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Chapter V : Water and Solution

Subtopic v.vi : Water Purification
What is Water Purification and the Method
Natural sources of water contain all types of
impurities . This water is not suitable for drinking .
Water from natural sources needs to be purified so
that it is safe for drinking .
What is Water Purification ?
Natural sources of water include :
- Rain Water
- Spring Water
- Well Water
- River Water
- Lake Water
- Pond Water
- Seawater
Natural Sources of Water
Water from the natural sources often contain
impurities such as :
- Microorganism
- Suspended substances
- Dissolved substances
- Decomposed substances
- Silt
Natural Sources and Its Content
Natural Sources
of Water
Rain Water - The purest form of water
- Contain dust , dissolve gases and microorganism
Spring and Well
- Originate from rain water that seeps through the layer of soil
- Contain Microorganism and mineral salts
River and Lake
- Not clean
- Contain a lot of impurities such as decomposed substances , silt ,
Microorganisms and mineral salts .
Pond Water - More dirty than river water
- This is because pond water does not flow freely
Sea Water - Contains a lot of dissolved mineral salts ; contain Microorganism and
Theres a few method to filter the water .

a) Filtration
b) Chlorination
c) Boiling
d) Distillation
Method of Water Purification
A filtration funnel is used to filter the water
Filtration can only remove impurities such as
suspended substances .
The filtered is not safe for human consumption
because the water still contains Microorganism and
dissolved substances
What is Filtration ?
The Example of Sand
It including :
- Muddy Water
- Fine Sand
- Coarse Sand
- Pebbles
- Stones
This is the simplest method of producing water that is
fit for drinking
Boiling kills all dangerous Microorganism but it
cannot remove all impurities and dissolved material .

What is Boiling ?
Chlorination method can kills all the Microorganism
but it can not kills all impurities and dissolve
substances .
Excess chlorination can be a hazard to human health
because chlorine is poisonous . Use in a
recommended quantity .
Chlorination is an easy method of purifying water in a
large quantity usually at the purification plants .
What is Chlorination ?
Chlorine is a chemical element with CI
symbol and atomic number 17 .
Chlorine is a halogen group and is the
second lightest halogen than flourine
Its formed diatomic molecules .

Atomic Number : 17
Atomic mass : 35.453 0.002 u
Electron Configuration : Ne 3s2 3p5
Discoverer : Sir Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Discovered : 1774
Distillation is a process where water is boiled until it
becomes steam ( vapour ) .
The steam produced is then condensed to form pure
water known as distilled water .

What is Distillation ?

Distilled water is free from suspended particles ,
Microorganisms and dissolved substances
Distilled water is not suitable for drinking because its
does not contain any dissolved mineral salts that is
need by our body
Distilled water is tasteless and is not nice to drink .
Distilled Water ? Whats that ?