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"We can usually learn much more from people whose views we share than from people whose

contradict our own; disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learning."

Learning process is the inherent ability of humans which they continue this
process from birth to the end of life. Humans have the different feelings and
opinions about the subject matter and the views of one can be contradictory or
harmonious to the views of others. These both type of the view can be the sound
source of learning. Though the disagreement causes the physical and mental
stress, this cannot be neglected as way of learning. In addition, the learning
intensity depends on the experience of the person, the surroundings on which he
grows and the peoples with whom he interacts.
Class learning process is one of best technique of gaining knowledge in which,
most of the cases students show agreement with teachers. Tutors provide the
innovative and additional information to the students and make the subject
matter more understanding. But scenario is different in mathematics or science
classes when students question the presented hypothesis and provides their own
view. This time, there is disagreement with the mentor and the condition
becomes more complex when there is serious debate but the condition becomes
benign when teacher explains the doubts and misconceptions. Though making
debate is stressful, this is sound way of learning because the subject matter is
analyzed in different perspective while making argument with the opponent.
Sometimes the stressful state of mind increases the intensity of learning process.
For example, a student preparing for his final exams studies day to night and he
aims to utilize his every seconds. In this case, the student grabs academic
knowledge and makes his mind more acute and heart more patience. Likewise,
the professional sports man preparing for his contest faces the severe mental and
physical stress but this is the time on which he/she develops important skills and
Philosophers think beyond the imagination and they learn by themselves by
analysis and critical thinking of the subject matters. They dont face any kind of
stress when they think rather they enjoy the world of imagination. But when the
philosophers present their views against the established belief and creed, it
results debatable situation. The controversial views of the limitless thinkers
provide more insightful meanings of the established systems or recommends for
the improvements need to be made in them and directs the whole world to right
The learning process in human continues irrespective of the condition is either
stressful or not. Peoples can learn under composure state but they gain the
significant achievement in learning under stress conditions like as a sport man
develops new techniques through continuous physical practice and a biologist
proves his hypothesis experimentally after years of working in lab. This is the case
where humans gain the most important part of knowledge.