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A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

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A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”


It’s exciting to see things unfold as I watch what is happening in the lives of Breakthrough to Brilliancemembers. One of my goals is to empower you, the reader, to accomplish more personal growth, inner-peace and happiness- and your amazing feedback inspires me to continue to offer more and more…

That’s why, because of your incredible feedback and enthusiasm, I’ve decided to do something a little extra for you that I was never planning on doing.

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Long story short, I was just seeing how you liked them … and I have to say I’m absolutely over the moon about your response, (MANY students are sending in positive feedback about their results with the audios so far … and it is very, very encouraging.)

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

So from today, onwards …

I’m automatically upgrading you (for FREE) to a VIP platinum member.

This means you’re getting the same level of membership that platinum members pay up to

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Starting from this lesson, you’ll now receive a minimum of two brand new life-changing audio recordings from me – each month. These will include exclusive guided visualizations, meditations, brainwave entrainment, hypnosis sessions and/or NLP coaching sessions (whichever is best suitable for your ongoing transformation). And you’ll get these every month… for FREE.

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I’m so excited about this because this allows me to help so many more people… to empower and grow your life onto many greater and more exciting ventures.

Now! For today’s Breakthrough to Brilliance lesson!

This lesson goes a little deeper than some of the others, but what you’re about to learn is a

vital part of the "jigsaw" of the Law of Attraction.

Without knowing this vital piece of

information - the law of attraction simply won’t work for you

. Also inside:

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

How I arrived at a "formula" for happiness. All you want to know is the formula, right? (So I’m going to give this to you!)

You’ll be able to silence your chattering mind, “tap into” and “recognize” your intuition nudges (which can bring you amazing ly positive results!)

You’ll discover the reasons why so many people struggle in life– and why you don’t have to anymore! (if you follow these simple, little-known universal ‘behaviors’)

I’ll also introduce you to a wonderful meditation that will take you no more than 20minutes at a time, yet give yo u extraordinary results in your life!


yet give yo u extraordinary results in your life! PLUS … In keeping on with my

In keeping on with my promise of “overdelivering” with amazing value, I’m also

going to prepare a wonderfully relaxing brainwave entrainment meditation

for you. You’ll receive this in about 4 days time (before your next weekly lesson!)

Now, let’s get onto the lesson!


Note: It is Recommended That You Print This Document for more enjoyable reading and

learning experience. It is 25 pages with some color pages. You should place each module

into a binder. Even if you don’t use it all now you can archive it to use later.

Recommended Resources: Noel Jones Subliminal videos – speed up your personal growth,

without the need for willpower! Highly recommended.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”


to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire” Introduction I have to say, this is the issue I've

I have to say, this is the issue I've been most looking forward to writing. This is where it

really gets exciting, because once you "get" what I'm about to share with you in the coming

pages … your life can really take off!

Allow me, if you will, to share some of my life experiences with you and see if you can recognize any of them yourself!

I was around 14 years young when I began to wonder what life was all about. I'd obviously

already had that "talk" from school and my parents, so I understood where I'd "come from" - at a biological level. But that didn't satisfy my perhaps unusual curiosity that I’d developed …

Who was I? How did I get here? And what was life all about?

I began asking anyone who I thought might not laugh me out of the room if I asked such

questions… it was then I realized with some horror that my life story seemed destined look

something like this:

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

"I've shown up in the world. I have no recollection of asking to do that and I didn't give anyone permission to land me here. I don't know why I'm ‘me’.

"Apparently, there are no real guarantees in life except death. (Some people joked about "taxes", but I'd heard some people don't pay those). No one can tell me why death occurs, nor when it will happen to me, or how. There are a vast number of conflicting ideas about what may happen afterwards, but nobody has ever come back to say for certain.

"So, I've turned up and I quite like it, but whether I like it or not, one day I have to leave again. Everything else in between is kind of uncertain, and seemingly a matter of genetics or luck as to whether I'm happy and successful or not."

This just didn't seem like a fair deal to me! But when I chewed over it a bit, I realized it was literally an invitation for me to create my own “in between” experience. The problem was how. Where should I start?

There was, therefore, only one thing to do and it was dead simple! All I had to do was check with other people to see how they made their lives happy. Obviously, (as my fourteen year old mind reasoned…) since everyone realizes that their time is limited, they would all make the most of whatever time they had!

Now my first stop was naturally, with my folks - and for good reason. Because my folks were two of the most incredibly content and happy people I knew!

I often wondered why my parents were so happy. My main comparison was with my friend's parents, many of whom were stressed about life and some of them even hated their jobs. Relaxation just didn't come easy to them.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Even my teachers at school had furrowed brows. What separated them? So I asked my folks

this exact question!

Unfortunately (for me) they had no concrete answers to offer. You see, this regular

harmonious state came so naturally to them, that they literally just thought they were “lucky”.

(No pun intended with my surname here . This is actually what they believed!)

As a side note: my parents were truly a perfect illustration of two people who naturally lived most of their lives in harmony with (what’s now known as) the “Law of Attraction”. Yet, they had no idea what they were doing “right” that attracted all their wonderful good fortune to them.

It took me many years of searching to finally discover what the secret was behind their success and happiness – and I’m going to share this profound knowledge with you in a moment.

The problem I saw was, other people didn’t appear to be so happy – and my parents

(although I had the good fortune to model many of my behaviors off them) were unable to

shed any tangible light as to what their secret was – or even if there was one!

Somewhere in the back of my mind a cloud of doubt hovered, wondering if some of us were

just supposed to strive (stress?) for good grades just to end up in jobs we'd hate. Surely, this

wasn't what life was about?

I began reading books on the subject, and the overarching lesson that screamed out at me

was that human happiness is an elusive and rare condition. It appeared the formula for utopia

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

was just a fantasy. Fairy stories I'd heard only a few short years before which all ended, " and they all lived happily ever after," were just that - fairy tales.

Something was wrong here. I just couldn’t accept this as a "fact of life."

After all - you don't see unhappy newborn infants, and you don't see unhappy animals as a rule. It's only when older humans interfere in their development that children and other species begin to suffer!

Now, I've told you a lot of my story already, and this isn't an autobiography. It's your course, your breakthrough to brilliance. There isn't time or need to tell you every step of the way how I arrived at a "formula" for happiness. All you want to know is the formula, right?

Well first …

Here’s what I’ve discovered NOT to do! (which is just as important to be aware of)

NOT to do! (which is just as important to be aware of) Perhaps I should start

Perhaps I should start by pointing out what is probably the obvious: how to be unhappy. That

goes something like this:

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

As much as you can, overlook, ignore or override your physical needs. Don't eat when you're hungry, ignore your daily need for sleep and deprive yourself of hours of it as often as possible, and when you do eat make sure it's full of stuff that's toxic to your body.

Of course, regard exercise as an enemy, and do as little of it as you can manage.

All of the above will only give you a flying start into misery, however. (Being physically uncomfortable is a great place to start lowering your whole mood).

The real road to misery is to override your dreams. If you want to be a singer, make sure you train as an accountant or a salesperson. If you want to go into sales, become a deskbound

administrator or a taxi driver

family and peers think you should. Never, ever do what you want! Oh, and make sure you try to teach your kids the same so that they can not only be miserable in their own right, but they can later add to your misery by rebelling against you and hating everything you stand for!


but the principle is: do as you're told or as your

Crickey! When I began writing that last paragraph my intention was the irony would be funny, but now I'm not so sure. I know far too many people who genuinely live that way, and it most definitely is not funny. Not for them, or for those of us who see them day after day stressed, worried and complaining about life.

This way of living misery struck me in my youth as even odder because I was already well aware that we, (and when I say “we” I mean those of us wealthy enough to have computers to be reading this on), are more privileged than all the kings and queens of history put together.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

It's not too difficult to see the antidote to personal misery - just look after yourself physically, follow your dreams and be nice to other people so that they'll be nice back to you. I mean, that's about it, isn't it?

So why do so many people struggle?

That ought to be a rhetorical question, but actually you'd learn a lot by knowing some of the answers, wouldn’t you?

The reason so many people struggle with life is primarily because they see and believe that

the reason for their unhappiness lies in other people!

(Or sometimes circumstances, but these

are usually perceived as having been created by other people, so it boils down to the same thing!)

It's the government's fault. It's their parents' fault. Genetics and God are always good scapegoats too. In short, everyone's a victim… which is odd, because everyone is everybody else's victim!

When I first discovered the law of attraction (which I don't think was called that then), I thought my ship and entire fleet had sailed in! WOW! I could honestly and truly create my own reality through the power of my thoughts? Are you kidding? I was like a kid in a candy store.

For years I played with it …

My wife and I most desperately wanted a baby and so that's where most of my, and our, focus went. I'd visualize Lou pregnant, imagine my child sleeping or gurgling in my arms, take

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

myself mentally and emotionally into the future as I "watched" my son or daughter graduate,

get married

I even mentally became a grandfather!

But Lou did not get pregnant.

Surely all these writers and ancient scribes couldn't be wrong? Surely all of these wise persons hadn't all been misinterpreted? What was I doing wrong?

The difficulty was not only that the family we wanted so badly wasn't materializing, it was compounded by it being my "fault" - not from a physiological point of view …but because I thought I wasn't "visualizing" or believing hard enough. The law of attraction just added to my misery - it gave me one big frustrating guilt trip!

Now, I had journeyed from a state of being disempowered (but accepting it), to the discovery that I was powerful … then back to being disempowered, (and finding it very difficult to accept - in fact it was incredibly frustrating).

You can imagine, there were times I wasn’t very easy to live with! To be honest, there were moments when I found myself difficult to live with. I even now found the whole "mystery of life thing" a trial. I had begun my search for human happiness back in my early teenage years… and I finally thought I’d discovered the answer, only to find that the "answer" itself contained a seed of inescapable misery!

The problem was, I couldn't leave the answer alone. Once the law of attraction is discovered it can't be ignored or forgotten. And even when I tried to dismiss it, nothing stepped in to fill the void.

But WHY couldn't I make it work for me?

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Here's a summary of how the Law of Attraction is supposed to work:

a summary of how the Law of Attraction is supposed to work: Everything in the universe

Everything in the universe is made of energy, (not matter, which turns out to be just slowed down energy).

Energy vibrates at different frequencies, much like musical notes. And as with musical notes and musical instruments, if you play a note in the vicinity of other instruments, such as violins for example, just as the violin string will vibrate in sympathy with a note that matches it's wavelength, so our thoughts (which are also energy!), will cause things to vibrate in


and cause our circumstances to change.

It isn't only your thoughts that count - it's actually your beliefs. It's no use just thinking "I'm rich, I'm rich," when you're actually broke. That doesn't, in and of itself, attract money. As I've stated before, it's just lying to yourself.

As I've stated before, it's just lying to yourself. © 2009 Richard A. Luck - All

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

This is actually GREAT NEWS, because it's the emotional shift you're after anyway! For many people, a lot of money would mean security and peace of mind - those are emotional states.

So far, so good.

So, in my desperation to become a father…

I worked on my beliefs about fatherhood and pregnancies and love and

could think of that related to the issue of us getting pregnant, but we stubbornly remained childless.

any darn' thing I

Of course, we tried to give nature a helping hand with fertility treatments. We happen to live in the neighborhood of some of the finest and most advanced treatment of this kind in the world.

The result? Nothing.

I went back to meditating, reading, thinking

didn't matter. But it did. It did to Lou too, and there were times when our marriage felt the


and mostly trying to get on with life as if it

Then, one day, I was driving to my office and enjoying the scenery (traffic was light), and just feeling generally good. It was then that the thunderbolt struck me …

The law of attraction has ‘limits’!

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire” My train of thought went something like this: "I'm

My train of thought went something like this:

"I'm so grateful I can drive. I don't think about it often - I've been able to drive for so long - but actually I've made a lot of life decisions based on the fact that I can drive.

For instance, I would never have bought a freezer if we couldn’t drive to the supermarket once a month and bring back enough food in the car to last us a month. I'd never connected those two things before, but for me at least, they go together!

I wouldn't be able to easily live where I do because travel to work would be very cumbersome by public transport - and we have a gorgeous view from our house


The thoughts rolled around in my head like that for a few minutes, until

" but driving has limits! If I decided to take a vacation in Hawaii I can't decide to fly

the car there! I still have to take a plane. I can't go deep sea diving in the car either


A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

I sort of made myself chuckle with the idea of flying cars and submarine cars, but then I saw the analogy …

The law of attraction opens up a lot of possibilities, and empowers me to attract a lot of things and circumstances into my life, but it doesn't make me God!

If I wanted to change the colour of my eyes, no amount of “believing” in the colour change would make me wake in the morning with new coloured eyes! (Although some yogis and people diagnosed with multiple personality disorders have been known to pull off such feats - wittingly or unwittingly - this kind of thing still appears to be beyond the powers of most mortals!)

Equally, I cannot defy gravity or turn summer into winter by the power of my will.

However, this doesn't mean the law of attraction doesn't exist or doesn't work, any more than "discovering" that my car can't fly would mean that I can't drive! What it did mean is that I

needed a bit more knowledge.

So far … I'd fervently practiced changing my beliefs, thinking about my outcomes, and feeling the feelings as intensely and as often as I could.

Of course, many things *did* work out in my life, personally and professionally, but I had no clear sense that I was doing any better than I'd done before I heard about all of this "magical" stuff.

For me, a baby would have been the "miracle" that gave me certainty.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

The TWO vital missing pieces of knowledge I needed

As it turned out, I found that I’d been missing TWO vital pieces of knowledge. Without

knowing this essential piece of information, actively making use of the law of attraction is

simply an uphill battle – for me, and for you.

Yet once I discovered these missing “jigsaw” pieces - I began experiencing some of the most

amazing and incredible results in my life. Not only that, it totally changed my life and brought

me a sense of peace and serenity that really there are no words to describe … however I'll do

my best for you!

I’ve since discovered that this integral part of making the law of attraction work for you is what other teachings (for whatever reason), miss out! Even though, the law of attraction simply won't work for you without applying these two factors.

The first of the two is:


these two factors. The first of the two is: Surrender. The first key is to surrender.

The first key is to surrender. I'd gone to the swimming baths with an

old school chum. I was a little surprised when Mike agreed to come, but

I found out later that his motive was his new girlfriend who was a keen


You see, Mike had never been comfortable in water, and I expected he

would do his usual trick of splashing and thrashing about in the shallow end of the pool. That

was fine with both of us - there was a beer and a friendly male catch-up afterwards as


A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Ten minutes into my swim I became aware of another swimmer coming up behind me in my lane - faster than me. I swum out of the way, (thinking unkind thoughts about the invader), and almost drowned myself when I realized it was Mike! He smiled cheerily at me as he passed on his way to the deep end - a place I was sure he'd never voluntarily visited before in his life!

Settled with our beers, I asked him what on earth had happened. "I don't know," he grinned. "I just sort of stopped trying and BOOM! It just happened - I started swimming … did you see me go?” he laughed.

Mike was in his late thirties, and people had been trying to teach this guy how to swim since he was perhaps six years old.

When I was driving home, his words, "

I just sort of stopped trying and BOOM! It just


" rattled around in my head like a litany.

Still, to stop trying as an instruction has always seemed as absurd and paradoxical to me as bellowing at someone, "RELAX! NOW! Hurry up!" It isn't something you can do to an order, and the more you try to stop trying to do something, the more you're actually trying to stop



You end up tying yourself in a knot.

But Mike's experience and his words had taken root. "

BOOM! It just happened


I just sort of stopped trying and

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Note I will take you into a deep exploration of precisely what it is you're surrendering to in a later issue - when you'll also finally figure out the truth about a "divine power" - but that's not for now!

The second key is to,

LISTEN and ACT on your intuition!

This second lesson came about four weeks later, when Lou and I received a letter with an

appointment for our next attendance with the fertility consultant. As I read it, I heard a voice

in my head. "The only expert on your fertility is you." It was a "back of the mind" kind of

thought. I have often noticed that thoughts can have one of at least two qualities. One is

what I call "invited thoughts" - like when I try to solve a crossword puzzle or figure out a route

to somewhere I’m driving to…

The other is "uninvited thoughts" - the kind that pop into my head when "I" appear to have

nothing to do with them. (We've talked about what "you" are before, remember?) Well, this

thought was one of the latter kind - an "uninvited thought" that popped into my head.

I found myself blurting out, "Lou, I want to cancel it. This isn't going to help." Of course, she

was shocked for a moment, but then I saw her relax. "I'm relieved you said that," she

surprised me by saying. "The stress of all this is not doing either of us or our marriage any

good. I think a break from all of this would do us both good."

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Six weeks later, Lou had a positive result on a home pregnancy test. And for the record, we now have not one but two beautiful sons - both conceived without any "help" from man-made interventions!

What was the lesson? Act on your intuitions!

These two ideas go together - they're inseparable. When you "surrender" you can "hear" more clearly when you get the nudges, the impulses and the intuitions to do things or, as in our case, not to do things!

Your task then is to trust them and follow them!

I've since heard this concept called "The Law of Right Action" which made me feel good at the

time because it validated my understanding, knowing that it had a name!

But it doesn't

matter what you call it - you need to start living it!

It's also how you know you're you and not a sheep! It's a declaration of your individuality.

But - this isn't an ego trip! If anything, it's the opposite. A magnificent oak tree will grow organically and effortlessly (over time) from a tiny acorn, but oak trees do not have a need to declare their magnificence! They simply are magnificent by just being themselves.

In previous issues I've given you something to practice - this is a course after all - and this lesson is no exception. There is, however, an irony in what I'm about to suggest to you because whatever you do, you can't try to do this!

As soon as you try, you're failing!

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Silence Your Mind.

Lesson: “Light Your Fire” Silence Your Mind. Therefore, the best thing I can teach you is

Therefore, the best thing I can teach you is a way to meditate, because meditation silences your mind. It is only against the background of silence that you can hear sound (through your ears), and it is only against the background of a quiet mind that you can "hear" or "receive" those intuitive nudges (that are so important for you).

Before going into the method, I should explain a little more about what you're "listening" for when I talk about your intuition nudges. (Some people may know already, but in case you're not one of them, I shall tell you anyway!)

I once had a teacher who used to talk about "head, heart and guts." He would say that if all of those were in agreement, you should go for it! I ninety nine percent agree with him, but I'd just caution you to be wary of your head!

You see, we are all products of a culture that worships logic (even though we are emotion driven creatures!). You will observe that even the supposedly logical Star Trek character Spock was lovable because of his emotions - his compassion and caring were clearly acts of love, even though he’d dismiss them as "logical" choices when challenged!

Take note of your “enthusiasm”.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

The word "enthusiasm" comes from the Greek "en Theos" - "the god within." So if you feel a little heart flutter of excitement, or a pull to have a go at something, or to leave or stop something, you should listen to that.

Now, I need to clarify something here. I am not telling you to be impetuous or irresponsible. If you feel a strong pull to quit your job (and plenty do), and your family's welfare depends upon the income, it's not necessarily a good plan to hand in your resignation tomorrow! However, perhaps this is the time when you need to give the idea more house room in your head. Talk it over with your family - and then surrender it to something higher!

My personal favorite way of doing this is to use the time before falling asleep.

I just "ask" - in this case it would be something like, "I need to be shown a way to replace my

income from my job in a way that I'd love," and then I'll snuggle down, almost like I did when

I was a child and my mother had kissed me goodnight and tucked me in. If you can put

yourself into a state of total safety and certainty like that, you'll sleep well and the answers will "show up."

I prefer to say they'll be given to you, but you take it whichever way you like.

It's then that you start listening for - and looking for - the nudges. For example:

You'll be drawn to open an email you'd have previously deleted unopened. Or a new official will visit your office, and open up an opportunity in conversation you'd never have thought of. Someone will leave a newspaper open in a coffee bar, and there on that very page is an article

or advert

and your life will take off in a new direction!

The way will show up. Trust, listen, act. That way you won't just make a living. You'll have a life. And your life will be an adventure you'll love, as it should be.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Your Meditation Technique

Now, here's the meditation technique. This wonderful meditation will take you no more than 20minutes at a time, yet give you extraordinary results in your life.

Do this ideally for twenty minutes twice a day - morning and evening. There's no right or

wrong "results", no speed at which you "should" notice the effects!

self discovery - and the whole process is about “letting go”, perhaps the most difficult thing

you'll ever learn to do!

This isn't medicine, it's

Because the reality is that “holding on” was what you were groomed and trained to do since early childhood. That culture has grown up out of a fundamental belief that each of us is alone and must find our own way and fend for ourselves. I now can tell you categorically that that belief is false. But you'll have to discover that for yourself!

Sit quietly in a comfortable chair. Do not lie down - you'll probably fall asleep. Make sure you won't be disturbed - e.g. switch phones off, put pets outside.

Close your eyes.

As you breathe in, mentally say the sound "So". As you breathe out, mentally say the sound "Hum."

There is no requirement for you to change your breathing pattern. Let it happen naturally.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

There is no requirement for you to make any sound aloud. Simply say "So-o-o-o-o" as

you breathe in, and "H-u-m-m-m-m" as you breathe out in your mind.

If your thoughts drift on to other things, (as they will), as soon as you notice, just

gently bring them back to the sound meditation. Do not beat yourself up - this is what

your mind does. It is being a mind!

If you cannot manage twenty minutes twice a day, try ten minutes twice a day. Twice

a day is better than once a day.

If you really cannot manage twice a day, do once a day. Once a day is better than not

at all.

If you miss a day, simply start again the next day. It is better not to miss a day, but

this is not something to beat yourself up with. After a few weeks, (varies from person

to person), you will discover that your meditation has become a part of your life - like

cleaning your teeth, (this is cleaning your mind!) - and you won't want to miss it!

See you next week.

- and you won't want to miss it! See you next week. Richard A. Luck Publisher,

Richard A. Luck Publisher, Breakthrough to Brilliance

P.S. Don’t forget to check your inbox in about 4 days time for the download link to your

special Bonus Meditation Session! This brilliant recording is going to make your meditation

sessions incredibly more effective and much more enjoyable (trust me ).

P.P.S. Next time

A Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Lesson: “Light Your Fire”

Coming Up Next

Lesson #6: “Do Not Squander Time for that is what Life Is Made Of”.

know - time is a "non-renewable" resource. Once it's gone, it's gone.

As you

We all have 24 hours in a day, so how come some people achieve incredible

feats, find time for their families, their passions, their work barely get to the office?

while others

It all depends on how you treat time! And that depends on your values and


So, if you want to get more done than you've ever imagined, I strongly recommend keeping an eye out for your next issue of Breakthrough to Brilliance I'm about to give you.

PLUS Over the coming few weeks, I have some magnificent NLP and Hypnotic audio processes I’m going to be giving you!