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Potential Supplier List

Global Tissue Group http://www.globaltissuegroup.com/

Clear Water Paper http://www.clearwaterpaper.com/tissue-products/privatelabel
National Tissue Company http://www.nationaltissue.com/private-label
Green^2 http://truegreen2.com/wp/private-label-paper-manufacturers/
Supplier Evaluation Criteria
Suppliers will be evaluated by the following criteria;
Product Qualification Quality score as indicated in Supplier Qualification section
Supplier delivery lead time
Compliance to ISO 14001 and renewable material usage.
Quoted per unit price per terms of the stated contract and materials.
Supplier General Qualifications
The following is the necessary requirements to meet acceptance as a supplier Titan Markets.
Titan Market is committed to environmentally responsible products and is a part of ISO 14001 green
Quality System
Supplier must maintain a documented quality system to ensure control and conformance to the
requirements per ISO- 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. A copy of the current certifications must be
provided to Titan Markets prior to any acceptance as a supplier.
Record Retention
Supplier shall have a written procedure for the documentation and retention of quality records
for a minimum of 5 yrs. Documentation is no limited to product quality, inspection, and certificate of
Supplier Pre-Approval
In order to be accepted as a supplier to Titan Markets, the selection criteria must meet the
A signed copy of the Mutual Non-disclosure agreement
A financial survey showing last 5yrs of business records.
Environmental responsibility per ISO 14001 Standards
Quality management system per ISO 9001 Standards
Successful completion of a pilot lot qualification
Insurance records must be provided
Supplier Quality Minimum requirements
At a minimum the supplier must meet the following quality requirements in order to maintain
their approval as a Titan Markets supplier.
Delivery shall meet 95% on time delivery as determined by standard lead time.
Paper quality shall meet in compliance with industry standard
Paper must come from 100% post-consumer waste or 100% renewable resources such as grass,
sugar cane, etc
Product Quality shall meet with 95% Paper quality. 98 % packaging quality.
Specific toilet paper requirements
Sheet count must meet 300-350 rolls two ply toilet paper
Roll dimensions shall be 4.5 in diameter by 5 inches long following commercial paper quality
Cardboard roll must be included within each roll per Industry standards
Packaging labeling must be on the external packaging only.
Rolls shall be packaged 4 and 16 piece packages in shrink wrap plastic with Titan Market logo.
Supplier Qualification
Supplier will deliver Pilot sample of rolls in 30 packaged units of four roll styled packages, and 20
sixteen roll styled packages.
Material certification records shall be supplied prior to submittal of Pilot sample.
Rolls will be examined for dimensional, paper quality, and tensile strength as defined by industry
Upon successful completion of pilot lot sample supplier will be notified of acceptance of pilot lot
A score of 1-100 will be given based on dimensional criteria, packaging, and labeling legibility.
The higher the score the better quality of the product provided.
Defective materials will be identified and sent back to supplier for root cause analysis.
Corrective actions need to be submitted with completion date prior to any requalification
Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions
In the Contract Conditions and (where the context so admits) in Schedule C:
1.1 The Purchaser means The Titan Markets Group LTD

1.2 The Supplier means the person or firm or company whos Tender has been
accepted by the Purchaser and includes the Supplier's personal representatives,
successors and permitted assignees, sub Suppliers, sub lessees or other transferee

1.3 Delivery means the delivery of the Goods by the Supplier to the Purchaser

1.4 The Goods means any such goods as are to be supplied to the Purchaser by the
Supplier (or by any of the Suppliers sub-Suppliers) pursuant to or in connection with
the Contract and shall, where the context so admits, include any Services that may
be provided there under;

1.5 Purchase Order means each document (each bearing an official and unique Titan
Markets Group LTD purchase order number), setting out the Purchasers
requirements from time to time for the Contract.

2 Contract
2.1 The Supplier shall provide goods in accordance with the conditions specified here in
after specified per section 3.
2.2 In the event the supplier fails to execute to provide goods or any part thereof in
accordance of the contract, then without prejudice to any other right or remedy
which the purchaser may recover from the supplier the full amount of the costs
incurred by the supplier.
3 Period of Contract
The contract shall commence, and the supplier shall provide goods in terms thereof from
the contract commencement date. Supplier shall cease to provide goods on October 15
with option of extending two additional years upon approval by both parties.