, which has
served kids for 24 years. Innovation is a high quality childcare center,
and it is the legacy that my mother and father built for our family.
How Can Parents Get Involved???
We were able to make it through the economic crisis in the late 2000s, but the state has refused to take the initiative to
restore funding, which has led to hundreds of childcare centers closing. It has been a constant struggle to provide the best
education possible with the funding cuts that we have experienced, providing quality costs a lot of money.

That is why Innovation is launching a webpage on Go Fund Me to Save Our Center and try to make up for the money
that is needed, but that the state will not provide. We will be spreading the message of our center, and my mother and
fathers mission to provide quality early education, by reaching out to the media and to people across the country to raise
money. The money that we raise will help keep the center operating and will provide new, meaningful, educational
supplies to all of the children in our program.

You will be hearing more about our mission to raise money for Innovation, and I am happy to answer any questions
about what we are doing!
The goal of this fundraising effort is to continue to do what my mother was so passionate about during her life, and that
is to continue to serve your children and the children of Albuquerque to make sure that they get a good education.

Corina Deans
Innovation Pre Elementary School