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Philosophy of Classroom Management

As a teacher, providing a safe, comfortable classroom environment and maximizing

opportunities for student learning are the most important factors in governing student behavior.
In this statement, I will describe my strategies for establishing and maintaining a wellmanaged
environment to optimize learning opportunities. My strategies are highly influenced by !arry
and "osemary #ong.
$o ma%e the room stimulating and visually appeasing, I decorate it with science&math
materials as well as examples of student wor%. $he plants and animals in my science
classroom are designed to bring in natural life and attract students' interest. At the same time,
to minimize student distraction, these stimuli are positioned on the periphery or in the bac% of
the room. (i%ewise, formulas, e)uations, and theories are displayed in my math room.
In order to help all students feel welcome and comfortable, I get to %now their names and
interests right away and have informal conversations with them. All students' interests,
strengths, and cultural bac%grounds are welcomed and valued. I treat all students e)uitably and
interact and communicate with them to ma%e them feel cared for, listened to, and respected.
My efforts to respond to all student )uestions and to remain patient and calm contribute to my
comforting, welcoming classroom environment.
At the beginning of the year, I communicate my rules and expectations clearly and
directly. I re)uire students and their parents to sign a contract stating that they have read and
understand my behavioral and academic expectations and conse)uences. In addition, my
science students sign a safety contract. $hese contracts help to create a safe, positive, wor%
oriented environment where students are comfortable and time is not wasted on unnecessary or
preventable events* as a result, there is more time available for )uality instruction.
$o minimize confusion, I find it helpful to tell students what is expected of them and how
to succeed in the class. +or example, daily routines and procedures are implemented and
posted. A wee%ly calendar of assignments and due dates are also visible. ,y using these
things consistently, students become familiar with them and achieve a sense of security in my
classroom. I also provide students with ob-ectives and clear, concise directions visually and
vocally. $hese things help %eep students focused, creating fewer behavioral issues and
allowing for more meaningful instruction time.
$o prevent students from becoming sidetrac%ed and bored, it is important to have a
continuous flow of activities. $o ensure this, I plan all of my lessons with extra activities for
unexpected .free/ time. All of my materials are organized in terms of accessibility and
availability so less time is spent accessing them. $hese efforts help ensure that class time is
used wisely for furthering education.
In sum, a wellmanaged classroom creates a comfortable, safe place where students
want to learn. It also prevents distracting events and behavioral issues, which allows for more
)uality instructional and learning time.