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Ship prefix - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A ship prefix is a combination of letters, usually abbreviations, used in front of the
name of a civilian or naval ship. Prefixes for civilian vessels may either identify ...
Generic (Merchant Navy) prefixes - National or military prefixes
Ship Types Abbreviations
Browse and search thousands of Ship Types Abbreviations and acronyms in our
comprehensive reference resource.
Always Afloat Always Accessible the American Association of Port Authorities.
Amsterdam-Antwerpen-Rotterdam Area. American Bureau of Shipping. ABouT.
Terms and Abbreviations - School of Shipping
Abbreviations. A&CP:- Anchors and Chains Proved aa:- Always Afloat. Aar:- Against all
risks. AB:- Able-bodied seaman. ABS:- American Bureau of shipping.
Always Accessible Always Afloat. Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area. About. Address
Commission. Arrival First Sea Pilot Station (Norway). The hiring of a ship ...
DANFS Abbreviations and Symbols
History of U.S. Navy ships from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.
SHIP is an -
This Internet Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of SHIP is. The slang
word / acronym / abbreviation SHIP means... . Internet Slang. A list of ...
USN Ship Designations - NavWeaps
These designations were usually abbreviated as "B-1", "C-1", "D-1", "TB-1," etc. This
system became cumbersome by 1920, as many new ship types had been ...
What Does Ss Stand for on a Ship? - Q&A Society Military
On a ship, SS stands for Steamship. This is found mainly on civilian ships. Another
abbreviation that can be found on civilian ships is RV which stands for ...
USPS - Official-Abbreviations
... using the Official USPS Abbreviations list for states, streets, and secondary units.
... Print a Label with Postage Schedule a Pickup Shipping Supplies ...
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