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27th & 29th May

Kindy Screening

Wednesday 28th May
Book Fair Parade

Thursday 29th May
Musica Viva 11.30am

Friday 30th May
Pupil Free Day

Monday 2nd June
Western Australia Day
Public Holiday

Thursday 5th June

Tuesday 10th June
Class Photos

Friday 13th June
P&C Disco

Tuesday 24th June
Tuckshop Rm 4
From the Principal

Teaching & Learning at NFPSAn Update
As staf we have begun a process to clarify what teaching & learning
is at North Fremantle Primary School. The process will see us
gaining informaton about what our major school community
stakeholders (students, staf and parents) view teaching and learning
to be at North Fremantle Primary School. We have gathered
informaton about learning from our parents through the parent
questonnaire sent out last term (sent along with the parent
engagement survey through the IPS applicaton process). A
summary of this is provided in the link below and presented as a
word cloud.
Our aim is to also create a word cloud for our students based on
student focus groups, interviews and staf workshops. We will then synthesize the 3 word clouds to
identfy trends and commonalites. Similar keywords would then form a part of our common framework
for teaching and learning at North Fremantle Primary School.
Once we have developed our teaching and learning framework it will allow us to engage in deeper staf
and student conversatons about teaching and learning, inform school strategic directons, clarify teach-
ing and learning in our community and promote teaching and learning to our community and beyond.
Please click on the link below for a summary of what our parent community value about learning. Words
that appear larger in the word cloud were stated more frequently in the questonnaire.

Year 7 Transiton to Secondary School
In 2015 Year 7 students will move to secondary school. The move will provide your child with the same
opportunites as children across Western Australia, giving them access to specialist subject teaching and
facilites needed for the Australian Curriculum.
As a year 7 student in a secondary school your child will be introduced to new and more demanding
mathematcal concepts including formal algebra and geometry, and will study biological and physical
Newsletter Issue 6, 16 May 2013
Newsletter Issue 18, 5th December 2013
Our Vision
For all students at North Fremantle Primary School to experience learning that is purposeful, engaging and empowers them
to become life long learners.
Our Mission
Through partnerships with parents and the local community, we will provide an inclusive environment in which our students
can develop the knowledge skills, understandings and confidence to reach their potential.

Email the school administration: NorthFremantlePS@education.wa.edu.au
Email Teachers direct: Room? NorthFremantlePS@education.wa.edu.au (Please insert which room # your child is in)
range of learning experiences such as computer science, robotcs food science woodwork and metal work.
The move will provide excitng new opportunites for your child. Our school and staf are working hard to prepare for this transiton.
If you have any questons I encourage you to visit the Departments parent website at www.det.wa.edu.au/schoolsandyou or make
tme to meet with me.

Kindergarten Enrolment for 2015
The cut of date for Kindergarten enrolments for 2015 is fast approaching so this note serves as a reminder to all families who wish to
enrol at North Fremantle Primary School Kindergarten for 2015 that we are now taking applicatons for enrolments. Applicatons will
then be considered and families will be formally notfed of enrolment afer the cut of date 25 July 2014.
Room 2 - Liz Smith

Weve been ferociously busy in Pre-primary - its no wonder were all so tred! Last week the chil-
dren triumphed in their retelling of Pamela Allens story Who Sank the Boat in our Class Assembly
Item. They really rose to the challenge of public speaking and I was so proud of their performance.
We baked many delicious treats and hosted an afernoon tea in honour of Mothers Day on Friday
which was simple to the point of perfecton, thank you to all who were able to atend.
Alongside our ongoing acquisiton of vital literacy and numeracy
skills the children have been creatng interestng transport
models using a range of constructon toys and recycled goodies
and working collaboratvely on a
background for class artwork. The children are becoming
more adept at explaining what they are learning and why
and their many eforts in the classroom both social and
academic - are really paying of and I think we are almost
wholly responsible for Mr. Di Felice running out of Principal
Award stckers!
Parents, there is a LOT going on at our litle school with big
ideas please look out for the additonal Pre-primary infor-
maton sheet which the children will be bringing home soon.
Room 1 - Lisa Miller

What a busy few weeks we have had in Kindy. We have been learning all about syllables in words and recognising our
numbers up to 10. Well done to Wes and Amelia who have been our Stars of the week and have had Benson Bear visit their
home. Have a look at some of the fantastc things we have been doing!

Room 3 - Bev Lane
Last week everyone wrote some lovely things about their mums for Mothers
Day. It was good to see that all of your hard work is appreciated.

Its great to see the children are developing good work habits through doing
their home reading and homework.

This week as part of our history project we are talking about ourselves as babies,
so it would be appreciated if you can fnd a baby photo that we could photocopy
and return. It is always fun and educatonal to compare ourselves now and then.

This week our Years 3, 5 and 7 students partcipated in the 2014 NAPLAN assessments. I was impressed in the way our
students gave 100% during all assessments. We look forward to gaining the students results later this year.

Alex Di Felice

Rooms 5 - Brent Snook
As you can imagine this week has been a busy one with our year 5 students completng their NAPLAN
testng. Well done to all students for an excellent efort and applicaton.

As a class this term we have been reading the novel Gif of the Gab by Morris Gleitzman. We are focussing
on connectng parts of the story to individual events that have happened in our own lives, which has
created some interestng discussion around some the adventures our students have been on.

We would like to wish all the hard working mums out there a happy Mothers day for last Sunday. We hope
you all got spoilt with breakfast in bed and a lovely day with your family.
Room 4 - Rochelle Reeves & Belinda Baldey

Room 7 - Chris John

Room 4 students have put on their dancing shoes and are rockin out in our edudance
lessons. We have some very talented groovers.
Our budding scientsts are getng lots of exposure to
chemistry with the help
of Mr Bill. We blew into
a test-tube to fnd out if
we are human. What do
you think the result was?
Some of us are feeling
fractured about fractons
and dont be surprised if your children are trying to chop
everything into fractons this week.
There has also been a lot of discussion about doing your
fair share of chores at home. We are sure that all mums
and dads must be reaping the rewards.
The frst few weeks back in Room 7 have been
packed with NAPLAN revision and preparaton but
we have found some tme to cover some diferent
content. The class has been creatng some fantastc
poetry in English, using metaphor and symbolism to
show the atributes they share with diferent
In Health we have been looking at the defniton of
maturity, more specifcally the ability to respond
appropriately to the environment. Last but not least
weve also been getng stuck into Edudance on
Fridays with enthusiasm, as the photos show.

By Marcus Lelong
I am a wolf
Standing on the mountain
Watching a winter stream
My life is shared
with those for whom I
I am a wolf
My loyalty cannot be

On Tuesday May 6
three teams from North Fremantle headed over the road to
compete in the WACA T20 Blast Cricket Carnival against Winterfold, White Gum
Valley, Fremantle and East Hamilton Hill Primary Schools. The day saw our students
take some amazing catches,
bowl and feld brilliantly and
try their best to hit some balls
into the river.
Although we didnt win
enough games to bring back some silverware our bunch represented
the school beautfully. Well done to all that took part, and thanks to the
P&C for their contributon on the day.
P&C News
The opening tme for the Uniform Shop has now changed to 8.30am 9.00am TUESDAYS.

Book Club at North Fremantle PS 2014
What: Book Club is run as a fundraiser thru the P&C and involves ofering a catalogue each term of mostly book items. Choosing to
purchase or not is your call no pressure. Age appropriate catalogues are given to each year group an older child may have a
diferent catalogue to the younger- but they usually ofer a generic specials catalogue at the same tme.
Why: The company gives back 20% of sales as credits for the school to use. In the past book prizes & awards as well as class books
have been purchased.
History: Book Club thru Scholastc Pty Ltd has been running for over 10 years at the school. In 2012, we reviewed our relatonship
with the company & decided to contnue to ofer their catalogues once a term.
How: Fill in the back page order form & return it to the marked purple box in the front ofce.
Who: Glenda Farmer (Ruby Yr.3) has managed the book club for a few years now & has raised upwards of $500 which has been
used to purchase the majority of Merit Award prize books which is fantastc. Your Book Club co-ordinator this term is Francine (Lini
Yr.7 & Tino Yr.5) 0413 248 241

Art NewsMargie Campbell
Well I do hope you all enjoyed the ceramics that the students made. There
was certainly a lot of efort put into making sure the wrapping was neat
and, oh boy ribbon curling can be very challenging. I thought the gifs
looked amazing, I hope you all enjoyed them.

This term the students will be embarking on a T and E project. The younger
years will be creatng a party kit designing their own set including party
hat, napkin, paper plate and cup. If you have any lefover hats, etc. from
partes at your house please send them in for examples.
Natonal Walk Safely to School DayFriday 23 May 2014

Natonal Walk Safely to School Day is a community initatve that aims to raise
awareness of the health, road safety, transport and environmental benefts that
regular walking (especially to and from school) can provide for the long term health
of our children.
The event also promotes improved diets, positve environmental acton, beter use
of public transport with reduced car dependency and important road safety messag-
es such as children aged 10 years or under must always hold the hand of an adult when crossing the road.
There are 2 Dockers players (were not sure who at this stage) coming to the school this Friday to take photos to help promote this
initatve. Mrs Lane is very excited!
We encourage as many families walking to school on Friday 23rd May as possible.
The older students will be designing a milk carton and promotonal poster. Please send in any choc milk, iced cofee cartons
that you may collect to use as discussion models.

I am pleased to announce that we have once again been successful in receiving the PALS grant from the Department of
Indigenous Afairs. Our aim is to work with Artst and Author Norma MacDonald during the NAIDOC week celebratons. Please
come and see me if you have any ideas for events for NAIDOC week in our school.

Wednesday, May 28 (Viewing on Tuesday 27
afer school untl 4pm)
A Fancy Dress Parade will be held in the music room from 8:45am - Parents and Families are welcome. Classes will visit the
Book Fair in the library during their normal library tme. (There will be no returning or borrowing of books that week). Imagine
Dymocks and Smiggles got married Thats what our Book Fair looks like only ours is afordable! Dont forget this month is
Natonal Family Reading Month, so take tme to read with your children. Theyll love you for it.
A Reminder - All book reviews and colouring in entries need to be submited to the ofce by Wed 21st