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1 How organized retailers positively influence consumer behavior and perception

2 Retail Rise in India-Tracking the Indian Retail Revolution

!tudy on "onsumer behavior in retail industry in global #arket
$ The changing face of retailing in India
#arketing campaign to magnetize customers for a newly launched apparel retail
& "onsumer buying behavior at 'arment retail stores
( !"# strategies in retail )arehousing
* +ffect of "onsumer ,ehavior in Retail ,oom in India
- 'ap analysis of "onsumer behavior in !upermarkets
1. Retail !cenario-+lectronic 'oods
11 /ctivation of Retail customer ,ase
12 The "hanging 0ace of Retailing in India
1 !tudy on +ffect of "onsumer ,ehavior in Retail ,oom in India
1$ Impact of 1rganized Retailing on the 2norganized !ector
1% 3otential of 'arment Retailing
1& The 'lobal retail scenario
1( 1perations 4 retail
1* 5ey 3erformance Indicators of a Retail !tore and 0actors /ffecting The 5ey
1- 3erformance Indicators
2. +-Tailing consumer preferences towards +-Tailing in India
21 Issues in retail pro6ect
22 "onsumer 3erception towards 1rganized Retail !ervices
/ !tudy on "ustomer !atisfaction in Retail !tore 7 !upply "hain #anagement
2$ / !tudy on "onsumer 3reference for 8epartmental !tores
2% Impact of organized Retail on 2norganized !ector in India
2& Retail !cenario in India
2( #arket survey of readymade foods available in market
2* "onsumer 3references towards +-Tailing in India with special reference to 9
"ompetition /nalysis and "onsumer behavior of strategic marketing of Household
electronic goods
/n in-depth analysis of +lectronic "ommerce in India and its strategies to attract
1 "ustomer retention strategies
2 "ompetition analysis and consumer behavior for strategic marketing
+merging Trends In 0ashion Industry
$ !ales 3romotion 7 "ompetitive /nalysis of !oftware 3roducts
% / !tudy on Implementation of +R3 in !#,s in "hennai region
& #arket /nalysis of Information security 7 IT 'overnance
( ,usiness 3rocess reengineering !trategies for !oftware "ompanies
/n in-depth analysis of +lectronic "ommerce in India and its strategies to attract
- Indian IT 1utsourcing: 3resent and future scenario
$. / !tudy on +ffectiveness of 8irect #arketing on +ducational !oftware
$1 Internet #arketing
#arketing survey to understand consumer perception about uses of social media sites as a
source of 6ob opportunities
$ 3ositioning of IT-!ervices in "orporate !egment
$$ Research and /nalysis of the "urrent !cenario of IT #anagement and !ecurity
$% / study on Internet ,anking service and security issues face by the bank "ustomers
$& ,usiness !trategy of IT companies
$( / !tudy on the Implementation of +R3 in !#,s
$* / study on marketing and competitive strategies of corporate
$- Hardware marketing
%. #arket /nalysis for Information !ecurity 7 IT 'overnance
%1 !oftware e;ports
%2 / study on "ustomer<s !atisfaction among corporate customers
!trategies to increase the confidence level of investors in #utual 0unds in
Indian #arket
%$ 3reference of 1ption Trading on "ommodity 8erivative #arket in India
%% 0actors /ffecting 3rofitability in "ommodity #arket
%& /nalyze and suggest the effective means of investment in Indian stock market
To analyze how the sub prime crisis started and how it affected the banking
sector in India
%* Investment !trategy and 3ortfolio #anagement
=alue proposition for financial institutions operating in the backdrop of the
economic down turn
&. Investment 1pportunities in India
&1 !tudy of +>uity #arket and "ompetitive /nalysis of !tock ,rokerage Houses
&2 Investors /ttitude towards 3rimary #arket
& )orking of !tock +;change 7 8epositary !ervices
&$ "hanging !cenario of investment in !tock market
&% 1ption as a tool for hedging strategies
&& 8erivative #arket in India
&( ?ocal #arket research on +dible 1il
&* "onsumption 3attern of !oft drinks in "hennai #arket
&- !trategies to improve the effectiveness of !elling and branding biscuits
2sage@ /ttitude@ ,ehavior and 3erception of 3eople towards 8airy 3roducts
awareness survey
(1 3ositioning strategy for bathing soaps in "hennai market
(2 Home consumption of !oft drinks
( 2sage@ attitude study and perception of consumers about li>uid milk
($ / study on consumer preference towards milk 7 milk products in "hennai
(% "onsumer behaviour 7 brand positioning of li>uid milk
(& +ffectiveness of "hocolate /dvertisement towards its sales
(( "ompetitive analysis of ice-creams
(* "onsumer survey on li>uid milk 7 milk products
(- / market survey on potential consumption of li>uid milk
*. / study on market share@ competitors and e;pansion of a dairy brand
*1 !ales 7 distribution of beverages
*2 ,randing 7 selling strategies of biscuits in India
* / study on uni>ue selling propositions of low cost biscuits in rural market
*$ #arket survey of readymade foods available in market
*% "omparative study on effective marketing strategy
*& /nalysis 1f "ustomer !atisfaction #easurement #etrics
"ompetition /nalysis and "onsumer behavior of strategic marketing of Household
electronic goods
/n in-depth analysis of +lectronic "ommerce in India and its strategies to attract
*- "onsumer 3references towards +-Tailing in India
-. / study on purchasing behavior of iron and steel dealers in "hennai market
-1 IndiaAs Iron 7 !teel Industry
-2 !"# strategies in retail )arehousing
- !"# in Te;tile
-$ !upply chain management - an Indian perspective<
-% Te;tiles-?ogistics
,rand promotion strategies to create healthy relationship between customers and
-( ,randing-It<s Impact on the "onsumer 8ecision
-* ,rand /wareness
-- ,rand ,uilding
1.. ,rand #anagement
1.1 ,rand Image
1.2 ,uilding customer brand e>uity
1. ,rand perception of customers
1.$ /ll about branding
1.% Impact of ?ogos 7 Taglines in brand promotion
1.& ,rand promotion and consumer purchasing behaviour
1.( "ustomer based brand e>uity model
1.* !ecret of multi-branding
1.- ,rand loyalty 7 customer satisfaction
11. ,rand /wareness and ,rand ,uilding /ctivities