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G-2 (co- mLx;Imm SUB-DmoN)

B-A-S-1-c E-A-I!+D-B-o-0-K

(Die lluler*@)

S.D.S&/5 ’
by li333ls(m -1
Fmrn lifzderial AOXe &
E A I3 L E
L,-a.w--C- --OF CONTENTS



1 Die Jbgendbewegupg 3
2 Beginnings of the HJ, 3
3 Expansion of the HJ. ixrto a State Organisation 4
4 Reichsjugenddienstpflicht (Cmrpulsary Youth Service) k

5 Main Branches of the Hitler Youth

6 Die Reichsju endf&rung (Reich Youth Dimctorate)
7 HJ, kbiete I HJ. Regions)
8 HJ, .Standort (Garriscm)
9 HJ. Bame (Regiments)
10 Specialist Units of the Barn
11 Organisation below regimental level
l2 MtrmbePing of units

13 Ccmscription Procedure 10
l4 Basic Training 10
15 Vocational Train- 11
16 Schools 12
1.7 Gebietsftierschulen l2
18 Reichsschulen 12
19 Nationalpolitische Erziehungsaustalten 12
20 The Reichsjugend AkaMe 12
21 Adolf-Hitler-Schulen 13


22 war Sezvice l-4

Liaison with the Axned Forcea 3.4
24 Wehmrt&zhtigungslager (Pre-military Training
-FE4 15
25 Son&rei.nheitess (SpecialmSePvie Units) 15
26 Nachrichten HJ. (Signals) 16
Motor HJ. (lkhxised Hitler Youth) 16
. 28 Marine HJ. (Naval Hitler Youth) 17
Flieger I-U. (Aviation HJ.) 19
29 17
30 HJ, Feldschere (First Aid bits)
31 Streffmxdienst (Security Detachments and Patrol
SWViC2e) 18
f _I
cx s
PA.mrv (continued) Page
32 IlusikzUge (Band Units) 18
33 GebirgaJi3. (Mountaheers) 19


34 HJ, Leaders 20
;z Uniforms and Insignia of Rank 21
37 Other Insignia and Badges 21


38 HJ, in Occupied Territories 23

39 HJ. in Pareign Territories 23


40 Legal Measures regarding &man Pouth 25

41 Unofficia3. Youth Organisations outside the HJ, 25
42 Repressive Measures- 26

Kfv, to Tables Al
Part We: HJ. Gebiete and Befehlsstellen (listed) A 2
Part Two: The MJ, Gebiete (details) A 4
Part!Fhree:HJ, Bame, numerically .A 95
Part Four: H.3. Ekmne, alphabetically A 111
Part Five: Schools and Camps A 326
Part six: HJ, Auslandsf&r (Representatives Abroad) A 3-40

HJ. Perscxmlfties Bl

Diaga;w and Plates c 1

Bbbreviathm3 ID 1
Requirements-for HJ. Proricieby Tests El
A thirteen year old boy manned a machine gun against
advancing Allied tanks on the Rhineland frontier, while his
mates passed the ammunition.
An execution squad composed of 14-16 year olds shot Polish
civilian hostages.
A monument was erected to a boy stil.1 living, commemorating
the fact that he denounced his father “loyally to the Ptjhrer“:
( the father was executed for treason).
Herbert Norkus, the Hitler Youth martyr, is the ITorst iHesse1
of most of Germany's young today.
Seven years of Nazi indoctrination, at a most susceptible
aQ=, in the Hitler Youth has done its work.
The Hitler You&h is not a Boy Scout or Girl Guide organlsa-
tion, It is in no respercomparable to any organisation for
young people known to the Western World.
It is a compulsory Nazi fomation, which has consciously
sought to breed hate, treachery and cruelty into the mind and
soul of every German child. It is, in the true sense of the
word, "education for death",
Under no circumstances should 'the Hitler. Youth be taken
lightly or be considered a negligible factor fmm an operational
or occupation point of view.
Some 12 to 14 million youths are organised into the four
branches of the Hitler Youth:
The Hitler Youth proper (boys from V+-18)
The German Young Folk (Isoys 1614)
The League of Geman Girls (girls from 14-38)
The Young Girls (girls fr0m 10-14)
A mugh estimate on the, basis of overall figures available
would place between 3,000,OOO and 3,5OO,OOOinto each branch,
Of this number, 30,000 serve as fully-pal&, full-time leaders.
Approximately 1,000 male and d,OOO female Banne (Regiments
averaging 6,000 members sach) camy on administration and
In addition, in 3943, the Hitler Youth'maeatained between
7,000 and 8,000 camps and other establishments. 1,500,000 boys
(most of them over 14) attended special Hitler Youth training
‘courses there in one year.
514,000 47 year olds received Hitler Youth training in We-
Military Training Camps, of which some 300 are at present'iy
operation throughout the Reich.
The emphasis of the following Basic Handbook and appended
Order of Battle tables is on the 14-18 year old male group, the
Hitler Youth proper, the primary potential source of disaffection
and the primary source of replacements for the We&ma&$. _

The above figures not only indicate the vast scope of the
Hitler Youth in German life today, but demonstrate the role tiich
it plays in Germany's actual and potential military strengtk
Both the SS and the Wehnaacht hve long since appmciate$
this, From me% liaison tith the Hitler Youth, their relation-
ship with the IX3 has passed through the stage of superwision and
has finally resulted in complete domination.
The Hitler Youth has become a V'ebmacht replacement pool,
a manpower reservoir for auxiliary war services, and a means of
strengthening the increasingly pernicious hold on the German
people of the most ruthless of all Nazi organisatiuns, the Ss,
A few courageous young Germans, risking their lives in order
to salvage their minds, spirits and perhaps their country, have
sought to escape from the tentacles of the Hitler Youth, and some
underground cells composed of such young people are known to exist.
But it must not be forgotten that every young German has
been schooled by Nazi teachers, and that this "Junior Ax-my" is
ready to take the fieid either individually, in small groups, on
a larger, more organised scale, or as saboteurs, informers and
even franctireurs in defence of Nazis:n, its fanatical creed.

I. Die Jugendbewegung (The German Youth Movement)

The growth and success of the HJ organisations cannot
be properly appreciated without some reference to the earlier
history of the Deutsche Jugendbewegunq (German Youth Movement).
Since the end of the last centuky, the latter gave young
people an opportunity to express themselves and to carry on
various activities in organisations of their own.
Young people of both sexes joined J~endgemeinschaften
(Youth Communities) and formed groups of WandervBgel (Young
Hikers) which had no political. prograrnms, but were animated by
youth's determination to express itself unfettered by the*
older generation.
Their activities included hiking, camping and evening
meetings for lectures and discussions; much emphasis was
placed on the rediscovering and singing of old German folk
The %eissner Forrrmla", a proclamation made by a "Youth
Rally" in 4913, shaped a general policy of "Inner lkeedorb: a
reaction against the complacency and restrictions of German
middle-class life, its prejudices and "bourgeois mind".

After the First World War the youth movement developed at

an accelerated pace and reached its peak in the twenties when
many new groups sprang up, and the Mndische Jugend (League of
Youth) partly took the place of the original Jugendbewemng.
At this point many political parties, among them the
NSDACF(Nationalsozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterparteiTNational '
Socialist Workers' Party) began to form their own youth
organisations, and it is estimated that in the late nineteen-
twenties four million German boys and girls belonged to the
young people's sections of various political and non-political
factions, some 80,000 being members of the original 3iindisohe
Jugend (League of Youth).
The Nazis were regar&ed as outsiders by virtually all,
other youth fomations.
2. 3eginnings of the I-U

On Xmrch 8th, 1922, Hitler, in his own newspaper, the

"Vblkische Beobachter", announced ,-the establishment of the
Jugendbund der NSD.AX'(Youth League of the Nazi Party), later
known as the Jun&sturm Adolf X-fitler (Youth Shock Troop Adolf
Other youth gr&ps with National Socialist tendencies
also existed, but were not directly affiliated to Hitler's
Thus the Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterjugend
Youth) operated in the rZhein and ;iuhr regions.
In Enay 1925 the Wandersportverein
VOGTLAND), in PLAUEN, Saxony, merged with the
bun& in M8'NICH, Bavaria, under the new name of Hitle-Jugend,
arnl coined by the notorious anti~semite Julius STREICHEK,
thea Nazi "chieftain" of E'ranconia.
'this new Nazi organisation, culminating in the &I of
today was under the leadership of Kurt GRIPER, of the
ETIdJxN group*
39 Exoansion of HJ into
-a--- 8 State G~anisation
Although the &T had borrowed much of its technique and
ssne of its~syrnbol~fran the old Ju~endbewe~~, from the very
first it ad&d a nat~cqalistic and decidedly militaristic
note. In 1925 it becme a junior branch of the SA (Storm-
troopers) and -&jrectly suboM.inate to the SA High Co~~&nd.
The movenltent, in true Nazi fashion was opposed to school,
'church and home ,and attracted many youwsters.
In 1928 600 boys gatbred at the first national hJ rally
at MD ST-. At the ~5QQ3EEGParty Rally of the following
year 2,500 boys werq pqsent.
In 1929 the Ns Schulerbund (Nazi Secondary School Boys
tique) ~7~s recognised as an official affiliate of the Hitler
Youth Organisation.
By 1930 t&e &J i-lad 900 OrtS~ (local groups) in
&xmany arx&:ttie W (Deutsohes, Junytolk-Gemla Young Folk) for
boys aged IQ-l.4 and BUM (Bund Ueutscher b%del-Leagw of
Gez3nn Girls) were founded as branches of the HJ.
r;y ,193l the total membership had expanded to 15,000.
Despite '@-k f'act that the I3J was temporarily bannedby
the Republican Government, its ranla continued to swell &der
the 1ead.crshi.p of B.&l&r von Z3XIRAcK and by 1932 its numbers
had risen to 250,000. In the 581:1eyear the EEJwas separated
from the Z&i, mainly to free it from the ban imposed on the
WhenHitler took over full. Governmental power in 1933,
~EZQTmore boys and girls joined, and all other youth organi-
satians were rapidly prohibited and disbanded, their &rs
beinhi; subsequently ured to join the EL
Considerable opposition was encountered at first from
the Catholic and ILeft Wing Youth Movements, but these.
organisat ions, too, were partly crushed and partly absorbd
in ruthless fashion.
A,fter the first year of the Nazi regime, the HJ, izxlud- L
ing its branches, DJ, J&S, and BDH, mbered two million.
One year later this figwe had actually doubled, and by
the 1st. of &cer&er, 1934, when the HJ was de&red
Staatsjuge_nd (Gmrement-sponsored Youth Orgmisation), the
total amwr&ed to six million,of *oh one and a h&U
million belonged to the BJ proper, the othera to its

The Decree of Dece&er 1, 1936, providing for Reichs-

~enst33flioht (Compulsory Youth Service), not=
legalised the existence of the HJ, but also completely
destropdallthe remainiqyouth organisations ~~G~ZXULQY.
The decree contiined three major points:
LLl German Youth shall join the &I.
The mission of the HJ is to train all Geman Youth-
physically, mentally and morally for national
service in the spirit of Natioti Socialism. school
and home are subordinated to the interests of the
( > The mndf%hrer
C (Reich Youth LRader) is
entrusted with all phases of the education of GeLman
vouth. and is responsible or&y to the F&EFLXR.
Every child being compelled to serve in the W, the
Farty gained an enormous influence over the youth of the
country and an assured supply of recruits for its own ranks.
By "voluntary application'! the highest age group may
apply for transfer into any NSDAPGliederungen (formations)
e.g. the SA, SS, or NSKX. Only the select are accepted for
the XSDAI? (Nazi Party proper) itself.
An attempt to maintain a Stamn+W (Original KJ) as a
superimposed structure, including only members of’ long stand-
ing or those who had proved themselves ardent Nazis, resulted
in much confusion and had to be abandoned,
(See diagrams, Annexe C )

5. Main branches of the Hitler-Jwend

The EitlepJugend is organised into four main branches,

HitlerLfugend for boys aged 34-48
Deutsches Jungvolk (DJ or German Young Folk) for
boys aged AC&q4 who subsequently transfer to the
HJ proper.
(c) Bun& Deutscher mdel (ED4 or League of t;eman
Girls) for girls aged 14-18.
(d) Jungmlldel (JM or Young Girls) for girls aged IO-
14 who subsequently transfer to the BDH proper.
The terCrrlsHJ and BDM are used very loosely, and require
a special note. Strictly speaking KT refers to (a) above,
, and m!4 to (c) above. In practice, however, HJ is wide1
used to cover both (a) and (b), and XDM to cover both (c 7
and (d).
Further, the term X.7 is used in a third sense, to
indicate the whole Youth Movement.
For convenience all these meanings have been used in
this handbook, as the sense should invariably be clear
from the context.
Orgmisation of the four branches runs along parallel
The program% of the IX consists of preparatory training
for the HJ. Although special training in Sondereinheiten
(Specialist Units) is officially limited to members of the w
proper, specialist units such as l?lieger-AT (Aviation) and
Nachrichten-LJ (Signals) have recently been reported in the
The task of the BDM and JM is the emcation of girls for
‘+conpan ion ah ip , honour and faith".They are to be made
'*conscious of their duty as German girls to become good
housewives ard to have as many children as possible".
k sub-section, Glaqbe und SchlSnheit_ (Faith and Zaaugy),
organises women volunteers between the ages of 18 and 21 who
aspire to careers in the girls* and women% organisations of
the Nazi Party and its affiliates, e.g. the NSF (National
Socialist Party Women's Branch) and the NSV (National Social-
ist Welfare Organisation).
6, Die --
Xeichswndfhrung ( iieich YouthDirectorate
The.Reichs,jugendf%hmng (RJP - Reich,Youth Directorate)
con8rols the policy a s well as the administration of the
whole KJ,
It is headed by a Reichsjugendmhrer (Reich Youth
Leader) assisted by an Ad+jutant and a Stabsfihrer (Chief of
Staff). The Reichsreferentin (BDWI)controls the lXH (Lund
Deutscher M&del-Le e of German Girls) and the S&l (Jusq-
m&de1 - Young Girls T , and she is responsible directly to the
The KJ3 is divided into five special executive branches
(Zeotralamt, Auslaads-und Volkstumsamt, Kinderlandverschick-
ung, Krie&wtreumgsdienst, A&SC- and fnto six Haupt-
Itnter73rwprtments). The bureaur of the Xaupt&&er are known
ater, and their sections and sub-sections as Hauptabteil-
ung=d Abte$lurw?m respectively.
AJJ 3eichsschulen (Hational Schools) are oontrolled by
the RJF.
For chart and details of the l&IF see Anne= C
Note: Used in connection with the I&@, the abbreviation '%A"
indicates Hmptamt (Department): iu the
it stands for the Hawtabteiltmg
See next paragraph,
7. H3 Gebiete (HZ Xegions)
The HJ inside Greater Gemany is orgaaised into 43
Gebieta (Regions). '1Rith the exception of the Gebiet Sudeten-
land and the Gebiet Befehlsstelle Ej&rnen und M$hmri, each
such region corresponds to a Gau (district) of the Nazi Party
proper. For occupied territory, 866 para.2. For list of
Gebiete and corresponding Party Gau8, see Anoexe &
Each Gebiet is headed by the Gebietsf%hreti (Regional
Leader), deputy is his Stab er (Chief of Staff) .
-The GebietsfUmmg (Regional I%! organised into
Ha@-abteiluryr;en ~tive?Sections t abbreviated to HA,
and special semi-Dfndependent offices. The functions of t #he
to those of the Hamt-

HA I Personnel
HA . If Pre-military Training and Sports
HA I31 Ideological Training and Cultural Activities
HA IV Social Services
HA V buildings and Homes
HA VI Legal MattL!rs

Ha tabteilun en are split up iat0 Abteilunp:

The Gabietsf%rer my appoint a subordinate to perfom
tasks which are nomally the function of a HA or its su&
section. Such specially appointed officials are termed, for
GebietsbeauftMer (Regional Pleni&tentislry) f& K&V
~Kinderlsndverschic'kuq#Wacuation of Chil&wn) or
Gebietsmusikmfereat (Regional I)irector of U.k3ic) or
Gebietsarzt (Regional Director, of Medicine).
A Gebietmekteq may be a general inspectoi of *he I%?
within the region, or he be a specialist (e.g. Ikpector
of Flying, Signals 0rCmrps in charge of speciaILiat units.

Each&&j.& adrainistemand maintains schools and camps.

!Pwoor iora ~ebietsfWmmsch\ilen (ILegional Cffice1+9" Schools)
provide training for the many executive post@ required by the
\ Orgaaisatiol3, Sow Gebiefe conduct Special schools, such as
music or medical schools or provide other specialist's
courses. .
Although the Armed Forces have actually taken over the
operation of the ~~ehrerticht&qungskger (Be-nilitary Train-
ing Ca~qs) the Gebietsfihnrng concerned still a&ministers,
HIP youth hostels, nominally under the Deutsche Jqend-
herbergen (nTN or Geman Youth Hostels, an organisation CBYL
ried over from the Republic) are actually under X3 admini-
stration and sqervision.
Details of each Gebiet are givett ih Xnnexe A, Part TWO,

8. 'I'he H3 Standoxt
The IXJ Standort (Garrison) is the highest Local au‘i;i-ro,rr-
ity on all matters concerning Geman Youth. It is under the
command of the Standortftthrer(krri,son Connander) and
handles all administrative details with regard to Xeichs-
enddienslqfficht (Compulsory National Youth Sehm
The Standort naintains the individual youth's Ju,qet-id-
stmnlbla<vnal Reco,rcl); this contains all personal
data, infomllation.on activities etc., in the greatest detail,
Zxtracta of the most assentia3, infunnation aze kept on
the Karteikarte (Filing Card) h;3ld by the member's unit, and
on the Diensikarte (Service Card), which also serves as
personal identity card.
Being a local administrati.ve authsrity, the Standort is
not part of the unit structure of the W, although, as will
be seen in the Order of sattle lists (Annexe A), the Stand-
ortflhxer (SOF) is often also the co;mnander of a 3ann.

9. X.J Banne (Regiments)

The Zann (2egi:nent) is the basic unit of the 53: in a
Gebiet thzare frm ten to thirty, or even more Banns,
In 1943 the Junabann of the Iu, parallel to the Bann
was abolished and the 03 Jungst&:ms (literally l'Y~uth Ilribe~?)
were placed under the supervision of the X3 %.na,
Generally each NSDAP-Kreis (Party not Sovsrn:Jentaf
Uistrictj contains one cosresFondin& ID Bann, and its Head-
quarters are located in the same town as the corresponding
IEUP--Kreis HQ. Larger Banne sometimes organise their own
schools and courses and some even operate youth hostels and
homes as well as camp-ing sites.
The Bann is led by the Eannf&rer who frequently also
holds theTfice of Standort~rrison CorlLnander). Ee
is assisted by an Adjutant and a Wauptstammf%.rer,
The Bann kkninistsation is divided into 6 Hauptstellen
(Zxecutivxffices) the functions of" which generally
correspond to the 6 I-Iaupt%t:?ter (Departments) of the,= and
the 6 parallel Hauptabteilungen (Executive Sections) of the
sebietsfiiluzlnq (degional Comanil ZQs).
An average Bann of about 6,000 is sub-divided into 5
St&rzne ("Tribes");- the HJ and yj Jungst&rz~e of the LtJ x6th
a strength of about 600 each, but a large aann of 9,000
might contain 15 St%nme,

IO. Specialist Units of the Bann

EachBann has semi: special service units, usually:-
Motor-Staxm (Notorised)
Fl,ie~er+Starnm (Aviation) and
Xachrichten-Sta (Signals).
These special service St&mm are sub-divided in
accordance with the established pattern of
(Company), Schar (Platoon) and Kamaradschaft
as outlined below. (para.11)
Among the smaller special service units found in the
av,erage stamm are:-
Oneor Xusik-Gefolgschaften (Music)
A SJ.cherungsdieast (SRD)-Gefolgschaft (5jlectity
Detachment) for patrolling, and
A Feuerweh&ch& (Firefighting Platoon)
II. Organisation below &&mental Lqvel
From the Stamm downwards the unit of organisation is
standardised, ??%mm is divided into I+ Mfolgschaften
(Companies) of 15Gh, and the Gefolgschaft is organised
into 3 Schaxm (Platoons) of 50 each,
Each Schar is sub-divided into 3 Kamaradschaften
(Comradeships of 15 each, and the latter split into 2
-7 . A diagram giving organisation
Rotten (filss details will
be found in Annex@ C, The number of youths in a com-mnity
determines whether a Stamm, Gefolgschaft or Schar is
organised there.
12. Numbering of Units
The numbering system of the Banne was originaly
designed to correspond with the regimental numbers of the
Wehmacht in the same area.. The XI was to %arxy on the
old tradition" but the rapid expansion of the W made
great inconsistencies inevitable,
Besides its number each Bann carries a name; this may be
a special name (e.g. a Party martyr or a geographical term> or
simply the name of the HQ location, or both.
Unit designations are usualt2y given in a.I?abiC nWnerak3,
the first indicating the Gefolgs s the second indicating
the Bann. Thus l/l00 stands for first Gefolgs.chaft of Bann
100. Na.'I/dOO stands for first NachrYichten-Gefo~gschaft
(Signals Unit) of Bann 100.
The St- is mcated by a Roman Numeral. Thus I/j00
stands fox first Stamn of Bann 100. Ma.I/lOO stands for
the first Wachrichte~~ of%n 100. +
The special. service,units ~nurnbered consecutively in
a separate series for each branch within evar$ Bann.
1s. Conscription Proceduke

Conscription proceeds each year a~ follows: the tan

yeast old registers in January and receives his Meldeschein
(iiegistration Card),
Ln Karch he appears at the Aufna~~ell(P'relimin-
ary Rollcall) of his Standort,
Between the 10th and 19th April the Standort conducts
a technischer Aufnahmedienst (Preliminary Technical Course)
culminating in the fenpmbe (hb's Entrance Exstmination)
On the 2Qth April, the Rihrer's birthday, a cerefionial
Standortappel'fTotaE Rollcall) is staged, at which all HJ
members, old and new, ZIUS~ appear, The new Pkpf (cub) of
the W and the new Jungmgdel, (“young girl”) of’ the JM,
together with the 14 year olds who are being transferred
into the KJ and the p;Du respectively, t&e the oath of
"Ich gelobe meinem E%hrer Adolf Hitler Treue. Ich
verspreche ihm und den mhrern, die er mir besttiznt, jeder
zeit Rchtung und Gehorsam entgegen zu bringen" (% promise
to be faithful to'my Fuehrer, Adolf HitZer, 1 promise
obedience and respect to him and to the leaders he shall
appoint over me").
I t is noteworthy that this oath is strikingly similar
to that adxtinistered to the Waffen SS3.
The new boy member is now entitled to wear the degger
with the inscription 93lu-t und 3hre" ("Blood and Honour"),

q40 Basic Traini*

Activities of the HJ membership are numerous and take
up 8. good deal of' the Gernan boy's time; exactly how much it
is iqo3sible t3 estimate, even though many regulations have
been issued on this subject. It may be said, however, that
most of the time not spent at work or school is spent Serb
ing the IXJ,
k-t present it appears that the day-t-day situation
largely -L -eg:ulates the duties required of FJJ members, but the
basic peace time progran:ae is carried on side-by-side vith
the war duties resulting from &x~~~any*s manpuwer shortage,
GeltanschauunA (ideological training) is at all times
one of i;he tiaportant p'hasss in a young German's schooling.
At least one evening each week is spent attending lectures
given by specially trained leaders who use minutely worked
out directives and Schulungsbriefe (educational pamphlets).
Here the IU boys rnemorise xany stock phxascs of the Nazi
political programle.
Physical training in the FLJ is designed to dev8lOp the
young Germans, in H3AerQ3 own wordst into junior supermen:
"hard. as steel, tough as leather and swift as greyhoundart.
All physical training is carried out with the help and
supervision of the lCUE3L, the Nationalsoziqlistiacher Belck+
bund f& Leibestibunq (National. Socialist Lea&e for Physical
'Training .
Two of the three weekly meetings are usually devoted to
sane form of physical exercise inevitably of'military nature
(grenade thrbPrring, small arms practice, etc.). Thus when the
boy w-rives at a Smerlwer (summer camp) or WehrertkhtiQ-
mumlager @EL or Fre-rni.litaJy Training Camp), he is already
well -quainted ppith basic military fomticms and drill.
The training, boG mtmta3. and physical, is permeated by
Nazi ideology and method, and in these caps, vacation periods
are utilised by the Nazi Party to strengthen still further
its hold over the young.
Various contests, such as @A.scherBPettbewerb (&sic
and Art Contest), Reichsberufswettkampf (National. Vocational
Contest) and sports meetings on national +d regioIlal levels,
are held in order to &Mate a spirit of competition and to
promote higher staslda2d.s of performance,
vinners are usually presented with certificates or
badges, and receive ccmnensurate publicity in HJ publications,
being hailed almost as junior heroes.
Details of HJ Proficiency Examinatias are given in
Annexe $,

15* V0cati.ona.l Train*

The vocational guidance program-me of tie HJ is conducted
in the closest co-operation with the Deutsche Arbeitsfrcmt
(DAI? or GevlnavlLabour Front).
Party Regional Youth Representatzve
'F1Piththe respective GebietsrUhrusP; 9n vocation&L guidavlce for
the HJ.
LanddienE.", (Farm Service) in distinct contrast to the
Lsndjmgatory yesr in agriculture) involves four years
of training in all phases of agriculture, part of which is
conducted on a Landdienstlehrhof (model training farm): see
hnexe A.
In peacetime, upcm graduation at 'I8 the boy receives his
Neubauemschein (Junior Fsrmer's Certificate). The aim of
this training was to provide a number of young farmers to
colonise the Eastern Territories.
Land Service formerly claimed many HJ boys, but today,
because of shortages elsewhere, they are called for such-work
anly when a farm labour shortage is aoute eno!gh to*reqmre
them, either local.Iy, or elsewhere in the Reich or m
occupied territories.
For girls this service year remains universally
The Bergd$.enst (Mining Service) of the HJ trains boys of
q8 (also during war-time) for leading positions in the mining *
The five gem course includes one year of Reich Labour
Setice (RAD or Reichsarbeitsdienst ) and is divided into three
phases. 3ach phase is completed by an exaraination, 8nd the
candidate pregressively attains the rank of +appe @her),
Hauer (Hewer+) and Steigeq (Foreman).
Wages for productive work performed during the schooling
range frcm 15 Bd to 45 FM per month, and an additional 17 I@
are deposited in the boy's Government Savings Account to
which he has no personal access*
16. Schools
The HJ has developed an extensive system of schools
designed to trtin future leaders for its m and other NSDAP
These potmtial leaders are carefully moulded into the
pattern of National Socialism and emerge as conscious Nazis,
applying their philosophy to all situations and person8.
(Cases are on record of elderly citizens being thrm%
into concentration camps merely for making cont~tuous
references to HJ members.)
Lists of all HJ schools will be found in Annexe A.

17. G&ietsf&rerschulen (Regional Schools for Officers)

Gebiet&&.rerschulen (Regional Scksols for Officers) are
controlled by the Gebietsv (Regina Ccmnand HQs) and
serve as training centres for those boys who already lead
large ~TOUPSor who are capable of doing so.
The boys are g5ven special courses in physicaL training
md Party doctrines by BJ training perscmnel and schooled to
fill posts within the structure of the Gebiet.
Instruction is given throughout th"E year, but primarily
during holidays or summer months.

18. Reichsschulen (Natimal Schools)

These schools are under the direct supervision of the
HJF. They are specialist schools attended by HJ members tican '
all Gebiete, '
Cumicula are based on military, naval, sport, admini-
strative and other subjects, but leadership is stressed
equally wi.th proficiency in the special subject.
The Auslands- und Volkttmsamt (Bureau for Foreign
Affairs and Gemmism) conducts courses in foreign languages
and awards the HJ-Sprachmittlerschein (Interpreter's
Certificate) for proficiency.

19. Nationalpolitische Erziehungsansta&ten (National

Political educational Institutions)
These establishments, which are abbreviated to NPii
or Sola, are types of secondary school and components of
the HJ organisation.
An NPEA is usually organised as a HJ-Stmm, and is
directed by a staff of SS Leaders whose pedagogical and
intelIl.ectual qualifications are often outPireighed by their
political reliability and previous services to the party.
Since physical training has first place9 instructian in
practically a11 kinds of military 'spouts", such 8s skitig,
glider flying, motoring etc. is emphasmed. Tul-tam must be
paid by parents.
Graduates are not particularly enjoined to enter party
or Government sentice, but are usually attracted to military
careers because of preferential treatment in the attainment
of commissicms.

20. The Reichsjugendakademie (National Youth Academy)

The Reichsjugendakademie (National Youth Academy) in
BRAUNSC~TG, a fomml institute of tigher leaming for
senior HJ leaders, was set up ia 1939 when it took over the
enlarged functions of the Reichs&endf&.rerschule (Nation&
Youth Officers School) still in operation in po1cSIwbI.
Candidates for admission ~xust have sached their 17th birth--
da2 and have completed secondary school or vocational tPain~-
ir24, The school trains W lca&rs WilO wish to make a career
of their calling.
The orrlinary course lasts two years and consists of f'ive
phases embracing practical experience in Bann &ministration,
three mszlas of manual labour in German in*ry and six
months &road,
Successful completion of studies entitles the student to
the Jqgxn&Mhrerpatent (Youth Ieader Cormxission) and results
in ixnmediate appoint!qent to a responsible position in the l-U.
Recently disabled War veterns between the ages of 23.
and 28 have been admitted in large numbers, and various
shorter course- 3 in Administration, Nazi Ideology, l%ultural
Work*, Frcs.3 and Pqxqan&, Kcalth Set-vice, Social Work ox
Farm Service rvcre institxted for them,
21. Adalf-Hitlcr-Sch~~en (Adolf Hitler Schools)
Adolf-Hitle~Schulen (Adolf Hitler Schools) arc free
boardin;: school s conducted by the ?WXF, so called because
they were conceived, ~$~~rtly endowed" and allegedly
azcltitechkra~ planned by the 3Wxrcr himself. Each school
is directlgunder the supwvision of the reqective N%%'P
Gauleiter (Party District Executive). Stu&nts are selected
at the age of twelve fx3m the ranL3 of the W, and arjmission
depends on possession.of all the basic c1m&cteristics of a
good fTazi.
These schools coxbine a curiol:s mixture of toughness and
1Q-w They are on the secon6ax-y school level and place
great chassis on military "sports", character building, and
devotion to the Party-state.
The teaching staff hzs received some or all of its train-
ing at the I?cichs;j~xp,en~~,~~~~~e. The skident is xqar&d as
a me&er of the HJ th!ughout his five years of schooling.
Upon gradwtion, the stuJf2nts designed for cventu;~ MSUP
leadership are admitted into the Party proper.
Cf the 4,000 graduates erner,@.r~s f’rOJA the d$ ~,c@.lh+ each
yeear, 1,000 uv selected to reassemble after seven years of
Party or XJ work, and, with other outstanti~ young-leaders,
to enter one of the Ordensburgen (Castles of the Teutonic
Four Ordcnsburgen !xno~ as K$SSIXSXE, VOGXEQiG,
SO?m<Om and sIrlRm= are in existoNe. There,
according to the chief of the German Labour i?ront, Robcti I&&
this t'Elite~t is trained as the future Lasters of Gerxxany
tt - great in knowledge, blind in obedience, fanatical. in
i7Jl.x SERVICE m lGIlmTrnY ‘2RAlTJ~

22. 'ff8x Service

War has imposed many additional responsibilities on the HJ.

and efforts are made to place the boys where mapcm~ shortages
are most pressing. To attract youth into German industries and
simultaneously maintain political hold over them HJ.-LehrlinEs_-
heime (Apprentices I-lames) have been instituted in the large towns,
where in addition to an eight-hour day in the factories, the boys
also carry out nearly full HJ duties, Wages are nominal and
saving is compulsory,

The KrieRseinsatz (Var Bergency Service) was created to help

with duties such as firefighting end AR?, i!J. personnel also
working as conductors, maif clerks, post,%en, street cleaners etc.
War salvage activities and collections for war charities are
conducted regularly by the iiJ as well as the Kinclerlandves-
Schick (KLV, or evacuation of children from boded areas m

In the KricRsbetrelrunasdienst (KBD or I'orces Welfare Service)

the 1I.J ,vrites letters and sends parcels to the front, entertains
soldiers in hospitals or while on leave, an1 runs canteens for
me&hers of the Army.

The CSzman High Command's call for volunteers has been met by
a considerable response from the 17 year olds of' the IIJ.
Volunteering is made attractive by the granting of special privi-
ieges, such as short leaves, the wearing of the I-IJ armlet on the
left upper arm of the army tunic, and the designation of "Krieas-
" (Volunteer), instead of the customary "private".
H3 serving in any capacity with the Armed ?orces arc also
entitled to receive regular army decorations for !I;ood work.
:LEUI~I$J 'boyr; of the older age groups have also volunteered
to serve as Armeci. 2 'orce Auxil.iaries in def'ence of the home country.
HJ-Luftwaffenhelfer (AA Auxiliaries) are sixteen year old3
organised to man anti-aircraft defences, serve as spotters, and
work at AA posts, releasing members of the Armed Forces for front
line duty.
Only students of secondary schools may volunteer for training
and assignment ar, w They ,may be transferred to
any distant &nger area, ht are bi-annually guaranteed a two-week
holiday to see their families, ?'hcir HJ uniform is supplemented
by airforce boots, a steel helmet, and other necessary personal_
Luftwaffe equipment.

W -1,'Zinehelfer (Naval Auxiliaries) are members of the

I&rine-NJ 1 who have volunteered for routine duties with the Navy
in the coastal areas of Geznany.
Panzerschreckab&eil?~~en (tank delaflng sections) of the WJ.
have recently been reported in action against the invading Allied
a,nnoured units.

23. Liaison with the Armed Forces

AI.1 branches of the Anned Forces have maintained close

liaison with the KJ having their own representatives in the RJF
(Reich.Youth Directorate). The Army, Airforce, and Navy fix
definite annual q,uotas for special training in the HJ witha
view to future recruiting.
Each Wehrkreis (military district or Corps Commandsof the
Wehlazacht) and each Luftgau (district of the Luftwaffe) has
Nachwuchsoffizier (iiecruiting Officer) who is assisted by a ii2
VerbindunEffizier (HJ--Liaison Officer).
By order of the Amy High Commanda direct relationship
between units of the field army a& units of the HJ was estab-
lished in January 1944. A regiment or an independent battalion
"adopts" a H&-Bann as Patenbann (Poster Bann). The regirnent'a
Ersatz Ei&~lace~~t), located i,n the vicin+ty of the
Barn,, actively collaborates in the military training programe of
the Bann.
Members of the adopting army regiment or battalion in the
field are often detached to the Bann to relate their war experien-
ces and to act as temporary instructors,
In this connection it must be mentioned that the %.ffen-SS
exerts a disproportionately high influence upon the H3.
In response to the imxeased need for trained manpower in the
Armed Forces, the HJ has undertaken to provide basic training for
boys under military age. Although semi-mili@,ry activities have
always played an important part among the duties of tht: RJ
formal pre-military traininf; under direct supervision of the Armed
Forces was not introduced until lV.@. Its purpose is to
sup@ment the training which must be compressed into a very short
period when the boys are called up for regular service.

24. Wehrertkhti...un~sla~e~ (Pm-Military Trainin~md

The most effective form of pre-military training takes place

in the Xehrert~chti~un~sla~er ( 'JBELor Pm-Nilitq Training
Csmpa), of which sorne 300 are believed to exist in Greater km.
Every 17 year old boy is required to take the three weeks
basic course at a WEL before being drafted to labour service or
prior to being "induced to volunteer" for the Armed Forces,
including the Waffen-SS,
The usual 'hyEJ; has accormnodation for 300 to 400 boys, who are
organised into Scharen and Xameradschaften,
Instructors are Army officers or more fpequently nowa-
officers of the Taffen-SS and NCO's with ccmiba~ experience,
Professional or semi-professional HJ leaders serve as assistants
and administrators only and a staff of male and female civilians
maintain routine services.
The WEL is a very modern establishment, in no way comparable
to army barracks. It has dining rooms, lounges, modernly-equipped
kitchens and sick bays, store rooms, lecture halls with special
technical and demonstrating equipment, motor pools and shops,
sports arenas, and firing ranges.
The training plan provides for practical f'ield exercises, and
manoeuvres, the use of smaZ1 8rms, as well as sports and
ideo3.ogiw.l schooling. Close order drill is kept to a minimum.
The K&&eh (War Training Ce??tifiCate) marks the successful
completion of the course.

25. Sonderemeiten (Specialist Units)

Sondereinheiten (Special Service Units) have assumed
increy&d knportance in the accelerated pre-military training
programme of the HJ, By decree of the WF. 3% of each hti age
group must supplement theFr basic tra-ining in Sonderetieften,
where they acquire a rudimentary knowledge of the various branches
of military service.
HJ members of specialist units are organised into separate
Scharen or attend a special EEL,, e.g. one for signal, motor or
aviation training.
The various specialist service certificates and badges may
be acquired during a course at the WEL. Tkie most advanced
trainees try to fulfil the requirements for the K.-bmgsleiter
Schein ('Nar Training Instructor's Certificate). *
By the end of 19&3 approximately 514,000 youths had passed
through pre-military training camps of the Hitler Youth

26. Zachrichten HJ, (Sij7nals)

The Nachrichten-HJ (Signals) prepares boys for duty in the
signal unit; of the Army and Air Force, and recently signal
tratiing has also been given in special service units of the DJ
preparatory to trabfer into the Nachrichten-HJ.
TraintiP is conducted under direct supervision of thti md
Forces, anG Gith full utilisation of their establishments and
equipment. It is divided into three phases:-

Ync first course lasting six months, gives signal training,

inclu?iing an intro&ction to communication procedure and the
operation of simple signal ins=Wxnents and equipment. After
passing ‘an exaknation, the HJ boy receives the Nachrichtenschein
A (Signals Certificate A) which entitles him to wyr a distinctive
ba&e "A" on his left forearm, \
The second course consists of two and a half years*of basic
sipal training covering all types of signal commmicz.tlon.
Upon passing his final examination in this.course the trainee
receives Nachrichtenschein B (Signals Certificate B) with the
corresponding badge YBn to Gear on his sleeve,
The third is a special course adding the final touch to the
general signal training, and culminates in Nachrichtenschein C
an3 its correspon&ing badge.

27. Notor 'EIJ. (Motorised Hitler Yea

The Motor HJ founded in 1939, is designed to train future
recruits for the mkorised and armoced divisions of the Amny.
This training is under the supervision of the Army, but the NSKX
(National Socialist Motor Corps)~.furnishes instructors, eqtlipment
and facilities.
Training during the first two years includes theoretical
instruction, workshop practice, and lectures on traffic regulations.
When the Motor-HJ boy has reached a rnbimm age of sixteen, he
takes an examination for his driver's licence,
The technical training includes a knowledge of all motor
vehicles and the ability to perform on-the-spot repairs.
The Motor&J Abzeichen (Motor HJ Badge) is awarded for
proficiency particularly in driving under difficult terra=
contiitiins t from a tactical point of view).

Ejturmboot Einheiten (Assault Boat Units) are a recently

developed branch oP the Xotor HJ, but only a few such groups

28. mine HJ (&~a m)

The Xarine-HJ. (Naval HJ) is generally composed of boys

living in coastal regions and f'urnishes replapements'for the Navy
andMim&antNavy. Training is under the supervision of naval
personnel, and includes practically all phases'of naval. activities.
After a three to four years course, the&&&-Q boy has '
learned to man row&oats, barges and stiltig boats, he has a
knowledge of flag signals and basic naval communications and the
employment of the various trapes of naval craft.
The most exhaustive train+@ !s offered in the
schulen (Reich Naval Sport Schools'listed in Amexe
SegelschulschWf (Sailing Training Vessel) "Hors% Wessel'.
Seesportabzeichen (Sea @&t B&ages) B, B ad C are awarded at the
end of each stqge of training. The unifom wornby the ,Marine-HJ
differs entirely frm the ordinar*Jp HJ uniform, and is almost
identical with thk blue uniform worn by the German Navy, though
the Hs amlet is retained,
-W me&ers serving with the Merchant Marine my C~TV out -
inland waterway duties with thtz Reichsbarm i3bxnenschiffti
(Naticmal Inland 'gatemays Unit) or coastal duties with the Rei&s-
bann Seeschiffahpt (Natimal Sea&going Unit).

29, Flieger HJ, (Atiaticm HJb*

The Flteger-HJ prepares boys for service b the German Air
POI-C% Trajning is cmtrolled by the ~rkmmando der Luftwaffe
(Cl5 or Air Force High Ccuamnd), but instructors estiblishmmts
and trabing eq$pme& are Furrlished by the X3PK (Wational
Socialist El* Corps).
Flyingtrainingbegins in the DJ ihen the twelve year old
volunteers, organised in the Fliemx-D$ (Jun%or Aviatia HJ
learn to build and to fly model plamw. /
After transfer to the Fliemr-HJ the canstruction azld
c&at&n of gliders and theoretical in&%ctian fn aviation,
navigation9 aerial geography and other related mb$mts form a .
fulltrainlng program=.
M&yworkshqs of the GermmState Railw&ys,Geman Postal b
Service, Vockticmal School3 and4ndustrial conce.ms are at the
diSpos8.l. of.. %hti' Flieggzr-HJ,
There az-e three SeRelfliegeq@keTchcn (Glider Badges) A,B
and C, which ,are progtissivelx acq&'ed. To pass the extitim
for Se&fIie~erabseidhea C, the a$plicant must n&ntain hi& glider
#hove start@g'.height for at least five tiutes. ,
Selectedboys my prepare for &e examinatiorr for th8 &tit-
f&&h (Glider Pilot% Certificate) and take ,further trauling
8s aimraft pilots.
For further details of HJ aviation trz@iing see Basic
Hzmdbook~/~2 o$ theNSFlZ. B
30, HJ, Peldschere (FirstAid Units)
H&-F&I&here trab mostly for first-aid work in the M3
but a3~0 for duty a~.md%ca.l and a&ulance personnel in the
Armed Forces,
Training takes place under the supervision of full-time HJ
doctors, in extensive courses given at Feldscherschulen (Pirst
Aid Training !Schools). A list of these schools is given -in
Armexe A,
Idedicel lectures, First Aid, Dental care, Casts and Trans-
porting the wounded are some of the items on the general training
After passing an examination, the boy receives a certificate
and is entitled to wear the Peldscher fizeichen (hiedical Service

31. Streifendienst (Patro.1 Service)

The Streifendienst (S12D) comprises the elite of the Nazi
Youth, A board of high local MJ and SS leaders considers the
individual applications for service in the SRD, applying the
rigorous standards of' the original Allgerneine SS.
Xrr the SRD are. cotiined all the various tasks of a
supplementary 2% and p&ice force, Meribers check on the
appearance of the other HJ me&ers as individuals and in
formations; they also control the youths passing through railroad
stations and hostels. 3f.mthermore they correct such offences as
begging, vagrancy and fraudulent collections.
The SRD operates in closest collaboration with police
authorities, including the Gestapo and its members, trained and
supervised by Ss, are regarded as eventual SS replacements,
The SRD may indeed be considered a ma3or problm for an
occupying force and a potential source of opposition and sabotage.
Itz members' are among the most dangerous and unscrupulous types
used as raiding squads and informers, In Poland they made up
execution squads and formed Rollkmmandos (Pursuit Detachments)
serv?.ng tander Death's &ad Officers of the SS.
The Schnellk am.mniio (tiergency Squad) is a sub-unit of the
SPZD which is at the disposal of Germ~ny's various police forces
for special duty at dang& spots during air raids, eta.
ln localities where no regular Feuerwe.hreinheiten (Pire-
fighting Units) of the HJ ham have been organised, branches of
the Sl?D we employed in this capacity.
!l%e distinctive insignia o-f the C5RD is a black ribbon around
the sleeve with the inscription "Streifendienst"(see plate in
Annexe C).

32. Musikztige (Band ~latooazs)

Musikzke have always played a great part in the special
activities of the'HJ and meetings and festivities of the
organisation are invariably embellished by the performances of
these musical units.
Combinations of band groups range from drum and fife bands
to bugle.(fanfares) corps arid full size brass bands.
Each Bann has at least one Musikgefal~schaft (Music C-any),
and musical. training is given in special HJ Courses at most
musical institutes in Germany. Some music schools have even been
&ken over by the IIJ for this purpose, (For list, see Annexe A)
It is believed that bugle code siels have recently been taught
in these schools.
The best musicians are selected to be metiers of the HJ
Reichsmusikzu~ (National HJ Band) which frequently tours Eater
Germany and often broadcasts.
AU members of musical units we= "Schw~lbennester"
(Epaulxttes with fringes) as riistinctive insignia.
Spielscharen are propaganda troops which present shows and
plays expounding Nazi ideology. Some Banne and each Gebiet
maintati a Spielschar, Performances o-titular ina and
value to the organisation are given over the air.

33. Gebirgs-H& (Xouz&aineersl

$he w HJ provides mountain training in preparation
for futuz% service with the' mountain troops, This training.is
‘outlinecl, by the Army, and given in close co-operation tith the
Deutschez! Alpeqvergin (DAV or German Alpine Cl&).
l&&&em of the Gebirgs-HJ are organised in so-called etig-
fahrtengruppen, small. groins whfch undertake independent mountain
expeditions, involv-ing tiountati climbing and skiing, Upon passing
a special course, the G-ebirsts-NJ boy acquires the Berg,fahrten-
ftihrer mzeichen (Ju.nio~ Uountain Guide Badge).
NOTE: The Reiter HCJ (Cavalry) was a peace time branch of the'
HJ specialising as horse-mounted units. It has not been heard
of skce the outbreak of war.

With the introduction of ccrmpulsozy youth service in

1936 a considerable need for new leaders arose. Only 8,000
Haupt&ntliche F&rer (Ml-time, professional and salaried
officials) were avtilable for the leadership of millions of
new members.
At first many new leaders were combed out of the old
ravlks of the Stanm-M (see para 3). When this source was
depleted, less qualified appointments were made.
Tn any case, all tiJ officials are chosen by the. Command
HQ of the next higher administrative level in accordance with
the TJazi "FIIhrerprinzip". This has led to much intrigue, the
use of influence ,.and personti conflicts in connection with
both appointments and prmotions.
To stop the gaps left by leaders having entered the
AYmed Forces, ;EI..xnctionaries of other Nazi Party orgmisaticms
are being drafte& to fill their posts temporarily. Until
Spring 194-4 Haupttitliche FCthrer, of which there are at
present about 30 ,GGG, received military deferment, but
might volunteer, if they so mished.

35. Ranks
The follcmuing are the ranks of the XJ proper, in
ascending order: any attempt to equate them withiVehrmaoht
ranks would be misle&ing, but the diagram of units and unit
commanders in Annese C gives their relative positions.
Beyond inclusion in the diagrams and plates of tiexe C
no specid, treatment of the ranks of the DJ or BDK has
been undertaken in this handbook:
Leaders ap ointed for the duration of the war &y, add
a "X;- ++(KriegJ in front of their respective ranks
(e.g. K-Gcfolgschaftsrahrcr).
As the fourteen year old is transferred from the D3
into the HJ, he beccmes a Hitlerjunge.
If‘ he possesses the necessary qualifications, he may,
after six months service, be appointed Rot$enf%rer.
It takes about one year to attain each of the next
higher ranks, e,e. Kameradschftsrtfkirer and ScharMhrer.
The Gefolp;schtisWer is usually 1.8 years of age, and
Bmf%hrer and higher ranking officials are generally old
members with considerable party influence.
Although there is rio official age limit, HJ leaders
ordinarily tr~ansfer to other NSDAP formations after they have
reached the qge of 35.
The addition of nOber-rl or "Erupt-? to the ordinary rank
indicates recognitim of length of service only and does not
necess4M.ly connote a higher fuuctional statis.
I!?rcanthe rank of Bannf%hrer upwti, HJ leaders are
employed on a fully paid basis. Lower ranks, by the display
of special zeal may in certain cases also receive
remuneraticms Scharrtthrer - 120 EM per month; Gefolgschafts-
Bihrer - 200 ii-.

36. tii.foYms ad Insignia of mc

Jh summer the HJ wear the followiw:-
Brm shirt
Black cotton shorts
Brown shoes
Grey stockings
Black neckerchief with leather knot.
In titer the uniform consists of:-

Dark blue ski-trousers

Brown balaclava (often with Hoheitsabzeichmj
Brown boots
Peaked dress cap (with coloured piping)
Greenish brorrrn overcoat (with which the dirk and
scabbard with KT motto "Blut und Ehre_" is worn)
ti Aruzexe C plates give illustrations of KJ and BDM
uni.forms.and in&&a of ra&, It should be noted that the
ranks o,f Oberrott&Wrer(HJ), Jungbanqf&rer and Oberhorden-
f'&.rer(DJ) shown there, are now obsolete.
The insignia of the Reichsjugenmer do not <appear in
hnnexe ;- his epaulette carries the same cluster of leaves .
as that of the GebietsfYihrer, surrounded by a laurel wreath.
The numerals appearing on the silver buttons of the
epaulettes in the lower ranks indicate the unit concerned
(Arabic for Gefolgschaft, Roman for Bsnn)..
Epaulet-&s may also be found which differ slightly frcan
those shawln in Annexe C. Sometimes letters or abbreviations
replace the unit nwaber and indicate HJ branches or schools.
37. Other In&ma and Badges
Pla%es in Annexe C also illustrate various insignia
denoting specialist employment, unit, etc.
The exarLvles given do not form a caprehensive list;
the folldng emblems, not illustrated, may be of interest:-
Ffieger (Aviator) : propellor, with vings, on a
blue parallelogram
Feldscher (r'irst Aid): white cross on a red circle
Arzt (Doctor) : gold caduceus (rod and. seryznt)
on an oval blue background
ringed with gold.
- ur In Annexe C the m patches showing the Untergau and
Oberaau of the IX&f are now obsolete, as the Obergau
has been abolished and the Unteqau changed to I?LM

38. HJ in Occupied Tetitoties

The HJ in occupied territories is regional.ly administered
by Befehlsstellen (T~mitorial $oxmnd HQ%).
Befehlsstelle BOlXMEEUXD I&HREN is the only commnd which
enjoys the status of a Gebiet.
Each Refehlsstelle is headed by a Chef (Chief) with staff.
This staff is similar to thatofa Gebiz?%hrun& andis
orgmised into offices accordinp; to the requirements in the
terz5toqy in question.
39. HJ in Fore&n Territoties
In commonwith other NSIXP formations, the HJ has also
played a role in the Nazi att*t to sponsor its om
orgmisations in fore&n countries, as ell as to spread its
philosophy there. The approach to the young people of other
countries has been outwardly conducted under the gtise of
prumoting understanding between the youth of the world;
actually the usual Nazi tactics of infiltration and coercion
are employ&
Principle agencies camng on this work are:-
The Apslands-und VoILkshps of the m (see pm 6).
The Eittelstelle fffr Volksdeutsche Jwendarbeit (Centm
G-e&c Youth Ifsork) of the faazi Party.
The Volksbund f& das Deutsch~ im Ausland (WA or
Pop&w League for Gemanism Abroad).
Their m&n efforts are directed at Gemans or people of
%ema.r&c originn living abmad. The former are coerced, the
latter wooed.
%any publications and directives are published purely
for such foreign consumption and special EF representatives
are sent to neutral and Axis capitals.
The HJ representatives in countries beyond the borders
of Greater Gemany, are listed in alphabetical older in
accordance tith the country to which they am Raccredited",
in Part Six of Annexe &
The Auslands-m.dVolkstutqsmtis the executive agemy
for the organisation of youth in foreign countties.
Individual l3J me&em are responsible to it, and where Banne
or other units can be formed, they also come under its
German-speaking young people fmm other countries are
invited to the Reich, at no expense to themselves, in oxfier
to receive training in 1eademhQ at,HJ instjtutes.
Special stress in all these matters is placed on tie
so-called "GeM cft youth, including not only Norwegians,
Danes, Dutch and Flmings, but also Walloons, Finns and
A more a&itious project, the tiLeague of European Youth"
mxs laumhed by the Nazis in September 1942 at Vienna. There,
the Par$y managed to rally the youth organisations of fo&een
nations (& satellites) amund the principhes Of "unequivocal
adherence to the 333construction of tie New Eurcpe" and the
promotion of intemal struggles against "Jewish-Plutocmtic-
Bolshev%st ideas",
Nations participating wme: Gemany, Italy, fhrmania,
Bultgarj.a, Croatia, Slovakia, Spain, ITorway, Hmgary, Holland,
Belgium, nWalloonia" (Belgium), Denmark and Finland. A
permanent secmh.hat was formed and a monthly periodiCa
nJmges Eumpa" (Young People) was fovulded.
O-t;her international activities of the HJ were the
estaIbli.akrment of:-
A World Youth Hostel at .Altena near %gen/estfalen in
i934 (tmder the auspices of the Intexmtiona1 %orking Committee
for Youth Hostels).
A Germanic House opened in Bmunschweig,
WEL (See Annexe A, Part Five) for Germanic Youth at
Stegskopf ar~3 Seeboden, which co-operate with the Volksdeutsche
l@ffen SS.
The Geqnaa2l sche Lmddiemtjughd 3xmdc Land Service
Yo-uth) for agticulturdl mrk in the Eastern tedtories.
40. Lesp.3. l&s.sures regarding German Youth
The ?olizeiveror&xxng cum Schutze der Deutschen Jugend
(Police Decree for the Protection of German Youth) issued in
November 1943 by HIhWE3, in his capacity as Chief of the
German Police, indicates that Hitler's campaign to win the
youth of Germany, despite its thoroughness, has met with some
The decree prohibits youths between the ages of 96 and
18 from frequenting places of entertainment after 9 o'clock
in the evening, tiess accompanied by a'parent or guardian.
People under 46 are completely barred frown such locales
after 9 o'clock, and no one under 48 is permitted to smoke,
dance or drink in public under any circumstances.
Those who join the Wehzmacht, md SS are exempt from
these regulations: this is believed to have encouraged

The real purpose of this edict, aside from any pretended

moral or so-called disciplinary reasons, may have been to
discourage unsupervised gatherings of young people, where
opposition to the regime might be planned or covertly

41. Unofficial youth organisations outside the HJ

Reports on hand clearly indicate the existence and

growing strength of underground and unofficial organisations
operating outside the HJ. .
Some of them are secret remnants of the old "BUndische
Jugend" or the confessional youth movements; others 'are
prob&ly Left Wing in origin. Some have recently been
created as sma'll groups functioning within a t.gvm, city or
city district; others may have national or regional
It is not always clear whether these groups exist as
convinced anti-Nazi cells or are tierely a reaction to the:
restrictions, discipline and military orientation of the HJ.
Many have simply developed out of the desire of young people
to enjoy their sports, hikes and cultural activities unshaoky
led by party supetision and coercion,
A group in ilustria, called "W$ener Praterschltifef'
plans its activities inlocal dance halls and its activities
have been reported in the Viennese press.
Some meet secretly at their leader's hame, scxne assemble
mder the guidances of a parish priest or minister, some are
led by older people, while a few maintain liaison with adult
underground movements, Xembers often wear secret insignia
inside their coat lapels.
S-called "Edelweisspiraten" (EP or Edelweissban
in the Rhineland, the Ruhr, Westphalia and Southan Gennrury
have attacked isolated HJ boys, provoked them in street
fights, assaulted SS and SA personnel and even performed acts
of sabotage, such as staxting fires in fuel dumps.
42, Repressive Measures
Nazi police forces, andinparticuUrH.JSED
detachments are constantly on the alert for these
opposition groups,
It is, reported that on apprehension for the first
time, these boys 8x-e liable, in case of lesser demeanours
to be taken into custody cwer a weekend ("Jugendarrest")
Etzrther offences resylt in sentences to Zwangsanstalten
(Compu.lsory Institutes). f
Two former concentration camps, at R.LWZNSmflCKand
KIRINGEN, have been transfovraed into Ju~endschutzlager der
Sipo (Security Polfce Carqs for the Protective Custody of
Youths), and are said to come up to she standard of the
normal. adult concentration camps, for brute treatient of
the inmates.
(Order of Battle Tables)


1. Part One lists the HJ Gebiete and Befehkstellen in
numerical order, giving the NSDAPGau with which each Gebiet
is practically identical.

2. Part Two gives details of each Gebiet, in ntmerical

order, the first page in case giving HQ, personalities and
schools, and folkming pages giving the identified Banne
of the Gebiet.

3. "GZBIETSFkRUNG"; (Regional Dire&mate)

Gives HQ location, and identified staff pers&naIities, using
Gem tezms and abbreviations.

4. "IrnIFZED xwNt3": In addition to Banne (and axq

of thei&aVied subunits), towns in whicmAP Ki-eise
have theix HQ, are listed for reference, as'it is a general
principle that HJ Banns are located in such towns.

5. Part Three provides a numerical index of the Banne

with Gebiet to which each belongs. Bame with specie2 names
till'oe at the end of the list.


6. Pert Four gives the same information as Part Three,
except that Banne identified by location only will.also be-
found here, while I?a.xmeidentified by mmkmr only are not
7. I Schools are here listed according to type, and
subdivided in most cases according to the Gebiet in which
they are lczated.
8. Part Six lists HJ representatives abroad, according
to countries; rank and. functions are given,
NOTE: for German towns, names of bureaux etc. reference should
be made to the text. 0ff.icia.l abbreviations' are given in
hnexe D,

With corresponding NSDAP. &xl

Location of
HJ, Gebiet EJ’STZBP.
Gau Headpters

No: Name: No: Name:

1 Ostpreussen (for- 25 Ostpreussen K&igsberg/Pr.
merly O&land)
Mark Brandenburg 16 ErtlarkBrandenburg Frankfurt/%
3erli.n 3 Berlin Berlin (3.2
Niederschlesien 21 Niederschlesien Breslau I
Pmm 26 Pommern 3tetti.n II
Nordmrk 29 Schleswig-Holstein Xiel.
Nordsee 37 Weser-Elm3 Oldenburg'O.
Niedersachsen 33 Sad-Hannewer- Hannover
9 Westf'alen-Nord fi8 Westfalen-Nord MClnster/Westf.
10 Ruhr-Niederrhein 6 Essen bW.heim/Ruhr
11 K&+&hen 11 Kbln-Aachen KKLn
12 Moselland (formerly 18 Moselland Koblenz (Rhein)
J-3 Hessen-Nassau 10 Hessen-Nassau Wiesbaden
& Kurhessan 13 Kurhessen Kassel
15 mttelland 8 Halle-Merseburg Halle/S.
16 Sachsen 27 Sachsen Dresden A. 24
17 Thtiingen 34 Thtiingen Weimar
18 Franken 7 Franken NUrnberg
17 HOChland 19 MUnchen-Oberbayern Mhchen
20 wttemberg 42 W-text&erg- Stuttgart W.
21 Baden 1 Baden Strassburg
22 l3aymuth (formerly 2 Bayreuth Bayseuth
Bayrische Ostmark)
23 Mittelelbe 3.4 Magdeburg-Anhalt Magdeburg
24 R&cklenburg 17 Mecklenburg Schwerin
25 We&nt32% (formerly 40 Westmark Meustadt/a.d,
Saarpfalz) Weinstrasse
26 -Tz 3 -w3 Hamburg1
27 Wien 43. Wien Wien Vr11/65
28 Niederdonau 20 Niederdonau Ken XIX/~Y
29 Oberdonau 22 Oberdonau Linz (Ponau)
30 Steiermark 31 Steiermark Graz
31 K&r&en 11 K&r&en nagenfurt
32 Salzburg (formerly 28 Salzburg Salzburg
33 Tirol-Vorarlberg 35 Tirol-Vorarlberg Innsbruck
34 IXh3seldorf 5 Dusseldorf IXkseldorf-
35 Sudetenland 32 Sudetenland Xeichenberg-
36 Schwaben 30 Schmben Augsburg
Danzig-Westpreussen 4 Danzig-Westpreussen Danzig
:i War&eland 36 Wartheland Posen
Location of
HJ. Gebiek Headquarters

3: Nanx?s r&: Name:

39 Mainfranken 15 Mainfranken wlirzburg

40 Oberschlesiez3 23 Oberschlesien Kattowitz
41 Ost-Haanover 24 Ost-Hannuver Ltieburg
42 We&f alen-Slid 42 Westfalen-Stid Bochum
SE Gebiet Befehlsst. Prag XXX
l3hmen u. l&hren
IE Ekfehlsst. Belgien Brussels
% Befehlsst. Generalgouvernement Krakau (Cracuw)
1~ Ekfehlsst. Niederlande DenHaag
w Befehlsst, Osten
R Befehlsst. O&land Riga

x On19 the Befehlsstelle (Territorial C-d IQ) B&hswn und

M&hren (Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia) has the legal
status of a Gebiet such as those numbered from 1 to 4Z
Territorial Administrations in Numerical Order

(Corresponding to KDAP-Gau 25, OSTPREm)

HQ: KBnigsberg/Pr., J&gerhof 17/18

Phone: 34 541
K,-Gebietsf&rer: H&f. Oskar DWT
HA.111, (Jfhlsik) : Staf, E!CHOLZ(H)
Ch the 'Staff: Baf. FRIERRICH

(Assignment Unknown)
Herbert BOECH; (Fi%xerofaBann)
K.F. BRAND, (Firer of a Bann]

Name of School
met Location: OP cq: cowmandant:

Gebietsfwrer- Mschimmen, Post Romotten

schule 3: Lyck-Land
Gebietsftier- Moldenten
schule IT
WEL. II Rosensee
Landjahrlager Karnitten
Adolf-Hitler-Schule Tilsit
Reichsschiess u. Boyden

Ii Including the BZFh~SSTJILLEN

No, & Name: Lucat ion : Cwder: Sub-Units:
1 mnigsberg J3af. STRAHL Plg.Gef.1
3 Preussfsch

41 (Memel) ' Tilsit staf. BilkI?
43 Htinigsberg
&!+ (Rminten) Goldap
45 Ins terburg
147 r;yck
150 Allenstein
151 (Galinden) Sensburg Gef.in Wtzen
270 Ragnit
278 Ortelsburg
290 (Pregel) Wehlau
291 (Natangen) Preussisch
292 @f=app) Angerburg
293 t Ermlatld Heilsberg
296 (w<gau Braunsberg
30 Neidenburg
471 Memel Bad’. ENGLER
473 Heydekmg
679 Zichenau
681 Xackeim
782 Labiau Gef,in Goldberg
793 (Fried-land) Bartenstein
796 PMhnen .
876 Deutsch Eyl-au

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may

ppsibly exist

&FaPP Ostenburg
Ebenrode O&erode
Gerdauen Praschnitz
Heiligenbeil Rhzsel
Heinrichtialde Scharfentiese
Johmisburg Schlossberg
Mielau Sudauen
Mohrungen Treuburg
GBrn 2, BdARKmmuRG
(Corresponding to ~wfw?-eau 16, ll!lhRK E3IlANDENBIIRG)

HQ: pr~furt/O., Rejnmannstmsse 3

Phone: 32 21
GebietsfYkrer: Gebf. Mtz KNOCE?
Stellv. GebietsftIhrer: o.Baf@. SCHULZ
HA. III: O.Staf. Ernst GR&ER
Gebietsinspekteur: Franz IKrINK


Name of School
Type: Location: 0HYhT.Q: Comandmt:
Gebietsftirschule I Cottbus Gerhmd Liebsch O.Staf.
Am Odersee
Adolf-Hitler-Schule Frantrfurt/Cder
Reichsjugendftir- Potsdam
Reichsseesportschule I Prieros/&rk
Reichsschule f, Schloss
Weltanschauliche Molchowfi.
Schultmg Neuxqpin
Reichsschule f, Kamrnerjb.
Soziale Jugendarbeit Golzow

v P ~--- Trebbin
No. & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

8 Drossen
12 Guben
20 (Jtkterbog- JtiteAog 0.Geff.mJI.m Gef.27,
Luckenwalde) %belsberg
24 ” &PPb! Nt3uruppk Geff. m
35 Brandenburg- Brandenburg Geff. Heinz
Zauch-Belzig) POE33
46 ZUlichau
47 (aalau-Luckau) Senftenbeyg
48 (Soldin-Landsberg)Landrberg/W.
52 Cottbus 0. staf-, mcm
( K>
64 Prenzlau Geff. MELXTZ
l.40 Ktistrin Gef.in
/N 111.
14.1 Frankfurt/O.
195 (Osthavellend) Falkensee,
196 BWKh) Eberswalde
197 t Westprignitz) Wittenberge H.Geff, mscm
275 Sorau
368 Beeskow-
Storkow Gef.l (Bes-
369 Finsterwalde
370 Templin H.&&f, Karl
372 Miederbarnim) Bemau
373 Ostprignitz) Frit2waJ.k Baf. mom
374 Pots&ml O.BEkf.
0. RIfixcm
71-f Crossen
723 (Westhavelland) Rathenow o.staf, LI-iJc=

.Seat,s of I'@QA.P-Kreise at which corresponding ILMiarme xnax

possibly exist
Angermund;! Spremberg
Meseritz Teltow
GEBIET 3. ?isjaxLrN

(Corresponding to NSDAP-Gau3, l373RLIN)

HQ: Berlin C 2, Alexanderplatz 4
Phme: 51 5201
GebietsMhrer: Gebf. KAxA2m
Stabsleiter: H&f, Heinz WET2
Ii&, ICI, Wehrerttich- Baf, GxzEISE2
Abt, Rechtsfragen: Staf. PLfmiIRE
Geb.Insp.d.Flieger-HJ.~ Helmut N&ZX'EEW
Geb.Beauftr.f,Umsied- Baf. KRIUMER
lung in Ostpreussen:


Baf. Willi van lEEID
H.Baf, Gottlieb HIEEH
Baf. mcm

Name of School
Type: orCamp: Commandant:

GebietsfWrerschule Birkenwerder Herbert NORKUS

Gebietsmsikschule Ost-Berlin

Wm. I
NQL Dreetz/a,
36 Sormerlager * Klein Koris

JPEA. Berlin-Spa&m

Xeichsfunkschule Berlin-

'JJehrgang fb Jugend %X-lb-

u, Volksmusikleiter Charlottenburg

w Probably converted to 'KEL,

No. & Name: Location: Sub-Units:

6 redding-
21 Horst-Wessel-
PrenzZauer Berg
37 Wilmersdorf-
61 NeukBlln- Staf, Pig. clef. 4
%eptow mmm Gef.19
129 &Menberg-
K&wick Bafl CALvn~ (K)
155 (Gerhard Liebich) tieuzberg-
198 Charlottenburg-
SP~d&U Ba.f-. BRFp (K)
199 (Georg Peiser) PankoW-
202 Steglitz- O.Staf. SCHXDF '
201 (Herbert Norkus) Hoabi t- Baf, KUXHEL hf.20

(Corresponding to FEiDAP-Gau 21, NDXXSCWSIEN)

HQ: Breslau I, Ohlauer Stadtgrabm 17/M

Phone: 52 241

G-ebietsfuk-er: G-ebf. Herbert HIRSCH

Stabsleiter: 0,Baf. Hans &km

'XA. I, Vex-waltung: -a&&. Hans RADmKs

I-IA. III: o.Baf. I-iAJQf

Gebietsarzt: i)r, GlrnYIEL

OTEF2P!;JIsONALITI~ @zx&!pment unknown)

Baf. Werner HAUFT

Name of School
Type : Location: or camp: coI?Imatldant:

GebietsfWrerschule I Oderbeltsch, Georg Beiser


Gebietsflihrerschule II Hassitz

Gebietsfeldscherschule Hirschberg

YEL. VII Bartnig ,


Yxi l

n Vormilit&risches Gross Iser Siegfried


Kar tha

WEA. Naurnbuq

N-1;:. , WaXstadt

Rekchq ,ortsdhlllc 1: lkmnnu/i3ober,


~(:~c::r:sschl: 1F :z.‘ir, Ste inaqjOG.er

ir $%&ably convcrtd to J%.

No. &: Name: Location: Cormmnder: Sub-Units:
7 Liegnitz L
10 Schweidnitz
11 Breslau-Stadt Baf. SXIEHT Plg.Gef.2
19 GtSrlitz 0. staf, IVIALORNY
343 Glatz
50 Wohlau
58 Glogau
154 (Hiesengebirge) Hirschberg
157 Brieg
280 Bunziau kf* 17,
3&? Miesky
28 Frankenstein
349 Breslau-l;and Gef.27,
350 Grtln'berg
351 Landeshut
352 Oels
375 Waldenburg BE&. &LER
376 Trebnitz
378 %3=J in Sprattau
379 Reichenbach/
803 IJauban
807 Ohlau Baf, NAGEL
810 Jauer

Seats of EDAP-Kreise at which corresponding HJ-E&me may

possibly exist
Fraustadt Ltiben
Preystadt Erfilitsch
Goldberg Namslau
Guhrau \ Neumarkt
Habelschwerdt Xothenburg
. Mwenberg Strehlen
(Corresponding to NmA?-Gau 26, PW)

i-i.1: Stettin, 11 Falkenwaldrtr Str. 69

Phone: 33 220

Gebietsfbr: fE.Baf. Gerd TDXSER

Stabsleiter: U. Baf . STEmmGETq

HA. II, \Vehrerttich- 0,Baf. SCmfARZ

G-aujugendwalter: o,Baf. vfmimm

Name of' School
Fype : Location: or Cm-g: commandant:

Gebietsftierschule I Binow-BucNreick/
b,Stettin Hans Mkllon

Gebietsfilhrerschule II Machlin
Y/EL. I Goddentow, Kr.

PAL. 11 iVestfalenhof

WEL. Gross-Born/ ,

3e Sommerlager L&min

Adolf-Hitler-Schule Krl)ssinsee

2eichsseesport- Ziegenort/Kr. Admiral

schule III TJc&ermkde P, Trotha

x Probably converted to WEL.

No. & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-lJnits:
2 Gross-stettin o.Baf. LUCHT ktorsm
hf. ldlJl?swFx 1
(sm. 3
9 stargad o.Baf, STRUiU’CK
I.4 Flatow
34 (Ax-vol-pmrrlem) Anklam
42 (E.ansManon) Stralsund 11. ck?ff . CfMfE;2! &i‘ l jJj


s to1p
54 Kolberg
UY Deutsch Ikane
175 (Friedeberg- 14'ried&erg staJun?nI,
AmswaZde) I'Ix'nsmlde
176 Imenburg
193 K3.istettj.n
206 Greifenberg
294 Greifswald 0, Staf. HOSS-
295 KtSslin
353 Greifenhapen
37x, :h2lrleidemitbl
462 BIltow
683 Naugard
685 Belgard
689 Schlochau Geff. PLM3I (K)
690 Jamen
Dramburg STURCH(K)

Seats of' NSDAP-Kreise at which correspmdinp, H+Banm my

possibly exist
pyritz Schlochau
Regenwalde Ucke&de
SchJawe Use&m-Wollin

(Corresponding to NSIXP-Gau 29, 3XIL~$-HOUT8Z~)


l-10: Kiel, Augustenburger Platz 4

Phone: 92 20

Gebietsftihrer: Clfebf. Wbert XEIFORTH

KStabsleiter: U,Baf, Hans COUI?JG


Geb. Beauftr./ill;V.: Baf. rnE<rn

Gebiets~~lsikreferent: 23af. Friedrich

On the Staff: H.Geff. HEDE


ik3me of School
Location: or&imp: commandant:

G-ebietsf%hrerschule I Malente- Otto BMcker OHM


Gebietsftlhrerschule II Gudenborg
T0a.d. Iv 3;eckSchtSr- B.Geff. Dr.

WEA. Pl8nJFiolstein

Keichs jugendftier- Mittelburg/b.

innenschule Eutin

Smerlager (Motor HJ.) Fissau-Eutin

No, & Name: Identified
Location: Commander: Sub-hits:
84 Schleswig
85 (Norderdith- Heide Staf. KOCK
86 Wzmburg-
162 Ltibeck
i63 Rendsburg
w Kiel
185 (stormam > Bad Oldesloe
337 LCfbeck-Land Erwin M8LLER (K) Gef,ti Kel-
202 linghusen
418 Ytetiburg
419 Nemkster HA&f. Erich
463 Mbxln
498 . (Stldtondern) Niebiill
iteg Eckernf6rde
819 (Stiderdith- Brunsbilttel Baf', CI-FKISTIAi~~
a20 Flensburg-Land G.Staf', WITrYE
822 Segeberg H.Geff, Erich
Eutin SCH',WTTZlw(K)

Seats of X3X!?-tieise at which corresponding HJ-Bannc ~2

possibly exist
Eidersteat Cldenbtq/Holst.
Lauenburg Yllsn
(Corresponding to NSDAP-Gau 37, VEER-m)

HQ: Oldenburg i.O., Damn 3.

Phone: 6031 -
Gebietsftirer: Gebf. LOHX,
Stab'skiter: Baf. Xudi Dkf333

HA. IV,Bauemtum und Geff. mm

HA. L-k, Baf, Gerd ARNM:
Gaubeatitragter f,d. H&f. Carl JUNG
Gaupropgandaleiter: Baf. Dr. GROLZJ.2


AlfredBR&XIQX (E%hrer of a Bann)
Baf, FEUXWUN6 in Renslage)-
Erwin GELLJ!XEENt Fbre~ ofaB8nn)
Baf, SCHACHTEBFlCK (in OldenbuT,
O.Baf, Dr. Herbert WARF?ING

Name of School
Type i Location: or Cq: coamne#dant:

GebietsfWmerschule I AumWlle/b, Hansb&ffhnan

l Wildeahausen
Gebietsf&rerschule II Bad Zwischenahn

NPl3.A. Haselknne
No. & Nme : Location: Commander: Sub-Unit=-:
59 Wilhelm~haven Staf. GIESE
75 Bremen Baf. SEGELKKFJstamm I - XvJIf
I -Iv
Fig.-stawa I -III
Flg,&f. 4
I -Iv
Na.Gef- 1 - 4
78 @nabtick-Stadt
91 Oldenburg l3af. STROH Marine Gef,‘ 1
E'lg.Gef, 1
148 (Emsland) Keppen
191 Aurich
225 Vechta
251 Emden-Norden
286 Osnabtick-Land
381 Leer/Ostfriesl. Staf. Villi
382 Oldenburg-Land 'O.&f,
500 Bentheim
600 Lingen
691 Nordenha Gef.in Einswarden
825 j.kmmerland) Bad Zwischenahn

Seats of ITSUP-Kreise at which cqrrespondina HJ.-Banne may

possibly exxt
Aschendorf Norden
Bersenbflck Varel
Melle Wittmund
*mm. 8, --mm
(Corresponding to Nspgp-Gau33, SbELW~-BRA--G)

Harmover, hswalder Str, T/8

Phone: 52 631
K.-GebietsflGrer: R,Baf, Hans SIERK
EA. III: Staf. Joachim -
ste11v. Gausports- Baf. -
ftuwer :

mHER momrEs (Assiment lhkIlown~

BE&f, Dr. Kans -

Name of School
Location: or camp: cmdant :
Gebietsf&rerschule Dehmke/Hamel.n Peter %iess
Htlmelheide ss U.S~,

LanddienstZehrhof Edaigehausen/
Akademie E'. Jugend- Braumchpeig
Musikschule Braunschweig
Musikschule Bticke Berg
No, & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

73 Sulingen
74 Hannover Marine Gef,
79 Hildesheim
82 GMtingen
92 Braunschweigt Baf, ZACHAU Marine-Einheit
Stadt 2, SW3
Gef. 44, Broit-
164 Hameln Baf. JAK'BS
250 Goslar
255 Helmtedt
256 Northeirn Baf, TR.ITSCm Flg.4ef.2
257' Alfeld Gef.in Seesen
2 73 (Kdenburg ) Hmnwerr-Land Staf, GRAB332 Gef.in
2% Neustadt Gef,in
445 HoYa9 Gef.6,
Grak'schaft Bra
Gef,in Bassum
4t6 Nienburg
447 VolPenbUttel
448 P&-L?3
450 Duderstadt
452 Blankenbuqy' O.Baf. PUNK!3 Einheit z.See
456 Bockenem
596 Hannoversch
597 Braunschweig-
599 osterode/Harz
791 Gleidingen
945 Salzgitter

Seats of lYSD&Ureise at which corresponding; HJ,-Ekmne mar

possibly exist
Einbeck Rolzminden
Gandersheim . Northeim
Grafschaft Diepholz Zellerfeld
tgcm~!P 9, WESTFm-NW

(Corresgmnding to NSRAP-G~U 38, ~STF~AN~)

HQ:- M.!nster, Diepenbrockstrasse 30

Phone : 40 051
Gebietsf4h2er: Gebf, Walter KRbHER

Stellv, Gebiets- O.Baf. &!EISE

Gebietsbeauftrag- s-t&, HAUSEN
ter f. KLV.:
Betriebsjugend- Baf. E+ald GIEH3LE.R

OTHERPERSOUTIES (Ass~&m ent Unknown)

Baf, Fritz A.L!CHOl?F'
Heinz BRkJiER (Fkrei of a
Baf. Hexmann FRICKE
O.Baf. HImEL

Name of School
Type : Lmation: or camp: Coxnandant:

G-qbietsf?ihrerschule Schloss Walter Vagnitz

b. *en,

Gebietsftirschule Haldem
WEL. I Haltern/Westf.

WlET,Iv JJariawald Geff. tirT&

Reichsspo&- Gladbeck
schule IV
No. & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

13 M&mter o.Baf. s- Fig. -Gef. 3

15 Minden
55 oJippe) Detmold
135 Hagen Gef.lS, Hagen-
llc5 E3urgsteinfurt
i58 Bielefeld 0,Baf. wEssIEI;NANN
168 Coesfeld Gef.33, Nerd-
I.83 Herford
228 Gelsenkirchen- Baf',' S~xtQANN
252 Reckling- Baf. G
ha.umm Staf WINKEIF
233 Beckum-
261 Bocholt
262 (Bottrop- Bcmrop staf, Em in Cloppen-
Gladbeck) bw3
263 Rheine
281 Faderborn Gef.8,
385 Htiter

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise at which corresponding HJ-Barme may

possibly exist
ekeburg Rinteln
LEbbecke Tecklenbuq
hdinghausen .Wiedenbrhk
GmIET 10, RuwR-h'IEW

(Corresponding to MQKP-Gau 6, ESSEN)

HQ: Milhein/Ruhr, Herbert-Howard+Platz 1
Phone: 44 161
K,-Gebietsfier: H.Baf. Hemarm PETRI
Gebietsbeauftrag- H,Geff, SICKERMANN
ter f. XIX,:
Gebietsarzt: Dr. -
Abteilung Ostein- Baf. II??, SCrn~TZ
satz und Um.d-

CTHEXPERSONALIT~S (Assi@mentUnkncwn)
Baf, Heinz I3I3WlNGI
Baf. Dr. Heinz LANGE
H.Baf. Dr. Eugen V8GLE.R

Name of School
Type: Location: orCamp: +mandant:

Gebietsfmer- Burg Alpen Herbert Howarde

schule I
GebietsfWxrer- L&ford
schule II
Gebietsfeldscher- Mtilheim
WEA. Heythusen
Nachritohtenschule &soy

YBEL.III Harzbeck/u. Staf. CAFI1;z

NO, 4 Ntm: Location: Commander: Sub-Unfts:

57 Rees o.staf. mzEN

60 Oberhausen O&f, !5EEGMANpJ
159 b&lheirr/Ruhr Baf. B-h.3
173 Essen 0,~. UGEWIE Mot.Gef.10
235 Duisburg-Sid Bat?, Hl!imscHEN in Hamborn
236 Duisburg-Nerd E!af.Pkl!HE
237 Moers Staf. ICBENER
238 Kleve HA&f. TIIIEXER-
239 Essen-Nerd
469 Dinslaken
470 Geldem Baf. WOLFF
K.Geff l JfhzKIEL,

(Corresponding to NSDAP-~U 12, K&&AACHEX)

HQ: XKLn, Claudiusstrasse 1

Phone : 40 753”
K.-Gebietsftth~~r: H.Baf. JUXSTADT-BOHCHERT
EIA, Leiter: Staf. Willi BRAUN
Stellv. 0,Ba.f. Gerhard. JWPfSCH

Baf. Freddy lV?REm
o.Baf. ww

Name of School
T.ype: Location: or CRmp: Comrmldant :
&bietsf%hrer- laIBrath/"b. Paul Thewellis
schule 1 Ktjln
GebietsfWwer- Mehlem/"b. Baldur vun
schule II Godesberg Schirach
NJZL. I Schleiden/
VEL. II Zweifall
WmJ. &meter
m. Kohlscheid
WEI;. kkrlsbeuden
WNlJ* Sbgerath
Jugendmusikschule Siegburg
A,H,-Schule K6nigswinter
A.H. Schule
A.H.4Wml.e WalbrtJl
m. . Bensberg/b.

laear II tbwrfle+.eP
NO. & Name: Locatioti: Ccmander; Sub,-Units:
16 Htiln (rechts- Gef.5,
rhein. ) H8henberg
25 Aachen-Stadt Baf, Georg
53 (Hansestadt K&I Mot.Gef.1
65 ItbIn-Land
, 160 'Bopur
161 llax%Il
217 KI%n-Sfid
240 m%d Siegburg B&f. Kurt
&l (Uberbergisch) Gmmersbach
242 Jiilich Czef.12,
272 Euskirchen
3lr, Bergisch
3% Aachen-&nd
;L!3 Schleiden
389 Geilenkirchen
46k Erkelenz Fig. Gef’.
673 Eupen H,Geff,
674 Ma3.mdy
8~0 Manschau
(Corresponding to NSRAP-Kreis MOSELLAND)

HQ: Koblenz, Alte I4osklburg

Phone: yj 08
Gebietsf'Uhrer: Gebf. Bolf KARRACH
Stabsleiter: Bar. if?aAmIG
WL. IT, 3auermtum
utld Landdienst: Baf, Rolf BEXXm
Abt. Press u,
Pr0pqand.a: SW', WY,GA,TTOW
Geb. Beauftragter
f, Jugend-
organixation in
Luxemburg: 0.Ba.f. Karl FFJJXN

gl?HE.flPERSOTUITIES (Assi~tJhikmwn)
O,Baf, Heinz BCPP

Name of School
Type : Location: or camp: s C-dant:
Gebietsfker- Niederlahn- Erich Niejahr
schule I stein
f%bietsft;Shrer- Niederhauqen
schule If
A.H.-Schule Koblenz
A.H.-Schule Platten
WEA. Calmer Berg
No, & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:
28 KobZenz kf.3,
29 BitburpJEifel inPr&ll

68 Andernach
69 Trier
243 (Vied) Neuwied
244 (Lieser) Wittlich
2@j (&ittelmosel) Traben-

246 (Hochwald) Iaar- Baf. ZIEGm kf.37


247 (Idamald) Baumholder

248 (Hurwrtick) Simrn
258 Saarburg

3% Bad Kreumach w.l6,


355 Remagen

391 Hermeskeil O.Geff, LzINm (K)

765 Bernkastel Walter lLlI?RW(K)

Luxembusg Bar. Fritz HAI;A:.

Seats of PX%XP-Kreise at which correspondinff H&B-e may

possibly exist
Ahmeiler Kochem
Betxdorf/Sieg st. Gear

(Corresponding to NSRAP-C-au10, IXESZXN-NAXiAU)

HQ: Wiesbaden, Herbert-Norkusstrasse 39

Phone: 20 f541

K,-Gebietsftirer: H.&f, ERNST

St85sZeiter: O,Baf, Heinz KE@XJ!PZ

HA. II, Wehrerttich-

tigung : Baf. MICHEL
HA, IV,Bauerntum
und Landdienst: Baf. Rolf BECKI

der Flieger-HJ,: Rolf BOUKER

Gebietsarzt: Dr. Joergen ZX%GEEF-VOIGT

OTI@RPEESONAUCT~S(Assijqment Unlmawn)
o.Baf, Dr. GAUHL
Ernst GmSS (mer of aBann)

Name of School
Type : Location: or camp: commandant:

GebietsFQhrer- Eltville/a.Rh. Christian I

schule I Gr8ssmam

Gebietsfllher- mnigshofed
schule II Ts.

WEL Breitscheid/

WEL, II Hmdstadt/Ts.

K5I.J. &egskopf/

R Someslager Geilnau K. 43af l STAHL

NETA &nienstein/
a.& La.hn
Reichsausbildungs- Stegskopf/
lager IV Vesterwald
% Probably converted into VXL.
NO, 24Name: Location: Ccmmander: Sl.l+units:

80 Eesbaden
61 k.ankfurt/
8. HAin
87 (Cberwester- Westerburg W.8, Erbach
88 VJetzlar
98 Yanau
115 (Peter Frie5z) Lkmnstadt ckf.21
116 Giessen
117 Main2 Baf. ms
118 woxms
166 (?!aunuT) &id m.Tnburg Staf. BfkKDlG
186 Frankfurt/
a. Main
249 3ensheim
253 (Lahnta1) Limburg
254 (Wetterau) Bad Nauheim
287 Offenbach
288 St. Goars- Sbf. I!IxxxkLK in Schwalbach
303 Iierborn
304 (Voplsberg) Lmterbach
392 Schlkhtem
771 (Unterwester- Xontabaur

Seats of lEDIl?-Kreise at which corresponding HJ-Banne may

pos,sibly exist

Alzcy Gclnhausen
Bingen Grocs-Gerau
Erbach Yleilburg
(Corresponding to NSDAF’-Gau13, KURHES~N)

HQ: Kassel, Kdserstr. 52

Phone : 35 075
GebietsfCfhrer: H,Baf. ScErn

CXlEEElPlBEKNALITIES (Assignment Unknown)

Rudolf GAEERT(F&rer of a Bann)

Name of School
Type : Location: or camp: comandant :
KEL. II Hmberg O,Geff, JmlATH
wEL* III: Ziegenhain/
Bez. Kassel
V-EL. rv Post R&uxhain/'
ti. Weysa
WEL. v Yost Btihrshain/
ii, Treysa
No. & Ngne: Location: Cmmander: sib-units :
83 _* Kassel I3af. l3liDENH,AUSENFlg.Gef.4,
Mot.S~ I
167 Fulda
192 Ho&erg/ MM.Gef.1
a.d. Efze
2% Jarburg EM.' EICa
226 Korbacw
274 (Meissner) Eschwege
HersfeId ckf.13,
393 (Ixeinhards- Hofgeismar O.Baf, SCBW (K)

761 Xelsungen Erich BISCHC~

Seats of N3MP-tieise at which corresponding: HJ-Banne my

possibly exist
3zmkenberg 'CViteenhausen
Ii'3nfel.d Volfhagen
Botenburg Ziegenhain
(Corresponding to pliSDAP-Gau8, HAZE-MERSEBURG)

HQ: Halle/Saale, Burgstrasse 46
Phone: 27 061
Gebietsftier: O.Gebf, Kichard RXKIWERTH
HA. Leiter: Baf. IYIATTER

H.Baf. Johannes I&lXER

Name of School
Locaticm: 0rCam-p ccwmandant:
Gedietsffirerschule Gut Grimritz/ Vemer Gerhard
b, Halle
TmL. I
wExL 11 Reuden/b. 0. ;jtaf.
Landdinestlehrhof 3 Abstdorf
I?PEA. Naumbur@;/Saale
b. Nawiburer
NO. 8e Name: Location: C-&r: Sub-Units:

36 HalLe-Stadt

72 Torgau

203 Naukbyrg

234 Scheinitz in Herzburg/


266 (Bdansfeld- Eisleben


301 Bitterfeld MCM-33f.2,


302 Merseburg stamln v,

356 Wittenberg

394 (Saalkreis) Halle-Land Gef.25,


395 Bad Liebenwerda Gef.22,


3% Delitzsch Gef.16,

397 Sangerhausen

398 Zeitz Xarine-Gef.1

399 Querfurt Gef.in

Gef.in Xoss-
479 (mlsfeld- Hettstedt ' St&me in
Gebirge) Ermsleben
G51%1" 16, SAI=HSEN

(Comespcmding to X3DAP-Gau 27, SACIISEN)

H&: Dresden A 24, Bismarckplatz ?
Phone: i& 451
lL, -\7ebietsfIlhrer; H.&f. Wilhelm GUASE

?A. IV, Bauernturn

md Landdienst: Baf', KOHL

f. Cst43achsen: O.Baf, STFJGLICM


Name of School
m: Location; or caJ7qx cmd,ant:

GebietsfUhrer- Gmthen/b. Hans Queitzsch

schule I GrW

Gebietsf'Uhrer- Glauchau
schule II

Gebietsftfhrer- b. Dresden
schule III

Gebietsfeldscher- Leipzig

'ImL, II

m3L. III Straschitz

WEL. VT Schloss Haine-

walde/b. zittau

Z-EL, XII Altenberp,

JEL, Aschberg

WEL. Dable~ti.

m3L . Neu;circh/!;r.

K!3L. Schibacl&.

w R,-Samrrterlager Oahlener Heide

"Buch '*

Landdienstlehrhof Heidehof/b.

x Probably converted into TEL.

NO. & Name: Location: Comander: Sub--its :

loo Dresden-Stadt O,Baf, SmGu[cH

301 Grossenhain H.Geff. CZM[ARz (K)
102 Zittau Gef.9,
103 Bautzen
104 Chemnitz
105 (Obererz- Annaberg
106 Auerbach
107 Leipzig O.Baf. G133WUR .
108 Dresden-Land
133 Zwickau Gef. 2,
134 Ylauen
138 Weissenfels
139 D6bel.n Q.Geff, lvI&EITIN
177 Pima O.Baf. IE3IJI stxm IT,
Gef. 8,
Gef. 15 )
l-78 Kamenz
179 Grimma
181 Fl8Jha
182 Yreiberg Gef.13, Nieder-
Gef.14, Uber-
206 Oelznitz
207 Aue
238 Meissen
210 Stollberg Gef.8
211 Glauchau 3af, KU~
212 L8bau
2'13 Boma O,Baf'. L&XZR
2& (Tam-4 Hochlitz
2?3 Qschatz
216 iXppoldiswalde
357 Xasienberg Baf, FMJMAAN
(Corresponding to XSW-Gau 34, lTidhINGEN)

HQ: Weimar, Lottenstrasse 17

Phone: 63 36
GebietsfWwer: 0,Gebf. Theo SCKfil'li:

&me of' School

Type: Location: or Caq: Commndant:
Gebietsftlbrerschule Allstedt/a,d, Rufolf SchrtJder
'r7mJ, II OlnrrjlrUf H.Baf. SIEGm
ma. Bad Berka
VrnL. Iv -iGUdS 3s o.schEtf.

im l Vacha
A.H,-Schule Blankenh&.n
A.H.-Schule Weimar
m-ml, Illfeld/Ham
Reichsschiessschule Obemassfeld
Musikschule Sondershausen
Xus ikschule Weimar
Lehrgang ffir Weimar, Schloss
Jugend u, Belvedere
No; & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

32 Schmalkalden

71 Erf'urt Flg.Gef.TV

94 Jena O.B&f. I&mR

95 Gotha

96 Greiz

153 Gera Gef. 26, Weida-

218 Saalfeld

219 Scmneberg

220 Amstadt
221 Whlhausen H,Geff. MCXU'G(K)

222 (Eichsfeid) Heiligenstadt

223 Nordhausen

358 Ideiningen

359 TiYeimar

360 Eisknach

361 Altenburg

Seats of NZWP-K.re,ise at which correspontin. HJ-me may

possibly exist
Hildbm@ausen Schleiz

Langensalza Sondershatisen
(Correspondkg to IWW?-&u 7, t >

HQ: NWnberg, Y?esttorgraben 17
i?hme: 63 055
GebietsfUwer: Ckbf. Dr. Alfred RAXXKE
HA. IV, Bauemtum
und Landdienst: Q,BaF, Fritz LOOS

UTm PEEISONBLITES (Assi~ent Unkmwn)

H.B&f. SC-

Name of School
Type : Location: or cm2:
GebietbfEhrerschule Cadnlzbuz?g Josef G&III
No. .c%Narpx Location: Commander: Sub-Units:
113 II Nhberg O,Baf. RMJZX Na. Gef. 4

308 Rothenbuq/ Baf. LODL

0, d. r‘.
339 Ansbach

321 NUmberg TZf.22, Buch


324 F&rth EDrn (x)

333 Weissenburg

774 Erlangen

Seats of X3&U?-Kreise at which corres~dina_EW43anne rqy

possibly exist
DinkelsbBhl Neustadt

Lauf/a.d.Pregnitz Schwabach
(Corresponding to mAP-Gau 19, ldh!lEN-QB)

HQ: Mkchen, Georgenstrasse '7

Phone: 3481~
GebietsfUwer: Gebf. Thorn ST&XL
schulung: Baf. Heinz MILLER
HA. IV, Bauerntum
und Lmddienst: H.Baf. XEHRLICHER
Baf, Wilhelm II?FEIT.AG

sm. : Baf, Klaus STRAUB
Gebietswzt: star. Dr. l!7zExR
on the stE&f: Baf, Ul2xK.x

Name of School .
Type : Location: or camp: Commandant:

G-ebietsftlhrerschule weyarn/hn. Josef Neumeier

‘YrnL. Treuchtlingen

vm l


Reichssegelflug- Schwangau
AA-Schule CXemsee
NITA. Neubeuernllnn
No. A Name: Location: Corqrnander: Sub-Units:
!I n
Mnchen ECKL, SOF.
3”10 mnau) rngols taat
313 i IStlX) Freising
Landberg/Lech o.staf. Nc(!mx
:2’: Garmisch-
327 (btal) MIhldorf
328 Rosenheim
336 w Bad -9eichen- Baf. Karl W&X Na.Schar 4,
hall &h&au
337 Bad T&z
454 Aichach
593 Wasserburg
594 Traunstein Bat STEIN Gef.in Siegs-
595 Miesbach
850 Stamberg
854 llPaffenhofen
855 F&mtenfeld- O.Staf, WEEEZ
8% Ebersberg
879 Erdiw

Seats of NSUP-eeise at which corr-nding HJ-Bame may

possibly exist
AlttStting Schrobenhausen
Schongau Veilheim
GI$.BBT 20, jdh?.TTWE?&B.G

(Correspwding to XSDAP4a~l 42, 's&RTTFXBERG-HOl%3JZOLIERP?)

Stuttgart W, Ernst-Weinstein-Strasse 40
Phone: 65 @56
GebietsfUhrer: Gebf. Erich SW=
Stabsleiter: Baf, FRESH
HA. II, wehrer-
tllchtiguq: U,Baf, li3limJ
d, Marine IiJ.: JANLE

Gebietsarzt: O,Baf. Dr. BAUER

K.-HA.Ltr,: O.Baf. Audi DIEUN

Abt,Ltr, im Stab: Baf. Georg UN=, Baf. Eugen PFUD3XER

(ilTHERP~OUXTES (Assijqnment Unknown)

O.&f, Werner &!TGXN (may be in Gebiet 36)
Baf, STmG (in Tuttlingen)

PJarneof School
Ty-pf3-: Location: orCamp: Commandant:

Gebietsftirerschule Stuttgart- ',Vilhelm Neth

%ELt, III A1tenstei.G
b. Hagold
VI3L. Hechingen
\VEL. Mochental

Ausbildungslager Oberstaufen
der Gebietsf%hrung

IWElL Backnang

m. Iiottwei1

Reichsausbildungs- IZningen
lager III
No, & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

119 Gross- Baf. Gustav

Stuttgart DISK
Il.20 w3af. ltfbHmAu.ER
121 (Unterland) Heilbronn GeF.38,
Meinshe im
122 Crailsheim
124 Baf. LbE~NTHAL
125 Baf.wILLIEZ
126 Freudenstadt
127 (Zollern) Ebingen Gef.in
180 Ludwigsbjarg Bar. IfiAME3
(Rems) Waiblingen
;:; Esslingen
366 (Wilhelm Neth) Biberach
401 (Schwarzwald) Calw
402 Bbblingen
403 (Heuberg) Tuttlingen Baf, EI&WMGm
425 Rottweil
426 (CJberer Horb
Strohg&v) Leonberg C.Geff, l3YLAND (K)
:;i t Strombel:g) Vaihingen/Enz
429 (kha) Eeutlingen O.Baf, G"prg
431 Friedrichs-
432 Wangen/APlg&u
433 Saulgau kf.6, Scheer
435 Mkk.ngen
436, Ntitingen Baf. FAILEN-
scnm (R)
437 *Pingen
438 Heidenheim
439 (Ho~berg) Schtibisch
J.&O (SchwKbisck Backnarig
442 (Chrngau) Oehringen
443 Bad Uergentheim
Donaubnd) Ehmingen
Cowburg) Schwgbisch E&L1
Sigmaringen MAidh?m (K)
21, BAD73
(Corresponding to I'EXXP-Gau 1, BAD3.N)

Strassburg, Reirmarschstrasse 1
(formerly in Karl.sruhe, Mppurer Strasse 29)
Thone : 27 5%
Gebietsffihrer: O.Gebf. Friedhelm lWl?m
Gebietsinspektew: H,Baf, Norbert FRANK
Mbietsarzt: Dr. mx

(AssiFfnment Unknown)
Karl BAWd (Ftihrer of a By-m)
Baf, Bh
O.Baf'. Karl ESCHIJX
Baf. ZIKKXWNN (in Bruchsal)

~~300Ls m cum
Name of' School
Type : kxation: or cmp: co~J.rnmrldant:

GebietsfYihrer- Ettlingen Fritz KrtSber

schufe I
&bietsfQhrer- Ollweiler
schule II
Gebietsftirer- Rastatt

Gebietsftihrer- Neckargemtid
\m. II Hauenstein/
VEL. III Herrenalb/ Baf, B'URGlXBFF

H Hlhrersommerlager Oberehnheiq/
LNPEA. Achern
NPEA, Reichenau
Reichssport- Treiburg/
No, & Name: Location: Comrnan&er: Sub-Units:
40 Donaueschingen Baf. KAST
109 (Tr, Krtiber) Y~lsruhe-Land Baf, FW!3Y
110 Heidelberg O,Baf, IlYEmz
111 Baden-Baden
112 Yertheim
113 Preiburg
wt Konstanz Staf, HEXBST,SCW.
142 L8rrach
149 L3.h.r Baf, GANZ
170 Offenburg
171 Mannheh Baf, CLEIG Gef.21
u.staf, BARTH
Pf orzheim Gef. 1,
4cj4 &sbach
4.05 WaNshut
406 Bruchsal Baf, K3ETZ
407 Villirlgen
408 (Seegau) YJberlingen
$2 Kehl Sepp KOGG(R) Stamn I,
(formerly in Sundheb
Strassburg) Neumtihl
stm m,v,
727 Sinsheim
728 S8ckingen
729 SLacka&
730 Bvll
731 finmendingen
732 Mtillhei~
733 Volfach
734 Neustadt
735 Weissenburg
736 &3Jp3l&U
;;i Strassburg-
739 Molsheim Baf. Karl -X&DEL
740 Strassburg-
74.X Schlettstadt
742 Ba~poZtsvveiler
743 KOlrnar
74s Gebweiler Staf. NAIKR
745 TW U,Staf', BJNTSCHI
746 MfMhausen 0,Baf. mm
747 Altkirch Baf. DE310mT
(Corresponding to Nm-Gau 2, BADWJ!LX)


HQ: Bapeuth, Xaxstrasse 2

Phone: 33 41
K.-Gebietsf'tlhrer: H,Baf'.UVW?BECK
HA. IV, Bauemtum
und Landtienst: H.Geff. U!XlXtNGm
SD. andSS
Verbindungsftihrer: Willi DAM
f. KLV.: Baf, scm>m

f.d. Feuerwehr-
dienst: Baf, HEINDL

Gebietsreferent f.
Kommnalarbeit: H,Geff, GFJLING

referent: Dr, STbrnG


Baf, K&B (in Dingolfing)
H.Baf. Fe331 MOILER

Name of School
T.ype: Location: or camp:

WEL. II Guttenthay/b.
WEIJ. III Erasbach/b.

Landdienstlehrhof Neumark Hotieister

Landdienstausles- Bayreuth

A,ii.-Schule HeswXberg
10. A Nm.e : Location: Ccnnmander: Sub-'&its:
Bmberg Baf. mocm
Weiden Baf, BAYER
307 Bayreuth Baf. HAUSLADEN
Kegensburg hf. I!4tbER
;z Passau hf. THOMBS
329 (Fichtel- Hof
gebir e>
330 (Koburg'j &burg mSTNER, Hans,
332 Landshut Fritz THUMM(K)
339 Neumarkt
340 Cham Baf. LIST
341 Deggendorf' Baf, HEINDL
342 Eggenfelden Baf. Hans BECK
345 Amberg BBC= (K)
346 Straubing Baf.DIETEL
589 Aussergefild
694 Kelheim
697 Wunsiedel
858 Forchheim
861 Kulmbach
862 Kronach O.Sihaf. KCjNTG(K)
864 Vilshofen Baf. THOW
867 Mainburg DrnRL (K)
868 Zwiesel
Cberriechtach- Baf, M&XX
(Voitsberg) Stiach/fn.n IlILEDmmmR, SW.

Seats of XX&P-Kreise at which corresponding HJ-Banne max

possibly exist
Beil.nj-#es Parsberg I
Bogen Koding
Dingolfing Rottenburg-L&ber
Xbemannstadt Schwandorf
Griesbach Strakonitz
Hauzenberg Tirschreuth
Lichtenfels Vohenstrauss
&!&berg Waldkirchen

(Corresponding toNSDAP-Gaul4, MAWEBURGANi%%T)

HQ: Magdeburg, Werner-F'ritze-Strasse 25

Phone: 44 fJf31

K,-GebietsfWrer: H,Baf. BARTSCH

HA. II, vehrertich-

tigung: Staf. HEZSE (K) i

f. KL;v. f Bar. LFIUE
Un the Staff: Baf, Erich HIIZXSCH

(IITTBRIYElEKNUES (Assilpznaent Unknown)

o,l3&f. TICHY (in -de-g)
hap. CttntherZW"IG-(h-burg)

N&e of S&ml
Locaticsn: or camp: cwant:
&bietsfWwer- Thde
schule I
JmL. Bernburg

WEL. Hqysburg

WEL Thale

Gebietsmusikschule Dardesheim

KLV.-Lager illlHarZ

FluggeMnde d, Prohser Berge

NPEA. dallenstedt Anhalt


Rcichsausbildungs- b, Dessau
lager 1
No, & Nme: Location: Cornmandex?: Sub-Units:
26 Xagdeburg E&if. mm
27 (Allmark-West) Gardelegen 0, Baf.
66 Burg/h
93 (Anhalt-Dessau)Dessau Baf', GRUPE
365 Halberstadt Stamm in
209 Schbebeck staf. MiiRm (K) Gef.in
409 Norderbarde Eialdensleben Baf.Lumy
410 Altmark-Ost Stendal
411 mthen O.Geff; Ixjmmmm
749 Osterburg
750 Zerbst -
751 HamersJeberi
752 Wanzleben H.Geff, STANGE
753 Genthin
754 Stassfurt Baf. l3UCHHEIIM
Bernburg wEI?Tzuu (H)
GEBIJ.39'2&, J4FCmuRG
(Correspcmding to NSIUP-Gau 17, MKXLENBURG~

HQ: Schwerin/i.,M., Horst Wessel Strasse-1

Phone: 29 83

Gebietsftier: H,Baf. Walter UNGER

'Stabsleiter: Baf. Dr. HtfBNElR

HA. II, Gebiets-

sportlehrer: Dr. KLOSF

wettkampf): 0,Baf. Bpilli IcLLDm
Geb. Syhul- und
tragter: 0,Baf. KOESTF;R

ftier: * HINZ

Otf%ERYERSOi'ULITIES (AssAment Unknm~

Baf. RICK&!! (in Restock)
Baf, Dr. VCBS

NamRaf School
!Pype: Location: or Camp: Cedant:

VJEL. I Varen
WEL. II Wwen
Landdienstlehrhof Neckeln
A.H.-Schule Heiligendamm
No. & Name: Location: Cammnder: Sub-Units:
89 Schwwin- H.Geff'. SO&ANN

90 Restock-Stadt Baf. WANWIEJ

Y? Neubranden- B&T, C2ANZEL

298 Ludmigslust
299 Mistrow staf. WILHELM
413 WiSmar
414 (MMtz) Waren

415 Parchirn
416 Malchirl

7% Schwerin--Land

757 Restock-Land Baf. BARPEL

758 Hagenm Gef.in
Abrine Schar,

759 Sch8nberg Baf, LEONHARDT
cmxm 25.,. rnzm
(Corresponding to NSDM-Gau 4.0, WESnm)


HQ: Neustadt/Leinstr., Wxzingerstrasse 41

Phone: 29 56, 31 21
K,-GebietsfWmer: O,Baf, 'ii0ilhel.m KE3LLZR

HA. IV, Soziaf-

abteilung: Baf. SDMSKY

HA. v: Baf. ALY


tragter KLV.: Baf, K&m

Reinhold BURKERT(-Z%hrer of a Bann)

Name of School
Type: Location: or camp: Cormandant:

Cebietsf%hrer- He,ssheim Baf. Klaus

schule ‘I
Gebietsfithrer- Bits&.
schule II
GebietsfUhrer- Burg Lichten-
schule berg/b. Kuael
GebietsfUhrer- Kaiserslautern
HJ.-Feue'mehrschule Sulzbach
des Gaues Westmark
AX-Schule Prankenthal
A.H.-Schule Landstuhl
Marnheim ?Yeierhof

HmA. Rufach
St. Vlendel
Keichsausbilciungs- Metz
lager II
(Xachrichten HJ.)
Name of School
Type : Location: 0rCq: Commandant:
31Segelflug Germersheiq/
Scmmerlager Pfalz
x Segelflug Prl)h.nerhof
n Segelflug Niederkonn
3s Segelflug Ochsenfeld
w Segelflug Rodem
3~Segelflug St. Avold
w Segelf lug Schalkendorf'
H Segelflug Schallodenbach

H Probably converted to WEL.

No, 82Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

30 Saarlautern

70 Saarbficken

146 (Saar-Mitte) VtiXklingen

174 (Saar-ost) Neunkfrchen rGef.27,


3x7 Ludwigshafen 0,Staf. BDXJD

318 (Ostpfalz) Landau H,Geff. KYCEm

322 (Yestpfal 2) Zweibficken

323 (Nordpfalz) Kaiserslautem Baf. BBUER

343 (Donnersberg) Frankenthal &if. WIfiU~ Gef.inBad


34-4 St, Ingbexrt; Gef.in


702 Hokbtarar/- kf.21, Gries

703 Pinnasens

w+ &3el

705 R@enhausen

706 Kirchheim- Baf.RoREtI ~ef.8, hrnen-

bolanden fels

707 Neustadt/

709 %argembd

712 &tz-Stadt Baf. LANGxz=

713 Netz-Land

Seat of NSDA?-Kreis at which corresponding

-_ HJ,-Bann my
possibly exist
w St. ifrlendel
(&zresponding to NYDAP-Gau 9, HMBmG)

HQ: Haniburg 1, Nagelsweg 10

Phone: 24 1281
K,-Gebietsftihrer: O.Baf. Franz PAUL

K,-Stabsleiter: H.Geff, EGGms

I-N. TV, l3auerntum
wd Landdienst: Em?. T.l-uMs

KLV. : O.w3f. ?3N333
On the Staff: 0,Baf. Do-

OTI-EKPEXSONALITIES (Assignment Unknown)

O,Baf, Hans l?RIEN
B&f. Dr. JlmGscmR
Baf, Hans-Hermann IANGJ-iEXN

l!!cxmOLsAm CAMPS
Name of School
Type: Location: or chq:

Gebietsftirerschule Dibbersen/'b.

Gebietsffitierschule Tuttau
Musikschu3.e Hmburg GefE, Ileinrich
No. & Name: . Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

31 Hmburg-Altona O,Baf, KUHIUUQ

76 HaIriburg-we s t Baf. HEII12E


188 Hamburg-Nord
282 Hmburg-Ost H.Geff. REYDORN

283 Ifantburg-Siid Staf. PEzTz

417 Haiburg- Dr. Giinther SUNG

420 Haiburg-

421 Hamburg-Mitte Baf. Horst

c- 00
422 Hmburg- Staf, UJ!JG

424 Hamburg-Hafen
w3Im 27, wmm
(Corresponding to NSDAF-&rr 4YL_, WENj

i-IQ: Wien e/65, Albertgasse 35

Phone: B42 530
K,-Gebietsftier: H.Raf. Hans JA!.UTEf?.DACHER
StabsLeiter: O,Baf. PHLTjIGER
HA. XI, Cebiets-
beauftragter f.
vorrnilit. Aus-
bildtmg: Baf. WJmu rmL
HA. II, sport-
abteixung: XGeff, KCOKLJT
HA. III: Staf. N.ADI.X~

d. Marine-H~wA--~~~ Baf. SXf3~%
d. Motor-l-V,: I3rLz

d, Nachr,-KJ.: Baf. HEIN
Kw.: Baf. Fl;r44Txmr

wien : U.rA?ff. MtYmR

On the Staf'f: HJaf, Hmald &3X1%; C?,Baf. Kwt HVF%

O'JX"ER?ERSONAZIITIES(Assi:rment Unknown,

Name of School
,Type : Location: or camp: --_I-- t.a.*
c ORl?M2Xkln

Gebietsftirerschule Plankenberg
WSL. IT boss Hollen-
stein I

N3L. III lXitzmannr,hof/b.

Raab/a.d, Thaya
Name of School
Location: or,. CmlP : Cmda.nt:
x Reichsstreifen- Sch!Mm-mn SS-Kraftfahr-
dienst Lehrgang schule ,
XTXA. Breitensee/
b l i’dien

X?EA. Vien ,?&Stubaf.

Otto smm

KPEA. Wien (Bauern-


w Probably ccmverted into WEL,

No, & Name: Locaticm: Comn~~der: Sub-Un:i.ts:

491 Y/ien-CYHakring O.Staf, KOIIL\T

501 K.en, Bez. I

502 Wien-Ost, .&If l SEBLUJZ

Bez. II

503 Wien-Stid,
Bez, III

504 Wien, Bez,%l

505 wien-mdling ,
Bez. V
Bez. VI

507 Wien-V?est, Shf. F-?aLlm

Bez, VT1

508 Wien,

509 Men, Ekz. IX Geff. S~~CHTZR

(Corresponding to NSD)BP-Gau20, m=CNAU)


HQ: Wien x111/89, Vinzenz-Hess-Casse 29

Phcme: A50 5s
Gehietsrtlhrer: H.Baf, ICIE?AC~-s~

Stabsleiter: Baf. van PAULBERG

HA. IV, Sozial- .
abteilmg: Bar. Bolf w-ExlER

Sonderbeauftragter: Baf, Victor HAHN

#l'm PERSONALITIES (Assignment W-mmr~..

Baf. Gm

- _-.-
Name of School
me: Location: 0rCanqx Commandant:

Gebietsftier- Schfoss
schule I Sitzenberg/
Tcr. Tu13.n
KPEA. Traiskirchen

KPFlA. Twmitz
Reichsseesport- Neusiedua.
schule IV See

E Lagerschule Thurnersbach

10 Probably converted into WEL.

No. BcName:
‘I Location: Commander: Sub-Units:
497 Neubistritz
510 Tulln
511 Bade&. Wien
512 Bruck/a. d. HA&f. THUNER
513 Wiener-
5u, Eisenstadt
St. PBften
Bar; Gl?LiTIYm
518 Jmstetten, Baf. vKKDMAm
519 Idelk
520 &vet-t1 Baf. G35E!ESL
521 Waidhofen
522 Krems
523 Korneuburg
524 l&a. d. Gef,in Mistel-
Thayzl bath
g2 Neunkirchen
528 Cmtind
529 Horn
530 Hol1~bmn.n
585 Nikolsburg rJef. 25,
b18dlau ,
586 2nai.m
(Corresponding to NSDAP-Gau 22, OBERDONAU)

HQ: Linz, X;andstrasse 36
Phone: 23 944
K.-Gebietsf&rer: H.Baf, FJSOID

OTmX PFXXMLITXES (Assignment Unknown)

Fritz ETZEL (F&wer of a B-1


Nme of School
Type: Location: or Cm~: Comnandant:
WEL. I Vorchtorf?
?mL, II tier- Staf.
Schdrfling ZEITLANG
No. & Name: Location: Cmder : Sub-Units:

531 Linz-Stadt O.Staf. K!ZGMAYP

532 Linz- H,Geff, ,IUFsS


533 Rohrbach

534 Freistadt/

535 Perg

536 Steyr Staf. X!ZXli

537 Kirchdorf/

538 Gmunden

5u SchEtrdina

54-3 Wels

587 Kap1ita

588 hf. KRliIJSE

Xed/i. Baf, EDLINGER
V8cklabruck Baf. Alois BUllIN
Vorchtorf Bar, DAHIX

Seats of hrSQ#P-Kreise at Mich corresponding HJ-Banne may

possibly exist

GmDI! 30, STEI-

(Corresponding to hl'SDf4P-Gm1
31, ST.ED=)

I-IQ: Graz, Kroisbachgasse 6

Phone: 83 050

K,-Gebietsftihrer: H.Baf, Eduard DANzmGm

Stabsleiter: H.&f, SmP3ZScH

/ Gebietsinsp. d.
Motar-HJ.: 3af. KOWATSCH

KLV. : O,Baf, m/mmm

scHooLs -NJ-DcAMPg
Name of School
Location: or CRmp: cmd.ant:

Gebietsftthrerschule Retzhof
WXL. 1 Raslaqh.

Wm. II St.Ruprecht/

WEL, III Kr. Cilli

H Schifager Llachtalhaw

n FfIhreslager Pragerhof/
mark :

n .Ausbildungslager Wtlrther See

s Ausbildungslager W&ther See
3~Ausbildun@ager Vbrther See
Landdienstlager Laubegg

Landdienstlager Preding

Landdienstlager Sbding

Musikhochschule Schloss
Name of Schoul
Type: Loca,tion: or, Camp: Somnandant:

m. Seckau

Npfx . Vorau

Probably converted into WXL,

No, & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

545 Graz-Stadt Baf. mm%(K) Gef. u


546 Feldbyh

5u Hartberg

548 Bruck/a.d. Mur Gef.ll


549 Leoben

550 Liezen Gef.10

551 Judenburg

552 Deut sch- eef.6,

Landsberg stainz

553 Leibnitz Baf, Z3C=

554 Graz-Land Baf. JkZR

555 Mureck G&P

556 FUrstenfeld

557 Oberwmt

558 sulz

559 Gef.12

560 G&7

566 Weizb. Graz Gef.13

949 Krakburg B&f. lI7lsNm

Seats of NXUF4Creise at which correspmdiw HJ.-Barme q

possibly exist
ljltirzsuschlag Voitsberg
(Corresponding to NSDAP-Gau 11, FZlmN)

HQ: Klagenfurt, &hnhofstrasse 35
Phone: l& 12
GebietsfCChrer: H.Baf, mG-GER

Stabsleiter: Baf, Martin RAUTER

H/L. II, \?ehrerttich-
tigung: Baf, MXX4.lJ
Landesjugendwart: Baf. O&car KUBER

Kreisjugendwalter: Baf, VOLGA

Abteilungsleiter: Werner FAHTUX

Keichsredner: O,Baf, Dr. Karl LAPPER

Dl'm PERSONALITIES (Assignment unknown)

Baf. Rudolf EGGER

Name of School
Type: Location: orCarq: Commandant:

Gebietsf&rerschule Velden/a.
Wlirkher See

WEL. der Gross- Seebodenia. Seeblich Baf, mm

germanischen Millsee

WEL. NIJtsch/i.

WEL Steinfkl~i.

Wm. Gries


NPU. StJeit

Reichssportschule V St.Ruprecht/b.
No, & &me’: &ocati.cm: Commander: Srib-Units:

561 Klagenfurt Baf.P-IM

563 V8lkermarkt Baf, MlbJAER

565 Spittaua. d.

548 Wolfsberg Baf. OGRIS

59@ Hemagor
a.d. Glau
Villach H.Geff, PONTASCH
(Cormsponding to ~NSDAP-Gau
28, SaLzBVRG)

HQ: Salzburg, Znbergstrasse 22

Phone: 51 75
K.-Gebietsftihrer: O.Baf'. Adolf IlEUTATZ
Stabsleiter: O.Baf'. Hans ST6Gm
Gebietsarzt: Dr. l?EICmEJGm

(YEER PERZKNUZCIE (Assi~ent Unknown)

M. Walter llilEI= (in Lofer)

B&f. Georg PEKLO (in Radtstadt)
hf. ST&I'ER

f3groors AND CfiPS

Name of School
_Type: Locatim: or camp: Commandant:
GebietsfUwerschule Gr8dig "Wilhelm Gustloff"
IDmrF~ J!IiumE
No. BeNam3: Looa tion : Cm&r: Sub-Units:

578 Safzburg-Stadt

579 Hallein

580 Bischofshofen
$31 TCUTlSWg

582 Zell/a. See

583 . Salzburg-Land Baf. FELLENBE3G Gef,in


(Carresponding to KRAP-Gau 35, 'X.X&-VORWILBmG)

HQ: Innsbruck. 3Juseurnstrasse 21

Phone:. i+ 66
Gebietsltirer: H.Baf. Otto WEBEll

HA. IS, 'Jehrer-

ttichtigung: Baf. SPCTL
Motcr-HJ, : O.Baf. Hans aEs!tTERLE


Name of School ,
yype ; Locatim: or camp: Commandant:
_ ‘@EL. 1 Biiauruch/a,
WEL. II Buchau/a.
aLager Melkalm
x Lager Schwendt/b,

JE Probably converted into WE&.

No. BcName: Location: Ccmmander:

569 Emsbruck- 0,Staf. Zl?PTL


570 Landeck Baf. I.AXXER

5n Schwaz

572 KursteiIl H.Geff. IlIFTS&:

573 Dornbirn Geff. -dkNm

574 Bludenz

575 Keutte

576 1mst B&f. 7mRAz

577 Kitzb?ihel

584 Innsbruck-Land

591 Bregenz
GhBIE!? 34, Df.k%SELDoRF!
(Corresponding to NSDAP4-m 5, ITJkSEmm)

HQ: IXisseldorf-FJler, Heim der Hitlerjugend

Phcme: 15 66
Postal address: Diisseldorf 10,
Postschliessfach (%/o G.P.O.")

Name of School
Type: Location: orCamp: Commandant:
Gebietsfterschule Xanten
rnL. I Ger&ind
IlIllEmmDa l.!umm
No. 2%I?-: Location: Cormder : Sub-Units:

17 (Vuppertal- Wuppertal Bat'. STA.SCH

39 DIJtSSeldOrf

56 Krefeld

229 Meuss

230 (Niederberg) Dusseldorf-


231 Remscheid

232 Solingen

233 Mk&.en-

267 Wuppertal-
(Corresponding to NxwIp-Gau 32, StJDETENLAND)

HQ: Reichenberg-OberrommthaX, R&=hlitzer

Strasse 415 Phone: 23 &

Gebietsf%rer: Gebf. Gtiter PRAGZR

Stabsleiter: XELVES

On the Staff: FRITifXX

Name of School
Type : Location: or camp: commandant:

Gebietsf&hrerschule Schloss

WEL. I Heinrichsg* Baf, REm

Wm. rv Rochlitz-
a,d, Iser
Wildflecken staf, Vcm3L

3U.X. Lager Bad Podiebrad

IXUxrernachwuchs- KlJnigshiltte/b.
lager TeplUz-

Sommerlager wranitz/

Gebietsfeldscher- PusteuAq%.
schule Frankstadt

IE Probably converted into WEL.

No. & Name: Locatiori: Cmmander: Sub-Units:

601 Asch
602 Aussig
603 Bh
604 Bischofteinitz
605 Btihmisch
606 Bti
607 Braunau ' Gef.in
608 Deutsch-Gabel
610 Eger
611 Falkenau
612 Freiwaldau Ge~7,
613 Freudenthal
614 Gablonz kf.3,
615 Friedland
616 Graslitz
617 Landskrm
618 Hohenelbe
619 Hphenstadt
620 agemdorf
621 Kaaden
622 Karlsbad
623 Komotau Staf, RUHS
624 Leitmeritz
625 Luck
626 Marienbad
627 h%hrisch
628 Zwittau
629 Mies
630 Neutitschein
631 Reichenberg Baf. susm
632 Rmburg
633 Saaz Gef.3,
634 Sternberg
$2 Teplitz-
637 Tetschen
638 Trautenau
639 Troppau
GBBT 36, ~~~~~ABEN
(Comesponding to NZXUP-Gau 30, SCmABEN‘)

HQ: Augsburg, Halderstrasse 3
Phone: 86 61/63
K.-Gebietsftirer: H.&f. STIXGL\VAGKiR
Stabsleiter: O.Baf. Christian S8SS
HA. I, Verwaltungs-
abteilung: O.Baf. KLAVS
HA. II, Wehrertkh-
tigung: O.Staf. ?&XLT,ER
m. v: o.star'. ER!!L (K)
fUr aQle Lager: O.Baf. FJBSLE=K
Jungenlager: Staf. PI3ZXlX~
Gebietsinsp.f,XZL. : O.Baf. KYJW33R

(Assiffnment Unkno~m~
O.Baf, Yemer KkGEN ( may be in Gebiet 20)


Name of School
Type: Location: or camp: commandant:
WEL. Schloss

x Vomilittirsicher am Nebelhom
A.II.-Schule Sonthofen/

w Probably converted into XEL;

No, 8c Name: Location: CoIlVl-Wlder: Sub-Units:

3i.2 (Mittel- Memmingen o,staf,

schwaben) WAIBL~G~~, SOF.
315 (Nordschwaben) NUrdlingen
320 (ai&h) Kernpten hf.- KQPP,
Hemann. SOL

338 Augsburg-

Augsburg-Land O.Staf, DONAB (K)

495 Neuburghnau
Friedberg Baf. rnTrn


Seats of NSDAP-Kreise at which corresponding HJ.-Banne mx

possibly exist

Mindelheim Sonthofen
GrnET 37, DANzIG-~~Sw.~ms~N
(Corresponding to NSDfP-Gau 4, M&KZIG-VES!IFREU%SEN)

HQ: Danzig, Vorsttidtischer Israben 44 q/b

Fhone: 22 745
Gebietsftirer: &bf, Rudolf HENCKEX
Stabsleiter: O.Baf, Heinz 'I;ASSEN
HA. III, Jugendamt : GLASUGm
KA. Iv, Ale.
Yauemtum und
Landdienst: Staf. GF,RsCiEL
tragter XZV.: Bar. HrndXXG
Gebfetsarchitekt; EWSCH
On the Staff: C,Baf. &!!Y

OTHEREEEK@&LTT~S (Assignment Unknown)

Baf. Johann BURMME~(in Danzig)
O,Baf, Franz XEW
B&f', !PUC'!iSC~~R (in St&m)


Name of School
Type : Location: or camp: Qxrlmandant :

GebietsfUhrerschule Marienwerder 3Baf. GAUERKE

WEL. I (Marine-W.) Lautenburg/Wpr.
Wm.1 Boderminkel O.Staf. KENDT
MEL. Zempelburg

Nederlmdsch Kiederzehren,
Landdienstlager Kr. Marien-
A.H,-Schule J&&au LGeff. I!iEziM

Osthndftlhrer- Mmienwerder
schule d.BJ. Ordensschloss
No. & Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

5 Gross-Danzig O.Baf. THrnSSrnT

H,Geff. KOCH,
128 (Grosses Danzig Baf, NFXMAXN
152 (Ordensland) Marienburg
277 (Weichsel- Danzig W.Geff, KROCZR

279 Elbing Baf, M&LlXR Nachr.

stm I

297 Marienwerder
640 Gotenhafel. Gef.in Qchljft
Gef,in Zoppot

643. Berent

642 Dirschau

643 Konitz H.Geff, KRfiGER

645 Graudenz

647 Danzig-Land Baf, KUHN

648 Thorn Gert LEILING

649 Bromberg O.Staf. lhfazl!us Gef.21,


8’17 stuhm Baf # NIimM!!T

881 Tuchel wzeff. J&m

1382 Kulm

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise at which correspomiing, HJ,-Banne may

possibly exist
Briesen Rosenberg
Karthaus schetz
I;eipe Stmsburg
Neumark Tiegenhof
Neustadt Wirsitz
Preussisch Stargard
Rippin Zempelburg
GF,BBT 38, ~vl&i?mm
(Corresponding to IJSDA&G~U 36, IVAXTIEW)

KQ: Posen, Dr.-Wilms-Strasse 53
Phone: 64 7%
GebietsfNrer*: O.Gebf. Werner KU'HST
Stabsleiter: O.&f, REICHEZiT
Gauinspekteur fti
Sondereinheiten: H.Geff, BRILL
Abteilungsleiter: Bid. Feodor UTTO
On the Staff: 0;Ektf. MPH3

OTm? ~ON&LITIES (Assignment Unknown)

Baf. A. MfhT;ER (in Litmstadt)

-f. Rudolf OTTQ
Baf * Kurt S!rENrn

scIiuoIs AND cws

Name of School
m: Location: or Camp: Com~8ndmt:
Gebietsf'iihrerschule Eichenhain u.staf.

Gebietsfllhrerschule M8lbm/b.
Gebietsftirerschule Seebrflck/b.
WEL. I Bergstadt SS-Ustuf.

m. Zirke/Kr,

Wl3.L Xeisen
iPEi.A. . wo11stein
No. --4% Eiame: Location:
-m.- Sub-Units:

6% Fosen 3,Baf’. NAASE

653 Samter
655 Lissa Staf. SmIWTZ
@?i’ Jamtschin
658 (Ravritsch- Rawitsch
659 Bohensalza
660 Dietfurt
662 (Kutno) Leslau
663 Litzmannstadt- J3af. FXNTZKE:
664 Litzmannstadt- Baf, l?ENTZm
665 Kalisch
666 Pabianice
667 ost sow0 O.Staf, BOHNl3
904 Konin
908 LentschCltz

Seats---I-. of --..w
EiDAj?-Kreisey__- at which corresponding.- W.-B-e x
&__c c-.ve-- exist
Altburgund @chubin) Mogilno
Birnbaum. Obernick
Eichcnbdck (Wongrowitz) Scharntiau
Gnesen schrimrn
Gost32-gen Schieratz (Sieradsch)
Gr&tz (Neutmischel~ Schroda
Hermannsbad (Nessau j Twrek
Kempen VJarthbr-Ucken
KOhl~ TP'elungen (Wielun)
Kosten Wollstein
Krotoschin Vlreschen
GEBIET39, 1m-N
(Corresponding to NSUP-ku 15, -1

HQ: Wrzburg, Semnelstrasse 46

Phone: 73 35
Gebietsftier: Gebf, I?XS-

X,-$tabsleiter: Baf, vKNOLL

mv. :
Reiterreferent: B&

Name of School
!sJ&: Location: or cq: commandfuzt :

K.riegseinsatzlage,r I*Ssfurt-
No, C%Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

309 T8~tizburg-Stadt Baf, OBERMEm Gef.23,


333 Aschaf'fenburg FlXDXERICH (K)

334 Mrzburg-Land MAE32 (K)

335 Schweinf'urt Gef.39,

Peuerw,Gef. 3

362 (Neustadt- Bad Neustadt

363 (Marktheiden- Wrktheiden-
feld - feld

484 Kitzingen/

Wltenberg Baf, Hans KFESS

Seats of ll'SDAP=Kreise at p6hich correspond* HJ,-Banne my

possibly exist
Bad BrClckenau Ktiigshofen

Ebern Lohr/Main

Bad Kissingen Ochsenfurt
GEBIrn 40, 0BERscms1m

(Corresponding to WDAP-Gm 23, CBEXSCHU3S~N)

HQ: Kattowitz, Charlottenstrasse 7

GebietsfWzrer: H.Baf, Horst HUEX23N

Name of School
Type: Location: or CaIq: commandant :

Gebietsftierschule Skotschau
WEL. II, Bad G-&tschal-

w Schilager

I-. Lublinitz
Heichslanddienst- Gurek/b.
fiihrerschule Teschen

g Probably converted into mL.

No. & Rme: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

22 Gleiwitz

23 Neisse

51 Kreuzberg

62 Ratibor Gef.39, Gross


63 Cypeln

156 Beuthen

194 Hindenbuq

268 Neustadt Gef.33,



66s Kattowitz Baf, 2%EIBERGER S-tiimLnXVT


669 KLSnigshtitte Baf, PASCHKE

Teschen Stmm Iv,

672 Skotschau


Fless Baf. BIRGHAN

Seats of NW-Mreise at tvhich co-onding HJ.-Bame may

possibly exist

Bendsburg Leobschtitz
Bie'litz Rosenberg
Cosel Rybnik
Falkenberg Saybusch
Grottkau Tamotitz
rClrenau (Chrzanow) Warthenau (Zawiecie)

(Corresponding to K!M?-GEw 2.4, U~T-KGNN~~)

HQ: Ilheburg, Am Graalwall 4

Phone: 51 47
K.-CebielxfYihrer: H.Baf, 13elmut EIFFERT

C.Eaf. 1CLJ.E(in Gifhom)

O.Baf. Hans L?!PE~X (in &ten)

Nme of School
Location: or C~TQ: CoTll?lmdant:

Gebietsfikwer- Buchholz Karl Heinz

schule Schlmkrich

GebietsfUmer- 'Isenhagen-
schule Hankensbdttel
No, p: Name: Location: cormmdant : Sub-Units:

77 Celle sta%m III,


189 Ltfneburg
190 (Niederelbe) Stade

265 Verden

271 Walsrode
284 UelZen

285 (Unterweser) Wesem#nde Bar, EHJXERS(Ii)

380 Wittingen

384 (Elbmtiding) Cuxhaven Staf. FXiXM

693 Bremervhde O.Baf, BIPrn~C",T

831 Dannenberg , G-d. 7, msten

Gef.12, Trebel
fkf .13, Leqpm
Flg,Schar 2,


Seats of NSDAP-Ceise at which corresponding HJ.-Banne may

Rurgdorf Soltau
(Correspond3.ng to NSIM?-Mu 39, WESTF~N-SbD)

HQ: J3ochtm Wilhelmstrasse 15 - 17

Phone : 63 401

K,-&bietsfiihrer: O,Baf. Hugo I3ALD

HA. I: H.Baf . rnErnV

HA. IIS * kumr-
abteilmg: H.Geff, Franz HErmkpJN
HA. IV, sozia1mt: hf. A.liwHom


Haf, scTEJJ> (in Brim)


Name of School
Location: or cq: Commndant:

Gebietsftirer- Halden "

schule 1

Ckb~etsftlhrer- Castrop-Kauxel
schule II

WI,. BUhlert/Kr.

Reichsschulungs- Erwitte
l‘J9 l &Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

67 Bochum , Baf l fEI?4rn

99 Hattingen

133 lhrtmund Baf, BbRGF2

1.32 (s0es-b SCESt


136 Xserlohn Bar. BLhrnR

137 (Oberruhr) Big~e Gef. in ?3rilon
l&3 (.A3tena- Altena
sche idL)

lb4 DOl+El.Xld- O.Geff.

Ilhjenburg lTLM.JSmER

205 Wi tten~'Ruhr

227 Olpe (3% 23,


259 (El7scherta1) Fkme

264 Arnsberg
3cK-J Wnnne-Bckel stanm rv,

Seats of fWXP-Kreise
.I_--. at whic_h corresponding MJ.43~e
-- ma2
-a-1 esi&

Rerleburg Meschede
!kqp-l Siegen

(Corresponding to NSDAP Organisation in former l3mtectorate)


KQ: Prag XIX, Yorlcstrasse 26

Phone: 60 u+l
Chef: G&f. KNOOP

Stabsleiter: H.Baf. Paul lQEE&ER

HA. II, Wehrer-

tichtigmg: J3af. KUSSY

On the St&f: Walter Z2&Ll3R


Name of School
Type: Location: or camp: Commandant:

Landdieristlager HtSfen

Landdienstlager Pattersdorf

KLV.-Erholungsheti Cber-Tscher-

A.H. -ScLule Heulosberg

A,H.-Schule Iglau O.Baf, 3mst

No, & Name: Location: Commder: Sub-Units:

481 Pilsen H.Geff. DEX~HER

482 Prag O.Staf. HORN-


4.85 olJnti.tz Baf. von GLADROW

486 Nahrisch

489 Iglau

490 lkihn 0.3taf. BOHNE




K6niggr&tz Baf, EEEMDT

HQ: Krakau, Regierung, Adolf-Hitler-Platz 25

K.-Chef: H.-f, 53XClMEXG

2No cF:Name: Location: Commander: Sub-Units:

Radm o.Btid. ZWETTLER

Wars&au H,Geff. l!JErJm

H Czestochawa
3~ Jaroslau

R Nowy Sacz
w Piotrkm

w Believed to exist, but unconfimd.

About the remaining Befehlsstellen,
-w- only the following

inforrmtior~ is avaikbl.c:-

---.- Bl3;CTEN
-I- a..**-.-- -- ---
Canmantier .. G&f, Gert EzuNEWITZ

HQ : BRUSSmS, 24 rue HOlY'?'O~R

Fithrer der Pl&nischen XL: O.Waf, SCWF
(Ccmmnder of the
Flemish KJ.)

PII NIl~~~fX&'-lD~
Comder : Obaf. VOSS, i.V.

I-IQ : The HfWJE, Plein 23

Bann 944 : GRU~rnGrn

--ccc-- (X%!EN

Commander .. II, Baf , Nr.CrnL

Befeklss_telle OSTLAND

Commander : Ob. Gebf, L8ER

pm’l: ‘m

hkii4TfIrFm H&l-I3Arm, LTsm 1iwcm

No Location
1 KESnigsberg Ostpreussen
Gross- stettin Pommern
: Preussisch Holland 1 ostpreussen
4 Rastenburg Ostpreussen
5 Gross- Danzig 3: Danzig- Westpreussen
6 EIerlin- Wedding-Reinicken- 3 Berlin
7 Liegnitz 4 Niederschlesien
8 I)rossen 2 Mark Brandenburg
9 Stargard 5 Pmmem
10 Schweidnitz 4 Niederschlesim
11 Breslau- Stadt 4 Niederschlesien
12 Guben Mark Brandenburg
13 Miinster 9' Westfalm- Nord
34 Flatow 5 Pomnern
15 Minden 9 Westfalen- Nord
16 K&I (rechtsrheinisch) 11 Kllln- Aachen
17 Wrrppertal 34 D!.&3seldorf
18 O&erode Ostpreussen
19 C%r1itz 4’ Niederschlesien
20 Zterbog- Luukenwalde Mark Brandenburg
21 Berlin- Horst-WesselStadt P Berlin
22 Gleiwitz 40 Oberschlesien
23 Neisse $0 Oberschlesien
24 Meumppin 2 3&wk Brandenburg
25 Aachen- Stadt 11 HJln- Aachen
26 Ilagdeburg 23 Xit te lelbe
27 Gardelegen 23 Mttelelbe
28 Koblenz 12 Moselland
29 Bitbur&ifel 12 Moselland
30 Saarlautem 25 Westmark
31 Hamburg- kltcma 26 Hamburg
32 Schmalkalden 17 Thtiringen
33 Gumbinnen Ostpreussen
34 AnkhTl : PoIlZIZI%
35 Brandenburg 2 Mark Brandenburg
36 Halle- Stadt 15 Mittelland
37 Berlin- Yilmersdorf- 3 Berlin
38 Glatz 4 Niederschlesien
39 fiseldorf 34 i&seldorf
40 Donaueschingen 21 Baden
41 Tilsit ostpreussen
42 Stralsund 5' PCXXWZTl
43 Kbnigsberg 1 Ostpreussen
44 ecmap 1 Ostpreussen
45 Xnsterburg I Qstpreussen
46 Zilllichau 2 Mark Brandenburg
47 Senf'tenberg 2 Mark BrayldenburP;
4.8 Landsberg&. 2 Xark Brandenburg
49 sto1p 5 PmIrleYm
50 Xohlau 4 Hiederschlesien
-'No Location
51 Kreuzberg 40 Cberschlesien
52 Cottbus 2 El'lark Bmndenbwg
53 mln 11 K.Bln- Aachen
54 Kolberg 5 E)omnern
55 %tmold 9 7iestfalen- Nord
56 Krefeld 34 i fisseldorf
57 Rees 10 Iiuh.r- Niederrhein
58 Glogau 4 i Jiederschlesien
59 YiIheLmshaven 7 rfordsee
60 Uberhausen 1c Iuhr- Niederrhejn
7 3erli.n
61 Berlin- Neukl)lln- Treptow
62 Xatibor 46 Jberschlesien
63 W@n 40 Zbesschlesien
f3+ Prenzlau 2 &ark Brandenburg
65 Kbln- Land 11 Kbln- Aachen
66 Burg/%. hgdeburg 23 hsittelelbe
67 Bochum b2 Westf'alen- Stld
68 Andernach 12 t:Ioselland
69 Trier 12 hlOS~lfECi
70 Saa.rb*ken 25 'destrmrk
71 Erfurt 17 Tht!tringen
72 Torgau 15 hiittellmd
73 Sulingen 8 Niedersachsen
74 ihnnover 8 Niedersachsen
75 Bremen 7 Nordsee
76 Hamburg- Vest 26 HElJIiburg
77 Celle 41 ost- Kannoves
78 &nab&k- 5tadt 7 Nordsee
79 Hildesheim 8 Niedersachsen
80 Wiesbaden 13 Hessen- Nassau
81 Frankfurt/a. Main 13 Hessen- Nassau
82 GWtingen 8 Niedersachsen
83 Kassel l-4 Kurhessen
84 Schleswig 6 Nordmrk
85 Heide 6 Nordmark
86 Flensburg- Stadt 6 Nordmark
87 Yesterburg 13 Hessen- Nassau
88 Wetzlar 13 Hessen- Nassau
89 Schwerin- Stadt 24 Mecklenburg
90 Restock- Stadt a Xecklenburg
91 Oldenburg 7 Nordsee
92 Braunschweig- Stadt 8 Niedersachsen
Dessau 23 Xttelelbe
Jena 17 ThWtigen
Gotha 17 Thtiingen
Greiz 17 Thilrirlgen
iJeubrandenburg 24 Mecklenburg
99; Hanau 13 Hessen- Nassau
99 Hattingen 42 Westfalen- Wd
100 -Dresden- Stadt 16 Sachsen
101 Grossenhain 16 Sachsen
102 Zittau 16 Sachsen
103 Bautzen 16 Sachsen
104 Chemnitz 16 Sachsen
105 Annaberg 16 Sachsen
106 Auex%ach 16 Sachsen
107 Leipzig 16 Sachsen
2. Location
108 msden- Land 16 Sachsen
109 Karlsruhe- Land 21 l3aden
_I10 Heidelberg '21 &den
111 Baden- Baden 21 Ebden
112 IYertheim 21 Baden
113 Freiburg 21 Baden
114 Konstanz 22 Baden
136 Darmstadt
Giessen 13 Hessen- liassau
13 Hessen- Nassau
117 Main2 13 Ressen- Nassau
118 ~‘lorms 13 Hessen- Nassau
119 Gross- Stuttgart 20 Wtittemberg
120 m 20 iVQrtteniberg
121 Heilbronn 20 Wtittemberg
122 Crailsheim 20 Wtirttemberg
123 A&en 20 Mrttemberg
124 Xavensburg 20 WM&3iberg
I.25 !Bbingen 20 WCtrttemberg
126 Freudenstadt 20 Wflrtterriberg
127 Ebingen 20 Wlirttemberg
128 Danzig 37 Danzig- Westpreussen
129 Berlin- Lichtenberg- K8penick 3 Berlin
lx D.m-fmund 42 GiTestfalen- EZid
131 xm 42 Westfalen- Stid
132 Soes t 42 IYestfaXen- SUd
133 Zwickau 16 Sachsen
134 Plauen 16 Sachsen
135 Hagen 9 Westfalen- Nord
136 Tserlohn tc2 Westfalen- Slid
137 Bigge 4.2 Westfalen- Siid
138 Weissenfels 16 Sachsen
139 D&eln 16 Sachsen
140 Ktistrin 2 Mark Brandenburg
141 Fmnkfurt/a,~ Oder 2 Mark Brandenburg
142 Lorrach Baden
143 Altena ;; Westfalen- Sfid
144 Ilortmund- Ilit jenburg 42 Y?estfalen- Stid 1
145 Burgsteinfurt 9 'Nestfalen- Nord
a4 VKMingen 25 Weshark
147 Lyck 1 Ostpreussen
148 Meppen 7 Nordsee
149 Deutsch Krone 5 Pommern
150 Allenstein 1 Ostpreussen
151 Sensburg 1 Ostpreussen
152 h'larienburg 37 Danzig- Westpreussen
153 Gera 17 Theingen
154 Hirschberg 4 Niederschlesien
155 Berlin-= Kreuzberg- Mitte 3 Berlin
l-56 Beuthen 40 Oberschlesien
157 Brieg 4 Niederschlesien
1% Bielefeld 9 Westfalen- Nord
J-59 Dilillheixq/Ruhr 10 Ruhr- Niederrhein a
160 B= 11 K&I- Aeohen
161 D&en 13, Kt3ln- Aachen
162 Mbeck 6 MOlL-hEWk
163 Rendsburg . 6 Nordmark
164 Hameln 8 Niedersachsen

&. Location

165 Halberstadt 23 Mittelelbe

I.66 BadHomburg 13 Hessen- Nassau
147 PuYLda 14 Kurhessen
168 Coesfeld 9 Vestfalen- Word
169 21 Baden
170 Offenburg 21 Baden
171 Mamheim 21 Baden
172 Pf%rzheim 21 Baden
173 Essen 10 Rx&w Niederrhein
3.7& Neunkirchen 25 Westmark
175 Priedeberg (Amswalde) 5 Pormem
176 Lauenburg 5 Pommem
3.77 Pima 16 Sachsen
J-78 Kamenz 16 Sachsen
179 ck-imma 16 Sachsen
180 Ludwigsburg 20 Wkttemberg
181 PlBha 16 Sachsen
182 Freiberg 16 Sachsen
183 Rex-ford 9 Vestfalen- Nord
1% Kiel 6 Nor&ark
185 Bad Oldesloe 6 Nordmark
186 War&fur-t/a. Main 3.3 Hessen- Nassau
187 Ltibeck- Land 6 Nordmark
188 Harciburg;- Nerd 26 Hamburg
189 Lttnebtq 43. ost- Hannover
190 Stade 41 Ost- Hammer
191 AUZ3Ch 7 Nordsee
192 Homberg/a.d.Efze 3.4 Kurhessen
193 Neustettin 5 Pomem
194 HWIenburg 40 Oberschlesien
195 Palkensee 2 Mark Brandenburg
196 Eberswalde 2 Mark Brandenburg
3.97 qittenberge Mark Brandenburg
198 Berlin- Charlottenburg- : Berlin
199 Berlin- Pankow- Weissensee 3 Berlin
200 Berlin- Steglitz- Tempelhof Berlin
201 Berlin- Moabit- Schlineberg IBerlin

203 Natanbwg 15 Mittelland

204 Greifenberg 5 Potiern
205 7litten&hr 42 Westfalen- Sad
206 Celsnitz 16 Sachsen
207 Aue 16 Sachsen
208 Meissen 16 Sachsen
209 Schkebeck 23 Mittelelbe
210 Stollberg 16 Sachsen
211 Glauchau 3.6 Sachsen
212 Mbau 16 Sachsen
2x3 Borna 16 Sachsen
214 Rochlitz 16 Sachsen
215 Oschatz 36 Sachsen
216 Dippoldiswalde 16 Sachsen
217 KUn- S4Id 11 KBln- Aachen
218 Saalfeld 17 ThtIringen
219 Sonneberg 17 ThWngen
220 Amstadt 17 ThUringen
221 h%.hlhausen 17 Thtiingen
222 Heiligenstadt ‘17 Thitringen
NO Location

223 Nordhauskn 17 Thuringen

224 Marburg 14 Kurhessen
225 Vechta 7 Nordsee
226 Korbach/"VJaldeck 14 Kurhessen
227 Olpe 42 Vestfalen- Stid
228 Gelsenkirchen- Buer 9 Yfestfalen- Nerd
229 News 34 Msseldorf
230 DUsseldorf- Mettmann 34 D&seldoti
231 Remscheid 34 Mlsseldorf
232 Solingen 34 Msseldorf
233 M&hen- Gladbach 34 msseldorf
234 Schweinitz 15 Mittelland
235 Duisburg- Sitd 10 Ruhr- Niederrhein
236 Duisburg- Nord 10 Ruhr- Niederrhein
237 Uoers 10 Kuhr- Niederrhein
238 Kleve 10 Ruk- Nie&rrhein
239 Essen- Nord 10 Bohr- Niederrhein
240 Siegburg 11 KEln- Amhen
241 Gummersbach 11 KBln- Amhen
242 Jtilich 11 Kt)ln- Aachen
243 Neuwied 12 Moselland
244 Wittlich 12 Moselland
245 Traben- Trarbach 12 Moselland
246 Idar- Oberstein 12 Moselland
247 Baumholder 12 Mosefland
248 SLi.EllEm 12 Moselland
249 Bensheim 13 Hessen- Ntissau
250 Gosl,ar 8 Niedersachsen
251 Emden- Norden 7 Nordsee
252 Kecklinghausen 9 Westfalen- Nord
253 L5mburg 13 Hessen- Nassau
254 Bad Nauheim 13 Hessen- Nassau
255 Helmstedt 8 Niedersachsen
2% Northeim 8 Niedersachsen
257 Alfeld a Niedersachsen
258 Saarburg 12 Moselland
259 Heme 42 Westfalen- Sad
260 Beckum- Warendorf 9 ITestfalen- Nord
261 Bocholt 9 Westfalen- Nod
262 Bottrq 9 Vestfafen- Nord
263 Rheine 9 Vestfalen- Nerd
264 Arnsberg 42 Yestfalen- Sfid
265 Verden 41 Ost- Hatmover
266 Eisleben 15 Mittelland
267 Wupprtal- El.berfeld 34 msseldorf
268 Neustadt 40 O&rschlesien
269 Gross Strehlitz 40 Oberschlesien
270 Fhg?sit 1 Ostpreussen
271 Walsrode 41 Ost- IImnover
272 Euskirchen 11 KNn- Aachen
273 Hamover- tid 8 Niedersachsen
274 Eschwege a Kurhessen
275 sorau 2 Mark Brandenburg
276 Neustadt a Niedersachsen
277 hzig 37 Danzig- IYestpreussen
278 Ortelsburg 1 Ostpreussen
279 ElbiKIg 37 Danzig- Ves-tpreussen
PJO. Location
280 Bunzlau 4 Niederschlesien
281 Paderbom 9 Westfalen- Nmd
282 Hamburg- Ost 26 Hamburg
283 kh.rg- sad 26; Hamburg
284 Uelzen 41 Ost- Hamover
285 we~e~h& 43. Ost- Hmnover
286 OSIXAWMC- L&I 7 Nordsee
287 Offenbach 13 Hessen- Nassau
288 St. Goarshausen 13 Hessen- Nassau
289 Hersfeld 14 Kurhessen
290 Wehlau 1 Ostprmssen
291 Pre~sisch Eylau 1 Ostpreussen .
292 Angerburg 1 Ostprewsen
293 Heilsberg 1 Ostpreussen
294 Greifswald 5 PommeyTl
295 Kwin 5 Pormern
296 Bramsberg 1 Ostpreussen
297 Marienwerder 37 Danzig- Westpreussen
298 Ludwfgslust 24. Mecklenburg
299 GT!istrow 24 Mecklenburg
300 '&me- Eickel 42 Westfalen- Stid
301 Bitterfeld 15 Mittelland
302 Merseburg 15 Mittelland
303 Herborn 13 Hessen- Nassau
,304 Lauterbach 13 Hessen- Nassau
305 -erg 22 Bayreuth
306 iVeiden 22 Bayreuth
307 Baymuth 22 Bapwxth
308 Rothenbur$ob d. Tauber 18 Franken
309 Wtirzburg- Stadt 39 Mainfrmken
310 Ingolstadt 19 Hochland
311 Regensburg Baymuth
312 Memingen :'6 Schwaben
313 Freising 19 Hochland
314 Bergisch- Gladbach 11 KQlrp Aachen
315 NWMngen 36 Schwaben
316 Passau 22 Bayreuth
31.7 Ludwigshafen 25 Westmark
318 Landau 25 Westmark
319 Ansbach 18 Franken
320 Kempten 36 Schwaben
321 Mxmberg 18 Franken
322 Zweibficken 25 Y?estmark
323 Kaiserslautern 25 Westmark
324 F&th 18 Franken
325 I.mdsberg/I.ech 19 HochZmd
$Z@ Gamisch- Partenkirohen 19 Ho&land
327 Mtildorf 19 Hochland
328 flosenheim 19 Hochland
329 Hof 22 Bayreuth
330 Coburg BaFeuth
331 Aschaffenburg ;; Mainfranken
332 Landshut 22 Bayreuth
333 Yieissenburg 18 Franken
335. Wtirzburg- Zand 39 Mainfranken
335 Schweinfurt 39 Mainfrmken
336 Bati Reichenhall 19 Eiochland
No, Locat ion

337 Bad Ttllz 19 Hochland

338 Augsburg- Stadt 36 Schwaben
339 Neumarkt 22 Bayreuth
340 Cham 22 Bayreuth
341 Deggendorf 22 Bayreuth
34-2 Eggenfelden 22 Bayreuth
343 Frankenthal 25 Westmark
344. St. Ingbert 25 IVestmark
Niesky (Kohlfort)
22 Bayreuth
22 Bayreuth
4 'Niederschlesien
348 Fr&enstein 4 Niederschlesien
349 Breslau- Lmd 4 Niederschlesien


4 Niederschlesien
4 Niederschlesien
4 Niederschlesien
353 Greifenhagen 5 POrmnem
,354 Bad Kreumach 12 Moselland
355 Remgen 12 Moselland
356 Wittenberg 15 BiIittelland
357 Marienburg 16 Sachsen
358 Meiningen 17 Thtiringen
359 Weimar l-7 Thtigen
360 Eiscnach ' 17 Thtiringen
361 Altenburg 17 Thtlringen

Bad Neustadt
39 tiinfranken
39 Xainfranken
20 \YIJrtte&erg
365 Esslingen 20 VUrttemberg
366 Biberach 20 Vtittemberg
Neeskow- Storkow
1 Ostpreussen
2" ',Mark Brandenburg
2 hIark Branden’burg
370 Templin Mark Brandenburg
&!!k Brandenburg
Hark Brandenburg
374 Potsdarn Mark BrmdeLmrg
375 Waldenburg ' Niederschlesien
376 Trebnitz Niederschlesien

378 Sagan 4 Niederschlesien

379 Reichenbach/%ule 4 Niederschlesien
380 Wittingen $1 Ost-&m.rmver
381 Leer/Ostfriesl. 7 Nordsee
382 Oldenburg- Land 7 Nords'ee

384 Cuxhaven 41 Ost- Hannover

385 Hbcter 9 VestfaLlen- Nerd
386 Aachen- Land 11 Kbln- Aachen
387 Bergheti 11 WLn- Aachen
388 Schleiden , 11 Kiln- Aaohen
389 Geilenkirchen 11 K&In- Amhen

391 Hemeskeil . 12 Itiselland

392 Schltichtern 13 Messen- Nassau
No Location
393 Eofgeismar 14 Kurhessen
394 Halle- Land 15 Mittelland
395 Bad Liebenwerda 15 Mittelland
396 Delitzsch 15 Mittelland
397 Sangerhausen 15 Mittelland
398 Zeitz 15 Mittelland
399 Qu-+=t 15 Mittellend

401CdW 20 Wtittemberg
402 B&lingen 20 VGrtter&erg
403 Tuttlingen 20 TtFTttemberg
404 I;ilbsbach 21 Baden
Waldshut 21 Baden
$2 Bruchsal 21 Baden
407 Jrillingen 21 Baden
408 Uberlingen 21 Baden
409 Haldensleben 23 Mittelelbe
410 Stendal 23 Mittelelbe
411 KBthen 23 Mittelelbe
413 %3mar 24 Meoklenburg
4uc V&en 24 Meckilenburg
415 Parchim 24 Mecklenburg
416 Malchin 24. Mecklenburg
417 Hamburg- Harburg 26 Haxnburg
418 Stejnburg 6 Nordmark
419 NeuglCfnSter 6 Nordmark
420 Hanitsvrg- Wendsbeck 26 Haburg
f k21 H&burg- Xitte 26 Hamburg
422 Hmiburg- Bergedorf 26 Hamburg
424 Hamburg- Hafen 26 -burg
425 Zottweil 20 Wiirttemberg
426 Horb 20 Wtirttemberg
427 Leonberg 20 Wtitte#iberg
428 Vai'ningen 20 'Wtittemberg
429 Reutlingen 20 WIJ.rttemberg
,!+31 Friedrichshafen 20 Vttrttemberg
432 Wangen/nll&v 20 Wtittemberg
433 Saulgau 20 -vVtittemberg
435 Mtinsingen 20 Wtirttemberg
436 Ntitingen 20 Mktte&erg
437 G&&w= 20 Vtittemberg
438 Heidenhcim 20 %%rttemberg
439 Schw&isch Gutid 20 Y0Jrttemberg
&i!+O Backnang 20 WCrttemberg

442 Oehringen 20 'Wtittemberf:

4.43 Had Mergentheixfi 20 V!tittemberg

b45 Hop, Crafschaft 8 Niedersachsen

41~6 Nienburg 8 Miedersachsen
447 WolfenbUttel 8 Niedersachsen
&8 Peine 8 Niedersachsen

449 8 Niedersachsen
450 Zderstadt 8 Niedersachsen
451 8 Niedersachsen
452 Blankenbur~'Harz 8 Niedersachsen
453 8 Niedersachsen
454 Aichach 19 Hochland
456 Bockenem 8 Niedersachsen

462 Btttow 5 Porranern

463 hQ.5lln 6 Nor&ark
464 Erkelenz 11 K&n- Aachtn

467 23 Kittelelbe
468 8 Niedersachsen
469 Dinslaken 10 Ruhr- Niederrhein
470 Geldern 10 Ruhr- Niederrheix
471 Memel 1 Ostpreussen
473 Hegdekmg 1 Ostpreussen
475 Lindau 36 Schwaben

479 Hettstedt 15 Mittelland

481 Pilsen Befehlsst.BBhmen u. IGhren
482 Prag BePehlsst,BBhmen u. X&hren
484 Kitsingen/Gerolshof'en 39 Mainfrenken
485 Olmtitz Befehlsst.B&men u, X$hrcn
486 Uhrisch- Ostrau Befehlsst,B&xnen u, X%!!hren

489 Iglau Befehlsst.B$hmen u, 1Itihren

490 BrB.m Befehlsst.B&men u. %,hren
491 Xen- Ott&ring 27 Ken
493 Dillingen 36 Schwaben
494 Augsburg- Land 36 Schwaben
495 Neuburg/a.d. Donau 36 Schwaben
497 Neubistritz 28 Niederdonau
498 Wiebtill 6 Mordmwk
499 Pinneberg 6' Nordmark
500 Bentheim 7 NOXdStX
501 Wien Bezirk 1 27 Yien
502 Wien Bezirk 1X (Ost) 27 mien
503 Wien Bezirk 11 (Sad) 27 Ni en
5a PJien Bezirk 3.V 27 Vien
505 Wien Bezirk V 27 ViXen

506 Wien Bezirk Vl (SchBnbrunn) 27 Wien

507 3ien Rezirk Vll (West) 27 "G.en
508 Wien Bezirk Vlll 27 Wien
509 Wien Bezirk IX 27 Wien

*den/b. Nien
Bruck/a.d. Leitha
28 Niederdonau
28 Niederdmau
28 Niederdonau
513 Viener-Yeustadt 28 Niederdonau
514 Eisenstadt 28 Niederdonau
515 Ober-&llendorf 28 Niederdonau
536 St. P&ten 28 Niaderdonau
5x7 Scheibbs 28 Niederdonau
518 Amstetten, Schloss Edlach 28 Niederdonau
519 Melk 28 Niederdomu
520 Zwettl 28 Niederdonau
52J. trJak&ofen 28 Niederdonau
522 Kxems 28 Mederdonau
523 Komeuburg 28 Niederdonau
524 f;aa/a. d. Thaya 28 Niederdonau
525 G&nsemdorf 28 Niederdonau
5% Neunkirchen 28 Niederdonau
527 Lilienfeld 28 Qiederdmau
528 Gmfind 28 Niederdonau
529 HQI3-l 28 Niederdonau
530 Hollabrunn 28 Niederdonau
531 Linz- Stadt 29 Oberdonau
532 Linz- Mihlviertel~flest 29 Oberdonau
533 iiohrbach 29 Oberdmau
534 Preistadt/Oberdonau 29 Oberdonau
;;z PeXg
29 Oberdonau
29 merdmau
;;87 Kirchdorf/Krem
29 Oberdonau
29 Oberdonau

542 scming 29 C%erdonau

543 Wels 29 Oberdonau

545 Graz- Stadt 30 Steiemark

546 Feldbach 30 Steiemark
547 Hartberg 30 Steiermrk
548 Bruck/a.d. Mur 30 Steiemark
549 Leoben 30 Steiemark
550 Liezen 30 Steiermark
551 Judenburg 30 Steiemark
552 Beutsch- Landsberg 30 Steiemark
553 Leibnitz 30 Steiemark
554 Graz- Land 30 Steiemark
555 Mureck
30 Steiermark
556 30
557 Oberwart 30 Steiemark
558 Sulz 30 Steiermark
559 30 Steiemark
30 Steierrnark
:E Klagenfurt 31 Urnten
I&, Location

563 VL)lkermarkt 31 K&rnten

565 Spittal/a,d. Drau 31 K&mten
566 Weiz/%. Graz 30 Steiemk

568 Wolf sberg 31 K4rnten

569 Innsbruck- Stad% 33 Tirol- Vornriberg
570 Landeck 33 Tirol- Vorarlberg
571 Schwaz 33 Tirol- Vorarlberl;
572 Kuf'stein 33 Tirol- Vorarlberg
573 Dornbim 33 Tiroi- Vorarlber~:
574 Bludene 33 Tirol- Vorarlber;;
Reutte 33 Tirol- VoraYlbFrl{:
$2 fmst 33 Tirol- Vomrlbexy
Tirol- Vorarlberl:
577 Ri-tzbUlel
578 Salzburg- Stadt ;: Salzburg
579 Hallein 32 Salzburg
580 Blschofshofen 32 Salzburg
581 TmSWeg 32 Salzburg
582 Zell/a. See 32
583 %&burg- Land 32 Salzburg
584 Innsbruck- Land. 33 Tirol- irorar'lberi;
585 Nikolsburg 28 Niederdonau
586 Znaim 20 Niederdonau
587 Kaplitz 29 Oberdonau
29 Oberdonau
;i; Aussergefild 22 Bareuth
590 Hermagor 31 Iclikrnten
591 Bregenz 33 Tirol- vorarlbc:"~;

593 Wasserburg 19 Hochland

594 Traunstein 19 EochZand
ICesbach 19 Hochland
$56. Hannsversch It&den 8
5917 Braunschweigm Land
59e 8 Niedersachsen
599 Osterode/&rz I, Niedersuchsen
600 LiJlgm NORkSX
601 Asch 35 sudetenland
602 Aussig 35 Stietenland
603 Bb 35 Sudetenland
604 Bischofteinitz 3T Sudetenlmd
605 BlShmisch Leipa 35 Su&stenland
606 B&X 35 Sudetenland
607 Bramau 35 Sudetenlmd
408 Deutsch-Gabel 35 Sudetenland
609 Nix 35 Sudetenland
610 Eger 35 Sudetenlmd
611 Falkenau 35 Sudetenland
612 Freiwaldau 35 Sudetenland
613 3'reudent'nal 35 Sudetenland
6s Gablonz 35 Suck tenland
615 Yriedland 35 Sudetenland
616 Graslitz 35 Sudetenlmd
617 Landskron 35 Sudetenland

618 Hohenelbe 35 Sudetenland
619 Xohenstadt 35 Sudetenland
620 J&gerndorf' 35 Sudetenland
621 Kaaden 35 Sudetenland
622 Karlsbad 35 Sudetenland
623 Kcmotau 35 Sudetenlmd
624, Lei-tmeritz 35 Sudetenland
M&hrisch Sch6nberg
62% Zwittau 35 Sucietenland
629 Mie s 35 Sudetenland
630 Neutitschein 35 Sudetenlmd
631 Reichenberg 35 Sudetenland
632 Rumburg 35 Sudetenland
633 Ea.232 35 Sudetenland
634 Sternberg 35 Sudetenland
635 Tachau 35 Sudetenland
636 Teplitz- SchtSnau 35 Sudetenland
637 Tetschen 35 Sudetenland
638 Trautenau 35 Sude tenland
639 Troppau 35 Sudetenland
640 Gotenhafen 37 Danzig- Vestpreussen
641 Berent 37 Danzig- Westpreussen
642 Dirschau 37 Danzig- Westpreussen
643 Koriitz 37 Danzig- Westpreussen

Graudenz 37 Danzig- Westpreussen

647 Danzig- Land 37 Danzig- Westpreussen

648 Thorn 37 Danzig- Westpreussen
a9 Erorriberg 37 Danzig- Wes tpreussen

651 Posen 38 Wartheland

653 Smter 38 Wartheland

655 Lissa 38 Wartheland

m Jarotschin 38 Wartheland
658 iiawitsch 38 Wartheland
659 Hohensalza 38 Wartheland
660 Dietfurt 38 Wartheland

662 Leslau 38 Xartheland

663 Litmannstadt- Stadt 38 Wartheland
664 Litzmnnstadt- Land Wartheland
665 Kalisch ;: Wartheland
666 Fabianice 38 Wartheland
667 ostrowo 38 Wartheland
668 Kattowitz 40 Oberschlesien
669 KBnigsh&tte 40 Oberschles-im

Teschen 40 Oberschlesien
2-5: Eupen 11 Kl)ln- &hen
674 Malmedy 11 K8l.m Aachen
No Location

679 Zichenau 1 cs tp cusser?&

681 AXackeb 1 Gstpreusscn

683 Haugard 5 Pcmr3cm

685 43elgard 5 l?c.)mncr:7

6134 5 P0zrfmerr1
667 5 ~‘ormnem
6t3y Schlochau 5 Potmem
690 &men 5 F0mrrl.e
691 Nordenharu 7 lTo;?&see
693 Bremerv6rde 41 Gst.- iiijflrl;2r;p;T
694 Kehlheim 22 lkqmxth

697 ~Ru-xsicdel 22 B3ayrwth

<’ z,
702 KOKlbUY&SWt? W”CJ $J ‘?.l:!igrk

-?03 Pirmsens s; We R tmark

704 Kusel 2 fj We r: t-q21 (7%

705 liockinghausen 25 ICCr trfinr'~~

706 Kirchheirnbolanden 25 ves-t;:-r?ark
707 Neustadt/'a.il,T. 25; We,s-'i::I~rk.
708 Speyer 25 'IA?
709 Saa2gemhd 25 Vlcst:!laYk

712 Metz- S-tadt 2 5 viesbxa-k

713 x&z- Land 25 # c 5 b-m I-1’ L

717 Crossen 2 r&rk Br~(Zenb’J:‘i’

723 Rathenow 2 PIark Brmd.enbwr~-

725 Buchen 21 Haden

726 ICehI 21 13mI.en
'727 Sinsheim 21 T.h~~crz
728 Slickingen 21 '13adcn
729 Stockach 21 Uar!en
730 IEmIl 21 &den
731 Emendingen 21 Baden
732 Mwlheim 23. Baden
733 Wolfach 21 Baden
734 Neustadt 21 Baden
Weissenburg 21 Baden
;;: Hagenau 21 Baden
737 Zabem 21 Baden
738 Strassburg- Stadt 21 Baden
739 Nolsheim 21 Baden
740 Strassburg- Land 21 Baden
741 Schlettstadt 21 Baden
742 Bappoltsweiler 21 Baden
743 Kolmar 21 Baden
744 Gebweiler 21 Baden
TEU-Ul 21 Baden
$2 Miilhausen 21 Baden
747 Altkirch 21 Baden
749 Osterburg 23 MitteJeXbe
750 Zerbst 23 Mittelelbe
751 Hammersleben 23 Mittelelbe
752 Wnzleben 23 Mittelelbe
753 Genthin 23 Mittelelbe
754 Stassfurt 23 Mittelelbe
755 23 Mittelelbe
756 Schwerin- Land 24 Mecklenburg
757 Restock- Land 24 Mecklenburg
758 Hagenm 24 Mecklenburg
759 Sch?5nberg 24 Mecklmiburg
761 Melsungen Ii,& Kurhessen

765 Bernkastel 12 Moselland

“171 Montabav 13. Hessen- Nassau

772 13 Hessen- Nassau
774 Erlangen 18 Franken

782 Labiau 1 Ostpreussen

789 Sichelberg 1 Oatmeussen

791 Gleidingen 8 Niedersachsen

793 Bartenstein 1 Ostpreussen

796 ~lt3hnen 1 Ostpreussen


5, Location

803 Lauban 4 Niederschlesien

807 Ohlau 4 Niedemchlezien

810 Jauer 4 i?iederschlesien

818 I~ckemf~rde 6 Nordmark

819 3msbUttel 6 Mortinark
820 mmsburg- Land 6 Nor&nark
822 Segeberg 6 Wordmark

825 Bad Zwischenahn 7 Nordsee

831 &mnenberg 4-1 OSt- Hamover

13. Kt)ln- Aachen

I.4 Kurhessen

850 S-l;a.rnberg 19 Hochland

854 Pfaffenhofen 19 Hochland

855 Ytistenfeltibruck 19 Ho&land
856 E%ersberg 19 Hochland

858 Forchheim 22 BqTreuth

861 Ktibach 22 Bayreuth

562 Kronach 22 Bqpeuth

864 Vilshofen 22 Bayreuth

867 Xainburg 22 Bayreuth

868 Zwiesel 22 Eqreuth
l&. Location

876 Deutsch Eylau Ostpreussen

877 =khm 3; Danzig- Westpreussen
879 Erding 19 Hochland

881 Tuchel 37 Danzig- Westpreussen

882 Kukn 37 Danzig- Westpreussen

891 38 Warthelmd

896 38 VJartheLand

yol& Konin 38 Wa.rtheland

908 Imtschiitz 38 Wartheland

910 38 Wartheland

914 39 Nainfrmken

yJ+& Groningen Befehlsst, Niederlande

945 Salzgitter 8 Niedersachsen

949 fiainburg 30 Steiermark

++S++Nhberg X3 Franken
"I?+ M&when 19 Ho&land
Keichsbann Bimenschiffahrt
'Beichsbann Seeschiffahrt
m3yJ.mwDw BkNNE w[STDrn~1'ICrn


Location No.

Aache n-land 38f; 11 RQln-Aachen

Aachet+Stadt 25 11 K&n-Aacheh
Aalen 423 20 wfkrttembeq
Aichach 454 19 Hochland
Alfeld 257 8 Iqiedersactlsen
Allenstein 150 I Ostpreussen
Altana 143 &2 IVestfalen-Sad
Altenburg 362 17 Thiiringen
Xltkirch 747 21 Baden
at ona 31 26 IfELlilbUrg

hb erg 22 Bayseuth
Amstettxn, sctiLoss Ed"lach $Z 28 Niederdomm.
Andernach 68 12 Xos8lland
Angerburg 292 1 Ustpreussan
Anklarn 3% 5 i'Qm:lorn
Annabcrg 105 16 Sachsan
Ansbach 319 18 Pranken
tinsberg 264 -- 4.2 Xestfalen-Stid
Arnstadt 220 17 Thtiingen
Ar.lswalde (Friediberg) 175 5 Pommrn
Asch 601 35 Sudetenland
Aschaffenbuwy, 331. 39 Xainfranken
AUC? 20-7 I6 Sachssln
Auerbach 306 16 Sachsen
Acrsburg-Land 494 $ Schwaben
Augsburg-Stadt 3% 36 Schwaben
AilTich 19d 7 Nordsse
Aussergefild 589 22 Bayreuth
Aussig 602 35 Sudetenland

aacknang 20 Wrttemberg
Bad Hombuxy: 13 IIesser+Nassau
Bad Gmlznach 12 Xoselfand
Bad Lubatochowitz Befehlstelle B.u.B6,
Bad Liebenvrcrda 395 15 XItteI.land
Bad illergentheirn 443 20 Mirtternboq
Rad ?Jauheim 25G I.3 Hessen-Nassau
3ad Jieustadt 362 39 Xainfranken
Bad Uldesioe 185 6 Yordmark
Bad Re5Aenhall 336 19 Ho&land
Bad T231,z 33? 19 EIochland
Bad Zx~inchenahn 825 7 33tisee
Baden/b,‘#ien 511 28 Niederdonau
Baden-Baden 111 21 Baden
Barnberg 305 22 Bayreuth
Barn 603 35 Sudetenland
Bartenstein 793 1 Ostpreussan
Baurdholder a-7 12 i:aselland
'33a1i.tzen A03 16 Sachsen
Bayreuth 307 22 Bayrcuth
Beckum-Warsndorf 260 9 MestfaleD-Nerd
Beeskow-Storkom 368 2 G.rki3randenburg
Belgaxd 685 5 Pommem
Bensheim ul-9 13 Hessem-Nassau
Bentheim 500 7 Nor&e e
Berent 641 37 Danzig-Westpreussen
Bergheim 387 ?I KBla-Aachen
Bergisch-Gladbach 3uc 11 K&n-Aachen
Charlottenburg-Spandau 198 3 BeI7li.n
I-orst-Wessel- Stadt 21 3 Berlin
Krauzberg-Mitte 155 3 Berlin
Lichtenberg-K8penick 329 3 Berlin
Moabit-Scheneberg 201 3 Berlin
Neuk8lln-Treptow 61 3 Berlin
Pankovr'iVeissensee 199 3 Berlin
Steglitz-Tenrpelhof 200 3 Berlin
I$i~ersdorf-Zehlendorf 37 3 Berlin
Wedding-Reinickendorf 6 Berlin
Bt?lXl~U 2 Wrk Brandenburg
Bernburg 23 Mittelelbe
Bernkastel 765 Xoselland
Beuthen 1% :; Oberschlesiea
Biberach 366 20 W~rttmberg
Bielefeld 158 9 Westfalen-n'ord.
Bigge 137 b2 Westfalen-Snd
Bischofshofen 580 32 Sal&urg
Bischofteinitz 604- 35 Sudetenland
Bitbur&ifel 29 12 Moselland
Bitterfeld 301 15 Xittelland
Blankenbur&-Iarz 452 8 Niedersachsen
Bludanz 574 33 Tirol-Vorarlberg
BBblingen 402 20 W&rttemberg
Bocholt 261 9 Westfalsn-Nord
Bochuw 67 'Plestfaien-Stid
Bockenem 456 5 Xe3ersachsen
Bl)hmisch Leipa 4% 35 Sudetenland
BOIKl 160 11 Kbln Aaohen
Borna 233 16 Sachsen
Bottrop 262 9 Westfalen-Nerd
Brandenburg 35 Xark Brandenburg
Braunau 607 3; Sudatanland
Braunsberg 296 Osiqreussen
Braunschweig~Land 597 ii Niedersachsen
BraunschweigGtadt 92 8 Niedersachsen
Bregcnz 591 Timl-Vorarlberg
Brmen 75 5-: Nordsee
BremervOrde 693 4J Ost-Hannover
Breslbux-Land 349 4 I?iederschlesien
Breslau-Stadt 11 4 Niederschlasien
Brieg 157 4 Wiederschlesien
Bromberg 649 37 Danzig-Westpreuss@n
Bn.lC?lSd w 21 BadeD
Bruck/a.d.Xur 548 30 Staiennark
Bruck an der Leitha 512 28 Niederdonau
Btinn 690 Befehlsst,Bt)hmen
Brunsbffttal 819 6 Nordmark
Bl?UX 606 35 Sudstenland

Location No.

Buchen 725 21 Baden

Budweis Befehlsst. B&men
IL Nben
B&l 730 21 Baden
ait ow 462 5 Pommern
Sunzlau 280 4 Niederachlesien
Bwg/b.&gdeburg 66 23 ESittelelbe
3urgensteinfurt 3-45 9 Westfalen-Nerd

Calba 23 idittelelbe
c alvi 401 20 Nrttenberg
Celle 77 41 0s-bbtl~OV8??
Chx? w 22 Bayreuth
Cbemit z 1% 16 Sachsen
c ;,‘blX IrQ42 22 Bayreuth
(::cw)eS1:‘B1 {i 2: 9 Westfalen-Xord
c o-ki; bus 52 2 hark Brandenburg
!; r:.~t-i. shcs b-l -I22 20 Xkrttemberg
Cms!;en 717 2 Mark: Brandenbuz
Cuxhaven 3bt 41 ost4anover

Dannenberg 833. 41 Ost-Eannovex~

Darlzig-Gr3ss 5 37 Danzig-Westpreussen
Dan ig (Grosses *Jerdsr) -128 37 Dnnzig-Westpreussen
~mzig-Land 647 37 DQnz~-iYestps,eussen
JJno zig (Weichsel-Yest) 277 37 Danzig-Vestpreusrie
Deggendorf 34J- 22 3ayreuth
Delitzsch 396 15 Xit telland
JA?::sau ' 93 23 Kittelelbe
Detmold ,:I 55 9 Westfalen-Nerd
ideutsch 'Xy1a.u 876 Ostpreussen
Lieutsch-Gabel 608 3: SU&!tel?l~IC2
Deutscb Kmne U-9 5 Pom::ern
&utsc+Landsberg 552 30 Steie;mark
Dietfur-t 660 38 i7arth e la nd
Dilli5gen 493 36 Schwaben
-Uinslaken 469 10 Ruhr=-Niederrhein
~ippoldiswalde 216 16 Sachsen
Disschau w 37 Cmzig4Vestpeussen
I)LJbeln 139 16 SZiChS8tl
ilonaueschinpn 40 21 Baden
Dornbirn 573 33 Tirol-Norarlbeq
Dortmund 130 42 Wcstfalen-Stid
i.kxWrund-Ltitjenburg G-4 42 i/?cstfalen-SCld
3ramburg 5 P0lTlElf3m
Dresden/S tadt -400 16 Sachsen
Lm~de~-Land 108 16 Sacksen
Drossan 8 I.&k Brandenburg
Duderstadt ii Eiadersachsen
lIlf.iren i-2’: 11 K8lkAachen
DilLsseldorf' 39 34 Msseldorf
Msseldorf-l,ktt:nann 230 34 D&wldorf
Duisburg-Kord 2% 10 Ruhr-Niederrhein
Duisburg-Stid 235 10 Ruh;FiJiederrhein
Du 609 35 sudetenlaad
Location No.

Zbersbel-g 8% 19 Ho&land
Eberswalde 196 2 MarkBrandenburg
Ebingen 127 20 MCirttemberg
Eckernflirde 818 6 No&mark
Eger 610 35 Sudetenland
ssenfelden 34-2 22 Eayreuth
311~ningen 20 WUrttembe~
Eisenach $0 17 Tl3fki.ngen
Eisenstadt 516 28 Nil3desdon~
Eisleben 266 15 IiEttelland
Elberfeld (Ttippertal) 267 34 l38sseldox-f
Elbing 279 37 PaxM.g-Vestpreussen
Em&n/%orden 251 7 Nordsee
tixnendingen 21 Baden
&3ing 78;; 19 Hochland
.irfurt 7f 17 Thmngen
Srkelenz 464 11 K&I-Aachen
Erlangen 774 28 Franken
&jchwege 274 u+ Kurhessen
Essen 173 10 Hurh4iederrhei.n
Esser,-Nerd 239 10 &hz+Tiaderrhefn
Esslingen $5 20 Wrttambeq
Zupen 673 11 K&ln-kach0n
Eutin 6 Nordmark
Euskirchen 272 11 KCTln-Aachen
Lylau Deutsch) 876 1 Ostpreussen
Eylau i Pre-ussisch) 291 1 Ostpreussen

Falkenau 611 35 Sudetand-and

Falkensee 195 Kark Brandenburg
Feldbach 546 3: Steiamrark
Finsterwalde 369 2 &Lark Brandanbuq
Flatow x4 5 YoImlsrn
FlensbuqpLand 820 6 Nordmark
Flensburg-Stadt 86 6 Nor&ark
Fl&.a 181 1.6 Sachsen
Forchheim 8% 22 Bayreuth
Frankenstein 3e 4 NieJerschlasien
Frankenthal 343 25 We&n-ark
FrankfU%/!Main 81 13 Hessen-Naasa;u
Frankfurt/Main 186 13 Hessan-r;rass~
FrankfUr@ w 2 MarkBrandenbur~
Freiburg 182 16 Sachssn
Freiburg 113 21 Baden
Freising 313 19 Ho&land
Freistadt 536 29 Oberdonau
Freiwaldau 53.2 35 Sudetenland
Freudenstadt 126 20 MIrtteruberg
Freudenthal 613 Sudetenland
Friedberg ;ii Schwaben
Friedeberg-Arnswal.ds 175 5 POmmWTI
Priedland 615 35 Sutitenland
Friedrfchshafen 20 Iq&ttemberg
IRUa !z; & CuWssen
IXIrstenfeld 5% 30 steiemark
F%rstenfaldbNck 855 19 Hochland
IFtirth 324 18 Franken
Gablonz 6f4 35 Sudetenland
G&nserndoxf 525 28 Niederdonau
Gardelegan 27 23 Mittelalbe
GamisckPatenkirchen 326 19 Kochland
Gasten 38 Wartheland
G&mile r 21 Baden
Geilenkirchen $6 11 Kbln-Aachen
Geldern 470 10 Ruhx4Viederrhei.n
Gensenkirchen-Buer 228 9 Westfalen-Nord
Gmthin 753 23 tiittelelbe
Gera 153 17 Thitringen
Giesaen 1.16 13 Hessen-Nassau
Glat z 38 4 Niederschlesien
GlAUChaJm 211 1.6 Sachsen
Gleidingen 793. 8 Niedex*sachsen
Gleiwitz 22 40 Oberschlesfen
Glogau 58 4 Miederschlesien
Gr&ld 533 23 Miederdcna.u
Grmtnden 538 29 Obcx~Ionau
Goarshausen, st,- ;. 288 13 B8SS8W-NfiL5S~U
Goldap 44 I Ostpreussen
G6ppingen 437 20 -Wxtte;i~be~
GkLitz 19 4 Niaderschlesien
Gcmlar 233 8 Niedcrsachsen
Gotenhafen 640 37 Danzig-WestpmusseD
Got-ha 95 f7 Thtiringen
GLlttingen 82 8 Niedersacbsan
Graslitz 616 35 Sudetenland
Garudenz 645 37 Danzig-Westpreussen
Grsz-Land 554 30 SteitzrTILarlr
&awStadt 545 30 Steicrmrk
Greifenberg 204 5 Pomfiern
i;reifenhagen 353 5 Pommem
Greifswald 294 5 POIIlTIlErr!
Greiz 96 17 ThfIringen
GXG.T?Dla 179 16 Sachsen
Groningen 94-o Befehlsst, Niederlank
Gross8nhain 101 16 Sachsa n
Gross Stettin 2 5 Pomrlem
Gross Strehlitz 269 40 Obsrschlesien
Gfinberg 350 4 Niederschlesien
Guben 12 2 Mark Brmdehbu;
Gmbinnen 33 1 Ostpreussen
Gwmersbach 24.1 KBln-kachen
GUstrox 299 2 Meckhburg

Hagen 135 9 Westfalen-Eord

Hagenau 7% 21 Bade n
H8gfNiOW 758 24 Nfecklenbtung
Eialbsrstadt 165 23 Mittelelbe
Haldensleben 409 23 Hittelelba
Halle-Land I+5 Mittelland
Halbe-Stadt 3;: :L5 Mittelland
Hallein 579 32 SalzburpS
Location No.

Altona 31 26 Hamburg
Eergedorf t22 26 H=W
Hafen 424 26 Hamburg
H=+Jws 4147 26 HaJnb=-iit
Mitt8 42l 26 Hamburg
Nerd 188 26 mm
ost 282 26 Hamburg
Stid 283 26 Hamburg
Wandsbeck 26 Hamburg
west 7: 26 Hambu3Fg
Hameln 364 a Niedersachsen
Hamersleben 751 23 Mittelelbe
Ham w 112 Westfalen-Stia
ffanau 98 13 Hessen-Nassau
Hamlover 74 8 Miedersachsen
HamwsrLand 273 8 Niedersachaen
Hannoversch It9tinden 5% 8 H53dersachsen
H&berg 567 30 Steiamark
Hattingen 99 Westfalen-Stfa
Heide 35 5 Nordmr;lr
Heidelberg '110 21, Badan
Heidenheti 438 20 WMtemberg
Heilbmnn 321 20 Wlktternberg
Heiligenstadt 222 17 TMringen
Heilsbeq 293 1 Ostpreursen
HeZmatedt 255 8 Niedersachssa
HCCborIl 3fJ3 13 Hasssn-Nassau
Herford 183 9 Westfalen-Nerd
Hermagor 590 31 lard BR
Hemeskeil 391 12 Mmalland
Herne 259 62 Westfalen-Sfid
Hersfeld 289 3ic Ilurbessen
Hettstedt 479 13 btlitteuand
HWekrug 1 Ostpreussen
Hildeskim 4;; 8 Niadersachsen
Hiadenburg 194 40 Oberschlesien
Hirschberg 154 4 Niedarachlesien
Hof 329 22 Baymuth
Hofgeismar 393 & Kurh5ssen
Hohmelbe 618 35 Sudetenland
Hohensalxa 38 Wartheland
Hohmstadt 6”:; 35 Sudetenland
Hollabrunn 530 28 Niederdonau
Homberg/a. daEfze 192 Ilc Kwrhassen
Ho&urg/Saar 25 WwtBl%rk
,Humburg, Bad :E 13 Hessen-Wasa~
Herb 4.26 20 WIkttemberg
HO2-R 529 28 Niederdonau
HCSXt8I- 3% 9 Westfalan-Nerd
Hoya, &%fschaf% 45 8 Niedersachsan
Idax4berstein ucc; 12 Mcselland
Iglau b-89 Befehlsst.Bbhmn u.M&rea
Ingbert, St. 344 25 Westmark
Ingolstadt 310 19 Hochland
Innsbruck-Land 584 33 Tirol-Vorarlberg
Innsbmck-Stadt 569 33 Timl-Vorarlberg
Imst 576 33 Tirol-Vorarlberg
Insterburg 45 I ostpreussen
ISerlOhIl 136 42 Nestfale.~43Bd
J&gemdorf 620 35 Sudetenland
Jaimen 690 5 EOlTMMXl
Jarotschin 657 3 Wartheland
Jauer 81.0 4 Niederschl8sien
Jena 94 17 Thtinger!
Judenburg 551- 30 Steiermark
Jtilich w 11 K&ln-Aachen
Jungbunzlan Befehlsst,Bbhmen u.i&hren
Jtiterbog 20 2 Blark Brandenburg

Kaaden 621 35 Sudetenland

Kaiserslautern 323 25 wes tm2x1<
KdiSCh W 3 War-thela&
K&menz 178 16 Sachsen
xap1itz 29 Oberdonau
Karlsbad 2:: 35 Sudetenland
Karlsruhe-Land 109 21 Badsn
Kassal 83 a Kurhessen
xat towit 2 668 Oberschlssien
Kaufbeuren % Schmberr
Kehl 726 21 Baden
Kehlhein, f9t 22 Bayreuth
Kemp-ixn 320 % Schwaben
Kit31 184 6 n'ordrnark
TXrchdorf/krems 537 29 Obezdonau
Kirchhe-imbolanden 706 25 TiiTestmark
Kitzbtihel 577 33 Tirol-Vorarlberg
Kitzingen/Gemldshofon 4-a 39 &F&-lfrat1ketY
Xladno Befehlsstelle B.u.N,
Klag8nfirt 561 31 Kblten
iClWf3 238 10 RuhxhRisderrhe in
Koblenz 28 l2 I\iosell.md
Kolbeq 54 5 Ponmem
Kolin Befehfastelle B,u.M,
Kolmar 743 21 Badlen
K6ln 53 11 XCjl!.-PAach~i3
K8ln-Land 65 11 KIJlwAachen
K&n-rechtsrhainisch 16 Kb 1.fwAa&e n
KBln-Sad 21-7 2 iUflt7-PAacheII
Komotau 623 35 SwWtenlaad
Kbnigsberg 1 1 oatpreussc n
KBnigsberg 43 I OStpEUSSen
mniggratz Befel~~st0lle RJLL
Kl)nigshtitte 40 ObtfWSChl0Si0R
Location No
Konin 9% 3 Wartheland
Konitz 643 37 Danzi~West~reussen
Konstaaz lu+ 21 Baden
Korbach/Yaldeck 226 L$ hrh8ss8~
KOm@UbUq 523 28 Niederdon au
KBslin 295 5 Ponnrlem
K&then 411 23 @,ttelelbe
Yaainbu.rg Steiemark
KrefeM 5: r I%jserldorf
Krem 522 28c Wiedetionau
Kmuzbeqg 51 40 Oberschle sien
xreuznach, Bad 354 3.2 Hoselliand
Kmnach 862 22 Bays-euth
mfst8in 572 33 Tirol-Vorarlberg
KLll.l-0 882 37 Danzig-We stpreussan
Kulmbach 861. 22 BEtyreuth
KUS01 7% 25 WBstD=k
Mistrin 140 2 Urk Brandenburg

Laa/a,d.Thaya 524 28 Niedetionm

Labiau 782 1 ostpreussan
a69 21 Baden
Landal 318 25 Westmark
Landhc 570 33 Tim%Vorarlberg
Imdeshut 351 4 Ni8d8rsChZC3si8tI
Landsberfiech 325 19 Eochland
Landsbed 48 2 Hark Brandenburg
Landshut 332 22 %QC!?8uth
Landskmn 617 35 Su&tenland
Laubm %iederschlesien
LauoabuIpS i;i 45 Pommern
Laufenburg 21 Baden
Lauterbach 3Q4 13 Hessen-Nassau.
Leer/Ostfriasl 381 7 N0lkLs88
Lei.bnitz 553 30 Steiemark
Leipzig 107 16 Sachsen
Leimritz 624 35 Sudetenland
Lend 32 SalzkMFg
Lentschiitz 908 38 Warthsland
Leoben 549 30 Steiemark:
Leonberg jvUrtte=berg
Lesla.U 2:: gi Watihsland
Liebenwerda, Bad 395 15 Hittelland
Liergnitz 7 4 Niedesschlesisn
Lien2 31 K%rnten
Liezan st8i82XEi~k
Lilienfeld ;g ;i i'?ied8rdonaU
Ltiburg 253 13 flessen=NaSsW
Lindau Sc~b8s-l
Lipgen :iz 3! %Xds88
Linz-mhlviatiel west 532 29 0b8X'dOIlU
Linz-Stadt 531 29 OberdonaII
Lippstadt 132 42 Westfalern-SM
Lissa 655 38 Warthelma.
Litzmannstadt-Land 663 3 %rthellad
L~tmannstadt-Stadt 664 38 Wartheland
I&au 21.2 16 Sachs8n

Lobs P 40 Ob8rScm8Sien
LBrrach 21 Baden
LUbeck iti 6 Hordmark
Ltibeck-Land 3.87 6 NOl&&Ck
Luck 625 Sudstenland
Luckanwalde (Jlteeborg) 20 3z Mark Bmdenburg
LUdenScheid w3 tci! W8Stfti8t-&%!d
Ludtigsbu~ 180 20 Wi!irttemberg
hdwigshafen 317 25 W8StIRaZ%
Ludtigslust 298 24 Eilecklenbu~
Ltha burg 3-89 41 Us+Hammer
Ldtjenburg (i3ortmmd) w 42 Wastfalen-Stid
hxemburg 12 MosellaniL
Lyck 1 Ostpreusse rl

Mack8i.m 681 I UStpmUSSf3n

Xagdeburg 26 23 Uittelelbe
LW, Ostrau 4% B8fehlsst.Bbhmen U.&&XIXn
Miihr. Scl&Gm?g 627 35 Sud&mland
Mai nburg 867 22 Baymuth
Mainz 117 131 Ness8n-Nassau
Malchin 416 UC Necklenburg
Miihedy 674 11 Xt)lwAachen
Matmhein 171 21 Baden
xuburg 224. 14 Kurhessen
Yhriienbad 626 35 Sud8tenland
Xarienbeq 357 16 Sachsen
Xmienburg 152 37 &mzig-Westpmussea
NLariatm3r~er 297 37 Ih&zig-Testpr8Uss8n
Maktheidenfeld 363 Idainfranke n
Xeiningen 358 :: THringen
ide issen 208 16 Sachsea
x8lk 28 Niederdonau
!&h-lilg8R :z 14 Kurhessan
Memel 471 Ostpreussen
&X?liIlg8IY 312 2 Wxwaben
Meppen Jb8 7 130rdse e
K:erg8ntheitn, Bad 443 20 W~titeii~berg
Mersebuq -2 15 tiittelland
ILietwLand 713 25 Yrfeatmark
Xeta-Stadt 25 7ti8StlIla33C
Kies zg 35 Sudetenbnd
Missbach 595 19 HochZand
Eltenbeq 39 li3ainfranken
Mind8 n 15 9 %mtftien-NOrd
Moers u? 10 Rullllwiadlamhein
m1l.R 463 6 No&mark
Xiolsh8i.m 739 21 Baaen
Monschau 840 11 K61n-Aachen
Xontabaus 771. 13 H8ss8n-2Iassall
Hosbach 4a 21 Baden
i<uhldorf 327 19 Ho&land
Miihlhausan 221 I? Tkdfringen
hiulhausen 746 21 Baden
bdbhe itn 159 10 Sthr-Niederrhein

z-g 21 B33d8II
19 Hf3CbbSld
Mtlnchen-Cldbauh 34 I)&sSel.dOrP
465 20 wtirttembsrg
9 WestfalswNord
ll3tur8ck 555 13
30 steie-k
5 l?olmem
Nauheti,Bad :$f 13 Hessen-Nasam
15 Mittslland

Nsuburg,'a.d.Dxw b95 1;9 Schwaben
Neubistritz 497 28 Niedefionau
Neubrandenburg 97 UC Mecklenburg
Neumarkt 339 22 Bayzxwth
Neddnster 6 Nordmark
N'aunkirohern gz 28 Iiiedexdonw
Nau&irohen 174 25 Westmark
N8UXUppi~ 2% 2 Mark Brandenburg
Neuss 229 34 Msseldorf
Neustadt 21 Badan
Neustadt, Bad ;zi 39 Hainfranken
Neustadt a.d& 25 I&x&m&k
Neustadt ::zI 40 Oberschlesien
Neustadt 2% 8 I'Eedersachaen
Neustettin 193 5 Pommem
N8utitsch8in 6130 35 Sudetenland
Neuwied 243 Ii2 Moselland
Niebnll 6 Nozd.ma&
Nie nburg 3 8 Niedersachsan
Xiesky 4 Nied8rschILesien
Nikolsbuqg 3; 2% Ni8derdonau
Non&3nham 691. 7 Nor&388
Nordhausen 223 17 TMringsn
Natilingen 3x5 Schw&ben
Northeti 2% 3i Niedersachsan
anberg 323. 18 Franken
Mirnberg tt3 tt 18 Franken
Wrtingen 4% 20 iYCtrttemberg

Oberhausen 60 10 fhrhr=Niaderrhein
Oberpullendorf m 28 Hied8rdonau
Oberviechtach-WaldrnCInchen 22 Bayreuth
Obezwart 557 N Steiermark
Oehringen 442 20 IRirttemberg
Oels 4 Ni8derschlesZen
Oelsnit z ;z 16 Sachsen
Offenbach 287 13 Hessen-Nassau
Uffenbuq 170 21 Baden
Uhlau 807 Nisderschlesien
Oldenburg 91 '; Kordsee
21&~1burg-Land 382 Nordsee
Oldesloe, &d 185 z Exdmark
oldit z 485 Befehlsst.B&meu u,Hahren

Location No.
03438 227 42 Westfalen-Sold
OPP8ln 63 40 Oberschlesien
03%31i3burg 278 03tpr8ussen
Oschatz 215 12 Sachsen
Oschersleben 23 Mittelelbs
Osnabrf.lck-Land 286 7 Nordse e
o&abxUck-Stadt 78 7 Nordsee
Osterbuq 749 23 3Cttelelbe
Ostemd6 18 Ostpreussen
Osterode/katx -A Niedersachsen
Ostrowo 38 Wartheland

Pabianice 666 38 Wartheland

Paderborn 281 9 W8stfalen-Nord
Parchirn a- 148cklenburg
Passau $65 22 Bayreuth
Peine 44.8 8 Wiedersachsen
Perg 535 29 Oberdonau
Pfaffenhofen 854 19 Nochland
Pforzheim 172 21 Baden
Pilsen 481 Befehl.sst.Bbhmen u.Mblhran
Pinneberg 499 6 Nordmark
Eirmasens 703 25 Yestmrk
Pirna 177 16 Sachsen
Plauen 1% 16 Sachsen
Pless 40 Oberschlesien
Plbhnen 796 I Ostpreussen
Potsdam 374 2 Hark Brandenburg
Posen 651 38 Wartheland
p-43 682 Befehlsst.B&msn &tin
Prenzlau a 2 Uark Brandenburg
Preussisch Xylau 291 I Ostpreussen
Preussisch Holland 3 I Ostprwssen
Pritzwalk 373 2 Mark &?andenburg

Quedlinburg 23 Mttelelbe
Querfurt 399 15 3;littelland

Radom Befehlss,Gen.Gouvernewnt
Hagnit 270 I Ostpr0ussen
Rappoltsweiler 742 21 B&n
Rastenburg 4 I Ostpr8ussen
Bathenow 723 $Iark Brandenburg
Ratibor 62 4: Oberschlesien
Ravensburg 124. 20 iRirtternberg
Ratitsch 658 38 Wartheland
B8eS 57 10 Ruhr-Niederrhein
Recklinghsen 252 9 Westfalen-Nord
Re@;ensburg 3u 22 Bayreuth
Reichenbach/kzle 379 4 Niederschlesien
Reichenberg 631 35 Sudetenland
Reichenhall, Bad 336 19 Ho&land
ReIlGg8II 3% 12 xoselland
Bemscheid 231 IXIssaldorf
Rendsburg 163 % NOrdmark

Reutlin~en tc29 20 w&z'ttemberg

Reutte 575 33 Timl-VorarUxq
Rheine 263 9 Westfalen-Nolrd
Ried/i.Innkreis 29 0b8rdOWll
Rochlitz a 16 SaChSen
Rockenhausm 705 25 Westi
Rohrbach 533 29 Oberdonau
Rosenheim 328 19 Hochland
Restock-Land 757 24 IJ8cklenburg
Restock-Stadt 90 UC Meoklenburg
Rotenburg CM-Hannover
Rothenburg ob der Tauber zi Franken
Rottweil 20 Vlltirttembexyj
-rg 35 Sudetanland

Saalfeld 23.8 17 !%tbi~~8 L-J

SaarbrUcken 70 25 W8stDXCk
Saarburg 2% 32 MosaXland
Saargen-i&d WY 25 w8stmaz'k
Saarlautern 3 25 Westmark
Saaa 633 35 Sudetenland
SBckingen 728 21 Baden
Sagen 378 4 Niederschlesien
SalzbuqpLand g3 32 Salzburg
Salzburg-Stadt 578 32 Salzburg
Salzgitter 945 8 Niedersachsen
SaXWd81 23 bI%tt818lb8
samter 653 38 Warthelmd
‘Sangerhausen 397 15 Zrfittelland
St,Goarshausen 288 13 Hessan-Nassau
St.Ingbert 25 3Yestmark
St.Pblten ;s 28 Niederdonau
St.Veit/a.d&lau 31 Xbnten
SaUlg8.U 20 Wurttemberg
S&&ding 4z 29 Oberdonau
Scheibbs 28 Niedezdbnau
Schlsiden g!i 11 K&ml-Aache n
Schleswig 86 6 NOXd.Rl&Ck
Schlettsadt 21 Baden
schlochau i!g 5 Pommrn
SchMchtern 392 13 Hessen-Nassau
Schmalkalden 32 17 Thiiringen
~Schneidemilhl 371 5 Pom.mern
Sche)nberg 759 2.4 Umklenburg
Sch6nebeck 209 23 tiittelelbe
ScbrMtersbuq 1 Ostpreussen
Schw&bisch GmUnd 439 20 'i92irttemberg
Schwhibisch FIaU 20 wmtexbeq
Schwaz 571 33 Tirol-Vorarlbcrg
ScImeidnitz 10 4 Nied8mchlesien
Schweintit 335 39 laainfranken
Schweinitz 234 15 aittellmd
Schwerin-Land 756 a- Mecklenburg
Schwerin-Stadt 89 Mecklenbwg
Segeberg 822 2 NOIYbXk

Senftanbcrg 47 2 &lark Brandenburg
Sensburg 151 I Ostpr8uss8n
Sichelberg 789 I Ostpr8uss8n
Siegburg a0 II K&n-Aache n
Sigmaringen 20 mrttembew
Simbach/Inn 22 Bayreuth
Simmem 24-f-3 12 liloselland
Sinsheim 727 21 Baden
SO8St 132 42 'IVestfalen-Sad
Solingen 232 34 BtiSs81dOX"f
Sonneberg 219 17 !PMringe n
Sorau 275 2 Hark Brandenbuq
SpeY= 708 25 Westmxrk
Spittal/a.d.Urau 565 31 K8,rnten
Stade 190 41 Ost-Hannover
stargad 9 5 Ponrmern
Starnbem 850 19 Hochland
Stassfurt 754 23 Mittelelba
Steinburg 418 6 Nordmrk
Stendal 410 23 ~fi/litt818~be
Sternberg 04 Sud8tenland
Stettin 355 Po.miern
Stegrl: 5; ‘LY Obardonau
Stockach 729 21 Bad8n
Stoll.berg 210 16 Sachsen
stolp 49 5 FO~lUl8ITl
Storkow (Beeskow) $8 2 Ir2ark '3randanbwg
Stralsund 42 5 PomiI8rn
Strassbuw-Land 740 21 Baden
Strassburg-Stadt 7% 21 Baden
Straubing 346 22 Bayreuth
Striegau 4 ?Cederschlesien
stuhnl 877 37 Danzig-Vestpreussen
Stuttgart (Cross) 119 20 ‘Hrttembcrg
Sulingen 73 8 Xiedersachsen
Sulz 558 w Steicmark

Tachau 635 35 Sudetenland

ch3rrHmg 581 32 Salzbuq
Tam 745 21 Baden
Yerxplin 370 Marlc Drandanbu~
TepLitz-Schanau 636 325 sd8 t8 nland
T8SCFEtl 02 4c Oberschlesisfl
Tetschen Sud8tenlaacl
Thorn 2;: ;7 Danz~~~~~~estp~eussan
Tilsii; ' 41 I C‘stpmmssen
Wlz, Bad 337 19 EJ,ochlahd
Torgau 72 15 Mittelland
Traben-Trarbach 245 I.2 MoselZand
Trauensteiti 594 19 Ho&land
'I'rautenau 638 35 Sudetenland
Trebnitz 376 4 Niederschlesien
Trier 69 12 KoseUanh
TrOppau 639 35 Sudetenland
Ttibingen 125 20 Wirt t emberg
Tuchef 881 37 Danzig-YJestpreus3en
&cation &.

!7!Ulln 510 28 Niedardonau

Tuttlingen w3 20 --ternberg
uberlingen 4@3 21 Baiien
Uelzen 284. 41 Ost-Hannover
IKlJn J-20 30 T&-ttemberg
Vaihingen 428 20 \~&ttemberg
Vechta 225 7 Nordsee
Velzen-Dannenberg 284 41 ost-Hannover
Verden 265 41 Qst-Hannovw
Vi833U-t 660 38 \Yartheland
Villach 31 K&nten
Villingsn 407 21 Baden
Vilshofen 844 22 Bayreuth
Vbcklabruck 29 Oberdonaxl
Vltlkernarkt 50 31 K&rnt&3
VKLklingen &6 25 \~estmark
Vorchtorf 29 Obexdonau
Waiblingen 364 20 Mtemberg
Waidhofen 521 28 Niederdonau
@aldenburg 375 4 Niederschlesien
waldshut 405 21 Badea
'iKalsrode 271 41 Ost-Rannover
Wangen/Allgau 432 20 Wfkttemberg
'WTanne-Nickel 30 42 Westfalew3id
Wanzlaben 752 23 Mitte1t31be
WZUWI zs. BIiecklenburg
Warendorf-Backum zk 9 Westfalen-Nerd
Wasserburg 593 19 Ho&land
Wehlau 290 I Ostpreuesen
306 22 Bayreuth
ET 21
18 Franken
weissenfels 138 16 Sachsen
weiz b/Graz 935 30 Steiermark
Welt3 543 29 Oberdonau
Wertheim 212 21 BadsI3
Wesermfbnd8 285 u Oat-Hannover
Westerburg 87 13 Hessen-Nassau
Wetzlar 88 13 Hessen-Nassau
MMling, BezV
ost, Bez. II
5052727 Wie n
Ott&ring 27 Wian
SchBnbrunn, Baz.VI
Sllii, Bezr III
4z 27 wim
27 WlCQ3
West, BezXI 507 27 Y&en
Bee.1 501 27 Wien
BfXCLIV 27 Wien
Baz,VIXI $k 27 Wien
B0Z.IX 99 27 Wien
Wiena>Neustadt 513 28 Niederdonau
W.asbaden 80 13 Hessen-Nassaar
Wilhelmshaven 59 7 Nordsee
Wismar 413 2.4. Xecklenbug
YW3xm/Ruhr 205 4.2 Yestfalen-Stid
Wittenberg 356 25 Mittelland
Wittenberge 197 2 Kark Brandenburg
Wittingen 380 41 Ost-Hansuver
tfittlich a-4 12 EIosellrrnd
'Johlau 50 4 Niederscblesien
Wolf'ach 733 21 Baden
WolfsnMttel &? 8 Niedersachsen
Wolfsberg 568 3l. Kbnten
Wobnfrstedt 23 Xttelelbe
X0X7X3 118 13 Hessen-Nassau
Wunsiedel 697 22 Bayreuth
Vuppertal 17 js, Msseldorf
@upp rtal-E lbe rfe Id 267 34 I.Xsse1dox-f
Wtiatirg-Stadt 309 39 Mai.nPraraken
Wrzburg-Land 334 39 Maintianksn
ZaIxrn 737 21 Baden
Zell m See 582 32 Salzburg
Zeitz 398 15 mttelland
, Zerbst 7% 23 Mittelebbe
J&+i.em.~ 679 1 Ustpreussen
zittau 102 16 Sachsen
ZnaiK P-36 28 I\iiedetionau
ZweibrCtcken 322 25 Westnm-k
Zwettl 520 28 Xiffderdoneur
Zwickau 133 16 Sachsen
Zwischenaix, 3ad 825 7 Nordsee
Zwiesel 868 22 Bayreuth
Zwittau 628 35 Sudetenland
Z~ll.ichau 46 2 ILark 3rar~denburg
(Ike-military Training Camps)

(IKE% '#hers known, the Comndant% name iti listed in

brackets after the school),


I. Ostpreussen m II ROs8ns88

2. &idc Brandenburg VELI

3. Berlin KEL I Gl8Wf3h

c Sommerlager Klein Korb

4. Niedsrschlesien REL Kunzsndorf

x Vomilit~sch,e Gmss Iser
(Siegfrisd GOSs'i'KT)

5. Pommern KELI Goddentow/kr,lauenberg

(La@* wIlsux@

WEL II Westfalenhof
(Star. M&UN)
wi3L Gross Born/Mustettin
tic Smmerl~er Lubmin

6, Noxdmrk YXL Dr Leek-Schmt)rhahn

cS0mmerl~er Fissm-&tin
(t1otor HJ)

. Niedersachsen mu: H&mlheide

L Probably cmwerted into %XL,
8ehrerMchti~a~sl~er (Continued)


9. WestPalen+ord WELI Haltern/Westf,

WL ~~stdorf/b.3ennel~er
WEL Au~rstilorr/'b.Sennel~er
m 37 Mari nwald

10. iiuhx+iederrhein la!L III IIarzbeck/u.GeMem


f I a KLSln-Aache~~ ml. I SC?-& L&n/E i.fc1

km ST meifall (Solbcq)
MEL Geilsnkixthen
WEL Gerrce-ter

M-EL Marlsbetiden
WEL Ytig$prath

13. Hess~n-Nassau WEL

wm II
WEL StegskCpf'jWesterwaM
X SCU?mer&agcr Ge ilJ-KIU


Illi., Kurhesse n V&L II

(C.Gefr. -wmK)
WL III Kiegenh3.in/LLjrez.3.Cassel
WL I7 Post R&rschein/Ct Trqy=
Post Rtlhruchei~/ti il"r3ysa

3+fj, Mittelland WELLI

(0. Staf.dhTaR)
x Rmbably converted into WEL.
W&rertkhtigungslager (Continued)

36. sachsern mL Neukhh8n/Kr,Chemitz

WmJIII Straschitz
oJw4) xbl

Schibach,&r, ~e~shitz
Schloss Hainewalde/b.

wlELxII Altenberg

i K.-Sommerlager Dah3ener Meide


17* Tkgiringsn tm Bad Be&a

mII Oh333ZUf

WEiL VaCh&

lg. Kochland YEL %wuchtlingen


20. Wtfrttemberg JEL Hechingen/W&t-l;emberg

m11 AltensteQ/b.Nagold

'W Sxhenta&%irttembeq

x Ausbildwgslager Oberstau.ffen

g Probably converted into XEL.

.~~ehrert~chti~~~n~sl~er (Continued)

21. Badetl UnloiTfen

mx II Rauenstein;PPfa33
WLL III Karrenalf/Schwarm
(La@?. BUHJxIm?~\
c Ftkrrersommerlager

22. Bayreuth #EL II Guttenthau/b.Kcmnath

XZL III Zrasbach/b.Neumrk

23. Eittelelbe U&L Bernburg


2&, Xecklenburg WELI Varen

V/XL II '#axen

25. Westmar% 3c Segelflug Gemershe@falz

3c Segelflug Fr8hnerhof
I Segelflug Niederbmnn
9c Segelflug Ochsenfeld
4c Ssgelflqg Modern
!K Segelflug St.Avold
5 Segelflug Schalka ndorf
K Segelflug Schallodenbach

z Pmbably converted into.%EL.

27. Wien h’rn Grass Hollsnstein

Raab/a.d. Thaya
WZL III Ritmannshof/b.Zwettl

ilt Reichsstreif'en- ss-ICraftf~schule,

dienst Lehrgang Sc?&bmm ,
28. Ni8derdonau al Lagsrschle ThumBrsbach

29, Oberdonau YpeLI VorchtorS

xi& II

3. Steiezmark Hasla.b.Bfx+cf~ld

YiEL II StJZuprrJcht/a,d&.ab
wEL III xx, Cilli

w Schilager Lachtalhaus

in Ausbildungslager WBrther See

x Ausbildungslager Wbrthsr See
x AusbildLmgslager Wkther Sac

3l.. K&mten Grie s


WEL d.Gruss- Seebod8n/&~~~he~

emanischen Jugend
f Ba.f*mmT!

WEL Steiafel~rautal

33. Tir&-Vorarlberg WEL I Naurach/a.Achensee

vBL II Buchau/a.Achensee '

I Lager Mtd.kalm

R'Lag6F Scbwendt/b,K6ssen
ss Probably converted into mL.
~~e~ertftchti:n~slager continued)

34. Utisseldorf vi?ELI Gemtid

w3L II1

35. Sudetenland NEL I Heinrichsgtin

(Baf. RXRU)
M3L Wildflecken
WEL IV Kochlitz-E'ranzental/
a.d. Isar
FUhrernachwwhs- Kbnigs~tte/b.Te~litz-
lager &Mnau
K Sommerlae;er Wranitz/Sasaut&L

36. Schmbe a Schloss Frundsberg/b,


x Vormilittiischer Nebelhorrr

37* Danzig-Vestpreussen X2L I Lautenburg/Wpr,

ym -J Bodenwinkel
(Ostaf. WEKDT)

38. 3axtheland VUL T Beqstaat

-km Zirke/Kr*Birnbaum

40. Oberschlesien wx!xJII Bad Gottschalkowitz

I Schilager Z-On

42, K'estfalek-Stid m%L BUhlert/%r.Xonschau

x Probably converted into VJL.

(Re~ional7Yraini.o~ Camps for Unit Leaders)
G!!!HKJ ___---_ s'c~iC?OL -_
-40. @.b3 Location
I. Ostpreussen I ibmo t t en Boschimmen/Fost
II Zlspt31 @3fdenten
2. Mark Brandenburg I (Gerhard Liebsch Cottbus
3. Berlin ? Herbert; h’orkus 13irkenwerdar
4. 'Niederschlesien I Georg Preiser Odarh3ltsch/Fw.
II Hassitz

5. Pornmrn I Hans Mallon Sinow%chheida/b

SI Machlin
6, No&mark I Otto 13lbcker Male rite-Grems-
II Gudenbcxg

7. Mordsee 1 Hans Nof fhan AUdhl8/b.

Wildeshausen '
?I Bad Zwischenahn
8, rdiedersachsen Peter Fri8ss DehmkeJf-lmeln

Y* '~estfalen=No~ Walter Wagnitz Schloss Schwans-

bell/b. L&en

IO. EuhrchTiederrhsin I I-1erbe rt Hmarde ??W?gdlpt?n

II Lintford

11. KBln-Aachen I Paul Yhewellis . K&n

II Baldur van
Sckirach Godesberg

12. Moselland I Erich Nie.j ahr Niederlahnstein

12 Cederhauscn

13. HesserrNassau 1: Christian ELfviZle/a. lihein

XI K6nigshofen/

-l5, MittelJ.and Werner Gerhard Gut Grimritz/b.


6 Sachsen s flans Queitzsch Grethen/b. Erimna

I1 Glauchau
III b, Dresden

-I7. Thfiringen Rudolf Schr8der Allstedt/a.d.

Gebietsftihrerschulen (SontinTxed)

(slm22 _ ----- SGHUUL

,- -..- ,_I_y

!!s_ Yame Location


18. Fraoken Zosef GYCln Cadolzburg

19. Hochland Josef Neumeier Weyarn/b. Eiesbach

20. YJtirttemberg Wilhelm Neth Stuttgart-Solitude

21. Baden I Fritz Kr8beP Ettlingen

II Ollweilcr

23, klittelelbe Thale

25. westmark I He;sshe-i_m

II Bitsch
Burg Lichtenberg/b.
Dibberxen/b. Yarburg

27. wien Plankenberg

28. Niedetionau &d-doss Sitzenberg/

Kr. 'L'ulln

30. SteiemRark Retzhof

31. K8rnten Velden/W8rthersee

32, Salzburg Wilhelm Gustloff Gr8dig

34. Dtlsse ldorf Xanten

359 Sudetenland Schloss Kle.i;zau/b.


37. Danzig-Westpreussen Marienwerdcr

3% Wartheland Eicbenhain
Mt\llen/b, Gnesen
Seebtick/b. Ychril.m

40. Oberschlesien sicot schau

4-L Ost-Rannover Karl Ireinz Ruchho3.z

x Iscnhagen-Hankens-

42, Yl'estfalen-Stid Halden

Kcichsschulen und -Lager
(Schools ana GCmpzf ii?.T$*)
s<- ‘( <; L
-\*: i,ri$ !*,Ic;mry
k‘. I 1
-.A --.-A* *----

-.-e fir ,I~*enCftihrur?j:
BraQnschweig 8. Niedersachsen

I Yrieros 3 Mark Brandenburg

II Seomos/i3odensee 2;: Baden
IL1 "Ad&ral V. 'I'rotha"
Ziegenort r. Uckermfinde 5. ~l3ml.?ue
IV geusiedl Pa. See 28. Niedcrdonau
Lauenhain/Jf.ittweiha 16. Sachsen

5: Braunaq/%ober, %. L6wenberg 4. Niederschlesien
II k'reiburg/Braisgau 21. aaden
III Stuttgart-Degerloch 20. Mirttsmberg
N Gladback 9. Hestfalen-3oti
v St, Ruprecht/b. Tilfach 31, K8rnten

I b. Dessau 23. ii,$ittelelbs

II Germeter K4ln-Aachen
II (Nachricht en XJ) IJet2 ::: Westmark
III Eningen 20, Wrttemberg
FJ Stegskopf~~~esterrrala 13. Xessen-Nassau
Xeichsschiess- ~2nd Gd.bdes~hulen

Boyden I, Ostpreussen
Potsdam 2. Zark Brandenburg
Xittelburg 18. Franken

Oberraassfeld 17. Thtiringen

I~Ettelburg/b. Eutin 6. h'ordmark
Obermassfeld/b. Meiningen 1-L ThUringen

Potsdam 2, Mark Brandenburg


Schxangau 19* Ho&land '

Trebbin 2. Xark Brandenbujcg

Kei,chsschule f&r So&ale Jupandarbeit

&mmer/b. Golzow 2. Grk Brandenburg
&ichsschulen ur.d -La.= (Continued)

Reichsschule f%.r~~eltansch@iche S.chulun_g

Schloss Molchow/b. Neuruppin 2, Mark Brandenburg

Tieichsfu~kschule der ELJ

I.3Uerlin-Charlottenburg " 3. Berlin
Reichsschule, KLV
ste inau/wer 4. Niederschlesien
iI;tSnnsdorf/Dresden (Vleisser Hirsch)
16. Sachsen

Nec'nrichtensportschunule ---
der H,J
Plauen/i. Vogtland 16, Sachsen

de,ite_rschule der HJ
. Plauen/i, 'Jo?;tland 16, Sachsen

Traunstein/Oberbayern 19, Hochland

Cstlandfti1rerschuI.e der XT
Marien-rverder/Ordenschloss 37. Danzip

Gurek/b. Teschen 40. Oberschlesien

Erwitte 42, Westfalen-Stid

~poasti+xhtlie -d.---rrc
Nationalpolitischs %rziehungsanstalten
(Wational Political Educational Establishments )
Kame of school where known is given in brackets
after the 18cation

2. Mark Brandenburg Eleucelle/b. Guben
Pot sdam
3. Berlin Berlin-Spandau
4. Niederschlesien Naumburg
5. Pomuern Kl)slin
6. No&ark Pl&&olstein
7. Nordsee Haseliinne
IO. RutiNiederrhein Heythusen (IiolIand)
11. Kiln-Aachen Bensberg/b. Kt)ln
Valkenburg Holland)
12, Bloselland Colmarberg I Luxemburg)
13. Hessen-Nassau Oranienstein a.d. Lahn
15. Mittelland Schulpfort 8//b. Kauxburg
16. Sachsen Klotzsche/b, Dresden
Meissen (W&4 Rirstenschule)
47. THiringen Illfelq/karz
IV. Hochland Neubeuern/Inn
20, Wflrttemberg Backnang
21. Baden ,4chern
23. hlittelelbe Ballenstedt (Nl?E%AAnhalt)
25. Westmark Marnheim (NHU Weierhof)
St. Wendel
27. Wien Breitensee/b. Xien
-28. Niederdonau G&tweig
30. Steierinark Seckau
31 l Kbnten Millstadt/Spanheim
St. Paulfiavant
St. Veit
35. Sudetenland YloschkoWitz
37. Danzig-Xest- stuhm
38. Wartheland Reisen
40. Oberschlesien Lublinitz
(Schools for Medical Technicians)
4. Niederschlecien H irschberg

IO, P,uln-Niederrhein milhe i!X

16. Sachsen Leipzig

35. Sudetenlaod 'Pusteuna/b. Frankstadt

(Music SchooLsj

3. Serlin Cebiets~~l~siknchule ost l5srlin

;J, Niedcrsachsen
-0 Musi'lcschule BTEUc s c!T<reig
Mu~ik:ict~le E&jce Be p?

II. MHln-Aache n Jugc narL1us

ikschule s Lc,gburg

13. EIessewNassa~t Muuikschule Frar: kfurt/a.M.

17. l'M\rirIge r-l Lehrgang fYir Jugend Weimar, schloss

V, ~CIllC~mU~~ikl~ItfZr* “,f?lVC?dfZLY?

MUSikbCht?lB Sondex+shausca
MUSikSChUlF: We imar

23. Mit-Wdbe Gebietsmtts iksch~rl~z Dardesheim

22-b Hamburg

30. stei.elIn-Euk Mu:;;ikhcchschwl.c Schloss $$i$? fl tJL1 k-g


3-L Berlin Lehrgang fi\r J&end 23~1 in-4Jharlot-t et;-

V. Vo~~smusiklcitcr bUTg

M~sikschu3.e dcr HJ
"Bella Vista"

38, WartheJand Mueikschule Poscr1

Adolf-=Hitler S&-&en

1. Ostpreussen Tilsit

2. Mark Brandenburg Fran-/a. Cder

4. Niederschlssien wartha

5. Pommern Krllssinsee

Il. KOln-Aachen K&Cgswinter


12, b;loselIand Koblenz


16, Sachsen Fe&e Sonnensteln/f?irna

17. Th&ringen Blankenhain


19. Hochland Chieasee

22. Bayreuth Hesselberg

2l+. Mecklenbuq
25 Westmark Landstuhl

36. Schwaben Sonthofen/Allg!5u

37. Danzig-West- Jenkau

B@fehbstell8 Heulosberg
Bdhmen-Mhren I@au
(Farm Service Caqs;


I+ 03tpreussen Landjahrlager Karnitteil

2, Mark Brzndenbqrg Lauddienstlehrhof

6. Niedersachsen Lsnddienstlehrhof 33digehause n/b.


15. Mittell.and Lznddienstlehrhof hbtsdorf

16. 'sachsen Landdienstlehrhof Heidehof/b.

Landdienstlehrhof Koppe lsdorf
Umsied2ungslager Riesa

“L-e EaylPeuth Landdiegstlehrhof Neqark
Landdienstauekse- &yreuth

2i+, Mecklenburg L)anddienstlchrbof Neckeln

3L Steiennark Landdienstfager Laubegg

Landdienstlager Preding
Lcnddienstlager SBding

37* Danzig-Kest- landdicostl~er Kiederzehren/zCr.

pl%USSen '%iederXndsch" Marienwerder

3ye hkinfrartken Kriegseinsatzlager f-;assfx%-Ebern


Befehlssteile Landdienstla@r HBfer

Bbbmen 'J, M%hren LWidkellStla@r Yattersdorf
(Representatives Abmad)


Belgiw EilinNm~TZ, G., G&f* Chef d. Befehlsst,

sew, o.staf. j%hrer d, FMmischen HJ,

TEICH&WN, G-erhati, H,%f. MF. Beauftragter ti


F?X%nCe Htibert, H.Eeff. Landes jqgendtirer i.

F~eich (K)

Hwry Dr.Heinrich, c;Febf. Gebf. d. Geb."west"

(Westxmgam u.Buck?ep&)
ThXMA, H.Baf. Beauftragter f%r KLV i.
Japan JAHN, Dr.He= La22desgxxppemer,
SCHULm, Reinhold, 5,Gebf. RJF. Bea=ufYragter i.
EOlland VOSS, O.Baf. Chef d. Befehlsstelle
Niederlande (i.v.)
PEZERS, Willy, 0. Geff, Bannleiter d. HJ. f%?
Latvia IikR, 0. Gebf. Chef d, BefehZsstelfe
Poland SC- I G, H.Baf. K-Chef d. Befehlsst
Eu3cxm, B.&ff. l?Bhrer, Bann Wars&au
lZi%XCE,Helmut, Baf. Leiter d. Jugendamt,
-OH O.Schaf. SOF. , Radom
ZXOTTLER(?j, O.Baf, Radom
Portugal L&333, Dr. Leiter, Portugal
SC&m, Dr. Leiter, Lisbon/

Russia NlIEKMJ, H.Baf. Chef d. Befehlsst.

scmz, 0 l 3af . mr d. YJeissr&hen-
ischen Jxend

Slovakia GILGE, &2ch, K,Baf. Bar-mPressburg

spin EPURS HJ* , S-p&en

VQWB, H cCkf f. SOF, Barcelona

Sweden CARSTk3, Dr. Heinz Landes $q"ggqj~y~~- i,



ANNE x E c

Diagrams and Plates

L.".c-~cc---~.w~-I-LIY .

Compiled by k4lIiX3(LONDOTI;
Prom Material Available at
(Reich Youth Directorate)


Per:anolamt Wrhrertuchtlyun~p!Giiyyy
Amt r*mtGhtrvrrw.ltunqI

OryonlrottonrJmt Prrrre w&d

~popaqmdoaml WITtlChOttSamt
h-tHJ~terlchtrborkc!t Kulturamt I”rpokt,o”rdienrt=ll=

Units and Unit Commanders
of the



IO-50 in the

Str -approx 600 5-10 in the Bonn

a.b:;;%J%$+;~$;;r Strenqth 150


Scharfuhrrr or

, I 1
~am.rad%chattsf"hr~r or Ptrcngth I,

Organisation of a

W i t h Unit Commanders


(Mtidelrinqfiihrerin) (Junqmddelrinqfiihrerin)

(MadPlqrupppnr’uhrerin) (Junqmod.lqruppontuhrertn)

The foregoing chart gives in outline the structure of the

RtJF; details of the various bureaux, with personalities, are
given below. With regard to the chain of cormand shown on the
diagram, it should be noted that the Special Executive Branches
are on a par with the Haupt&nter, in that both groups are directly
responsible to the Reichsjugendflihrer.
In the following elaboration, certain sub-offices have been
shown as subordinated to bureaux on the grounds of their functions,
but without confirmatory evidence,
Such cases have been indicated by an 'asterisk (w),
Personalities given are those last identified: generally
the first official listed can be taken to be in charge of the
office concerned.


ReichsMndftier ArturAXUNN
TReich Youth Leader)
Stellirertretender Reichsjugendf+&rer O.Gebf. Dr. PE'M'ER
TDeputy Reich Youth Leader)
Ad jutant Baf. Gerhard WELTZIN
Stabsf#hrer Helmut M&XI,
(Chief of 5taff)
Reichsreferentin BIM. Dr. Jutta R&DEER
TIlirector of BIN.>

Zentralamt H.Baf. FRMXE (K)
7ministration Office)
Auslands- und Volkstumsamt O.Baf. ScMlMIDT(K)
(Branch for Germans Abroad and Gemanism)
Hauptabteilungsleiter O.Ba,f. Herbert BRINWMN
(Chief of a Main Section)
Beim Reichskommissar "O&land" U&f. NZXMANN
(With Reich Commissioner "Ostland")
Japanreferent mm
(Secretary for Japanese Affairs)
Leiter der Auklandsdeutschen Baf. STCCKINGm
Schiilerheirne (Director of Schools
for German Youth from Abroad)

Dienststelle Kinderlandverschickunq H.Baf, GI#lTTNER
(Branch for the Evacuation of Children)
Sachbearbeiter fltr Kinderland- Erich FEEDBEEG
verschickung (Secretary for the O.Baf, GANZSP~GEL
Evacuation of Children)
Kriegsbetreuungsdienst Gebf. Dr, MOKA
(Welfare Sex-Aces to Regular Armed Forces)
Kommndeur der Adolf-Hitler-Schulen O.Gebf. Dr, PF;TTER
(Commander of The Adolf Hitler Schools)
Amt Adolf-HitlerSchulen, O.Baf. GARDE
(Bureau for Adolf Hi-tler Schools) O.Baf, KRONBERGER


HUPTAX? I (Department I)
Beauftragter (Acting Chief) Gebf, BU&S
Personalamt Gebf. BUD&S
(Personnel Bureau)
Organisationsamt H,Baf, BOIKXFXT (R)
(Organisation Bureau)
Am%HJ. - Gerichtsbarkeit H.Baf, lQXEl3X (K)
(HJ. Legal Affairs)

HAUPTAXI!II (Department 11)

Chef (Chief) 0,Gebf. Dr. SCKLbER
Amt Wehrertfichtigunq O.Gebf. Dr. SCKL~R
(Pre-Military Training Bureau)
w Vertreter des OKW. Oberstleutnant
(Armed Forces Representative) KR?TSCWkfER
r~ Verbindungsoffizier zum OKW. Kapitkn 2, S, Karl
(Liaison Officer to Armed NARATH
Forces High Command)
&n-t L&be&bun=
(Physical Training Bureau)

Chef (Chief) ' H.Baf. ABELBECK

Fachwart fti Bergsteigen Staf. KOCH
(Inspector for M&ntain Training)
kiter der Gymnastikschule Heinrich KEDAU
(Director of the Gymnastic School)
H#UJP!UMTIII (Department 11X)
Chef {Chief) O,Gebf', Dr. SCHZ&SER
Amt f'tLr weltanschauliche Schulung 0.33af. GRIESMAYR(K)
(Bureau for Ideological Training)
Presse und Propagandaamt XBaf. MEMMINGEZ
TPress and Propaganda Bureau)
* Hauptstelle Jugendfilm Staf. ~Fritz FINOHR
(Youth Film Control Centre)
w Beauftragter f'tir das Jugend- O.Baf. l?ritz HEX23
schrifttum (Youth Literature
Control Representative)
x Reichsjugendpressedienst ' Gebf. titer KMFMANE
(National Press Service for
Youth Publications) I
The HJ publications are as follows:-
Umtliches Nachrichtenblatt!'
("Official Gazette of RJF.")
"Junge Welt" ('Young World') Paf. UTERUNN
r'Wille und Mach& ('Will and Powe9) Gebf. G8nter KAUFMANN
"Das Junge Deutschland" O,Baf, Albert aLER
("Young GerMany")
Wer Pimpf" ("The Cub") O.Baf. Herbert
"Sport der Jugend" ("Youth Sports") Ruprecht ScHuL;EMAw
'3i.e Junge Dorfgemeinschaft" Baf. Edmund SAU
("Youth in the Village*')
x Referent ffir Sozialpolitik Albert M8UER
(Representative,from Hauptamt IV
for Social-political matters)
Chef (Chief) H.Baf, ZANDm,
Leiter ffk Musik (Musical Director) O.Baf. Wolfgang sm
Institut Pur N3 Jugendarbeit 0,Gebf. Dr. ScHLkm
(National Socialist Youth
Activities Institute)

Reichsjugendbfichkrei 0,Gebf. Dr. SCHL&EER

(Reich Youth Library)
~UFTAM!l! IV (Department IV)
Chef (Chief) Artur AXEQANN
Saziales Amt Gebf, ScHE2oEDER
(Social Service Bureau)
x Kommuxalreferent 0,Baf. KESSINGER
(Secretary for Public Relations) H&f. EHIiLICHER

R Am-t ftir Jugendhilfe GerhardMOSES

(Youth Welfare Bureau) Friedchen HERBOLD
0,Baf. HEID-

Amt fti Gesundheit der Hitler-Jugend

(NJ Health Bureau)
Chef (Chief) H.Baf. Dr. Richard
Dr. Rudi NEUN

Reichsjugendarzt H,Baf. Dr. Richard

(Reich Youth Medical Director) LIEBENOW

Amt Erholungswerk 0,Baf. KERN

(Convalescence Bureau)
Amt Bauerntum und Landqienst O.Baf. WINTER
IBureau for Agriculture and Land Work)
Beauftragter des Reichsbauern- Baf. Werner RIETZ
ftirers (Representative of the
Reich Farm Leader)

HAUPTM V (Department V)
Stabsfwrer (Chief of Staff) Helmut M&XEL

Bauamt (Building and Constructian Bureau) H.Baf. KRAUSE

Amt fElr Heime und Herbergen O,Gebf, Johannes RODATZ

(Youth Homes and Hostels Bureau)
)IEReferent Jugendwohnheime Staf. HINZ
(Youth Homes Representative)
Arbeitsausschuss Heimbeschaffung O,Gebf, Johannes RODATZ
(Youth Hostels and Housing

HAUP!MlT VI (Department VI)
Chef (Chief) Gebf. GRIMM

Amt Rechtsverwaltunpx O,Baf, BE%-q

(Bureau of Legal Administration)
\Virtschaftsamt H&f, BAYER
(Bureau of Economics and Administration)
x Reichskassenverwaltung HJ
(Reich Treasury of HJ)
Inspektionsdienststelle Gebf, KLEY
(Bureau of Special Service Inspectorate)
Reichsinspekteur der Flieger-HJ H,Baf, Adolf DICKFELD
(Reich Inspector of HJ Aviation)
Reichsinspekteur der Marine-H3 Gebf. Helmut LEISNER
(Reich Inspector of Naval HJ)
Reichsinspektew fW Vormilittirische 0,Baf. Gerhard HUN
Ausbildung (Reich Ins ector for
Pre-Military Training P


O.&f. IJb
Helmut MEYER
H,Baf, Heinz M.JSS
H,Baf, Hans PAmOR
H,Baf, Johanqs TEE'72


NOTE: No translations have been given: reference sho6l.d b8

made to Table of Contents and to text.

Abt kbteilung
Adolf Hitler
f.3 Assistent
A: BannrUhrer
BIBI. Bund Deutscher I&d81
BtWStr, Beauftrwter
Befehlsst. Bafehlsstelle
31n. Berlin
3.u.M. B4hnmn und U&rem
AT. Deutschas Jungvolk
m-I. Deutsche Jugendherborgen
Feuem. Feuezwehr
Fig. Flieger
GAF. German Pj,rForce
Geb. Geb3.et
Geb. Beauftr. Gebietsbeauftragter
Gebf, GebietsfYIhrer
Geb.Insp. Gebietsinspekteur
G8f. Gefolgschaft
Geff. Gefolgschaftsmhrcr
HA. Hauptamtamt (in HJF administration) '
HA. Hauptabteilung (in Gebiet atiinistration)
H.&f. Hauptbanntihrer
H.Geff. Hauptgefo~gschaftsf‘tlhrer
W. Hitlar Jugend
H.Jg. Hitler Jung8
Iasp. Ins@&eur
J& Jua.50
J&x& Jugendgenosse
JM: Jungm&dchen
K.- Kriegs-
Ka;nf. KamsradschaftsrWzrer
mm. Kriegsbetreuungsdienst
K. -F* Kriegsf%hrer
XLV Kinderlandverschickg
Ltr. Leiter
i&U?. Marina
Mot. Motor
N&&f. Nachrichtengefolgschaft
NPJU Nationalpolitische Erzi8hungsansttit
NW. Nationalsozialistischa Peutsche &beit83?par'33i
Nsv. NattionalsoCalistische Volkswohlfahrt
O.Baf. Oberbannf&rer
O,Gebf. Obergebictsflihr8r
O,Geff. Obergefolgschaft sfitthrer
O.Kd. Oberkameradschafts~rer
0. Schaf. Obersc~hrer
o,st8f. Oberstm3-&YiImr
Obstlt. Oberstleutnant
Ref. Rsferent
RJF. Reichsjugendf'&ung
BJ mhmr. Reichsju,gendf&rer
Rottenf. Rotten*er
Sachref. Sachreferent
schaf. SOharFnh8r
SOF, Standort~mr
SRD. Streifendienst
Stabsltr. Stabsleiter
Stabsf. Stabsmtir
Staf. Stemmrahrer
ste11v. Stellvertretender
SS-HSF SS-Hauptstumf'%rer
ss-S'BF -SS-Stuzmbannf&rer
SS-USF SWJnters$wmfTIhmr
Verb.Mhrer Verbindungsf%hrer
Vomil. Voxmilitit!Irisch
WEL. Ikhrert~chtigungslag8r
(Requirements for HJ Proficiency Tests)
ii. !?he l?impfmpr.obe Cub Entrance Exzwination
I. h.nning 60 m&r-es in 12 seconds
3 1d~1g jmp (mnning;) 0P 2.75 me-tires
;: Thro*tiag 3 b3ll 25 mtres
A-. Memorising the HJ oath of aJlegi.ance
5. Ikmoris5ng the Nation& snd HJ ant;henzs (text only;'.

B, The UJ Leistungsab@.chen (Exziination far the DJ

Proficiency Eaclgc)
LeibesEmngen (Ehysical. Tmining)
I. Physiml reqtiiremelzts correspond to those of the
i%npi'enpr*obe ) except that perforynance standards are
slightly higher and sytinrnjng and tumbling EU-~added.
i'Jehrerttichti.gung (Pre-military Treiningj
2, 411 day hike of 15 Kilcmetres without pack. '
3. Participation in one field exercise (GeUndespiel).
4. Air-gun max-ksmanship at a distmce of 8 metres, with
support, at a 12 ring target. A score of 20 in five
shots cgmlifies,
5. When airgun facilities are not avail&le, ball throwing
at a 60 x 6Ocm. target is substituted. Tti*ee hits in
five tries qualif'ios. Pn exercise simile- to grenade
thr&g is substituted when target practice is'
Weltanschauliche PrU'ung (Ideological Test)
6. Describing the career of the Ft!.!hrer (written).

C. The HJ Leitsungsabzeichr b Bron_z;_e(HJ Bronze

Prof'iciency Eadgej
Leibestibungen (Physical Training)
I. Running 100 metres in 15 seconds
Running 3,000 rnetres in 15 minutes
:: Long jump (running) of 3.75 metres
4. Tossing the Indim club 25 metres
5, Putting the 54ilo~am shot 6 metres
6. Ikki.~~g the body by the arms (%hi~-&n~~~j twice
7. Svsiunning 200 metres in 7 minutes, or
Sti&ng for IO minutes, continuously, or
Cycling 10 Kilcmetres.
Wehrertfichtigung (Pre-military Training)
8, Small-axms firing at a twelve ring target from the prone
position, !+5th supper% SO shot w5th vzk.k less thw five
to count, ani,a score of 30 must be reached.
9. &larching 15 Kilometres by road in not less theJ1 3 ox alore
than 33 hours, tithout pack.
m Map reading, including a kncmrledge of maps with scale of
'W,CCQ,000, and proficiency in conventional sias and
syribols l

II. Range estimation of two distances between 9 and 250

metres: admissible margin of error of' 3@L
12. Accurate delivery of a message.
13; Camouflage, using any materials at hand-
q4. Use of cover and concealment: approaching an enemy from
100 metres in favourtile terrain.
Weltanschauliche PrWung (Ideological Test)
Describe the most imporixnt events in the Nazi Kovement's
strug&e for power.
Name the Pa&y formations (Gliederungenb and some of the
Associations (meschlossene Verbbde)and give their
special functions.
1-L Tell vahat you lolo~ of the Nazi Party Programme.
18. Describe the stntggles and the death of i-!orst i'iessel
(the Party mart3rl-),
19. Give the names cud meanings of' the German national
holidays +
20. Enumerate the campaigns of the present war in proper
C. The HJ Leistungsabzeichen in Silber (HJ Silver
Froficiencg Badge)
LeibesClbungen (Physical Trtining)
1. Physical requirements correspond to those of the Bronze
badge, except that performance standards are slightly
Wehrerttichtiggg (Pre-military Training)
2. Small a3xs firing at a twelve ring target from unsupport-
ed position. No shot with value less than five to count
and a score of 30 must be reached.
3* Indian club target throwing: three hits out of five
throws at a circle 4 metres in diameter, 22 metres
~S-t~-t .
4, ldaxhing 20 Eihmetres by road in not less than 4 or
more then 45 hours without pack.
5 Map reading: identification of two easily visible
features on a map with sctie of l:lOO,OOO.
6. Ground observation: accurate identification of objects
at a distance of JO0 metres.
7. Range estimation of three distances be-cPveen50 and 500
metres: admissible margin of error of 3&.
8. Delivery of an oral message containing information
regarding -Exe, plaoe, and strength of forces.
9. Camouflaging an individual position in open terrain,
IO. USC of cover and concealment: reaching an objective 200
metres distant while the approach is under enemy
Wel%nschauliche prtif'ung (Ideologicti Test)

II. Name.syld eq&xin "racid measure" of the State.

12. Tell what you know of the importance and mission of
the German Feasatltry*
13, State the routine you must follow in your day&to-day
life to preserve your health and strength.
14. Give your views on scme recent important politicd events.
15. Whenever necessajry, we are ready to give our lives on the
field .of' battle for our people ad Fatherlad. Why?
16. It is the iiuty of every German mzt2 ad w'oman to render
war service to the Fatherlad. Whx?
17. The Law for Military Service states: ?L'he redering of.
labox- service is a prerequisite for active military
service. Why?
(NOTE: Subjects w'hich can easily be found by reference
to the Table o? Contents have ~II most cases not
been included in this Index.)
-/ Paxaaraph
AA Auxiliaries 22.
Abteilungen W.
Adolf Hitler Schulen 6,2-l.
AH Schulen j&21.
Air Force 23,26.
Air Force High CO1ILrIland 29,
Allgemeine SS 31*
Anti Aircraft Defences 22.
Apprentices' Homes
bY E;23,+26,27,
Assault Boat units 27,
Auf'nzhmeappell 13.
Aul"nq.hmedienst -l3.
Auslands- und Volkstumsamt W&3%
Austria 41.
Auxiliary Waz Services Foreword
Aviation (DJ) 5 -
Aviation (I3J) 25.

Bad Steben 3.
Bands 32.
Bane Foreword, 8,9,11,
Bannticr 9.
BUM - 3,5,W3,35,36. ’
Befehlssteffc B&men und M&en 38.
Befehlsstclfer 38.
Bcrgdienst 16.
EergfahrtenrCihrerabzeiehen 33,
Bergfahrtengruppen 33,
B&men IX&. M&,ren 7.
Eoy scouts Poreword
Eraunschweig z&39.
Bund Deutscher I&de1 3,5,6.
I%ndische Jugcnd L4L

c3mps Foreword
Camps (Pre-military Training) Foreword
Castles of the Teutonic Order 21.
Catholic Movements 3.
Cavalry 33.
Centre for Germanic Youth>vork 39.
Charities 22.
Chief of Staff (Gebiet)
Chief of Staff (RJFj
DA?? 15
DAV 33.
. Dep3rtme3ts(Xl?) 6,7,9.
Deutsche Alpenverein 33.
Deutsche fYt%eitsfront 45*
Deutschc Jugendbavegung 1.
Deutsche Jtigendherbergen 7.
Deutsches Jungvolk 3,5*
Dienstkarte 8.
District (Nazi Party) 7*
UJ 57,5,929,%
om .

Eastern Territories 5529.

Edelweisspiraten ii.
Educational Pa@ilets 13.
Emergency Squad 31.
EP 4-1,
Ersatz Einhcit 23.
Evacuation of Children 22.
Executive Office (Balm) se
Executive Section (i;ebietsI"Uhrung) &?,P.

Faith and Beauty 5.

Rum Service 15,
Feldscherabzeichen p 309
__Fcldschere 30.
Peldscherschmen 30.
Feuenrehreinheiten 31.
Peuerwehrschar 31.
Files II.
Filing Zard (HJ) 8.
Fire Fighting 22,3-I.
Fire Fighting Platoon
First &.d 'l'raining SC~IOO~S :"o:
First &id Units 30,
Flieger-DJ 5,299
ITliege-HJ 29,
Fliegerstamm IO.
Forces Welfare Service 22.
Foreign Affairs and Gemanism 18.
Foreman (im Bergdienstj 15.
Foster Bann 23,
Franconia 2.

Gmrison (XJ) 8.
Garrison Commtider 8,Y.
GCUL(Nazi Part;yj 7.
Gaujugendwalter 15*
Gebiet (HJj ;'; d7.18,32,38a
C-ebiet Sudetsnland 7: '
Cebietbefehlsstelle BlJhmen und M&hren 7.
Cebietsarzt 7.
Cebietsbeauftragt;ter 7.
Cebietsf%hrer 7.
G-ebietsf%hrerschulen 7,97*
Gebiets-g 6,7,9,45,17,38*
Gebictsinspekteur 7.
Gebietsmusikreferent 7.
Gebirgs-HJ 33.
Gefolgschaft 10,11,12,~6.
Germ&w Alpine Club 33.
Gem-m Lab our Front 15.
Germa??Young Folk ;i,5*
German Youth Hostels 7,
Geman Youth Movement
Germanic La~?d Service Youth 39. .
Ger~~~lische Landdienstjugend 39.
Gestapo 31."
Girl Guides Foreword
Glcm13e und SchlJnheit 5.
Glider 3adges 2%
Glider Pilot's Certificatt 29.
Government Sa-Jings Account 15.
Government-sioonsored Youtl~ Organisations 3.
GMIBER, Kurt 2.

HA &7$9.
Hauer 15.
Hau~tabteilungen(GebietsrClhnulg) $,7,9*
Hauptabteilungen (RTE’)
Hauptamt (RJ??) ::7,9.
Hauptt-irn-tliche F&hrer . 34-e
1IauptstamfUhrer 9. *
Hauptstellen 9*
Hoer 15,
Hiking Club, VOGTUND
Hmm ii.
wluR 3,w.
Hitler junge 35.
HJ-Sprac~~ttle~~schein IS.
H$-SL~U Ia/*
Hoheitsabzeichen 36.
Foreword .
Horst Wessel (Sailing Training Ship) 28.

Interpreter's Certificate 18.

JM 5,OJ.
Jugendkrest 4.2.
Jup;endbewqyng 1,2,3w
Jugendbund der X3X$ 2.
Jugendf'+&rerpatent 20.
Jugendschutzlager der Sipo :;.
Jugmdstanrhlatt 8.
Jungbant&J) 9.
"Junges Europa" 39.
Jung&de1 5,6,-u. .
Jungst&xnc (DJ) 9,
Jungsturm Adolf Ritler 2,
Junior Farmer's Certificate I 5.
Junior Mountain Guide Badge 3.5.
Kameradschaft 10,1-i 124.
Kar~eikarte 8.
Kinderlandverschickung 6,7,22.
KLV 22.
bappe 15.
Eriegsbetrcuung~dienst 6,22.
Kriegseinsatz 22.
Kriegsfreiwillige 22.
Krlissinsee 21.
K-Schein 24..
K-t!bungsleiter Schein 25.

Landdienst 15,
Landdienstlehrhc~ lg.
Lmdjahr 15.
League of European Youth 39.
League of German C,irls F0n3Tf0rd, J,T,6.
League of Youth I.
Left Oying Movements :;4’.
I&I-T, Robert 21:
Liaison Officer 23.
Local Group3 3.
Luftfahrerschein 29.
EuftgE3.l.l 23.
Luftwaff enhelf'er 22.

Marierrverder 21.
Maine W 22,28,
MedicalL Service Badge 3'::
Meissnerh Formula 1.
Meldeschein 13.
Merchant Marine 28.
M5litary District 23+
Miner (:iJj 35.
Mining Service 15
Xittelstelle fitr Volksdeutsche Jugendax;beit 39*
Model Tr&ning &m-n 15.
Motor HJ 27,
Motor H3 Abzeichen 27.
I!dotorstmlnl IO.
Mountaineers (ELT) 33.
Mtinchen Jugendbund 2.
Mu3Cch 2.
Music md dirt Contest 14.
bilusic Schools 3-Z
Musikgefolgschaften + l&32.
Musi.kAge $2.
Musischss Wettbewerb 14.
Nachrichten IU 5.
Nachrichten GefoZgschaft 12.
Nachrichten H.J 26.
Nnchrichtenschein A.,H & C 26.
Machrichtenstamm 10.
Fachwuchsof'f5zier 23.
Napoh 19,
National l-!JIkmd 32.
.Nationjl, Inland W3.tWWay-s Unit 28
IVationti Political Educational .
Establis~uuents 19,
Nationd Schools 6,18.
Eationzl Seagoing Unit 2%.
~Jnticmsl Socialist Fly-ing Cows 29,
National Socialist Lea~c for Physicd
Training 14.
National Socialist Motor Corps z-7.
Natiorxd Socicalist Pa&y Women's Branch 3.
Natimd Socialist Welfwe Orgznisation 5.
National Socialist Worker's T&y I.
Nation&l Yocatiomd Contest 14.
National Youth A.m.demy 20.
Nationd Youth Officers' School 20.
Nationalpolitische Erziehungsmstalt 19.
NationaILsoeid.istische l~beitez~jugend 2.
Nationalsozialistische Tleutsche
Nationcilso~i~is~~scher Beichsbund f%r
Leibesttbwlg 14-c
Naval Auxiliaries 22.
Naval Xl 28.
Navy 2j,28.
Nazi Secon&ry Schoolboys' League P 2.
Nazi Workers' Youth 2.
Neubauernschein 15.
NURKUS, Herbert Poreword
NPEA 19.
NsI)AP 1,21,35,39
NSDAPKreis HQ 9*
NSF 5.
' NSEX 29,
NSKK 427.
fExE3L 13.
BTSScaerbund 3*
NSV 5*
H&mberg Party Rally 3.

Oberkommncio der Luftwaffe 29.

CKL 29,
Ordensburgen 21.
"Origind' KJ 4.
Pamerschreckabteilungen 22,
Patenbann 2j.
Personal Record 8.
Pimpf 13.
Platoon (mj 10,ll.
Plmen, Saxony I
Pofasld :;.
Police Cecree for the IkrotectiOIl Of
Geman Youth (Polizei r('erordnwlg mm
Schutze der Deutschen Jugend) 4.0.
Police Force 31.
Popular Leawe for Gcrmzrsism Ako& JY*
Preliminary Roll Cti1 13,
P~elirn~~ary Technical Course 13.
Pre-military Trainix.~ s 7 ,Qd4.
Proficiency Examinations tiJJ q4.
Pursuit Detachraents 31.

ILL!! 15,
Recruiting OfCicer 23.
RegiITWltS 3'oreword, 9
Regioncal Director of Medicine . 7
Regional. Director of Music 7,
Regional HQ 7,9,17*
Regional Leader 7.
Regional PlenipotentiaQ~ for Evecuation
of' Children 7.
Regional Officers' Schools 7 J-7.
Regional Youth Representative for the TX+ 15.
Regions (HJ) 7.
Registration Card
Reich Labor Service
Reich Naval Sport Schools g3.
Reich Youth Directorate 6,2j.
Reich Yout11 Leader 4,6*
Reichsb~~rbilvzensc~fi‘~~~~ 28,-
Reichsjugendakade~~e 2opl.
Reichsjueenddienstpfljcht 4,8*
Relchsjugenditibrer 4,6.
Rcichsjugend~~~crsc'nule 20.
Rei.chsj~~en&%kmmg 6,23.
Reichsmusikzug j2.
Rei.chsrefes*entir (B13M)
Reichsseesportschulen 26.
Reiter-HJ 33*
Replacement Depot . 23.
Repblimn Government 3,7.
Rhein 2,
Rheinlmd 4-l l

RJF 5,9,23,25,39.
ROlllC~~~dOS 31.
Ro"Ltcn Il.
SA 2,3,4,4L
Sk High Command 2.
Saining Trtiing skip 2%.
SzLL~Jaee 22,
sch&$ifj ~O,ll ,uc,25.
SCHIWEH, BalLdur von 3.
Schnel3komxar2o 314
Schools 7.
Schulungsbriefe 14.
Sch~albemlestc 32,
Security Detaciua:r~t- IO.
Seesportabzeichen 26,
Sogeil"li~~ernbzeichcn 29.
scgclsc!lulschifi 2%.
Service carra ($7) 5.
Sichemxn~sdii:nst-yel'ol~sch~~ lU*
d-jzrgds Certif‘-j<;a;e A,jj & 0 26.
SigmiLs lx 5+
Signds HJ 26,
xxi? 8,
SOTflerla.ger “14.
Sonderekheiten 5,24.,25*
Sonthofen 21.
Specialist Um.t,s (ZQecl& Service Gnits) 5,9,&c&26.
Spielscharen 32.
spotters 22.
sm m,p ,42
SS (Schlitz StaffelJ l?orewo~, 34.31)
S%aatsjugend 3*
StabsfEhrer RJ3') 6.
$tabsleiter t Gebiet) 7.
St- (Sth3ej 9,10,13 d2.39,
St-3J 4,34*
SlmcLort 8,lj.
Standortap~eJl 13.
StandoZ’ti~Cr s,g.
Stciger (EJ) 15.
stem Yroopers 2 ,j.
STflE'ICM, Julius 'j
Streif'endiellst ii.
Stumboot JXnh~iten 27.
Sub-sections (GebietsiYlhrungj 7.
Sude-tenlmd 7*
Sw~m~rca1l-p 149

Tank Delqinz Sections

Territoriti Commmi HQs
Total ~ollcall
"Tri-iies" (33)
Waffen-SS 13,23,&,39*
Wandersportverein VOGTIs;ND 2. b
Wandexwogel. -I*
wqr hergency service 22.
War Training Certificate 2t*
War Training Instructor's Certificate 25.
Wehrertichtigungsl~ger 7J4.
Wehrkreis 23,2to
Wehmacht Foreword, 7,?2,
KEL ~4,24,25,39-
7felfare Service (Forces)
Westphalia :::
%iener PraterschMrfe 41. ’

"Young h~ope" 3%
Young Girls Foreword, 5,6,13.
Young Hikers I.
Youth Communities
Youth Hostels ;*9
Youth Leader Comnission 26:
Youth League of the Nazi Pmty 2.
Youth ual.1.y
"Youth Tribes" ;:

Zentralamt 6.
ZwangsasLstalten 42.
N%l!E: &r dl abbzWiations, Se8 Ann8X8. De

Abelbeck WF., flA.I& Ad Leibedbungen

(H.B~.> w=f)
Adam, WilZi C&b. 22, Bqmeuth, SXD.
(Geb,Tnsp.S1ZD. S:
SS Verb,I%hrer)
Althoff Fritz G8b.9, Westfalen-Nerd
(saf 03
Geb.25, \Testmrk, 1xA.V.
A1&3af.) (Ltr,)
Antoni RJF.
Ape1 G8b.17, WZL,rv
(ss 0. s&f.) (Le.)
Amdt, Ged Geb.7, Nordsee
bf, > (Abt.Ltr,)
Arnholdt Geb.4.2, Westfalen-Stid, Sozialam'c
oaf. > (IJtr.)
Amtz8n Bann 57, Rees
(OStaf.) (KPBaf.)
Aust WF.
(W3af.) (Flieger &dIl?8f,)
Axmann, Artur
Bachmm Bann 345, Amb8rg
Badenhausen Bann 85, kLasse1
hf. > oaf. 1
3ahrs l Gsb.26, Hamburg
(O.Staf,) (G8b.Beauftr.lCZ'TT.)
Bald, Hx.qp Geb.4.2, '/$estfalen-Stid
(H.Baf,) (ikGebf,)
Baltmsch, Alfons Seb. 1, ;>ztprsussen
B&W33 Bann 180 Ludwipbuq
(Baf.) (IkL j
Btlnsch, Hans &b.&, Hiederschlesien
(O.Baf.) (Stabsleiter)
Bartel "am& tistock
Sarth, J, BanyBBi:j Xannheim
ua.rk sch bb.23, m.ttelelb8
(R*3af, > (Ii,-GM.)
3 suer Y3an11"J", Xtinberg
(0,8af.) (Baf,)
Bauer, ai-, GGbe20, WititCSif~~~
(O.l3af,) (Gebietsarzt)
Ba2e~iw.',0 tto Bann 323,Kaisamlautem
(B af, ) (EM* >
BWSC!Uilidp Xishr:rd
B&p3r Bmn 3C6 W8iden
(Baf. ) (Baf (
Bayer, Hslxut EUF~6~!-!$VI, Wi&xmhaftsmt
Bayer, Karl hb.21; Badm
Beck, Hans Bs.y1&2~ Eggmf8ld8n
t-f* >
Backer Bann Wars&au
(H.Geff.) ' (Baf-.)
B8cker Bann 288 St.Gaa.rshmsen
(star.) (Bd
Becker, Hermann BanyBzTj Ludwigshafen
Becker, Rolf Geb*U!, Mosalland, H.&IV
(B&m > (L-k.)
B8Ckmm, Icurt Bann& Sisgburg
Beer Geb.22, Baymuth
, (Stabsleiter)
B88rtnann Bann Gasten, Geb.3
bf. >
Bennewitz, &rt Befehlsstelle Belgien
(Cabf.) u-4
RJF., HUTI, An& R8chtsvemtitung
Berglar, Fritz Geb,2, &bietsflihrerschx;llb
(o.staf.) Cottbus

Bernhard, Rolf
Bann Pless, Geb.40
B . bf. >
B-N& Bann 693, ~remembrde
bf* 1
Big&off, Erich Ban13 761 Melmngen
(Baf. 5
Blohm, Erich
BlBthner Bann 236, Iserlohn
(safm ) (Baf* 1
BtJcZPnann Baan 228, Gelssnkirohen-Bum
c-f* > (Baf.)
Boeck, Heu;bert Geb.1, Ostpreussen
Bohl.&gtwj W, Geb,l3, WXL, II, Hundstadt/Taunus
B!Ibrn Bann 41, Tilsit
(Staf.) (Bar.)
23Ohl8 Bann 667, Qstmw0
(odstaf.) (Baf. )
Bohne, Gerhard Banig$j Brth
Bopp, Heinz
Borchert F Organisationsamnt
Bhger, Hichard Ban~B~~j Yortmund
Bouvier, Half G-eb.13, Hessen-Nassau
Brand, K.F, Ceb.l, Ostprxussen
Brandl, Mb&, Schwaben, HA&
(OStaf.) (IL-Ltr.)
Brawn, '47illi Geb.11, Kbln-Aacdn
(Staf.) (HA&k.)
Brwmer Bann Hotenburg, Geb,&l
Bann 198, Bln.Charlottenbur~
By;af *) Spandau
Br5.11 Gsb. 38, Wartheland
Brink Geb,6, &?bietsf&xerschule II,
b-f. >
Brink, He322nlt aologna, Italy
(sa?. >
Brockschmidt, Karl Geb.8, Niodersachsan
Bticher, Heinz Geb.9, Westfafen-NOti
(Bar. )
BJ4!lCkXMU? Bann 305, Bambeq
(Baf,) (Baf.)
Btickner, Alfred Geb.7, Nordsea
Brua; schf Sann 745, Tann
(CStaf,) (K.-BLC)
Buchhim Sann 754 Stassfurt
(Bar.) (hf. I
Bticking Bann 166
(staff) (Baf.)
Budaus, Kurt KU?., H.&I., Persona&&
(CH.lf. :, (Chef)
Budin, Alois Bann V&klabnxk, Geb,29
(Bar.) (Baf.)
BmLl Geb.21, Baden
Burgdorff Geb,21, VEL*III, Eerrenalb
(hf.) (Ltr,)
Burkert, ;<elnhold Geb, 25, Mestmark
Bura;yr Johann Geb, 37, X)anzig-?~~estpreus~~~~
BUSCh Cebe37, DFXlZi$J~W~St~iW.lSFA?Cl
EMte + Bann X59 MM.heim,/I&xhr
(Baf.) (Baf', j
CabalI., Horst Bann 421, Hamburg-Etts
(Baf, and SCF.)
Cafilz Geb. 10, W-EL.III
(St&) (Mr. >
Calwin Bann 329, Bin.-Lichtenber
(Baf.) KBp?3tlMC
Carsten, Dr,Ksinz LandesjugendfMxmr Schweden
Carstens ~eb.6, xtzehoe
(OSchaf.) (SW* )
ChZilId.8r Bann &2, Stralsund
(H,Geff.) c-f* >
Christiansen BW 819, BNtEhfitt8l
Coiling, Hans Geb.6, Nodmark
(O.Baf,) (K,-Stabsleiter
Cziharz Bann 101, Grossenhain
(H.GefL) (K,-Baf.)i

Dahle Bann Vorchtorf, Geb.29

(Baf.) b-f. >
Daibarl Bann 867, Xainburg
Dannemann, D&Hans Geb.8, Nisdersachsen
Danzinger Edwd Geb.30, Steiermark
(H.Baf. I (GM',)
Dapunt Geb, 33, SchClnwies~.Landeck
Dehoust Bann 747 Altkirch/Badsn
(Baf.) (B f I
Dickfeld, Adolf RJI?, iaiso Obstlt.in GU.)
(K-f. ) (Elaichsinspekteur d.FliegercK7.)
DieteS. Barn 3I& Straubing
bf. > @af 3
Distal, Gustav Bann 11'9, Stuttg&
(Baf.) (Baf. and SOF.)
Dobat, U&w Geb.1, Ostpreussen
(H.Baf.) (M-f.)
Dohler Geb.26, Hamburg
Dolina Geb.31, K$rnten
(Bar.) (Kreisjugendm3lter)
Donath Bann 494, Augsburg-Land
(0 st8.f.) (IL-Baf.)
D&c&m, HaraLa C&b&27, Wien
Dr&xLer Geb,Befe~ss,B6hmerr~-n
(im Stab)
Drescher Barn &81, Pilsen
'Dtibe, Rudolf Gab,?, Nordsee
(Bar.) (Stabslaiter)
D%?Pa Geb.38, Warthel.md
(O.Baf.) (im Stab)

Ebener Bann 237 XOers

(Star,) (BBf 5
Ebnsr, Hemann Bmn &I, Iirainbw3
(Bar.) @Et-E,>

Eckl Geb.19, Hoohlmd, S.O. J&xheh

Eder Bann 324,I"ttrth
Edlinger %ann Xied/Innkreis, Gab.29
(Bafl ) (Baf.)
Egged, Rudolf G&.31, R&rnten
Eg ers Geb.26, aamburg
'f LGeff.) (IL-Stabsleiter)
Bggers BWM 262 Bottrop ,
(staf.) * (sarJ
Zhle rs Landesjugendf'f.@er Spanien
Ehlers Eatm 235, Wesetinde
(Baf.) (IL-aaf.)
Eh3.crs Emn 3@+ Cutiaven
(Staf.) b-f. 3
Shrlichor Geb.l.9, Hochland, HA.IV
(H.Baf,) (Ltr.)
(H. Baf,)
Eichelberger, Karl Bann 224, Marbuq .
Eiffert, Helmut Geb. 4-1, Ost-Hannover
(H.Baf.) (K.-Gebf.)
Einf&ldt Geb.27, Wien
@af.) (Geb.l3eauftrXL'?.)
Infers, Hemann
Eblwmger 13ann 403 Tuttlingen
(Baf,) (Baf sj
Emsters Cab.39, Maitifranken
Zndling? Hans Bznn 13.7, Main2
(Baf.) (Ed?.)
Engel Eann 673, Gupen
(Fxeff,) (K.-Uaf.)
Engel, Hans
EngelsWtter, 3r. Geb.22, &,yreuth
Englcr Iku1n447;~ Memel
~xnst Geb, 13, Hessen-Nassau
(H. Bar.) (K.-C-ebf.)
Eachle, Karl Geb.21.Badan.
Ettinger, Benno Geb,& Berlin
Ftzel, Fritz C;eb,29, ObaA.onau
Pahmair, t'/illi
Failenschiid~, iJtto Bann 436, Ntirti.r,geri
(l?af. ) & -%af, >
Fxitur, ,~erne r G&,31, Wlikrn-ten
(Xbt eI&l?* )
PaSOld Ccb, 2y, UbcrdQnall
(I-!, Baf , ) (;i * -Gebf. )
Paichtinger, Dr. _- Geb.32, Salzburg
Fei.&F Geb.25, tPestmark, SRD.
Faix Bann In, Pirna
(O*Baf.) t-f* >
Fe&i, Willi van Geb. 3, Berlin
(Baf, >
Felden, Karl hb.12, Moselland
(O.Baf.) (Geb.Beeuftr. f.
Jugendorganisation Luxembd
Fe'ldemann Gub. 7, Nor&we
('Baf. >
Fellenberg Bonn 583 SalzwLand
t-f* > t-f* I
Ferndt Bctnn Priedberg, Geb.36
(BEG) t-f. >
Fensks, Walter Banne 663, 664, Lit-nstadt
(Bar.) @af. >
Fink, Franz Geb.2, Urk Brandenburg
(G8b. Inq8k’kur)

Frank, Dr. Geb.21, Badee
Frank, Norbert Geb.21,. Baden
(H&f.) (GebJnspakteur)
Franke, Hans Ml% 3 Zentralamt
' (H.Baf.) (K.-Chsf)
Frehse, Herbert Reichsschule KLV., Steinau/Oder
(H.Baf.) (Ltr.)
Fr823>y)er Bann 668, lCa.ttowitz
tBBf* >
Fr8ier Geb.20, *ternberg
w+ > (Stabsleiter)
Frei&ller, Freddy Geb.19, Xl)ln-Aachen
Geb.9, MSL.IV, Mariawald
Fre$yf .> 1 (Ltr.)
Freitag, Wilhelm G-eb.19, Ho&land
t-f* > ' (IL-GebJnsp.)
Yraser, Dr. G8b.19, Ho&land
(Staf.) (&bietsarzt)
-eY Bann log, Karlsruhe
c-f* 1 (F&hrer SRD.)
Fricke, Heluiut ant3 52, c0tths
(0,Staf.) (IL-Baf.)
Fricke, Hermann Geb.9, WestfalewNowtd
t-f. >
Fricke, Dr,KW't RJF., HAJV, Soziales Awt
(CLRafJ (Hauptabtt. Ltr.)
Friederich Geb.39, tiainfrankan
Friedrich Geb.1, Ostpreussen
b-f,) (b Stab)
Frian, Hans Geb.26, Hamburg

Pritscb Geb.35, Sudetenkrd
(Baf.) (is Stab)
Fromrneyer, Paul Mann 61, Bln,NxMLln-Trepto
(Star.) \
(B af .I
Gadert, Rudolf Geb.&, Ktmhessen
(Bnf .)
Galse, Warner
Ganz Bann 169, Lahr
Ganzel Banr~ 97, Keubrandenbuxz
(hf.) (Baf. )
Ganzsprengel RJF, , Dienststelle KLV.
G3xaf3 MF., HA., Adolf-EitlcrScbulen
Cattot{, VT. Geb.12, Maselland, HA, III
(Staf,) (Ltr.)
Gauhl, Dr. Geb. 13, Her;sen-Nassau;
(O.Paf .)
Gauerke Geb,37, i;obf,Scshule ?$.arienw,rde.r
(Baf.) (iL.-Ltr.)
Gause, WiIheh Geb, 16, Sachser
(H.&f.!, (Gebf, >
Geiling Geb.22, H~yreuth
(M-eff.) (ReT.f,Komn\.ilnal~~beit:
Geis, WilX Bann 381, 3cer
(SW, ) (Baf. )
Gelkrsen, Ervvi.n Geb.7, Nord~ae
Gerlach Geb, &, Mi~R’J@lr’d nde
Gersche 1 G&.37, Danzig-Westpreussen, H&IV
(Stof*) [Lz;r.]
C;iebel.e~, EWE&I Geb.y, Westfdcn-No&
(Baf., (Zlet~ebs.jug~ndwalter)
Giese Bank-i 59, Wilbel.imhaven
(%ELfj (I.3ir.f . j
Gigas Geh.8, V&.11:, H&nelheide
(ss u. S-turmf.j [Ltr. >
Gil&& Erich Earl 22IYe zshrg
vcn i;lmlx?Yf Ra1m J&S, c1mtits
f Eaf, j (&:f.)
Gkeow, w. x.Jt1'.
(Stdf. j
Glashag3n Geit>.37 ,cDanzig--w,:StUI”F~l.“,yi??l;
(Jugc ndcl;1ttsl.cit&-;
G1e-q Emn 171, Mani~hcirn
(3&f. j ( 3Fi f ')i
Ck-lllf2, Siegfried
Gok.isseYt IGeb.J+,Grcsc ISCT
(L~F, j
Gos?rm-l Rmn 107, Leipzig
(lj.3af.j (Daf, )
Graber, Joachim Bann 273, Hamm~e~Land
(St&) (Baf.)
Geb.8, Niedersachsen, I-QI.~I~.
Grahn Geb.28, Niede&mau
(Baf. >
Gr8iling, Josef
Greiser Geb.3, Berlin, HAJI
bf* > (Ltr.)
Gretner Bann 516 StJ%lten
b‘f. > oaf I
Griess, Ernst G8bi&$j8saen-Nassau
bf, 1
Gri88SXl~ an?. , &III, Amt f.w8ltansckau-
(O.Baf.) Licha Schulung
Grixnm, Ludw-& WF,, HA.vI
(Wf,) (Chef)
Grippe1 Bann 520, Zwettl
c-f* > @4
Grolle, Dr. Geb.7. Wordsee
@8f*) (0aupmpagandaleiter)
Grate Gek, 7, Oldenbum
hYd38lnigg, Rudolf Batm Lend, Geb.32
bf* > (Bar. >
Grttder, Ernst Gab.2. Mark Brandeabuq& I-I&III
(ostaf.) (K.-L-h.)
GrWtner RTF,, Dienststelle XLV.
(H.Baf.) (Ltr.)
Grups Bann 93, Dessau
(B=f. 1 (Bar.)
Guck, Armin Geb&, Dusseldorf
Gummel, Dr. Geb.4, Niederschlesien
anther Ban~B$fr Recklinghausm
F-f, >
C&ache Bann 197, IVitt;enberge
(Weff.) (K.-Baf.)

Ha&U38 Bann 651 Possn

(Whf.) (B arf 3
Geb.28, Niederdonau
Hakzn G8b.4, Niederschlosien mIX1
(D.Baf.) (Ltr.)
Hahn, Victor Geb,28, Xiedmdonau
(aa&) (Sonderbeauftragter)
H&n81 Geb.9, WestfalerMord
HaLT, Fritz Bann hxemburg, Mb.12
(Baf,) (Baf,)
Halter Geb, 36, HA.11
(0.sta.f.) (L-h)
Hamann Geb.3, Berlin
(G&fl ) &bf.)
Hamxr Geb.27, Wien
IiaZTt3chCn, WillA, Ez3::an 23fj < ‘Ihi 3lx.l rg-Stici
(Baf.) (13 a f L/
Nauff, Gecwg Mann 1~29, k~t~.i.~~~8 n
(cuw. j (EM.)
Haupt, Jemer Geb.4, Sickle r*schJeJs~.cn
(hf. j
Rausen Geb.9, Westfalar,-Nord
(St&) (Baauftr.f,KlJ;>
Rawladen Eann 3C;7,Rayxm~th
(Baf.) (33a.f.)
Hebbner Bann 361, Kulmba&
(Bef.) (Baf .i
Hehm Crcb.37, A* 1%-Schule 3 3e i2k3.'A
(H.Wf.) (wr.)
Hei.& c.kb. 6 I R-nrdlrn,cil-l~
(N. WY.) (ixri Stab)
He idemann 1iJ-F. ) mv. -ht Juge tx%ill'e
(&Baf.) (Ltr, 3
Hsidemann Ge4.23., Baden
Hsi.mnn Eann 67, rectum
(Bafe) L (KPIM’.)
Heimann, Wan2 G&*&?, Ke sWalen-sad, HA, 1:LX
(11.Geff. ) (Ltr.)
Eein Geb. 27, Wicn
(B&f. > (Gcb.Tn~~~.d.Nachrichten-RJ,)
Heindl Geb.22, Bayr8uth; 2kuem-2hsdienst
(Eaf.) (Geb,Beairft.)
Bann 3&l., Deggendorf; Bann 863,
Heise Geb23, MiZ;tela3_be, HA.IZ
(SW.) (KcI&r. )
Helke, lS.tz a-l?,
(U.Yaf,) (Beauftragter fed,
Helllnayr BaflyBz;;j Lin*Stadt
Helvos Geb.35, Su&3tenl~i-td
(Baf.) (StabslsitE?r)
Henkel G&,7, No??&ee * EL4,xv
(H.Gef'f,) m-, >
Henkel, Friedrich Eeb. 6, ~$xb;lazk
(3af.) (hb,NRzSikrf3fer8nt)
Ee t-h-31, Rauerntirrn u,Landdi.enst m, T:
@f-f. j (Ltr, )
EIenkel, Rudolf Geb,37, Danzig-Westpreusscri
(Gebf.) (Gebfe)
Herbst, Tal"cer Bantl Ill+, Xotlstarz
(St&) (Baf. and SO3',)
Herb, Carl Friedrich Mann 76, Hamburg
(Bar.) (Baf.)
Heydorn Bantl 282, HaxburpOst
(K.Geff.) (Baf,)
Hey1 G0b.,20, ‘hYtit0iIllX3~~, YA. IX
(O.Baf.) (m.)
Hildisch, Erich Geb, 23, Mittelelh3
@a-L) (im Stab)
Hilz Geb.27, Wien
(WI. Inspbd. m-tmPrz;T,)
Hinnerks Geb.37, DamCg-Westpreussea
@af* > (Beauftr.f.KLV.)
Hinninghofen, Heinz Geb.10, RuhpNiederrhein
'sIinz "ueb.24, Xecklenbuq
Hi nz AbteLlung Yfohnheime
Hirsch, Gottlieb Geb. 3, Berlin
(H.Baf'.) (Baf.)
Hirsch, Herbert Geb.4, NfederscWesisn
(Gebf.) (Gebf.) ^
Mfer Geb.16, lTEL.fIf, Straschitz
(Ltr. >
h'offlnann NPEA. Rottweil
(ss Stubaf.) (Lb.)
HQf’m@iSter Geb.22, Lmddianstb3b?hOf Netmmk
Hornschild Bannic82 Prag
(O.Staf.) C-f* I
Huber, Mthias RJF.
Huber, (Isitar Gab. 31, Kbnten
(Bar.) (Landesjugendwart)
Kf.iboer, -9r. Geb.24, l$ecklenburg
(Baf.) , (Stabsleiter)
X'tiboer Bann 157 Brieg
(Baf'. r
kiuj.sgeu, Horst Geb.40, Oberschlesien
(H.33af.j (G&f.)
?k.pe, Kurt Geb.27, i?ien
IPfSand, Kuti Bmn 427 Lconbers
(cwff.) (Baf, 3
bnsaln Bar-m 572 Kufstein
(I-f.Geff.) b-f, j

J -er Bann 55$, Graz-Land

"9 Baf.) (Bd.)
J&n, Dr.Hemann Landesgm~+en~r Japan
Jakobs Bann 16r, Hameln
(Baf.) (B a*f I
Jan33 Geb.20, ;Mrtte;nberg
(Geb.1nsp.d. Marine-Ig.)
Jnnus Geb,l+O, Kattowitz
Je&atadt-3orc'mnert &bJl,K8ln-Aachen
(H.Baf.) (I+Gebf.)
Jam Geb.22, Xarktredtitz
J8ckef Bann 470, Geld=n
(H.Geff.) (SteIlv.Baf.)
Jbrln Bann 581 'Mckel
(weff.) b-f 5
Juppisch, Ge rliEtfi Geb.ll;K6ln-Aachen
NAJzi3(a RANK)
Jung, Carl Geb.7, Nordsee
(H.Baf.) (Gaubeauftr.f.d,
Jung, Dr,Gtinther Bann &i7, Ha&xx-g-llarburg
(Baf. )
Jungschaffer, PrC Geb. 35, K&n-ken
' Kadom, Wills Geb,Z!+, Mecklenburg, Landesjug-
(O.Baf.) 6 il da&.
' Kaiser Ban13 3X5, Landau
(LGeff.) bf* 1
Karbach, ,9olf G&.12, Moselland
(G&f.) (Gebf. )
Kaat Bann 40, Donaueschingm
(Baf.) (BE& /
Rastner Nl?E.k, Meissen
Kautiann Gtinter Rx?:,iltf;lchsJugendp
' ' r es sedlenst
(Gebf.j (Mr. )
Keller, Wfhelm Geb,25, Westmark
(Q.Baf.) (K.-Gebf.)
Kemper, Friedhelm Geb,21, Baden .
(O.Gebf.) (Gebf.)
Kern XF., Erhc,lungswerk
(O.Baf.) (ljtr. j
Kessinger RJF.
(O.Baf.) (Komunalreferentj
Kessler Geb, 36, Schwaben
(O.Baf.) (Bf3auftr.f. L3gerj
Kessler, Paul Befeillsstelle Babcn und IdKhrer-J
(H.Baf.) (Stabsle i-terj
Kiel, Hubert 35. -Landesjuge&%hrer %ankreich
Kielmann ~eb.6, Nordmark, HA.III
(Baf.) (Geb. BeauftrXW.)
Kirchhoff Paul Geb.18, Fran1cen
Kirschner, Staf. GeII.31r KRrnten, 59X, Nbtsch
(std.) (Ltr,)
Klahr, Herbert
Klaus Geb.36, Schwaben, Iw.I
(03af.) (Ltr,)
Klausmeyer BanyBEj Dorhund
K3.88 G&,&l, Ost-Hanno-ver
Kleeberg, Hans EJF., E&I, AI& HJ.-Gerichtsbark&
(H.Baf.) (K.-Chef)
Jm3ilW rt Geb.31, WZL.d,Gcmanischen Jugend
(Bar,) (Ltr,)
KJey, Werner s Inspektionsdienstatell~
Klemer, Dr. RJF,, im AlnIt me-- Gerichtsbakkt
Klintor, Karl-Heinz
Kloue, Dr. C&b,&, Mecklenburg, HA.11
Klosek &b. 34, Geilenkirchen
(O.Baf.) (Mr.)
(Baf.) Geb. 39, Mainfranken
(Stabsleiter )
Befehlsstelle Bbhrnen und Id&hmn
Knoop, Fritz Geb-2, XarIk Brandenburg
(G&f*) (Gebf.)
Koch, 3rKl3t BJF.
(SW.) (Beichsjugendfachwart f.
Koch, Fritz Bann 5, Gross-Danzig
(ILG6ff.) (Stellv,Baf.)
Kock Bann 85, Ileide
(Staf.) (Baf.)
mester Geb,v+, Uecklenburg
(O.Baf.) (Beauftr,f.Schulan und
m23, SePP Dam 726, KehIL
Geb.16, Sachsen, EW.IV
K°Kaf.) (Ltr.)
Kohle Geb.27, 'ivies, m.11, Sportabteil-
Kohfer, Robftti m-F
KBhler Bann 211 Glauchti
(Baf'.) (4B
Kahn Mann 64j Uanxig-Land-
(Baf.) (B f 3
KOlb &b,2$3aym&h
Kols Gerbe27, Wien, HA.II
(H.Gaff.) (Ltr.)
mnig Bann 862 Kmnach
(0,Schaf.) oaf I
Ko-up, Hezmann Geb&,*Kmpten
IBaf.) (SOF,)
R1J333er,Hors-k Bann 94, Got
(0. Baf. j (Baf.)
jcorn Bann 491 VJiiet?-8ttakri1Ig
(o.staf,) 0-f 3
K&tgen, Werner Geb.20;EVtlrttenberg or 36,
(O.Baf.) Sckmaban
Kmatsch, 'Jalte r Geb.39, Steiarmark
(Bar.) (Tnsp,a.Xoto~H3.)
KYacke*SeZIl-er Gab, 25, Niederdmau
(K-f.) (Gebf.)
Krause RJF., I&V, &xumt
(R.Baf.) (Chef)
Krause, Uilli Bann 588 Geb.29, 0berilmt-u
(EM.) (Barf i
~rt&wer, Alfred
Kmnzer ~~36, Sch~dm
(O,saf*> (Insp.d.IVt:L.)
Kress, fans Barm Xiltenberg, Geb.39
(Bd (Baf.)
NA@i3(& &RANK)
KretZ Baan 406 Bruchsal
(Baf* 1 (Baf.j
Kreutz, Heinz G-eb.13, Hessen-Nassau
(O.Baf.) - (Stabsleiterj
Krimmer Geb.3, Berlin
(Baf* 1 (Geb.Bcauftr.f.
Umsiadlung in Ostpreussen)
Kr&her, <ialter Geb, y, Testfalen-Xord
(G&f.) (Gebf,)
Kmnberger, Va2k WF ., ~~.AdOlf~Hitle~Sc~~len
Kronenberg Geb. 3, h3cklinghausan
(SOP. j
KrtiQer, Herbeti Bann 277, Danzig; Qann 64.3, Kcmit~
(H.Wf.) (=. >
KU&, Karl Bann 370, Teqlin
(H. Geff.) (Bt3-f.)
Kuhhnann Bann 32, Hamburg-Altona
(O.Baf.) (Bnf.)
Ktin Geb,25, \'lestmark
(Baf.) (Geb, Reauftr. 1cLTr.j
Kuhnt, Werner Geb,38, -#[arthe land
(O.Gebf.) (G&f. >
Ktiller, Rudolf Bann 20, JfAtei>og
(O.Geff.) (K.-Baf,)
Kunth Geb,U+, W&II, Eomberg
(O.Geff.) (Ltr.)
Kurzhach, Joachixn
Kuschel Bann 201, Bln,Moabit-Schtfneberg
(Baf.) (Z3f. j
KUSSJT Befehlss. R&men und M$hren, -W.lT
Kuttgen GeS.36 Schwaben. FU.TII (may t?s
(O.Faf,) in G&J, 20) .
Lahr c&B. 16.
(H&f.) (Stabsltr.)
Lang Bann 422, Hanburg-'iergedorf
(Staf.) (aaf.)
Lange, I)r.Hei.nz Geb.10, Ruhx+Jicderrhein
(B&f. )
Langhein, Hans-Hemann WI&, Hambuq
Langkitsch Bann 1X2? Metz-Stadt
bf. > (Eaf.)
Lapper, Dr.Kaz-9 Gebi31, K8rnten
(O.Baf*) (Reichsredner)
Laroher Bann 570, Landeck
(Baf.) (13a.f.)
Lassen, Heinz Geb.37, ~~anzl~a~~estpreus~en
(0.13a.f.) (Stabsltr.)
Lauterbacher, Hans Geb.27, Wien
(H&f.) (K.-Gebf.)
Lefefre, Hans Geb,Q, Osthannover
Leggewie Bann 1.73, Xssen
(O.Baf.) (Baf.)
Lehmann Geb,&, Mecklenburg
(Baf l j
Nti‘3 (c%RANQ
Leiiing, Gert BMR 648 mom
(Baf. j
Leinen Bam 391, Hemeskeil
(C.Geff.) (K.-Bar.)
Leinenvreber Geb.30, Staiemark
(c.saf.> (Gi3b.Beauftr.K.W.)
Leimer; Mmut me
(Cd%) Reichsinspekteur d. IEtarine-HJ.
Leistner, Hans Geb.,", Coburg
Leitner Walter Gel?. 22, ku3LK-g
Len2 bann 1.10, Peids'lberg
(0.2af.) @&)
Leitt-Jer Geb.38, Yartheland, EEL I
(ss ustuf) (Ltr.)
Leonhardt Bann 759, SchBnberg
(Baf.) (3af.)
LeW3 Geb.23, Kttelelbe
(hf.) (Geb.Baauftr.KLV~)
Liebenow, Dr. W-F, , IUrIV, Amt.f,Geswdheit C3J.
(LEaf.) (Unef)
3Xzz.t Bann x0, ChaIR
(Baf l > k-f* i
Lohel Geb.7, Nordsee
(Gebf.) (hbf.)
Loidl Bat-m 308, athenburg
(Baf. > (2af. )
Loos,Fritz Geb.18, Franken, H.&IV.
(O.Baf.) (Sachbearbeiter)
Lllsser Bann 213, Boma
(Q.Gaf.) (Baf* 1
LOwenthal, Hemann YaniBiFj &wensburg
Mbbe, Cr, Jugendleiter
Lflbke WI?.
(o.saf.) (Stellv.Amtschef)
LlAC!hC, Bann 2, stettin
(O.Baf.) (Baf. j
Ludwig, ilerinz BanyB$~j Haldensleben

L&r Befehlsstelle Ostland

(0.Gebf.j (5hef')

Magnus 2ann 648, Thorn

(O,Staf.) (Baf.)
MaWmann Geb,d, Niedersachsen
(Baf.) (S~~ellv.Gauspotisf%hrer)
Marin Geb. 5, vim IT
(Staf.) (Ltr.)
Maier Geb.39, Mainf'ranken
(aaf,) (lieiterreferent)
Maier San 744,Gehe iler
(Staf.) (Baf. j
Maihtifer, Half Bann Siepringen, Ckb.20
Mafev<ski, Helmut WF.
(Saf.) (lieichsinspekteur f.%asik&e)
MalOl3lY Barm 19, @Mitz
(o.staf.) @BQ*>
Mante Bann 24, I%%rnlppin
(Geff,) (Baf.)
Mkt8DS Bmn 209, Schl)neb8ck
(Staf.) (IL-Baf.)
Martin BamB~~j DBbeln
Matter G8b.15,Xittella.nd
(Baf.) (HALtr.)
Geb.37, Daneig4Yestpruss8~
Medau, Hinrich Gymastik;sc~e
(Bafl ) wF&r.)
Meier Bann 26, Nagdsburg
(B&f'.) (hf. >
Meier Bann 5$, Steyr
(StaC) hf. 1
IiCf'~f:~ Hubert Ckb.6, Nordmark
(Gebf.) .
Meilinger Geb.22, Bayreuth, HA..IV
(H.Geff.) (Ltr.)
hfeiss hb.9, '#estfalen-Nod
(C.&if.) (Stellv.G8bf.)
Melchior, fIannes
Melitz Barn &,Prsnzlau
(Geff.) (Baf* 1
ldeminger, Gustav &ctJF., &nI, PXTZSSS-U.
(KBaf., Prupagandslrtmt.
v,Menor Geb.tl, Wesem&x38
(Staf.) (SOF.)
Msrk, Karl BEWVI 336 Bad Reichenhall
(Baf.) b.4
Meyer, Hefrsut RJF.
Mayer, Walter
Michalk Geb.34, Dtlsseldorf'
(H.Baf.) (IL-Gebf.)
Michel G8b, 13, HeSsen-XasSau, & n
(0.Ba-f.) (Lb.)
Mochar Geb. 31, K#rnten, HA31
(Baf.) (Lb),
Idfckel, Helmt
(stabsmhrer RJF)
Moka, Dr,Hans-Ceorg WE’., Amt tiiegsbetreuungsdienst
('%bf.) (Ltr.)
&@3118r,Erwin Bann 187, Ulbeck
Xt%ch Bann Waldmanchen-C%erviechtach,
(Baf .) Geb.22.
c-f* >
msig, otto Bann 221, hfuhlhausen
(H&ff.) (IL-Baf.)
ahlbauer Bann 120 Ulm
(O.Baf.) (saf r
34&1182' Bm 274 Elbing
(Bar.) 03a*f I
Hill0~~ Eknn 311 Regensbuq
bf* > b-f 3
&itiller Bann $j W9.kemarkt
(Baf.) B
MQl8r Bann 375 Waliienburg
@af. 1 ('Ba.f I
MUl8r Geb.15, Btfite&nd, WE% a, %uden
(o.staf.) (Ltr.)
bmler * Geb.27, Wian
(O.Geff.) (Kreisjugendwalter)
Mller, A. Geb.38, Wartheland
hfiiller, Albert XJl?.,-Amt fir Sozialpolitik
Miller, Ferdl Gebo22, l3ayreuth
Mller, Heinz Eeb.19, Ho&land, HA.IU:
(Baf* > (Lb.)
Mfler, Johwmes G8b.15, Mittelland
&rswiek Bann 2, Gross-St&tin
(Baf.) (Baf. and SO%)
Nadler Geb.27, Wien, T&III
(Staf.) (Ltr.)
N 81 Bann 807 Ohlau
"$Baf.) (%af 3
Nairz, Vilfi Bann 3~,wure~Lmd
Nest8, fbdnr&ut Jugendamt ljUblin
(Baf.) (Ltr.)
N8lAIWUln RJl?,,, Abt. '%.gend" beim Reich+
(CL%&) kampo;issar. Ostland
N8UYlS.DII Bann 128 Danzig
(B&f'.) 03 f I
Bann 55;, Marienburg
""~~j (Baf.)
Neqrnann Karl
Neon, Dr,Heinrich H4Jv
Neun, Audi Geb.20, iVt!rttemberg
(O.Baf.) (KA.LtrJ
Neut&z,Adolf G8b.32, Salzburg &
(0,Baf.) (K.-Gebf.)
Nickel Befetistell8 OSt8#
(H.Baf.: (ch4
Niadermayar Geb, 22, Simbacb/Inn
(a?. >
Niede~Schabbehard . Bmm Loben, Geb.40
Mrmerfmh E%8fe3hLSstall8 Generalgouvernment
M&mbsrg, HeZma;lP Geb.3, Berlin
NAM3(& $3ANK) A.PPorn~~rnr_
Obermaier Bann 309 iYlirzbu~-St3nt
'Baf.) (Baf.3
Oe3sterl.e, Hans Geb, 33, TimI--Vomrlbeq
(O.Baf.) (~b.Iasp.d,Mot,-HJ.)
ogris I Bane 568 Wolfsberg
(Bar.) (B&j
ObIn Geb.6, Nordma~k, GebietsfCihre-
schule I,
(Ltr.) l

Ost, Leopold RJF.

Otto, &odor Geb. 38, ikrtheland
(Baf .) (Abt@Ltr.)
Otto, Rudolf' Geb.3, Wartheland
Overbeck Geb,22, Bayreuth
(KBaf.) (L-bbf.)
Pannenbo~ Ban 382, OldenburpLand
(O.Baf.) (Baf. >
Panzer, Roland
Pascbke Bann 669, &migsMltte
(saf.) (Baf, 1
Pastor, Hanz RJR
Paul, Franz Gab, 26, Hamburg *
(O.Baf.) (K.-Gebf.)
van Paulberg Geb.28, Niederdonau
(Baf.‘) (Stabsleiter)
Peite Bann 283, Hamburg-Sad
(St&f.) (Bar.)
Peklo, Georg Geb.32, Salzburg
Peters, Uiilly HJ in'Nordholl.and
(O.Geff) (Bannleiter)
Petri, H8maan Geb.10, Ruhr+-Neid8rrhei.n
(H,Baf,) (K.-Gebfw)
Petter, Dr. sJF* 9 Kommandaur der Adolf-
(O&bf.) mt1er4MIulen
Pf'uderer, &zgen Geb.20,WMtemberg
0% ) (Abt,Ltr..)
Piebler Geb.$, ScImaben
(staf.) (Geb.Insp.d.Jugendlager)
Planka Bmn 452 Blmkenburg/Earz
(O.Saf.) (B&d
Plath Bann 689, schlock
(Geff.) (K.-Baf.)
Pl#li!Cs Geb.3, Berlin (Abt,Rechtsfrageb)
Pohle, Iieinz Bann 35, Brandenburg
Pontasch Bann Villach, Geb, 31
(H.Geff.) (Baf.) - -
Popp, Ernst A,H,Schule Iglau, Befst.B.u&
(u.saf.) (Ltr,)
NAXEi(~5 &U%..

Porsch, Werner
&3$38l?, &lt8~ Geb.35, Sudetenland
(Gebf.) (Gebf.)
Bmn w7 ;rVien-'k7est
-.(Staf.) 03
f I

pr$zi:., (Stabsleiter)
Geb.4, Bred-au
(Bar.) (sm.)
m81Sh8i3.D bum 561, Klagentir*t;
bf* > b-f. 1
I?kthe 13-n 236, DuisbuxpNorcd
(saf. > (Baf.)

Rad.81, Karl. Bann 739, M01sha~

(Baf.) (Baf.)
Radimerski, Hans Geb.4, Niedersch~esien, &I.
(Bar.) (Ltr.)
Raetz, Hsinz Geb.3, Serlin
(H&if.) (Stabsleiter)
Rakebrand, Dr. Gsb.10, EM~~i8de~hein
(Gebietsarzt) .
~aschke, Dr.Alfrad , Geb.18, Franken
(G8bf.j (Gebf.)
Ras8tschni.g Gab.31, -titan
(Baf'd (&b,Beauftr.~v.)
Rauter,,min Geb,31, K!!rnten
(Baf.) (Stabsleiter)
R8ckew8rth Richard ~8b.15, tiittallmd
(0.Gebf.j (Gabf.)
R8 8r Gab.31, K&rnten
r lLS&f,) (Gwbf.)
Reichert Geb.38, Varthaland
(6.&f.) (Stabsleiter)
Reichert, Oswald
(O.Geff.) (Baf.)
Reinz mb.35, K&L. Heinrichsgdn
(Baf.) (Lb.)
Rickmann Geb.24, ticklen-
Riess, Werner Bann 532 Linz-~~viert8l
(H.Gsff,) (3 a.f 3
Rietz, y?eXYl837 RJF* J Beauftr.des Reichsbauem-
(Bar,) f¶l.hrers
,Rodatz, ,Tohan#SS lilJF* 3 Arbeitsausschss
Roeder Bann 7U6 Kirchheirebo~md8n.
(Bar,) (Ba 4l
Rossdeutscher Bann 294 Creifswald
(Q.Staf*) (B@ 5
BHW 62; Komotau
?taf.) (3 tief I
saftig Geb.12, tioselland
(3af.j (Stabsleiter)
Salbrechter Bmy!E&J;j Wien
Sausrlmd Bann 13, MIinster
(W3af.) (Baf.)
Schachtebeck Geb.7, Kordsee
bf 1
sddffiir Geb.22, Bayreuth
(Bar.) (Geb.Beauftr.KLV.)
Scharf Flkrtischs HJ,
(O.Staf.) (m-r)
Scheld C%b,L+2, "rirestfaM+Hd
Schimmelpf8nnig Befehlsstelle kneralgouvemement
(H.Baf.) &-Ch8f)
Schlllsser, Dr.Rainer RJR, &III
(Mkbf.) (Chef)
Schltind8r, I)r. Km, M&Ix
(O.Gebf.) (f-f)
Schmidt Geb. a, Kurhessen
(H.13af.) (Gebf.)
Schmidt Gebe18, Prankan
Schmidt Bann.393, Hofgeismau,
(C.Eaf.) (K.-B&)
Schmidt Barn K&xQ.gr&tz, Befehlsst.B.u.&
(safe > (B3f. >
Schmidt Barn 200 Bln,Steglitz4.8mpelbof
(O.Staf.) (3 f I
Schmidt, Dr.Nalter RJF.,aA~slands-und VoIkstumsamt
(H.Baf.) (K.-Chef)
Schmidt-Voigt, l)r,Joergen Geb. 13, H8ssewNassau
Schclz Geb&O;tpreussen, H-ALU
Schott ~eb.26, HEW&IU~~
M-mm-n, Franz Geb, 37, i3anzig-Yestpreussen
SChraprmel Bann Kauf%euren, Geb.36
(Baf.) bf. >
Schreiber Geb.23, &$ittelelb8
Schreier Bann Lienz, Geb.31
(safe > 0-f. >
Schroeder, Otto Ml?., I&IV, Soziales Amt
(Gebf.) (Chef)
Schubert, Otto I
~LkJ$w8siarnm, Wien
(ss II.stunnf.)
SChUlt8, Theo Geb.17, +ngen
(Uebf,) (Gsbf.)
schilz Geb.2, Kark Brandenburg
(0J3af.) (Stellv.Gebf.)
s chulz Weissmthenische Jugend
(asaf.) cm=4
Schulz, EL Bum 723, i&thenm
(ostaf.) (K*-Baf.)
Schulze, Reinhold RJF,
(O&M.) (Beauf%r, in zlokio)
Schumann, Dr. Geb.6, NEL. IV, Leek-Scbq6rhohn
(LGeff.) (Ltr,)
Schumann Heinrich Geb, 26, Uusikschula, Zaqburg
Sch&nann, Werner Bann 89, Schwerin-Stadt
(H&f%) (safe >
Schumer Barm 553, Leibnitz,/Steiemark
(BEif, > @af,
&lgend38iter in Lissabon (Lisbon!
ScMppel, Dr.
Sctiantz, &win Geb,p, GebeitsfYihrerschule
(O.Staf,) Eichenhain
sctiartz, Dr. Geb. 10, Ruh?MJiederrhein, %4.3[N
(B&f.) (Ltr.)
SChwarZ Geb, 5, Pumera, HA.11
(O.Baf,) (Ltr.)
Schw8dler aan;B@j Jaxmm
Schweitzer Bat-m Eutin, Geb.6
Sebanz Bann 502, Wian-Ost
(Eaf.) (In~p.d.Marine-ET.)
Sy$yy Bann 75, Bremen
Seifert Gerhard Bann 11, Breslau-Stadt
(B f 5 (ReiterfWrcr)
Sickermann Geb.10, -Niederrhein
(R*Geff.) (Geb.Beauf'tr&LV.)
Sierk, Hans Geb.8, Niedersachsen
(Imaf.) (K.-Gebf.)
Siegel Csb,l"r, '#EZ. II, Ohrdmf
(K.Baf*) (Ltr.)
Si8WelFtZ Bann 753, Gardelegen
(maf.) (Ltr.)
SiJlMXl Geb.25, Vestmark, EAAV
(Baf 7 (Ltr.)
Skerb&h Geb.30, Stei8mark:
(H.Baf,) (%d3S18it4
Sphl Geb,33, Tirol-Voradberg, %!i..11
(baf.) (Ltr.)
Stahl Geb.13, Sommrlager Geilnau
(K, -Bar, ) (Ltr.)
Stange,- Alfred Bann 752, Xanzleben
(ILGeff.) (K,-Baf.)
Stasch Bann 37, Nupp8rtal
(Bar.) (Baf.)
Steffen Geb.26, Hamburg
Geb.5, Eomxxern
(Stabsleiter) '
steger Geb.37, Danzip%%@m3ussen
Steglich 'Bann 100, Dresden
(C,Saf.) (Baf.)
Stein Ban~B~~j Traunstein
Steirmetz Bairn 655 Lima
(St&l (Ba&j
stme~r Kurt Geb.38, krthelaud
SttrgF;yfrer Geb.36, Scknffaben
Stbckl, Wmm Ckb.19, Hochland
(G8bf.j (hbf.)
StBger, Hans Geb.32, Salzbu
(CLBaf.) (Stabsleiter 7
Starch Bann Ijrmburg, GebeS
Storm, Erich. Bann 419, Neurdnster and
(H.Ceff.) Bann 822, Segeberg
St&m? Geb. 32, salzburg
strah1 Bum 1, Kbnigsberg
bf+ > (B&e >
Straub, Klaus Geb.19, Hochland, SHD.
(Baf.) (IL-Geb.Xnsp.SRD.
Streng Geb20, Wttrttemberg
Stroh Bann 91, Wk&urg
bf.) (B&Q >
sttramps Bi=yB;;;j R+kmdk
Strunck Bann 9, Stargard
(O.Baf.) hf. >
Stfibing, Dr. Gsb22, Bayreuth
Stunk8 Reichsj endakademie Braunschwoig
(W3af.) @t Yr,
Sundermann, Erich Geb.20, Wr&temberg
(Mbf.) (G&f.)
3uake, Richwd BanyB~~j Beichenberg
S&s, Christian Geb.36, Sctiaban
(asaf.) (Stabd8it8r)
Synianski Geb.8, KIV. in Ham
(Uhf.) (Ltr.)
Teete, 3rohamwa Rim.
Teichmann, Gerhard RF.
(H.Baf.) (Beauftr. in D&mark)
Thams Geb.26, Harnbuq, H&IV
(ati. > (Mr.)
Thielen (iwQ.2, WestfaILen-s&3, HA.1.
(O.Baf.) (Ltr.)
Thiessen Bann 5, Gross-Danzig
(maf.) (Baf.)
Tholna RJF., Dienststelle underland-
(H.~af.) v&schickung
(BeaWtr. in Ungarn)
Thomas) Erha;tz. Baan 864, Vilshofen; Bann 316,
bf*) Passau.
(Baf. >
Thumm, Fritz
Thwer Bann 512 Bmckl%eitha
(H.Wf.) (BBf
Tichy Gib.2j,*iiitt~l*lb*
Tiedaxmann Bann.238, Kleve
(H.C&ff.j IZrich (K.-Baf.)
Tritschler Bann 256 Nort;he5zl
(Baf .) (3 a.f 5
Tuchscherer Gebe37, DanzwWestpreussen
U'lrich Geb.I.9, Hochland
(O.Baf.) (in Stab)
Unger, Georg Geb.20, Wtittemberg
(Baf.) (Abt.Ltr.)
Unger, Halter Gebr&, Mecklenburg
(KBaf.) (Gebf.)
Urban, Walter Bann 765, Rernkastel
Geb. 35, \YEL. Wildflecken
Vt&.er, Dr,%gen Geb.10, RutiNiederrhein
VOllm~tZX? HJ. in Barcelona/Span.
(H&ff.) (sm* 1
voss Befehlsstelle Niederlande
(O.Baf,) (Stabsleiter)
Voss, Dr. Geb.24, Mecklenbuq
Waiblinger Bann 312, Memmingen
(O.Staf.) (Baf. and SOF.)
Wallrabe GebJl, Kbln Aachen
BW 90, Restock-Stadt
tvaming, Dr.Herbert Geb.7, Nordsea
Weber, Albert Bann 74.6, btuUm,xsen
(O.Baf. > (Baf.)
Weber, Martin Bam 855, I%rstenfeldbruck
Weber, Otto E&.33, Timl-Vomr~be~
(H.Baf.) (G&f.)
Weber, Rolf Geb.28, Nisdercionau, HAJV
(Bar,) (Ltr.)
Wegner, Gerd Geb.5, Ponullarn
(H.Baf,) (GM.)
%hnert G&,5, Rmne~
(O.Baf.) (Gayj~en~alter)
Weidmann i3ann 533, Amstetten
Weinzierl GtC1.27,Witrn
(3af. > (Beauftr.f.vomilit~sche.
NM (& lxinx) AWCWi~dT

Weldegg Bann 545, Graz-Stadt

(Baf.) (IL-Baf.)
Weller' Gebb5, Pmmern, WEL,I
“wnr Gerhard Erster Adjutant des Reichsjugen-'
Wendt G&,37, W&. Bodetinkel
(OStaf,) (Mr.!
Wentzlau Bann Bernburg, kb.23
(II,-Baf.) (Kdaf.)
Werle, Ceorg Bann 25, Aachen-Stadt
hf.) (Baf*)
%%sselmann, IMx3-t August Bana 1% Bielsfeld
@B&f.) (B f I
Wey, Klaus Geb.P~,"We&nark, Gebietsftlhrer
Wicks Geb3, BerUn
k~iegmann, Gustav Bann 60, Oberhausen
(asaf.) @a
Vflhebn Bann 299, GElstmw
(staf.) (Be*)
Nillier Ulrich Barn 125 Ttibingen
(J-f j c-f 3
Wirkkel.Lr&er Bann Z&, Recklinghausen
(Star.) (Stellv. Baf.)
Winter RJF,,HA.IV, Amt Bauezntwund
(o.hf,) . Landdienst
Witte Baan 820 Flansburg-Land
(astaf.) (B8f 3
JMAcfmm Bam& Frankenthal
Woerner BanyBzyJ Doxnbirn
Wolff BanyBgl Geldarn
oaf* 1
Wollner Geb. 39, Mainfranken'
(H.Baf.) (Geb,BeaufYx. XIX,)
Mirschinger, Otti WF.
(H&f.) (HA.Ltr.)
Zachau Bann 92, Braunschw~
(Baf *) (J-f,)
Zaaeraz wit1i Barn 576, Imst
bf'*j (Baf.)
Zander Ii?-* ) IlAdIs, Kult-t;
&LB&) (chfd
Zeitlang Geb.29, WZJ II
(StaC) (Mr.)
Zettl Bann 569, Innsbmck-Stadt
(0. st8f.)
Bann 2&6 ItiObe;rstein
ziY~~:l t-f. 5
Zimmermann Geb.21, Badm
anther Geb.23, Mittelelbe
&mtt10r &&hJlsstelle %3P8d&==Nf-nt~

(Q.Baf,) (Raaom)
Dien(tanjug her tj7. Dienftanjug bee D7.

lung;ugfUhnr a04Dl. 1ew0wk!w lungbmm(Uhrn

Bnnnfllhnt smoqumrt DW ljl. mwnqmer-jungp Im dlg~m~lnen PII lrommelbube Im groUen
Im iion0orDlenpm~ug Im gropon Im gropm uuntrrtllDnpon~ug Im nllgemc4non D1.-fUhnr-DI~nffon)ug
BommerDlonUnnjug m!j1.-mplmJUg 5omm~rblenpnnyg
mlt ooll~t Rurrllpung 4%
wm.-miw mm,-miw jungmtlbel ttntqauftthterb
mlt BDfll.-Ulefle unb mlt manrot In 5ommertraht In 5ummertrarht -..
unb sbm.-mugt2
!idwltecklappen unb Sckulter(tiickeher fi7. Sonberabjetthen

Dl -Rrmpwbo q1.-RDlutonl
I”. ““g**lip, bQl &VII.trller
).I 0, lln,m

nrmrmeibo fur ato m0t0t-ijl. Fleiter-q1.

6GbiPtOfUanBI Uborgou lk’tbltnburg 14 llbjwhnl b@rtleith~fUhr@r~dwlm~

nOFltlOn*ormtlcL?btn Rtmtwlecb 6, l,,>hm
I )
I\ \
^:;I’; ,

(23) L (38) WARTHELAND










/(17) THiiRlNCEN


/ ‘i
2 , :i ’ ‘/
’\ i. ,<i”
(18) r-./j - \ --,
ii FRANKEN ;\, (22) BAYREUTH “‘L,


i.?j\,, 1 -, ,,”
” (29)


i <,
_ i -\ i 1

3Jf.A.E.~ C-2. C.l. Sub-Sect/on f.&3.


GEBIET ,--I- ----,-


-J -I,_~,.J

Hitler Youth Regions