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Teaching Profession 1


Teaching Profession

Julie C. Moon

Grand Canyon University

Teaching Profession

Teaching is defined as “to impart knowledge of or skill of” (“Teaching“, 2009).

“Characteristics of a profession are:

1. A sense of public service

2. A defined body of knowledge and skills beyond that grasped by laypersons

3. A lengthy period of specialized training

4. Control over licensing standards and/or entry requirements

5. Autonomy in making decisions about selected spheres of work

6. An acceptance of responsibility for judgments made and acts performed related to

services rendered

7. A self-governing organization composed of members of the profession

8. Professional associations and/or elite groups to provide recognition for individual


9. A code of ethics to help clarify ambiguous matters or doubtful points related to

services rendered

10. High prestige and economic standing” (Ornstein & Levine, 2008, p. 31).

There are numerous disagreements about teaching being an actual profession because it does not

meet all of the above criteria. To me, a Professional Teacher means someone who has an

education degree, is certified, or becoming certified, in the area that they teach, and wants to

educate the children that will be our future.

There are many organizations, such as, National Council on Teacher Quality, Interstate

New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium, US Department of Education, and Louisiana

Department of Education, that work together to set standards for teachers. Some of the things
that these groups have set standards on are: education levels, licensing requirements,

professional standards, and staff development (Ornstein & Levine, 2008, chap. 2). Many of

these standards in education are raising the level of the teaching profession (Ornstein & Levine,

p. 50) so that teachers are better equipped to teach the youth that will lead tomorrow.

To me teaching is defiantly a profession. To be an effective teacher, you must be

knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, and responsible. As a teacher, you have our future in your

hands. Teachers start to influence children’s lives the first day that they start to teach and they

continue to mold children until they no longer teach. The children of today will be the leaders of

tomorrow and we, as teachers, must help them to become the best that they can become.

I believe that another one of the main characteristics of a Professional Teacher is

responsibility. As a teacher, you are responsible for some of that child’s future. Especially as an

Elementary Educator, you are there to teach them the basics of reading writing, and arithmetic.

If children do not comprehend and obtain the basics of these “core courses”, they will have

problems for the rest of their lives. Children must know how to read, to write, and to do basic

math to be able to function effectively in society.

The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development is “an educational

leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each

learner” (ASCD, 2009). The ASCD offers Professional Development courses, Publications, and

Public Policy to help obtain there goals. ASCD provides innovative ways for addressing the

challenges learners of today face through educators that are dedicated to the success of each

child (ASCD, 2009). This coincides with my idea of a Professional Teacher because I believe

that teachers need to be certified in the area that they are teaching and that they need to continue
to further their education. It also coincides with my view because I believe that each child is

unique and that children learn in different ways.

Another organization that is helping educators is the National Council on Teacher

Quality. NCTQ “advocates for reforms in a broad range of teacher policies at the federal, state,

and local levels in order to increase the number of effective teachers” (National Council on

Teacher Quality, 2009). The NCTQ is working with the US Department of Education to place

Highly Qualified Teachers in every classroom, to recruit and retain Quality Teachers, and to

increase the number of effective teachers (National Council on Teacher Quality). This concurs

with my view of Professional Teachers because I believe teachers need to be certified in the area

in which they are teaching.

In conclusion, my view of a Professional Teacher is someone who has an education

degree and is certified to teach in the area that they are teaching. I also believe that a

Professional Teacher should be someone that wants to educate the children of our future and be

held responsible and accountable for that task. Educators are people that help mold a child into

the person that they will become. We, as teachers, are responsible for the children of today that

will be the future of tomorrow.


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